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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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person. so, she will be missed. greatly missed. >> reporter: twenty-four year-old princeton grad died monday morning a week after she crashed her convertible on route 55, and suffered critical injuries. for those who knew her remembering cara mccollum is easy. >> she was beautiful. she was smart. she was giving. she was generous. she started her own, not for profit, for literacy. >> reporter: coming to grips with her loss that is tough on collogues. >> cara was kind of person when she walk in the room it the just lit up. she was the heart of our entire station. i don't know any other way to say it. >> reporter: 2013 new jersey anchored sny today a start up news organization in millville. >> i can hold meetings following a series of food scares. >> reporter: though they greatly feel loss they say her presence was a gift. >> for however short it was we were truly blessed to have her as a part of our organization. >> reporter: they say in true cara fashion she's making an impact even after she's gone. cara chosen to be an organ
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donor. team here has decided to air a half an hour tribute to car instead of the the news no word on funeral services. reporting from millville, a anita oh for cbs-3 eyewitness knees. lets get to your forecast. we are in for a 1/2 punch of wet weather. we are tracking rain but some places could see snow. so, enjoy sunny mild conditions while you can. cbs-3 cam on the ben franklin parkway where people could in the get enough on the sun. the lets go outside to meteorologist kate bilo on the cbs-3 sky deck with the first look at your forecast, kate? >> reporter: ukee, i cannot get enough of the sunshine out here. it was a mild weekend. today a few degrees cooler but for my money to day is best day of the stretch. its not as windy as saturday. the no, sir as cloudy as sunday. full day of sunshine with em to turse in the 50's feeling fantastic. enjoy it. because it is only day like this that we have for you over the next few weeks. we have two systems working their way toward delaware valley. lets look at storm scan three right now and you can see that system gathering moisture over
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portions of the deep south, portions of that area under a moderate risk for severe weather, strong tornadoes possible long the gulf coast, that same system will impact us wednesday. the first system you can see rain breaking out over carolinas that will lift in as we get into the day tomorrow. there will be a break in the action between these one storms but you have to plan for rain, tomorrow, and wednesday, and then even thursday, it will be on and off as far as heavy rain is concerned but make sure that umbrella is with you for next few days. temperatures right now 52 at the airport feeling great in the mid 40's. 49 degrees in wilmington. fifty in allentown. forty-nine in reading. not feeling too bad today, cooler down the shore with the breeze off the ocean. the as we zoom out it is mild across much of the northeast sitting at 50 in washington d.c. and 51 in new york city. moving forward through tonight here comes the rain. i want to draw your a attention to that lip on the northern edge, that is a little bit of snow. tomorrow mid to late morning this could actually start out as some snow for northern and western suburbs, lehigh valley
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and poconos. for us here in philadelphia and stubborning suburbs, south jersey, thinks all rain through duration and by tomorrow afternoon it the is rain as well. once this pushes out that is not the end of it. the first wave is much weaker than second. coming up i will tell what you happens on wednesday. we could even hear thunder and when these symptoms moves out. we will send it back inside to you. track a forecast whatever mother nature has to offer, town load the free cbs philly weather app available on i the tunes and google will play. bill cosby's wife is forced to answer questions under oath in a defamation case brought by seven accusers. camille cosby was deposed at a massachusetts hotel this morning despite multiple a attempts to delay it. the seven plaintiffs claim that bill cosby's defense team painted them as liars after they accused him of sexual misconduct. he was never criminally charged for those allegations. cosby has a preliminary hearing next month on, how charges that he drugged and sexually a assaulted a former
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temple university employee at his home in 2004. a man accused of embarking on a shooting rampage in michigan, over the weekend is now charged with six counts of murder, investigators say jason dalton was working as an uber driver when he unleashed a wave of terror on victims. correspondent kenneth craig was in the courtroom today for the suspect's arraignment. >> reporter: forty-five year-old jason dalton appeared by video link at county courthouse where he is facing six counts of murder. >> you understand the charges being made against you and maximum sentence that are possible. >> yes. >> reporter: police say the uber driver went on a deadly rampage in kalamazoo michigan saturday night randomly killing six and seriously injuring two others in three separate attacks. investigators say he began his shooting spree at an apartment complex where he shot a woman multiple times. tammy george came outside when she heard the gunshots. >> she was talking, curled up
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in a ball and asking about her kids. >> reporter: police say dalton admitted he gunned down a man and his 17 year-old son at a car dealership several hours later. and then killed four more women outside of a cracker barrel restaurant. dalton said he preferred to remain silent when a judge asked if he had anything to say, then the judge denied bail. police recovered the gun used in the killings in dalton's car. investigators are looking into whether he continued driving passengers between the shootings. uber says dalton, a father of two, passed a background check and had no prior criminal history. in kalamazoo michigan, kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a 14 year-old girl shot in that attack remains in critical condition, at first, she was declared dead, until she squeezed her mother's hand and that happened as her mom was deciding whether to donate the her organs. for second time in two weeks a black lives matter sign is taken down by vandals at a cherry hill church. unit tear yan universalist
