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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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says that there is in threat to the community. >> i know zika had has got a lot of attention and people are worried bit because it is a new infection. >> reporter: doctor carolyn johnson with the philadelphia department of health is among health officials who had been expecting more cases of zika virus spread by mosquitoes. while there are cases a across the united states it is mainly concentrated and spread nothing central and south america and caribbean. virus can cause mild flu-like symptoms and is only dangerous to pregnant with man because it can cause birth defects and can be sexually transmitted. while there is no specific information about the philadelphia case, it is assumed that she was infected when she was recently in the caribbean. >> it is not a significant to people locally because mosquitoes that transmit infections don't live or survive in philadelphia a. >> i don't think it is a a surprise. >> reporter: pj brennan a is chief medical officer at penn medicine and infectious disease physician. >> there are lots of people who travel to the caribbean
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and lots of mosquitoes and inevitably, i think someone was going to come back and it has finally happened. health concerns are for pregnant woman and, a apart from that, it is really not a significant issue. >> reporter: health department for the the state of pennsylvania, updated its zika numbers today and there are five confirmed cases in pa, 148, pending, lab tests and other than the one woman in philadelphia we don't know electricians of any of these other people but no complications in any of these cases. >> mosquitoes aren't here. >> exactly. >> a stirring show of support for a virginia police officer killed during her first take on the job. officer ashley guindon died on saturday as one of the three officers shot as they responded to a domestic disturbance call. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is at philadelphia police headquarters with unique way officers in our area in solidarity with the fallen officer, rahel. >> reporter: jessica, you said it this happened in virginia
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and yet police officers i spoke with today say it hurts all the same. now they have taken to social media to stand in solidarity with their officers in blue. >> you can go from a day of, adult uneventful day, to fighting for your life. >> reporter: it was her first shift, her very first day on the job, and it would be prince william county officer ashley guindon's last. >> i don't know where the subject is. >> reporter: guindon was killed at the day responding to a domestic incident. it happened in virginia, yet officers here in our region, say it hits too close to home. >> it is a tragedy like this, a young lady, young police officer, it is gut wrenching. >> it touches everybody across the country. >> reporter: separate by more than 100 miles, officers are standing with guindon's collogues through power of social media law enforcement from our region taking to twitter and facebook to share photos of themselves from one of their first days on the job. a day, maybe full of nerves,
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but also one of promise. >> full of varying or just 20 years old walking out the door i want to save the world. >> reporter: police say no the matter how many days on the job the loss is no less difficult, and it the is one that many agencies understand, firsthand. >> we're coming up on one year anniversary, of losing one of our heroes robert wilson, the third and again that is something that is still, it the is fresh, you know where you were, when you got that call, you know what you were doing and it is something that you really do not the forget. >> reporter: collogues have said she just wanted to help others, she didn't get that chance, she will never be a able to report back for work but the larger purpose is to protect and serve remains now in the hand of her brothers and sisters in blue. one thing i heard of today is the disturbance call can be one of the most dangerous calls to respond to but there is no routine calls so any calls can be your last, that
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chilling understanding, it comes with the job. reporting live from police headquarters rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and gunman accused of shooting officer guindon has allegedly confessed. army staff sergeant ronald hamilton is being held, without bail on two murder charges. court records show the 31 year-old admitted to shooting his wife and three police officers who showed up at his front door after his wife called 911, the other two injured officers are expect to survive. also tonight on "eyewitness news", it is back another proposallal for soda tax in philadelphia. this time from mayor kenney who is looking for cash to fund his universal prek plan among other initiatives. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins with us how much we're talk about on the money front, greg. >> reporter: we broke down numbers. over course of the five years mayor's proposal would bring an estimated 400 million-dollar in tax revenue but we wanted to know exactly what this means for the average soda drinker.
