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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 21, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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early every morning on captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, january 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a monster storm threatens millions with heavy snow. but already washington, d.c. is paralyzed by just an inch. >> breaking news. russian president vladimir putin is implicated in the poisoning death of a former spy. >> are your donation to support veterans or politicians reaching the people you want to help? cbs news investigates. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. we got snow on top of the ice. you start sliding. you can't get it going any more. >> yep. that's is the road.
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>> very trous. the presidential motorcade slipped on snow-covered roads. >> we have a full fledged snowstorm developing so 1 to 2 feet total here in this area in blue. >> our candidate is ballsy enough to get out there and put those issues on the table! >> sarah palin is heading the trail with donald trump. >> we are going to have win after win after win. you people are going to get sick and tired of winning! >> struggling in new hampshire. hillary clinton using an image of trump's and palin hoping to fire up her supporters. >> british judge says vladimir putin probably played a role in the killing of a russian spy ten years ago. >> anger over the water crisis in michigan is showing no signs of easing. >> a full accounting needs to happen to determine how this happened. >> the world financial markets, falling oil prices bring stacks down. the dow fell more than 550
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points. >> history made in the nfl. buffalo bills have hired kathryn smith, the first female full-time kobe koch. >> all that. >> the unique way of playing basketball. a ball bounced off his face. >> valentine's day is coming up. white castle is taking reservation. >> perfect way to sell the person you love that you don't. >> all that matters. >> she is going to issue a pardon and she is going to pardon herself. >> republicans taking him at hillary clinton over e-mails. >> you notice how positive she is about the president? because she wants to stay out of the krink, that's why. >> trump admitted has given me so much material to make jokes about. nobody compares to the original material girl! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ♪
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welcome to "cbs this morning." a major winter storm threatens to wallop millions in the east with blizzard conditions. heavy snow will start falling tonight. washington, d.c. could see up to two feet. philadelphia, new york, and boston will also be hit. >> the nation's capital and nearby areas got a preview last night about an inch of snow caught people off-guard, causing cars to slide in the snow. the gridlock continues this morning. drivers are stuck in backups and caused by those icy conditions and kris van cleave is on the national mall with the outlook of the next big punch. >> reporter: good morning. some people spent six, even eight hours in their cars and others stuck overnight and had to sleep in their cars. this as we are waiting up to two feet to come to the national mall. all it took last night was about, oh, an eighth tenth of an inch of snow to paralyze the region. car crashes.
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slick streets. and crowded roads. made driving nearly impossible in washington, d.c. last night. gridlocking roads until after midnight. more than 160 accidents in the area turned the nation's capital into a mess. >> i thought that i was going to make it up the hill and then i realized a lot of other people thought the same thing, and here we are. >> reporter: cars that weren't sliding, were left stranded. >> that's the road. there are people stuck everywhere. >> reporter: less than an inch and a half of snow was enough to turn quick commutes into marathon trips to nowhere. >> as you can see, they didn't treat the roads and this is what i'm dealing with. >> reporter: major highways were brought to a standstill as frustrated drivers were angry. the region was unprepared for light snow!
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>> the traffic, i've been in traffic three hours to get home. ridiculous. i don't understand why they didn't prepare. >> it's been like this for about an hour now. >> reporter: even president obama couldn't escape the severe weather. his motorcade skidded and slogged its way through traffic along with the rest of d.c. commuters. the mayor's office admitted this storm, before the storm, caught the district off-guard. late last night, the city launched an additional 100 salt trucks to help clear roads. school districts across the region are either delayed or canceled morning. d.c.'s mayor is expected at a press conference to talk about storm preparations later today. you can bet she is going to get some tough questions. >> we feel your pain there. thank you, kris. snow and freezing rain in tennessee created icy roads. police responded to several crashes along major highways yesterday. drivers were stuck with their
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wheels spinning in cunnikentuck. plows are busy after several inches of snow fell there. school is closed and kids like that. more snow is on the way. lonnie quick, our meteorologist -- lonnie quick. >> i will be quick! >> all right, mr. quinn! >>. >> now i'm down to 45 seconds for this cap. let's get to the watches and warnings. a wig swath from arkansas all the way into new jersey and look at this. a blizzard watch in effect for the d.c. area. also for new york city out to long island. storm right now, just not very impressive looking but, today, is the key day in the formation of this storm because, today is the day it drops down to the gulf of mexico and gathers that moisture and pushes up to the northeast. now, you got to be careful in north carolina because if this pushes through it's going to be dropping down a lot of ice and then turns to snow as it goes further to the north. snowfall totals are still pretty darn impressive with this thing.
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i think the bull's-eye is washington, d.c. you can see a foot of snow outside of new york city into portions of virginia and west virginia and the bull's-eye, again, with a foot to two feet of snow and maybe more than that around washington, d.c. into virginia and into west virginia. i don't know if there is a rivalry between the university of virginia and charlottesville. >> the latest presidential poll finds donald trump's main rival is gaining support in new hampshire. trump holds a commanding 20-point lead over the field but the poll shows ted cruz is now in second place. he has moved ahead of jeb bush and marco rubio who is tied for third. major garrett in washington is following the top gop candidates. >> reporter: good morning. let's talk about the republican machine you've heard so much about. it's sputtering. how do we know? donald trump and ted cruz continue to dominate the gop race. to stay ahead, both have to ridicule the establishment, the machine at every turn.
