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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, overnight flames destroy a neighborhood restaurant. we're live as firefighters work to put out those hot spots and figure out a cause. >> i have animals myself. >> neighbors overcome with emotion at the grissly discovery found near their homes. what authorities say they uncovered here. >> this guy is a joke artist, this guy is a liar. >> trump targeted, sparks fly at the final debate before super tuesday. how donald trump respond today accusation that is he hired illegal workers. good morning, we made it to friday, february 26, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to check in with katie and meisha, as warm as it was yesterday, today, little cold
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slap in the face. it is winter still, right? >> but at least it is friday. >> yes, it is friday. >> oh, amen to that, good morning, guys, roads are looking good, roads are dry, debris in the roadway, let you know it has been windy and roads are looking dry but a lot of construction out there. katie, what's in store for us? >> it is frigid outside in comparison, one of those days where we are still transitioning away from a storm system, tan will come with a chill, crossed through day and a half ago, also ends up with the winds that comes along with, that so you're continuing to have to deal with pretty brutal windchill values, especially today, will ends up being the coldest day, storm scan at least that's empty, throw the satelite coverage on top, put this into loop format over the last three hours, what you found is a few little flurries flying across central pennsylvania lake enhanced because the winds flow has turned out of the northwest, and look what it has done to your feels like values. only feels like it is into the 20's right now, and up in mount pocono pretty brutal,
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your feels like value at 27, it reads on the thermometer, 37. so doing the math in your head, west to northwest winds flow of 21 miles per hour is making those temperatures take a hit when it comes to windchill. but at 37 degrees as well in atlantic city. technically, 23 mount pocono. winds speeds are going to last us through the day likely with gusts that peak as high as 30 miles per hour any time. soap, that is what you really want to focus on here today. bundle up adequately for what will certainly be some pretty brutal windchill, especially in comparison to what we've recently experienced, meisha. >> i'll keep going back to thank goodness it is friday, it is friday, it is friday. >> that's the trade off. >> good morning, everyone, like we said, happy fridayment good morning, it is still early out there. as you can see, evidence by 95 at the airport, doesn't look like too many people out on the roadways, which they typically aren't at 4:30 in the morning. see it heat up little bit. it will be interesting to see
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what happens just because of the weather element, and also because of this friday. a the low of people sometimes take the day off. see what happens. right now 95 at the airport looking good. speaking of the airport, no major delays to speak of, however, we've seen it all week long, so check your scheduled use on line. construction bucks county, 59 south between route one, business route one, right lane still compromised, i'll let you know when it lift, make note of that. not causing too many slow downs right now but it certainly could later. schuylkill moving in the eastbound direction, before girard, looking good, certainly some early risers, overall the schuylkill looking good so far on this friday morning, erika, back to you. >> meisha, a thank you. breaking news from philadelphia's germantown section, a fire destroys a chain east restaurant as firefighters struggle to fight the heavy flames. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at the scene with the latest details for us, good morning. >> good morning, reports of this fire came in a firefighters about 2:00 this morning, roughly, two hours after closing time, and when crews arrived, they found house here already taking
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heavy fire. ladders were launched on hi, so hoses could hit this fire, and they did so for hours. on the ground, flames were seen scorching the glassen cased outer dining area, house of jin serves chinese and japanese food along 200 block of west chelten. fire could be seen hugging rooftops and ledges, and inside we are told that blaze gutted almost all of the house of jin from the kitchen out to the dining area. the fire was brought under control about 2:00 this morning, about an hour after the first report. now, crews have replanned on scene, stamping out hot spots, but smoke was still seen rising earlier, from the burned out building. i want to take you back out live for you. see the hoses, still aimed on the back area of this building. i am told the kitchen is in that area, no word at this time where this fire started or how the fire stat dollars, officially. that is still under investigation. but, there are no report of injuries, erika, to report
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this morning, we're live here in germantown, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", err dismay. >> good to hear no injuries, justin, thank you. new this morning, one suspect is in custody accused of shooting his brother. northeast philadelphia. it happened just after 11:00 last night along the 3100 block of woodhaven road. the unidentified victim was shot in the chest and rushed to the hospital in unstable condition. so far police have no motive for that shooting. the pennsylvania spca needs your help tracking down a suspect in a alleged dog fighting ring in germantown. working off a tip, animal welfare officers searched around the 400 block of east rittenhouse street. the officers found six dead puppies, about two weeks old, in a trash can in a backyard. another dog was found dead inside that home. officials say the location where the dogs were found has a long history of animal fighting. >> the whole neighborhood here is just wrought with pitbull dogs used for breeding and
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fighting n2014 we had hit the same location with a search warrant, and the rest of the individuals for animal fighting and removed quite a few dogs at that time. >> officers also found three dead pitbulls in a nearby vacant lot. two dogs were found alive, they're in fair condition at the pspca headquarters. a small kansas town searching for answers after a gunman goes on deadly rampage at a lawn mower manufacturing plant. three people were killed before police shot and killed the suspect identified as 38 year old cedric ford. more than dozen others were wounded in the town of heston. he said he work alongside ford and saw the shooter pull up in a pick-up truck. >> he yelled hey, and then boom, boom, boom. and proceeded to go into the building. >> we heard a pop-pop. we thought it was just metal falling on the ground. then the doors opened. people started screaming coming out.