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church said two signs were ripped down on sunday. a similar sign was stolen earlier this movement it was meant to advertise a public discussion at the church on thursday about why black lives matter. late liter for social responsibility the at the church calls these events disturbing, but he says it will not stop them from holding the event. >> we believe that there is a strong need for having this kind of a conversation. ripping down signs does nothing but try to stop the the conversation. we need to have this conversation, and we need to figure out strategies on how to deal with these problems. >> the forum is set for 7:00 o'clock on thursday. if you have any information on these acts of vandalism and thefts call the police. house fire in delaware county leaves one man in critical condition this evening after he tried to save his wife. fifty year-old brendan mccabe was killed yesterday in the fire in the 2300 block of blueball avenue in boothwyn. her husband was outside when he saw the flames and then ran back inside to try to save his
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wife from their burning home. he was rushed to the hospital with burns, the causes still under investigation. twenty-five years later, we're new learning information the first time the inside story of fire fighters heroism, battling what was, until 9:11 the worst high rise fire in american history. it is a cbs-3, tv exclusive, one meridian plaza on 15th street across from philadelphia's sit the eye hall, reached a staggering 12 alarms. our walt hunter takes an inside look at how close rescuers came to losing their own lives, and desperately trying to save fellow fire fighters from an inferno. >> reporter: inside worst high rise fire in american history prior to 9/11 then fire lieutenant mike remembers hearing desperate call for help from three lost, trapped, fire fighters. >> captain down, out of air we need help. >> reporter: somehow yeager, his eight member search team
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hoping they could find and save captain dave who will come with james chapel and phillies mcgallon store but in the heat and smoke the rescuers now found, they too were trapped. >> we could not find our way out of that. we had no air left. we were trapped and had no idea what we were going to do. >> reporter: somehow a fellow fire captain found them leading them to the roof where a helicopter brought them from the burning building. >> it was pretty scary but it is part of the job. >> reporter: after narrowly escaping death, new back on the ground, yeager and his team, simply strapped on fresh air packs, reentered the inferno and climbed 30 flights of steps to continue searching for the lost members who hours later would be found dead on the 28th floor. >> say a prayer, you know, feel bad for their families and for them. >> reporter: twenty-five years later yeager, now retired, still working to save fire fighters lives, raising a awareness about suicides,
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driven by debilitating stress. >> it is horrific things i saw in my time in the fire department, i processed it okay. but maybe the guy next to me didn't. >> reporter: chief hoping on this solemn anniversary we all remember the heroes who died, and the promise, fire fighters make to be where ever they are needed. >> anytime the bell rings, somebody is coming. >> there will be a moment of silence, tomorrow at noon to commemorate the three fallen fire fighters at local 22, the fire fighters union hall. coming up at 6:00 more heroes stories from that terrible day, and 25 years later, changes in high rise safety that will make them now safer for both occupants and fire fighters, we will have that story when we join you at 6:00. live from center city, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for. that we will see you later. hundreds celebrated the life of acel moore senior a giant in philadelphia a's
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journalism community. "eyewitness news" at grace baptist church, born and raised in philadelphia moore was one of the first african-american reporters at the philadelphia inquirer and one of the first black journalist to win a pulitzer prize for investigative journalism. he was wound of the founders of the philadelphia a association have black journalist and a founding member of the national association of black journalist. moore was also a steadfast advocate for diversity in news rooms and amen for to countless young journalist. >> acel was very instrumental in starting the philadelphia association of black journalist. we modeled that through a national organization to second years later we started the national organization. >> acel was about inclusion. so, while it is a personal level, it is also symbolic of what acel stood for in his career as a journalist. in the only things he could do for the community he served but also to bring along others like us. >> indeed. the acel moore was a father
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and husband and survived by his children acel junior and maria and wife lynn a national association of black journalist will honor his, leg ace which a scholarship fund. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 star bucks customers listen up to this, company's reward program business to change. donald trump isn't the only presidential hopeful who makes controversial comments what john kasich says about woman's voters that has gone viral. what to do and what not to do with your tax refund. consumer reporter jim donovan breaks it all down for us. he shares best formula for making the most of your money. i'm don bell in clear the water, florida. coming up later in the show the face of the franchise has arrived here but what does the future hold for ryan hour. we will talk about it in sports. stick around we will be right back.
