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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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officers are more than just colleagues. why this team is making history. and it's cold and blustery outside this evening. but big changes on the way for the weekend. i'll tell when you we hit 60s coming up. but first, new jersey governor chris christie shocks the political world. he's endorsing donald trump. how the republican presidential front runner reactioned when he got christie's call. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm ask jessica dean. chris christie is waste nothing time stomping for trump. he immediately hit the campaign trail with the businessman after announcing his endorsement. >> our natasha brown is in our sat center with reaction from new jersey residents now that their governor is backing trump. natasha? >> governor chris christie has kept a low profile since dropping out of the presidential race, but today he interjected himself back into the campaign with a startling phone call to donald trump. >> i love oklahoma. >> reporter: once political foe in the request for the republican presidential nomination, new jersey governor chris christie now stands in
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solidarity with donald trump on the heels of a surprising endorsement. >> america needs a strong leader at home to restore jobs and american confidence to our people and donald trump is that man. >> governor christie reinserted himself into the presidential race after dropping out on february 10th. he fired up a crowd for the front runner in oklahoma friday evening. and earlier in fort worth, texas governor christie spoke one-on-one exclusively with cbs giving a glowing recommendation of businessman donald trump and endorsement that even seemed to surprise trump. >> one person that i really wanted was chris christie. he represents so much about what i believe. and when chris called it was great honor. >> best man to lead america back to greatness. there's no one who could be stronger tougher executive in washington turn it upside down the way it needs to be. this is the guy who can do it much he's my friend. he's smart. he's tough. >> reporter: after months of verbal sparring during campaign debates, some are startled that christie would now be so
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profusely lauding donald trump as the best candidate for president. >> because the party is establishment looks like they're looking for somebody other than trump i would have thought christie might be part of that movement. >> reporter: folks we spoke with in governor christie's home state of new jersey had mixed reactions. ranging from unconcerned to not surprised by the endorsement. >> no, not totally surprised. you want to have a national presence so this is one way for him to do that. and he's had a relationship with trump for the last 13 years or so. >> it seem in the beginning that maybe trump wouldn't go so far but then now it's taken off and it will be interest to go see where this whole thing goes. >> reporter: governor christie endorsement comes ahead of neck week's critical super tuesday primaries. that's the very latest for now. live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, natasha, thank y you. meanwhile marco rubio and ted cruz continued to attack trump following last night's fiery debate.
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rubio call the front runner a con artist over a fraud lawsuit involving trump university. and once again accused of trump of taken liberal positions on conservative issues. on the democratic side candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders attended a fish fry in south carolina as they rallied supporters ahead of tomorrow's primary there. clinton is expected to easily win. a serial church burglary suspect gets a stunning surprise when police say he tried to steal from a church's collection box. take a look at the surveillance video from the northeast. investigators say it shows william sides breaking into our load of calvary church. moats later he's chased out of the church and arrest the. the men doing the chase twos undercover police officers. they staked out the church after sides allegedly struck twice before. >> he was extremely fifty five. he actually ahh, and, you know arc itemed to run out the side door. >> we lit a candle and we put money in the poor box and said a prayer we would get this gentleman. >> the church's pastor says he
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would have helped sides if he would have just asked. another set of local police officers are in the spotlight tonight. the cbs drama blue bloods follows a family of police officers and it turns out we've got our own version of blue bloods in south jersey. they are the only mother and daughter at the camden county police depth i spent time with them to find out why law enforcement runs in their fami family. >> this is where i grew up at. this is where i rode my big wheel. >> camden county police lieutenant linda, spent her childhood walking this neighbor with one dream in mine. >> grow up to be a police officer. >> i had law enforcement family, role models, and just seeing them begin their caree careers s amazing to me at a young age and i couldn't even imagine anything else. i didn't want to be anything else. >> as alicia patrol the streets one person in particular was paying close attention. >> first district officer men then did he say. >> what drew me to be a police officer was my mother.
