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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, a campaign blitz in pennsylvania and delaware.
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the presidential candidates rally with supporters ahead of tomorrow's big primaries. they're final message before voters hit the polls. and it's been a great stretch of weather but just in time for primary day we're tracking showers and storms. i'll tell you the best window of time to head out to the polls. also, clean up on the pennsylvania turnpike is still happening hours after a deadly tractor trailer crash. when officials believe all lanes of the highway will be back op open. but we begin night with can countdown to primary day. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> hi, everyone, i'm jessica dean. polls in pennsylvania and delaware open in just about eight hours and the presidential candidates took every opportunity to get out the vote in our area. our team coverage begins tonight with "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt who is live outside city hall. that's where hillary clinton held a rally this evening. david? >> reporter: jessica, this was hillary clinton's last big push for voters. it was about 200 people not inside city hall but inside the city hall courtyard just behind
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me here. hillary clinton tonight didn't really focus on bernie sanders. she looked ahead to the general election in november. >> i -- i am thrilled to be here in philadelphia with all of you! and i am delighted to be in this beautiful setting. >> reporter: with few hundred people cheering her on in the courtyard of city hall former secretary of state hillary clinton told supporters she's ready for the fight against the republican nominee in november. >> and i want to be the best president that you could possibly have here in pennsylvania and in philadelph philadelphia. >> reporter: clinton ahead in the polls in pennsylvania, did not mention democratic rival bernie sanders by name. but did mention frontrunner donald trump and ted cruz just a few minutes into her speech. >> i have to tell you, though, when i hear the kind of wreck less rhetoric coming from donald trump and ted cruz -- boo!
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>> -- it's deeply troubling because it's not only offensive, it is dangerous. >> reporter: clinton spent a large portion of her speech talking about the economy and health care she also talked about gun violence. >> i know just this last weekend and the weekend before you had killings here in philadelphia, didn't you? >> that's right. >> that happens in so many places, big cities, small towns out in the country. on average 90 people a day die from gun violence. >> reporter: clinton focused on health care saying before it was obama care it was called hillary care. she's the only candidate having a primary event here in philadelphia tomorrow evening. reporting live tonight at city hall, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thanks so much. bernie sanders is also in philadelphia tonight. the vermont senator held a rally at drexel university that
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included some celebrities. actor susan sarandon and kendrick samson showed their support. sticking to the themes of his campaign sanders discussed the economy and educational reform. >> the world has change education has changed that's why we're public education we've got to be talking about colleges and universities tuition free! >> earlier today, sanders campaigned in pittsburgh. on the republican side frontrunner donald trump was also in our region today. he made a campaign stop at west chester university where he rallied up a few thousand supporters. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do was there. >> reporter: more than 3500 came out to west chester university to welcome presidential candidate donald trump to pennsylvania. >> the state of pennsylvania has lost more than 35% of its manufacturing jobs since 2001. that's unacceptable. we're going to bring jobs back
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big league. >> reporter: trump supporters touting his business background and position as a political outsider as big pluses. >> i think you have to mick up, get a businessman in there. get the economy back to where it has to be. get the jobs back and let's make america great again. >> no more trump! >> reporter: outside the venues thousands more joined dueling rallies. one side of the street pro trump the other anti. >> trump is all about hate honestly. the supporters say that he's protecting america but that's just not true because america is diversity. >> reporter: they were divided in more ways than one both sides described the scene as civil. >> i'm kind of proud that we can have something like this going on. peaceful for the most part people on both sides trying to have civil discussions about what they believe in. >> reporter: from here the republican frontrunner headed to his second rally of the day at the mohican sun arena in wilkes-barre. campus of west chester
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university, i'm trang dough, cbs3 "eyewitness news". and at that rally in wilkes-barre trump spoke for more than an hour about job creation and immigration reform. thousands gathered to hear trump on his final stop in the keystone state before they vote tomorrow. meanwhile, john kasich made a campaign stop at the penrose diner in south philly this morning. both his campaign and the cruz campaign agreed to stay out of each other's way in upcoming elections. kasich says the compromise is the best plan to keep trump from getting a chance to go up against hillary clinton this fall. >> i'm not going to tell anybody how to vote. but look, i mean, this is a matter of resources, and, you know, we run a national campaign and we want to apply our resources where we think they can be used most effectively and it's all designed to stop hillary clinton from becoming president. >> the strategy will allow kasich to campaign in oregon and new mexico while ted cruz campaigns in indiana. speaking of ted cruz texas senator spent the day in the
