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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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least, parts of the berks county, lancaster, chester, bucks, montgomery and lehigh veil a areas that got hit hard with the snow a couple weeks ago. they have had snow melt, the the ground is very saturated and they got the in some spots over an inch of rain on top of that. it has wound down a little bit, you can see intensity diminish slidely, and, and, it is just yet. flood watch goes through tomorrow, and, through the the area and any spot, shaded in green, and, close to imminent flooding mid. ponding on the roads, low lying area and tomorrow, the the streams, creeks and possibly schuylkill river could reach action or minor flood stage. we have a flood advisory, this goes until seven credit 30 at allentown, quakertown pottstown down to west chester county. be safe on it on the road. turnaround, don't drawn. don't try to drive through any standing or rushing water on the road. flooding is happening ponding on the roadways, with the rain that came town earlier, and still there were a lot of puddles thanks to the melting
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snow. so what to expect if you are outside on the road tonight. and, stay off this evening, i would recommend it. we have rain and pockets of dense fog. you get that a lot with warm air moving over the colder snow pack a lot have of fog has formed this afternoon and evening. the overnight, the the rain will move out but dense fog will remain, and improving conditions throughout the morning hours and we will go give you the green light there. things should get better for your thursday morning commute. not quite as bad what to expect this evening? rain still heavy at times. total amounts around a an inch, some higher amounts possible to the north and west and localized flooding is occurring. snow melt, does continue to add to the threat, so when you couple all that, that saturated ground, with over an inch or two of water, with an inch of rain, of course, we will have more, in the way of flooding out there and areas of dense fog do continue to impact the the the area tonight coming up we will look at the current visability out there and tell you when this rain comes out and there is a air mist on friday that could bring rain or snow shower. we will have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. the for now, ukee, back over
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to you. thanks, kate, see you soon. waiting for a decision. bill cosby is back in the court to get sexual assault charges dismissed. prosecutors are presenting evidence, in the case, that is making international headlines. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is at montgomery county courthouse in norristown with the very latest, greg. >> reporter: ukee we're told witness testimony is over here at montgomery county courthouse right now bill cosby's defense attorneys as well as the prosecution making their closing statements. the judge saying he has cleared his evening schedule and wants this hearing completed by tonight. >> let's did this now. >> reporter: within minutes of bill cosby's arrival at montgomery county court house, day two of testimony, started in the hearing to deciding whether or not an oral agreement prevents cosby from being charged criminally with a 2004 alleged sexual assault. andrea constand alleged that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her at his cheltenham home. first witness called on
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tuesday, cosby's current attorney john submit the submit who says that then montgomery county district attorney bruce castor, promised cosby's criminal attorney walt phillips that the comedian would not be charged, quote mr. phillips got oral assurances from mr. castor that this was a irrevocable decision he had made. after schmidt both side rested their case but after after judge judge deferred his ruling and allowed the prosecution to call additional witnesses. the civil attorney, testimony that she never received any net case about an agreement between castor and cosby. when current d.a. kevin steele asked for her files to reopen this case last year quote, in the permanent agreement didn't exist, so it certainly wasn't in the file. now ukee and jessica even though the judge did clear his evening schedule legal experts say he likely will not make a final ruling today. a ruling from the bench that is what he will do is take all of this testimony, a all of the evidence, and then make the ruling, a written ruling, at a later date.
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we will see, the the hearing is asked on ongoing. we are live from the montgomery county courthouse i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the bill cosby in court. you can get latest anytime at cbs members of the young family are run down and left to die, by a hit and run driver in south philadelphia, and tonight, their relatives are talking only to "eyewitness news". they told "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco how three victims are doing tonight, diana? >> reporter: jessica those horrifying moments played out in this intersection just 24 hours ago, and tonight, that 30 year-old mother and her four month-old daughter had both been released from the hospital but her five-year old little girl has just under gone surgery. we spoke with the husband and father of those two little girls tonight and he says he is distraught but he is grateful that his family is a alive and he wants his driver to turn himself in. >> probably worst moment of my life. >> reporter: video too horrific for arthur mcmilan to
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watch, his heart stopped yesterday when he got the call his wife and two little girls had been struck by a hit and run driver. terrifying moments caught on a nearby surveillance camera. >> she tells me she was hit by a car and unable to make decisions. i freaked out. >> reporter: steph niece mcmillion a an was crossing the street at broad and dickinson in south philadelphia on the way to the the doctor's appointment when a driver allegedly ran a light striking her and two girls. five-year old caitlin and four month-old lay lah, stephanie suffered head injuries and five-year old caitlin had surgery for a broken leg. >> she's in good spirits. the she's asking about the the scars and stuff like that. i said baby, you are beautiful, don't war about it. she had dried blood on her face. >> i just thank god that they are alive. i pray to the lord that the lord save them. >> reporter: police are looking for a female driver in an older model held honda accord with a pissing side mirror. >> i's praying that the lord touch that he is person's hard to give themselves up, and because that is a horrific event.
