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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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talk about an expensive wake up call for residents in one delaware community. vandals striking in the middle of the night slashing tires, on more than a dozen vehicles. we will tell you who tried to put a stop to that may him. good afternoon i'm erika von tiehl. not even a new castle county police car was safe from the teenage troublemakers. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh joining us from that neighborhood in new cast with the more on how much damage was done there, anita.
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>> reporter: hi there erika. neighbors woke up to thousands of dollars worth of damage this morning after police say 18 cars were vandalized with slashed tires overnight. you can see, tires are flat just like this one, many others in this neighborhood also are affect. police say around 1:30 this morning a neighbor called police after seeing three teenage boys, stabbing the tires of the new castle county police car. they tried to do a k-9 search but weren't able to find the suspects. police learn more than a dozen others were also vandalized and within more at a luk oil gas station nearby and one neighbor owns three cars here and he says all three had their tires slash. >> my daughter, i wanted to get them kid, you know what i mean. hopefully someone says something about it. >> all i know is we had three teenage boys between 16 and 18 years of age, out the in the middle of the night slashing tires for whatever reason, i could not tell you right now.
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>> reporter: now police say they do believe that this is a prank. we did see several homes here with security cameras, and police hope that surveillance video will help them in finding these three teenage suspects but anyone with any information should call new castle county police. live from new castle, anita oh for cbs-3 eyewitness news good hate to see that, thank you. all right. to our forecast now and temperatures approaching 40 but don't let thermometer deceive you. outside right now katie joins us and sun might fool you as well. the it is freezing out there, katie. >> it is a wintry day, for sure as my hair goes whipping in the pleas here. so you know, even best hair spray can't necessarily hook you up, on a day like this. the lets go to the graphics, shall we so i can maintain some dignity. we are taking a look at storm scan three where we are finding at the moment a couple stray flower that is were flying across the delaware valley here. most of which just really add the to the wintry atmosphere and a lot have of you had more sun then anything. it is a ever changing sky line
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because we have cloud rolling through and because of those, you can see them in the direction of the wind flow as you watched some of those light snow showers pushing through. leading to very chilly feels like values. the wind chill is where it is at. the these are values you want to walk out the door preparing for, in other word you cannot go by thermometer these are taking in account the wind chill right here in the 20's generally speaking around the entire region for wind chills. now as it reads on the thermometer you are at 38 degrees. look at that wind straight up out of the west/northwest at 20 miles an hour. yeah, that send your feels like value on a downward spiral. the flirting with 40 in at atlantic city and only in the 20's. the even despite that wind right now in mount pocono. the it is cold regardless and that said, it is a chilly day region wide. certainly feeling not just below average but just like the dead of winter here for late february day but with that said we are looking ahead to a nice warming trend. i will tell you coming up in the show when that happens and just how high, those temperatures are set to sore, and they are going to to just
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that. sore nicely coming up. we will time that out, later in the show, erika. >> come back where it is warm, katie, thank you. s p.c. a uncovers a sickening act of animal cruelty in one philadelphia neighborhood that has been under radar in the past. a tip led authorities to the vacant lot to the 400 block of east rittenhouse street in germantown where officers found three pit bulls dead. on turse, authorities removed two living adult dogs, from an abandoned house across the street. it is as well as four other dead dogs, including six puppies. >> i have no sympathy whatsoever who use these animals for fighting, for breeding, and beating, you know, for fighting. you know, if you get caught it is a felony, you will be a arrested. >> authorities suspect the property being used as part of the dog fighting ring. right now they are asking for public's help identifying a person of interest. a would be robber uses a
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drive through window to break in the checkers restaurant. you can see it right there. police released this surveillance video. he threw a rock and then crawled inside. this happened at island avenue checkers in elmwood back on february 21st. the suspect did have a handgun, and two employees were inside, they were not the hurt. suspect eventually got away empty handed. the cause of the fire that gutted aid germantown restaurant remains under investigation. no one was injured in the quick moving blaze that burned through the house of jin overnight. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch brings us more on the the fire fight and customers reaction. >> just to walk over here and see it, it is definite remarkable. >> reporter: germantown's house of jin is house a ruin. ravage by a ferocious fire that passers by showed photos to police. >> that is the restaurant. >> reporter: 1:00 a a.m. two hours after jin's closing time philadelphia fire fighters were called to the 200 block
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of west chelten, flames were seen bursting from the rooftop and moving about the building. crew launched lad tours douse the blaze from above and within one hour brought that fire under control. the flames now out and the sunnies up. you can see damage that this this fire left behind, the roof complete thely collapsing on to the dining area below. >> we always get the lomain. >> good food and very nice. >> reporter: customers tell cbs-3 the chinese and japanese food restaurant has been a fan favorite for as long as they can remember. >> long time, 20 or 30 years. >> they always treated us like family. >> they were very nice people. >> reporter: owners declined to appear on camera but their customers are hoping to see the house of jin return. >> rebuild. >> reporter: justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning to campaign 206, all eyes are on donald trump as super tuesday closes in. after being attack from all
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sides at last night's republican debate the question is will his momentum subside. correspondent weijia jiang has all of the name calling and finger pointing from washington. >> tell the truth. other than that no. >> reporter: marco rubio and ted cruz launched verbal attacks begins g.o.p. presidential front runner donald trump during a debate on cnn last night. >> he inherited 200 million-dollar. if he hadn't inherited 200 million-dollar, you know where donald trump would be right now. >> opponents are scrambling for support ahead of super tuesday. cruz held himself as best candidate to beat hillary clinton. but trump fired back. >> talking about the polls, i'm beating him awfully badly in the the polls. >> but you are not beating hillary. if i can't beat her, you really are going to get killed, aren't you. >> reporter: rubio pick up where he left off at the debate with an appearance on cbs this morning. >> i'm asking everyone watching tonight if you are a republican and you don't want your party taken over by a conn artist like donald trump
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unite behind us. >> reporter: trump hammered rubio calling him a light weight wait choke era and mr. melt down all in one tweet. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is claiming new momentum on the eve of the south carolina primary when she's expect to win, easily. >> clinton danced on stage with charlie wilson during a campaign stop last night before stump going in georgia, south carolina today, targeting minority voters. >> make sure you get out and vote saturday. >> reporter: bernie sanders leads voters in minnesota before heading to palmetto state for next big race. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016, when we're not on tv, you can get very latest on our web site at cbs coming up on cbs-3 eyewitness news disturbing proof of the dangers of the break to excess a face plant during a sobriety test. what police say that man did to get pulled over.