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are you busy? i'm just day-dreaming. about your dream trip to italy? yeah. with your sisters, to shop and see the sights. is it that obvious? you've been staring at that new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery.
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yeah, it's the price is right. with top prizes of $300,000. is that painting crooked, or is it just me? [announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. do you expect to get a tax refund this year? many americans have received a refund or have one coming and there are many case to handle will them, many wind falls. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins with us advice on making the most of that money. >> that is right, jessica and
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ukee. nearly $125 billion in refund have been issued as of friday, average refund, 3,120 bucks. the irs has processed nearly 50 million returns so far, almost 83 percent of them resulted in refunds. if you expect a refund, experts say, dividing it up is a smart move. >> 40/30/30 helps people plan what to do with their tax refund. >> reporter: markita morris louie is with clarify the region's largest non-profit credit agency. >> we say break up your tax refund in buckets, 40 percent for savings, start emergency savings fund, 30 percent for repaying debt, catching up on your bills and last 30 percent for something you want to do, go to spa, take a trip. >> reporter: add to go or starting an emergency fund should be your first priority to cover three to six months of expenses. >> so when you think burr rent, your mortgage, your car payment, things that are necessary to kind of keep you going, day to day.
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>> reporter: then focus on paying down debt, very least, pay is what overdue. >> bring yourself current and start paying on a regular basis. monthly payments on time will also help your credit score. >> reporter: if you are owed a refund or still waiting for it the you can check out status of your return by clicking where's my refund tab on the irs web site irs dot gov. if you haven't tackled your return or confused on the paperwork, we have you covered. tune in tomorrow for our annual three on your side tax phone bank, we will accountant and tax preparers here to answer your calls from 5:00 to 6:30. >> such a great resource because you start going through it like am i doing this right you can't imagine how popular i have come because the entire staff start showing up at the great hall asking questions. >> yes, we do. >> thanks, jim. weeknights at 11:00 you ask and our nicole brewer answers your good questions. >> well tonight it is something we all deal with probably never think twice b but really why do we close our eyes when we sneeze? nicole brewer will tell us why
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so you cannot speak, we will all sneeze but how come we cannot open our eyes when we do it. >> your eyes can pop out. the sneeze is so forced. if you snead and keep your eyes opened may not be good. >> i'm actually sneeze with my mouth closed. i don't want to spray everybody. i kind of hold it in. >> reporter: that is not good. >> that is not the good. >> reporter: so why do we close our eyes when you sneeze. nicole gets the answer to the get good question tonight at 11:00. do you have a good question? log on to cbs philly dot the come/good question or tweet us at cbs-3 good question. >> when i put on mascara when it is still wet i will hold them open, otherwise it end up over your face. >> yes. >> you guys can talk about that. >> you guys, yes. >> kate has our forecast. >> things are beautiful here. >> we have a great weekend. >> we have wind issues, showers and cloud that came in earl their helped.
