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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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february 29, happen line day. i'm erika von tiehl. katie outside on the skydeck. meisha watching the roads for us this morning. i heard you say it is not too bad out here. >> it is not terrible. >> yes, funny, i asked when i woke up it felt kind of nice, maybe residual rolling on into today. roadways looking good. what's in store for us, katy? >> keep the warmth it looks like meisha a however as we had allude dollars to just moment ago, little wet weather on the horizon for us, clearly i don't have my umbrella, so not needing it at the moment, you are not either, no matter where up. but that will be a little bit after different scenario as the morning progresses here. we start thing off just by looking at storm scan3, still completely empty as our tri-state sweep is made here. soap the radar really not having to pick up on much of anything. all do you have do though zoom it out even once or twice, let's go ahead, take region wide zoom of the keystone state. where you start to find wet weather pushing through. it is all rain showers though. you don't have to worry about any kind of wintery mixing today. simply because it is just too warm for that at this point. you know it.
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scattered light showers are out there. and the general window of that will be eight to 11:00. so this could be so much worse. even though it is just few light showers, the time something pretty good here. comes on tail end of your typical morning rush, amounts are less than tent of an inch, and other than some damp roads and little bit of slower travel, definitely more of nuisance than anything. take a look at the area temperatures, not bad. 47 degrees right now at the area port. low and mid 40's up and down i95, low 50's still being reported in dover, delaware. so, we're off to milder than average start as it is. and you're also in the low 50's, even at some of the shore towns simply because more than anything you are proximity to the open water, moderating influence interest that, but that said the day does progress, because off to warm start, you will ends at warm finish here with highs in the low 60s. both at the shore and certainly here in philadelphia. so, other than those showers in the morning, you will notice that it is a mild day. have to contend with some winds since we do have disturbance crossing through, meisha, a but this mild weather can't last forever, eventually winter does return.
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i'll tell when you coming up. >> all right, thanks, katie. little bit of rain today. but we get to keep the six off's, the trade off, i'll take t morning, everyone, hammy monday to you. taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, those of you coming from jersey looking good, nice and quiet, exactly what we want pushing into the 9:00 hour. ninety-five south at academy, keep my eye all morning long, not starting to heat up but do have early risers, already hitting the roadways, probably what we see typical for monday and tuesday morning, 95 delaware count moving in the northbound direction looking good, very nice, very quiet. as you take it all the way up to the airport that's what you are looking at, by the way be sure to take your schedules on line, but the airport looking good as well. construction 95 northbound ramp from delaware avenue closed 9:00 a.m. today to march 2; also 95 southbound the ramp to delaware avenue reopens at 9:00 a.m. today. very good news for at love you waiting for. that will also construction delaware route 13 northbound the ramp to 295 that ramp is closed, make note of that. i'll let you know when it reopens. >> meisha, thank you.
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5:02, everyone is talking about the 88th annual academy awards this morning. after five nominations, so happy to see this, leonardo dicaprio finally gets the golden statue. as expected also chris rock delivers a hilarious monologue attacking the lack of diversity among the nominees. you new woe go there. also if you went to bed, don't worry about it, jan carabeo onset to look at the winners, losers, funny moment, she has all of it for us. >> all of it. i don't want to spoil anything just yet. if you dvr it, but sly didn't win, fingers crossed for creed, he didn't win. but a lot of big winners and a lot of point we were look to go see, chris rock being the host, we wanted to see how woe address the lack of diversity issue it, did not disappoint. >> right from the beginning too. >> absolutely it, had its usual hollywood glitz and glamour and the big winners but of course there was the one big thing hard to miss, the lack of diversity, host chris rock did not skip a beat and focusing on the issue.
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>> as soon as the 88th annual academy awards opened host chris rock addressed the elephant in the room. his monologue all about the all white nominee. >> here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards -- >> and rock didn't stop there. >> what i'm trying to say is, you know, it is not about, it is just we want opportunity. we want the black actors to get the same opportunity it, that's it. >> the president of the academy echoed his sentiment. >> our audiences are global and rich in diversity. and every facet of our industry should be, as well. >> meantime, the big award of the night, best picture, went to spotlight. the move that i shined the spotlight on victims of the catholic priest sex abuse scandal. >> pope francis it is time to protect the children and
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restore the fate. >> action film mad max fury road was the most honored film of the night walking away with six production awards. >> you can pop ... >> the rev fanned won for best directing. and its star, five time nominee, leonardo dip cap rio finally nabbed his best actor oscar for his role as vengeful front tears man. he recognized his family after the big win. >> to have had par hasn't have allowed me to be a part of this industry, to make me on auditions every day after school, and to tell stories like this has been my dream ever since i was four years old. and -- >> br evident layers on won her role as a ducked mother. and beating out sill sister stomach own in creed. >> a disappoint. ment on the upside he won best director, best picture back in the day. >> he had his moment.
