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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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we stand together there is no barrier too big to break. >> hillary clinton wins big in south caroline, here why bernie sanders say that the democratic campaign isn't over just yet. i decided to call 91. >> a philadelphia building comes tumbling down trapping a man inside, how the victim is doing this morning and what may have saved his life. it is chilly how the now but it will be a warm sunday.
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find out how long before we need our coats again. today is sunday february 28th, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. the let's turn over to meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather and bit of the good news for warm weather fans. >> exactly this afternoon beautiful stuff, lots of sunshine feels more like april and in a extension of the workweek. it makes it easy to wake up to in the morning. >> sunnies out. >> yeah. >> ditch the coat. >> it just feels good. we have been inside, cabin fever set nothing for people and it is good to get outside next few days if you have a chance to enjoy these temperatures. already noticeably warmer, yes, still chill think morning. we're talking about temperatures in the 30's but compared to yesterday, we're 10 degrees warmer in a lot of locations. saturday morning we woke up with temperatures in the lower 20's with wind chills values in the teens. here we are above freezing in many locations. 36 degrees at the airport. thirty-three in allentown. twenty-eight in reading. still some suburbs slightly below freezing, in pottstown, doylestown coming in at
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31 degrees. the winds some spots are calm or up to 10 miles an hour out of the southwest and we will deal with the breeze throughout the day tonight. 15 miles an hour. maybe you have travel plans today across the region, no problems, just hanging out, no good feeling will good, sunshine this afternoon with these temperatures. 60 degrees around philadelphia, and mid 50's at the shore, breezy at times, even up in the mountains, sun and clouds, those temperatures should break into the lower 50's. if you have ski plans today it will be good out there. maybe ditch heavier coat and hang out in long sleeves sweat shirts heating the slopes f you like, and, and, and, and rahel, back to you. >> looking forward to that, justin, thank you. one person is in the hospital this morning after a car, drives in the building. crews responded to the scene at j and d's produce and deli at oxford and devereaux avenue around 2:30 this morning.
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one person was transported to einstein hospital in unknown condition, and the accident remains under investigation this morning. and campaign 2016, hillary clinton is on a rel role, landslide victory in the south carolina democratic presidential primary for the former secretary of state, and it is her second in a row. cbs news correspondent craig boswell shows us why clinton won big. >> reporter: hillary clinton ran away from the south carolina a presidential primary. cbs news projections clinton beat vermont senator bernie sanders by a wide margin. >> thank you, so much south carolina. >> hillary, hillary. >> reporter: exit polls showed 84 percent of black voters went with clinton. she also dominate add among women by nearly 50 percent, and ann bolton hopes americans give clinton a chance to be president. >> main thing on her mind is to see that the americans have what they need to have. >> reporter: with more than 800 delegates up for grabs
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next tuesday, sanders looked past south carolina saturday and over next three daises focusing specifically on vermont, minnesota, massachusetts, oklahoma and colorado. sanders, ended his day with supporters in rochester, minnesota. >> minnesota can play a profound and important role in moving this country forward to a political revolution on tuesday, just a few days from now. >> thank you, alabama. >> reporter: clinton campaigned in alabama before returning to south carolina for her victory celebration. >> we are going to compete for every vote, in are state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking any within for granted. >> reporter: voters there told cbs news that the political experience was important to them, and analyst say that helps clinton pick up a decisive win in south carolina craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on the republican side,
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chris christie is quickly becoming one of the donald trump's most effective supporters. the new jersey governor joined the front runner at a rally in arkansas. the christie dished up more attacks against rivals marco rubio and ted cruz. meantime rubio and cruz return fire on the campaign trail in georgia as they released several years of their tax returns. trump has been under pressure to release his returns as well but says he will keep his returns under wraps until his irs audits are done. irs says trump is free to release information when he wants. >> donald trump's record is not that of a conservative. donald has agreed with hillary clinton on issue after issue. >> one tweet he posted of me having make up put on me at the debate which is amazing to me that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me. >> this light weight wait rubio, total light weight and little mouth on him, bing,
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bing. >> ben carson and john kasich are also battling for votes that is ahead of super tuesday now just two days away. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the campaign 2016, we will have very latest on air and on our web site at cbs eyewitnesses say there was in warning a philadelphia building collapses, seemingly out of no where, trapping a man inside. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh spoke to neighbors and explained what may have caused the accident. >> we have seen the building just go down, boom, bam, really fast. >> reporter: all that remains is ruble. >> i saw the building imploded within itself. >> reporter: neighbors say a fifth generation barber shop and apartment above it came crashing down in grays ferry around 7:30 saturday morning. >> we heard bricks crash. >> reporter: gregory cooper says he immediately ran down from his third story bedroom across the street to see if anyone was trapped. >> i heard a voice from the