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we take a 20-ounce bottle of pop the price could increase, some 60 cents. the it may be a your go to pick me up that bolt of soda or sweet tea but now mayor jim kenney wants to tack on a one sent tax per ounce to that sugary drink. >> i love mountain dew. >> reporter: let's say there are as many reaction toss that plan as there are flavors of soda. what do you think about that. >> i think as long as i know it will go to a good cause. >> he is out of his mind. >> it is great. we should increase health awareness. >> they are taxing everything so why not. >> reporter: thinks different. >> yes. >> reporter: if passed mayores plan would fun 400 million-dollar in projects, more than half of which would go to the fulfilling a campaign promise of universal prek for city children. >> this is your city. >> reporter: councilman kenney voted against similar proposals pitched by then mayor michael nutter. >> you owe posed a previous proposal why the change now. >> because there was no associated efforts with the
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money, it was give us money and we will plug a hole with it. this is something we cannot get paid for any other way. >> reporter: despite those previous defeats though mayor kenney is now confident the his proposal will pass. >> i don't think we will try it unless i thought we could do it. >> reporter: spokesperson for american beverage a association released this statement in part, quote that the soda taxis an old idea that has been reject in the past for good reason. philadelphians have been burdened year after year with tax increases and a new tax on soda would just be another tax on hard working philadelphia residents and neighborhood businesses. the now mayor says he is releasing the full details of this proposal come this wednesday and that is when we can expect the real debate to begin. we are live here i'm greg a argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". take a look at weather now a wet morning turns into a nice day with smooth sailing on this monday, sunny skies, mild temperatures, and how long does this spring-like weather last? we will go outside to find out. the meteorologist kate bilo
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live on the sky deck with more on that, kate. >> jessica, it is nice and warm but you can call it wind of change, wind are quite strong and we have got big changes this week, in fact this week has a little bit of everything. we have got temperatures in the 60's today by end of the week 30's. also chance for rain and even some snow this week. it is a wild ride february into march but lets start with the the good stuff we will go out to our highs were today, let me get my hair out of my mouse, temperatures got to 64 degrees in philadelphia today well above average. we have hit 65 in atlantic city. sixty-four in wilmington, millville and 58 high in allentown. very mild day and that takes to us 22 days, above 60 degrees this winter. so from december through january we have got 22, 60 must degree days, that is a record by six full days right now, of course, last day of february that is where we will end, two days of 60 plus this winter. storm scan three shows 12 hour loop, showers that came through this morning after those showers brushed the area
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they were generally light. cloud gave way to sunshine and turned out to be a nice afternoon. and blowing a air around and wind are strong out of the west, sustained at 20 miles an hour, with gusts still 25 to 30 miles an hour this afternoon. the wind will die down, tomorrow is pretty quiet but watch what happens tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night this next system approaches and coming up ill will's tell what you we can expect from that storm and possibly another brush with some winter weather later this week i'll break that down when i join you inside. back over to you. in campaign 2016 the candidates are gearing up for the the biggest day of the primary season so far, super tuesday when voters in about a dozen states the will pass ballots. the as correspondent craig boswell tells us tonight donald trump is facing extra heat to his slow response to denounce his racist supporters. >> reporter: black lives matter activist targeted donald trump's rally in virginia. >> get them out. >> all lives matter.
