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tv   FOX21 News 9PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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is n pici'juntel - - is iayalit and 've throue and th going on nea twdeca an'stnnndr,w, e mpntig h l omguheesrelynosedauc ne to ten? thousa, so, uh, the hi e o ave choice. .n ys h a cice. oulotso boue ou g kw ybyfo t bigco e,.
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fodetoal.we linocortecom th t it too. n't y that. 60 ndixor calleat(gy,o 'stutuas ts gr aaaa we're bacatkereless! swit a getrand lg for.99, ith xy .somi abo
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methe in,ncd edeadqer ng fort t e here 51.ey sitpr ned n aiborounwne ng tonide - ju.gme ance mme calla n wn fron causes slandwe 1 ur add- ov over relp!go.- al wli ae tire coffand in te.
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et f - algh weug he da toetouhoston abis nbos fes ke bs leplay. ops.e. te eo thts aed ry c ws.thibanls sy-oh ith tat'sger. llions of people havswitched to sprint this past year. and to celebrate 're extendg ou 50fer so y can save onost verizo at&t or t-mobe ras. money! s l ey et d, wre me relilewith tter coverage liprinbeus of t rbili.ielo or... [ snaps finger
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you get the samsung laot ogs6,ouwitc (troubleri oe one, sit goningig cus goers nehe rac resujueing d,nbws rutrngis htto ain conde lodo cs isne
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e.- , o con ta!texidd ce heoow!onhey,thnday syods now get roun ridshind 'st's right okadakiou t?
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m' h- ontohaim i veoui ve.- 's a rht. y- co ve'sy.[ci' grth iowerro r rahtrelee celtowe t weui orntn .tiovndd wet re th wldirworledig tw. msnd p unlimitetalk, textndata is jus5 a month. stightle.t ar
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delkthanu. muc what- ea sun - co ihi r oa, .acle stk! [mng stthre.leemk.
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uk 8? reon tely tgus a. y'its.ou wanheerhe to vple.gial ouon the hee evyone
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d righw,et u $6 in credits oouwi at& are ones o e,.hi.- ot t i t sm n. thmuch- dke
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ur he had some thgs to say about you
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t thu. t?ensytt, twmo s ddmnt.dat!- podof nll, t tt,i n'avmyeaheocratf ifk ecat.l meomstar]i st t'geof he,uh- sly ma isnct on doesn't wanto tae at thi
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th ntonoeye eny o olthey htoal o sa i cake thappeni we'lhavetr ther'sis ge you havee you have lfew thyou? g uksati thuiet. ye, i think oyou can ar y- kinice r .yeght?s th - lace rmpingh yup.- mos .- got , nedyk inyiksolshd.- steucorty.
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awooys. ghter]lyan rved sowte r the ght. ? w thean - [sighs o sorrfothis, u're athe trfriendjust - heldss iahbowantissa. like yingke w twoinllid - bup, hrm rebrmo- ac rie. t'ge gs - 'sro wh - roan noaso ayseouy.
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- wh? ag jtyo hao coorthicheg]ps [lauome at boys.h,. 're lk augh t yo- wh - , webelath f, ri- y knwhud p - ng meet's hevery, cheln the! - eeri
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[c - - whn my ass,mi me why i'm dointh - thatth w - le mrs. - casee heo ed us ttim[bh chkl al i waacfitioueadwe litcaksor
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yoaryoco - ros]- atel- he h
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tingbs vo ovew craltien ur lly l tththina osba caabislubsidty rl se mad itro c tcobedoe those inor onnthe eymo od cee, ihavera sueswhicve ho tho erhyalions h fr rate sh/g incoutsof m buerinld l tht ace to ske atss "you're forcthws. home with cket. ey don't nee
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xampryvoy s,lthoh innty dicot. o antoa ty o virt o wnto cityf ?" d uerd at'r raf. d nnisbs aoo tu l " can wa b othe proposal. very
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