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back of the house, hollering help. >> reporter: police say a 39 year-old man inside when the building collapsed narrowly escaped death. he is now recovering at penn presbyterian hospital. >> he was pretty much stuck in the back bedroom and this that saved his life because he was on top of the ruble. >> reporter: those on the scene say it is fortunate that the building collapsed when it did in the way that it did. >> kids go up and down this block to will school, right there at audenried and my first thought was my god if this would have happen on the weekday when these kids were getting out of school, you know, it could have been worse then what it is today. >> in the other buildings nearby a and no one was in the barber shop or on the street at the time of the collapse except for that one victim, who had been taken to the hospital. >> reporter: crews spent the day cutting electric and gas lanes to several properties and preparing the site for demolition and clean up. >> it is still not known what exactly caused this building to collapse but recent heavy wind may have been a factor. the licenses and inspections
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department tells us there was no history of violations at this property. reporting from grays ferry anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". another man trapped and rescued after a plane crashed, it happened in harrisburg. the plane did not touch the ground but it did become lodged in the trees. the pilot was trapped 50 feet aboveground for four hours. eighty-seven year-old was rescued by crews and walked away with no injuries. a police department in northern virginia is in mourning, a brand new police officer is sworn in and killed in the line of duty the very next day. virginia officer ashley gwenndon was shot while responding to a domestic dispute. in addition to gwenndon, two others were shot and wounded. the suspect a military serviceman was taken in custody. the incident remains in investigation. switching gears now thousands of gymnast are set to compete but in the just for themselves, kyw the news radio cherri gregg is live at the pennsylvania convention center
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where athletes have a very important cause on their mind this morning, hi there cherri. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. yes the important causes breast cancer, and later today, thousands of young girls will take to the matt for that very good cause. i'm here with sue weldon of unite for her. tell me burr organization and what you all do. >> yes, so we are an organization that bridges the gap between the medical and wellness community by providing our newly diagnosed women, we survey thousand a year in the philadelphia area with complimentary therapies. so hand and hand during their standard of care they get acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, things that actually help them get well and sustain them during the treatments that they go through and then help them get a new normal and lifestyle that can actually be empowering for them. it is giving them a control, to a disease they have in control in. >> reporter: today you are anticipate to go raise $400,000. tell will me how and what
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these mats right here have to do with how you will be raising this money. >> so good. we have 3500 athletes, 3500 young girls, they a all come together to help women affect by breast cancer, and they raise fund in their home community which is incredible and they bring it to the events. we have 3500 athletes, 92 teams, five of them college teams this year, 70 of the teams did the above and beyond team challenge that raised over 186,000 you. >> wow. >> so these young girls do bake sales, et cetera. >> reporter: a a lot going on. age eight to 18. come on over here steve, thinks day three of the event. >> yes. >> reporter: y'all are a little rough around the edges but lou good to me. >> yes. >> reporter: tell me your involvement in this. >> my gym, gymnastic out of west chester. we supply the parents to help run this fantastic meat we have over this weekend.
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so my wife and i own a business in west chester and sue came to work for us and eight years ago and she came to us with an idea to raise money for breast cancer and we started off with 600 kids and now we're up to 3500. >> reporter: 3500 kids. they will be registering shortly, right around 7:00 o'clock, and then of course right after 8:00 they will do some stretching and then they will get started. 3500 girls will be competing, this is day three of the competition. they are coming from all over the region, all to raise money to help women with breast cancer. >> so good, yes. >> wonderful cause. >> we will have have updates, we will talk to some of the women who are going to be helped some girls involved and some volunteers as well. live at pennsylvania convention center, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very neat, thank you. still to come on "eyewitness news", tax time is here, but don't expenditure refund just yet, three is on
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your side with the formula for success that you can get the most out of your money. plus soluting a philadelphia icon with the painting that hasn't been seen in public until right now, who is being honored in a special black history month celebration. and we could reach 60 degrees today so get outside and enjoy it while you can, justin will let us know how long spring-like temperatures will stick around, stay with us.