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whether they panic or not, whatever the situation was they hit her family. >> reporter: amazingly four month-old laylah suffered a scratch to the face, her sister five-year old caitlin is still at the children's hospital of pennsylvania. coming up at 6:00 tonight we will tell you what the family has to say to all of those strangers who jumped in on the the street yesterday and waited, while help arrived. we're live from south philadelphia, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> diane, thank you for that. south jersey teacher is charged with possession of child pornography. burlington county authorities a arrested david rodriguez at his evesham township home today. he is accused of using an on line cloud service to up load pictures and videos of child pornography. he is a biology teacher in cumberland regional high school in bridgeton. dozens of rail passengers escaped serious injury after their train crashed in the taxi stuck on the tracks. train on septa's manayunk norristown line hit the cab
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along cherry street in conshohocken around 6:30 this morning and then came to a stop around a block a away. two passengers did go to the hospital for minor injuries, and, service was suspended for about two hours, but the the line is now back in service. montgomery county authorities drawing several defendants for failure to pay child support or failure to appear in court as a result of child support issues. this sweep started around 1:00 . defendants were taken to the courthouse in norristown. the early morning sweep targeted glenside, blue bell, collegeville, and other areas a across montgomery county. the search is on for vandals caught on camera damaging property at temple university. surveillance video shows a group of young men entering a building on the 1800 block of broad street. once inside authorities say they spray painted the floor and walls. if you recognize any of these suspects you are urged to contact the philadelphia a police. if you are looking for a job, this could be your big chance. home depot says it will hire
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80,000 seasonal workers nationwide this spring, and three on your side jim donovan says that 15 of those workers will be hired in the philadelphia area. a company spokesperson says that spring is home depot's christmas season and they need more workers, because it is going to get busy. you can learn more about this employment opportunity on jim's blog, find it at cbs at least 12, destructive tornadoes sweep across the south, flattening homes and up routeing lives. the damage was particularly bad, in parts of the mississippi a anal bam a the here's cbs reporter david begnot. >> in the the water tower. >> reporter: at least 12 tornadoes reportedly tore through the southern u.s., on tuesday. >> on the the ground tornado on the ground. >> reporter: this one touched down in scuba, mississippi and made its way all the way to alabama leveling homes and leaving a path of destruction that stretched across both states. in ranking county, mississippi fire fighters rescued eight people from rising flood water.
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>> i seen it coming down this way. i knew we would be okay. >> reporter: willie jackson and his family hid a as a tornado hit the their home. >> it is so bad. >> it is right there. >> reporter: the tornado that hit collegeville, mississippi rip apart first baptist church. wade rich said he heard tornado sirens blaring and rush his family to safety. the pastor thought the wall of the build would go help protect the vehicle. you can see what happened to that window. the rich family raced inside the church where they hid under a desk. the the same storm, that fueled tornadoes in the south, created blizzard-like conditions across the the plains. a white out condition in southwestern, minnesota a prompted a travel ban while more than a foot of snow, fell in parts of the nebraska. there are in reports of any injuries or deaths related to the tornadoes in the south, as for today from tallahassee north to delaware, the real threat is flash flooding. david begnot, cbs news,
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collegeville, mississippi. >> sure is. kate will have more on the heavy rain moving through our area in a few minutes. also ahead on "eyewitness news" a terrifying image, an explosion blows a hole in the side of the commercial jet mid flight. we will show you what it looked like from inside the plane. and then a sea lion who really likes to shop, that manager toes climb more than a hundred steps to browse a beach side gift shop, and yes, you guessed it, it is caught on camera. and we're gearing up for this years wing bowl, so how does one prepare for such a huge eating event?wl, so how our pat gallen learns from the best and tries it out himself. we will be right back.
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back on "eyewitness news" with a live look at storm scan three. we are tracking heavy rain moving through the the the a area putting a damper on the evening commute. the police be careful if you go he out. meteorologist kate bilo will have an update in just a moment. >> these images show just how close a commercial air liner came to disaster over somalia.
