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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, a cabdriver, violently attacked and robbed by a passenger overnight in south philadelphia a. right the new the search is on for suspect took off with cash in hand. we will hear from the victim. >> it was scary, man. i mean, 150-mile april hour winds, 40-foot waves, you know we didn't think we would make it home. >> beaten and battered a cruise ship returns to new jersey after a terrifying trip at sea. we will hear from local passengers, grateful to be back on land. tough enough to withstand it so i will keep going. >> embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane speaking out after she survives a senate vote to remove her but her political future remains, unclear.
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we are following the latest at ursinus college where a hundred students are sick with the stomach vei are you. the it is thursday, february 11th i'm erika von tiehl. before you head out of the door, word of advice, bundle up. the it is cold. let's check with katie and meisha. we really feel the difference this morning. >> absolutely good morning. gateway to the weekend. roads are looking good. overnight construction clearing out of the way but first thing i notice i had what you said, it is cold. >> set to get colder unfortunately in the next couple of days. if it is not your cup of tea you might want to bundle will up with a cup of tea because we have chilly weather unfolding here. the it will be cold et cetera air we have experienced so far this season. the let start off by going outside the a hint of the the breeze the left-hand side of the screen they are and take you from atop of the hotel bethlehem in bethlehem, pennsylvania. the northampton county. definitely calm and collect. very quiet up this way. around the region it the is just generally colder.
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storm scan is showing not a lot, thankfully but we zoom it out and see lake enhanced flurries and necessity showers moving long central portions of the i80 corridor. that could survive as it travels south east so don't be shocked if you see flakes flying out there. nothing that will a accumulate. anything that would come in would be, with us probably late morning early afternoon. meanwhile here's how it feels. it is pretty brutal. 11 degrees is how it feels in the atlantic city, airport, allentown, trenton. sub zero in mount pocono. looking at actual thermometer readings mid 20's from mid philadelphia a, down to the ac the expressway and mount pocono only feeling like 12. persistent wind right now. i call it more than a breeze. with this cold air in place it will feel that much colder. anytime you look at a thermometer you have to mount 10 degrees off, that is what it feels like today. >> absolutely i thought that when i walk outside because i could feel that breeze. when traffic heat up, and it
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is windy, it can blow the vehicles a little bit. make note of that as well. the it will be cold out there but good news is we're in the dealing with a lot of that slippery sensation we were having with wet surfaces. the that doesn't mean we still don't have black ice out there. so just make note of that. we did have an accident it looks like it has been cleared, schuylkill eastbound approaching belmont, the left lane was block because of that accident that has been cleared: that accident hats been cleared. we have construction here 95 south at girard. right two lanes are block. we cannot the see it, we will let you know when it does clear but make note around that area not slowing you down too much, it is just too early. vine looking good, west and eastbound early risers already out there good morning everyone if you are just grabbing your dutch of coffee with us we're so happy you are here. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. a philadelphia cabdriver is robbed in queen village picking up a fare. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from
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jefferson university hospital. hopefully that cabdriver is okay, justin. >> reporter: erika, good morning. that cabdriver is doing just fine. he is out of the e walking and talking. the his cabbies still here right behind this police cruiser. the it is being held by police because it is now a crime scene. we will take you to that driver held up in penn so we can see he is okay. thirty lease were called just after 1:00 a.m. and back here working on the hand of that cabdriver, he is 51 year-old and was stabbed twice in one of his hand n a struggle with the a knife and a man in the back of his cab. he said he could not find his cell phone at the time so he could not call 911 leaving him to fight. the driver says around midnight he pick up the man at fourth and south streets, the man says at first drive-in to fourth and castor and then, changed his mind to fourth and green. the driver said as they approached, fourth and catherine that is when the driver said the man told him, to give him all of his money.
