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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 21, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EST

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>> when you win its beautiful. and we're going to start, we are going to start winning for our country. >> some may have doubt ted us but we never doubted each other. >> clinton and donald trump are today's big winner. for one of the other presidential hopefuls the journey to the right hughes ended tonight. good evening everyone i'm natasha brown thanks for joining us. let's start with the gop.
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donald trump solidified his place at the top of the field with tonight's win of the this wound up being closer than the experts expected. >> trump came out ahead. donald had a victory slipped several points from poles taken earlier in week. >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special day. >> jeb bush finished in the bottom three marking the end of a brief campaign for the man once tabbed as the front runner. >> the people have spoken i respect their decision. i am suspending my campaign. yeah yeah. >> south carolina voters say the most important quality is that he hears their values. and they said the most important issue is terrorism. for cruise and rubio a strong crews in south carolina means momentum.
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>> 21st century conservative movement is son of a bartender an made from cuba who tonight stands one step closer to being the 45th fred of the united states of america. >> ben carson says he's in the race to stay for now. >> we are the people and we will take america back. >> donald trump will try to make it three in a row tuesday at nevada caucus. speaking of nevada hillary clinton came out on top. the former secretary of estate defeated better than 93 sanders 53 to 47%. political analyst say clinton capitalized on a democratic collector rat to pro tell her to this win. poles show she won with women, union workers and minorities. both candidates addressed their supporters. >> so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubt ted us but
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we never doubted each other. >> i believe that when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> coming off south carolina for the democrats next saturdays clinton is heavily favored in the poles. keep it right here on eyewitness news we're continuing coverage of the presidential race. you can get the very latest 93 time at after a balance me day by february standards temperatures are on the way back down a bit. lauren casey is in the weather center to tell us what the rest of the weekend has in store. thanks, will be down to a dramatic drop off. today temperatures were colliding. winter, we had mid 60 in bucks county.
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66 screes. lumberton 63. we topped at 62 in north cape pay at 60 degrees in philadelphia. 15 degrees above our average high temperature. right now still mild at this hour by february standards. 46 degrees. little bit of a breeze having a impact. as we head into the today tomorrow another mild day. we'll talk about where high temperatures will settle in. do have a chance of rain. we've been watching midweek storm for next week this time looks like it's going to be mainly rain for a large portion of the area we'll talk more about that. also colder conditions by next weekend. we're not going to have the 60 as we head into next weekend. we'll talk about chilly temperatures that's coming up in full forecast anne couple minutes. >> thank you lauren. olde city condo lands one man in the hop tonight. now investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong covering the surface of the staircase to give way. eyewitness news reporter
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alexandria hoff is live at the scene to tell us why several other people had to be evacuated >> reporter: well according to city code the staircase is not in good condition it simply can't be used. like many other homes in this district there's onlier only one way in and one way out. that has other locals talking safety. >> it looks good to me what's wrong with that. >> looks deceive as residents of an adjacent building survey signed prohibiting access near. a structural problem caused one man injury and the building to be evacuated a woman was helped by the fire department latter. >> does it surprise sny into it does surprise me because a lot of people that live here are very kind of, about the place. >> has a similar layout.
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less locals like them to wonder about the condition of their olde city brick and how else they would exit their building should they have to. >> there's no other way to get out. >> we'd have to go over the balcony on the fourth floor to get down. in that building. >> when it comes to emergency exhibits in historic distributes crowd and requirement can get complicated there's only one access point in or out of the home. in the case of emergency you would need help getting out of a second location. no word yet on when these repairs will be completes. alexandria hoff cbs3 eyewitness news. >> thanks, alex. supreme court justice antonin scalia was laid to rest. the trenton born justice was recommend as a man of faith with deep love for his country and his family. >> church bells today for justice antonin scalia as paul
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bearers carried his casket into the shrine. >> let us pray: the justice son pro sided over the mass. >> father antonin scalia was on the verge of tiers when he talked about his dad's love for his wife and the couples nine children. >> to have each other for support. that's the greatest weltth parents can bee stow. and right now we are particularly grateful for it. >> the funeral service was the first for a supreme court justice out here in the nations largest roman catholic church. religion was important part of his life. >> there were more than important things in his life than the job he did every day. he was somebody who loved his church and country both. >> and he loved his friends says
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dick coleman who went to college and lieu school with him. >> it always gets me when i read something in the media about him. he was the fun yesterday guys i know. >> mourners including dick cheyney and joe biden and senator cruz came together do say goodbye. >> authorities now confirm a woman died in a condo fire in florence township burlington county. family members identify the victim at 72 year old. six others suffered minor injuries at the condos on florence toll gate road. it took two hours for firefighters to bring those flames under control. the cause of the blaze is stilling under investigation. also tonight, police are searching for the suspect suspect they say attacked a kutz
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town student. these man stabbed the student. it happened on noble street about 12:45 am. at least one of the three suspect is also happen student. if you have any information, please contact police right away. thousands in support of n curative d officer part of a nationwide raleigh for that officer who was recently convicted in shooed ding death of unarm man. >> with every chance and every step they are making a statement. >> a tragedy happened it doesn't mean its a crime commit dead. >> understand who f people lined up as part of a nationwide raleigh in support of n curative d officer.