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welcome back, trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city has emerged from bankruptcy and officially owned by billion air investor karl icon. the bankruptcy reorganization of trump entertainment resorts was consummated friday. reorganized company is now a wholely owned subsidiary of icon enterprises, he also owns tropicana in atlantic city. taj had been in bankruptcy since september of 2014. the number of people affected by a hack at irs is now seven times larger then originally thought. last may the internal revenue services, says cyber criminals sold tax returns of the 104,000 people. that number is believed to be closer to 720,000. starting this week, the agencies will warn affected taxpayers about potential identity theft, they will also be offered free credit protection. so, do you expect to get a tax refund this year. many americans have either received refund or had one coming, and there are many
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ways to handle that mini wind fall. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan helps you make the most of that money. >> reporter: irs has processed nearly 50 million returns so far, almost 83 percent of them, resulted in refund. if you expect a refund experts say dividing it up is a smart move. >> forty, 30, 30 helps people plan what to do with their tax refund. >> reporter: markita louie business clarify the region's largest none in profit credit agency. >> we say break your tax return in buckets. 40 percent for savings. start an emergency savings fund. 30 percent for repaying debt, catching up on your bills. last 30 percent for something you want to do go to the spa, take a trip. >> reporter: adding to or even starting an emergency fund should be your first priority. to cover three to six months of expenses. >> so you think burr rent, or your mortgage, your car payments, things that are necessary to keep you going, day to day. >> reporter: then focus on paying down debt at very
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least, pay what is overdue, bring yourself current and start paying on a regular basis because inly payments, on time will also help your credit score. >> reporter: if you are owed a refund but still waiting for it, check out the status of your return by clicking the where's my refund tab on the irs web site, irs dot gov. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. and justin joining us now back with the forecast, i think people will like this. >> people are liking this and that is a nice break from winter. fifty, 60 degrees. people will be breaking out shorts today. i am one of those people who walk around from shorts on time-to-time on warmer day but still chilly this morning. this is berks county. we are at the 32 degrees. that is not bad. we were down in the lower 20's. so 10 degrees warmer. the nice sunrise, mid to high level clouds, that will in the bring precipitation, so full sunshine throughout your sunday and helping warm temperatures up ten to 15 degrees above average and
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you notice that sunnies hanging out longer and longer each day. check it out sunset tonight at the 5:51 just two weeks away from daylight savings time where sunset will be after 7:00 o'clock, sunday march 13th and by even of the march we are talking about sunset close to 7:30 at night. so certainly time for spring. we are gaining just over two and a half minute of daylight now each day as we head into the spring season. all right. there you go, peak of the warmth will be over next few days so starting to day we will be up around 07 degrees, well above average high of 47. same deal monday. tuesday maybe slightly cooler, upper 50's but we will take it for this time of the year, march coming in like a lamb, pretty quiet and then we will start to go downhill by end of the week. if you are a fan of the colder weather just wait until thursday and friday we have temperatures dipping back below average for this time of the year. thirty-three in allentown. thirty-three wilmington. thirty-six in philadelphia. a lot the of location is above freezing. there is that milder era cross the midwest, st. louis a at
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52, des moines 55 degrees. that warmer air is able to expand eastward over the next 72 hours and reason is jet stream that is to our north and it is also pretty much flat. you don't see big dips over us. that is a quiet weather pattern that allows air to move across u.s. and move up by the time you get to the east coast. we are running ten to 15 degrees above average. that put us in the early april-like conditions for start of the workweek. storm scan three quiet, protected by high pressure over mid-atlantic, and at least southern half of the north east a few clouds pass by from time to time today but we are keeping things dry. no chance of rain today, tomorrow we will increase it to 30 percent, not everybody sees it, the chance for just a stay shower from the weak cold front that moves through. we are dry on tuesday and then wednesday that is the day we're going to see chance for more steadier rain coming in, in the form of showers at times, press i much throughout the entire day that threat will be there on wednesday. look at that much of the eastern half of the u.s. is dry today, all of the clouds