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>> when i get to fourth and catherine he attacked me. give me money. >> he is very lucky to only be stabbed in the hand where he could have been stabbed and cut in his neck are throat the because initially that is where he told police that the perpetrator put the knife to his throat and announced the robbery. >> reporter: again, police are holding that, cab for south detectives horren investigate ago this case. that man did getaway on foot here. the suspect. the he is described by the driver as a white male, about 6 feet tall, seen wearing a blue hooded sweat shirt, about 25 years old and, clean shave even. this comes as that cabdriver was shot the at point breeze over the weekend. police are still looking for at least two people in that case. they say this case and that case is a warning for us all, if we are held up to just hand over our possessions, and report it to police. the erika, back over to you. >> justin finch thanks so much
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for that report. this just came in the news room a car crash right in the fillmore concert venue in fishtown. it happened just before 2:00 at frankford avenue and east allen streets. the driver was taken to the hospital and is now facing dui charges. you can see a lot of damage to the front end of the car. impact knocked the door down but no other major damage to the building. health officials are trying to figure out what is causing students to get sick at a college in montgomery county. a fast moving out break of gastrointestinal illness has affect hundred students at ursinus college. the school, located in collegeville, voluntarily closed its cafeteria and spent all day yesterday cleaning high traffic areas on campus. >> it was mostly vomiting and some people had diarrhea, some people were like coughing. one person did have to go to the hospital and she just got treated but my other friend they were okay, she had to get some rest. >> the school's dining halls will remain closed to day.
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wegmans and wawa will be on campus this morning providing meals for students. "eyewitness news" has learned that within of the two confirmed cases of the the z ika virus in pennsylvania is a student at lehigh university. according to the university memo the student got the virus after traveling abroad. that student has recovered, health officials in delaware say that the one case that there was mild and woman got it traveling to an area where the virus is spreading the zika virus is spread primarily through mosquitoes and if contracted by a pregnant woman it can cause birth defects. a team of coastguard inspectors will be checking a storm the battered cruise ship to make sure it is safe enough to set sail again. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas returned to port in bayonne, new jersey last nights. many of the 6,000 passengers could not get off fast enough, to get the to the ground there. the ship left port on saturday but was forced to turnaround monday after sailing straight in the winter storm. it hit 30-foot waves and
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hurricane force winds. a man from collegeville says riding out that storm was just a terrifying experience. >> the worst part we were told over and over that we were just to relax. >> we were trapped in our room for 17 hours. it was a roller coaster you could not get off of and weren't strapped in. >> i thought we might to have ohio life boats. >> royal caribbean said in the statement that the wind speeds, the ship endured were higher then what were forecast ted. the company said passengers will get a full refund and 50 percent off a future cruise if they take one. standoff meanwhile in oregon wild life refuge is expected to end peacefully 40 days after it began. word came hours after fbi agents surrounded the four remaining occupants. the plans to surrendered at 11:00 this morning at a fbi checkpoint. rancher was arrested as he landed in portland. earlier bundy whose son aman was arrested last month called
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for other militia to join him. happening today the end of philadelphia's controversial brown out policy. mayor jim kenney and fire department acting commissioner derek sawyer will even that practice which was original will designed to save the city monday. i brown outs closed three philadelphia fire companies today, despite slower response times, fire deaths in philadelphia hit a record low last year. with attention shifting from nevada and south carolina the two democratic presidential candidates debate tonight. bernie sanders and hillary clinton traveled to the university of wisconsin milwaukee for the debate. it starts at 9:00 on cbs and cnn. on last night's late show with stephen colbert sanders, who is seven , four explained why he is so popular with younger votees. >> my definition of young people are ideal, they look at the world with so many problems and they say why not, why can't all people in this country have health care? why can't we make public colleges and universities