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some spots could get a little bit of snow tomorrow morning as this storm, moves n so say good bye to the beautiful day, if only it could stay likesay this forever. it feels almost like a little hint of spring in the air today. lots of sunshine. temperatures in the the 50's. still above average. we've got the kind of a duo of storms that will be 1/2 pun change us with rain over the next couple of days so keep those, umbrellas handy tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday, thursday until we clear out friday. lets get outside to a live look at bethlehem. you can see a beautiful evening up there as well. you can see shadows starting to lenghten up a little bit, and this is one of the spots that may see a few snow flakes through late morning, mid-morning, hours, tomorrow, as this storm comes in, it may just be cold enough in the morning, snow could fall. i don't expect to it stick there but if you are up in the poconos that may be slightly, a different story. live from the neighborhood network, see people out running out on the beach, beach patrol headquarters,
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three girls there, it looks like three, maybe youngsters taking a run on the beach, nice day to do it, not bad. starting to look at sunset down the shore right the now but still a beautiful day. but this is all about to change, thanks again to two storms that you have to track. the first one right here, second one gathering strength and you can see it back off to the west. these two are distinct systems but they are coming in like a train, one comes in, that one exits and second one rolls through as we get into wednesday and thursday. temperatures 52 at the airport. forty-nine in wilmington. fifty in allentown. still feeling great but here is our train of storms, parade of storms coming through, tomorrow starts as rain for most of us but lehigh valley and poconos could be snow or a mix, road should stay fine but then second storm is stronger of the two and this will come in wednesday evening. heavier rain wednesday night into thursday morning, so this is kind of a extended duration, system we will be dealing with, and mix to rain, allentown, reading, in the poconos, it starts with snow and mix over to rain, mainly
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rain especially for city, and down toward shore points and portions of delaware as well. how much rain are we talking? tomorrow, not a lot but as we head into wednesday and thursday that is when heavier rain could fall and we could see over an inch and a half of rain with localize two plus inch totals. looking at upper air energy these two are distinct systems that one will finally exit by friday but it will start to turn blustery behind that storm. it has been a wet month since the start of february, we have had 11 days, with measurable rainfall, only been 22 days this month. so half of the month has had measurable rainfall and we will add at least three more days to that total this week. rain arrives for your tuesday, cool day, 45 degrees, wednesday, another round of rain, and then on thursday it is chilly and breezy at 53 degrees. coming up we will show you when we could pick up thunderstorms, we will have a marginal risk for severe weather for part of the storm, and we will time that out, coming up. still ahead on "eyewitness
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news", hundreds of thousands of patients, pick a potentially deadly infectionness hospitals. health reporter stephanie stahl has a hidden places where bacteria, lurk in your hospital room, and how to protect yourself. big change to star bucks loyalty program to kill your coffee buzz, new way you can earn the most reward, and when the new programs starts
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veteran reported to phillies spring training and tomorrow they will have their first full squad work out. >> don bellies live in clearwater where ryan howard made it to camp, how do they look, don. >> hi guys, he looked good today. i talk to him after practice and he was sitting in his powdered blue bentley convertible of course and said you look like you are in good shape. his response was yeah, man i'm ready for espn the mag body issue photo shoot. he is in the joking mood but his status is very much in
5:25 pm
question. sporting chains and flashing pearly white teeth ryan howard reported to spring training in good spirits. the first base man took some batting practice in the cage, did some work in the glove and quietly exited the stage. howardes entering final year of the contract which is worth 25 million but phillies are in a youth movement. where does a 36 year-old fit in. >> let's just say that ryan howard is probably not in the future whether that is a year, or two or three from now. that is not to say. ryan might have a big year and get another contract for all i know. would i like to see that happen because if that happens we will be a much better team. >> reporter: howard did not talk about his future because he is not scheduled to address the media until tuesday but manager pete pete mackanin understands anxiety that all players feel about the position on the club, including howard. >> young players, here trying to prove that they can play here, and middle of the road guys that have been around for four or five years see young guys coming in and they have got to put the anxiety, aside,
5:26 pm
and trying to take their job and guys around for eight or ten years are hoping they are not too old to play. >> eight or ten years ryan howard has been around for 12. so, is he ready to continue this? is he ready to stay here in philadelphia a we will look forward to hearing from him tomorrow, about that issue. also guys we will let you know coming up at 6:00 speaking of staying in the place malcolm jenkins the safety for eagles, he got a new five-year deal, we will hear from him in that show. that is store friday clear the water beach, i'm don bell, back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, is that your boat behind you? >> yeah, that is my yacht, next spring training i have to have you guys come down. >> do some shows right here. >> thanks, don. >> all right, buddy, take care. >> coming up next, the republican presidential candidates, scramble to get caucus goers to get support ahead of the tuesday caucus but is this a race for second place.