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well to the north. there is the front that comes through tomorrow, through the morning, it is still dry, cloud start to increase, mid-morning, that is our chance for maybe a shower or two, in locations, and then again it is very weak limited moisture, the front is pretty much bringing clouds and not a whole lot of cold air behind it because tuesday it is press i much just as mild, in the 50's and then tuesday night more clouds return. here's the larger storm that brings rain chance wednesday. look at the temperatures today well to the 50's in berks county, lehigh will valley, upper 50's to 60 degrees. farther away from the ocean warmer you are and then tomorrow same deal, 50's to about 60 degrees. forecast today, feels like spring, at 60, and then tonight, not as cold, 43, little bit breezy, here's the extended forecast by the middle of the week we will see rain chances increasing, even of the week below average temperatures with chance of rain and snow showers on friday, back to you. >> perfect way to end the weekend, thanks. 7:20. time to see how traffic is moving with ann evans in the
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cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, ann. >> good morning, rahel. we are seeing increased volume, it is a a beautiful day you just heard the forecast folks out abe about already. this is i-95 between girard and allegheny no delays or problems here i-95 coming fine through philadelphia and suburbs. we will move traffic cam to the schuylkill, conshohocken curve, again volume building on the schuylkill this morning but it is behaving itself through philadelphia and suburbs, no delays, no accidents to tell but thankfully and no construction which is good. we are moving the traffic cam one more time to the mid county tolls of the pennsylvania turnpike heading up to the poconos today in, delays on the northeast extension or the pennsylvania turnpike, and if you are taking mass transit a couple notes from septa the media elwyn and chestnut hill east lines running on special weekend schedules due to construction at ck station and route ten trolley shuttle busing between 63rd and malvern avenue due to construction. everything else honor close to schedule just a great day so far. lets keep that it way. now rahel back to you.
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>> thanks, ann. >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" eating right but not the just to lose weight, our stephanie stahl shows you you four groups of food you can eat more of that helps more than your waist line. plus oscar goes to win or lease the stars won't go home empty handed at any's academy awards see the expensive gifts they will receive and why the swag is causing so much controversy.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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deit designed to protect your brain. your choices for breakfast could make a big difference. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us the new research. >> i have various food. >> reporter: done ultimate has restocked pant try refrigerator with food to protect his brains. >> lots of greens. >> don is on the mind diet hoping to reduce his risk for alzheimer's disease which runs in his family. his father was diagnosed in his early 50's. >> it is pretty scary. it is very, very emotional. >> reporter: it shows mind diet can reduce risk of alzheimer's bias much as 54 percent. >> we found that the higher level of the mind diet score was associated with lower rates of cognitive decline. >> reporter: diet was developed and to tested by martha claire morris at rush university. >> the mind diet is a hi buried of the mediterranean
7:26 am
and dash diets, with modifications that reflect the most compelling evidence from science, nutrition and dementia. >> reporter: essentials of the mind diet include leafy green vegetables, berries, nuts and whole grains. >> fruits and vegetables are in, cheese steaks are out. >> reporter: neurologist, carol with drexel university school of medicine says antioxidants in foods on the mind diet keep the brain from aging. >> the antioxidants basically make the brain cells the neurons, the connecting pieces more robust. >> i think i have more energy on it. >> after years of worrying don, who is 52 the age when his father was diagnosed feels there is finally something he can do to hopefully avoid his family history. >> i think that is pretty incredible. i mean i read like 54 percent risk reductions which is there is no medication out there that can do anything like
7:27 am
that. >> reporter: some other items on the mind diet, fish, chicken and in more than one glass of red wine a day and best results come from people who avoid things like butter, sugar and fast food. while it wasn't part of the diet, experts say regular exercise is always, good for your brain. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" it is amazing in one was killed in this crash, take a look, a truck slammed in the car, sending it in the busy intersection. coming up what the driver told investigators in the hospital. a red carpet ready, find out what eva longera is encouraging all actors to wear at tonight's oscars to support latinos, justin. >> the forecast will be feeling more like april and not just today i'll talk about how long this spring like stretch last in the forecast.