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tuition free, why not. >> clinton is in nevada where the caucus is next saturday. the democratic primary is on the 27th. for chris christie the campaign trail is ending in new hampshire. cbs news reports that christie made the decision after concluding he did not have the financial support to continue his campaign. the christie finished sixth in the new hampshire primary with 7 percent of the vote. in a statement, governor christie said quote, and so today i leave the race without an ounce of regret. i'm so proud of the campaign we ran, the people that ran it the with me and all of those who gave us their support and confidence, along the way. now christie is not the only republican to drop out of the race for the white house, former hewlett packard ceo carli fiorina ended her bid. fiorina finished seventh in the the new hampshire primary. that leaves six republicans in the presidential race. remaining republican candidates face off in another presidential debate, cbs news will host this one at the
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peace center in greenville, south carolina watch that saturday night at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane faces possible impeachment by the house after surviving the state senate attempt to remove her from office. measure failed to meet a two thirds majority. at the same time house voted 170 to 12 to authorize the judiciary committee to recommend whether to impeach kane. if so, the senate would put her on trial. for now, kane is pressing on with an investigation of pornographic and racist e-mails on state computers. she said the attempt to remove her may be because of that investigation. >> it is not the system of justice that we are meant to have and that we deserve. i believe that it could perhaps than a reaction to what i have uncovered. it could be a reaction to my mission to clean it the up and make sure that there is justice for all. >> kane is awaiting trial on charge that he is she leak secret grand jury information
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and then lied about it under oath. her law license is under suspension. right now it is 4:41. still ahead, days after the social media outrage at dorney park, fall out continues for decision not to rehire a worker with special need. we will have a update the just ahead. do you remember these images from last months storm with all those people stuck there? now the head of the pennsylvania turnpike is responding and yes says these drivers were safer, stranded on the turnpike. that and more when we come right
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f we. it's time for you to raise your hand, go to and get involved in something you believe in. are you with me? fall out continues from the story we first break you last week about dorney park and former special need employee. morning call newspaper reports that the fill will a police union has decided not to hold its picnic at the that park after hearing about chris emery's story. emery was told that he had to reinterview for the facility position he held for 12 years. when he did, dorney park officials said he did in the past.
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chris's mother posted it on facebook and it went viral. dorney park says it want chris back but chris and his mom have declined their offer. a lot of people wondered why hundreds of drivers were left stranded on the pennsylvania turnpike than 24 hours, during last month's snowstorm. now according to the turnpike chief executive mark compton sheltering in place was best and most safe option. yesterday, compton testified before the house transportation committee, and add agency is working to get proper equipment to where it need to be, in the future. >> i do think we have a shot to see flurries fly but nothing that will accumulate. you can see that flying around here on storm scan three. more lake enhancement then anything these streaks of snow off lake erie and ontario and some of this look like it is wind driven and might survive as it cross necessary our area it is just a flurry, flake here or there too to add to the wintry atmosphere that the
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day will bring in the form of very cold air and we're just getting started, folks. you can make out the trail of the jet stream or curvature i should say as we see cloud, bilo in here around that curve but we are going to eventually get in on another reenforcing shot of cold that comes our way specifically friday into saturday. so the rest of the day to day, basically calm and collect. if you look closely under the e-l in philadelphia you can see that one pick up here on the blip on the radar according to future ray air that we might see a flurry here. but then as we look ahead in the forecast we will see another front bringing witt a few stray snow showers, rolling through the area they should clear out in the days ahead, beyond that. the so valentines weekend generally looking quiet with some sunshine but man, will it be cold. the wait until you see. partly sunny, windy cold, 29 for the daytime high, makes it feel 10 degrees colder then that, and it is persistent with the breeze. the brisk and cold as well,
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dropping down to 16. looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, well, folks, coldest air of the season comes on valentines day, so, perfect for snuggling, obviously. sun will shine but not help warm you up at all, erika, back over to you. well, valentines day weekend forecast certainly calling for frigid temperatures as katie was saying so why not put your romance on ice. that chain saw belongs to world famous ice sculptor peter, he and his team were making ice art at chestnut hill this saturday. the it will display elsa and ola f from frozen. i love them. he told our vittoria woodill, it is easy. >> we take water, we turn to it ice and then we will turn it to art. >> we will have close to 20 art sculptures up germantown avenue. before that from 12:00 to 2:00 e demonstrations.