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an explosion, ripped a giant hole, through the the side of the air bus 321 just moments after take off. the the the pilot says he was told a bomb, cause that had blast but investigator have yet to confirmed that finding. cell phone video captured the aftermath of tuesday's explosion, as airport through the gaping hole of the plane. oxygen masks were tossed around and one passenger was sucked out. his body was found later. somalia diplomate, who shot this video, a said everyone was afraid they were going go to die. >> we saw a hole in the plane and first thing you worry about is can we really make it. >> reporter: the plane was heading to the east african country of jabuti, when it happened minutes after take off. plane was a at a relatively low altitude and the air have craft held together until the the pilot was able to land it. somalia officials said they found no evidence of criminal activity so far but the plane's pilot and aviation experts say the hole showed
5:15 pm
all of the signs of terrorism. >> that hole is caused by a bomb and they will be able to tell that. they probably already know. >> reporter: al-shabob controls part of the country and isis is expanding in the region. security has been tighten at the international the airport there, and airline pilots say they worried that this disaster might have been a dry run for something much worse. small plane makes a dramatic water landing in hawaii and it is all captured on camera. here you can see the the front propeller stop moving. the pilot was also having problems with the landing gear. so he decided to ditch the plane in the lah goon, and that pilot was the only person on board, and was not hurt, authorities say, he had had 40 years of flying experience. well, weeknights at 11:00 you ask and nicole brewer answers your good questions. >> so many of us have watched tv shows about hospitals, and medicine, like code black, and you often hear the the doctor's call out fact. the the question is, do doctor really run around the er
5:16 pm
saying that? every time there is a dramatic scene in the er you can hear the tv doctors yelling, i need it the stat. so does it really happen? where do the word stat come from. nicole brewer has the answer tour good question tonight at 11:00. what are your good questions? we'd love to know. check out cbs question, send us your questions or tweet us using hashtag cbs-3 good question. kate bilo joins us now with your forecast and you are following a lot of precipitation. >> yes, lot of rain moved through midday especially north and west and we have a heavier batch watching to the the the south and west that could hit the city and portions of new jersey and delaware. so the the rain is still coming. it is going to be with us through the evening and really leading to a very messy evening commute, so if you are waiting for anyone to get home tonight, keep dinner warm because it will be a while, expect some major slow downs, all across the the area both with the heavier rain, the risk for flooding and ponding and also very low visibility. take a look outside we will go to the campbell's field camera and you can see the fog
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blanketing the the city of philadelphia there as we will look live on the sky cam three. lots of fog because we have all this warm, moist air and rain falling on the cold snow and that of course causes the fog to form and that is what we will be seeing through tonight once the rain moves out. you can see it in palmyra cove nature park camera from the live neighborhood network we are looking across the the river. you can see this blanket of fog clinging to the ground here as we look out across the city of philadelphia the right now 55 degrees. well above average but the rain got in early enough that it doesn't look like most of us broke record today. we got close, well above average, but again, the rain came in a little will sooner at least light liz and brought the the clouds in and inhibited into the the 50's, upper 50's and lower 60's. depending on where you are, visibility is different. right now trenton down tie third of a mile. philadelphia reporting full visibility. looking down to the south and west fog forming as this next batch of rain comes through. that is where heavier of the precipitation is right now. so pulling up storm scan three you can see we have heavy rain
5:18 pm
moving through earlier. now it is just a moderate rainfall that solid green shading all across the the area but look to the the south, and you can take a look at this have batch moving through baltimore right now. that will really push toward the city especially as we go through the next hour or two and heavy rain moving from delaware and delaware bay right into south jersey. the so the shore points expected to get a lot of rain, shortly as well. temperatures right now, still well above average. not the breaking records at the moment but 55 degrees, not bad for february, here in philadelphia, 55 in millville. and 57 degrees the atlantic city airport. it is not the kind of day to really get outside and enjoy the warm weather because it has been glummy, damp and now heavy rain moving through and that will continue through tonight. so 7:00 p.m. you can see steady rain through philadelphia. especially down the shore. that eventually will move off the companies by 11:00 o'clock but it could be another little ban that forms on the back edge of this. even at 2:00 a.m. we have showers moving through especially the the shore points, and eastern new jersey. so timing it out between now and 7:00 is when heavier rain will be.
