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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 20, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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these beautiful girl, sending love, as the journey isn't over, it's only just beginning. but don't expect kayla to fade into the fog of her 15 minutes just yet. our bachelor insider reality steve who's famous for spoiling the outcome of seasons past says she may find redemption in paradise. >> kayla, it's very well-known that she wants to be in the media. she has hired a publicist, so i absolutely would expect to see her on "bachelor in paradise" this year. >> we have certainly not seen the last of kayla. all right, coming up, my greek gone wild experience with mia var dalis and john corbett. then tricia yearwood and the players behind her ultimate passion project. >> i want to make sure i do my part. >> why you've never seen the story of the crucifixion told quite like this. and three buddhists come in.
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good reflexes. >> a tangled web of love. she helped it make over $820 million worldwide. so i asked mary jane herself what she thought of spidey's newest incarnation. >> the reboot is coming. do you think it's too soon? >> oh, another reboot. the reboot, there's another one. >> yeah. >> hey, as long as it's making money -- >> do you have any advice for tom holaround or aland or any a getting into that spidey suit? >> oh, god, stretch? >> nthat is mary jane sounding off on the third resurrection of the comic hero. >> do i get to say thank you this time? >> but on that iconic kissing scene had joel eggerson suggesting a reboot? >> i heard you are a big fan of
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the upside down spiderman kiss. >> i am. do you want us to reenact it? >> yes. >> do you want to go upside down? >> we likely won't see kiersten kiss like that again, but we will see her fight to save her son in "midnight special." >> do you believe in aliens or there's really somebody that could be looking down on us? >> there has to be some other life form in the universe. >> got to at least be an environment that's akin to ours, and i kind of often wonder if that's true, if it kind of is as stupid as we are. we're the smartest stupid people, right? >> there's so many of us, and we're destroying it. >> i'll always worry about you. >> these guys are so fun together. and if you're into sci-fi, check out midnight special. coming up, what happens when two greek girls go wild? >> let's take a picture.
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father, like son.
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♪ ♪ holding onto you >> that voice. tricia yearwood stars in "the passion", live from new orleans sunday. she is playing mary, the mother of jesus. and now tricia is taking us inside her ultimate passion project. >> it's a powerful story that's being told, and i just feel like i want to make sure i do my part. so i'm nervous in a way that i've never done anything quite like this. ♪ i'm falling apart ♪ barely breathing ♪ with a broken heart >> tricia will play the virgin mary, and talk about heaven sent. jesus is played by the very
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god-like jean carlo. he is already a very hunky pop star. but you may recognize him as eva longoria's ex-husband in telenovella. >> now, pannella and the all-star cast will help bring the story alive. >> the passion is about christ in the last hours of his life. in modern daytimes, there's a lot of emotions. >> everybody can get something from watching the passion. >> doesn't matter what culture you're from. >> very inclusive affair. >> live musical has a modern twist. including the use of popular songs. ♪ unconditional
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>> every song that is in this production fits in the moment, and it's amazing to me the pop songs you would listen to and never think oh, this would be a great song for this moment in the story. and unconditionally works great, because there's a whole message of love and unconditional love, so it makes so much sense that it would be the final song. >> i cannot wait to see that. and while the passion will be dominating the small screen. on the big screen next week, it's the return of our favorite greek family in my big fat greek wedding two. the original film made over $368 million worldwide. and when i sat down with the cast in new york, it was clear the walk down the aisle was even better the second time around. >> what was it like for you guys to get back together after 15 years? >> crazy, huh? >> well, it didn't feel like 15 years, because we see each other every year, at least once,
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usually more than that. >> everyone's favorite greek family is back. this time, nia vardalos and john corbett are planning the vows of their parents who discover their original wedding wasn't valid. >> we're not married? >> i'm a hippey. >> aunt bulla, back for more. >> i'm in charge. >> actually, you're not. >> everyone has an aunt bulla in their life somewhere, i'm giving you the opportunity now to out whoever aunt bulla is. who is she based on, come on! >> i don't know if she will ever figure it out, but she is based on my thea bulla. her name is bulla. >> really? and what does she think of her? >> she loves it. she's the original, the og bulla, and she loves it. my whole family's funny. >> what do they think of how they're depicted on film? >> i remember at church one time, this lady came up to me, and she said i think you exaggerate a little in your
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movie. she's smiling at me, and the sun is glinting off her gold tooth. and her son goes, no, ma, that's you! >> you're welcome. >> your character is too much. i mean, honestly, you shut it down every time you're on-screen. to this day, my mom and my nah, they're like, oh, i love it so much. >> aunt bulla was my twin. >> your accent is so spot on. >> i just understand it. it's just organic. i am armenian. >> italian, armenians, when they speak, no -- >> you're thinking. >> ready? >> before we parted ways, nia and i showed john a little greek tradition used when taking a photo. sure, plastic surgeons have mastered the face-lift, but we
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monday on "the insider." as real housewives star joe giudice prepares for his prison stint, why he and wife theresa scrap vacation plans and we just spotted the family and inside the new "star wars" documentary. and secrets to the sequel? plus jake gyllenhaal, as one of hollywood's most eligible bachelor, is he ready to settle down? that's monday on "the insider." travel consideration provided by
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all right, before we go, here's what we're working on for monday. >> as real housewives star joe giudice prepares for his prison stint. >> joe and i always live in the moment. >> why he and theresa scrap vacation plan, and where we just spotted the family. then inside the new "star wars" documentary. >> this is going to be the first gathering of the original cast and new cast. this feeling came over me that hadn't happened since tunisia on the first one. >> so it almost seemed like a kind of universe that might accept me. >> what you didn't see on-screen. >> it was a scene that terrified me the most. >> and secrets to the sequel? >> i just remember thinking, we are about to shoot this thing, and i'm not ready. >> but. jake gyllenhaal, is he ready to settle down? that's monday on "the insider." "the insider" together with yahoo. >> have a great weekend, everyb
