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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i'm jessica dean. lets get over to meteorologist kate bilo. what can you tell us right the now. >> right to you d.c. area nation's capitol is getting clobbered by severe thunderstorms. look at this line moving right in the middle of rush hour. good news if there is good news no tornado warnings at this time for that region. it is under a severe thunderstorm warning which is not good, very strong damaging wind here but no tornadoes reported around d.c. area as of of yet. that line is making its way very quickly into our region within the neck half an hour, do i expect it to move in lancaster county within the next hour. we will see those storms progress toward the philadelphia area between seven and 10:00 p.m. that is our window of strongest storms, philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. you can see line of wind, it is just flying. if this storm is just line of wind is moving 60 miles an hour, wind at least 60 miles an hour possibly stronger. we have got strong wind in the upper at the months fear that this system taps into and look the at the amount of
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lightening. very reminiscent have the line we had move through last week. even warmer outside right now and storms have more even why i to work with. i want to draw your attention to this cell over kent county, delaware. that storm forms from what was once a tornado warn storm over eastern maryland and moved into sussex county, milford delaware and crossing in the delaware bay. we have a severe thunderstorm watch, warning i should say in effect for that particular cell. you can see severe thunderstorm warnings all around d.c., baltimore with tornado warnings south. it looks like greatest risk for strong tornadoes will be slightly off to the south tonight and over virginia, north carolina but we cannot rule it out. that is why we have a tornado watch in our area here's your warning that includes milford, milton, slaughter beach, that goes until 6:15 tonight. that storm is capable of producing win gustness excess of 60 miles an hour as well as small hail and torrential rain. tornado watch once again until 11:00 includes vast majority of the area, exemption lehigh valley and poconos. not included in that tornado
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watch that does not mean you cannot get a severe storm there but cooler and more stable in that part of the region. it looks like further south we will have a better threat for severe weather. for next hour still pockets of heavy rain, with embedded thunder rotating from the south. 7:00 and 11:00 is best threat for severe thunderstorms. after 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. storms move off coast and we will gradually clear things out, delivering showers as we head through overnight hours. even a as we head into tomorrow wind are still strong. we will talk about is what driving severe weather tonight and what to expect even behind the storm tomorrow, ukee, back over to you. 1,000 peco customers in springfield delaware county are in the dark tonight. tree brought down power lines on springfield road and indian rock road and it caused an electrical surge that sent part of the poll on fire. some residents reported a burning odor in their homes and even bursting light bulbs after the surge. peco hopes to have everyone back on line sometime this evening.
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track the storms and your entire forecast anytime down load free cbs philly weather app on itunes and google play. today pennsylvania governor tom wolf reveals he is battling prostate cancer. he is optimistic though and he says it is treatable. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live from the cbs-3 sat center with more on the governor's thoughts and reaction to his announcement, walt. >> reporter: well, governor's announcement that came today, came as a surprise to the reporters, that were gathered in the news room and to mayor jim kenney who later spoke with the governor on the phone all of them expressing relief that the governor detect his cancer early and as a result, governor says it is totally treatable and should only have a very minimal effect if at all on his governing. >> what i'm going through to this is treatable and will not impair my abilities to do my duties, will not interfere with my duties as governor. >> reporter: governor tom wolf
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his wife at his side as he announced the prostate cancer diagnosis emphasized early detection, during a routine physical last fall made all of the difference. >> it is detect very early and so the procedure is going to be truly minor one. >> he is very confident in his situation and he will be fully recover we're sure. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney told me he was encouraged by governor's positive approach after speaking to him on the phone. >> i was very happy, encouraged that he had attitude on the phone, he sounded like a real slugger. he is going to be fine. >> reporter: early detection through regular checkups and screening was crucial in the just for governor wolf but for other high profile politicians, and permits, including former new york city mayor rudy guiliani, and california governor jerry brown, who both, beat prostate cancer. >> i want to make sure that this is a example of why routine checkups actually