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pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ to take is sunday february e the month is over? good morning i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is outside on the sky deck with eyewitness weather and justin february ending on a
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warm note. >> not feeling like february, talking about spring like temperature for the next several days. yesterday, it was below average, temperatures in the mid 40's but now we're dealing with full sunshine this morning. you can feel difference. wind is kicking up but it is wind that will cause the milder air. lets check out temperatures, yesterday at this time we were in the lower 20's, now up to 36 at the airport. thirty-three wilmington. the south jersey chill any millville coming in at the 32 degrees. some suburbs, slightly below freezing in some spots. doylestown, pottstown, coming in at 31. there is wind from calm to 10 miles per hour out of the southwest, so this time of the year it the is all about sky conditions. we have got the sun and all about wind direction. it the is out of the south. that brings in warmer air. storm scan three is quiet. we will have a passing cloud from time to time this afternoon but decent amount of sunshine, so this morning still cool, 30's and 40's but by the afternoon well in the 50's, up to around 60 degrees, so we're jumping seasons here. yesterday's high was
7:32 am
4 degrees. that was below average. up around 60 for philadelphia even the at the shore mid 50's, breezy and should crack lower 50's in the poconos, and this trend continues for the workweek, we will talk about how long it last when i show you seven day in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. in other news a brand new police officer is sworn in and killed in the line of duty the very next day. virginia officer ashley gwenndon was shot responding to a domestic dispute. authorities say that when the office's arrived they found woman dead at the scene. in addition to gwenndon two other officers were shot and wounded. the suspect a military serviceman was taken in custody. the incident remains under investigation. and intense moment for motorist in texas, a dashboard camera captured a dump truck slamming in another car and pushing it right through an intersection. amazingly everyone is okay in the crash. the driver a says that he doesn't know what caused him to lose control.
7:33 am
the truck and other vehicles went through a concrete barrier and in the creek. four people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. and cherry hill police department is working to recruit the best and brightest to join the force, this weekend more than 200 applicants took a physical ability test. now they are the last ones standing from the nearly 2400 that requested applications. they had to complete the quarter mile obstacle course in just under two minutes. >> replicates a short foot pursuit so it is job specific to gauge a person's ability to perform functions of a police officer. >> it is a little bit harder then i thought but if you train right, it is exactly what you wanted it to be. >> there are still several other tests for the groups to conquer to become a police officer. thousands of athletes are at the pennsylvania convention center for a good cause. kyw news radio reporter cherri
7:34 am
gregg is their life where a day full of fun business to kick off, good morning, cherri. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, yes, it is, about to kick off in just a few moments. you can see there are athletes showing up and they are all part of an organization called unite for her, which is doing a gymnast event, all to raise money for breast cancer, they are anticipating they will raise about $400,000 from the gym, that are participating and also from the thousands of spectator who will fill these stands here in just an hour or so. so i'm like i mentioning it the is for breast cancer, a good cause and i'm here with laurie, carol and lauren, laurie is a nurse and she's also a volunteer. tell me a little bit about this organization and why you decided to give your time and help so many women. >> it is a wonderful organization. i work at lankenau medical center one of the unite for her sponsors wellness days. women undergoing breast cancer
7:35 am
treatments come to our hospital to learn about treatment modalities that can support them during their journey. so they learn about ohio, nutrition, acupuncture and when they leave the event the profits from this event support them with coupons to continue their therapist. many therapies that are in the covered by insurance company. >> reporter: thing is they don't just get one acupuncture a appointment they get the a dozen, and so, car will ol, you are a breast cancer survivor and now you came back to volunteer and you too, lauren, both of you had that happen. tell me why you decided to give back. i have gave back to unite for her. i was diagnosed three years ago and was invited to unite for her and got coupon that is laurie mentioned. i was able to do acupuncture i got 12 sessions of acupuncture and yoga a classes and fresh vegetables to live a healthier lifestyle and it is just what was a wonderful experience and change my life and that is why i have to give back constantly. >> reporter: so how does that add to the treatment for you,
7:36 am
how does that add to the treatment. >> tremendous, because my fear was i was than the going to be healthy during my treatment so my acupuncture marks sages, i was able to continue with that for a full year and be very healthy during my treatment and participate in life, exercise, and just give back, yeah. >> reporter: now they are here volunteering and like i said thousands, about 3500 gymnast from all over the region license here, they will be vaulting, flips and floor routine and it begins just after 8:00. live from the pennsylvania convention center cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> can't wait to see that, thank you very much. actress eva longer a want latin os to make a colorful statement. it is in the just a black and white issue, that is message eva longer a is taking to the oscar's red carpet. she's asking people attending the academy awards to wear a brown ribbon to call attention to the lack of latin o representation in films.