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but, lately, these lines are blurring and that means cruz must denounce anyone who backs trump as an establishment toty. anyone that is, not named sarah palin. >> even today, the gop machine, they are attacking their own front-runner. >> reporter: sarah palin hit the road with donald trump on wednesday aiming to fortify the front-runner's conservative credential. >> our candidate is ballsy enough to get out there and put those issues on the table! >> reporter: each as palin soaked up cheers and pulse that she spoke openly about pain within her family. >> guess it's kind of an elephant in the room. >> reporter: palin's oldest son track, an iraq war veteran, was arrested on domestic violence and weapons charges earlier this week. palin linked the assault to post-traumatic stress and used the moment to take a shot at president obama. >> my son, like so many others, they come back a bit different. they come back hardened. it starts from the top. the question, though, that comes from our own president, where they have to look at him and
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wonder do you know what we go through? >> reporter: republican elder statesmen bob dole, the 1996 presidential nominee, also signaled a preference for trump, especially if the only other alternative was cruz. i question his allegiance to the party, dole said about cruz. nobody likes him. cruz dismissed dole's comments as establishment criticism. >> hello, everybody. wow! >> reporter: a sign they are ditching other candidates for trump. >> right now, the washington establishment is abandoning marco rubio. it may be assessment that marco can't win this race and the washington establishment is rushing over to support donald trump. >> reporter: in iowa and new hampshire republican voters haven't chosen a candidate. a new poll shows half republicans are still making up their minds. these votes could be up for grabs like john kasich and chris christie who both believe if they finish a strong second in new hampshire they will attract the momentum and media attention
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necessary to incredibly chase the nomination. >> thank you. the democrats are fighting over the party establishment this morning. polls show bernie sanders gaining ground against hillary clinton. nancy cordes is in des moines, iowa. where sanders is putting new pressure on clinton. >> reporter: we have reached the point in this campaign where the smallest slight can become a campaign issue. last night here in iowa, hillary clinton took umbridge at a stray comment from bernie sanders and it relates to women. >> i was somewhat confused when senator sanders said human rights campaign is part of the establishment. i wish it were. i wish we weren't fighting all the time to protect women's rights and to protect women's health. >> reporter: clinton was responding to sanders who said this when asked why planned parenthood endorsed her, not him. >> hillary clinton has been around there for a very, very long time.
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it's from these groups are, in fact, part of the establishment. >> reporter: sanders is trying to position himself as an outsider. clinton camp says he is too far outside. >> i think the term socialist doesn't make it easier to win. >> reporter: kentucky governor argued wednesday that putting a socialist at the top of the ticket would hurt democrats down the ballot in november. new york congressman steve israel. >> a place to carry the socialist barn. no question about it. i'm not particularly concerned that in certain districts the banner you want to parade it. >> reporter: clinton backers said his past positions would make sanders an easy target to republicans. in the '70s, sanders favored 100% tax on income over a million dollars. at the cbs debate, sanders joked he has backed off that position -- a bit. >> we haven't come up with an exact number yet but not be as high as the number under dwight
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d. eisenhower which was under 90% but i'm not that much of a socialist compared to eisenhower. >> polls show sanders would do better against top republicans this clinton were. her team argues that is just because she is the one taking all of the incoming fire from republicans, a sign, they argue, the republicans still view her as a tougher opponent in the fall. >> nancy, thanks. a british judge this morning, said russia's president likely approved the killing of a former spy. a new report said alexander litvinenko died in london after drinking poisonous tea in 2006. charlie d'agata is in london with more. >> reporter: alexandra litvinenko was deliberately poisoned and assassinated was never in question but this goes further and says his killers must have taken orders from the top, meaning president putin's
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russia, that can only be one man. on his death bed, he told his wife, putin did it. this morning, almost a decade after his murder, judge robert owen confirmed rusch's secret service fsb and putin were likely to blame. >> the fsb to kill mr. lit vennen ko was probably approved vennen ko was probably approved mr. kovtun head of the fsb and also by president putin. >> reporter: the former agents fled to britain in 2000 having become an outspoken critic of vladimir putin and his inner circle. this hotel in 2006 he met two russian com raids for tea who allegedly slipped peja stojakovic into his sea point. andrei lugovoi and dmitry kovtun
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are back in russia. litvinenko became deadly ill. he was poisoned by an highly reactive and toxic poison. the two suspects they are still trying to extradite. they found it was the second time they tried to poison litvinenko. >> michigan's governor is under fire after null released e-mails about the lead water crisis in flint. under pressure, governor rick snyder's office released hundreds of pages yesterday. in one e-mail his then chief of staff writes of the toxic water, i can't figure out why the state is responsible. tests have shown dozens of children with elevated lead levels. adriana diaz is in flint with an inside look at the response to the contamination. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the governor released 274 pages of e-mails and documents late
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wednesday. one by an aide said that other state official are worried about people in flint turning this issue into a political football. but these e-mails don't change the reality for the people living here. they can't drink the tap water and depend on bottled water to survive. in september 25th e-mail to governor snyder, his chief of staff ro the real responsibilities rests with the county, city, and kwa referring to a water authority. he continued and since the issue here is of the health of citizens and their children we are taking a pro active approach. much more retired yesterday. days after that e-mail the governor announced the severity of the city's water problem after he he said he received confirmation of lead contamination. are these e-mails enough? >> no. >> reporter: this man lost re-election in november. >> too little here to tell. this is missing a whole year and it's missing all of the key public officials of the state level who were involved. >> reporter: when flint started
7:16 am
drawing water from the flint river in 2014, the improperly treated water stripped lead from pipes. the city stopped tapping into the flint fliver october and lead levels have gone down but during an interview yesterday with scott pelley, governor snyder couldn't say what the current lead levels are. >> what is the number? >> i don't have the number at the time top of my head of the very latest data. and it varies by points in the city. >> i would think the governor of michigan would have the numbers at the top of his mind right now. >> until they are in a range that is considered safe, i don't actually want to get into the issue of by zip code or by street. >> reporter: president obama addressed the crisis in an interview for this weekend's sunday morning program. >> once people figured out that there was a problem there and there was lead in the water, the notion that immediately families weren't notified, things weren't shut down, that shouldn't happen anywhere.
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>> reporter: every single person we have spoken to here says that what they want is brand-new pipes. until then, this remains flint's cleanest water source. >> you can see lee cowen's full interview with president obama this weekend on "sunday morning" on cbs. thousands of students in detroit plan to be back in school today. a massive teachers sick-out on wednesday caused the schools to close. the district is suing to stop the protests over lower pay and run-down buildings. omar villafranca it at a detroit school for what is at sake in this fight. >> reporter: good morning. several buildings here at spain elementary school are closed because part of the campus is falling apart. let me show you what we are talking about. on the outside of the building you can see the tiles falling off the building in several spots.
7:18 am
on the inside, teachers tell us it's much worse. >> stand up! stand up! >> reporter: detroit teachers ditched school on wednesday to protest in the bitter cold. >> fight back! >> reporter: part of a widespread sick-out that forced all of the schools across the city to shut down. >> report cards come out on friday and many things have to be done right now. but, at the moment, i have to take a stand. >> reporter: monica tyson teaches elementary and middle school students. >> we have rodent issues and many different things. the list goes on. >> reporter: these images show deplorable conditions at some schools. damage on the floors and ceilings. one classroom even had mushrooms growing out of the wall! cbs news toured an elementary school where a leaky roof caused the gym floor to buckle. this isn't the first sick-out here in detroit this year. but it's the largest so far.