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good morning everyone. >> watching her live her dream. and she was just a big influence in my life. >> reporter: they are the only mother and daughter on the camden county police force. with different ranks, schedules and districts they don't see a lot of each other at work. officer cynthia melendez says there's no special treatment either. >> i feel like they don't look at me and treat me differently because of her rank. >> but the shared experience means mom is also mentor. >> i think it brought us a lot closer. i mean we're close before obviously but now we have something tolls connect with. we can talk about work, i can come to her if something is bothering me. >> do you ever worry about each other when you're on patrol or at work? >> she's in the really out on the streets as much as i am. i think she worries more. >> i try not to. i try not to because i guess i have that law enforcement mentality. you have to understand that there's a possibility that you might not come home and the fact that i support my daughter and her law enforcement career i have to be -- have i to accept that also. >> in the meantime, they've got
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work to do. lieutenant and officer mother and daughter. lieutenant alicia part of another first for the camden county police depth. last year she became the first latino in the department to be promoted to lieutenant. a surprising discovery in a doctors garage leads to shocking charges against aped trig. 65-year-old dr. jan wider man accused of of growing and distributing marijuana. fire depth stumbled upon the pot after a pickup truck caught fire in the doctor's driveway on brook side drive in holland. dr. wider man who has an office on bustleton avenue in philadelphia is free on bail tonight. we are learning new information about frederick mcleash the suspect charged in the health scare at shore medical center in south new jersey. the form sift is accused of of stealing pain medication and putting more 200 patients at risk for hiv and hepatitis. in 2002, state records show his license was suspended for stealing pain medication from a cvs. in two no uz six pennsylvania placed him on probation for two
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years for undisclosed infractions. more than a dozen residents are stuck footing hefty repair bills after a tire slashing spree in delaware. it happened near west 11th and juniper streets in new castle. neighbor called authorities after seeing three teenaged boys slashing tires on new castle county police car. in all, 18 vehicles were vandalized. police tried to track the teens with help from a police k9 but they were unsuccessful if they're caught those criminals face criminal mischief charges and fines. hollywood is gearing up for the biggest night in entertainment. the oscars. crews crews rolled out the famous red carpet outside the dolby theater. the carpet spans hundreds of feet and will be the first stop on sunday for some of the biggest names in film. the oscar statuette is a symbol of the academy awards and it's every actor and actor tress' dream to win one. >> who is the trophy name after good question. nicole brewer is here now with more on the origin of the name. >> he's not a bad looking guy,
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right. >> oscar. >> well built. maybe a little small. the golden statuette actually stands 13.5-inches tall and weighs about 8.5 pounds. so we know his stats but brittany from south philadelphia wondered who is oscar? who is this guy? it's a good question. as we approach hollywood's building guest night we thought we'd answer it. ♪ it's the most prestigious award show in the world. >> oscar goes to... >> the oscar goes to --ing. >> but as we approach the 88th academy awards, we wondered -- >> who is oscar? >> i have no idea. >> the first person to every within the award. >> the man on the statue. >> that's a good question. >> nobody knows who oscar is. >> exactly whom is oscar? >> do you know? >> oscar is just a nickname for that statue officially called the academy award statuette. >> cary ricky a film critic and writer. no one knows for sure largely accredited to margaret her rick
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the academy librarian turned executive. 19312 years after the first academy awards. >> new statues were brought oh my god it look like my uncle oscar. >> really? >> that's why it's named that? >> the story you toll was kind of boring. >> don't shoes shoot the messenger. >> i'm not. >> it doesn't sound like a great story but it stuck. >> it stuck. and it was much easier to say. >> then there's academy winning actress and first female academy president betty davis. >> she look at its back side and she said oh, my god this looks like my oscar's derriere. she also claims credit for it. >> i'm really underwhelmed with both of those answers. >> and according to kerry it's likely untrue. >> i interviewed betty davis a couple times. very good actress and -- with casual relation to the truth. >> cot be the work of sidney ski in 1934 used oscar as the
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nickname for the statue for the first time in print? >> yeah, but he didn't name it. >> hey, that's the answer much that's the glans wiley story behind oscar may be penned by our critics no one can deny its place in hollywood history. >> oscar it sounds good. it sounds important. >> arguably the most important award an actor can receive although it didn't start out exactly that way. our expert kerry ricky tells me it was an anti union ploy by the studios they figure if they gave them awards it would make them feel good and they'd be less likely to unionize and demand bigger salaries. >> really. >> interesting. >> that story behind oscar is more interesting than who oscar is. in and of itself. >> how they all were like, we don't like this. >> it's not a good story. >> i like that one better. >> i did my bev, guys. >> you did great. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> good stuff. >> what's your good question? we want to know. log on to question to submit your question or tweet us use the hash tag
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cbscbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and we can't wait to hear from you. well, from the big screen to the small screen one local boy is going prime time. he just appeared in tonight's episode of blue bloods bloods and our vittoria woodill talks to him about working with pretty big stars. >> i took a selfie with donny wahlberg. >> because you have to. what it took for this nine-year-old to land the role and why acting is such a big part of his life. >> and we've got a weekend warmup underway for the last few days of february. but then what about march? march may come in like a lamb and a lion. i'll explain what that means coming up. and a horse neglected and left for dead. tonight we have an update or clarissa and the major milestone her care takers are celebrating
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♪ >> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ we have good news to report tonight about a horse found monthly nourished in jim thorpe carbon county.