7:37 am
she's urging support tours tweet the hashtag, brown ribbon campaign and hollywood brown out. now only a handful of hollywood stars will take home a oscar tonight but other nominees at the academy award still won't leave empty handed. many are getting the most expensive gift swag bag ever, and as chris martinez reports, all that pricey swag, causing quite the controversy. >> reporter: win or lose, these are lavish gifts many oscar nominees will take home this weekend from a lifetime supply of skin cream to cleanser of a more personal nature. >> this is a a skin care system for your bottom and it is whole system with the expense is close to a you this dollars. >> reporter: this unofficial oscar gift bag includes 50 opulent items, services, trips including a ten day vacation to to israel, combined value tops $200,000. he has assembled the presents for 14 years and says it is all about product placement.
7:38 am
>> to have these celebrity wearing your jewelry, t-shirt or showing up at your resort is wart far more than any price or product they are giving a away. >> reporter: this year the academy filed a lawsuit over the big bundle of goodies claiming his company use oscar name to promote the bag even though it is not a affiliated. in a statement academy says while reports of the official oscar gift bag are untrue. we asked him about the lawsuit. >> i'm happy to say this is a very positive pro active conversation and very close to reaching an amicable agreement. >> reporter: as for all that swag it is not entirely free, bags are considered a business gift so recipients will to have pay taxes on those extravagant goodies. the chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". remembering a philadelphia and national treasure during black history month. saturday the city celebrated marion anderson day on what would have been the legendary singer's 119th birthday. math marion anderson museum on martin street in south philadelphia hosted an open house event, organizers,
7:39 am
unveiled an exhibit, showcasing newly cure rated dresses and photos of the great singer. the celebration included the dedication of an oil painting of anderson that was created in 1938, and the painting has in the been seen publicly until right now. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", meisha is taking us on another dream drive, first stop is amish market that has everything from food to furniture, but the next stop will definitely perk everyone up, see where you can get smoke coffee next. crowning a champion, who took top honors at miss philadelphia pageant. and it is going to be warm today but it might in the last long, justin is tracking our next storm. stay with us.
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meisha takes us, for a dream drive. buckle up, enjoy the ride. this time i'm driving from philadelphia, to west chester. >> amish markets are really popular here and so that is where we're headed to right now. good morning, more than aim's michael stanley the manager here at west town amish market. we are glad to have you. >> reporter: west town amish market has been opened since december 29th and it has already taken off. >> this has been taking back
7:43 am
to the tradition of pennsylvania dutch, and bringing their recipes, to the neighborhood. local prod dues, local meats. >> reporter: what is it for thaw keeps you coming back time and time again. >> i think it is just that everything that you want is here. >> reporter: there is a amish furniture, wine kiosk, a store and really you could spend all day walking nearly 25,000 square feet of space, and in fact, you might need the exercise. >> we have a bakery behind us where they are in the in the thousands but millions but it wouldn't be a amish bakery without seeing process of developing world famous pennsylvania dutch sticky buns. >> i remember, someone telling me they have chocolate covered bacon is this true. >> yes, it is very true. >> you dip it in the chocolate, lay it down and it hardens and then it is done. that sound like i could do this a at home. so what are your absolute favorites here in the market. >> well, the number one seller
7:44 am
will be the doughnut. this is a hand made, on the spot from scratch doughnut. multi generational recipes and there is 15 or 20 people waiting in line for the doughnut. >> they are sin full, deadly and delicious. >> reporter: when they put bacon dumbs on top of a mapel glazed doughnut they have these down pat. >> did you get a doughnut. >> yeah. >> high five, high five. >> my favorite, coffee, what is going on here. >> well, we bring it through a natural hickory smoke coffee. this is the coffee you have hat a campfire. but try some of this coffee. >> this will be hook up as an iv later. it doesn't stop, it is like an iv. >> it is almost like an oil residue that lingering in your mouth of coffee, oil, coffee, butter, it is so good. like i would drive from center
7:45 am