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>> witnesses also say the gunman randomly shot at motorists on his way to work. there are reports that ford had extensive criminal record but so far police do not have a motive. >> 4:37 right now. in the final republican debate before super tuesday, senators marco rubio and ted cruz are once again going after donald trump. the debate which ran for more than two hours included an exchange every insults, sometimes, they shouted over one another. at one point rubio challenged trump on illegal immigration, accusing the billionaire developer of hiring illegal workers. >> for example, you are the only person on the stage that's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your project illegally. you hired -- >> no, no, i am the only one on the stage that have hired people. you haven't hired anyone. >> i find it amaze that donald believes ers the one who discovered the issue of illegal immigration. when i was leading the fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill, where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on
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celebrity preen tis. >> after the debate ended trump said he knew rubio and cruz would be going after him. >> i was prepared for it. i thought it would happen. they're desperate. what are they going to do? they're losing by massive amounts. >> a movie was made about these hands. these hands basilica of saints peter and paul the grace -- >> doctor ben carson used his closing argument to ask voters to join hands with him to implement change in america. ohio governor john kasich says he'll quote hit the grounds running, and will get america moving again. >> the two determine contradict presidential candidates are focusing on tomorrow's south carolina primary. hillary clinton is in the palmetto state where she is push to go close loopholes on gun sales. senator bernie sanders will start campaigning today in minute society, a them he'll head to south carolina. >> now to health scare, this is affecting hundreds of patient at a local hospital. arlene is one of more than 200 people who received a letter from shore medical center in somers point, new jersey, the
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hospital said she may have been exposed to hiv and help tight by a former employee. that employee, former hospital pharmacist, frederick, is accused of replacing morphine with saline solution in vials that were administered to patient. >> i was up all night thursday night, friday morning, i'm screaming, i'm at the testing site screaming at these guys. >> now, thankfully, arlene tested negative. the warning applies to patients who received intravenous morphine or hydro morphine medications frost june 2013 to september 2014. he was fired from the hospital and face as long list of charges including drug tampering and theft. >> i asked again if i could help him. and his his first response was i should below your f-g head off. >> philadelphia police officer michael edwards describing the threat made to him while on patrol wednesday night. back on the job now, his cool
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demean is her earning him big praise. twenty year old cherif haines approached officer edwards patrol car, knocking on the door to ask for help, then threatened him. despite repeated attempts to shows his hands, haines taunted the officer making shooter gestures, edwards called for help. officer eric tyler arrived pulling out his taser and hit haines. both officers credit their police training. >> that's the first thing that came to my mind, bass to preserve life and de-escalate the situation the best that i could. so that we both could go home to our families and that he could be arrested without being injured or killed. >> they made us proud because everybody survived including the suspect. it speaks volumes for what we do as a profession each and every day. >> cherif haines did not have a gun, but he is behind bars facing several charges. commissioner ross says if the officers had used their guns it, would have been justified in his eyes.