5:27 pm
plus what one of the candidates said about women that is now going viral. one philadelphia will school is celebrating black history month like many others, it is, teaching black history all year long i'm rahel solomon coming up why school leaders say the school is still necessary even as a especially in 2016. new at 6:00 brainchild south jersey college student could soon be taking off but that is a project they are working on, and very tough competition they face.
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in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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just one more day until republicans caucus in nevada. this will be the first contest since the g.o.p. presidential field narrowed, on saturday. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30, good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. polls show front runner donald
5:31 pm
trump is leading the narrowing field of candidates but as danielle nottingham tells you, tomorrow's caucus may turnout to be a race for second place. >> reporter: out of nevada, a town of 20,000 people is center of the nevada caucus today. marco rubio ted cruz and donald trump's son are all making appearances there. it is important because it is a republican strong hold in nevada, but that strong hold may belong to trump. >> issues which are very important to voters here are one, that they trust trump more on. >> reporter: johnnies the chair for political science department at u.n. lv. is race for nevada a fight for second place. >> that is one way to look at it. people are looking at whether or not it will be cruz or rubio that finishes in second place. the at this point i don't think that either one of them can close the gap with trump. >> reporter: which may be why rubio and cruz focused their attacks on each other, cruz says rubio can't win. >> no candidate has ever won nomination who didn't win one
5:32 pm
of the first three states. only two people have done that donald and me. >> reporter: rubio is accusing the cruz campaign of dirty politics. >> every single day something comes out of his campaign that is just not true. >> reporter: nevada resident get one more day of mud slinging before the candidates move on to the super tuesday state. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". video of the g.o.p. contender john kasich is going viral and it shows sometimes you have to put things into context. >> we just got an army of people who and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs out for me all the way back when, you know, things were different. >> that different time is back in the 70's when kasich was first elect. he explained that now most people are working, but that back then many women stayed at home and were able to help him get elect. new developments today in the battle between apple and the fbi, over digital privacy
5:33 pm
and national security. apple now wants congress to step in, as the company drafts its the appeal to the court order to decrypt the iphone of the one of the san bernardino shooters. apple ceo tim cook wants conquer government to create issue of civil issues in the digital age. company has until friday to protest the ruling in court. students at one local school got to go on some exciting field trips today without having to leave their classrooms. "eyewitness news" at pine road elementary school in huntington valley where they were able to virtually travel to the great barrier reeve and the great wall of china, it the is all part of the google expedition program. employees from google or traveling to schools across the world, to get students this unique experience. >> great way to get kids to have a hand on experience, get to see what they are learning about, and just a fun way to dive into what they are learning. >> it really opens up learning pathways for our students to really take the things that they are seeing in their
5:34 pm
textbooks, to learning it on their classrooms and applying them and actually seeing them. it is like you are there. >> reporter: other countries participating in the program are australia, brazil and new seal land. look at the old view master. that is great. >> well, one school in philadelphia is celebrating black history month like many others around the nation by highlighting accomplishments of extraordinary african americans. >> as our rahel solomon reports black history at one school is not the just part of the curriculum in february, it is taught every single day. >> we are african-american. >> reporter: at haramba institute in west fill the day starts like many other people around the country with a pledge but look a little closer. >> we are future leaders. >> reporter: this pledge is the emotion circle and teachers here aren't mr. and mrs. >> they call the female teachers momma, i am momma karen. so these are my students, but
