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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 6, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ >> right now at 11:00 on the job at super bowl 50. two women from new jersey will play a big role during this sunday's half time show. they tell our vittoria woodill what it takes to pull off the magic. >> and there's excitement in the air as the countdown to super bowl 50 marches on. private jets are dee septembering on the san francisco bay area and the famous blimp gives us a birds eye view of the festivities. >> local talent will be on display sunday.
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sports director don bell talks to cory philly brown as the cardinal o'hara alum gets ready for the biggest game of his career. >> good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the wait is almost over. we're now less than two days until super bowl sunday. the denver broncos and carolina panthers go head to head right here on cbs3. >> sports director don bell is live in san francisco and, don, the eagles may not be playing, of course, but philadelphia is well represented. >> reporter: no doubt about i it. keep it local. listen guys let me tell you th this. seven rounds in the nfl draft. back in 2014, cory brown was selected in none of them. as we methed he's a local product and through grit, drive and determination he's been able to stick with the carolina panthers and now he's trial the on the verge of something great. >> clear path to the end zone for cory brown. but path to the panthers roster was anything but. >> i don't want to say it was rough because i've been blessed
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man i've been put in great situations. from my mom, you know, helping me get into o'hara to coach helping me to get to ohio state to me even going -- being able to pick my situation. i've been blessed with great situations but at the same time i've been taken advantage of them. >> for the upper darby native the grind to the nfl started at cardinal o'hara high school. >> you can see the talent from the get go. >> mush rush of one of his teachers he was a speedster even back then. >> he would be late. he wasn't there you would turn your head and next thing cory was sitting in his seat with that big smile. that was cory brown. >> back then he was cory brown. >> since graduating from cardinal owe harry he goes by fill al nickname he pick up from his head coach jim tressel at ohio state. >> there was two cory browns on our team both from pennsylvania. he was the older guy he got to keep his name and he changed my nickname to philly. >> six years after leaving the delaware valley, philly has a chance to make the hometown proud. >> which i have to remind him when he sees this with all my
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efforts, he told me that when he made it big he was going to make sure that i was included. so i'm waiting for you, cory to come through. >> i don't remember telling her that. >> yes, i did. >> i told them all, man. it's a surprise, though. i got to wait until i go back to o'hara. when i get -- after we win this game, i'm going to get a chance to go back home and i'll have stuff for, you know, john hancock, the school and cardinal o'hara. >> reporter: i'll tell was, just two years in the league and cory brown is unflappable. i asked him about the great experience here. he didn't want to talk about that. all he wanted to talk about how he's tired of all the hub-bub much he's ready to play the game right here right now and of course the people at cardinal o'hara wishing hip the absolute best. that is the story here from downtown san francisco. we're hanging out in super bowl city. of course we'll catch up with you later on in sports. back to the studio. >> you got it, don. thanks so much. can't wait.
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cbs3 is your home for super bowl sunday. coverage of the big game starts at 6:00 p.m. that's followed by a special life edition of late show with stephen colbert. "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and the big night wraps up with a special edition of the late late show with james corden. tonight the tredyffrin easttown school district cooperating with police as investigators look into allegations of hazing at conestoga high school. the investigation involves current and former members of the football team and detectives are in the process of inter viewing 60 to 70 students. sources tell cbs3 one student may have been injured during the alleged hazing. so far authorities have not arrested or disciplined any students. a grieving community is mourning a young hero tonight the 12-year-old was killed in a fire while trying to save his own father from the flames. our natasha brown talk to the victim's familiar until norristown. >> they was screaming there's a fire, there's a fire. when i opened my door all this smoke comin coming out.
