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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 14, 2016 5:05am-5:18am EST

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>> we have much more on the grammys ahead and our sit down with lionel richie before his lifetime tribute. plus our look back covering 35 years of the awards, the fashion, the memories, it's all on the way. but back to go went stefan eye, we are all anxious to see if she will have her man blake shelton in tow for the grammys. i think he might be her best red carpet accessory yet if she brings him. >> i wonder how blake feels being called gwen's accessory. did you hear the city has been buzzing for days ever since new york fashion week kicked off and we were with the stars hitting the celeb runway shows. >> the cover on g.q. saying he's someone he really loves. what do you love about justin? >> he's a good kid with a good heart, and i love him.
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>> does your dad like him? >> both my parents love him a lot. >> justin calls her a friend he kisses. she says they're not exclusive. the two, 3,000 miles apart, and this. >> i hope he comes up with something romantic for valentine's day. >> i want food. >> we get that. and as for the biebs, he was getting love from lady gaga. the two shared hugs and some drinks. there were so many stars out. leo and de niro, ellen and portia. >> yeah, when they forgot to remove a clip from her hair for photos, she requested a red carpet redo. $2 million was raised for aids research. so good, but we love it even more, because we got good gossip. >> what are your valentine's day
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plans? >> probably stay in bed all day. >> does he have an inside moment? >> when it all comes off. >> do you know when the baby's due yet? >> in a few months the. >> and proving extras can stay friends, lenny kravitz was joined by lisa bonet and their daughter. that could be called the place where beautiful stars go to hang out. pam anderson with her two ridiculously handsome sons. shirtless body of the brand. >> i'm so proud of him. >> plenty of style happening in new york. it is fashion week, and front and center are those kardashians, and i scored an exclusive sit-down with momager kris. >> you've seen the photos. lamar getting on a plane, making
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the cross-country trip to be on the show. >> kanye invited him. and it's a big deal for him to come. it's a milestone for him to even travel. you know, baby steps, but this is a big one. this is a huge step for him. >> kris told me lamar really wanted to support kanye at his fashion show and album debut. >> kanye was very instrumental. in part of his recovery, kanye would go to the hospital and play him music. and that's what he really, really responds to. like he was amazing. lamar started, you know, rapping, again, before he could talk. >> been an incredible journey for him. on october 13th, the grim news broke. the ex-nba star was found unconscious in a brothel. >> khloe is amazing. and she's, you know, she just really, you know, nursed him right back. she's strongest girl in the world. >> it wasn't any kanye, and i looked and looked around,
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there's so many kanyes. >> wes walken with lamar. she wore an oversized white coat and caitlyn was there too, posting this pic with kanye back stage. new york fashion week is a cash cow for the city, generating $900 million. that is nearly triple that of the new york city marathon. let's talk about another big event, i am talking about the dead pool, ryan reynolds. it's out this weekend, but not your typical valentine's day movie, however, romance is on his mind. >> i haven't made valentine's plans yet, but i will come up with something spectacular. >> he posting politely. >> what has been the friends and family reaction? >> i think they understand, guilty as charged. we are married.
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>> his co-star focussed on one thing. >> i'm try being to get through tonight without being in labor. >> and it was night out number two for two super bowl sweethearts. >> i'm a sports fan because of my husband, because i have no choice. it's been a bit of a date for us, because of super bowl. and we have a great, great time. >> aarp, the movies for grownups award michael douglas was honored for his achievements, but his fondest day at work? >> the film festival in 1999 when i met catherine. >> and diane lad and her daughter. >> i was shocked. because she really fooled me. at first, i said do you think they got laura to give me this? they said oh, no. oh, my god. >> now back to ryan reynolds for
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a second. the last place we saw ryan without his wife was at the pre-super bowl festivities. samantha, come on, what a game. >> it was t. we had 29 people at our house, but it was fun. talking to beyonce, chris martin, lady gaga, plus, we go inside the oscars annual class photo. >> leonardo dicaprio, but grandma, we use charmin ultra soft so we don't have to wad to get clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ... and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin.
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that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. lie nar dough dicaprio was the center of attention at the oscar luncheon this week, and so was sylvester stallone. he's a sentimental favorite to win. but here's a shocker. he considered boycotting the ceremony. we got all the scoop as the stars took the official oscar class photo of 2016.
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>> take the first picture now in three, two, one. >> so many a-listers under one roof. that's leo on the left. >> hi, strangers. to put it bluntly, i couldn't be more thrilled. and the fact that my daughter is actually looking at me now as an actor and not a bad golfer. >> taking it all in, first time nominee, alicia vakander. >> i think i'm still trying to get used to it. i don't think i've ever done much interviews at all up till this year. >> i felt like i was in a high school film. i stood next to leonardo dicaprio. it's a really good group of people. >> a real shabby bunch. >> let's have fun with it. try, two, one. >> also standing out in red,
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jennifer jason leigh. >> who were you standing next to, do you remember? >> no? >> not too far away from jennifer, standing next to oscar is mark ruffalo. and bryan cranston. >> it hits you at that point, you go oh, my god, that was cool. >> another ah struck first-time nominee, sam smith. >> behind the barricade, like next to leo. >> leo was way over there. >> as for the luncheon attire, it can only be described as cocktail dress chic. rachel mcadams in a sparkly mini dress already had a little red carpet burnout. >> it's not gram russ when you go home at the end of the night. you fall into puddle.
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>> brie larson wearing a skirt with eye lash design. alicia whose boyfriend was shooting a movie went with a red louie vuitton. >> are you going to be wearing vis vuitton to the oscars? >> i'm very excited. >> that's a good answer. did your boyfriend have any input? >> it's like a dream, you know? when else in your life are people going to be sketching dresses for you? >> she still had her oscar dress to pick. >> i haven't tried any on yet. >> eddie redmayne plans to enjoy the ceremony. >> try to relax and enjoy it, rather than last year i think i was a frenzy of nerves. >> the social media star of the day was young jason tremblay. then j. law cuddles up. >> what he brings is the same
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thing he brings to every second of his life. >> lady gaga hosted a moment with j. law. she looked stunning herself, dashing to and fro. >> i'm honored to be here, really, and be recognized as a songwriter. it's cool. >> leo listening to what might be a tall tale from sly. sly addressed the diversity issue as the only nominee from the film "creed." >> if you want me to go i'll go. if you don't i won't. he said no, i want you to go. that's the giend of guy he is. >> other stars might take a little harder. they've been asked to submit a list of who they'd like to thank. those names will be on a scroll on the screen beneath them. they want to speak


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