5:35 pm
they are my children. >> reporter: charter school founded in 1997, was pennsylvania's first african centered charter school. the teachers here at ha theramba isn't about exclusion but it is about inclusion and part of that is including black history month all year long. >> so much of the other messages that they get really are inaccurate reflections of who they are, and miss perceptions or misconceptions about what they have done. >> reporter: so to perhaps to correct those misconceptions student are taught ideals like confidence, justice and independent. >> we follow the people, and i know even if you want to follow people make sure people you are following are doing it right thing. >> reporter: teachers like this, say equally important is teaching beyond the curriculum. >> it is about self determination, it is about being independent as far as owning your own businesses. >> reporter: school leaders say men 2016, the need for
5:36 pm
schools like ha theramba is still there and work to be done is still there. >> there are still many things to be conquered in terms of how they are viewed, in this world, and therefore, they need to be well prepared and well armed. >> reporter: in west philadelphia, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> teach the children and let them lead the way. >> absolutely. still to come on "eyewitness news" bacteria could be hiding all over your hospital room, even your doctor could unwittingly put you at risk for infection. still to come health reporter stephanie stahl has important things that you can do to protect yourself. life sized replica of noah's arc is taking shape, who is behind the attraction and hoist paying for it, kate. we're tracking a multi day rain event in the area, coming up i'll tell you when heavier rain comes down, when we may hear rumble of thunder and when it will dry out, we will be right back.
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welshing lumber liquidators had a down day on the market after revised cdc report under estimated health risk of the company's flooring. sixty minutes reported last march that the retailer sold chinese made flooring which exceeded u.s. health and i havety limits for formaldehyde. cdc says people exposed to the flooring are three times more likely to get cancer, then the agency previously thought. star bucks lovers listen up to this, changes are coming to the company's reward program. under the old program, members only got one star per visit, regardless of how much was spent. the new program, will be based on how much a customer spend and the goal, to speed up services at check out. the program changes, begin in april. so get ready for a real change
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there. >> got that right. still to come taylor swift's weekend in her native berks county what she wore to her friend's wedding and what guests said that she asked
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you know, for most of us, we consider it an honor to meet the president of the you had. >> and from the woman you where to see it is truly a dream come true. >> hey. this is virginia florence, 106 years old and with the help of her family she is watching you tube campaign to meet the president. it is something that she never thought that she would be able to do.
5:45 pm
not only did she have news, she used you tube. she told the obama's secret to dance nothing to old age is just keep moving. >> that is what she does. >> what a take for her. >> so beautiful. >> all right. >> yep. >> she's moving. >> she's doing her thing. >> just keep moving, beautiful, beautiful. >> the exterior of the life sized noah's arc is nearing completion in kentucky. it is more than 500 feet long and 51 feet tall, and they are calling the entire thing the arc and encounter. when it is complete there will be wooden cages with lots of different animals. other exhibits will feature christian teachings. >> it indicates a minimum of 1.4 million, up to 2 million people a year would come if it was built. >> the project is costing about 100 million-dollar, all of the money was raised through donations.