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>> reporter: billion air became target after he refused to disa invoice kkk lead are david duke on a sunday morning talk show. >> i know nothing about david duke. >> reporter: money said he could not hear clearly because of an ear piece. his opponents are not buying it. >> i don't care how bad the ear piece is, ku klux klan. >> even after trum refused his support it may make voters think twice during tomorrow's super tuesday elections. >> it the is support to those who says he is playing with some of the ugliest ideas out there in order to build support for his candidacy. >> reporter: cbs news polls show trump with big leads in virginia and georgia but ted cruz is winning in his home state of of texas. same cbs news poll has hillary clinton up 20 points or more in texas, georgia and virginia, and already looking ahead to the the general election. >> one advantage i have is they have been after me for 25 years and i'm still standing. >> reporter: bernie sanders is focusing on minnesota and
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massachusetts ahead of tuesday's vote. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> chris christie holds his first news conference since ending his presidential campaign. announced superior court judge david bowman's nomination abe refused to take questions on other matters. >> i told you that there will be only topic questions today. permanent denied. >> off topic question i think you understand i'm answering on topic questions today not off topic questions. because i don't want to. anything else. >> the news conference coming three days after governor endorsed donald trump for president. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a different approach to organizing your life a new twist that is taking america by storm, why this woman is being called the beyonce, of decluttering. chris rock puts the heat on hollywood, entertainment tonight's kevin frazier will join us live from los angeles with how the comedian is redefining the rolls of oscar host.
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the award season isn't over yet we are celebrating best of philadelphia a sports i'm path the path gallon find out who takes home hardware in the inaugural galen is a ward.
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oscar host chris rock bringing the heat to hollywood his mono log calling out the a academy for diversity, a serious start to the 80th annual academy awards, night of surprises, snubs and one sigh of relief that came from leo dicaprio on top of the world today. >> et's kevin frazier joins us live from los angeles with the biggest moment's from hollywood's big night, kevin. after five acting nominations, leo, finally hit his. >> the revenant star shares a sweet hug with kate wins less and on the red carpet you can still feel their chemistry
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almost 20 years after titanic. >> what did you say to each other. >> i asked him if it was okay and i noticed he had one little eye brow, and i put it back into play for him. >> you got him together. >> yes. >> leo pick up his statue at oscar's engraving station, right afterward. >> right after leo bri larson waited for his a award. >> bri larson. >> bri won for best actress and although she was relatively unknown heading in to awards season she has been around hollywood since she was a kid. >> it is so exciting, incredible, i watch us on tv every year since i was seven, and we are here a part of history. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: bri inspect nameplate and post with her boyfriend but there was a touching moment that you you did not see on the live show that really speaks to bri's
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character. >> ♪ >> reporter: it happened after lady gaga performed her oscar nominated song, with survivors of sexual assault. after the powerful moment, bri hugged, thanked all of the survivors. >> i was trying my best to tell their story and i hope i did right by them. >> reporter: bri hit vanity fair party where she got to chow down on a burger, winning an oscar makes you you very, very hungry, ukee and jessica. >> very hungry. >> of course. >> tell me about it. >> deaf, what about chris rock and sprinkling of hits throughout the show. >> how is hollywood reacting. >> i thought he was fantastic and hollywood in the room appreciated and loved it. some people out in the world who said he went too far but you know what, perfect man, and he did the perfect job, listen to chris real quickly. let's go back to him for one second. >> this is a wildest, most crazy, oscars to ever host, because we have all this
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controversy, and no black nominees, you know, and people are like chris, you should boycott. chris, you should quit. you should quit. how come it is only unemployed people that tell to you quit something. >> i thought he was just spot on all night long and played well inside the building and with most of the people in hollywood. it will be interesting to see what happens next. >> you know where you go from here. >> because you will see how it will to turnout next year and how voting membership is what needs to change. we will see how much that has change. >> it will be interesting to see. >> kevin, real quick before you go, you know people can you get this thing to start at noon pacific time, i was struggling last night to stay up. >> holding our eyes opened. >> reporter: we're on the carpet so early, we started our live show yesterday noon pacific time, we were there on the carpet at noon and started at the 2:00. it is a long day. sylvester stallone tweeted he was on his way to the oscars