7:19 am
affecting parents like mrs. murray. >> it can be frustrating but i can't imagine how frustrating it is for the teachers. >> reporter: the state took control of detroit's public schools in 2009 which are more than 50000 in debt. the state employed a state manager to run the system. on wednesday, the school district filed a lawsuit requesting an injunction to bring teachers back to work. >> instead of filing an injunction, let's just sit down and have a conversation. instead of pushing the teachers, sit down and see how we can work this out together. >> reporter: teacher groups are meeting today to talk about what they want to do. but we are told more sick-outs are planned. >> omar, thank you. we investigate the political action committee donald trump's campaign doesn't want raising money for him. ahead, are donors bein
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. the scientific world is buzzing this morning about what may be a ninth planet in our solar system. >> ahead one of the nation's leading astronomers is here in studio 57 today with the giant find and the next step. the news is back this morning, right here on "cbs this morning." at's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it should be used along with diet and exercise. trulicity is not recommended as the first medicine
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automaker is getting into the good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. i want to get over to katie with the latest on that huge storm that will hit us soon. >> it is on the way and friday night is when the storm makes its arrival but for now it is getting its act together. you can see that very plainly on storm scan. looking across the plain states you can see this that counterclockwise rotation, the moisture blossoming down a voss deep south and also in central plains. that is what will cross east and head up the coast. here's where it all comes to pass. six to 9:00 p.m. is window when the storm will start in delaware and southern new jersey. later and later further north you travel but it moves from south to north as straight up snow, friday night, and then there may be mixing south east of philadelphia on saturday.
7:27 am
but bottom line is it is a major storm and in philadelphia, we're snow totals, to go from a foot to 16 inches. so it is, definitely want to have to bring the shovel out for, more than. it is coming our way lake it or not. thanks, katie, good morning. we are busy on the schuylkill. the headlights moving in the eastbound direction at the boulevard. you are traveling less than posted speeds, no doubt bit. plan some extra time. we have an accident 295 southbound approaching route 30, and shoulder, and police and fire on the scene are and more seriously another accident, very serious accident, pemberton township new jersey, route 07 is closed, a at lakehurst road and overturned vehicle on the westbound side. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. next update 7:55. coming up o
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
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♪ ♪ many times been bitten welcome back to "cbs this morning." wake up! this half hour a major scientific breakthrough. what could be planet number nine in our solar system. astronomer derrick pitts is in our green room. we are looking at you. voters will get plenty of calls this campaign season asking for money. but are some political action communities running a scam? you betcha. former telemarketers share their story along with a onetime candidate for governor who claims he was taken. that investigation is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the "los angeles times" says new rules to encourage more
7:31 am
diversity in the oscars will be considered by the academy of motion pictures arts and sentences. the issue will be discussed tuesday by the academy's board. comes over a backlash for this year's acting nominees. the board may consider expanding the number of acting nominees in each category. "usa today" reports walmart employees may get a pay raise. they will get an increase next month. the average full-time hourly wage $13.38 and part of walmart's strategy to retain the workers. there is concern on wall street that the imprencrease could dri down their profits. >> maven is testing a car sharing system to compete with zip car in ann arbor, michigan, before expanding elsewhere. it could also have a fleet driving vehicles in partnership with ride sharing services.
7:32 am
get this. the las vegas sun reports that companies in sin city overcharge passengers by tens of millions every year. a state audit found customers are paying $47 million a year more than they should. auditors blame a $3 credit card fee that they call excessive. one taxi union says it lobbied to kill the fee. auditors criticize also the decision to increase a fuel surcharge. our partners at c-net. consumer product safety commission recommendation comes as it investigates more cases of hoverboards that burst into flames. the commission is expanding injuries to riders who fall off of them. amazon is offering refunds on any hoverboard it has sold. scientists have discovered a possible new planet in our solar system. for the first time in 170 years, evidence of this ninth planet was found on the far edge of the
7:33 am
system. astronomers at the california institute of technology have not directly seen it yet but thinks it's up to ten times bigger than earth and 20 times farther away than neptune. derrick pitts is chief astronomer and director of the planetari planetarium. how exciting is this to the world of asstrtronomy? >> it's exciting. for the first time we are identifying another planet in our solar system. like an indication we really don't know everything there is to know about our solar system and there is lots more to learn a. >> reporter: what is the evidence it's there? >> the evidence we can look at objects orbiting around our solar system and figure out why their motions are the way they are. because of the gravitational influences of everything else around. we looked at objects and realized we couldn't completely understand their motion. however, if we insert into the
7:34 am
equation an object about the size of this planet nine, everything then worked out perfectly. so that is what gives the suspicion that it really does exist. >> so you don't see it, but you said it's all about the numbers. two scientists are playing around with numbers and they think what? >> they think, this doesn't add up. we need to ask some other folks to take a look at this for us and tell us if we are crazy. sure enough, that is what they gp the cal tech astronomers said you know the idea about being another planet? it's not a crazy idea and it looks like it's really possible. now what they will do is let this information out to the rest of the astro none cal community to figure out what is going on and make sure everything is correct and do the observations. >> some are stepping toward to say they are convinced? >> well, it is -- yes, they are pretty well convinced. now they need the visual evidence to back it up because, as i said, the numbers don't lie. >> how hard is it to get the visual evidence? a number i read in the paper and was interested in. pluto 4.6 billion miles from the
7:35 am
sun. >> right. >> this new planet would be about 20 billion miles from the sun. >> it's even further out than that at its greatest extent. the point is we can develop instrumentation that goes on big telescopes around the world will give us the capability to see it. the real trick we have to know where to look and right now we don't know where to look. astronomers are incredible hunters and can figure this out. >> the numbers are awesome. how long would it take to navigate the sun? >> it's a 20,000-year orbit. >> 20,000 years? >> we won't be here! >> not only will we not be here but in the history of us looking at the sky, we have not yet really seen this. we don't know if it's come around to our part of the solar system or not. but one of the really cool things about this story is that one of the astronomers mike brown said since he was the person that downgraded the status of pluto originally his daughter has been a little upset
7:36 am
