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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> oscar host chris rock acknowledge ago lack of diversity at the academy awards. what the acme's president is sake, and who took home hollywood's biggest honor. >> one day until super tuesday. donald trump causing more controversy. what he is refuse to go do that has candidates on both sides of the aisle criticizing him. >> and storm scan3, here, showing line every rain moving into the area. and just in time for the morning rush. katie tells us when it will be heaviest and then when it will get on out of here. good morning, it is monday, february 29th, leap day, i'm erika von tiehl.
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i check in with katie and meisha and the forecast and the roads. >> good morning, back at it, roadways are looking dry. hopefully it sticks around. >> right now, yes, disturbance headed our way, you saw it on storm scan at the wider zoom, not here yet. we have little time. little window of dry weather opportunity when it gets here, when it does it, will bring in just couple of showers, doesn't look like it will be a heavy hitter t does bring in the potential for to you have to use your windshield wipers. at the moment, quiet as can be, you have the try straight sweep picking up on nothing, handful of clouds off to the west, there is the leading edge of the wet weather. by this gets here the bark far worse than the bite. looks like we end up with some showers granted but nothing all that terrible t should be pretty quick hitting system before we start to actually see skies clear out for sunshine before we are said and done. quick walk, all good for the next hour or two. at least, and then we start to see some of the wet weather
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approaching, toward the tail end of your typical rubbing, some of you, not everyone respect starts see showers pushing through, will lick have i to deal with that leading up to the lunch hour, and it is out of here, second half of the day clearing out very readily. we end up again with sun before it is all said and done. where the temperatures currently stand, not bad. little breezy granted at 47 degrees, at the airport, and you're in the low 50's currently in both drove and millville. and just because we're off to such a mild start, more than anything, you will have no problem climbing here on the thermometer to above average levels. in fact, already above average, so from here where do we go, ends up in the low 60s, day that gets nicer and nicer time, do you have contend with winds despite the above average 651 degrees high. meisha, we send it over to you. >> good to know for later rush hour, thank you so much. all right, good morning, happy monday to you. still very, very early like we were talking becomes roadways still looking dry, we know
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will change little later report out now things looking pretty good. where we have construction 95 south between route one, business route one, two right lanes currently blocked, make note of that. not going to cause you too many slow downs, but it certainly will on a monday morning even pushing into the 5:00, 6:00 hour for sure. construction crucifix g lites here, see them pulled off, this is the skewing eastbound looking good, overall, volume levels still obviously light. not causing too many slow downs. forty-two northbound looking the same watch it typically looks like at 4:30, build into the 5:00, approaching 295 what you are looking at. construction delaware route 13 northbound ramp to 295, ramp currently closed. make note of that. that's closed. i'll let you know when it reopens, construction 95 northbound ramp to 295 closed will reopen march 21. >> a lot of celebrities still partying, the academy awards
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wrapped up pretty late. while watching the excepting speeches, lack of diversity among the nominees hard to miss. chris martinez spotlight the winners from the red carpet. >> the fill that many shined spotlight on victims of the catholic priest sex abuse scandal won for best picture at the 88th annual academy awards. >> it is time to protect the children and restore the fate. >> action film man mad fury road was the most honored film of the night walking away with six production awards. >> you can pop the ... >> the revenant won for best directing and its star, leonardo, won best actor as his role. it was his fifth nomination, but his first win. >> let us know take this planet for granted. dow not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> oh, wow. >> bri larson won best actress, in room. chris rock hosed the night, his opening monologue all about the all white nominees. >> otherwise known as the
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whitt people's choice awards. >> the comedian beat the diversity drum every chance he got. and the president of the academy echoed his sentiment. >> our audiences are global and rich in diversity, and every facet of our industry should be, as well. >> even here on the red carpet where oscar fashion is usually the biggest topic of discussion, diversity was front and center. >> i'm here because to disappear and truely make it oscar so white is stupid to me. >> the night also included visits from r2 d2, bb8, vice president joe biden, who joined lady gaga for a special presentation aimed at combating sexual violence. chris martinez, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and, as we mentioned the party is not over yet. coming up at 5:30, terry okita take us live to the after party. will wrap up all of the fun for us. 4:35, with one day before super tuesday, donald trump is un fire for not rejecting
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support from former kkk leader david duke. last week duke endorsed the developer for the republican presidential nomination. drum hop made the round on the sunday news programs was asked more than once about his opinion of the former kkk grand wizard, and the clan in general. >> i don't know, honestly, i don't know david duke, i don't believe i ever met him. i just don't know anything about him. >> look back at trump's involvement in politics shows he was familiar with duke in the past. in 2,000 trump decided not to run for president with the reform party. siding duke's involvement and referring to him as a chance man. in a tweet after his tv appearances trump disavowed duke's endorsement. democrat bernie sanders has pick up endorsement from democratic national committee advice chair who quit to back him. made the surprising announcement sunday. his endorsement of sanders follows hillary clinton's victory in the south carolina primary.