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>> exactly. and jan, thanks so much. 5:05 right nowment sentimental favorite, sill sister stallone, and judges jan said it, come up short for his role in creed. were still few winners with local times. former temple student adam mc kay took home oscar for best adapted screen play, also nominated for best director about the financial crisis. josh singer also earned his first oscar for riding the best original screen play, from ambler, graduated from upper dublin high school. >> first stop for many winners of the oscars is the governor's ball to get their statues engraved. party still going on this morning as you might imagine in hollywood. we'll take you there live for the celebration that is did you not see on tv also looking ahead we check out the fashion, how you can look like the stars for far less money. that's all coming up in our next half hour. >> 5:06 right now. presidential candidates are making their final push going into super tuesday. for the republicans about 600
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delegate are up for drabs tomorrow. don champion report, donald trump opponents keep trying to slow his momentum. >> donald trump marco rubio spent the weekend rarely any love lost in presidential politics. >> we don't need a guy who is 20 and scared. >> doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the spray tan that he use. >> at rally in virginia sunday, rubio took an even deeper dig. >> he's always calling me little marco. i will admit he is taller than me, he is like six-two, which is i don't understand are the hands are someone that is five-two, have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. you can't trust them. >> a new cbs battleground tracker pole shows trump ahead in georgia and virginia, but he trails ted cruz in texas. cruz is now taking aim at trump for failing to condemn supportive comment from former
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kkk leader david duke. >> i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever mitt him. i am pretty sure i didn't meet him. i just don't know anything about him. >> there have always been ugly element in candidate. no one can control what outside groups do. but in my mind, bigotry racism has no place in politics. >> hillary clinton campaigned in the south sunday, hoping to capitalize on her big win among black voters from south carolina the cbs pole shows clinton is ahead of bernie sanders in george, a virginia, and texas. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the super tuesday, in campaign 2016. when you're not near a tv you can always hop on line at cbs philly. com. >> man injured in hit-and-run crash, now the search is on for the driver who caused that accident. it happened just before 8:00 last night the corner of 65th street and grays avenue in southwest philadelphia. police say a driver smashed into another car, and then ran
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away. the victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. anyone with information is asked to call philadelphia police. a church tragedy. a posteraro tore is killed at his church. police say his own brother pulled the trigger watch detective think sparked the deadly encounter. >> also, more trouble at sea, the latest problems that force this ship to return home to new jersey for a second time in a month. justin? >> good morning, from fishtown, erika. i'm justin finch, the crew from philly style bagels, we'll take you in the kitchen, the key ingredient that sets these bagels a wart fro
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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>> new bagel shop in philadelphia is getting quite the following. philly style bagels fishtown. check out what all of the buzz is b we are expecting some treats when you get back, justin, good morning. >> reporter: oh, that's a lot of pressure, erika, good morning, in the kitchen right now, for some reason they let me back herement you can see the work already underway,
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getting bagels ready here. we have the dough going on here, they're getting it ready on that psched seasoning going on back here, just behind jonathan there, they're going into that brick oven. we will talk about that coming up. but first, as jonathan get these bagels ready here, i want to ask you, john, what makes these bagels so special and unlike most? >> the thing that makes philly style bagels unique is the fact that we boil them in yard ipa. we use beer instead of honey or malt syrup, common in other styles of bagel making. and then we make our dough making process real slow, so we build the dough over three days. so you get to get all of the good flavor of the flour out of it. >> so to be clear, the purpose of using beer in your process not to get anyone wasted eating the bagels it, adds to the flavor and part of the actual process? >> just for flavor. gets them nice color too when we boil them in it. then it gives them nice shine and nice crunch.