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and then it is all fun and games until the mascot gets jumped, right? more outrageous video, the celebration that turned ugly. we will be right back.
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authorities are learning more about the the man accused of opening fire and in heston, kansas killing three people and injuring four others. police say set trick ford had a criminal record and was served with a protection from abuse order, in the factory where he work, 90 minutes
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before he opened fire. he shot two people and stole a car before returning to work, where he shot one person in the parking lot and 14 people inside. he was shot and killed by a police officer who is being called a hero. >> he had to stop that threat. you've got two or 300 people in there, luckily two or 300 people came out. >> police say ford was armed with an assault rifle and a automatic handgun. investigators are trying to figure out how a suspect with the criminal record was able to get those weapons. a massachusetts man accused of hitting a pedestrian while driving drunk takes a nasty spill during his sobriety test. thomas, watch right here, see that he was caught on video calling face first in the ground. yeah, eyewitness says that police asked the man to walk by putting 1 foot in front of the other and he went down hard. the man was a arraigned from his hospital room. the person he is accused of hitting with his carries reportly in critical
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condition. coming up, hollywood's big night is this weekend, still ahead why experts say some of those big categories at the oscars are just too close to call. and, what everyone is wondering about the host, that is ahead, katie, warm up just yet? >> not just yet give me sometime here, in the meantime march is right around the corner and old adage it will come in like a lion or lamb? we will answer the question, lion or lamb, that is coming up.
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we know high school rivalries are quite intense but a high school basketball game turned ugly tuesday night in iowa after a mascot dance off. we have it here. highland was playing madison for district championship and two mascots having some fun there until one mascot do you see that, shows the other one,
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not cool. and a brawl interrupted, do you see that. >> my gosh. >> this is what happened after the one mascot shoved the other, police had to come in, no arrest where is made, there were no reports of injuries but bad behavior, just started this whole thing. the just let mascots have their dance off, leave it alone. >> i guess if they can get push comes to shove, maybe let the man... >> be the bigger man, walk away. >> have one good day and one better day good one better day. so we are looking to tease event looking weather but one day will be my personal favorite and i have a feeling you'll love it too. really start to see these temperatures rebounding nicely. specifically, it is sunday. slip the cat out of the bag. i'll tell you why as we move forward in the the forecast. let's start back with the here and now once for you, to give you a sense is what going on in the at the months fear. this time more regional zoom on storm scan three we don't have any organize system moving through the at the months fear. rather we have just the wind
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drink lake enhanced snow showers that have been pushing across the keystone state. some survived a couple of flurries across portions of the delaware valley earlier today. that is where you are getting your cloud from. the if you follow these trail northwest wind is present and it will stay with us right through the rest of the day. we will take you through future wind gusts here. nothing earth shattering or causing any damage but a 24 to 27-mile an hour wind gusts, heck pushing 30 miles an hour anytime, can send your trash can down the road. keep that in mind. the those wind diminish a little bit the here tonight but still what i call, breezy, and it will stay that way, tomorrow or brisk at the bare minimum here. while we do see full sunshine taking grip with high pressure in control at this point it will be a bit of the chilly day but at least improvement for tomorrow. now, as we look ahead to the beginning of the springtime we call it springtime too here, because we trust different starts to the season as meteorologists. we think of the climate trend.
