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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 10, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, may 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly tornadoes tear through the plains, tossing debris and destroying homes. we're in the middle of the devastation. donald trump tries to make peace with his republican opponents on capitol hill. plus, facebook is accused of political bias against conservatives. and scientists develop a second skin that they say will smooth wrinkles and reduce eye bags. we'll find out whether it works. but we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> holy [ bleep ].
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p>> deadly tornadoes roared across the plains. >> oh, my god. >> major, major destruction going on. >> we're watching another area of storms fire up through this afternoon, reaching down into texas as well as over toward the ohio valley. >> paul ryan offered to give up the house speaker's customary role as chairman of the party's national convention. >> and hillary clinton is dismissing the latest wave of attacks from trump. >> i have nothing to say about him and how he's running a campaign. >> in germany, at least one person was killed when a knife-wielding man attacked four passengers at a railway station. >> north korea's leader kim jong-un has presided over a mass rally and parade following the end of the country's workers party. >> face-off between the federal government and north carolina. >> they created state-sponsored discrimination. >> we belief a court should tell our state what the law requires. >> light rain and cooler temperatures offered reprieve to firefighters battling an
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explosive wildfire in canada. >> a family in south carolina got quite the surprise at their front door. >> it is a gator. >> steph curry destroyed portland in overtime. >> he tells the fans, i am back. i am back. >> he is. >> i have great respect for you that you were able to call me and say, let's get together. >> i think the doormen are still recovering. >> i think the whole building is recovering. >> comedian jon stewart has tough words for presidential candidate donald trump. >> i don't even know that donald trump is eligible to be president. are you eligible to run if you are a man baby? >> on "cbs this morning." >> a recent study found that bernie sanders' economic plan would add $18 trillion to the national debt. the study was conducted by famed economist millary flinton. >> announcer: this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly and viability tornadoes left a trail of devastation in parts of the great plains. at least two people died after tornadoes tore through oklahoma. a series of storms flattened homes. >> about two dozen twisters were reported yesterday across oklahoma, nebraska, and iowa. more severe weather could hit parts of the great plains and mississippi valley today. manuel bojorquez is south of oklahoma city. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the power of the tornado that struck here becomes clear when you look at damage like this. this car was destroyed, and the owner of this home managed only to survive by running into her underground storm shelter just before the house was wiped clean off its foundation. her neighbor was killed. damage like this extends for at least four miles here and is just some of the destruction unleashed across the region. >> oh, my god.
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that's the most violent motion i have -- oh, my god. >> reporter: this is the twister that decimated garvin county, oklahoma, monday. >> oh, no. >> reporter: violent high-speed winds ripped away everything in their path, including trees and electric poles. forecasters declared a tornado emergency for communities in the track of the fast-moving tornado. a 76-year-old man was killed. family members say he was on the phone with them when the storm hit. >> he said he could see trees are coming up down through here. then the phone just went dead. >> reporter: lisa buckner lives next door. >> i ran back to the cellar, walked down, and started praying. >> reporter: her house was one of several torn to pieces. >> i walked out, and i just -- i seen everything. i think i kind of went into shock a little bit. >> reporter: in nearby johnston
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county, another man was killed after a tornado snapped trees and damaged buildings. county commissioner roy belvin called on a friend to help him search for the victim. >> when he got there, he said he thought he was still alive. it looked bad. >> reporter: tornadoes weren't the only threat. along this highway in north texas, we've seen everything from heavy downpours leading to flash flooding and what you can hear there, that's hail. in lincoln, nebraska, hail and heavy rainfall pummelled entire neighborhoods, while flash flooding stranded drivers. severe thunderstorms rumbled across little rock, arkansas, as the storm moved east and further north. high winds damaged an airport. the same system that caused this destruction now moves east with severe thunderstorms in the forecast for the central and southern plains and parts of the mississippi valley could see heavy rainfall and possible flooding. gayle? >> thank you very much, manuel.
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i'm sorry. i'm not feeling so good this morning. >> that was a tongue twister. >> manuel, thank you very much. witnesses say that a man yelled "god is great" in arabic as he stabbed passengers in a deadly attack overnight at a german train station. the knife attack near munich killed one person. the suspect, who is a german citizen, is in custody now. video from the scene shows blood on the floor of a train car and on the platform. prosecutors say the suspect made politically motivated comments during that attack. new signs this morning that donald trump and some of his critics are working on a cease-fire. more republican leaders say they'll meet with trump on thursday. house speaker says he may let trump have his way at the gop conventi convention. and a trip with megyn kelly shows trump in a generous mood. >> you seem to stay angry for months. >> yeah. >> was that real or was that strategy? >> well, i'm a real person.