5:46 pm
>> if you build it, they will certainly come. that is beautiful. wow. kate is here now and we're capping off some good weather over last couple of days. >> if only this were actually march and we would think spring is right around the corner. but we may need to build one of those, to get through next couple of days because we have rain starting tomorrow morning and continuing through thursday morning. it is on and off. we will help you plan it out. we will tell you when worst would be. we will start off with a look at what is turning out to be a beautiful machine. we will go tout jack frost big boulder. slopes were packed this weekend. folks out and about enjoying the beautiful mild conditions. it looks quiet out there right now. maybe everyone at big boulder on those slopes even eyeing the sunshine through the rest of the evening. as you can see everything is quiet the right now. quiet all across the region. we have had good deal of sunshine, blue skies, in problems out there. not a lot of wind either. sat the day was warm but windy. today pretty comfortable. let check with our eyewitness
5:47 pm
weather watchers. they are keeping their eye on the forecast and looking at temperatures in the 50's across the region cropping now just in the upper 40's. barbara lane in willow grove. she has a few cloud. barbara said wind chillies 47, not too bad, close to what the thermometer indicates, and we will check with bill in cardington at 48 degrees as well, inn bill says today felt like a preview to mid-march weather. bill, great mind think a alike. it sure did. we cannot keep it around although next couple of days will feel spring-like as well. we were talking about heavy rain and temperatures in the 40's and 50's. margot in buena vista township. margot says beautiful day, clear, sunny, she sent us a photo of the sun that is gorgeous. this is sunset 5:12, sun dropping below horizon and moving through the trees there. beautiful photos event in by our eyewitness weather watcher. we have gold fish, john casey there and you can see blue skies from johnny, it looks like a great day where he is. let take a peak is what happening on storm scan three because we have got some big changes on the way, after a
5:48 pm
beautiful monday, tuesday, in the so nice. wednesday, definitely not so nice. by the time the sun comes back it the will feel a whole lot colder. here's our first storm over the deep south, moving mainly off the coast as we head in the day tomorrow. heavier rain with this could ab long the coast tomorrow. then we have our second storm gathering some strength right about here but this storm will produce nasty thunderstorms, tomorrow, across portions on have the deep south as it lifts to the north and to the east. temperatures right new feeling comfortable 53 degrees at the airport. fifty-three in millville as well. fifty in reading at the moment. you can see how warm it is to the south. sixty-four in birmingham. seventy-three in new orleans. let's time out your tuesday a as far as when precipitation starts. it will start as snow in the poconos between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. in the lehigh valley it starts as snow or wintry mix between 10:00 a.m. and noon. sun will be up. you will not get a lot of accumulation. did you but grass a accumulation is possible. city and suburbs start as rain between eight and 10:00 a.m.
5:49 pm
delaware and south jersey 6:00a minute a 8:00 a.m. here comes rain tomorrow. starting as snow in the far northern and western suburbs. that is out quickly. then we will get a break in the action before a heavier round comes through wednesday evening, into wednesday night. look at 9:00 p.m. heavy rain and a few rumbles of thunder here. let's talk about the impact. we will help you navigate the storm. best commute here is wednesday morning. break in the action. worst commute this week is wednesday evening's commute, so get outside, maybe runner rand or two driest dry frame, tuesday night into wednesday morning where we will get the a break between two storms. wednesday portions of the storm are marginal risk for severe weather as strong storms could come through with that system, and we are looking at anywhere from an inch and a quarter to 2 inches of rain before all is said and done. and it brings rain tomorrow, and especially a at the night, morning rain thursday and then we will clear it the out and then will cooler, highs only
5:50 pm
around 40 into next weekend. back to you at the desk. >> thank you. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, we will go to the hospital to get better but tens of thousands oz have people end up sicker, bet with infections that they pick up, during their hospital stay. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with some ways to guard against hospital infections. >> it is important too. infections that you get while hospitalized can be especially dangerous and difficult to treat. experts say that there are some things though that patients, and their loved ones can do to reduce the risk. two days after having knee replacement surgery heather brighton knew something was terribly wrong. >> iowas in the bathroom every two minutes. >> reporter: well, in the hospital she got a life threatening infection called cdif. >> not eating, dehydrating and losing tremendous amounts of wait. >> reporter: one in 25 patients contract an infection from the hospital, and tens of thousands die every year from those infections. experts say that patients need to be pro active and protect
5:51 pm
themselves, most importantly, make sure that visitors and doctors wash their hands before coming near you. >> it is hard to do, patients are intimidate by those white coats and nurses uniforms but you could be saving your live by asking them to do that. >> reporter: doctors who wipe their stethoscopes in between patients. >> bring a canister of bleach wipes. >> reporter: wiping down surfaces around hospital bed can reduce some infections by 80 percent. >> pull them out and wipe the high touch surfaces, the bed rails, over the bed table, the call button, the television clicker. >> reporter: other stuff patients can take to the hospital and low infection rates and days before the surgery, bath in a soap to help remove harmful bacteria from your skin. >> i think hospitals, try to make an effort, about keeping a hospital as sterile as possible and more need to be done. >> reporter: now each year more than half million people get cdif infectionness hospitals.