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>> google is backing apple in its legal battle with the fbi. the search engine plans to file a friend of the court brief. last week, a court ordered apple to help the fbi hack into a lost i -- locked iphone, use with the killers. a.m. sell fighting it, fearing authorities could read messages, see photos, and other sensitive information on phones. >> still ahead this morning, police chases are nothing new in california, right? but this one was unique. the bizarre discovery officers made. also: >> my first reaction was to give him a hug. and say thank you. >> coming to the rescue after family in need. how a firefighter helped this family get back on their feet. >> and, the countdown is over. it is finally friday. another work week is wrapping up. katie has your weekend forecast one day is better than the other to get outside. she'll tell you which. also, she has our next chance to see some rain.
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efforts to rebuilds have gun in lancaster county where an ef2 tornado touched down wednesday. chopper three over saulsbury township where the path of destruction is 5 miles long and 400 yards wide. about 50 homes and buildings were damaged by the nearly 125-mile an hour winds out there. and the destruction just incredible there. katie, calmer today? windy, still then cold but nothing like wednesday? >> thank goodness, yes, certainly seeing the worse of the storm system completely retreat at this point, though, what's left behind is the wind, just like you mentioned, erika. now, at the moment, not too much shaking going on in this particular camera. you can at least see far in the distance, center city skyline, skyscrapers here, still handful of clouds left over, too, but that said, it is a much quieter day, also a lot colder out there, now that we have finally seen the northwest winds flow catch up to us, colder air has invaded and man is it really settling in here, when you walk out the door, you will absolutely notice the difference.
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now, you can see, really where the wind direction is coming from. just by looking at the trails, very like lake enhanced snow showers basically getting stuck as they cross over central pennsylvania, so they're not going to survive as they try to make it toward us. but you are still going to see a few clouds out there. that said, we have pretty quiet pattern unfolding here moving forward. and i like to focus on the warmth and the good stuff down the road. you know, we actually track multiple combination to the spring season as meteorologists, we have meteorological season we look ahead to here, meteorological season, begins march 1, and screen ali quinn objection is march 20th. 12:30 in the morning actually when the equinox is set to take place. and that said, we're actually going to get little dose of spring down the road here, so bear with me through the chill, guys. under some sun today, it is blur err i, cold, only hit 40, below average, gust us could peak as high as 30 miles an hour, probably doesn't feel
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better than the two's most of the day. 26 degrees later tonight. we look forward to the forecast, weekend looking pretty phenominal. sunday specially. bright and sunny, 60, love it, still mild on monday, maybe sprinkle, no harm, no foul. we'll keep it pretty mild even through the mid part of the week, erika, back to you. >> just focus on 60, thanks, katie. rather unusual suspect eludes california police this week, you are looking at it right there. this one perhaps more fitting for a fairytale than a farm. it is what looks like an uni corn in police custody. juliette the pony actually while pony dressed to up look like an unicorn, sorry to break any bulbs, there for birthday party in mad ear a, got loose, darted onto busy roadway. julie eat had few near mess was cars before police rounded her up. no one was hurt. >> can you imagine driving down the road and see an unicorn run across? well, michigan firefighter rescues a family but not from flames. stone family has five children, two of whom have muscular dystrophy.
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joy needs ventilator to survive. christie stone says the family's fallen behind on their electric bills, and their power was cut off. she called 911, fearing the batteries in troy's ventilator might run out. firefighter ryan mcewen heard their problems and after taking troy to the hospital, called the power company and paid that thousand dollars bill. >> yes, so much. >> to see what we saw. you have to want to help this, right? >> wow. since the power has been restored, christie has been able to bring troy home from the hospital. love to see that. >> still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", why mercedes has been forced to ditch robots and hire humans. first though here's what's happening tonight on cbs-3.