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shooting death of unarmed man. >> it happened in a stairwell of of a brooklyn project of the the officer says the bullet rick company shade off the wall. >> we we do agree. we understand that no compensation will happen to him. but justice matters too. >> supporters claim officials turned him into a political scapegoat to ease rising tensions against police officers. >> everybody needs to be treated equally regardless of race, background. this is why we came to the us. you know we believe in this country. we believe. >> the grab is bleeding for liens see for liang. he could get 15 years in prison. anita e cbs3 juices juices. >> vick kim's family says demands will not end spite
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conviction they want justice beyond the courtroom including policy changes at n curative d. protester gearing up to raleigh after a court order was issue to unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino killers. philadelphia the one of dozens of cities taking part in these protest organized by the internet group. the raleigh is scheduled at the apple store on walnut street tuesday 5:30 p.m.. apple says unlocking the phone with compromise security of millions of device of the stay with us. still to come one of the, where its hit and how many lives it's already claimed. after a dry day we have several chance of precipitation in extended forecast. will let you know when you need umbrella. mardi gras was two weeks ago the mummer's celebrated today
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find out when when eyewitness news returns.
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>> at least one person is dead after strongest tropical cyclone on record in the southern hemisphere. slammed into the island. the storm was packing winds of more than 180 miles an hour. that's equivalent of category five hurricane. low lined regions have been
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evacuated. us coast guard investigative hearings continue today in jacksonville, florida into the sink king of eelfare. davidson's final call was placed today he said the clock was ticking as his ship took on water. the slip had been sailing from jacksonville to puerto rico, all 33 people on board were killed when the ship sank near bahamas. we can now here had hear may day call from a helicopter crash in hawaii that was captured on camera. teams of salvage workers removed the helicopter from the water yesterday. five people were on board at the time. it was a tourist tell copped one person critically injured. the faa are investigateting what caused the crash. some trouble out at see after a tug boat and a barge run a
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ground at brig began teen beach beach the lost power and rope got caught in propeller. they floated to abbacy couldn't. no injuries or solution have been reported. wineries hosted wine tasteting in downtown haddonfield. it was part of the popular haddonfield un cork event. a zip, sample and shop experience. there was live music around town. the event is a win win situation for the business' and the wine merry. celebration of all things mummer's mardi gras style. they brought their unique sound to manayunk. thousands of people lined the parade route. organize mercy explain why the
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event was held a week and a half after the actual mardi gras celebration. >> made it a little warmer it definitely work. i think the original idea the costumes fit so well. and having a good time. >> as event producer you look for for opportunities to create events. i felt like there was a energy between mardi gras and murmurs, all 17 string bands performed. a big milestone for the presence hall masons in pennsylvania eyewitness news at spring felled delaware county where they are celebration marking buy centennial with a black tie gal la. they are recognized as the fought of black masonry in the country. a party at the reading terminal tonight.