city to here just to have a shot of this. >> absolutely. >> meisha johnson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good stuff right there. she didn't talk about shoe fly pie that is a necessity in a amish bakery for sure. lets talk about a weather this morning not as cold as yesterday, lower 20's saturday morning but now we're in the 30's checking from our weather watchers, nice start for a final sunday of february, out in cherry hill lynn springer at 36 degrees. there is one cold spot in gilbertsville eileen checks in at 26. nottingham fran at 33 degrees, upper 30's in lawrenceville, peter, in williamstown ace above freezing right now 34 degrees in levittown, william, 37. you get the picture. mid to upper 30's, and story today will be sunshine and warm temperatures, i already have good shots of the nice sunrise, lynn spring inner cherry hill says glorious sunrise, high thin included out there but that is not going to stop temperatures from warming up. perfect blue skies not a cloud
7:46 am
in the sky in williamstown and peter send in this shot and margot simons in south jersey she's ready for st. patrick's day with the chapel rock in the window showing sunshine, and john ant nellie coming in with the clear skies this morning. check it the out northampton county we will go live to the bethlehem, main street right now, a few people outside walking on the sidewalk there, some cars starting to roll in setting up for a nice sunday, little breeze to deal w you can see flags blowing a bit. story is spring like stretch as we finish off the month of february and head into march. we will talk about a good rain chance this week and by end of the week another cool down does return. got to remember we are still in winter but these temperatures will fluctuate over the next few weeks. typical for this time of the year. friday, saturday below average. we are in the the low to mid 40's. forty-seven is our average high temperature, today, tomorrow, near 60 degrees, upper 50's on tuesday. so that puts us in that typical early april
7:47 am
conditions. here we are just three weeks from the official start of the spring season arrives march 20th at 12:30 in the morning. we will get 12 hours and ten minutes of the daylight on the first full day, official day of of the spring season. storm scan three, very quiet, clouds, snow showers up across southern can inadequacies, we are protect by high pressure today that keeps us nice and dry. we will watch a cold front moving east, over the next 24 hours. it will bring clouds in the region tomorrow morning, and then maybe a stray shower by the time the front gets here there is hardly any moisture left over, as that front moves off shore, we're back to sunshine and temperatures behind that front is not the that cold, it is a very weak cold front. tuesday we're dry. the here's our next storm system stronger bringing better chance of rain and tracks to the west and that means we will be on the milder side. look at today though getaway from the water, up inland spots we have lehigh valley berks county best shot the to reach 60 degrees. well in the 50's and 60's around philadelphia tonight and tomorrow morning, it is not that cold, look at that,
7:48 am
most areas in the the 40's, so we will be above freezing in the poconos, could remain in the 40's tonight. and then tomorrow same deal upper 50's to around 60 degrees, for the afternoon high temperature. what about the the trend heading in to march we will fluctuate temperatures, warm days and it cools down, this is march 6th and 12th, the projection for the first full week of march, it looks like warmth trying to expand east ward through most of the united states with above average temperatures, that is when you average it all out, we will still get you are cool days but forecast will be for above average numbers as you head toward the middle part of the month. today the 60 degrees, milder air with the sunshine. tonight breezy a few cloud around 43 degrees. same deal tomorrow near 60, upper 50's on tuesday. then we will bring in our next storm for wednesday, clouds with showers around pretty much anytime during the day, lower 50's for the highs and then there is that the shot of cold air that moves in. mid 40's thursday, only near 40 on friday and we will watch
7:49 am
this storm system that could bring a chance for rain and snow showers in here on friday and then we will dry out heading in the weekend. if you love watching weather you can be featured in the newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher. the sign up at cbs all right, justin, thanks. right now 7:49. lets see how things are moving on the roads, ann evans in the traffic center, good morning, ann. >> good morning, great day for sunday drive. you heard justin's forecast. where we are right now is in montgomeryville awe at 309 and 202 not too far from the montgomeryville mall and 309 is coming along fine this morning. no delays or problems. not too much volume either. wish we could stay that way right but soon we will be very full. we will move traffic cam here to 422, at oaks. look at these hills in the the distance just gorgeous, 422 is in good shape as well, and no delays or problems. this is four to 22 near oaks. moving traffic cam to i-95 at walt whitman bridge, walt whitman in the middle of your
7:50 am
screen there i-95 looking okay. area bridge necessary good shape. we did have an accident on the ben franklin that has since cleared and in delays or problems on the bridges, mass transit, if you are taking it honor close to schedule. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans new back to you rahel. >> thank you. still to come this morning on i "eyewitness news" the captain returns to the flyers line up but does it help him score a win. sports is next. but first here's is what on cbs-3 tonight.