5:19 pm
7:00 p.m. to midnight still lingering showers and after midnight is when we will see clearing and it will turn breezy. we want to tell but a near miss here on friday. a new low pressure wave forms along that front. notice how close this gets. the thursday night into friday morning, there is a a chance of a shower or a snow shower could brush the coast especially from philadelphia towards the shore points early friday morning. overnight, period of rain, patchy, dense fog around, and for your thursday, partly sunny and breeze which a high around 50. you're witness weather three day forecast, well, we are looking for clearing and a cool down but again, friday for that morning rain and snow showers, and not a big deal. in fact. it may stay off shore but i want to mention it is mainly to the east. the saturday partly sunny looking good and super bowl weather looks good for now. we will have the the forecast both here and in santa clara coming up. the interesting stuff still watching next week, next tuesday, a day i have been talking about for a while, i'll have the latest for that coming up. >> thanks, kate. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight new concerns about the zika virus as it
5:20 pm
enters a new phase. good resume, solid references and don't forget about your social media profiles. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with how to keep your on line presence from costing you a a job, leslie. as broncos and panthers prior to take the field on sunday for super bowl 50 there are several other teams working very hard behind the scenes, security now taking center stage as fans converged on san francisco, we will have more on that coming up in sports.
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our count down, continues, and this is a big game on sunday, super bowl 50, now four days and some change away. >> um-hmm. >> as the saying won't be long now. lots of people out to the game. got to keep everybody safe. >> everybody is focused on the game but there is a massive security operation underway in the bay area to prevent and stop any trouble at the super bowl. you're looking live at super bowl sit the any san francisco where much of the security is already in place.
5:24 pm
the keep the fans and players in place. this is a project that actually started years ago. heavily armed officers are very visible at super bowl events this week. the san francisco bay area is expecting a million visitors, each day, and keeping everyone safe has been a two year project for federal, state and local police agencies. >> our number one mission in these special events is to prevent acts of terrorism. >> reporter: on the ground, in the water and in the air, police are using high tech equipment to search for explosives and watch out for any suspicious activity. >> we have eyes on anyone within the 30 nautical radius. >> reporter: all of the information funnels through the fbi command center in the far from the stadium. that is where police agencies can instantly share information. authorities admit, suspects acting on their own are a big concern. >> it is all about identifying the lone wolf before he or she
5:25 pm
attacks. >> reporter: super bowl organizers want tight security but not so much that it becomes intimidating for fans. >> it makes you feel safe but it kind of make yous feel like you are in a foreign country. >> reporter: on super bowl sunday 07,000 fans will pack the stadium and authorities say there is in credible threat but they are taking in chances. >> no, they are not taking any chances. >> super bowl 50 big in every way. >> got that right. >> big game, big players, big security. >> big. >> thanks, are leslie. by the way sports director don bell, he is in san francisco. the his live reports start tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. you can only watch the game right here on cbs-3 sunday night. before we get to that there is a special week of super bowl shows leading up to super sunday. friday at the nine, it is super bowl's greatest half time shows. then on saturday night you cane greatest super bowl commercials, that is followed by nfl honors show in which the league will name its mvp and new hall have of fame class. it is all here on cbs-3, your
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home for super bowl 50. >> get your popcorn ready. >> that is right it is on. before the super bowl comes the wing bowl, a philadelphia tradition and coming up in our next half an hour our pat gallen will see if he has what it takes, to be a competitive either. you don't want to miss it. oh, boy. and concerns are growing over the the zika virus, now that u.s. officials have confirmed it has been spread through sexual contact. but health reporter stephanie stahl has new information on possible cases in pennsylvania, we will be right
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. break being news in the bill cosby, hearing a montgomery county judge is now in chambers, deliberating whether to dismiss criminal charges against the comedian based on an agreement cosby says, he made a decade ago with the former district attorney bruce castor. we have had team of reporters there all day long and we will continue to follow
5:30 pm
developments and have the very latest for you coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. as we continue now at 5:30 an alarming new case in the zika virus case is causing concern. health officials are saying it can be spread through sexual contact. there are several developments as concerns grow a about the zika a virus. u.s. travel alert is spreading to 30 different travel destinations and pregnant woman are advised to postpone trips to those nations. >> stephanie stahl is here with more on the other developments. a lot of developments. >> a lot today, absolutely. concerns have ramped up since it was revealed that the zika virus can be spread sexually. there is one case of that in dallas. also, in florida, where there are nine cases, a all of those people that traveled, the governor there has declared a healthy mergecy in four counties, including miami dade, and here's what is happening locally. the pennsylvania health department's web site says that there are eight validateses underway for zika a virus, zero positive, one
5:31 pm
negative and seven are pending. heightened concerned about the zika virus follows revelation that it was spread through sexual contact in the u.s. the dallas patient was infected by a person, who picked up the virus in venezuela. health officials emphasized that the disease is generally spread through mosquito by the. >> the the bottom line for the public in the continental u.s. remains the same, if you are pregnant and thinking of traveling to a place with zika a spreading, don't. >> reporter: emergency meeting with health officialness latin america the director of the pan american health organization says that the sexual transmission revelation raises new concerns. >> it brings a new dimension to the zika problem, and that will be studied further. >> reporter: virus has been linked to several thousands of cases to microcephaly which causes babies to be born with small heads. the world health organization declared a global healthy mergecy, to try to get answers.