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hoosier state counting on outside groups that plan to spend heavily on his behalf. owe also for an endorsement from conservative governor mike pentz. senator cruz says he's all in on indiana and that he'll be spending almost all of his time in that state before they vote. just a reminder for you polls in both pennsylvania and delaware will be open tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. also, pennsylvania and delaware are both closed primaries and that means only registered republicans and registered democrats can vote tomorrow. why didn't inn pentz vote in some state primaries? at the a good question and nicole brewer has the answer for um coming up around 11:15. chopper three over the pennsylvania turnpike tonight where crews are still cleaning up the aftermath of a deadly accident there. the driver of a tractor trailer was killed when it overturned on to a car around 3:00 this afternoon. it happened in the eastbound lanes in bensalem. that truck was carrying soap. the eastbound lanes are still
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closed. they are expected to be back open by the morning. many in the wilmington community are demanding answers tonight in the death of a 16-year-old student. police say she was assaulted in the girls bathroom at howard high school of technology thursday. as greg argos explains tonight, members of the community are working through their grief together. >> reporter: four days after howard high school sophomore amy joyner was killed during a violent attack inside the girl's bathroom, more than 100 people from throughout this wilmington, delaware community gathering at stubs elementary to discuss the case. >> we're currently investigating this incident. we're working with the school district. >> reporter: to begin mending raw wounds. >> this school, this community, should be known now throughout the world in this way. this is not what this community is about. we all have to work together to find a solution.
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>> rt. >> reporter: commune the meeting comes as charges have still not have been filed against two female students police say may have been involved in the assault. >> we have to do a better job. >> yes! >> parents. >> reporter: tensions run high -- >> i went to howar how high sch. the class of '61. this problem is our problem. >> reporter: a promise from the wilmington police chief bobby cummings. >> are you expecting charges regardless of what happens here? >> absolutely. >> reporter: a request from those who knew amy well. >> let everybody know they are loved and we should let everybody know that they are needed and not let them feel like they're not needed or down. >> reporter: as for a timeline chief expects charges to be filed by the end of this week. school district officials meanwhile say they plan on having grief counselors at howard high at least for the next few days. reporting here at wilmington police headquarters, i'm greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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a church congregation comes together tonight in schwenksville for a prayer vigil. after a man is shot to death at sunday services. 27-year-old robert braxton was shot multiple times during services at the keystone fellowship church in north wales yesterday. shooting happened as a fight broke out much it's unclear if any charges will be filed against the shooter. bill cosby lost the latest attempt to stop a criminal sex assault case against him. in february, lawyers for cosby attempted to have the charges against him dismissed in the case involving an ex temple university employee. that motion was rejected by montgomery county judge and today an appeals court upheld that decision and ruled the case can continue. just when you thought it was a scandal of the past, deflate-gate is back. >> federal appeals court says tom brady must serve four game suspension for his alleged involvement in the controversy. why brady's fight might not be over yet. kate?
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>> and showers and thunderstorms moving toward the area tonight. we're going to be timing out the wet weather. i'll tell you the best time to get out and vote tomorrow and temperatures surge but then drop back down. i'll tell you how cool it will get coming up. plus, two of philadelphia's biggest stars once called this mainline property home. now, it's up for sale. who used to live here and just how much money you'll need to buy the mansion. ♪
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that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street
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because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ vice-president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden made a big announcement in philadelphia today. "eyewitness news" at the community college of philadelphia where the bidens unveiled a $100 million federal
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grant program to make college more affordable. the plan includes free tuition for community college students. earlier today, the vice-president was at the mayfair diner campaigning for u.s. senate candidate katie mcginty. voters will head to the polls tomorrow in pennsylvania and in delaware. in both states only registered democrats and republicans can cast a ballot. >> why are independents excluded? >> that's a good question. nicole brewer joins us now with more on the reason behind closed primaries. >> yeah. ukee and jess, really historically speaking primaries were created to shift power from party bosses to the people who made up these two political parties, but that was before independents outnumbered republicans and democrats. so a lot of folks like lisa want topping why can't independents vote in some state primaries? it's a good question lisa especially as we approach election tuesday. ♪ >> are you guys registered to vote? >> yes. >> yes. >> are you going to be voting in the primary?