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matter, and make a difference. >> we have great courage and feel more than hopeful. >> reporter: governor wolf says in the next two months he will undergo what he describes as a minor procedure, during what he calls a quick, in and out, from a york area hospital. the governor in a follow-up e-mail explaining that the survival rate for early detection of prostate cancer is nearly 100 percent. live from the the sat center, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" as we continue to follow governor's battle with prostate cancer. when we're not on tv get latest at cbs one of the off duty is police officers injured in the nightclub brawl involving former eagle lesean mccoy is speaking out through his attorney. officer darnel jersey suffered facial bone fractures and other injuries the at recess lounge early super bowl sunday. police reports say police
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reports say mccoy kick and punched the officer over a bottle of champagne. officer jesse's attorney is not concerned that the mccoy met with authorities last night. >> we have consistently said all along that we're very confident the at the conclusion of the investigation the district attorney's office will charge whoever is responsible for this vicious beating. >> we have reached out to both mccoy's attorneys tonight for comment but our calls were not returned. for catholic high schools, pennsylvania men and women competing in contact sports has been a no, no, that meant a potentially career ending forfeit for one local athlete this weekend, that was until a surprising change of heart. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has details. >> two minutes, go. >> reporter: it is a good thing father judge high school wrestling coach jim savage has not let up on training. until just hours ago, it seems certain that one of his prize guys, would the not be able to participate in this weekend's
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pi double a post season match. >> he is a hundred match winner. he will go for his third district tight this will week. he has got a 4.0g pa, ranked tenth in the class report report is there a problem, catholic high school athletes are not a allowed to wrestle co-ed he had and at 106-pound, his scheduled opponent was freshman female tatiana from the charter school. regulation would require him to forfeit. >> regulation was determined in 204, across the state, greed that the teachings of the catholic church did not coincide with co-ed sports that involved potentially and modest physical contact. but we reached out to the philadelphia archdiocese, earlier this week and prompted this surprising response. the decision to take part in any post season individual championship pi double a wrestling match will be at the discretion of the individual students and his parents. meaning, tim can rest will
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tatiana after all. >> that is the only opportunity he wanted is to have an opportunity to compete and to wrestle whoever is in front of him. >> i'm just glad i have a chance to compete. it is important to me. >> reporter: perhaps more important then he knows, a precedent has been set by catholic church and contact sports. alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you are a fan of games like angry bird or candy crush, casinos may soon have something right up your alley. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan find out how new regulation is making way for the next generation of gamblers. >> reporter: playing pool on his phone derek hicks can get into winning. >> very competitive because you play with people anywhere in the country or throughout the world. >> reporter: casino and fellow millennials are customers of the future and they want to tap in the competitive spirit by developing new skill based games similar to the digital games they play all the time. >> something more appealing, because while sitting there you don't want to play a game that is old, boring and all
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you are doggies putting in your money in one role and you win or lose. >> reporter: this week new jersey division of game enforcement a announced temporary regulations to how manufacture tours develop skill based games. contest where problem solving and hand/eye makes a difference. >> they are concern about the next generation of gamblers. they start todd look into what do they like? they like competition. they like social atmosphere. they like being on their phones. >> reporter: he says that if there was a game like candy crush, they have to figure out out formula to make sure they don't lose money to ringers n
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atlantic city, cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cleve, we will keep you posted. still to come tonight, eating right but not to lose weight. stephanie stahl shows you the four groups of food to eat more of to help your body but more importantly your mind. kate? and we're continuing to track the risk for severe weather tonight, take a look we have a strong line of thunderstorms, moving in, right now, we're clearing it out a ahead of it, temperatures are mild, these storms after lot of energy to work with. we will remain in the tornado watch. coming up we will time out this squall line and tell you when it gets to philadelphia and surrounding suburbs and when it gets out of here most importantly and we can get back to quiet weather, leslie, back to you. kate, number one villanova with its the toughes big east challenge of the season tonight on the road, we will tell you what is at stake and we have another cap casualty forbidder, veteran linebacker and leader of the team on and off the field has been released.