5:52 pm
here's the problem, doctors say patients on antibiotics are susceptible to cdif because those antibiotic kill off healthy bacteria and that then sets up these infections. you really have to be pro active and not be intimidated by people in white coats. >> that is right, i am is many thing just such as wiping it down. >> thanks, stephanie, good stuff. still ahead on "eyewitness news" taylor swift gives a generous gift. >> reason she gave a quarter million-dollar to a fellow pop star, that is next
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
at a wedding, you never upstage the bride but it is hard to do if you are taylor swift. >> superstar came home to reading pennsylvania, for her best friend's wedding. t swift was maid of honor.
5:56 pm
she posted pictures of the instagram. star said she met her at ten days old and him in kindergarten. now they are married and i'm the happiest maid of honor ever. congratulations, brit and ben. they posted pictures on the entire wedding party. she may have been only one, sources say workers were asked to sign agreements that they would not divulge details of the wedding. taylor swift adding her name and what will totem battled singer's keisha's lawsuit begins sony. >> but as demi lovato, the insider debbie, joins us from los angeles with more on that. >> reporter: hi there ukee and guess contact tonight we will take you inside taylor's girl gang and many way is it pays to be a swifty. pop star keisha is getting support this morning from some of the biggest names in music. >> taylor swift is backing up her support of the fellow singer with a $250,000 donation. >> reporter: it was a quarter
5:57 pm
million-dollar show of solidarity for keisha. taylor's representatives confirming the news and telling insider that the money is to quote, help with any of her financial need, during this trying time. other female musicians, supporting keisha's fight against music producer doctor luke and sony include lady gaga, ariana grande, kelly clarkson and lord and demi low vat the owe who was accused of social media swift donation. >> i'm a leo, i'm stubborn, and i care about a lot of, issues and things i'm out spoken about. >> reporter: bad blood, sounded off, just after taylor confirmed the news of her donation. demi tweeted she's quote, ready for some self proclaimed feminist to start speaking out or taking action for women's rights, adding quote take something to capitol hill or actually speak out about something and then i will be impressed. >> i want to make music for a living. this is what i'm's doing.
5:58 pm
i realize through music you can reach so many more people if you use your voice for more than just music. >> reporter: we have so much more on that story tonight the on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio good all right, debbie, thank you. for more on that story and all of the happeningness hollywood catch insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> reporter: twenty-five years ago, three philadelphia fire fighters died in what was then the worst high rise fire in american history. now, in a cbs-3 tv exclusive, tails of heroism from that day, and what has been done to make the high rise, safer, i'll have the story, coming up. hopefully you got a chance to enjoy beautiful weather today because we're tracking two storms that will bring rain for better part of the three days, coming up where heavier rain will come down, how much will fall and which part of our area could see
5:59 pm
some snow. it just created this, awesome, effect wherever one was happy. >> he never saw it come, this man handed over $100 outside, a local wal-mart, unexpect chain reaction the act of kindness caught. pat? ukee, i'm live here at the the palestra before the philadelphia catholic league championships tonight and the boys and girls from one local powerhouse program are both here with some impressive streaks on the line. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. just a marvelous, mild monday across the region a great the day for runners or the bikers, or even the dog walkers, but don't get used to it, changes are coming fast. a live will from storm scan three where you can see rain heading our way from down
6:00 pm
south, not one but two systems that could be spoiling the next couple of days. and wet weather could linger for a while. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking this double trouble in the cbs-3 weather center, kate. >> this is again going to span bet are part of the three day, tomorrow, wednesday and even into thursday, the heaviest comes wednesday evening, but that is not to discount the storm that will impact us tomorrow that could lead to a mess on area roadways. pretty much all day long. you can see it gathering moisture here in the deep south, second storm is back here, not really looking visible just yet with you that secondary storm will be stronger then the first one and that one brings our best chance for some thunderstorms here in philadelphia. this is mainly rain, already sneak nothing to portions of extreme southern virginia at the moment. i do expect rain to get in the virginia majority by mid-morning tomorrow, temperatures have been mile, as we no, we were in the 60's both days. today we got to the low to mid 50's. w


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