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on cbs "face the nation", sanders was still upbeat about his chances. >> i think we do have a path to victory. i won't tell you that we didn't get beaten and beaten very badly yesterday in south carolina. i congratulate secretary clinton on her victory, but john, i think for us that's about about as bad as it will get. >> polls in three key state, georgia, texas, and virginia, show clinton with commanding leads. they are among the 13 states and one territory part of super tuesday. >> and stay with "eyewitness news" as we stay up-to-date on campaign 2016. our coverage continues on line at >> philadelphia police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who sent a man to the hospital. that crash happened just before 8:00 last night on the corner of 65th street and grace err any southwest philadelphia. police say the driver ran away after slamming into another car. the driver of that other vehicle was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. >> and army staff sergeant accused every killing a police
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officer in virginia is due in court later on today. authority say 32 year old ronald hamilton shot three police officers who were responding to domestic call saturday night. one of those officers died. she has been identify identified as this woman, 28 year old ashley, she was her very first day on the job after she was sworn in just the day beforehand. >> people continue one step at a time in honor of ashley. it would discredit her memory and herself less service if we did anything but. >> two other officers are being treated for their injuries. authority say the accused shooter's wife was found dead when officers arrived. >> north korea has presented a detained american student in front of reporters. authority paraded auto warm beer for his first public appearance since his arrest in january. the university of virginia undergraduate acknowledged an apologized for his alleged crime. it involves the theft of a
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political slogan from staff only section of the hotel where he was staying. >> but i am begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness and i am praying to the heavens so that i may be returned home to my family. >> so far north korea is not saying what charges or punishment warmbier will face. >> new jersey senator menendez in appeals court later today. the hearing focused on corruption case against menendez, he was charged last year with bribery and other charges after prosecutors say he accepted gift and campaign contributions from a florida eye doctor in exchange for political favors. menendez has pleaded not guilty. >> new emails released from the flint water crisis show michigan governor rick snyder's aids new something was wrong as far back as october 2014. at the time aids were discussing switching the water supplies from the flint river
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back to lake huron. researchers would later find elevated levels of lead in the water. investigators are looking into why the city did not treat water with anti-corrosive agent. as required by federal law. snyder's spokesman said the emails highlight preliminary concerns before aids new about the lead problem. 4:40 right now. coming up this morning, hundreds of homeless men and women enjoy a gourmet dinner. how organizers raised thousands every dollars in just three days to make it happen. also this. >> when i called my mom that night, and toll her, you know, i got to love my mom, her first question out of her mouth was do you think i will ' be able to come to it. >> navy seal describes the moment his mother found out that he'll be awarded the medal of honor. hear what the president told him just ahead. >> and he's turning 21 today. but this bucks county man has been allowed to drink for decades. meet the man celebrating his milestone leap day birthday. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. for most of us birthdays happen every year. for people born on leap day, birthdays only come once every four years. >> surprise! >> friends and family surprised paul by throwing him a birthday party in warminster. paul was born on february 29th, 1932, he's a leap year baby who to this day is turning 21 years old. >> approximately the last five to ten years we've been counting down his 21st birthday, when he is finally legal. >> my son and i were both had our eighth birthdays in the same year. >> how about that. >> can you imagine that. >> paul will join us later this morning along with another guess also celebrating a birthday today. big old party cbs-3 style, cakes and all, chances of being born on leap day one in