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meteorological spring begins march 1. march 20th is your verbal equinox astronomical calendar coming into play. 1:30 a.m. on the nose is where it starts. it is also the first, philadelphia union march, super stoke for. that spring begins in grand fashion, down in chester pennsylvania that day. outside beach patrol headquarters you can even see how clouds are moving through the shot, here. we have pretty low tide right now. again, it is breezy a a at the shore but not really messing with the surf. what is a live look at big bear. the beautiful big bear in the distance. obviously folks out and about enjoying slopes on this granted very cold day but everyone is all bundled up out here in the poconos. with that said it is not a bad weekend if you want to go skiing because even though we have wind today we have seen a flurry here and split is a decent day if you are bundled up, and looking forward to saturday and sunday, sunday my personal favorite as i mentioned earlier. not only do you have sunshine
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but trying to warm up and that will reflect in the eyewitness weather seven day as well, in philadelphia, it will get to 50 but here in philadelphia, 60 degrees and sunshine, heck you could break out a pair of shorts, here on sunday. >> don't get the crazy, shorts. >> we will flirt with 60 on monday, maybe a sprinkle, little disturbance moving through but tuesday, march 1st, coming in like a lamb. >> there we go. >> there is the answer. >> thanks, katie. >> you're welcome. oscars are on sunday. you can watch outside, inn from all accounts there are no real clear winners for big categories. correspondent stephaniee lamb has the preview. >> reporter: mother and son, trapped in captivity. >> this is our chance. >> reporter: irish immigrant finding love and independence. >> i want to be an irish girl in ireland. >> frontiers man seekinging re avenge. room, brooklyn and revenant are just three of the films nominated for best picture at eighty-eighth academy awards.
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leo dicaprio led drama is at the top of the heap with 12 nominations. other films in the hunt include big short, bridge of spies, mad max fury road, mar shan and spotlight in one of the tightes race necessary oscar history. >> there are legitimately three maybe four potential best picture winners. so very rare, that you come down to that last envelope and people don't know what will happen. >> reporter: best actor category is full of a list talent like brian cranston for trombone, matt damon for mar shan, michael fassbender for steve jobs and last years winner eddie redmayne. >> this, this oscar, wow. >> reporter: this time for the danish girl. but the focus is on dicaprio and whether this role will get the six time nominee his first oscar win. >> he has had so many great performances and nominations this is year he will take it. >> reporter: best act actress winners has kate blanchett for
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carol and jennifer lawrence for joy going up in brooklyn and charlotte rampling and bri larson for years. >> it feels like, i'm part of some tribe. it feels so good. >> reporter: having already snagged a golden globe and sag, award for his performance larson has the momentum heading in to hollywood's big night. >> let's do this. >> reporter: and returning for second time as host of the oscars is chris rock. known for his in your face comedy, many are wondering how he will deal with the elephant in the room. >> one thing that everyone is expecting how is he going to hand this will all white nominee issue, and is he going to be merciless with the the academy. >> reporter: congratulations ceremony filled with controversy? it must be hollywood. stephanie elamb, cnn. and, here are oscars by the numbers for you, this is from the financial web site wallet hub. six, that is number of career nominations for leonardo
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dicaprio but he has zero wins. hopefully this is his year. he is due. thirty-nine years, that is time between sylvester stallone's two oscar nominations for playing the same character rocky balance boy a. forty-five seconds the amount of time the acceptance speech have been cut down this year by 45 seconds. producers are hoping to shorten them more. and scroll individual shout outs on the screen, so you don't to have thank your mom, dentist and everyone. and this is cool, 15 minutes, do you believe this, length of the very first award show, in 1929. >> wow. >> compare that to 220 minutes or three hours and 40 minutes, that is the length of last years show. >> there could not have been any amount of award given in that first year. >> one of the nominees, you come in, you come out. >> yes. >> no stages. >> i guess no. >> things have changed. >> when we come back wild finish for flyers begins the
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coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 treating infertility, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about a first of its kind medical procedure, in the u.s., that is giving hope to thousands of women who can't get pregnant. that is today at 5:00. and then at 6:00 a flyers legend, getting botox. but for bernie parente it is in the for cosmetic purposes. yes says injections are necessary, and they are really cool before and after pictures he has the story tonight the at 6:00 on "eyewitness news".
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speaking of the the flyers, the flyers continue their six game home stand tomorrow afternoon, when they face coyoties at wells fargo center. the last night home team got off to a great start thanks to a great save right there. then this is best part with three seconds left in that game flyers goalie michael neuvirth robs minnesota wild of the tying goal, there is the move, do you see that right there wild thought it was in but no dice, guys. neuvirth calls that one of the best saves he has ever made. i love that. that preserves the flyers three-two win. might just keep them in the playoff race we will see. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm erika von tiehl. for katie and all of us here, thanks important watching. "eyewitness news" continues on line at cbs >> young and restless is coming up next. have a great weekend. black
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>> jack: i missed you at home last night. >> phyllis: yeah, it was weird for me, too. being here alone. i needed the time. >> jack: you gonna need much more time? >> phyllis: you hurt me. >> jack: i know that. and you know i'm sorry. i was just hoping that... >> phyllis: that i'm over it by now? >> jack: that maybe we could talk about it. >> phyllis: go ahead. talk. >> jack: i apologize. i apologize for breaking your confidence, for telling neil your story. >> phyllis: and nikki. >> jack: and inadvertently nikki, yes.


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