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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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underwood meets with local military family before her concert tonight in philly. the big present she gave them. spring allergy season will be here before you know it and that means a lot of sneezing and it's got us thinking why can't we keep our eyes open when we sneeze. good question. nicole brewer gets the answer. and it's local company where many of hollywood props are born. vittoria woodill shows how the creepy and crawly comes to life on the big screen. those stories and much more straight ahead. but we begin tonight with a one-two punch from mother nature. good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. a duo of storms is headed toward our region and meteorologist indicate bilo is live on the sky deck with more on what we can expect and when we can expect the weather to arrive. kate. >> jessica and ukee, it feels pretty comfortable out here right now. not all of that cold. today was beautiful day. and skies are still clear. in fact i see the moon up above but starting that see that ring around the moon, little haze and clouds start to move on in and we've got two storms, one right
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after the other impacting us for the next three days. take a look. storm scan3 shows those two systems, one over the deep south right now producing rain. another just getting its act together over west texas that second one is actually going to be the stronger of the two. but the first one is going to impact us by early tomorrow. you can see the rain creeping into portions of the virginia at the moment. temperatures still mild enough that this is just going to be rain here in philadelphia. and surrounding suburbs. but notice it's up in the poconos and that means as this moisture starts to come in by nine, 10:00 o'clock raining from the city south and east as it moves up into the northern lehigh valley and the poconos this could actually start midday tomorrow as a little bit of snow then the first wave moves out and coming up i'll tell you about the second wave of moisture moving in on went the threat for severe weather exists i'll tell you the spots most likely to see a strong thunderstorm in just how much rain we're going to get that's all coming up when i join you inside. for now back over to you. >> kay, thank so much. new tonight cary underwood hits the stage at the wells
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fargo center one week after her grammys performance. >> but before the very popular country music singer started her show she made one family's night extra special. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco takes you back stage for that excite moment. >> reporter: fresh off her grammy performance and few shows into her story teller tour underwood spoke with "eyewitness news". >> it was nice being earlier in the show for one. lot of times i'm nervous during the entire show. i don't really get to enjoy myself. >> back stage at the wells fargo center she warm the hearts of military family from bucks county. >> we really thought we were just going to a concert. >> the concert, yup. >> cary surprised john and kara martin and two girls before her concert. also giving them a free trip on a carnival cruise in the fall where she'll perform in a private concert for 1,000 military members. courtesy carnival and operation home front. >> i hear the most amazing stories been i've been able to sing songs like see you again, where people are kind of like,
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man, you know, my hub just left or, you know, just came back or whatever, and that song, like, means a lot. >> reporter: john has done three tours of duty overseas and after 10 years the couple still hasn't taken their honeymoon. >> it brings tears to my eyes like even though i don't serve any more, the spouses do their part, too. they hold down the for. they worry about their hub. they raise their children. >> for the little girls, it was a night to remember. >> i felt like really excited and i felt like when i go to school tomorrow i would tell my friends. >> it warms my heart. >> philadelphia is the first of 10 stops along her tour where she personally meets military families and thanks them for their service. outside the wells fargo center diane in rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> what a night for them. cam paper 2016 the republican candidates converge on nevada a head of the caucuses there tomorrow. meantime texas senator ted cruz today fired his communications director rick tyler. tyler tweeted out a false news
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story from the university of pennsylvania student newspaper much the story showed video and sub titles which misquoted senator rubio accusing him of making a disparaging remarks about the bible. >> we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not have sent it that's why i've asked for rick tyler pour pours resignation. >> every single day something come out of the cruz campaign and in this case goes aft my faith. >> the daily pennsylvania excited to repost the video without subtitles. they can't say for sure if they're interpretation was accurate. on the democratic side the south carolina primary is saturday. former secretary of state hillary clinton spent much her day fundraising fresh off her victory this weekend in the nevada caucuses. vermont senator bernie sanders campaigned in massachusetts today. voters head to the polls on march 1st which is super tuesday. a former miss new jersey dies from injuries she suffered in a car accident last week in
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pitts grove township. 24-year-old kara mccollum passed away this morning. she lost control of her ford mustang on route 55 hit several trees and ended up in an embankment. she was not wearing seat belt. the princeton university graduate was the anchor of snj today a news program based out of millville. >> she was just such a down terming person. so she will be greatly miff. >> the cause of that accident remains under investigation. >> the uber driver accused in a deadly shooting rampage over the weekend in michigan was in court today. 45-year-old jason dalton charged with murder and attempted murder. police say dalton killed six people and seriously injured two others in three separate attacks in kalamazoo on saturday night. uber says it received complaints about dalton from several passengers that night and is cooperating with authorities. the murder charges carry a
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mandatory live sentence. well tomorrow mark the 25 year anniversary of the 12 alarm five fire at one mr. i didn't do yann plaza in center city. on february 23 are, 1991 the fire started on the 22nd floor of the building which is next to the ritz carlton hotel. it burned out of control for nearly 20 hours. three firefighters were killed. they were later found on the 28th floor. a search crew wept in to look for them and they too became trapped. >> we couldn't find our way out of that and we had no air left. we were trapped in there and had no idea what we were going to do. i saw more heroic action on that fire and pure human you can't believe a guy could keep gone going the way they were going. >> a lack of sprinklers, failed power and water supply systems hampered fire fighting efforts. the building was dee constructioned in 1999. >> bill cosby's wife camille will return next month to answer more questions under oath in a defamation lawsuit against her husband. camille cos bow's lawyers were seen walking in a springfield massachusetts hotel this morning under heavy security.