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at 11:00 a.m. >> no wonder they are hungry. >> yes. >> girl scout cookies sold, that is why. >> appreciate it. so what is for dinner, sandwich, long roll with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and peppers. >> that makes me hungry. >> it brings up a good question, we have had multiple requests, for this one, why do we call sandwiches like this hoagies. it is hoagie a definite philly thing. other parts of the country called them sub or something else so why hoagie here. >> there is no other word to describe how good that is other than the word hoagie. i mean look at that. we have got everything on there. >> it is something that we will find out why it is called a hoagie tonight at 11:00. do you have a good question? log on to cbs philly dot the come/good question and you can tweet us just use hashtag cbs-3 good question. >> kate bilo joins with us your forecast and i heard you outside, and you said we might have brush with winter weather down the road. >> we may to day is last day
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of meteorological winter, last day of february which is nice, to kind of hang your hat on that and looking for something to celebrate with the hoagie, perhaps but that doesn't mean winter weather is done with us.haps but that doesn't mean we have been known to get snow at march while not looking at any major pronounced threats this week it will turn noticeably colder, don't get too used to this stretch of 60. looking a at outside right now we have a beautiful evening, lots of sunshine, bethlehem northampton county lots of sunshine out thereafter a bit have the have the glummy start to the day but even as sun prepares to set it is feeling good just a little blustery outside. another lovely shot from the pleasant valley camera on the live neighborhood network and a beautiful evening, lots of blue skies, days are longer, really felt like springtime out there today. i heard bird chirping, i think we're coming out of it but not so fast my friend we will be looking at threat for at least a few flakes by end of the week and don't put heavy coats away just yet either. lets look at storm scan three showing that system that cleared out. the rest of us enjoying lots
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of sunshine this afternoon and not much on the radar either, zooming out, our next system, it will come in late tonight and tomorrow morning. we will start march on a quiet land like note and things change for tomorrow night. >> and 60 the atlantic city. forty-nine in reading. 60 degrees in dover. not too bad but a blustery day. 35 miles an hour in philadelphia. 35 miles an hour wind reported in wilmington. not only has it been warm but december, january, february here but 6 degrees above average but it is a bit snowy. seven and a half inches above average snowfall thanks to the the blizzard in january, and only 16 days of full sunshine, this winter, so we have had a lot of cloud cover to contend with, today is sunny, beautiful. tomorrow looks quiet as well and late tomorrow night that showers develop and align of showers and thunderstorm will cross the a area wednesday morning. here's 6:00 a.m. rain and thunder that could
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delay your morning commute a little bit on wednesday. prepare for that. this is next thing in the pipeline, showers tuesday night, heaviest wednesday morning, slow morning commute, we are looking at a quarter inch to half inch of rain probably not enough to cause flooding, but enough to cause slow downs on the road and possibly some ponding. overnight mainly clear, wind will die down, tomorrow sun and cloud, still mild, nice start to march but that system comes in tomorrow night, but it looks like it will clear out wednesday morning. so wednesday afternoon is okay, temperatures will be dropping and see how much colder it gets on thursday. high of 43. it is a system on friday that will draw into that cold air and possibly bring us a lit built of snow, snow showers, i will have more next half an hour. >> thanks, kada appreciate it. >> putting a philadelphia twist on the average bagel, coming up we will tell you the secret ingredient. loyalty does not pay when it comes to credit card. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side why you may want to change your favorite card, don. the award for best costume
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goes to, ahh, you'll have to wait and see in honor of the oscars we will present to you, the galens, sports up next.
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oscars last night on monday, it the is gallonnens. oscars create fun, congrats to leo dicaprio for winning best actor but here at cbs-3 the sports department has greater concerns like who is leading man in the city of philadelphia only pat gallen can answer that question and more. >> reporter: don, thanks so much and welcome to the 2016-gallonnens where we celebrate the best of philadelphia sports is. our sports landscape is on the up and up, things are better and soon enough we will have a winner just likely owe dicaprio felt 20 years ago.