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we introduced to clarissa last month, she was severely malnourish and neglected. clarissa and 15 other horses were seized along with other animals and charges were filed against the owners. take a look at clarissa now much she's gained more than 100 pounds and is on the road to recovery. some of the horses including clarissa were taken to the last chance ranch in quakertown for care. a clearance sale may not mean as much savings it macy's department store is changing its policy and will no longer accept coupons for clearance items. macy's has long been known known for stackable do dollar and% off coupons under the new policies coupons will only apply to full priced and sale items. macy' says clearance items will still be deeply discounted. a night of fun and competition in north philly to night to help build relations between police and local kids. "eyewitness news" at the martin luther king rec center on cecil b. moore avenue tonight for police athletic league basketball game. organizers say the event was a great opportunity for youth to
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inter act with police officers in their community. a local boy is making it big in prime time tonight. you might have seen the cbs hit blue bloods right, torque night on cbs3. and in tonight's episode fourth grader from bala cynwyd made an appearance. >> indeed. after working with the stars of the cast vittoria woodill sits down with young ben schneider. ♪ >> reporter: this is ben. >> this is my room. >> awesome. not too bad. this is my violin stand. and here's some of my soccer trophies. >> ben is nine years old. >> violin, i used to do piano. i have to do my nailly check ins on my games in the morning. it's really crazy. >> stress being a nine-year-old, man. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's not obvious but ben has a serious job. ben is an act. >> ben the actor really is suddenly gotten very obsessed with his hair. >> run, jackie.
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>> ben not the actor loves his little brothers like no tomorrow. >> reporter: it was his little brothers that led ben into the limelight. >> two, one. >> we have identical twins who are little and he saw them doing commercials and one of them had a family in the commercial and he said oh why can't i be the big brother in the commercial? he said okay let's try it. now he's starting to have success. >> report roar success that paved the way to his cbs prime time debut. hob nobbing with the big-time boys in blue like donny wahlbe wahlberg. >> weren't you intimidate the? it's donny wahlberg. he's kind of a big deal. >> i know he is. i was just like, in my mine i was like, that's a legend. >> reporter: we're going to reenact a seen r should i be and what should i be doing right now. >> just walking towards me. >> ready and scene. are you okay, matthew? >> i'm fine. >> where is your dad? >> i don't know. >> i don't know either. >> i'll leave those lines to the pros but here was ben's big moment from tonight's episode. >> you okay?
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>> i'm fine. >> where is your dad? >> i don't know. >> now with a major credit under his belt, he wants more. >> if you could sum up your blue bloods experience, what would you say? >> um, to be in more episodes. >> i like how you think. >> i just want them to know what i'm capable of. >> give me some up top. >> i appreciate your aggression and you real dollar have beautiful hair. >> thanks. >> can i be your airtight stylist onset if you need one. >> okay. >> i'm for hire. so -- >> go to my piggy bank. (laughter). >> i didn't say i came cheap ben, okay? he may be playing it cool but he's got more major gigs lined up. ben just finished a movie called the dinner based on the new york times best selling novel ben plays richard gere's son. and this march he'll be shooting the movie collateral beauty with an a list cat cast kate winslet,
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kyra nightly and another philly native will smith. >> come on. >> how about that. >> come on. >> yes. >> he's on his way. >> he's on his way. >> hang on to that video. >> that's right, i know. >> a legend. >> he did great job tonight. >> he certainly did. >> thanks vittoria. >> thanks guys. >> check our forecast with kate and we're looking at that warm temperatures this weekend. 60s coming up. >> you know what the winds are dying down and that means we're on our way to good stuff. all theme of this forecast is improvement through the next several days. you really are going to like this weekend forecast. tomorrow still chilly wake up tomorrow morning temperatures in the 20s and you may step outside think, wait, didn't kate say it would be a nice weekend this is kind of miserable. tomorrow is a little chilly. sun are sunday your day to get outside. we'll take you outside to our roof cam this is a live look at center city philadelphia from the cbs broadcast center and it's a quiet night. nothing going on the winds have died down slightly but it is still breezy enough out there that it feels about 10 degrees
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colder than what the thermometer indicates. so if you're heading out tonight taking the dog for one last walk before bedtime definitely you need the coat and you may want to put the coat on the dog as well. take a look from across the river here just a quick view of the city all lit up from the palmyra cove nature park camera in new jersey. you can see across the northeast everything is pretty quiet. not much going on here. we have a few lake effect snow showers and flurries moving through portions of upstate new york. that's about it. with high pressure overhead really not much to see there on the satellite/radar picture. move on to temperatures. again, it's cold. it's 28 degrees in allentown right now. it's 19 in mount pocono. 34 still in philadelphia we tend to hang on to the warmer temperatures a little bit long longer. in the you be barry areas reading down to 27 right now. but again these temperatures they're a little bit deceiving because when you factor in the breeze, feels whole lot colder. feels like temperatures in the teens right now in both reading and lancaster. feels like single digits in the poconos right now and feels like 28 in philadelphia. but the winds are starting to die down. and as the winds die down the