with him. he says perhaps this will make up for that. >> when i grew up we were taught there were nine planets. coming full circle. >> i feel much better now there is a ninth planet. >> the next step is further examine the evidence they have? >> right. they will keep looking at the numbers to see if they can find any other way this can manifest itself. and objects could manifest itself this way and they are looking for the visual. >> next time you come, would you wear a brighter tie? i need my sunglasses. >> you are out of this world. >> it looks like it came from the south of france. >> i like it. >> thank you. i'll go for that. millions nationwide are waking up this morning to below freezing conditions. but 2015 was the hottest year on record. federal government findings announced yesterday show the earth's temperature went up 0.03 of a degree. last year's warmest the warmest for a summer. heat changes since the 1950s. many scientists blame climate
7:37 am
change for this year's el nino. sugar bowl ski resort says maiers put the ski patrol to risk when he traveled into an avalanche area. video shows him sliding and tumbling before fighting his way to the surface. charlie, were you really going to say something about derrick's tie? >> i was. i like it. >> you're dapper. are some pocketing tens of millions in campaign dough nations? cbs news investigates. >> literally, they listed 11 things. we are going to do phone calls and radio ads and television ads and they didn't do any of those things. >> we hear next from former telemarketers and the man in the middle of the controversy. if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. we will look the new way macy's
7:38 am
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♪ this election is on track to break all spending records. it could likely cost several billion dollars by the end of last year, presidential campaigns and outside groups supporting them raised more than $600 million. between the candidates, super pacs and other committees, that number is going to explode. funded in part from donors. but with all of those groups asking for money, it can be confusing. julianna goldman is in washington with a cbs news investigation that reveals why it's important for donors to do their homework. >> reporter: behind every political solicitation, there is an entire industry of consultants who hunt for donors but times they few vars actually make it to specific candidates. now this technically isn't illegal because, believe it or not no law is requiring pacs to spend money on election reason related purposes.
7:43 am
>> a lot of people were older. >> reporter: kristina and c.j were paid. >> whatever the number, whatever you felt like you could work out of them. >> reporter: they worked for this milwaukee-based telemarketing firm called american liberty group. public records show it was paeds 400,000 by a political action committee called conservative strike force. zubic said one donor said he was dying of cancer so she asked a supervisor for guidance. >> why didn't you tell him this is an opportunity to give one big last donation. >> reporter: give one last big donation before he dies? >> yes. >> reporter: american liberty also solicited money from veterans on behalf of conservative strike force. cbs news obtained this script saying, can strikeforce count on your support of our veterans during these important times? but we couldn't find any money going to veterans causes. we looked at federal records and found since 2011, conservative
7:44 am
stri strikeforce and other pacs raised over $33 million large from republican retirees but only 8% went to the causes they claimed to support. the rest went to a group of companies who used those donations to make more money. is it a scam? >> oh, no question. you just can't say an organization out there that is spending 95% of its money just to raise more money and never has any intention of doing the things it's telling the people that it's talking to that it will do, you can't call that anything else. >> reporter: former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli was the 2012 republican candidate for governor. conservative strike force used his name in the fund-raising pitches without his approval. he said they made false promises to voters so he sued them. >> they listed four things. they didn't do any of those things. >> reporter: so when donors give to conservative strikeforce, where does the money go? the pac, as well as six others have the same treasurer.
7:45 am
a man named scott mckenzie and have the same address 37. p.o. bochx 806 at this u.p.s. store. mackenzie is paid to be the treasurer of all of these different pacs. >> reporter: mackenzie wouldn't speak on camera and says he doesn't have any current ties to the vendors. he says as treasurer for a total of 25 pacs, he takes all of the heat for decisions that other people make. already in this election cycle, donald trump asked mackenzie to shut down his unauthorized group patriots for trump. mackenzie said he will imply. in the meantime this former telemarketer in milwaukee had some advice. >> don't give anything over the pho phone. if you want to support something, go to the website of that organization you want to support and, and i'm sorry. i'm sorry for my part in that.
7:46 am
>> reporter: kristina and c.j. both felt because they felt uncomfortable with what was happening. we asked mackenzie about the causes for veteran causes and said they were test calls and no money was raised. kristina verified payments but doesn't remember how much. already in 2016 some of mackenzie pacs have report spending hundreds of thousands of dollars largely from contacting voters across the country. >> wow. kite an investigation. really disturbing. did you find, are these limited to conservatives or does this also happen on the left too? >> reporter: while these kind of scams are most prevalent on the right it's not limited to conservative causes. bernie sanders campaign sent a cease and desist letter to a man running an attack and running sanders campaign and that man is connected to eight other pacs. a family connection to the white house will not land one very high profile graduation speaker. ahead, president oba
7:47 am
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7:51 am
after having your dinner, i think i want to stick around a while and that really meant something to me. i never had an experience like that and it just let me know that what i'm doing is much more important than just food. president obama is already preparing himself for an emotional scene at his daughter malia's graduation in june. he told diners at a detroit that is why he declined down a request to speak. >> malia asked me and i said, no. i can't get up there and talk. >> malia is a senior. the 17-year-old is expected to start college in the fall. it has not been released, no word yet on where she is going. i think it's touching to hear him say. he's a father who loves his
7:52 am
daughter very much. >> absolutely. >> microphones pick up everything, don't they? he is just having a conversation at a table. >> nice to hear republican the buffalo bills are making history with a new assistant coach. a look at the first woman to coach full-time in the nfl is ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions,
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good morning i'm erika von tiehl. i want to head over to it kay, i know you have been tracking this first big winter snowstorm how sit looking now. >> it is starting to come together. in fact it is a storm that we can pinpoint on radar. that always helps too. but we will start off by taking you out to storm scan three which is bringing a little bit of the counter clock wise rotation across plain states, and starting to blossom a little bit. you can see in the last hour and a half how moisture starts to build up between dallas and houston. we will see that continue throughout the the day. for us this is a straight up big major winter storm, friday evening into sunday. that is how long this winter storm watch is expected to last, and here's our exclusive snowfall map right now. we will expect 12 to 16 inches
7:57 am
in philadelphia, lesser totals. bye still substantial in the region. the it is all about saturday. friday night meisha is when it will look like snow flakes will fall here. >> our evening commuters are getting lucky. they are just going to miss it, hopefully fingers crossed that is what we are getting word of. we have an accident at schuylkill westbound at 202 off to the shoulder. call your attention to this accident pemberton township new jersey route 07 is closed a the lakehurst road, overturn vehicle westbound side your advised to a avoid this area for next several hours, erika back over to you. >> thank you. >> your next update 8:25. coming up on cbs this morning plans to open up discount outlets what this could do for department store. i'm erika von tiehl. have have a good morning. garbage.