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i don't say, oh, gee, i'm angry tonight but tomorrow you're my best friend. i have great respect for you that you were able to call me and say, let's get together and let's talk. to me, i would not have done that. i don't say that as, you know, a positive. i think it's a negative for me. you walk into trump tower. we didn't have a neutral site or over at fox or something. that would be a whole different thing, and i wouldn't have done it. >> major garrett shows us why more republicans are starting to see trump as their only option to win back the white house. major, good morning. >> good morning. congressional republicans have come to accept that donald trump will be their party's nominee, but acceptance isn't comfort, and it's a long way from cooperation. a series of capitol hill meetings with trump this week will try to solve that. one sign will be whether house speaker paul ryan retains his slot as chairman of the national convention. >> he's the nominee. i'll do whatever he wants with respect to the convention. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan is unlikely to endorse trump thursday, but will try to build a bridge he and other
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house republicans can eventually cross. >> i don't know him, and i've kept a distance from all of the candidates because of my position. we just need to get to know each other. >> ryan will meet trump at republican national committee headquarters along with chairman reince priebus. trump will also meet separately with house and senate gop leaders. that same day, they'll meet with trump campaign staff, all part of an awkward courtship to determine who walks with and who walks away from trump. former rnc official david norcross has seen the party come together after previous primary fights. >> hillary clinton's the great unifier for us. >> reporter: defeating the likely democratic nominee has motivated numerous gop mega donors like home depot founder ken langone. >> i'm all in. you want to know something? i think he'll do a hell of a good job. >> reporter: but other republicans are balking. marco rubio said his previously stated reservations about trump
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remain, adding he does not want to be considered for vice president. norcross said more republicans are slowly shifting to trump, citing this example from a recent virginia gop convention. >> one of the persons running for delegate last saturday said, i understand the difficulty. i was not a trump guy, but i'd rather have a fender bender than a train wreck like hillary clinton. >> trump named chris christie yesterday head of a potential white house transition team. christie, you'll remember, took a lot of heat for endorsing trump in february and labored in obscurity on trump's behalf for months. today we should remember is primary day in nebraska and west virginia. though unopposed, trump cannot mathematically clinch the nomination until primaries on june 7th. charlie? >> thanks, major. the democrats are also having trouble with unity. bernie sanders launched more attacks against hillary clinton last night in front of thousands of supporters in sacramento, california. he's expected to do well in today's west virginia primary. but the delegate math is still in clinton's favor.
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nancy cortes is in louisville, kentucky, where clinton has two campaign events today. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the clinton camp is worried enough about the optics of a late sanders surge. indiana last week, possibly west virginia today, that they've actually gone back up on the air here in kentucky, running tv ads that they had pulled to save money for the general election. sanders drew a crowd of 15,000 in sacramento, california, last night, and he hit clinton hard on her vote for the iraq war, her ties to wall street. these are supporters she's going to need to win over eventually, but he isn't making it easy for her. he even argued he could still pull off a mathematically miracle. >> we have the possibility of walking into the democratic convention with a majority of delegates. >> reporter: there are challenges for clinton on the general election front too. a new quinnipiac poll out this
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morning shows that the race is much closer in a couple of key swing states than some national polls would have suggested. she leads trump by just one point, for instance, in florida. in pennsylvania, she trails actually by four points in ohio. in all states, bernie sanders would do better than she would against trump. that's one of the reasons for staying in the race. >> thank you very much, nancy. north carolina's governor is blasting attorney general loretta lynch for what he calls divisive rhetoric. this follows a sharp escalation in the battle over the state's bathroom law. it requires people to only use restrooms and showers based on the gender listed on their birth certificate. omar villafranca is at the state capitol. >> reporter: good morning. the department of justice gave the state of north carolina until monday to throw out the law, but instead north carolina sued the doj, accusing them of overreaching. well, that didn't set well with
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the doj so they sued the state, accusing them of violating civil rights. >> this is about the dignity and the respect that we accord our fellow citizens. >> reporter: u.s. attorney general loretta lynch hit north carolina's controversial hb-2 law hard monday afternoon, likening the bill to segregation-era policies. >> this is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation. we saw it in the jim crow laws. >> don't go there. there's absolutely no connection. >> reporter: hours later, north carolina governor pat mccrory struck back. >> that's extremely divisive rhetoric and dangerous rhetoric, which is totally unrelated to an issue on whether a male or female should use a male bathroom. >> reporter: monday, north carolina's governor and secretary of public safety filed a lawsuit against the department of justice, calling their attempt to reverse the law a
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baseless and blatant overreach. >> as a result of their decisions, we are now moving forward. >> reporter: the department of justice responded with a federal suit of its own, aimed at the state, the governor, the department of public safety, and the university of north carolina system. under the law, people are required to use restrooms and changing facilities that match the gender on their birth certificate. since it passed in march, complaints have poured in from around the country. several major artists canceled concerts in the state. a number of corporations cond n condemned the legislation, and the white house slammed its passage. >> they're taking our rights away. >> reporter: transgender woman madeline goss is a tarheel state native. >> this makes a laughing stock out of our state. this is north carolina. we love everybody. >> reporter: on monday, the university distanced itself from the governor in a letter to the doj, saying we believe that the university has at all times acted in compliance with federal
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law. interesting note, while covering the governor's press conference yesterday inside the governor's mansion, i asked to use the restroom, and the staff directed me to the only restroom made available to the press. it was the ladies' room. norah? >> really? well, that is interesting. >> that's a little twist. >> that's a twist indeed. thank you, omar. we are learning more this morning about the isis leader that was killed in iraq. the pentagon says the coalition air strike on a vehicle killed abu waheeb. he's described as the group's military chief in anbar province. that's where iraqi forces are fighting to retake the city of fallujah. charlie d'agata got a rare look at the front line. >> reporter: colonel ahmed has been fighting isis here just about since the militant group toppled fallujah two years ago, before he took us to the front line, he warned us of the threats. >> a truck bomb? >> a truck bomb, yeah.