5:26 pm
but anyway we're here to find out who is the best in each category, pertaining to philly, sports. the let's begin. our first award goes to the individual who exhibit an understanding of how to lead a team of men and women as far as their talent will allow them. who will be this years best director? one person, rosa above the rest over the last year. the award for best director goes to, jay wright, head coach of the villanova wildcats. >> that is as good as it the gets. >> reporter: best costume is awarded to the organization that stand out most due to their vibrant colors and beautiful design. the winner of this years gala word for best costume goes to the philadelphia a 76ers, accepting this years award on behalf of the team, it is sixers dancers jamilla and jessica. hi, ladies. >> hi. >> here we go, here's your gallonnens award for 2016. >> thanks, pat. >> you're welcome. our next award is for best score and it goes to the athlete that makes it look
5:27 pm
easy on the field, court or ice. young talent that scores with more grace and fines, then the rest. this year it to shane gostisbehere of the philadelphia flyers. gostisbehere has scored four overtime game winners for the flyers, this year, and fun thing out there. >> final galen of the night goes to the the best player in a lead role, someone who play as above, and beyond, day in and day out, and they are an unstoppable force and often times an i am movable object. this years best player in a lead role is fletcher cox, of the philadelphia eagles. >> i was surprised. >> i'm path the path gallon and this is the 2016-gallonnens. >> i'll tell you. >> did i miss the 2015-gallonnens. >> you may have. >> maybe we all missed them. did you notice how we put it on your statue of the head. >> very bold. >> looking forward to 2017.
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>> thanks, buddy. coming up next in the next half an hour more after school trouble for teens in philadelphia. philadelphia and septa a police cracking down, after hundreds of students, flooding in to center city, after school caused serious crime problems. i'll have the story coming up. and rock and role legend and now, how she's creating a message that
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philadelphia police, it is a growing problem out of control kid on the streets of the center city after school may point to this disturbing video of a brawl, that is evidence of the problem. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 i'm he ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in center city with the steps that
5:32 pm
police are taking to stop fights that are breaking out the fights, walt. since early december philadelphia a police say many afternoons, hundreds of the students, converged right here near city hall, wouldn't be a problem if they were having a good time but too many of those students, and they are fighting and committing crimes this video, police say good evident of why they are conducting a crackdown. this video of the teenager being chased and beaten last december, seventh, provided by philadelphia police, shows investigators say a growing problem over the past three months. as hundreds of students converged many afternoons, after school, on center city streets near city hall. i saw the video. >> captain ray connry has now deployed a special detail of bike officers, who are working, to stop the crime. >> i will not stand for it.
5:33 pm
we have made somewhere between, 15 and 20 arrests, for kid coming down here for fighting. >> these students are actually a assaulting each other so badly it is appalling. >> reporter: septa police inspector steven harold whose officers are working with philadelphia police say many of the assaults like these are promoted, in advance on social media. >> they are driven by, social media postings, and they are being told about disputes either from the neighborhood or in school. >> reporter: beyond uniformed officers a police audio visual unit is assigned to help identify those involved. but police say that the most effective way to head off incidents like this one, parents, telling their children, to head home, not to center city, after school. >> not only students are being assaulted, but bystanders, who are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: philadelphia police say two most recent
5:34 pm
attacks were last wednesday and friday afternoon, two students at roman catholic high school, both beaten and robbed, so far, no arrests as the investigation and crackdown continues. live from center city, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right walt, thank you. caught on suspects robbing a deli on south fifth street in philadelphia and police need your help to find them. take a good look at this surveillance video on january 27th just before 7:00 p.m. two suspects, wearing masks held up a female deli employee at gunpoint. this happened at aloysius deli at 1612 south sixth street, those suspects got away with cash and 2iphones from behind the counter. no one was injury. president obama presented the nation's highest military honor to a navy seal who faced off with the taliban with his bear hand. president draped medal of honor around the shoulders of senior chief special operator edward buyers, junior. buyers participated in the
5:35 pm
daring 2012 raid in afghanistan that rescued an american hostage. it leaped across the room and threw himself on the hostage using his own body to shield him from the bullets. another enemy fighter appeared and with his body, ed kept shielding the hostage with his bear hand and pinned fighter to the wall and held him until his teammates took action. >> the 36 year-old navy seal is the sixth member of that elite force to receive, the medal of honor. a seven year-old transplant recipient is telling her story of survival with word of encourage. we can all live by. >> cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio tells us how brave little will girl with big dreams is getting that message out. >> reporter: meet this little girl, at just seven years old this future scientists has a working knowledge of what some medicines can do. >> i have to take medicines and i have to take this refrigerator liquid medicines. >> reporter: as long as it comes from experience.