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>> yes on tuesday voters in pennsylvania and delaware will cast their vote in the presidential primary. that is unless they're independents. >> i had heard that. that you have to be registered either democrat or republican. >> little unusual. the thinking was that primaries are opportunities for parties to choose their nominees. >> david thornburgh is the president and ceo of committee 70 a group that advocates for better poll dicks. he says primary elections date back to the mid 1800's when they were created as reform. >> primaries were instituted for parties at one point because prior to that, the party bosses chosen candidates. >> today it's still party focused in some state but the rules depend where you live. pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware, for instance, all have closed primaries. >> whole tri-state. >> pennsylvania is one of 11 states that prohibits people who aren't registered as d and rs from voting in the primary.
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>> wiped pentz making up 39% of the lector rate some say it's time for change. >> these two parties that don't rep the population. that means a lot of people who aren't able to voice their opinions. >> fresh off of a big win in the new york state primary hillary clinton is now focusing her efforts on pennsylvania. >> take the new york primary. where 3 million unaffiliated voters were excluded. >> a lot of those folks probable wl interested in supporting bernie sanders. he felt that way. and yet they weren't able to vote on primary day. >> still some say if they're paying nat about their pick for president -- >> use your independence to organize for on your behalf. >> you're either in the club or not in the club. >> pick a side. >> as i mentioned, 39% of people identify as independents compared to 32% as democrats. and 23% as republicans. according to pew research center that's the highest percentage of independents in more than 75 years of public opinion polling. so it's definitely on the increase. >> that's huge. >> very interesting.
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>> it riley was. i think in talking to david thornburgh also interest to go fine the founding fathers weren't a big fan of political parties. so the way that it began is very different -- >> how it's evolved. >> exact. to where we are today. >> wonderful stuff. thanks, nick. good stuff. what's your good question? log to question to submit your question or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. and nicole will be here every night with the answer for you on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. can't wait to hear from you. former teen idol and philadelphia singing legend bobby rydell has a few book coming out. tonight that was in new york city at a special book signing. bobby rydell teen idol on the rocks. tone in a damaged is a was one of his many famous friends who showed up for the signing tonight. the book will be officially released on the fourth of may. if you'd like a house with a fun sports history and three-point, what, $5 million
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have we got the real estate listing for you. >> we've got it right here. chase utley selling his philadelphia area home. the 8100 square foot has eight bedrooms and six bathrooms it was purchased in 2013 for a little over 2.3 million the gladwyne home was also once owned by allen iverson. >> what are the chances? >> right. how about that? >> sounds great. i'm in. >> kate -- you're in. cha-ching. >> kate joins us for her forecast for primary day. >> you'll have time to get out to the poll. won't be a complete washout. we've had rough election days before. this is not the worst one we've had but it will be a little unsettled. little rainy eighty three than the past few days have been. we've been nice stretch of weather through the weekend but now things again going downhill. we had rain saturday morning. cleared it out, today yesterday beautiful. tomorrow some changes on the way. so take look what's happening take you out to the shore cam. this is ocean city. looking a little foggy almost a little spooky out there in ocean city this evening. watch for a little fog to form
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especially down the shore. we've got warm moist air in place fog likes to form in that kind of environment watch for patchy fog through the overnight hours. you can see our time lapsed video from today. it was a really nice day but started out the day with lots of sunshine then just a few more high clouds filtering in as the day went on as that next system approached from the west. right now at the leadership academy in philadelphia, it is 65 degrees. here's a look what we're dealing with. these showers will come in kind of almost in three waves the first coming through overnight you can see this batch of showers over northern pennsylvania. most of that misses us to the north but the second wave comes through tomorrow morning. main push along this frontal boundary that will be tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening that's when i expect the stronger storms heaviest rain to move through just in time for the evening commute. you probably want to try to hit polls before that if you can if not you can go in the evening after about six or seven it should clear out. if you want to go on the tail end of the voting day you can do that as elwell. 64 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's warm. 66 in reading.