7:15 am
>> sometimes with gas. >> you've been attacked with gas? >> we have masks. >> reporter: as we loaded into bullet-ridden humvees, we weren't that worried a about gas attack, more about losing sight of the team up ahead, winding through tall reeds, shrouded in clouds of dust. the last line of defense against isis is less a front line than a zigzag of men taking up positions in abandoned homes and flattened buildings. >> this is about as close as iraqi forces can get to the isis front line. that line of palm trees about 200 yards away, within range of mortars and sniper fire. >> reporter: fallujah was the first city to fall to isis. the militant group hasn't budged an inch since. >> that whole compound, isis is there. >> reporter: the colonel insists that fallujah is virtually surrounded and isis is on the defensive. but here at least, there doesn't seem to be a decent offense in
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sight. for "cbs this morning," charlie d'agata, near fallujah, iraq. hundreds of thousands of north koreans this morning joined celebrations marking the end of the ruling party congress. participation is considered mandatory. leader kim jong-un was at the center of the festivities. the country's first party congress in a generation promoted kim's goals of economic growth and nuclear expansion. a judge in mexico says the drug kingpin known as el chapo can be sent to the u.s. for trial. mexican police moved joaquin guzman on saturday to a prison across the border from el paso, texas. mexican officials say el chapo could be extradited in the next few months. he faces murder and other charges here in the united states. backlash against long airport security lines has reached the nation's biggest metro area. airports in new york and new jersey joined a growing chorus
7:17 am
of complaints about long waits and tsa staffing. michelle miller is at new york's laguardia airport, which now threatens to replace the tsa. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, anyone who flies out of laguardia understands the frustration. making it to your flight on time can be hit or miss if those lines behind me are not moving. well, the port authority of new york and new jersey says it's got the solution, and it's threatening to hire its own passenger screening teams if the tsa doesn't take quick action. it's the irony of flying. planes are the fastest way to travel, but wait times just to get on board keep getting longer. airports complain that tsa staffing isn't keeping up with increased passenger traffic. >> the flight only took two hours, but you had to get to the airport two hours early, you know, to get through the security line, which is kind of unfortunate. >> reporter: not only
7:18 am
unfortunate but unacceptable according to the port authority of new york and new jersey. in a letter to the transportation security administration, it says the patience of the flying public has reached a breaking point. we can no longer tolerate the continuing inadequacy of tsa passenger screening services. >> because the lines are so long, i missed my flight so they put me on the next flight. >> reporter: the port authority says it might implement a plan already under consideration in atlanta and seattle where officials could hire outside help, contracting with private security companies. >> we're looking at all the options, including we're going to investigate what it would take to privatize. we're looking at other airports that have privatized. >> reporter: the tsa says it's working to decrease passenger wait time by using canines to expedite screenings, asking congress to approve more overtime pay, and speeding up the hiring process to bring on new officers. >> we're working very hard to dramatically improve our ability to move people through, training
7:19 am
more people than we've ever trained before on a weekly basis. but the travel volumes we're seeing are still going to make airports crowded at peak periods this summer. >> reporter: even if the port authority does make those outside hires, they won't be in place in time for the busy summer travel season. and consider this, norah. just over the neighboring airport jfk, the average daily wait time between mid-march and mid-april were up by 82%. >> whoa. that's a lot. michelle, thank you. i know, i fly every weekend. i see it. >> the flying public hopes they figure that out. as you point out, even the tsa precheck lines are long. >> very long indeed. and there's this story. facebook is accused of censoring political news. ahead, the journalist who broke the story. we'll explain how the social media workers
7:20 am
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harvard kicks off a controversy trying to reform its secret all-male club. ahead, why women are protesting the new rules that apply to all single-sex organizations. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by nationwide. ♪ nationwide is on your side not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat! changing the oil... (vo) it's surprising what people would rather do than deal with retirement. pressure-washing the... roses. aerating the lawn! (vo) but with nationwide it's no big deal. okay, your retirement plan is all set. nationwide? awesome. nice neighborhood. ♪ nationwide is on your side i can't believe it has 40% real, simple ingredients.e with i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. hey there, good morning, i'm become thomas accused murder err faces court appearance today. thirty-two year old john brock, station house shelter north broad street. police say brock also shot and wounded another employee of the homeless shelter that same night last january. >> let's get a check on the eyewitness forecast now with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> today will be one of those dreary days, once again stuck with some gray skies, we'll have to dodge couple of raindrops, say it looks a little worse, you know, sometimes bark is worse than the bite situations, does look like you have decent rain out there, very light rain. so it is going to again just be little dreary today. off and on showers really for anyone any time. current temperatures low mid 50's most spots, only to 60