7:51 am
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flyers continue to fight for a playoff spotting nothing to yesterday's game with the coyoties, they were three points out of the final wild card spot and played without forward jake voracek who was scene after that game wearing a walking booth. look at this guy checking out his first flyers game he got to see captain claude giroux back in action after missing last three games with the suspected concussion. did he provide a spark first series no score, nick cousins pass toes scott lawton, skates in and scores, which gives flyers the lead. the game tied in the first period, flyers on the power play, pass to the captain, his shot find the back of the net for his 500th career point, orange and black regain lead. forty seconds later flyers score again, it is sam gagne, first time this season as orange and black score three times. in the third period three-two contest nice passing, pierre
7:54 am
edward bellmawr passing the rebound to score, flyers beat coyoties, four-two. >> it is fun. we just get out on the ice and battle with your teammates to get a win, that is nothing better than that. >> it is tough for any team. come back and score a goal and all along it is a great game for being out with an injury the past couple of games. >> now to college hoops villanova wildcats play their final game as number one team in the nation after wednesday's looks to xavier, look the at rebound to against marquette. cats up by eight, ball to chris jenkins, three ball is g he scored 19. villanova with an one point lead early in the second. late are josh hart got a base line for nice move for two. seven from eight from the floor and he had 19 points.
7:55 am
danielle ochefu grabbed 12-point and scored 18. they still lead big east by a game over xavier, with two games left in the regular season. over at temple they played central will florida, celebrating hooter's birthday. second half game is tied, golden knights with the alley hoop, with the seven footer, slamming home to give them a two-point lead. later owls up by three. make it six after this nailing of the 36789 he led owls with 18 points. final ten seconds, the game is tied at 61, quinton decozy, making the jumper, 3.1 seconds left owls up by two. the central florida has within last shot, aj davis, and no good, temple escaped with a 63-61 victory. lasalle hosted george mason, explorer led by jordan price, he scored 24 points. lasalle win 76-68 to end a two game losing streak, penn loss to columbia and northeastern
7:56 am
beat drexel. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great the day. new miss philadelphia ace crown. holy harris won the crown at drexel university's mandell theater. the 22-year old is a communications major at shippensberg university. eighteen contestant competed in the 95th annual pageant, she will now advance to the miss pennsylvania pageant in june and possibly the miss america pageant in september. >> my goal for this upcoming year is to advocate for people with disabilities across the city of philadelphia, there is extremely talented young woman here in this stage and i gave it my awe and my best and it work out in my favor and i'm so grateful for that. >> miss philadelphia a scholarship organization awarded more than $10,000 in cash, scholarships, during the pageant, and coming up after a 8:30 miss philadelphia herself will be here live in our studio, we will hear all about her exciting night. >> that is it for "eyewitness
7:57 am
news" at 7:00 here's what we have at 8:00. we will go back out the live to the convention center with more on a special event getting underway this morning, gymnastics raising money for cancer research. temperatures are on the way up not just today justin is back with more on what to expect from this spring like sunday we will be right
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
tuesday contests. upside down in the trees, a small plane crashes in pennsylvania, and what it took for crew toss rescue the the pilot trapped inside. you are now looking live at the the pennsylvania convention center, where thousands of gymnast will take part in a tough competition and raise money for a good cause this morning. today us sunday, february 28th, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. lets turn it over to meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather, and justin chillier even to the week but good amount of sun now. >> march comes in like a lion? not so much this year. quiet and feeling more like april. >> yes. >> skipped over march. >> we have something for everybody this weekend. it was cold yesterday. we had highs in the 40's below average today up around 60 degrees for some spots across the delaware valley and already we are seeing that trend for that warmer air starting to move back in. we will look at the changeover the past 24 hours. ye


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