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back on "eyewitness news" as we track severe weather, a tornado watch in effect all across the a area until, late until, and, making its the way down the schuylkill expressway, near conshohocken, right now, and little break in the rain it looks like, it is in that particular area. storm scan three is showing these strong, and potentially dangerous storms, making their way toward the area. meteorologist kate bilo will have an update in just a few minutes. right now on the healthwatch a diet designed to protect your brain. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the research and some impressive
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results. >> we were impressed by this one. the right now as you were decide what to eat for dinner, choices you make can make a big difference in your brain. this new research says certain food can keep your mind, in top shape. >> i have got various foods. >> reporter: don ultimate has restocked his pantry and refrigerator with food that could help protect his brain. >> lots of greens. >> reporter: don who lives in west chester is on the mind diet hoping to reduce his risk, for alzheimer's disease which runs in his family. the his father was diagnosed in his early 50's. >> it is pretty scary, it is very, very emotional. >> reporter: new research shows mind diet can significantly reduce risk of alzheimer's bias much as 54 percent. >> we found that the higher, level of the mind diet score was associated with, and, cognitive decline. >> diet was developed and tested by marcia claire morris at the university. >> mind diet is a hybrid of
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the mediterranean and dash diets, and which modifications that extract the most compelling evidence from science and nutrition and dementia. >> reporter: essentials of the mind diet include leafy green vegetables, berries, nuts and whole grains. >> fruits and vegetables are in, cheese steaks are out. >> reporter: neurologist carol with the drexel university school of medicine say anti oxidant in food on the mind diet keep the brain from aging. >> the antioxidants basically make the brain cells, the neurons, the connecting pieces, more robust,. >> i think i have more energy on it. >> reporter: after years of worrying, don, hoist five two age his father was diagnosed, feels there is finally something he can do to hopefully avoid his family history. >> i think that is pretty incredible. i mean i red like 54 percent risk reductions which is just, there is no medication out
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there that can do anything like that. >> reporter: pretty impressive, right. other items on the mind diet, fish, chicken and glass of red wine a day. the best result came with people who a avoided the bad stuff like butter, sugar and fast food. while it wasn't part of this diet, experts say regular exercise is always good for your brain. now, coming up tonight at 11:00 we have a very special story, we want to share with you. >> it was shocking, that is why i thought it was serendipity, i happened to see the spot on your station. >> reporter: he says it was a a story on cbs-3 that saved his life. >> health, happiness. >> reporter: guy was a picture of health, scuba instructor and volunteer fire fighter, no idea something was very wrong until our story. >> cbs-3, i love you for making that decision. i keep saying i love you for that. thank you for that so much. >> reporter: i want to know what it is.
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i can't tell you until 11:00. all of the stories we do, it is great when you hear it matters to people and makes a difference. this guy's story will blow you away. >> 11:00 o'clock. >> we will see you then. >> yes, indeed, wow. >> that is fantastic. >> lets check our forecast. kate, you join us watching this weather pattern moving our way. >> only a few hours away now this squall line is moving very rapidly will blow through quickly. we have had reports of street flooding around d.c. as this front came through so quickly but dumped so much rain over short period of time that roads are flooded, wind damage is very large threat with this system that will continue to monitor tonight and risk for isolated tornadoes, got the to talk about that. we are under a tornado watch, once again until 11:00 o'clock tonight. here's what is going on right now. this is a very large strong storm system pumping heat and moisture into our region all day. you may have noticed you wake up this morning and felt chilly. temperatures in the 40's. now we're about 66 or
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67 degrees in philadelphia, and almost 70 degrees in philadelphia right now. it is not sunny and 70 degrees, it is raining at the moment. we have got a strong line of thunderstorms heading our way. here it is moving toward harrisburg area, washington d.c., again getting clobbered at the moment all moving toward baltimore region. it looks like as of right the now, s p.c. put out a statement that the best threat for strong tornadoes further south over portions of virginia and north carolina, that does not mean isolated tornado cannot form where we are. much more widespread risk when you see a squall line where it is all connect, damaging straight line wind. i'm very concerned about wind gusting to 70 miles an hour in portions of the area tonight. as this system moves n we have one storm we are watching here this cell, this is a discrete cell. this is a cell you could get rotation out ahead of the main line and in the warm sector here and moving very rapidly. look at that lightening right around millville right now. look at how fast, 75 miles to the north and east in