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>> we were talking about your oven here, you don't usually see a pizza oven like this in a bagel shop. what's the reason behind that? >> we started making bagels as pop up shop at pizzeria over on girard avenue. and it is the same oven that he has. we noticed that because there is stone on the top, the sides and the bottom, the bagels ends up cooking on all sides, and ends up crunchy all around. so they have a lot more texture than your average bagel. >> and i think our photographer scott back there was actually getting the bagels, boiling, that's the point at which they go into the mixture of the water and the beer is that correct right? >> exactly. >> and they stay in that mixture for about how long? >> they boil a minute and a half on each side. and then whole place look like a brewery all the time because we have the aroma going into the air. >> it smells good here all the time. >> i noticed that. is there a purpose for the ipa? could you use any beer? >> we could. i guess could you use bunch of
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different beers. but we tried at first, it worked really well, and if it is not for us, don't fix it. so we stuck with what works. we really like having that beer around to drink all the time. >> right. >> because we have a keg in the back that we can pull from if we ever decide we need a beer after a hard day. >> good to know. this might be your perhaps the quiet he is point of your morning i would imagine before the crowds start to arrive for the morning rush? >> yes, mornings are calm because we're here getting into the loop of just making bagels, and we're going over and over with the process. it is relaxing, kind of meditate i have in a way. but hard work at the same time. >> john, thank you so much. i'll allow you to put the bagels in the oven there. sometime going in. john told me there are bricks on the top and bottom so it get crispy on both sides. you won't find that with a lot of bagels, erika. sometimes they're too big or kind of mushy in the middle or you just don't want to finish the whole thing. these i hear are just enough for to you have a full bagel experience, not have all of the heaviness, but we will see
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how many of these bagels get back to you guys, i've had a lot of requests come in, and it is still very earliment back to you in the studio. >> justin i want you to have the full bagel experience. let us know if you actually taste beer when you bite into it. i'm interested. are you up to the task, justin? >> i'm up to tasting the bagels, tasting the beer, there is a keg as you mentioned, i have to say when walk in here i did get a whiff of it, it was not unpleasant. did i enjoy it. >> yes, tough day at work for you today. thanks so much. we'll check in with you later on. >> tough assignment, absolutely, see ya. >> 5:16 right now. you might need that umbrella this morning, katie timing out some rain as we all head back to work. >> indeed i am. it really looks lick it will be rate morning -- late morning event, justice turn ands crossing through, bringing hands full of showers, that's it. the rest of the day you will notice it is mild, it is little windy outside. we actually end one sunshine before date is said and done. we start things offer by taking you out to doo i
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camera. finds nothing but dry cameras here in the delaware valley up toward the mountains right now we start things offer at pleasant valley and middle high school. 29 degrees, virtually no wind, but the direction of the wind flow is out of the south southwest, because we are still tracking disturbance that's on the way. you get it moisture being drawn in from the south as well as wind flow there is how much is not going to be really moisture rich system for us, even as you look at the last three hour loop, see how the heff yes rainfall intensity bands are starting to diminish just little bit. once this crosses through, we will be just sitting pretty at least for day and a half with high pressure on our side. there is another storm system that will eventually move in for wednesday specially. tuesday night into wednesday. so, let's wake you through this here. eight, nine, ten armor so, just tracking handful of showers. you notice not everyone is getting hit at the same time further east you are, the later it gets here, but up until 11:00 or noon at the latest see the showers move in. then we clear out for sun through tomorrow basically
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clear as a bell, kick start the month of march. say it is coming in like a lamb. although, more liontype weather comes our way tuesday night into wednesday with the next storm systemment looks like primarily rain event. we've just got too much warmth on our side here at least initially we end one basically just rain showers and possibly few thunderstorms. quids, not looking too bad today. we gave you b minus, have to track showers, the earlier your bus arrives, the better chance you will stay dry at the bus stop. later today, skies clearing, yes, it is still little breezy but 61 degrees ain't bad. we take a look at the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, temperatures hit the mid and up ear's, tuesday, wednesday, the second storm on the way, and then behind that, a return to wintertime. had to come back at some point, right? it is early march after all. but the daytime high is going to hit nothing better than 39 degrees. >> enjoy the 60s. >> absolutely. >> and at least it is happening on a friday. so then we can all celebrate it is the weekends.