5:36 pm
>> bad skin, hair falling out, teeth rot ago away. i went through a experience of watching my daughter die, in front of me. >> reporter: rasheeda spent first five years of her daughter's life in the knowing if she would live. watching her undergo not one but two liver transplants sharing her second donor liver with singer, bobby rydell. >> i'm way more active and do more cart wheels. >> reporter: three years later she's thriving and she's sharing her story in a book she and her mom wrote called i am a flower pot, made for a plant. >> hi. >> i'm oliver. >> reporter: story tells that of a little girl and organ donor named juju. >> she was a vessel and her plant is her life. >> reporter: she created this pup tote teach kids in hospitals and schools about organ donations. >> i say what happened to them and why it happened to them. i want to learn what it is
5:37 pm
like. i don't want to feel like they are the only person in the world that had a transplant. >> reporter: a message she hopes inspires others that there is life, after organ donation. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wow, is she special or what. >> what a little girl. may her flower continue to grow. absolutely still to come, on "eyewitness news" tonight, making most of the credit card rewards and loyalty may not be the answer, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with the simplest and fastest way to build up credit cards reward. >> philadelphia is putting spin on the traditional bagel key ingredients that sets these apart and where you can get them, kate? this week has everything from the 60's to the 30's, rain, snow and sunshine, i'll tell you which days you can expect each type of the weather coming up with the full forecast when we come back.
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a record number of student, are eager to prove they are temple made, 32,000 perspective student, submitted freshman applications for temple university's fall 2016, semester. that is a 15 percent increase over last year. school officials say applicants are also setting record for diversity and academic strength, the deadline to get those applications in is tomorrow, march 1st. the wait is almost over for apple's new iphone. phonies expected to hit stores at the end of next movement we will have a small are 4-inch screen and identical to. and, i had shut not include 3-d touch features.
5:42 pm
text experts say this could satisfaction customers who like the smaller i phones and want longer battery life. >> are you going to upgrade. >> i don't always change. i hang on to my phone for a long time. >> do i. >> more phones, more money. >> yes, there you go. >> decluttering your life, and the approach that is
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beer and bagels are than a unlikely combination fueling business, at a fishtown shop. >> our justin finch has to check out the place which is becoming quite popular with locals,. >> over philly style bagels dough is stretched, pulled, sliced, rolled, bowled and baked like in most shops but back to the boiling, there is beer, and water in that pot, a unique tweak to the average bagel recipe. we were sitting around with some friend. and so we were like, you know what, and we will boil and,
5:46 pm
boil them. >> and, bagels co-owner colin shapiro and jonathan silver they will tell you they didn't set out to do this. but instead it seems that the craft called out to them. >> we made a batch, but we didn't think of, how we were going to serve it. and, we made a batch of bagel on the fly. that is the reason why we got their own. >> it just gives it like a really nice crisp exterior. >> buzz after pizza parlor pop up, launched them to launch their own bagel store last movement customers, come for the bagel beer connection and keep coming for the taste.