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>> one last gasp of winter just in time for the beginning every spring. right now, on "eyewitness news", what to expect out of the storm that's on the way. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thank you for joining us, right over to meteorologist, lauren casey with the very latest on the track of this system. lauren? >> now looks like it will kind of in two batches, one, already dealing with right now, really not too impressive. storm scan3 showing us earlier in the evening did have light rain, snow mix in the across parts of southern new jersey another batch of precipitation, continuing to move off to the north and east, so could be seeing few
2:28 am
snowflakes hitting the grounds, then secondary batch toward baltimore, washington, try to tracks its way to the north and east, so we could see moisture moving newspaper wilmington as we head into about the next hour so what to expect overnight tonight? patchogue err areas, light rain and snow mix, tomorrow morning actually mainly dry, few spotty light rain showers, and then precipitation becomes little bit more widespread, as we head into tomorrow afternoon, falling as light rain, and snow, at times, and i think our best chance to see all snowfall, potentially measurable snow, will be tomorrow night, into early monday morning, and that potential will be mainly for philadelphia, surrounding counties, and points south and east down into southern new jersey, and part of the shore, so we will talk about how much snow could potentially pile up, as we head through tomorrow night, into early monday morning, coming up in your full forecast in just a few. >> lauren, thank you very much. two-car accident meantime sends six people to the hospital. it happened on blackwood clementon road in lindenwold
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about 3:00 this afternoon, two people were air lifted and four others taken in ambulances. their conditions are unknown at this point. more than dozen pets are seized after authorities say they were living in filthy conditions in the northeast philadelphia home. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria who have with more on what prompted the police to check in on this house and where the animals are being cared for. >> sound every dogs barking overnight without sign every owner that neighbors say led to the police being called to check in on a home on the 7900 block of mars den street in the city holmesburg section. >> we all have dogs, i mean, she is -- there was never a problem, we didn't know she had that many. >> a shame, really a shame. >> following the welfare check, police officers alerted the pennsylvania spca to what they found inside. >> today pspca officers execute add search warrant to investigate possible
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violations of the animal cruelty cold. we found filthy conditions and we were able to remove 15 animals, 15 dogs, and two cats at this time. >> that was like her kids, like she did not have any kids. animals were her kids. she did everything for them. >> the animals made up mostly of small dogs, none of which appeared injured or malnourished, were removed from the property, taken into the care of the spca where health will be monitored, neighbors like this woman, who did not want to be shown, said she feels the owner was left neglect than overwelmed. >> out back they would bark, but they came in, and she took care of them and just it is sad. >> those who know the owner say she has not returned to the home but has spoken with off english she would come from the store or come from work, go in, be in there, until, you know, the next morning we would go back out for work. that will was her life. being in the house with her animals made her happen. >> i according to philadelphia code no more than dozen animals can be inside after sink resident at one time again in this case there were
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17, no formal charges have been filed, they'll have to come following full investigation into the condition of the home and of the animals. reporting from spca headquarters, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> big boom and clouds of dust took over part of north philadelphia this morning, more than 200-pound every dynamite, philadelphia housing authority imploded two of it highrises with that dynamite earlier this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh with more on why the buildings are taken down and what will go up in their place >> the ants stood for years, down to rubble. many who watched the highrises crumble are part of generations, that grew up in that. >> i am holding back the
2:32 am
tears, really hurting me here >> the implosion all part of transformation plan, dig out the decay. >> drug dealing, fights. >> make room for renewal >> ing it going to be prague he is, still rid billion dollars blighted building and shuttered schools. the hope is that with this plan in place, all of that will change. >> for neighbors in this community, the implosion, and road map to rebirth, are symbolic. >> like two more second, but i like it that right there, when they fall, you know, i like
2:33 am
that right there too. >> the housing authority expects to complete the project in five to eight years, which they say will then create an economic impact, of $1 billion. in shardswood, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> also, tonight, authorities are investigating what led to deadly plane crash in southern russia this morning, all 62 people on board, including four kids, died when the boeing 737 operated by fly die buy explode in the giant fireball while trying to land in bad weather. some say strong gust every winds could have been a factor. an american team from the ntsb and boeing are both investigating this case. now, it has been almost a year since the german wing plane crash that left 150 people dead including a drexel graduate. today that friend and family honored her memory.
2:34 am
>> head in honor every emily, and her mother, yvonne, who also died in that crash. emily studied music at drexel august of the proceeds from today's event winds to fund started after her death, which provides financial assistance to drexel music student look to go study a broad. >> germanwings flight 9525 crashed into the french alps in march of 2015. investigators say, a co-pilot with a history of mental illness intentionally crashed that plane. >> now, to the very lateness campaign 2016 news, candidates are hitting the campaign trail out west as voters in arizona ooh tai, idaho, get ready to head to the polls. one of those states a donald trump event turned violent, brook silva braga has more. >> get him out of here. get him out of here. >> as demonstrate wester mock
2:35 am
kkk paraphernalia were escorted out, trump supporter punched and repeatedly kick one of them manager cory, was involved in another altercation in which a protester was grabbed by the collar. the trump campaign insists it was the man next to him who did it. >> all the while, trump went ahead with his tough on border message. >> illegal immigration will stop. it is dangerous, it is terrible. >> earlier in the day, protesters blocked the road head today a trump event in fountain hills arizona, and march of the denouncing the gop frontrunner. >> meanwhile, ted cruz and john kasich battled over who has the best chance to stop trump. a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> i am bea to change things, fight for people who don't have a voice. and they don't like it. >> back in arizona, democratic candidate bernie sanrs


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