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62 in allentown. we've been up and we've been down temperatures climbing again we're headed for the 80s tomorrow but then after that front we drop right back to the 60s right back toward where we should be this time of the year that's about average. future weather let's time this out for you overnight tonight the showers mainly drift by to the north. 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we've got clouds possibly even sun as we start the day. a stray shower in the morning. but it's the afternoon that we start to see these showers and storms move through a little bit faster and they come through generally around the time of the evening rush. then we clear out tomorrow nig night. watch what happens on wednesday though the front stalls off to the south and especially the southern part of the region wednesday we'll see a lot of clouds cover meanwhile beautiful day to the north and philadelphia we're right on the boundary line we'll call it clouds and occasional sun. severe threat for tomorrow moderate risk. good chance of pretty decent severe outbreak in the central plains tomorrow. for us we're in marginal risk. that means any storm could pack a punch downpours, gusty winds and even the threat for hail. rain chances next few days, not
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great chance wednesday but more rain moves into the forecast by thursday. overnight partly cloudy a shower in spots late at 62. morning shower then scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. notice the morning midday good times to go to the polls, 5:00 p.m. not the best time that's when showers and storms will be most numerous. cooler wednesday, more rain on thursday. the good news, though, even though it's little cooler we're seasonal this weekend and it does look like the sun comes back saturday and sunday. >> i see it right there. >> thanks, kate. don is here with us now. what's coming up next sports. >> we're talking about the eagles. reports say he wants to be traded sam bradford himself hasn't said a word but his agent, ah, that's different story. hear why bradford wants out of philly. that's next in sports.
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gloverwhen i visitedi knew whmy family in georgia.ike when i saw bernie sanders getting arrested for protesting segregation, it was powerful. dr. martin luther king jr. was building a poor people's movement where blacks, whites, latinos, asian-americans would come together around economic justice, and that's what bernie is trying to do today. i think bernie is with us. that's why i support bernie sanders. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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narrator: listen to katie mcginty for obama vo: katie will stand up to special interests to protect your right to health care, social security and equal pay for women. as the 9th of 10 kids and the mother of 3 daughters, katie is fighting to ensure every family has a fair shot at getting ahead. katie from debate: "i'm a champion, i'm a fighter and i'll have the back of hard working families in this country." narrator: endorsed by president obama and vice president biden, a champion for working families. katie vo: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> sam bradford agent one of the best in the business. couldn't don went on sirius xm radio and had few things to say about this every his klein. first off let's remember the situation. eagles are dead set on taking a quarterback witness second pick in thursday's draft. this after they signed bradford two year, $36 million deal. reports say that bradford is did he map ago trade. here's what couldn't don has to say about bradford and the situation in philly. >> i don't think that anybody for saw the second pick in the draft which we anticipate obviously to be a quarterback and his situation now in philadelphia is different. sam is a competitor. he wants to -- he wanting to some place and know that he's the man. he just doesn't want to be there holding a place card. and then wonder wrack he's going to go at the end of the year. he doesn't view himself as somebody that's stop gap kind of a quarterback and he wanting to
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some place and take chance on, upping, being with a team for long time and i can't blame him for that. >> ah, yes, that brings us to carson wentz. most experts believe that north dakota state quarterback will be selected by the birds. wentz is 23 years old but appears he's been paying attention to philadelphia spor sports. he was asked about the possibility of playing for the birds. >> you see the eagles fans back when they had donovan mcnabb a legend there. they even got on him. that's just how they were in philadelphia. if they were the case i'd embrace it. it's all part of it. i'll hold myself to high expectations wherever i go. some of it might be deserved. we'll see what happens here. >> tom brady has been sacked and this time it doesn't look like the patriots quarterback will wiggle out of it. federal appeals court has ruled that brady must serve a four game suspension in association with the deflate-gate. the court says that nfl commissioner roger goodell
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properly used his power under the collective bargaining agreement and was fair to brady in the process. the first non-quarterback news we have for you right here. chef curry on the shelf reigning mvp will miss two weeks with a sprained mcl in his right knee. golden state warriors hold three games series to one lead. curry said an nba single season record with a 73-and nine mark. we were talking about the sam bradford situation in the break. this one has pins, people. >> she's been doing going off. >> what did you write down. >> stop gap. nobody wants to be a stop gap. >> she has been going off all night long. >> we need a pod cast. >> these are slightly informed opinions. okay. >> slightly. >> thank you sir. >> up next, a prestigious award hasn'ted tout a local female leader. we'll have that story when we come back. fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future.
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new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare.
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that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. new tonight recognizing a woman of exceptional achieve many. >> "eyewitness news" at the rittenhouse hotel for the presentation of the woman one award by the drexel university college of medicine's institute for women's hell. this year's recipient ren nay am more the founder and president of am more group a health care and educational services compa company. she's also a drexel university trustee.
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most new wealth flows it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change.
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a little child with big dreams.
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dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with jim donovan, brook top mass meteorologist katie fehlinger and meisha johnson with traffic. for kate, don and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on at up next the late show with stephen colbert with michelle williams. >> have a good night, family, and she'll we were ♪
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