7:58 am
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♪ it is thursday, january 21st, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including macy's new discount strategy. mellody hobson shows us how department stores are under intense pressure to change. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. some people were stuck overnight and all it took was about, oh, 0.8 of snow. >> big swath from arkansas all the way into new jersey. look at this pap blizzard watch in effect for the d.c. area. >> donald trump and ted cruz continue to dominate the gop race. to stay ahead both have to ridicule the establishment at
8:01 am
every turn. >> hillary clinton took umbrage to bernie sanders relate to women. >> alexander litvinenko was assassinated and this says the orders must have come from the top. >> the e-mails don't change the reality for the people living here. >> behind every political solicitation an entire industry of consultants who hunt for donors but sometimes very few dollars make it to specific candidates. we are identifying another planet. sort of like an indication we really don't know everything there is to know about our solar system. >> a crazy new report by 2050, the world's oceans will contain more plastic fish than dump. so next time you get dumped, remember there is more fish. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. a major snowstorm forming this morning could cripple parts of the mid-atlantic region. snow will start falling in some areas tonight and last through sunday. washington and surrounding areas will face the brunt of the storm with blizzard conditions. up to 24 inches of snow is forecast for the capital. the same goes for philadelphia. new york could see 12 inches. and boston is preparing for 6 inches. >> got to get ready. an inch of snow last night fell on washington and surprised many drivers there. cars just gliding on the icy roads. drivers expressed frustration that the city was not better prepared to handle this stuff. the effects of that snowfall continue this morning with gridlock in the morning commute. donald trump and ted cruz are fighting to be the anti-establishment candidate. this morning, cruz says the establishment is turning to trump. cruz campaigns today in new hampshire where the latest poll shows him 20 points behind trump. the texas senator said if trump is elected he will be another republican cutting deal for democrats.
8:03 am
>> i'm a christian, first. i'm an american, second. i'm a conservative, third. i'm a republican, fourth. the problem are republican leadership is that they make deals on everything. they surrender at the outset and they stand for nothing. and mr. trump pitch to the washington establishment is he's a deal maker. mr. trump is welcoming the support of the washington establishment. >> campaigning in iowa, trump said cruz did not fully report that he took out loans to run for the senate in 2012. trump said voters could not trust cruz to go after big banks. >> he borrowed money from goldman sachs and he borrowed money from citibank. he never put it in his personal financial disclosure form. that is a big no-no! and now he is going to go after goldman sachs? it doesn't work that way. goldman sachs own him. remember that, folks, they own him. he said with the loans, oh! i didn't know that. smart guy. he doesn't know that? yeah. that's worse than hillary when you think about it.
8:04 am
>> always an interesting take. later in the day, donald trump campaigns with sarah palin in oklahoma. hillary clinton reacted to palin's endorsement of trump and rallying her supporters on facebook posted this. the former vice presidential candidate answered to the former secretary of state with her own facebook post. she said this. there is jabs, guys, back and forth. hillary clinton made a "saturday night live" joke, which i'm thinking i can't wait to see. they must have tina fey on speed dial. i can't wait until saturday nich night. the latest poll in iowa shows bernie sanders within two points of clinton and she is launching new attacks after sanders dismissed endorsements of clinton and planned
8:05 am
parenthood and the human rights campaign. he said some of these attacks are part of the clinton establishment. >> clinton said on wednesday she wished that was true. she criticized sanders medicare for all health insurance plans to replace obamacare. >> senator sanders cares deeply about covering people but he wants to start all over again. we can get to universal coverage. i mean, i remember enough of the arithmetic i learned. easy to get from 90% of conch and 100% than starting over and going from zero to a hundred. >> the democratic candidates will appear monday at a town hall in iowa. it comes one week before the first in the nation's caucuses. in snowy buffalo, the bills are making pro football history this morning. they have hired the first woman to be a full-time nfl coach. her name is kathryn smith and she will help the bills kicking and kick receiving teams prepare for each week's game. bills head coach rex ryan says
8:06 am
smith has proven that she is ready. elaine quijano of our digital network cbsn has details of this ground breaking move. >> reporter: kathryn smith worked for the new york jets for more than a decade, but it's her new official title that has everyone talking. historically, the nfl coaching ranks have been one of the biggest boys club on the block. but the buffalo bills are changing that. late wednesday, the bills announced that they had promoted kathryn smith to quality control special teams coach and making her the first full-time female assistant coach in the nfl. the league's newest coach has been around front offices for years. the 30-year-old began her nfl career as an intern with the new york jets in 2003. four years later, smith was promoted to player personnel assistant and in 2014 named assistant to then head coach rex ryan. smith followed rex ryan to buffalo after he took the head
8:07 am
coaching job with the bills last year. ryan said he consulted with arizona cardinals head coach bruce arians whose team made history themselves this past july. >> i'm very, very excited to have coach jen welter join our staff. >> reporter: the cardinals hired jen welter as a linebackers coaching intern in preseason. the first woman to hold a coaching position in the nfl. >> i could not have dreamed big enough to imagine that this day would ever come. now it sets the stage that it could be a dream for other girls growing up. >> reporter: smith wasn't made available to the media last night. according to a team spokesperson, she may address reporters about her new role sometime after next month's super bowl. >> i can't wait. >> congratulations to her! big deal. >> very big deal, indeed. >> go, kathryn smith. thank you, elaine. we are counting down to s l
8:08 am
super bowl 50. have you heard it's on cbs? jim nantz and phil simms will bring you the action from santa clara stadium sunday, february 7th on cbs. macy's is launching gn inin kind of store to win back customers.