5:47 pm
>> we have everything, salt, and, garlic, sesame. >> reporter: if you're a weekend bagel person you may find long lines, those are busiest days but however, you could score some special flares which include blueberry and rye. in justin finch, "eyewitness news". >> yes. >> you were just talking about delicious bagels. >> yes, i saw a picture on friday, highly suggestible individual, tweeting and facebooking, telling me their favorite bagels. i had to get my everything bail well cream cheese. it was so worth it. perfect saturday morning. >> go ahead. >> for a perfect weekend. >> it was nice out. >> great weekend. >> yes, up to 64 out there yesterday. sixty-four today. we were outside on the schuylkill river trail, she got outside and did something fun outside on a 64-degree sunday in february, and today, of course, it is leap day february 29th. we get this once every four years and once every four years it is, going to be a fantastic day. started out shaky but we will turn it around this afternoon.
5:48 pm
we'll you out to the roof campaign we are looking a at sunshine right now, just imagine, a couple months ago, it was pitch black at this time, now it was almost still blue skies, these days longer and longer, today is last day of meteorological winter which is december, january, february and we do it that way, it is easier more consistent year and year to look at trend, record and that is how we consider winter in a meteorological sense. march 20th is officially the start of the spring. beautiful evening in center city. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers ande if they enjoyed their beautiful day. numbers in the 50's all across the their map here. we will start with steve schwartz in bensalem, he has sunshine, 56 degrees. nice end to a somewhat iffy morning. basically what i said, great mind think alike there. 52 degrees as we check in with chesterfield new jersey with ed connor. he is looking at sunshine. he sent us a photo showing a beautiful sunset, nice end to a beautiful day, a at least a beautiful afternoon. once sun broke out it turnout to be a great day to get
5:49 pm
outside. heading back up in to pennsylvania, david mitchell in norristown, sunshine 53 degrees and clear, have a pleasant monday everyone and you can see different looking at a few photos, morning looked different then the afternoon. we have had clouds this morning, walter, again showed us he saw his first turtle will of the season at glass co park. we can count on our weather watchers for unique photos. the lets look the at what is going on a live neighborhood network sites and this almost looks like a summer evening, maybe eight or 9:00 o'clock on a summer evening but there you have it. the boardwalk plaza, row rebeach delaware, beautiful sunset, and boardwalk is pretty empty. go out there right now 58 degrees, nice little walk in before dinner time. before bedtime. >> storm scan three, clear a across the north east, system is moving out this one here will stay off to the north, but this is our next system kind of the gathering moisture over the midsection. that will get here late tomorrow night and early in the the day on wednesday, and it will bring us, the threat for at least a couple showers maybe even a thunderstorm and
5:50 pm
a messy morning commute. that is colder air comes in behind that system. it is 56 at the airport. fifty-six in wilmington. we are still hanging on to 60 in dover and atlantic city. we can see as we zoom out, that system off to the north, secondary system to the west and colder air is starting to reinvade, the northern united states, at 25 in minneapolis, 20 degrees right now in michigan, and wind are still strong so even though it is a nice comfortable night and sustained wind at 20 miles an hour in the city right now but here's what to expect, and move across wednesday morning system showers and possible thunderstorms, then we are dry into thursday but cold air comes in thursday into friday. and we have got a system that will move by to the south late thursday night into friday, and it will tap into that cold and could brush us with a chance for a few snow showers, most like liz time frame for that will be during the day on friday. overnight mainly clear, not as windy, 39 degrees is your overnight low.