5:32 pm
and just at the the precaution the the american red cross is asking perspective blood donors who have recently visited areas where zika virus is spread to go wait at least 28 days before giving blood, but experts say, that the risk of transmitting zika through blood donation remains extremely low in the continental united states. all of this right now precautionary, the risk to most of us here is very, very low. >> right. >> big concerns, pregnant woman. >> and traveling. >> thanks, stephanie. governmental officials played the the blame game over who is responsible for flint water christ that is left residents exposed to lead. the house oversight committee held its first hearing on the issue which has taken on partisan over tones. democrats blame michigan's republican governor, a and some republicans have targeted the environmental protection agency for failing to intervene sooner. but flint residents also testified. >> broken policy and procedures are smothering outcry of the entire community, suffering,
5:33 pm
financially, physically, and mentally, and emotionally. i urge you to help restore some of the trust lost, and protect all of the citizens in the united states, by never allowing this to happen again. >> the fbi is new joining the investigation into the flint water crisis, officials have not said whether the the criminal or civil charges could follow. campaign 2016, the the field of republican presidential hopefuls is shrinking. rand paul and rick santorum bode out today but race between front runners is heating up with the war of worlds between donald trump and ted cruz. we will get more from cbs correspondent, danielle nottingham. >> reporter: donald trump isn't even on the ground in new hampshire but he doubled down on his criticism of rival ted cruz. trump tweeted state of way should disqualify file from ted cruz from the most recent election on the basis that he cheated, a total fraud. cruz went right back calling it a trump tantrum.
5:34 pm
>> i wake up every take and laugh at latest things donald has tweeted. because he is losing it. >> reporter: main stream alternative marco rubio is trying to convince new hampshire voters he is parties best chance mountain general election. >> if you vote for me and i'm our nominee i will unite conservative movement and republican party. >> reporter: some voters are still on the fence. >> i want to see more than what i see on tv. >> reporter: rubio has a jammed packed schedule every day leading up to tuesday's primary, hillary clinton is hitting the ground in new hampshire just as hard. clinton is trailing bernie sanders in the new hampshire poll. >> i'm going to be out here, making my case, answering your questions. >> reporter: sanders a says his progressive policies will win votes. >> the american people frankly are tired, of the establishment politics. >> sanders campaign raised three million-dollar in the 24 hours after the iowa caucus. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:35 pm
clinton and sanders are set to participate in a televised town hall debate tonight. president obama paid his first visit to a u.s. mosque and spoke out against anti islamic rhetoric. he meant with muslim community leaders from across the country. today's meeting focused honorary ledge us tolerance and anti muslim prejudice, in the wake of the recent terror attacks in paris, and san bernardino, california. >> they talked about how their children were asking are we going to be forced out of the country. are we going to be rounded up? why do people treat us like that? conversations that you shouldn't have to have with children in the in this country. >> after the speech president obama met with some of the kid on the school on the mosque grounds. toy growth ace recalling more than 300,000 suv and trucks because of air bag problems. the a air bags mounted on the roof can inflate, without a crash. toyota says the problem is an issue with the computer that
5:36 pm
controls the air bags and dealers will replace the the computers, at no charge. shoppers got a big surprise when a sea lion showed up inside a southern california store. take a look, after getting over the initial surprise many customers then got out their cell phones, of course. you have to document this. owners say animal must climbed 145 step staircase from the beach to the store and with a little coaxing and a little salmon the sea lion was back in the sea in a long time. >> just a little souvenir. >> you know. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" looking for a new job. you may want to clean up your on line profile. >> consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with the most common social media mistakes, job applicants make. plus this. >> just how tough is it to eat a ton of wings? i'm pat gallen at pj wheelihans in maple shade and i'll learn from the best a competitive either taking part in wing bowl 24, that is coming up. heavy rain moves out overnight leaving threat for flooding lingering in to our thursday and then a close call
5:37 pm
system as we head through the end of the week. i'll tell what you that means and what to expect for super bowl weekend, that is coming up when we come right back.