8:09 am
you can get directions, make a call and turn on your lights without pushing a button. voice control digital assistance like apple siri seems to have all of the answers. so does this mean the end of typing? that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ don't you forget about me
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i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now." ♪ baby come back any kind of fool could see ♪ >> amazon enjoyed a record breaking holiday season but some department store companies
8:14 am
reported disappointing sales. among them is macy's which is cutting near 5,000 jobs. the legendary chain announced the closing of 40 stores across 21 states and its sales for november and december dropped nearly 5% and that is compared to 2014. ma macy's is under pressure to sale real estate and looking for new ways to bring in customers and that means opening branches of its discount store inside existing locations. mellody hobson is in chicago and joins us to sort it all out. help us understand, a discount store inside the store? how does that work? >> this is different. so this is a search for relevancy and to drive foot traffic into the store. the idea is that they will put their macy's back stage brand inside of their traditional store and that value shopper who goes into the discount store will discover the traditional macy's by virtue of going to
8:15 am
backstage. i have to tell you this seems like a tall order to me. i can see the traditional macy's customer discovering the backstage store but they want to see that happen in reverse. this is going to be hard. >> yeah. we have ian other department stores like nordstrom's where they have nordstrom's rack where you get clothes at a discounted ra rate. how is this different? >> nordstrom has worked hard to completely separate the brands. the rack business from the traditional nordstrom. and they have actually done a pretty good job of it. one way that they have done that, they profess that 80% of the merchandise inside of the rack store is actually specific to that store. it's not discounted merchandise from nordstrom. they actually even charge their vendors with coming up with separate merchandise for the rack business. they also have a long leap time on this one. they have been doing this for about a decade. they have over a hundred rack stores. so in this situation, macy's is going to be playing catch-up. they have about eight of the
8:16 am
backstage stores and they are talking about another handful or so inside of the traditional macy's. >> what is the best successful formula for combating giants like amazon? who has done it right? >> that's exactly right. that is the story. there are a few people who have done it right. i think nordstrom has actually done a really good job. notwithstanding its stock price over the last year, but if you look at their business, they have done a really good job of acquiring on online retailers and done a really good job of really building up their omni channel system so you can use your phone while shopping there. this rack business was successful for them. >> this seems a sign that department stores are not doing so well. how bad is it? >> it's bad. these businesses are down 40% or so. they have had a lot of pressure on them. it's just a different day. they have got the assault of
8:17 am
online and the mill lennial shopper not that into retail in terms of buying clothes. they want purchases like vacations and going out to dinner and that is a lot to overcome. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> always good to see you. sarah palin's political endorsement of donald trump launches a debate about fashion. how her decision to wear a glitzy jacket on stage is sparking interest. all the strength and freshness, now easy to lift!
8:18 am
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8:21 am
♪ why don't women like me? >> let me check on that. how about a web search for why don't women like me? >> no need. already done that. >> "the big bang theory" near half of americans are talking to their phones every day. voice control digital assistance like apple's siri are beyond sending text messages and giving directions. but is it the end of typing? dan ackerman is senior editor at our partner cnet and is here. what is the latest example of how voice recognition is work to go improve our lives? >> we are seeing things like
8:22 am
siri and another version from microsoft and visual assistance and seeing it in homes like amazon echo. you're seeing it now bleed into smart home things and cars. >> do you still have to talk like this? most of the time, they don't understand you. >> no matter what you do, you end up shouting at siri and she won't understand you. the big change we have made is command language, early voice recognition research the last couple of decades have been device x and perform task y. you have to keep the sentence structure very formal and we have looseneded that pup google learned to answer casual questions. >> can you teach siri to be responsive to your voice? >> i've not had any success in that but hypothetically, you could. they are getting better. i think the amazon is the best example i've seen in that it works maybe 80% of the time for siri and these other ones --
8:23 am
rhode isla >> what is the future of this? where is it going? >> i think buttons and whether entering your password or turning on the lights or changing a channel on the tv and you're seeing in cars in terms of navigation and entertainment fountain car and sending text mesages. you're seeing it nerterms of ho automation. i tell the system to turn on the lights and it works. >> what is that? really? >> it's two ecosystems working together and the fact it works is shocking to me. >> it's so interesting. we text. when my kids text things they hit the audio thing and it texts. it's generational. >> i love that. >> do you think typing will be obsolete? i can remember typing class typing the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog's back. that uses all of the letters. will typing be obsolete? >> i'm investing in reading and
8:24 am
writing and don't think it will go away from nap the keyboard we use is from the 1870s and was designed to keep the keys from jamming up when you use a mechanical typewriter. the fact that is still built into every new device is shocking all of these years later. >> i use it to taking notes. in other words, i reach them and rebateship repeat summarizing and it goes into that. >> how accurate is it? you have to go back and proofread. >> it's pretty good. >> i use that too, dragon as well. >> it's voice and gesture in terms of home control and car control. you go like this. that is more sort of -- more could be done on that. >> what does that mean? you just waved your hand. >> maybe stop it or turn up the volume. maybe you can activate something by pushing against it rather than pushing a physical button on a remote. >> i love it. so cool. >> i'll still holding on to the keyboard and the blackberry and the typewriter! >> dan ackerman, we thank you. >> one teaching hospital takes
8:25 am
its medical staff on a fie good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. and we are getting ready for extended snow coverage, with the major snow event shaping up to impact our weekend. road crews are getting ready for plowing the highways, peco applying brine to highways. that salt solution that makes it tough for snow and ice to stick to the road. when that, it is good idea to run those errands today ahead of the storm. katie, this is calm before that storm hits tomorrow, right. >> absolutely, we're waiting until would i say tomorrow night before any snow flakes even begin to fall. you have a nice long window of prep time here but at the moment we will take to you nice wide zoom which does show we have that storm finally starting to blossoming. you see moisture building around dallas, houston area,
8:26 am
that is what will eventually turn into a very well define well organized storm. now, we're talking snow, of course, 12 to 16 inches for philadelphia and 95 corridor but i don't want to minimize the fact you have coastal flooding. the coastal flood watch that takes effect friday night and much different scene then what you will find out side margate the city right now by the weekend's end. seven day it is all about saturday in terms of the snowfall but snow flakes begin to fly, would i say between 6:00 and midnight on friday. meisha. >> thanks, katie. i want to call your attention right a away to a very serious accident. the this is video of a fatal accident in pemberton township, new jersey, route 70 is closed right now. the absolutely closed at lakehurst road. you can see overturn dump truck a and another vehicle is involve. you are being asked to avoid this area for next several hours, if at all possible, like i said, route 70, because of this crash right now is complete thely closed. you cannot get around it and eulogy in there for you there, burlington bristol bridge is
8:27 am
scheduled to open up at 8:45 a.m. back over to you. next update 8:55. ahead on cbs this morning how a night the at museum may transform the way doctor's practice medicine. i'm erika von tiehl have a great
8:28 am
8:29 am
again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
8:30 am
♪ a high school basketball player in alabama had the came head-on, you could say. his teammate passed the ball to him and caught him by surprise and it deflected off his face and somehow landed in the basket! two points! >> he looks fine! >> yeah, he is fine. you think they are having fun with him at school today? >> yeah. >> nice shot, mack. >> nice shot. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, art could help make health care better but it's not patients coming face-to-face with these. . how doctors and nurses are finding inspiration in museum rachel bloom is changing the rules for romantic comedy.