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>> is a huge fire at the house of jin restaurant in germantown this morning, no injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation. the pennsylvania spca is asking the public's help finding suspect in a apparent dog fighting and breeding operation also in germantown. at least seven dead dogs were found near a house on east rittenhouse street. authorities say the house is rated for dog fighting several times in recent years. and, more than 200 people have been informed by shore medical center in somers point that they may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis after alleged infection control breach. former hospital pharmacist faces drug tampering and other charges. happening today, new dining option coming to philadelphia. the curtis center at sixth and walnut in the historic district is getting a new restaurant. governor ed rendell will be on hands for today's
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announcement. way to find out which restaurant that will be. 6:50, time for check on your business news, money watch's jill wagner back at the stock exchange, hearing that gap is now the latest retailer trying to turn around slumping profits watch are they hoping to do? >> reporter: well, shares of the company dropped in after-hours trading, clothing chains say profits fell 33% in the last quarter. so the company is in the middle of a turn around plan. new ceo says gap is going to focus on denim, and banana republic, which gap owns, will focus on its classics, and also feather fit. erika? >> see if that works for them, also. automakers seems hearing so much about them replacing factory workers in recent years with machines trying to save money. but now one auto maker is just bucking the trends going back to basics? >> yes, mercedes benz is going to be replacing machines with humans. it turns out, robots can't keep up with all of the custom options that mercedes offers. soap, for example, in its s
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class sedans, four types of tire caps. even choice for cup holders, mercedes says that variety is just too much for machines. >> good news for workers. that's fantastic, jill, thank you. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> a step forward for humans, we'll take it. >> and better cup holler options, too, what's not -- >> i actually was wondering about that. like what are those options? >> who knew? we'll finds out. see you later on, thanks, jill. still ahead this morning, katie's wintery forecast for today plus when it will warm up to nearly 60. we'll be right
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>> good morning, it is colder, winnie, cold winds at this point, and you can even see on storm scan, how we have light flurries on the outskirt of the viewing area. that said, wind gusts, still pretty noticeable. at least into the 20's, easily
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into the 30's, some spots, even right now. these are your current wind gusts, sustained winds, really anywhere from say 15 to 25 miles per hour today. so it is a persistent wind t lasts us even into tonight. now thankfully this is the coldest day of the entire seven day stretch here. by the weekend, looking up. we've got temperatures not only going on spike, specially by sunday, but full sunshine to go with it. so little dose of april, sunday, my personal favorite of the next seven, and hey, meisha, a comes on a weekend. what more could you want? >> i know, 06 sunday. man that's something to look forward to. thank you so much. yes, today is feeling little chilly though. ill absolutely get on board with that. but, with 60s in our forecast, who can complain? not i. ninety-five at the airport looking good. i just looked at this about 15 minute ago, we weren't seen as many vehicles out there, still letting us know slowly starting to push on to the 5:00 hour we can expect no delays at the airport, with thank said, be sure to check your schedules, of course we are know there haves been delays and concellations earlier in the week because of all of the weather activity.
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construction bucks county 95 south between route one, business route one, right lane still compromised, make note of that. and the schuylkill starting to heat up just little bit into the five. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, as you head out the door listen to katie's forecast and sister station. also, mayor kensy expected to propose $300 million bond. what that money is going toward. >> also, boeing is working to inspire future engineers. and, we're using exhibit showcasing merion anderson opens tomorrow. check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up here on "eyewitness news", see the miraculous play that may have saved the flyers season. also, bill cosby is backing off. the reason he suddenly decided to drop his lawsuit against the super model. >> and forget about that cronutment look at this, unusual combination that is turning this donut into the newest, hottest breakfast sensation. what is it? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough.
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yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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>> good morning, up in flames. firefighters have their hands full overnight battling this massive fire that destroyed a restaurant. we're there live as investigators search for the cause. >> and i seen a mob every people running out saying run, run, and pop, pop, pop, pop. >> hails of terror as survivors of deadly shooting rampage in kansas share their frightening stories. the new clues we're uncovering about the shooter. >> he said that people were going to blow my head off. that's when, you know, that's when everything just took place. >> a frightening confrontation for these police officers. the split second decision that they're now being praised for. >> good morning, friday,
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february 26th, we made it, i'm erika von tiehl. checking in with katie and meisha for a cold start to our friday, but it is friday, right? >> friday, tgif. talking six 60s coming sunday, katie, please tell us more. i don't want to talk about construction. >> yes, so we've got to take the good and the bad with the forecast here, kind of like the facts of life. anybody? anybody? >> what do you have, katy? >> i forget the rest of the lyrics! all right, tell me on twitter because i know you're all reciting them right now. okay, let's just get to the weather here. i thought i had something good going there. all right, let's start it off with quick check outside. we take you out to storm scan3, thankfully, still empty. do you as we put things into motion and put the satelite on top of this have couple of light little snow showers, not surviving over the allegheny's or the central pa mountains there, but they are certainly helping to usher in some winds, we've got the wind driven light snow coming down, off of


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