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>> reporter: little time to reaction. flames and smoke filled this home just before 9:00 a.m. five family members inside the house scrambled to safety but 12-year-old sanford harling the third knew his father was still trapped inside. so relatives say he bravely ran back into the burning home trying to save him. >> my grandson man might have man sanford harling the third ran back into the house to help his father out who just had surgery. never came back out. >> reporter: sanford known as man might have hasn't didn't realize his father had jumped from a second floor window injuring his back and hip. sanford a member of the norristown youth eagles football team never made it out alive. but his vivacious spirit, his heroic actions live on in the mind of his familiarly. >> that's the kind of guy he was. young, friendly, athletic, um, good guy. he participated -- he loved his family. he participated in all kinds of activities around here and
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everything. did a lot of community work always helped out me his grandfather and he helped us all out. he loved his family. >> reporter: actual cause of the fire is still under investigation. although family members say they have heard it may have been electrical in nature. meantime the family did lose everything in this fire they're being assisted by the red cross and gofundme page has been set up to help family members as well n norristown, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> elderly woman died when a tree crashed through her bedroom in broomall this morning. march jay cooper and her husband alan were asleep in their home on james road when that tree fell just after 8:00 o'clock. the couple was trapped for hours before the tree could be remov removed. mrs. cooper was rushed to the hospital but his wife was pronounced dead at the scene. the already saturated ground from melting snow and rain may have contributed to the tree coming down. a mom and a young girl are home tonight out of the hospital after getting hit by a hit-and-run driver. five-year-old caitlyn mcmillan
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has a rod and two screws in her broken leg. she underwent two surgeries her mother stephanie suffered head injuries and remain bruised on tuesday stephanie her daughters caitlyn and layla were crossing at broad and dickinson they were hit by a red hahn today. the whole ordeal was caught on surveillance video. >> he was driving and he hurt my leg. >> reporter: were you scared? >> all i remember we was crossing the street mine daughter got hit. just woke up in the hospital. my husband was saying, stephanie, you're in the hospital. and i had tubes in my throat. i could have been gone. i would not be here. >> reporter: police are now looking for a later model red honda objection cord with a missing side mirror. the family has offered a reward for information leading to an arrest. the pennsylvania supreme court rejects attorney general kathleen kane's request to restore her suspended law license. high court ruling now allows the state senate to take its next
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steps toward removing her from office. kane's law license was suspended last fall as she fights criminal charges she leaked secret grand jury information then lied about it under oath. in tonight' gas question, we're ending the week on a fun note. think about this. some people are very ticklish yet you can't tickle yourself. >> why is that? >> well, we'll find out. you asked and nicole brewer answers. she joins us now. nick this one makes you think. >> this is definitely a fun one for friday guys. any story that requires grown men to make tickling noises is definitely a stan out for me. we'll get to that in just a second. first we've got to ask, why can't we tickle ourselves? it's a good question and again it's friday. so let's have a little fun. ♪ >> have you ever wondered why you can't tickle yourself? >> yeah i do wonder. the topic of tickling gets us giggling even the noises are funny.
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>> i go -- >> tickle, tick. >> i go -- >> what was that. >> we know our spots. in the stomach area. >> my feet. >> my ribs. i don't know. maybe not. >> super tickling in the armpi armpits. >> try tickling yourself. that's not working. >> it's like your itching something. >> why can't we tickle ourselves. >> it has to do with knowing your own nerves. >> what? >> i guess we would have to get into the fiss logical as spec. why can't we tickle ourselves? >> because you can surprise your brain. >> this doctor is the chair of neurology at temple university and studied the impossible task of self tickling. >> nothing is happening in the brain when we tickle ourselves. >> things do happen but the brain decides it's not worth react to go. >> when we get tickle the september saying on our skin travels from our bodies through nerves and into the brain elic
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eliciting laughter but when we tickle ourselves, the sorry relabel lump predicts the sensation and cancels out the response. >> it's all about the surprise. >> saving up our energy for the stuff that really tickles our funny bone. (laughter). >> that monkey makes my life. now doctor says the concept called brain economy that's he's referring to and basically our brains are programmed to anticipate insignificant sensations and instead reserve that energy for the uninspected like unwanted touch or that creepy crawly bug that just made its way down your back. >> can we show the monkey again? >> best part. >> we shall show that every friday. >> amazing. >> really. >> make that my ring tone. that was pretty good. >> thank you nicole. appreciate it. >> what's your good question? we want to know. log on to question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag
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cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we can't wait to hear it. what's your good question? super bowl half time performance is more than just a show. it is an all out spectacle. >> and it takes a small army to pull it off. vittoria woodill introduces to two local women who play crucial role during half time. still ahead tonight at 11:00, they share behind the scenes secrets of some of the most memorable performances of super bowl fans. plus, a super bowl surprise from beyonce'. will a mystery guest be joining queen b on stage during half time? kate? and a cold night with the threat for black ice outside and then another chance for snow in the seven day forecast. i'll have all the details coming up in weather. and thousands take to social media to express their outrage toward a local amusement park. the 64 when we come
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frightening scene in new york city at the height of the morning rush. a construction crane as tall as 56-story building comes crashing down. killing a man and injuring three otheothers. buildings were damaged and cars were crush as the crane came down. a counter weight landed on a desk in a nearby office building. the wreckage scattered debris all along an entire city block. social media outrage leads to an about face by dorney park. the park has offered to rehire 29-year-old chris emery a special needs man whose worked there for 12 seasons doing custodial work he had an annual job interview but this year interview was different and at the end, he was told he was no longer what the park was looking for. >> i was just like sad, mad, upset, confused, they were telling me try to build a lego train out of leg goes. >> that was part of the interview. >> yeah. i'm too hold to play with leg goss. >> chris' mom made a post on facebook that went viral and dorney park changed its tune
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offering to rehire chris. so far chris and his familiar vol turned down that offer. a lot of reports swirling around bee i don't know sea ahead of her half time performance during the super bowl. there's a shake up in her management team. according to page six the singer fired her whole team including her cousin. she's reportedly brought in a new group. the super star is set to join british rock band cold play sunday night. also word beyonce' will have a dance off with a mystery guest at half time. putting on that super bowl half time show is a major feat and two nurses from new jersey will be on the job this weekend in california. >> they won't be part of a medical team. instead they'll be part of a team rocking the half time extravaganza. vittoria woodill talked to them about their assignment right before did he left for the big game. ♪ >> reporter: for many people the half time show is the best part of the super bowl. >> one, two, three, 50! >> reporter: and for a group from new jersey, it's go time.