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cbs corporation a announce that had leslie moonves has been elect the next chairman of cbs. he replaces summer redstone who resigned abe appointed chairman emeritus. good news for families traveling with young children united is going back to a policy a allowing travelers with children age two or young tore board early. company spokesmen says they are trying to simply fight the boarding process. policy takes place, and takes effect february 15th. we're learning more today, about saturn, yes, that saturn and when it comes to those rings there could be less than
5:41 pm
meets the eye. nasa's spacecraft sent images back to planet earth and scientists say you might expect a denser looking ring to contain more material but that is just an optical illusion. they are working to determine the age of those famous rings. i mean, what is saturn without the rings. >> yes. >> i loved saturn as a kid wondering what those rings are all about. >> well, there is new pictures just for you been a while. >> been a minute, that is for sure. we are under a flood watch, meteorologist kate bilo has your updated
5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
i go back to the early days of this one, the very early days, a philadelphia tradition, wing bowl is friday at the wells fargo center. >> to be the best you have to eat with the best. our pat gallen has what it takes to be a competitive either. >> ninety-four wip wing bowl may be a spectacle but it takes mental stamina to eat 444 wings that won the the contest a year ago. >> there is technique involved with stretching your stomach and it is not just minutes or days before the the competition, this goes overtime. this is unique and doing 60
5:45 pm
days out. i have been doing all of my training for two months. so a a lot of water in take. >> reporter: on friday the real competitors will take part in wing bowl 24 but for today i get to take part in the winning eating contest at py wheelihans in maple shade. as a manager and my coach for the day. >> we will do one wing like corn on the cobb. >> push the the meat up like this. you go from this end. >> starting to breathe. >> i think i'm ready. >> ready to go good we don't want to mess up your shirt here. we will bring you a smock, and that is rick the manager motto right there. >> notorious bob and i got one minute to see who could eat the most wings. >> in three, two, one, eat. >> wow, wow, this isn't brunch. get out of the blue cheese. come on, eat, eat. >> that is good. >> much better then did you in training. >> 302nd, pat. you have one and a half n. >> there we go, five, four,
5:46 pm
three, two, one. drop your wings. >> it looks like bob, you got about, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and a half. and pat, lets see what you have have. anyone have a calculated, there is three. >> safe to say i won't take part in competitive eating anytime soon. from maple shade, pat gallen for "eyewitness sports". >> he can't we give him an ar effort. >> good effort. >> a, b maybe. >> maybe a b. he was eating too slowly for competitive eating. >> okay. kate, there is some rain. >> rain is coming through. we have been talking about this all week long. rain moving through and it is still coming down heavily a across the area right now. we are under flood watches and advisories depending on where you are, portions of chester county, bucks, montgomery counties and northern part of those counties under a flood advisory. heavy rain came through earlier and still, moving through tonight. the lets take a look outside and you can see fog will take
5:47 pm
you down the shore. reason why i show you this shot of the boardwalk is to show how dense the the fog has gotten. you can see lamp post, and lining the boardwalk, you can seaboard and shot, the fog is dense tonight. that could come up on you quickly outside on the roadways. do expect some slow downs even once the rain moves out, the the fog will still be with us, throughout the the overnight hours. so lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers and see what they are looking at this evening. as you can see we are seeing temperatures, generally not popping up for me here, whatsoever. lets take a look at photos from our weather watchers. the that is working. you can see fog is showing up over the snow right here. we will check with ed connor. as you can see fog over the snow, that is happening quite a bit because snow is still cold, it has a lot of cold air embedded within it. when you get warm moist air overtop and rainfalls you will get the fog to really intensify. look at this shot from phil showing the foggy shot, glummy, almost scary looking shot there, looking through the fence at the fog all across the region. we will see this a lot this
5:48 pm
time of the year. rain plus snow equals fog. wayne hunter got that memo as well. he said fog for rain on the snow. there is a hill behind the trees, you cannot see it now but, of course, because the fog is obscuring it. just imagine traveling on the road and do not see cars coming really just maybe several hundred yards away and you are not going to see in front of you. the police be safe tonight. the rain leading to low visability, the the fog is also causing problems this evening. lets look at is what going on weather-wise, we will take you out to the palmyra cove nature park where your cannot see city sky line. 55 degrees at the moment. storm scan three shows the problem, this system coming through, bringing a lot of warm air in with it as it pushes across the the area and you can see a lot of rain, right now a around the baltimore area. this shading, this yellow and orange shows you where heavier rain is, traveling up i-95. we are seeing heavy rain over chester county an area that is under a flood advisory and will remain in that as we go through overnight hour,
5:49 pm