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today's deposition is believed to be the first camille cosby has given since dozen of women came forward to accuse bill cosby of sexual assault. she will continue the deposition march 14th. spring is right around the corner and that means time allergy sufferers dread. >> kneeing goes hand in hand with allergies. and have you ever noticed when you sneeze you can't keep your eyes open? why. >> that's a good question. so we put our nicole brewer on it and nicole, we all do it. >> we really do. it's hard to not do it. >> right. >> sure. takes serious effort but the last couple of days have felt more spring like. >> so with that warmer weather comes pollen or dust that could fine its way into your nose you know the feeling we just talk about the pressure in your chest followed by that sneeze you just can't contain but why do we close our eyes when we sneeze? it's a good question. let's fine out. ♪ you never notice when you sneeze you close your eyes? >> right.
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isn't why is that? >> maybe it's just instant reaction. >> i'm not sure. >> like put me on the spot. >> why do we do that? >> it's called involuntary reflex. our brain is on remote control. it's taking it over. >> dr. rob danoff is family physician at aria health. he says the brain sends a signal to our trigeminal nerve which stimulates the muscle. >> every muscle is contracting achoo including the muscle around our eyes film what do you do when you sneeze in the car? >> that's a good question. >> what about if you try to keep your eyes open? >> you can't. >> i her it's impossible. >> if you do that your eyes will pop out. >> i can see that happening. popping. >> i'm greg this is not the ca case. >> in the waiting room when we have people sneeze i don't see too many eye balls on the floor. >> our eye sockets are -- eyeballs are secured in the socket with six muscles. what if you hold it in. >> you hurt your ears. >> what happens. >> i don't know writ goes. like that. >> don't want to spray everybo everybody.
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i kind of go like hold it in. >> is it healthy to hold it in? >> it's not going to hurt you most times. but it's healthy response to try to get an irritant out of your nose. >> i let it rip. >> let it out. >> let it fly. >> you don't care where you are. >> you shouldn't. >> how fast does it fly. >> i don't know how they measure the speed but estimated between 100 and 200 miles an hour the particles of air and mucus when we sneeze projectile out of there. >> 100 miles an hour. >> wow. >> mine are actually faster than 100 miles an hour. >> like 108. >> my advice if you have to sneeze, let her fly. just cover it up. >> cover that stuff up. it's disgusting because according to dr. rob not only does our mucus travel fast it travels far. when we sneeze he says the particle can go up to 6 feet away. >> ew. >> very important. >> go into the elbow. >> was that a dab or cover it. >> please. i'll cover up big time. especially when somebody else is sneezing.
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>> duck. >> exactly. >> 6 feet away. >> thank you. >> good stuff. thanks nicole. >> we want to know your good question. just log on to cbs question to submit your question or you can tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 looking forward to hearing your good question. well the creepy characters in television and film do pretty good job of scaring a lot of people. >> that's because they look so real. our vittoria woodill discovered before these creatures end up in hollywood they get their start in our own backyard. >> let's go make you a zombie. >> let's go make me a zombie? >> ♪ >> where you can see zombies and monsters yourself and get a hands on lesson in bringing these props to life. >> also, paying it forward. how one man's act of generosity sparked an unexpected chain reaction. >> kate? >> and a do you woe of storms this one here and this one here going to move through the area over the next three days brin bringing a little snow arc little ice, a lot of rain and
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even the threat for thunderstorm for part of the area. we'll time it out and tell when you is the best time to get outside and stay dry. and a dream come true. what that you this 106-year-old woman did to get a private meeting with the president and first lady. ♪
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this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington. , jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. hundreds celebrate the life of i was cell moore, sr. a giant in philadelphia journalism. "eyewitness news" at great baptist church. moore was one of the first african-american reporters at the philadelphia inquirer and one of the first black journalists to within a pulitzer prize. he's one of the founders of philadelphia associate of black journalist an founding member of the national associate of black journalists. moore also advocated for diversity in newsrooms and hey a mentor to countless young journalists. now to a local story of paying it for.