8:31 am
bloom shows us how refusing to quit led to a golden globe. what an inspiring story. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. forbes report on a new blood test whether a patient needs antibiotics using a drop of blood. researchers at duke can distinguish between bacterial or viral infections and can cut down on overuse of antibiotics and limit the rise of superbug. >> in 2014 the ntsb found that life vests could not be worn correctly by an overwhelming majority of the passengers. in the 2009 miracle on the hudson only 22 had life vests on but only four of them wore them properly. it's more important to get out of the plane quickly to invoiav any fires. uber is planning to have a
8:32 am
food delivery system and it's in new york and offered in nine other cities including los angeles and chicago and washington, d.c. and austin. uber will work with a couple of restaurants each day to deliver meals to its customers within a few minutes. the standalone app will be available by the end of march. hallelujah! >> that is right! >> i need that salad for lunch. >> good news. the new york "daily news" reports on what sarah palin wore while endorsing donald trump. some stylists say it wasn't the correct wardrobe choice for the occasion but this morning, the 695 dollar jacket is sold on saks fifth avenue website and unclear if it's out of stock because of palin's appearance. not the first time we have this jacket. she also wore it for an interview on "sunday morning" on cbs. >> you got it? >> so you. >> you got it for me for my birthday? >> it's sparkly, indeed. do you think chris will let me wear it on the air? >> no. no, i don't.
8:33 am
the hollywood reporter says comedian amy schumer will take a lie detector test to prove she did not choke. it comes after 300 comedians tweeted similarities between their jokes and hers. schumer denies that. and she will show the test this season on her show. >> billboard named some of the entertainers performing at the grammy awards. ten time winner adele returns for a performance for the first time since 2012. also performing kendrick lamar and little big town and the weekend. you can watch the 58th annual grammy awards on cbs monday, february 15th at 8:00 p.m. pacific, 5:00 p.m. pacific. a dose of culture help the medicine go down. dr. tara narula shows us the
8:34 am
movement. good morning. >> good morning. medicine is an art as much as a science. innovative program in boston, it teaches physicians and students training to use their eyes and ears to connect with patients and enhance the practice of medicine. at boston's women's hospital, doctors and nurses and harvard medical students are helping reshape medical attention. by day, members of the teaching unit or itu focus on treating patients. >> keep you updated as we get any more news. >> reporter: at night they fix their sights on work of art. >> you don't need to know anything about art or art history. >> reporter: at the museum of fine arts boston, art is a catalyst to strengthen clinical and interpersonal skills and softening the hard science of medicine with creative expression. >> to me this kind of represented the struggle of being a third-year med student where with i'm on a different rotation every couple of months and i feel like my story is being rewritten over and over
8:35 am
and everything i learned, some of it, i forget. >> when you survey patients, very few of them complain about the knowledge base of their doctor. or the fact that their doctor doesn't know what they complain about is that their doctor is inefficient or ineffective in communitying how the patients feel and that is what we are trying to address with these programs. >> reporter: dr. joel katz declined the art curriculum brigham women. it is now a model. why is it art museum the best place for this? why not a barbecue or a softball game? >> the beauty of art museum it takes everybody out of their comfort zone and it allows them to focus on an external object i say take the personal aspects out of it and lets them solve problems together. that's what we want them to do. >> reporter: activities are carefully designed to enhance team building. >> one person is going to sit facing the art work. you're going to describe what
8:36 am
you see. >> reporter: to break down the hospital hierarchy, junior staff members are compared with more senior colleagues. >> his arm, his left arm is sitting -- resting on his left knee. >> reporter: observing and describing art is used to promote problem solving, communication, thinking outside the box, and appreciating other perspectives. >> you start looking and, all of a sudden, you see sort of maybe some disaster there, like -- something and that is really what that -- it looks like a cancer. >> sometimes we forget -- and make sure that the patient that they are put back together and okay again. >> reporter: on hospital rounds early the next morning, the museum experience is incorporated into medical practice with the goal of improving patient care. >> what does it sound like? >> you have an extra heart now. >> the extra heart sound we hear when there is too much fluid in the body. >> reporter: instead of deciding the care plan in the hallway
8:37 am
rounds are at the bedside with the patient included. >> any questions? >> no. i -- i -- you mentioned all about this art stuff. >> yes. >> that's a big thing to me now. now i think i got the real picture. >> in the museum our goal is so interpret a piece of artwork together. here, our goal is to interpret the patient cases together and it's really about figuring out the answer to the patient and for the patient. >> reporter: getting everyone on the same page with a consistent message avoids the fragmented care many patients experience in the hospital. >> whether you're the nurse, the nursing assistant, physician, physical therapy, coordinate, the experience helps bring it all together and for them to realize we are all on the same team and i think it really translates into patient care. >> it looks like it's here. we look and then often we feel. any questions you have for us? >> no. i believe -- you're my family now. >> good. >> it's not overwhelming having everybody here rounding at your bedside? you actually enjoy that? >> i do the fact they get
8:38 am
together and they talk to me about what is going on. they don't just treat me like, oh, he doesn't know. >> reporter: at its core, medicine is about that human interaction. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: that's why we do this and it's incredible this whole humanity aspect has really been missing. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: from medical training until now? >> yeah, yeah. you say it's been missing. but, actually, if you look carefully, it was here and i think we have lost it. >> in fact, as recently as 50 years ago, humanities were at the core of medical practice and while research into this program affects is ongoing there is strong anecdotal evidence that patients and practitioner practitioners benefit. interacting with art helps the stress on their job too. they didn't have this program when i was an intern and residents at the brigham but i really wish they had! >> who is that? >> look at that! >> wow. >> yes, many years ago! >> great program. >> it is. sounds like a wonderful program.