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>> you're pumped up. you're pumping but you just got off a roller coaster. >> patti walker and shifter sherri chen dee from haddonfield along with three other friends are part of the 500 member audio team for the half time show. >> they give it your cart. this your cart. this is what you have to do. >> the cart is big speakers and you pull that out and then once you get it out there, you wire it in to the sound system. >> reporter: you're telling me that you two nurses who have no experience in the entertainment industry are wiring speakers for the super bowl? >> yes. >> reporter: explain that to me. (laughter). it's called grab this wire, run with it and this is where it goes. >> reporter: they did it for bruno mars when he performed at the super bowl. >> our cart the first year was bruno mars we pull out his drum set. that was our cart. so the whole time we wept out we're holding the drum set to make sure it doesn't fall.
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>> he's moving and now we have to run up to this, grab it, we disconnect it and start moving it out. >> reporter: for patti and sherri this is third yard workinworking celebrity scene. >> katie perry's golf cart. >> oh, my gosh. >> we pet her dog but never got to talk to her. >> reporter: while everyone enjoyed katie's performance no one knew there was a near costume malfunction seconds before it again. >> the left shark went raw. couldn't get his costume on and he he was getting dressed in our cart and we all just sat there kind of watching like let's go. you can't touch. you can't help, you can't do any of that. >> the pay is 10 bucks an hour. the experience priceless. >> i would do it for free. i would probably pay to do it. because when you stan out there it's just amazing. >> levi stadium. >> this is a parking pass. >> they got the jobs last october by applying online at super bowl productions.
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>> i tried to get cbs to send me. please! now i have a way in. what a great gig. as you're waiting for the half time show to start on sunday the five of them along with hundreds of other people will have six minutes to set up all the half time equipment. after 12 minutes of the performance, the crews will have just six more minutes to tear it all down for the second half of super bowl 50. it's a science. >> that's a feat isn't it. >> tell me. certainly a science. now to super bowl tradition here in physical. sports radio 94 wip's wing bowl 24 game of bones. crowned the champion and she's a familiar face. >> fort second time in three years molly schuyler won the competitive eating contest at the wells fargo sent. schuyler ate 429 wings in photo finish with patrick burr let tee who finish with 408 wings. record seven eaters were disqualified six of them for, well, losing the wings shall we say. one for cheating. former nba star dennis rodman
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was this special guest. kate as i'm reading -- don't do it. >> i feel the same way. >> more power to them. >> probably pretended like they eight them and threw them down. >> disqualify you. that's right. >> don't mess around with the wing bowl. >> six of them lost it. >> okay. >> six of them lost it. >> let's move on to weather. >> that's right. >> what a confess a few hours made. we started the day with a snowy sight and now thing are clearing out. we have blue skies through the afternoon turn out to be really beautiful day an lot of that snow started to mel the the problem with temperatures now going below freezing and we have the threat for icing. take look at time lapse video ferrier today. this shows the snow down the shore. you can see the snow on the sand in margate when the sun came up another band comes through watch these big fat flakes that start coming down the sand is completely coated and then we turn it around the sun comes out and the snow is almost gone by the end of the day. so very interesting this storm came in, it got out as quickly
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as it came in and really we're not left with much of anything to remember from this system. you can see there it goes up through new england. this is kind of a loop from this morning you can see we had snow to start the day. clear skies now, and skies will stay clear as we head into tomorrow the snow of course heaviest over portions of central and southern new jersey. some spots in ocean county got up to 6-inches of snow. our area, we ended up with an inch in philadelphia. 35 degrees right now. but notice all across the region temperatures dropping below freezing. it's 29 in reading right now. 26 in millville. 28 in allentown. any of that run off or melted snow any puddles out there it's going to be ice overnight tonight. please be safe out on the roads overnight and into tomorrow morning. temperatures below freezing those wet spots refreeze and they can be hard to see. even just tomorrow morning when you wake up maybe take the dog out for walk be careful on the front steps walkways on your driveway. there will be some icy spots. it's a super weekend though. super bowl weekend super weather weekend. high pressure overhead tomorrow