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frozen inspired. >> well, fun to check out among his other sculptures the philadelphia famous love statue, perfect for valentines day. so talented. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", good news if you are planning on flying, details coming up in your money watch report. but first here's what is ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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developing this morning police are looking for person who attacked a cabdriver with a knife. it has happened at fourth and catherine street. the man got away with $07. the cabdriver drove himself to the hospital and was treated with cuts to his hand. also, the fbi is surrounding a federal wild life refuge in oregon where four armed activist remain held up. the tense standoff was live streamed on the internet as occupiers refused to stand down. twelve other activist were arrested at the site last in
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month. and, health officials at ursinus college in montgomery county will try to figure out what caused a hundred students to get sick yesterday. the school closed its cafeteria and spent all day cleaning high traffic area. right now 4:51. let see is what coming up in business news. jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange. we are hearing that talk of janet yellin testimony in congress is really the buzz. what is she saying. >> reporter: she says the u.s. economy is strong but she did strike a more cautious note then she did last time around. she said weakness in the global economy particularly china and falling financial markets could slow fed's plan to raise interest raise this year as plan. she also said at the this point it is unlikely that the federal would cut rates, again, so kind of a misstep there. we have some good news for procrastinators holding off buying a plane ticket now may be a good time to buy, right? >> reporter: for months we have been report ago this airlines are making record, record profits as the fuel
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costs are falling. finally it appears that they are trickling these savings down, to passengers. the department of transportation says airfares have gone to their lowest levels since 2010, the average round trip fairies now $371. now anyone who has flown coach knows it can be a tight squeeze but there is a plan to make sure airline seats dent get any smaller. tennessee congressman introduced a bill. he wants faa to put an official limit on how far airlines can shrink seats. he said there are health and safety issues at play. average distance between rows has gone from 35 inches to 31 inches in just a few decade. this is a big difference. even as a short are person it is a tight squeeze. i don't know how bigger people do it. >> that bill to bring back free snacks, is that right, jill. >> reporter: at least we're getting free snacks, yes. free snacks and cheaper fares,
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i guess we cannot complain. >> jill, thanks so much. coming up we will get a check of traffic and weather on your thursday morning, we
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good morning, everyone. we expect to see very chilly air, settling in the delaware valley in the days ahead and it starts today but only gets colder from here in to valentines day weekend. storm scan may be quiet. we have a few flurries flying through central and northern pennsylvania. i do think that could survive as it travels through our area but we are not talking about anything more than a few flakes so don't worry about visibility problems. if it is not the most just festive valentines graphic in my life it will be frigid for your sweetheart. 19 degrees at the best despite sunshine on valentines day. the it might feel in better than below zero on sunday morning. cold air reenforcement are charging in especially for the weekend. meisha, over to you. >> i cannot put hearts all over traffic camera. >> hearts and traffic all the
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time. >> yeah, right. >> good morning, everyone. the it is our gateway to the weekend and we are excited. happy thursday to you. we are looking at the 422 westbound at oaks you can see early risers. everything is looking good. it is in the looking as slick as yesterday but we know it is cold enough to hold anything out there. so black ice could certainly be an issue. we could see. that ben franklin bridge looking nice and quiet moving westbound from new jersey. if you are looking at ben franklin bridge or considering it, you are in great company, erika, over to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a taxi driver attack overnight, by a knife wielding thief, not only survived but talking about that close call. also, lesean mccoy breaks his cile benz this bar fight hear his message to fans as we wait to find out if he will face charges. a little boy alive thanks to his heroic sister. how she helped avoid a tragedy at
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good morning, grab an extra layer when you head out this morning, temperatures, tumble overnight and this is just the beginning of a very cold stretch, katie has details. also, developing right now, attack on the job, that cabdriver is showing off his wound after getting cut and robbed by a passenger. hear how he described that terrifying ride. >> i thought i wouldn't make it. >> just sheer joy as people on storm battered cruise ship finally return to new jersey kissing the ground even where we're live with the tails of surviving that storm at sea. the it is thursday, february 11th, i'm erika von tiehl. i stepped outside and grabbed a paper? it is bitterly cold.
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katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. this is a day to heat up the car early. >> you took the word right out of my mouth. yes, very cold, roadways are looking good, still slick, no doubt, and we have had a few accidents this morning. the not sure if that is a precursor of things to come. >> yeah, you know at least we can bank on dry weather for next couple of days, meisha but cold is a big weather head line in the days ahead especially for valentines weekend but for now we just had a system make its retreat and left behind a chill in the wake and it left behind lake enhanced snow currently falling across central pennsylvania. i wouldn't be shocked if you see a flurry fly here, guys but don't worry about any kind of accumulating snow. we are generally just in the clear, it is cold that becomes again the big story. what we will show you here is the polar invasion that is coming our way. no, not polar bears but polar air that comes in here. ahh. you are too funny. i prefer my polar


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