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washington township by 6:29 p.m. cherry hill 6:43. expect that storm to move through. in trenton by 6:57. franklin, new jersey by 7:15 tonight. there is a severe thunderstorm warning to tell but much of south jersey cumberland county, into portions of gloucester county, this goes until 6:45 with that storm pushing north and east ward and lots of lightening within that as well. but here is your main squall line, this model may look overdone and may be slow for my liking but it is closest one that matches up to what we think will happen here tonight. by 8:00 we will see this line of storms. look at purple denoting very strong storms with heavy rain pushing toward philadelphia area. by 9:00 o'clock possibly sooner, 8:30 or so these storms will cross in philadelphia and eventually into portions of south jersey by ten or 11:00. now to 7:00 western counties seven to 9:00. in the city and surrounding suburbs, coastal new jersey and delaware nine to 11:00. frequent lightening, wind gusting to 40 plus miles an
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hour, much strong inner these storms. poor drainage flooding is an issue and isolated threat for tornadoes and threat for strong wind continue right in the day tomorrow. wind advisory does continue down the shore. overnight the gusty thunderstorms. very windy at 48 degrees. as we head into tomorrow, looking better, it is still blustery and mostly cloudy but much more quiet then today. then cold and windy friday and saturday. sunday looks great, mark your calendars, get outside my one piece of good news in an otherwise, messy, and somewhat dangerous forecast tonight. >> we will take that silver lining. >> yes, you have to have something. >> yes. >> thanks. well, popular eagle will not be returning next year. veteran defender who won't be in forest green next season sports up next. blank
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leslie joins us now with more changes for eagles. >> that is right, not totally unexpected but good guy, and sad day, eagles have officially cut ties with pro bowl linebacker demeco ryans. move expected to save the team 3.5 million in cap space. ryans spent four years with the bird but never regained all of his speed after his second ruptured a chill is in 2014. under jim schwartz the team is switching back to a four-three defense which makes him expendable. sixers lost five in a row, they have only one win in their last ten games. tonight they are on the road in detroit. pistons coming off a win against lebron and calves on monday. thinks big night for villanova they are on the road taking on fifth ranked xavier, nova playing for seeding in the tournament. last time they faced off wildcats won by 31 points so
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xavier is out for revenge. villanova, four-zero on the road as top five teams and coach jay wright. >> when we're on the road, it is just us. we eat every meal together. we spend time together. we watch film together. we hang out together. we really enjoy it. we really do. >> of course, sports director don bell, experienced, the best weather week ever in clearwater, the day he leaves, it rains. we have proof, it is prove from florida. hopefully don will bring that nice weather, here to philadelphia. >> he leaves, and then the rain comes. >> yes, there it comes. >> i know. >> it was a beautiful week there. >> it was. >> really was. >> lets go phillies.
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week night at 11:00 you ask and nicole brewer answers your good question. tonight, we want to know why is black history month in february. nicole has the answer for you coming up at 11:00 o'clock. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. coming up next, cbs evening news. tonight basketball players have have the highest rates of sports related heart attacks. >> doctor john le puke has the study. from new york here is scott pelley, we will see you tonight.
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death and destruction to the east after a string of deadly twisters in the deep south. >> i saw something coming at my face, and i said, oh, my god, i'm going to die. >> pelley: also tonight, trump with the victory of the night and the quote of the week. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> pelley: a jury awards millions for a cancer death linked to talcum powder. and driving down racial barriers. >> for me as an african american from a diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that legacy. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this could be a dangerous night in the east. a tornado is blamed for at least three deaths in virginia today.


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