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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> good morning, storm scan3 shows some rain is on the way today. justin's tracking those showers, and lets you know when the rain arrives. first though all eyes are on iowa today. first votes in campaign 2016 will be cast tonight. and the results could shake up the race for the white house. >> presidential candidates will see if their campaigning has finally paid off when voters turn out to caucus for their favorite candidate. the latest des moines register bloomberg politics pole has republican donald trump ahead of ted cruz by five-point. that same pole among democrats, shows, tighter race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. marlie hall joins us now, live, in des moines, with the last minute push from all of those candidates. marlie, big day, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. it is in fact a big day.
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now, candidates will be doing their last minute campaigning. and voters will get a chance for the first time to have their say in the 2016 race for the presidency. hoping to dampen donald trump ' momentum, cruz made his final pitch sunday in if everyone here bridges nine other people to the caucuses tomorrow night, we will win the caucus tomorrow. we will win the nomination, and we will win the general election in november 2016. >> during a event in sioux city, trump pushed back, this time, labeling cruz dishonest and deceptive for sending out this flyer. >> voter violation, and it is like an official document being sent to people in iowa. that is really terrible. it is a fraud as far as i'm concerned. >> forecasts here in iowa are calling for snow in parts of the state beginning tonight. which could have an impact on voter turn out. volunteers for both bernie sanders and hillary clinton
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knock on doors and made calls late into the night. as the two candidates made their closing arguments. >> here is a radical idea together we'll create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent. >> ill stand up and fight for you every single day of this campaign and then when we win i will fight for you in the white house. >> clinton lost iowa during her presidential bid in 2008. political analysts say this time around, the former secretary every state is working on her lining. >> she is focused a lot on her relationships with people, she is focused a little bit more on middle class issues. >> with polls showing tight races on both sides, the fight for iowa could come down to the wire. republican presidential candidates are planning rallies throughout iowa today, and on the democratic side, clinton and sanders will hold caucus night events. erika? >> now, marlie of course iowa so important, the first big state to caucus, but then, how
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consistent are they in terms of picking the eventual president? it is different on both sides right? report that's right. on the democratic side, iowa has predicted event all president just twice. most recently, in 2008 with barack obama, and back in 1976 with jimmy carter, and on the republican side, it was just twice. back in thousand with george w. bush, nan 1996 with robert dole. so that being said, the iowa caucuses are not always a predictor of the eventual president. erika? >> every candidate still wants to win it, though, marlie hall for just des moines, thanks so much. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the iowa caucuses, have the results from tonight's biggie election and the air and on line of course but back here to our hometown area, loving these temperatures. waking up, wacking outside in the 50's? >> amazing, and 06 by wednesday, did i say that right? >> yes. makes it easier to get up too, not freeze whg you wake up early in the morning, good on
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the electric bill, as well. >> absolutely. tomorrow groundhog day, i wonder what the hog will say? >> oh, all folklore, always fun to see what has to say. trends next couple every days march and april like temperatures. do have some rain chances coming in, one this afternoon, better chance for heavier rain wednesday there is morning, all quiet right now, check it out, live look from the roof camera. just some clouds rolling on through, everybody pretty much above freezing, the exception maybe up in the lehigh valley, little bit of some spots below freezing, but, really no threat of any icy conditions this morning. so check out our temperature trends, compared to this time yesterday, seven to 14 degrees warmer, even 19 degrees warm nerve wilmington, that's a sign warmer air continuing to push into the delaware valley today. not bad for early february this morning. forty-three, at the airport in philly. fifty in millville, atlantic city, 31 up in allentown, even the the suburbs, check it out, willow grove, mt. holly, 40's, low 50's, clouds over us right now, that's ahead of of the cold
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front. showers still @ cross western pennsylvania, will take their time to get here, early mid afternoon, start to see the showers build in across the western parts of the viewing area. they'll be out of here by early evening, fast moving cold front. not a loft moisture with it, look at the temperature breakdown, by 11:00 already in the 50's, early afternoon, start tonight deuce that chance for few showers around, but we will be well into the mid 50's, making it up to about 58 for the high temperature for philadelphia. that's what we hit yesterday. so that's typical for the end of march, early april. at the shore, same deal. late day shower, even up in the poconos, mid 40's, not bad. so this is the trend. really now through wednesday, the jet stream stays to the north. we are talking about high temperatures ten to even 20 degrees above average. and meisha, a you said 60s wednesday, yes, that could tie or maybe even set some new records. >> that is soy amazing, justin, and mondays always casino of tough for everybody, then you see that it will be 58 degrees today, in february. just jump out every bed with us, just get excited. i'm so excited about that,