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1,461. so he's been waiting for his 21st birthday for a long time now, more than 90 years, and he's due. >> hopefully he can get to the station all right this morning. expecting some rain this morning. >> it does look like he will get here before the rain happens. it looks to me like we'll see showers 8:00, or 9:00 at the earlier, primarily north and west of the city at that point. >> so it does look like these showers come through pretty much anywhere. don't be shock if you only see it for very short window of time and it is done. not only quick moving little disturbance, but doesn't really have a lot of umf to it. moisture but couple of showers really all we are talking b at the moment it looks a lot more robust than by the time it gets here, just front crossing through, as it does so again it will be triggering couple of rain showers, notice, any signed of mixing over to ice or snow are way off to the north, i mean, you know how warm it was this past weekend. and because we've got the warmth on our side even still this hour, it is nothing but rain showers, guys, you don't have to worry about any mixing
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anywhere. once this disturbance gets out of here again later this morning, we will be setting one high pressure at least initially for day and a half or so. then storm system two comes along there is guy has little more not just moisture with it but also strength. and that's what's going to be producing next round of heavier wet weather, at this point, still, likely looking to be strictly rain, i wouldn't be shocked to see couple of wet snowflakes mix in on the back side of it, though, as colder air starts to wrap n see how we do, timing likely on our side since it comes through early wednesday and generally midday and then gets out of here. so by the time it is retreating colder air catching up to it it may already be gone, so you won't have a have a chance necessarily to see too much in the way of any mixing or snow common the back side. in short primarily the next system that comes along beyond the first one mainly rain producer. watch for the showers out there, late morning primarily, skies clear out quickly, it will be windy but still mild at 16 degrees, dropping down to 39 tonight, not as windy as the wind starts to taper off.
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notice that. nice mild for the standards start to march. i will say it is coming in like a lamb, but come wednesday, march 2nd, though, we start to see things go downhill with the additional rain showers, and the winds picking right back up. erika, back to you. >> thank you, nearly 200 homeless men and women were treated to foreplay dinner center city. earn tire event started when facebook page and go fund me page. brain behind the pop up restaurant raising more than 20 mud just three days. hundreds of volunteers had the 23rd street armory to serve guests everything from short ribs to pasta to lobster and pastries. several restaurants and businesses also provided a pop up boutique stocked with clothing and other essentials. >> they're giving back to the homeless. i'm on my dawn fall right now. i thank them for coming out. >> gave a which 250 back packs, 220 gift cards to cvs, 50 pair of work boots, almost 100 pairs of pants, another
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hundred shirts, sweaters, t-shirts. >> just great. organizers are hoping to make this an end an all tradition. >> president obama awards the medal of honor today to a navy seal who helped rescue us hostage in afghanistan. edward fires, jr., becomes the 11th living service member to be awarded the nation's highest military honor in december 220, he helped free doctor joseph being held captive by the taliban in afghanistan for days. he shielded doctor joseph as a fire fight broke out. describes the moment president obama called him with news of his award. >> and he said, you know, congratulations, i looked at your award, and i've approved to you received the congressional medal of honor. and i was like okay, this is real. >> when the president calls you it is real. >> fellow seal team six member nicholas check was killed in that mission. buyers called him a hero. >> doctor joseph feels the same way about buyers, whom he
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says gave him a quote second chance at life. >> still ahead this morning, how disney is changing their ticket prices, how you may be paying more depending on whether you go. >> first though, here's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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>> 4:50, time for a check on your business news, jill, some good news for frequent flyers, airlines may actually regulate air space, how big the seats have to be, right? >> that's right, good morning, erika. new york senator charles schumer said that he's adding amendment to an f.a.a. bill it, would require the agency set minimum seat size for airlines. he says airlines have been cutting down leg room, seat width, forcing pass inning tears sit like sardines, that's a quote, and i have to agree with him there. erika?