8:39 am
>> a special place and a special program. >> nice there is a recognition of doctors need. >> will we see an implementation of it a lot throughout medical schools? >> right now 15% of medical schools have some humanities curriculum involved and this is focusing on team building. >> both sides are learning and i like paragraph the junior with the seniors too. what do we think about your picture there, doctor? >> i don't really like the short hair. >> yea in 2015! you look great! >> thank you. you have a chance to own a piece of people history. the car that carried pope francis in part of his united states tour goes up for auction next week. it costs less than 20,000 typically. it goes from 0 to 60 in about nine seconds! no word yet on the starting bid. proceeds from the auction will be donated to charities. a second of pope's fiats at the
8:40 am
philadelphia auto show starting later this month. >> and it's 2015. and it's 2016. rachel bloom takes us inside the tv comedy that is getting hollywood's attention coming up next. liviis a game of chance.aine i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox®
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oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! guys, guys, guys. guys. i'm just going talk to you like people and pretend i'm not on tv. we almost didn't have a show! we made a pilot for another network and they rejected it and we sent the pilot to every other network in hollywood and we got six rejections? one day and we felt like crap. but we knew it was good. i love you so much! >> we love her right back! rachel, hello. she recent won a golden globe for her role in "crazy exfo ex-girlfrie ex-girlfriend. >> i love that title. there she discovers in california the object of her affection his name is josh and he's got a girlfriend. >> let me get in there.
8:45 am
let's about rebecca time. >> stop. trying latch on. okay. you guys got this. so i'm going to let them have their time. you know what? i'm going to sit this one out. >> are you okay? >> are you okay? rachel bloom is cocreator and star of "crazy ex-girlfriend." thank you for being at the table. >> thanks for having me. >> are you a crazy girlfriend or do you just play one on tv? >> i think everybody is a crazy ex-girlfriend. it's turning a romantic comedy on its head. >> congratulations on the golden globe. you were one of the first to get the award and great. i was smig ear-to-ear. your speech was so exuberant. you faced a lot of rejection to get this on the air. >> yeah. to be able to have shot a pilot
8:46 am
and send it to networks and have it rejected. >> something in that. >> even to get to that level of being able to shoot a pilot was a huge thing for my career. >> i think one of the reasons you resonated to what was the opening clip when norah is a saying we were smiling watching you. your competition was little litt lily tomlin and they called rachel bloom and you thought what? >> i was looking into the eyes of my cocreator and it was wonderful. on one side of me was elaine and on attorney general side was my husband. all i remember when they said my name, her eyes widening and letting out a bird scream. it was overwhelming. it was quite -- the whole thing felt like a weird dream that i was about to wake up from. >> you know something wasn't a dream? you posting on your instagram account you getting ready. i want to show everybody a clip from that.
8:47 am
♪ ♪ it's the golden globe times sexy. i got it on. i can't breathe. >> you were talking about getting rieady and using spanks. i think you said you had on two of them? >> the sexy golden globe you saw is me doing a parody from the pilot getting sexy ready song which is getting ready for a date and you see the horrifying things you have to do to get ready for a date. aren't we making ourselves sexy smooth? no, the waxing and shaving and pulling! >> there you are standing there in your underwear. >> i'm in my underwear. hi a waist cincher on. the top of tit had been cut and lumps coming up. >> why did post that? >> it's about playing with the
8:48 am
juxtapositions between beauty and ugly and glamour and norm and depression and happiness. it's about these opposite. i thought it was only fair on a night i was going to look so incredibly glamorous to show what goes into that because all of this happened to me very quickly. eight months ago i didn't have a television show and i was broke and partially because i'm horrible at saving money. within a very short amount of time i'm the lead of a television show and i have a golden globe so i see what happens being on television. >> continued success. >> thank you. >> can't wait to see what happens next with you and your man. >> cool. >> rachel, thank you. >> mr. man! >> can you watch "crazy ex-girlfriend" monday on the cw network. up next, the castles where winter is scene. tomorrow, we go someplace warm. >> i'm ben tracy in cuba where an american television show is making history. we will take you to the set and
8:49 am
show you how hollywood has become a part of u.s. cuban relations. tomorrow on "cbs this morning." i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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♪ minnesota's ice castles open saturday. the warm december pushed back the winter's start for the stunning glacial gallery near maps. they used spri -- maps. they created the sdisplay. >> that does it for us. tune into the "cbs evening news"
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. oh, we can see a lot of snow this weekend in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, and elsewhere. while crews are treating highways around here crewness new jersey are using bulldozers to create barriers 12 feet high. those piles of sand will be a defense begins coastal flooding. and our areas looking at snow, katie lets get details. >> is there a mixed bag when it comes to the impact the storm will have the. it the is in the just snow. we are likely to end up with rain as well but erika mentioned coastal flooding is a concern. here's the storm itself. but with time it has begun to blossom through texas and louisiana that moisture starting to show a little bit more organization.
8:56 am
now, we're looking at primary, snow, through better part of our area but you'll see mixing take place here down toward southeastern, new jersey and central and southern delaware. you will will see less snow, however, other major impact when it comes to wind, coastal flooding, possibly beach erosion and power outages. that goes for everyone. in philadelphia, we're looking at totals of two to 16 inches. action getting tomorrow night after p.m. rush thank goodness and it will last us through saturday. meisha. >> thank goodness is right. thanks, katie. lets call your attention to video of the fatal accident in pemberton township in new jersey. route 70, it is closed right now at lakehurst road are. you can see that overturned dump truck and another vehicle is involved. you do want to avoid this area at all costs for the next several hours, and crews are on site trying to get this cleaned up and moved out of your way but for now avoid the area moving on another accident here, rose wealth boulevard southbound inner drive before cottman avenue
8:57 am
and also we are wait forgo that burlington bristol bridge scheduled to opened up at 8:45 so maybe it is already up, hard to see in that fog. other than that your travel less than posted speed on the majority of your interstate and highways. erika over to you. that is "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at the
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