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temperatures will rise. we've got a nice warmup to finish the month of february. tomorrow again transition day. cold start to your morning. we start the day in the 20s. if you're heading out for that morning bagel run talking about bagels on my twitter and facebook all day long i'm getting one tomorrow. you definitely had need the coat tomorrow morning. mid 40s in the afternoon. not too bad. brisk. sunday beautiful. sunny and mild we get this nice push of air from the south. 60 degrees. sunny but not too windy. we're in the 60s last weekend but this weekend this sunday will be the nicest day we've had in awhile. on monday, some more sunshine maybe a sprinkle breezy still in the low 60s to finish the month of february. if it feels like it's been cloudy this month it has the past three days cloud cover we've had 10 days this month with full cloud cover 12 days of partly sunny conditions. only three days of full sunshi sunshine. i'm hopeful at least sunday will fall into that category for us. but even though it's ban cloudy february, it's been a very very warm winter and in fact a record warm winter at least in this
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regard december to february we've had 20 days already at 60 plus. that beats the previous records of 15 and 16. it looks like it may end up around 22 before all is said and done. spring begins two times in the next couple of weeks. meteorological spring begins march 1st. and then the vernal equinox is on march 20th. spring is just around the corner, guys. it's going feel like spring this weekend tomorrow still cool, sunday gorgeous. monday still nice and warm and even tuesday. there's marcuming in like a lamb tuesday. for one day. it turns a little bit more lion like on wednesday. 57 with another round of rain. seems like this pattern rinse and repeat every week. >> enjoy that bagel. >> i will. don is here now with a look what's coming up in next sports. >> struggle could not be more real right now. why demarco murray may never to wear eagles green and jahlil okafor has a good night. was it good enough to keep the wizards down and snap a six-game losing streak? ♪
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welcome back. from borderline respectable to awful. it's been terrible few week for the sixers. they come into tonight loser of 10 of their last 11 games. tonight taking on the wizards in south philadelphia. how about we get a lock at the godfather of hoops sixers boss jerry cole angelo alongside owner josh harris. john wall going to the hole with soul. wis up by four. fourth quarter. sixers down by eight. that's big jal. he had 21 points and six boards. under three minutes left in the game may have been the play of the night. smith playing tenacious d going the other way and the filthy jam
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sixers trailed by five. final minute of the game, thou though, wall missing. gortat has his back. sixers lose by nine. they've now lost seven straight. >> it's always frustrating you know to be in a game like that and working so hard and the team overall, upping, came out and played tonight and got shots. the out come -- >> switching gears now flyers captain claude giroux has missed three straight games. he's hoping tomorrow against arizona will not make it four. giroux taking part in the team's morning skate and he sudden an upper body injury last friday. it look like a conscious. you know how hockey goes they never confirm that stuff. his teammate jake vorachek will be outweigh lower body injury. claude was asked about his status again the coyotes. >> i can't really answer that. >> do you know if you're able to play tomorrow. >> i don't know yet. we have to look at some things
11:27 pm
see how -- what's going on and i'll leave those questions to hextall. >> nfl so money and it knows it for third consecutive salary cap will increase by 10 millions. players association and players agents have been toll that the cap for each team will jump to 155 million this season. that's more dough to spend on more players. however, the eagles sound like they're willing to dump demarco murray. nfl media insider iain rappaport is reporting the birds are telling teams that they are willing to trade an unhappy mur reach the running back is 28 years old and four years left on his $40 million deal. murray had an off year last year. 700 yards rushing and six rushing touchdowns. we hardly knew you. >> well -- >> crazy summer, man. >> it will be crazy. >> we don't know yet. we don't know what the situation is. he'll be in a different offense with doug speed son. if he stays around. >> thank you buddy. >> we shall see. >> appreci
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♪ new tonight special event at the convention center in center city. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was among those on hand for a college gymnastics championship. the pink invitational ncaa gymnastics competition is also a fundraiser for breast cancer
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research. notice all the pink in there. the competition runs through sunday. they are talented. >> how about it? >> great job. ♪
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thanks for watching. our morning team is back tomorrow from five to 7:00 a.m. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on at the late show with stephen colbert is next.
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>> have a great weekend. colbert is next. >> have a great weekend. good night family and sleep >> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: thank you. ( cheers and applause ) welcome to "the late show." thanks, everybody. thank you. thank you, sir. thank you! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: hey! thanks


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