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one man's random act of kindsness girl scout cookie stand sparks a chain of generosity. 10-year-old lauren lindsay was selling the cookies in front of a willow grove wal*mart she was caught off guard a man handed her a hundred dollars and said he didn't want any cookies. instead he said, give away the next 25 boxes. after that, others started to make their own donations even a five-year-old boy. >> it made me feel really exciteexcited and happy it helpe reach my goal of 300 boxes. >> when you do stuff like that, it just -- the ripple effect is awesome. >> the girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania released a statement thanking james for the donation and for setting a great example. >> many of us have seen those scary zombies in television shows like the walking dead or the dragons and dinosaurs in movies. >> but before the creatures arrived in hollywood they got their start in lower macungie department lehigh county. vittoria wide ill has the creative and creepy story.
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♪ >> reporter: welcome to the place where an inspired idea, a fantasy creature, a vicious villain or a horrific head is mick to do perfection and marvelously molded. >> x-men, avengers, iron man. >> reporter: for you for all and for especially hollywood this smooth on search al chemical company. >> oh, my gosh. it's wild how it has good treads. how did you do that? >> it's chemistry. >> reporter: where prop plus anything else that comes from a mold is born. >> we supply materials to hollywood torque pine wood studios in the uk for making props much this is one of thor's hammers. >> reporter: don't move. >> i won't move. one of the models of independence day neck to the rubber mold. >> let's go make i was zombie. >> let's go make me a zombie? i'll need a before and after shot. that's right. they've got zombie making cover too where they've inn fifty three add product called skin tight used to make up the com bees on the walking dead and now
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me. ♪ >> does your face hurt? >> it's killing me. >> i get that a lot. >> you didn't see that coming, did you. >> scary good, right? how have they been breaking the mold for 115 years? it takes a round the clock artist. >> the skill level these people have is off the charts. >> chemists this is where we do not only product development but quality control. >> and personnel. >> we let the operators who work with these mixing vessels, they get to name them. >> really? >> and so this one is called the beast. there you have papa smurf and those are in process. >> to produce mind blowing molds for a world of applications. >> we get people from all disciplines. we get people from nasa, mit, we get skull tours, we get home
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makers that want to learn how to reproduce candles much it's thousands of applications and based on that you get all different walks of life coming through our door. >> reporter: oh! >> was that too much? >> all kinds of people indeed. yes. smooth on also gives people happened on training in the basic of mold making. the company says thousands of people from all over the world have attended smooth on's training seminars. these people make everything. any action packed fantasy sort of crazy movie that you can imagine that has creatures and masks and whatever props, that company makes the chemicals that make the plastics and props and the molds g that's wild. >> these guys do it all. >> they do. >> no kidding. >> i was scared. i was very scared. >> wasn't it scary. >> not a makeover, make under. >> right. >> i tried to improve it tonig tonight.
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>> welcome back. >> good to see you. back from the dead. >> thanks vittoria. >> kate joins us with our forecast the temperatures are what, 10, 20 degrees lower this storm kind of scary. >> the one on wednesday inland it will bring warm air even if witness cold now. one tonight into tomorrow, yeah f it were colder, we can be dealing with some major problems but we've had nice mild stretch of weather 60s this weekend. 50 today's and that means the rain is going to be just rain. at least for us here in the city. but in our far north and west sub beneficiary it start out differ the. let's take look what's happening outside. speaking of our north and we have suburb this is down down bethlehem. this is northampton county as you can see pretty quiet out there right now. the roads are clear. everything is dry. for now, and really i don't expect any precipitation to get into the lehigh valley until probably after 10 or 11am tomorrow then it will start to come down as possibly a mix of rain and snow in cities like bethlehem, allentown and easton.