5:19 am
like the trade off. trade off will be there. >> talking all morning about the oscars, oscar fashion, awards handed out. that was not the only one. katie got a special award. >> awarded the to 16 champion for moms award at maternity care coalition annual celebrating mothers brunn this much past weekends, they actually recognized me. here is the awards. it is so lovely. they recognizes dollars for my action on behalf of pregnant women. -- moms. on line bumming. i was just calling for respect and the support that each mom deserves as they're trying to balance being full time parent, employee, and i was so thrilled and honored to be there. and except this. >> amazing. >> and learning so much. >> i had just started to learn more about maternity care coalition, do amazing work, such funds mental work to make sure families get the help that they need, that they help with cribs. new services for moms.
5:20 am
>> so deserve. >> hang it somewhere special. >> love that. >> thanks, guys. >> traffic not looking too bad. >> traffic looking good. do have couple every accident out there and some construction, overall things looking good. good morning, happy monday. your roadways are nice and dry. we know they won't stay that way, katie will be talking about that all morning long. right now things are looking pretty good. we have the accident that have to get cleared out of our way. this is the schuylkill, headlights eastbound direction at spring gardenment looking actually real good here. we did have some construction on the schuylkill since cleared, right now though right around spring garden looking good for those every you just headed out here sometime soon. then the boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction, fox street, looking good. as you can see, already, do have early risers jumping on the roadways, we typically see this on monday even breaking into the 5:00 hour. we usually start to get some activity out there. seeing that right now on the boulevard. those of it you at home, just taking first cup of cough app, maybe even your second, depending on what you maybe
5:21 am
have newborn at home, i know a lot of new moms tweeting at me saying they're up earl which coffee. i'll let you know right now if that's you, if you are getting jump start to your day you certainly want to do so. it will get busy out there specially with the rain. ninety-five southbound, cottman, looking good. look how busy it is getting again get out the door as soon as you can, back to you. >> authorities in ohio plan to charge man murdering his own brother at church. police say pastor william schuller was gunned down in the church office yesterday afternoon. police arrested the pastor's younger brother daniel at the scene. church members describe the moment before daniel schuller walked into his brother's office, and opened fire. >> after prayer he got up, he went back in our pastor's offers and then i heard two shots. it wasn't a minute. and i heard this is shot. so i just got everybody out of the church. and we just kept hearing shooting, shooting, bang, bang, bang. >> police believe the shooting
5:22 am
stemmed from domestic dispute between the brothers. >> 5:22 right now. taking the wraps off the newest iphone. when apple is expected to unveil the new phone and the features it will and won't have. >> and stopping those shrinking seats. the new push to stop airlines from squeezing new smaller and smaller seats on planes. we'll be right back.
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>> royal caribbean said it is ending a trip to provide guest winter weather advisory comfortable journey back home. the ship is expected to arrive in bayonne, new jersey on wednesday, and the same ship was damaged earlier this month after running into rough seas. well, are you tired of squeezing into your airplane seat for the long flight? new york senator charles schumer want the federal government to set up rules for
5:26 am
seat sizes on airplanes. schumer wants the airlines to give passengers more breathing room. >> nothing bothers people more than the fact that there is almost no leg room. the average passenger feels like they're being treated as sardines, squeezed around squeezed and squeezed. >> and we felt that way, right? federal aviation administration says it looks forward to reviewing schumer's plan, a vote scheduled for next month. >> coming up in the next half hour here on "eyewitness news", going live to hollywood for all of the oscars excitement. >> the glitz and glamour of the oscar after party and reaction to the big winners. i'm terry okita in hollywood. that story just ahead. >> and i'm praying to the heavens so that i may be returned home to my family. >> begging for forgiveness. the reason that american was arrested in north korea and his emotional plea for help. katie? >> and erika, we will be tracking bit before wet -- a
5:27 am
bit of wet weather today and mid week. what looks to be the wettest day of the next five. also talk about a return tore winter straight ahead. >> also, meisha warning that monday morning commute for you. she lets us know of any backups or construction when you head out to work and school this leap day. we'll be right back.
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aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". the oscar goes to ... spotlight. >> spotlight has six nominations this year, winning two oscars for original screen play and best picture. quite a feat. many are still talking about chris rock's opening monologue. >> well i am here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> across temple town oscar after parties, still going right now, many of the winners went to the governor's ball where they got their statues engraved, others at the glitzy parties. terry okita partying right along with them, get that woman a coffee. good morning. >> thank you, erika. that's so true. it is 2:30 in the


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