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what i'm not excited about, however, weaver accident here, malvern, 202 northbound, past route 401. on the ramp from the right lane, as you can see, blocked, causing some congestion here. hopefully this will get cleared out of our way, but until we do so we will continue to see congestion levels build in the area. also, we have another accident, the schuylkill westbound at university ave. the right lane blocked as you can see, this is kind of giving you a cool birds eye view, letting you know the ryan lane is blocked. but as you can see, almost making a single file lane, trying to scoot by there. this will certainly slow us down little bit on a monday morning, delaware county however, 995 north at 452, looking good, just starting to see levels build, as you can see, plenty of headlights, taillights, more predominantly looking at the taillights moving in the northbound direction right now. mass transit patco running special daytime schedule this week through friday. and dart through at 8:00 on detour, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. all night police stand-off in montgomery county ended early this morning. police say a man barricaded himself inside a home on barbara drive in east norriton
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since 7:30 last night. at some point responders on scene believe he set an object on fire. he was taken into custody around 4:00 this morning. no injuries were reported. >> 5:37 right now. in business news this morning, some fun new images to punctuate your text messages, also, a new start on wall street for a few month. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, those stories and much more for us, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, first trading day every february. january was pretty rough for the markets, lost 5.5% of its value, nasdaq fell 8%. friday the markets rallied. dow jumped 396 points, the nasdaq up 107. this week is another big one for earnings. one hundred companies will layout their finances, on friday, the government also releases its all important monthly jobs report. volkswagon says if it cannot figure out a way to fix millions of vehicles, on a mission, that they might actually buy the cars back
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from their owners. more than 10 million vehicles had that rigged software. >> for everyone out there loves to text with emojis, here is a look at new images that could be making their way to your phone at the end of the year, included, an after kad owe, fingers crossed, a black heart, a butterfly, and changing glasses. i love a good emoji. erika? >> they really rum the gamut from clicking champagne glasses to black heart, wow. >> a black heart, when you want to send maybe like the anti-valentine day. >> okay, all right, things to look forward to, jill, thanks so much. >> right now, 5:38. on your health watch this morning, the wormed health organization will hold an emergency meeting today to find ways to battle the zika virus, global health emergency could be declared directing more money to combat the problem. zika first appeared in the western hemisphere in may, and spreading explosionly with 25
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countries and territories now reporting the virus. >> i know the narrative coming out of washington and atlanta is all about we are a high income country, we have air-conditioning but you have to see the golf cocoas, hidden level of poverty quite vulnerable. >> virus spread through mosquitos linked through brain abnormalities, mainly south america. eating lots of fiber could help lower the risk of breast cancer. a study at hear vair focused on women's diet during adolescent and young department hood t found eating lot of high fiber foods specially fruits and vegtables could significantly reduce breast cancer risk. >> all right, still ahead this morning, updating your top stories including the latest on scare on amtrak train as it passed through philadelphia last night. >> also, did you see this one? we'll let you agree that fireball is, that is streaking across the sky. >> and, how is this for a fashion statement?
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some ferocious, suddenly hot item. you may have hard time getting your hand on t we'll tell you what cam newton was wearing when we come
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with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. >> counseled down to superbowl is underway.
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>> reporter: the nfl experience. and superbowl city. >> we just want to welcome you. we want to thank you. most importantly, we end you to have fun. >> both got marching over the weekends. >> people from all around the san francisco area came to play. like jennifer, who is not shy about getting into the game or who she is rooting for. >> it was awesome. i'm super excited. they will what we will do, score the touchdown. score that ball. >> security tight at all of the events. officers with long guns, dress in the swat gear, are easily in the recall. but it did not stop thousands of people from coming out. >> we expect tens every thousands every day, probably a million people or more through the entire region of superbowl week. >> the bonus weekend was a real touchdown for locals. they got a nice head start ahead of all of the thousands of football fans headed into town later on this week. whew.