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he is competing in a contest there. mayor jim kenny also district attorney seth williams was joining in the fun as well. live music and taste tea bites. this is the event sixth year all the money race d goes towards preserving the historic mark. >> that was a pine apple, they are making fruits and veggies. >> apples not easily stackable. now we're check winning with you. nice warm up today. people in lightweight had weight jacket. what a week of weather. snow, storms, cold, warmth and then what is next week going to have? >> it is on spring county down. 22 days away from we're we spring forward set the clocks forward. :we get extra daylight at the
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end of the day. everybody likes that. we're exactly one month away from the official start to spring on march 20th. a month and a half away from average high temperature hitting 60 degrees. in 51 days until the phillies home opener. getting there. today feeling spring like 60 degrees high temperature in philly. 63 in allentown. 60 in ac. what a big difference a week ago last saturday high temperature 24 greece. today 60 degrees felt much better. we can pack away some of the letter temperature change over the last 24 hours. 22 degrees warmer than this time yesterday in mount poconos. still in the middle 40s. philly were in the low 50s wilmington still in the mid 50s right now inning wildwood. not a whole lot going on. clear sky conditions keep it
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pretty quiet. storm system that's going to roll as we head in late today tomorrow. that that is going to give us rain chances. monday mainly dry. tuesday during daytime hours mainly dry then showers moving in from that midweek storm and on wednesday look looking a pretty soggy day you will need the umbrella for. night passing clouds 43 degrees low temperature. average high 45 degrees. certainly a mild night tonight. tomorrow 56 degrees. mild day in store once again not quite as warm as today we'll take 56 degrees. we'll have a little bit of sunshine early in the day second half of the day we'll see the clouds increasing future. as we head into the lunch hour still dry. then we'll see the showers sneaking in. especially philadelphia and point south as we head into the late afternoon and evening hours. not going to see a ton of heavy rain. into the evening hours then as we head past midnight tomorrow night those showers start to
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clear out giving us a dry commute for our monday morning. we'll see sunshine breaking out as we head into monday afternoon. for tomorrow across the region clouds sh going to be the case. mild temperatures 53 degrees. late day showers. dry during daytime hours. we will see rain and snow showers. 7-day forecast, not really brought cold 49 degrees. start to see shower activity tuesday night into wednesday high temperature 51 degrees. we'll have to watch overnight periods with temperatures down into the 30s. at this time for much of the delaware valley looks like this is going to be a mainly rain events. we will see snow showers up towards the poconos with the storm system rolling through. i don't think snow is going to be a big concern certainly in philadelphia and surrounding counties. 49 degrees on thursday as storm system exit.
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cold on the backside. 39 next friday. that's not too bad. >> i'll take it just no more snow. a special day for number one villanova not combo of what happened on the court. saint joe's looking to keep impressive streak a life against davidson. plus the flyers battle the leaves without leader and lost another key player shows injuries cost
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>> after taking ahead rattling elbow clawed was unable to dress for tonight's game. in addition to the captain missing in action another key flier, this game was nuts.
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tie it at three. on that play steve mason a lower body injury of some sort. down three one at one point. the leafs would take the lead. toronto up four four-three. past james, go to overtime for the 22nd time this year. amazing pass he now has appoint in 15 straight games. flyers five-four. we all need a nap after that game. top men basketball team in the nation was forced to claw ghts way as villanova battles butler. that's the new normal. for number one team. an emotional day because senior day. jay write, before they go i think that they are thinking
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championship this year. josh heart at 22 points. jr. chris jenkins basically the same pull up play right here. he had 20 help get over 7th straight win. win number 24 on the year. but nova knows they will need their a game on wednesday. >> going to be a battle. last couple years its been tough. next couple days get ready for it. main focus to keep getting better and go out and play. >> deandre beam brief took on, here's a triple to put the hawks up two, he had 32 on the stay back and forth they go. here's jack gibbs two of his 35 for davidson. and its swept away. pretty back door inbound play.
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first road loss of the year nine-93. phillies first full squad work out will be tuesday and they are ready to go. ryan howard checked into camp being the only philly to arrive he's not sure how much his philly tenure will be but he's grateful for having been here. >> i don't know, i >> he seems so down.
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>> we hope the best
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to twhat a good dealing looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? ♪ sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. ♪ >> this the season for notifying. no matter what cause your eyes will always be closed when you sneeze. nick blue gives the answer on eyewitness news at 11. >> i've been wondering that for quite some time. [ laughter ] >> how much would you be willing
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to pay for a lock of john lennon's wear. well a lot a four inch lock of the pete star sold for. it was bought by a
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