possibly as flooding continues to occur. zooming in on key spots. the you can see a few heavier patches on have rain here along the shore points from eagleville, atlantic city, cape may point and into portions of sussex county, delaware. wide zoom shows this front really extending from portions of maine right down the eastern seaboard. what we have to watch heading into tomorrow and friday, once this front moves off shore a new wave of low pressure will develop along it and it could start to back closer to the coast early friday morning especially from new york city up through boston this could mean a little bit of accumulating snow. for us a rain or snow shower is possible early friday morning. the in the near term 55 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-two in wilmington. fifty-five in reading. well above average still. fifty-seven down in dover. in fact we hit 62 degrees today around 2:45 this afternoon. that ties the previous record of 62. that was setback in 2006. once rain started to come down heavily temperatures drop back down to the 60's. we will in the break a record
5:50 pm
but will go down in the record books as a tie. 62 degrees today in early february. future weather shows rain moving out. development on the back edge as we head through overnight hours. tomorrow quiet but notice tomorrow night we have a system. this particular model keeps it the off shore but you you can see green here. if that backs just a little bit further west it could be a rain or she shower early on friday. but for your thursday the rain clears out and cooler and breeze which highs in the 50's and then big batch of cold air starts to dive in as we get into next week especially by next tuesday and wednesday. it willing down right coal. question is can a storm system take advantage of that cold to bring us precipitation. overnight, periods of rain, patchy, dense fog, be safe out there. nicer in santa clara here. we have 64 degrees. looking g partly sunny. closer to home we have sun as well. in the quite as warm. 48 degrees your super bowl sunday temperature with a 98 percent chance have of chips and dip in the forecast and then colder next week.
5:51 pm
watching tuesday, for rain or snow shower, the at the moment we will keep you posted on. that we will send it back to you. >> sound, tasty. looking for a job? good resume and solid references aren't only thing job applicants to have worry about these days. >> a as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find your social media presence can play a big role whether or not you get the a job, jim. >> if i looked at your facebook or twitter feeds would i find anything embarrassing. >> um-hmm. >> it is something to consider when looking for work. like most 22 years old anita benjamin spend a fair amount of time on social media. >> i use linkedin, i use facebook, instagram, snap chat all of that. >> reporter: when the college graduate started looking for a job last year she was careful about what she posted. >> i was thinking i should definitely keep it professional because it is all on line and everyone can see everything you post. >> reporter: new research shows that is a good idea because businesses are looking. report from the society for
5:52 pm
human resource management the find one-third of the companies have disqualified a candidate because of information found on their social media accounts. in another survey, office teams asked hiring managers the most common social media mistakes job applicants make. 45 percent said posting negative or inappropriate comments, 35 percent said posting or being tagged in inappropriate photos. >> if you are too opinionated, too negative, it can come off to some individuals that you could be a problem in the work place. >> the way that people perceive is is important. >> reporter: having a professional presence on line work for benjamin. she got a corporate job her first out of college. >> great information, thanks jim. we have breaking news right now a judge handed down ruling on whether the sexual assault case begins bill cosby can move forward. >> we will go to greg argos with the details, greg. >> reporter: exactly right, the judge just making this ruling minutes ago denying defense attorney's motion for bill cosby. that means that the prosecution, criminal charges
5:53 pm
can go forward. once again, criminal charges against 78 year-old comedian bill cosby can go forward. i want to introduce walt hunter who was inside the courtroom as this went down. walk us through this. >> reporter: three or four minutes ago cosby showing no reaction, judge steven o'neill walking to his chair, 13 hours of hearings now over the last two days. judge very simply without any elaborate explanation only a few sentences saying that the defense motion to basically stop or derail this prosecution was denied. the prosecution would go forward. now the defense had been contending that former district attorney bruce castor had promised there would be no prosecution of bill cosby in 2005 and that prosecution was still binding ten years later. so the current prosecution should not go further. however, the prosecution team led by current d.a. kevin steele said there was no such prom is in 2005 and there was
5:54 pm
no reason why, as happened a few weeks ago steele could not order the arrest of cosby and charge him with the allege sexual assault have of andrea constand back in 2005. over the past 13 hours we have overheard castor the former district attorney saying he did promise no prosecution, however, this afternoon for a couple of hours we did hear two attorneys for victim andrea constand saying they were never aware of any prom that is was ever made that there would not be a prosecution of cosby. so after 13 hours, there were dramatic final arguments by both sides, the defense, again saying there was a promise and in their words a promise is a promise. you have to stick with it. you have to agree not to prosecute cosby. finally kevin steele the district attorney arguing for the the prosecution that there was no promise citing various press releases and statements by castor saying there never was a promise and nothing should stop the current prosecution of cosby. after that judge o'neill going into his chambers for about 15