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>> we understand, absolutely. some bad news, un for the lip, for parent of kids dying to go to disney soon. ticket prices could be getting more expensive. but depends on when you go, right? >> reporter: that's right. so disney really want to cut down on crowds. and so for the first time ever disney world in florida and disneyland in california will be raising ticket prices up to 20% for busy days. like holidays and weekends. those changes apply to single day ticket only, not those packages. erika? >> good to know, jill, thanks so much. >> still ahead this morning, rain is moving in for your morning rush, kate tells you when the heaviest rain will
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good morning, kick starting the work week with wet weather to tell but. not necessarily game change err for the day ahead, more than anything we expect mild conditions, little bit of winds for sure, but some sunshine, as women w start thing offer by taking you out to "skycam 3", at the moment is pretty calm, pretty collected, keep things tran
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will for the next couple of hours. throw the current conditions over top of this. forty-seven is the current temperature, pretty modest breeze at the moment nausseous wind will be kicking up with time here because of this. as you can see, the leading edge of wet weather pushing across central pennsylvania, that eventually gets here, again, late this morning, i would say, probably closing in on the tail end of your typical morning rush for the far north and west you can suburbs, but down through new jersey you might see late morning, closing in on the lunch hour, so it is on the way. not going to be entire day's worth of an event here. now today you have got high chance for rain up to 60%, but the thing is it is just couple of late morning showers, then skies do clear out. tomorrow march coming in essentially like a lamb, as things are nice and quiet for the first day of the new month. how much, wednesday that chance goes spiking back up to 80%, because we start to see next storm brewing, minimum showers, likely heavier rain, wind kicking up again, that's what is going to send in a
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downward spiral, real dose every winter down the road here, meisha. >> i'll be enjoying the 660 areas rain or sun today. yesterday was gorgeous. good morning, everyone, happy monday to you. looking at the vine, looking pretty darn good. moving in the westbound and eastbound directions obviously the eastbound is kind of starting to heat up more than the westbound side. but overall, vine looking real nice this morning, just dealing with some construction, most every which has been now clearing out of the way. this is one of the areas where it is just cleared, the a, headlights moving in the southbound direction between route one, business route one. two right lanes, compromised because of the construction, obviously now you can see they've moved that out of your way, great news there. also crucifix g some lights here in the schuylkill eastbound at montgomery all cleared too, suing looking good, and we would expect that on a monday even though mondays tend to be fairly busy. construction delaware route 13 northbound ramp to 295 that ramp closed, i'll let you know when that lift of course. ninety-five northbound ramp from delaware avenue closed nine # a.m. until march 21, make note of. that will 95 northbound the ramp like i said this one
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closed delaware reopens 9:00 a.m. today. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. if you are headed out the door tune in to sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 for date -- katie's updating forecast. >> and, where the presidential candidates stand in the polls ahead in tuesday's super tuesday primary. >> and did the oscars help bolster the weekends box office? check in two, three, four times a day "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dime. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", new twist on breakfast staple. we're take you inside the area's newest bagel shop to make philly style bagels including special ingredient that goes into the dough. >> and red carpet trends, show you the hottest looks from the red carpet, how you can get them atmore affordable price. back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and the oscar goes to ... >> hollywood's biggest night. we have all of the big moments from the oscars that you will be talking about this morning. from the big winners to the red carpet to chris rock responding to the controversial lack of diversity, we have all of that coming up. also, critical day of campaigning before super tuesday. now the candidates are getting very personal. the bitter attacks being traded on the trail. >> and, comfortable start to the week. but you may have to dodge a little rain today. looking liver at bethlehem. katie will let you know which day will be the wettest and also whether winter returns. good morning, today is monday,
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february 29, happen line day. i'm erika von tiehl. katie outside on the skydeck. meisha watching the roads for us this morning. i heard you say it is not too bad out here. >> it is not terrible. >> yes, funny, i asked when i woke up it felt kind of nice, maybe residual rolling on into today. roadways looking good. what's in store for us, katy? >> keep the warmth it looks like meisha a however as we had allude dollars to just moment ago, little wet weather on the horizon for us, clearly i don't have my umbrella, so not needing it at the moment, you are not either, no matter where up. but that will be a little bit after different scenario as the morning progresses here. we start thing off just by looking at storm scan3, still completely empty as our tri-state sweep is made here. soap the radar really not having to pick up on much of anything. all do you have do though zoom it out even once or twice, let's go ahead, take region wide zoom of the keystone state. where you start to find wet weather pushing through. it is all rain showers though. you don't have to worry about any kind of wintery mixing today. simply because it is just too warm for that at this point.


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