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>> both events have inter-active exhibits, games, and plenty of places to take a selfie. but for most families, it was all about having fun together. >> so this is awesome. we're a big football family obviously. >> the city also got into the spirit. they re-lit the bay bridge, set off fireworks, all kicking off a week of memorable moments ahead of superbowl 50. cbs news, san francisco. >> oh, certainly excited out there. hey, this is what lots of people are talking about this morning, the pants. you see those? the superbowl is bringing out the fashion plate you might say, cam newton, such a great guy, he's ffc champion carolina panthers. those striped pants though told they're by versace, though they are designer. >> okay? doesn't make it -- >> but they are expensive. $850 for those kind of like tiger zebra stripe, what do you think, meisha? >> i don't know, do you think i could pull it off on the
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green jean? >> should we find out? >> i think we should. can someone get versace on the phone for me? i am one of those, i like what i like what looks good on me, i don't care if it is versace, if it doesn't look great, i'm not all about it. >> but if cam into newton, if it makes him feel good. >> but me, in front after green screen? not so sure. >> hey, cbs-3 is the place to be, zebra pant and all for superbowl coverage this week. sports director don bell hitting -- head today san francisco will get you ready for the big game. you can watch that game here on cbs-3 sunday night. hey leading to up it we have special week every superbowl shows leading to up superbowl sunday. tomorrow night at 8:00 catch the superbowl greatest commercials, always such nun to watch. then friday at 9:00 the superbowl greatest half time homes. on saturday night building to up it, more on the greatest superbowl commercials, followed by the nfl honors show, once again here on cbs-3, your home for superbowl 50. all right, well, hey, did you
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see what look like giant shooting star in the sky this weekend? if not check it out. we have video. this video taken by alexandra salvo door in falls church virginia. all right, pretty bright there. that shooting star looks like going from north down to south. the there wrap sitings of an unusual bright meteor in new jersey, and it was reportedly seen from as far away as canada. i'm always impressed people catch these on camera, seems like you bling and it is over. justin, any of our weather watch ers report seeing this? >> i've not heard, please let us know if you v but good point on that, who catches that? are they like videotaping while riding? what are the chances of get that? pretty cool. you can see that all the way in the delaware valley from virginia, last night. checking in with weather watchers, temperatures all over the place, depends where you are. but most areas are above freezing, good news, had a lot of melting yesterday. no refreezing except maybe some of the low-lying areas, get trapped in s valleys, light winds, gilbertsville,
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eileen, 27 degrees at this hour. forty-seven at phil fill's house here in recalled if, up in bath, northampton county close to freezing in lawrenceville, peter at 34 degrees. now mid 40's, chester field, mouth laurel, 50 degrees this hour at carry hygiene's house, ooh also at cherry hill. so see nice temperature spread. really the main trends march and april like temperatures coming at us. check it out. up and down temperatures pretty much for the week. as we, from yesterday, we go from 58 degrees today, also, into the up ear's, tuesday's high temperature, little cooler at 50. still well above average of 41, then we peak wednesday, in the low 60s, that's potential record warmth by the end of the week. we drop to the 40's. so here is our set up today. nice and quiet this morning, clouds, warm temperatures, maybe few peaks of sun early. there are showers out across western pennsylvania, cold front, that will pass through later this afternoon. so we time it out for you. 34:00 best chance to see some of the showers around
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philadelphia, so this could impact the first half of the evening commute. by later in the evening, they are out of here. on tuesday back to some sunshine. casino of in a break between two systems, little push of a northerly wind cools us down at 50. still great for this time of year. then watch this next storm system move into the region, got a lot of moisture with it, so pockets of heavy rain coming in here specially wednesday afternoon. so we do have the concern of some flooding possible on wednesday. so we have near record high temperatures. the melting snow, it has been melting, that's a good thing, slow melt. maybe over an inch of rain possible from that system. so we will watch some of the smaller streams and creeks, could be on the rise later on wednesday. today though cloudy, mild, few afternoon showers, 58 degrees. tonight, 36, evening shower, then clearing skies, tomorrow groundhog day, there is punxsutawney phil the total predictions 119. so 102 of those did he see his shadow. that means six more weeks every winter. tough to say though, six more weeks every winter this
5:49 am
forecast, but there are signs every colder air for the middle of the month of february. but look at that, 26 on wednesday, steady rain, by the end of the week still not bad. low and mid 40's, great for february. let's check for those roads with meisha a what's the latest throughout? >> good morning, just ten, oh, he is so cute. did you draw those graphics? i had no idea you were such an artist? ya, right. >> good morning, everyone, hammy monday. where we have an accident schuylkill westbound at university ave., pulled all the way off to the right. you can see, starting to slow down just a little bit. not only are volume levels increasing right now we push through the 5:00 hour, but also, it is because you're going to have gaper delay. this is going to slow you down little bit. ill of course let you below that wraps up. but right now, still out there. also, accident in malvern, 202 northbound past route 401 on the ram from miami lane. right lane block. not seeing the flashing lights we were just little bit ago. i am hoping that that's starting to clear now. nevertheless, getting little busy there. this is where we have some construction, take note of this, falls bridge closed, for rehabilitation, until