5:55 pm
minutes and dramatically calling the court in just four or five minutes ago and issuing his other. defense motion denied. the prosecution against bill cosby will go forward. the next step expected there to be a preliminary hearing and other motions to be argued including a motion to remove kevin steele, the the current district attorney from the prosecution. the those motions in the same courtroom, will begin being heard this motion in a rather extraordinary evening session throughout the night. a very, very dramatic day here after 13 hours, again, in reaction from mr. cosby. he took a brief break right before the verdict where decision came from the judge. >> what you pointed out is this is not the the even. we could continue with a possible trial in the future but right the new judge is expect to go hear testimony from possibly removing current district attorney kevin steele from this case, correct. >> reporter: absolutely. the next scheduled step in this would be a preliminary hearing. preliminary hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence to take the case to
5:56 pm
trial, that is a prime case but there are other issues for example, the main deposition that cosby gave in civil court, in civil federal court in which cosby once that deposition was unsealed made certain admission about this encounter with this woman about using drugs with her and other things that is a key piece of evidence and it is expect to be a big hearing about suppressing that major piece of evidence. >> bill cosby is inside that courtroom. you said we were preparing for the 6:00 o'clock newscast. is he or his attorneys expect to make any comment tonight. >> reporter: we were advised by court public relations people there will be no comments forthcoming from either side on this evening as far as we know and main principals, the prosecutors, defense team are still in court now arguing yet another motion the the motion attempt to have mr. steele removed as the prosecutor. >> you heard there from walt hunter, inside the courtroom, this motion, denied, by the
5:57 pm
the judge, which means the prosecution, the criminal prosecution, against comedian bill cosby can get forward. >> and walt, greg, you guys have been there for the the last two days, would you say that this is a surprise ruling to the people you have been talking to? did they think it would go this way. >> reporter: argument basically that greg and i listened to in court there was never a written agreement. >> correct. >> there was a press release, signed by mr. castor in 2005, that this defense wanted to be seen as a written agreement. there would never be a prosecution. >> today we heard testimony from john schmidt, a long time council for comedian bill cosby and he considered that press release, that 2005 press release from castor to be a written agreement. he considered it as a possible written agreement. that was, of course, contested from the district attorney and assistant district attorney in testimony there today. >> again, from the alleged
5:58 pm
victims own individuals in this from the very beginning from 2005 through every twist and turn off this, never a word, they testified, from castor about any grant of immunity from prosecution, then now or any other time. >> in fact delores toirani is the first she heard of this possible oral agreement is last year when kevin steele reopened the the case. no communication from cosby's attorney in a decade about this good it is worth emphasizing in terms of the dramatic impact of this or another just impact on this prosecution, had the judge granted the defense motion, it would have basically in the words of one of the attorneys stopped this prosecution in its tracks. so the fact that this prosecution is going forward is now the normal course of events but it is a major decision. >> the the judge was very careful we should mention to not allow too much evidence into this hearing. this is a very early hearing. there is, of course, no trial
5:59 pm
set, nothing yet right now. he didn't want any evidence to taint any possible jury. there was a lot of information brought up that he paused, some of the defense attorneys and some of the district attorneys here before making releasing it as a possible piece of evidence, correct. >> let's not forget the the appellate factor here because from talking to some of the attorneys off the record prior to these two days of hearings there are appeal options on both sides. in this case it would be the the the defense who could conceivably take an appeal of the the ruling that we just heard minutes ago, that could in turn further delay proceedings, and there are numerous other appellate issues that the the the bottom line is while this prosecution is going forward i think we have just gotten a taste that it is going to be most likely an extremely complicated. >> very long. >> legal and then some. >> and a very long process here. just the beginning, of course, 78 year-old comedian bill cosby motion denied, by his defense attorneys by the judge here just minutes ago, walt hunter inside the courtroom as
6:00 pm
that happened and that is latest from the montgomery county courthouse. >> motion denied, criminal charges can go through, walt/greg, thanks very much. stand by. we will get right back to you. all right. so... . good evening, i'm guess dean with ukee washington. we will go back out to greg argos and walt hunter in montgomery county with the latest on the bill cosby, ruling, guys? >> that is right, there jessica and ukee. just minutes ago the judge here at montgomery county courthouse, ruling in favor of the prosecution. in favor of the district attorney. basically saying that the criminal charges against 78 year-old comedian bill cosby can go forward. walt hinter was inside that courtroom at that time, and tell us how bill cosby reacted and what went down, walt. >> reporte c


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