5:51 pm
tomorrow looks good, next start to march is 56. we have got showers wednesday morning and then turns colder and watch for snow showers friday. things improve over the weekend. now back to you at the desk. kate, thank you. when was last time awe replied for a credit card. if you like earning rewards now may be time to act. >> consumer reporter jim donovan find credit card companies are offering sign up bonuses like never before. >> amazing, indeed, millions of credit card holders haven't changed their favorite card in decades and the competition for new business is hotter then ever. if you are a smart spender, with excellent credit there is something that you may not realize. >> loyalty doesn't pay, especially when it comes to credit cards rewards. >> reporter: in fact, matt schultz with credit says if you pays your balance off every month you are missing out by not shopping around for a new card. >> plane and simple, fastest way to build up credit card rewards is to sign up for a new card, and take advantage of the big sign up bonuses,
5:52 pm
and these sign up bonuses are the biggest we have ever seen in the history of the credit card business. >> reporter: often in the form of the airline miles or points to be used for travel. 25 million credit cards holders haven't changed their favorite credit card in ten years or more, another 20 million have have never changed. so don't be surprised if to get the biggest sign up bonuses, you probably have have to do some spending up front. >> most any rewards card will come with some minimum spending threshold, the most common one especially for a card that is offering 50,000, 40,000 miles is something on the order of $3,000, spent, in the first 60 to 90 days. >> the key to getting a really good reward car you have to have excellent credit. credit scored of 750 or higher. when signing up with the new card you should leave old accounts opened as it will help your credit score. >> that is righty was on the flight and they offered 50,000 . i said that is g i got home
5:53 pm
three days later i got a thing in the mail for 60,000. i pounded. i pounded like a jaguar. >> excellent credit. >> you get all these miles now. >> indeed. >> thanks, buddy. still ahead on "eyewitness news" anyway to get organized and declutter your life. >> one woman's approach is helping thousands of people.
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5:57 pm
her latest work in new york city, people seem mess more rised by her patented folding method. so how does she feel being called the beyonce of decluttering. >> i call myself a self professed organizing freak and so amazed and honored they call me that. >> reporter: fans like this are inspired to clean up, physical, and emotional space. >> it ace appreciating what you have had in your life. but not holding on. >> reporter: condo's approach to down sizing always follows a specific order. the first, clothes, and then books, paperwork. and then miscellaneous items such as toilet supplies and kitchen items before moving on to sentimental objects including photographs. the philosophy is only to keep things, that spark joy. the idea may be a simple one but a lot of people have had a hard time letting go. >> i desperate thely need this book, yes. >> the goal, of my message is not to discard everything, that is around you but to instead figure out what makes you happy. >> reporter: she urges people
5:58 pm
to quietly say things that they throw away. >> it is something that is not just about organizing but it is about what you want in life, what your priorities are and having a eye full life. >> reporter: her followers believe was their homes are in order, their lives will be too. she has thousands of views on you tube and starring in a decluttering tv show and will have an app to help people clean up later this spring. >> don't discard everything, prioritized everything. >> the thing is, it hooked it for people proponent of getting rid of photos, old memories and that sort of thing. the it is a transformative experience they say. >> get rid of that stuff. >> yes. >> i know. >> i know, that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a pot browny bust at a bucks county school. he was arrested but police say he is not only one handing out the drug filled treats. >> more zika sayses confirmed in our area a doctor tells us if you should be concerned. more than three years after super storm sandy the
5:59 pm
paperwork and headaches continue, cleve bryan, coming up i'll tell you how much one local woman had to pay from her income tax return and how government plans to take back the rest. and after an iffy start to the day, it turns out to be a beautiful if not windy afternoon but a lot to talk about in the five day forecast we have got a chance for rain, chance for snow and a drop in temperatures, i'll tell you which day to expect the precipitation, it is all right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 police says mar yawn laced brownies were making their way in the hand of student in bensalem. officers charged one person but he is not only one who was selling the brownies. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is tracking developments in bensalem,
6:00 pm
david? >> reporter: hi jessica and ukee. the his name is 18 year-old jacob francisco we will put a picture right now. he is a senior at bensalem high school and authorities say he admitted to baking, and then selling, five marijuana laced brownies to a middle school student, at robert shaver middle school just down the street from the police department where i'm standing. now authorities here at bensalem police say that middle school student, then in turn, resold, some of those brownies to other middle school students. ukee and jessica they believe that six to 12 students actually ingested those brownies. authorities discovered this pot browny, ring as they are calling it, on friday afternoon, here in bensalem, township, but they made the arrest today, they arrested jacob francisco. today they say he had has done this before, this is not first time he did this, they took him to jail, i spoke to publish safety director fred heron who said q


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