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keeps temperatures in the mid 40s seasonal. sunday looking sunny and beautiful for your super bowl plans. we've got to watch two systems much one out to sea and one swinging in from the north and west late monday or tuesday. in the near term it's quite overnight mape the clear and chilly down to 29. for your saturday, a few clouds, cool and quiet at 45 degrees for your daytime high but take look what's going on the european model this storm starts to move by the major storm but it look like it will miss us could bring snow to new england this next one swings in transfers to some energy to the coast and it will throw back a little bit of snow through the day tuesday. we're if the talking about much. so what we know two systems monday and tuesday some rain and light snow likely then after the arctic area builds in and it will stick around. you can see on our models here, not a whole lot of snow. this is a long duration event through the day tuesday. we could end up with a couple of inch if's that changes we will let you know but as of now, accumulations look relatively modest. quiet weekend. watch for rain and snow showers monday through the day tuesday.
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and then started to think maybe the groundhog had it right spring could be around the corner. nope. end of next week is brutally cold for neb we may not make it above freezing by friday. >> well, thanks a lot, phil. >> woman and, woman and. >> phil. >> don bell is live in super bowl city with a look at what's coming up next in sports. don? >> reporter: that weather report sounded brutal next week. what's up with that? guys, chip kelly, doug pederson and the philadelphia eagles it's been a wild month in change. where did it all go wrong? up next i take a trip down radio row and hear national experts weigh in. we're coming back. we're in downtown san francisco
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recently we've noticed some ads created by these two birds, inviting you to stay away from the streak free shine of windex. well dear windex users these ads are false. sfx: squeaks from window cleaning clean glass is better than dirty glass. don't stand for dirty. use windex.
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welcome back to downtown san francisco. don bell with you. remember back in august the words super bowl and eagles were mentioned in the same sentence? honestly, it hasn't turn out the way the city of philadelphia would hope. here in san francisco had an opportunity to go down radio row and talk to national experts about a tumultuous last five weeks for the birds. >> they wanted to make a change because they thought it wasn't the right fit. look i'm not inside. i don't know exactly what's going on with management but if you're not moving in the right direction towards the super bowl you want to have you got to make the change. it's better hire slow, fire fa fast. >> doug pederson andy reid never called plays when he got hired. to me you have to give that
2:31 am
chance. i don't think you take the approach he wasn't the first choice. we don't really know how all of that played out. all about wins in this thing, man. the battles or the meetings of the minds doesn't match it doesn't measure the best thing to move on before it gets nasty and you hurt my team as an owner. as a coach best to move on and start a new. >> reporter: it's amazing eagles went seven and nine very much the talk of the nfl since the end of the regular season of course people talking about nationwide and especially here in san francisco. that is the story from super bowl city. i'm don bell. now let's go back to the studio where lesley is standing by. lesley. >> great stuff. thank you don. we'll talk hoops now. sixers in the nation's capital taking on the with czar. looking to shake off that 38-point beat down they sudden wednesday against the hawks. sixers trailing by 25 in the third quarter. making a come back led by smith driving to the basket.
2:32 am
scores. led the sixers with 22 points but it was not john wall had his trips triple double of the season. 18 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists they beat the sixers 106-94. to college basketball, over the palestra, penn taking on dartmouth. quakers looking for that first ivy league win of the season. penn up by a point. nelson in the paint gets it led penn with 19 points. they deet dart mouth 71-64. getting that first win. >> getting it in. >> got to get that in.
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♪ new tonight the philly pops celebrate the music of carol king. ♪ philly pops performed some of king' biggest hits "eyewitness news" at the kimmel center tonight. king has won four grammy awards. she was inducted into the song writers hall of fame and rock and hall of fame. you can see the philly pops perform the carol king song book through sunday. we'll be right back. ♪
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that's going to do it for to us name our morning team is back tomorrow from seven to 7:00 a.m. for kate, lesley don who's at super bowl 50, i'm ukee waring. i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. have a super weekend. we'll see you sunday night. good night, family. sleep well.
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