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mainly snow in the poconos and that's the area that may actually pick an inch or two out of this storm. one-two punch let's at a look at both purges the first one over the deep south. second one starting to strengthen over west texas. if you were watching earlier we couldn't really see much of anything now we're starting to see that hook take shape and this system will be strong as it moves into the deep south tomorrow but this first one is getting on out of here. this is exiting. the second one swings in and there's actually a moderate risk for strong tornado along the gulf coast tomorrow. not something we see all that often in february. so future weather again showing the rain starting to lift in overnight. it's still dry by 9am i expect it to be raining from the city south and east. then snow break out in the far northern reaches of our viewing area mainly the poconos. that will move on out. there could even ab little freezing rain there as we head into tomorrow night but wednesday that's when that second low comes through and heavier rain even a few thunderstorms you can see these lines setting up as this system moves through. the heaviest is wednesday night
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into even early thursday morning. so timing the impacts heavy rain from tuesday morning right through thursday morning there will be a break in the action. tuesday afternoon into wednesday morning. between those two lows really but the winds especially on wednesday gust to 40 miles an hour. strongest down the shore poor drainage flooding an issue of slow travel expected through the duration of these two storms. how much we talking here? by this time tomorrow really as we head into early wednesday morning, looking at about half an inch with three quarters of an inch with the first storm. the second storm has much more dynamic system. thursday morning possibly 2-inches of rain from both systems together. so we're always trying to bring you the impacts from these storms and help you navigate them. your best commute wednesday morning your west commute certainly wednesday evening and the driest time frame between storms will be tuesday night into wednesday morning. and by the way there's that severe threat mainly south jersey and delaware on wednesday a marginal risk for severe
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weather as we these storms start to move inform heavy rain will be the biggest impact. clouds increasing overnight. the rain arrives by mid morning tomorrow from south to north. and your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast brings that heaviest rain wednesday evening into wednesday night. thursday morning still lingering rain. then we clear it out and get sun back for the week but a little chilly temperatures below average, friday, saturday and sunday. >> trade off, right. >> you got that right. >> we'll take it. >> thanks kate. appreciate it. >> don bell is at phillies spring training in clearwater, florida. >> what does the future hold for ryan howard? coming up later
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tomorrow the fightin' phils will have first full squatter work out. everyone has reported to clearwater except one player. >> sports director don bell is
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at spring training and he tells us who the lone hold out is. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, thank you. projected starting third businessman for the philadelphia phillies is maikel franco. only one problem. den show up here on monday when the full squad was due to report. instead, the team expects him to show up on tuesday morning. go through his physical and then be on the field for full practice. not a good look if you're 23 years old and trying to make the big league squad. meanwhile the guy who did show up is ryan howard. you know who he is. former mvp scheduled to make $25 million in this his final season of his five-year contra contract. over however, he's 36 years old. they're not sure what kind of impact he's going to have. in fact his manager talked about his future today. >> let's just say that ryan howard is probably not in the future whether that's a year or two or three from now. it's not to say ryan might have a big year this year and get another contract for all i know. i'd like to see that happen because if that happens we'll be
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much better team. >> rough year for ryan howard last season. batted around .220. schedule to address the media on tuesday. that is the story here from clearwater, florida. i'm don bell. lesley, back to you in the studio. >> all right, don, thanks so much. eagles safety malcolm jenkins got a little -- wallet got father today after he got a new crack from the birds. five-year deal set to be worth more than 40 million. 21 million guaranteed. this is the fifth new contract the eagles have handed out this off season. last season malcolm had 109 tackles, two interceptions, three forced fumbles and made his pro bowl appearance. he loves living and playing in philadelphia. >> ever since i got here to philly, um, i've had two best seasons of my life personally. it's been the healthiest i've been in my career. and it's really started to -- my career has started to take off i feel like and really just catching stride. >> the flyers will finish five game road trip in carolina
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without captain claude giroux. red he will miss his second game with an upper body injury. he was he will body in the head friday in montro al. tonight the to p palestra the catholic being boys and girls basketball championship. neumann-goretti was look to go win both titles. archbishop wood took home the title that will snap the saints 53 game winning streak. boys game roman beat new man 7 72-65. >> i know pat gallen was out there earlier. >> i know. >> pack house, too. everybody was there. >> thanks lesley. appreciate it. >> what a 106-year-old woman told the president is her secret to staying young. we'll have the
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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a subaru.
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♪ most of consider it honor to meet the president of the united states. >> and for the woman you're about to see it was a dream come true. >> love it. >> virginia mclaurin is 106 years old and with the help of her family she launch add
11:31 pm
youtube campaign to meet the president. it's something she never thought she'd be able to do. virginia says the secret to dancing into old age just keep moving. >> isn't that great? ♪
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morning crew is back tomorrow from 4:30 till 7am. for kate, lesley, don at spring training everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean the late show with stephen colbert is next with casey affleck.
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>> thanks for watching, family. sleep well. >> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen! thank you, joe! thank you, john! thank you, mark! (cheers and applause) hey! (cheers and applause) welcome to the late show. i'm stephen colbert.


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