5:50 am
april 1st. so you will have to use alternate around this area. i would suggest city avenue bridge or the boulevard for those of in you and around that area. also, an accident, in perkioman ville, pace kaiser road, let me know if i pronounce that wrong, i think it is okay, involving injuries. plus, police and fire are on the scene in and around this area. ill of course have up a date in the next ten minutes if that's cleared. erika, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. authorities will attempt top tow tilting cargo ship off the coast every france today. the modern express from man ma unmanned since last tuesday when its crew was airlifted to safety. previous attempt tops right the ship have been un unsuccessful because every gusty wind, high waves. caring nearly 4,000 tons of wood and vehicles. if they can't get the ship right philadelphia could run a ground later today or tomorrow. amtrak officials are working local authorities to determine exactly what struck acela train in our area. train 22222 hit by mystery
5:51 am
object as it traveled through bridesburg last night. these images show the damage there. the incident comes as the ntsb is schedule to release more information today about last year's deadly amtrak derailment. also, security is increased at cherry hill east high school after a threatening text message circulated on line. a juvenile is now facing charges. classes will continue as planned. and, finally here, caucus day in iowa. the candidate have blanket dollars the hawk eye state. major snowstorm could affect voter turn out, though. coming up right here, local star returns home. we will let you know why world cup hero carli lloyd is back in town, and the different spot where she met some fans. we'll be right back.
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and may increase side effects. the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, and dizziness. all my life, he's protected me. now i am giving back. ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at >> cards i loyled cruised into town. the del rain native stopped by the philadelphia auto show. she treated visitors to soccer demonstration, signed some autographs for some lucky fans. she told "eyewitness news", it is always good to be back home. >> i'm always a jersey girl and a philly girl, as well. always rooting for the philadelphia teams. but it is great to be back. it is great to kind of come to
5:55 am
something different. >> this isn't what i normally do. but it is great to just meet different people, experience different things. >> we asked lloyd about her superbowl pick. and she said that she would like to see peyton manning win one more time before he retires. we'll see if she's right next week. >> survey says the next family on family feud may be from our region. >> (shouting their family names). >> they can choose us because we protect and serve, the unique thing that we have we're all active duty philadelphia police ladies? we love steve harvey. >> and we're such a tight family that we feel like we just are entertaining every day. >> the casting team sifted through 8,000 emails to hand pick families to audition over the weekends at the pennsylvania convention center. two families at a time faced off in a mock version of the show. each family had their own opinions, as to why they deserved to be contestants.
5:56 am
>> now, if you didn't audition yesterday, you missed your chance, this time, but we'll make sure to let you know next time they are in town. cast and crew now moves onto houston and kansas city. and of course you can see back-to-back episodes. the family feud every weekday right here on cbs-3. >> right now, it is 5:56. lovable panda kicks his way to the top of the box office. >> i am red. >> i oh, kung fu panda three debuted with $41 million. and easy victory for the animated sequel. the best opening weekend of 2016 so far. well done po. the revenant dropped to second with 12.4 million. star wars the force a awakens still going strong in third place followed by the finest hours and right along, too. >> coming up on eye was news, they're off, mushers beginning the longest sled dog race in the lower 48 states. finds out how long they'll travel how long it will take, too. mild morning as you head out the door.
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justin is tracking some rain, will it be enough to warrant an umbrella? details on your forecast when we come back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there is giant boom.
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it almost sounded like a tray table had dropped like really hard and strong and loud. >> reporter: shattered glass, rattled nerves after mystery object strikes an amtrak train as it passes through philadelphia. only "eyewitness news" spoke to a passenger about the trouble on the tracks, just as we wait for a report on last year's deadly amtrak derailment. also, a tough lesson to learn after a juvenile posts a threat about a local school. that will person is in a lot of trouble this morning while the school gets stepped up security. >> decision day in iowa. presidential nomination process officially gets underway today. voters make their choices known in the caucuses. good morning, it is monday, february 1st, i'm erika von tiehl. enjoying brief little warm up here. feels pretty good. justin out on the skydeck, meisha keeping her eye on the roads. we will take these 50's, right, guys, good morning. >> yes, 58 today. justin, 60 wednesday, can't beat it. with that being said, we have some issues on the


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