7:27 am
today re bonding next few days with more and more sunshine. meisha? >> thanks, katie. live chopper three over an accident right now in cherry hill, new jersey, car hit pole knocking down some power lines. you can see, crossing the entire route 70. so because that far route, seven # zero closed right now both direction at cooper landing road. you will have to use alternate. chapel avenue or route 73 probably going to be your best bet. see crews still out there trying to figure out how they will do this. also an accident westbound vine approaching the schuylkill, right lane now still compromised, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a next update is at 7:55. up next on cbs this morning, facebook defends itself against allegations of political bias. i'm brooke thomas. good morning.
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warriors could add to their lead now. curry left wide open. >> steph curry is back, and he wants everyone to know it. he returned last night to the court after being sidelined for two weeks with a knee injury. curry put up 40 points. count them, 40 points, in golden state's win against portland. 17 of them came in overtime, and that's an nba record. the warriors lead the trailblazers in the playoff series three games to one. the associated press reports curry will once again win the league's mvp award for the second straight season. >> don't you like him sort of stomping down the court going, i'm back, i'm back?
7:31 am
>> oh, yeah. >> so great. that's what a knee injury does for you. >> changing the game. >> i wish i was watching last night. >> you have a hurt knee and come back with 40 points. score. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, allegations that political bias distort what is you see on facebook. technology editor michael nunez is in our toyota green room. how former facebook employees say conservative views are hidden. plus, the pushback against new rules for inclusion at harvard. some students say policies to reform campus culture go too far. ahead, why many women are upset about the effort to create equality. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the washington post" says the pentagon is investing billions of dollars to protect american satelliting from enemy attacks. officials are developing ways to make satellites more resilient and resistant to jamming. they also plan to send swarms of small satellites into orbit that are more difficult to target. "usa today" reports on parts
7:32 am
of the so-called panama papers being released to the public for the first time. the database covers more than 360,000 people and companies that have used offshore accounts to hide assets. it says at least 36 americans are accused of fraud and financial crimes. our atlanta affiliate, wjcl, reports than an escaped georgia inmate is back in custody nearly 48 years after he took off. 71-year-old robert stacowicz was captured. police say an alias he used gave him away. and "the chicago tribune" reports a disconnect between science and the law about marijuana and driving. a aaa study says it's not possible to pinpoint a blood level for thc that proves a driver is impaired. states allow drivers to of some thc in their blood. six more states have introduced
7:33 am
similar legislation. a marijuana industry group disputes the connection. facebook this morning is defending itself against accusations of political bias. an article posted monday on the tech news site gizmodo said facebook workers suppressed conservative-leaning news stories in its trending section. >> overnight, the social media giant denied the claims. tom stocky wrote this. we take these reports extremely seriously. there are rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to ensure consistency and neutrality. these guidelines do not permit the suppression of political perspectives. gizmodo technology editor michael nunez wrote the article and joins us at the table this morning to discuss. so what made you look into it, and what exactly did you find? >> this started with a leaked document that was sent to gizmodo unsolicited. >> a leaked document from? >> a facebook employee revealing
7:34 am
an issue at the menlo park office. it was about a black lives matter note being scratched out on their face moumous signature. mark zuckerberg issued a statement privately. that was leaked to gizmodo. when we published that story, it emboldened some facebook employees to step forward and say, well, you think that's good, we have more information. every time we published a story in the past two months, more and more employees have come forward with more revealing information. the most recent case we found that facebook is sort of misleading the public about its trending news column. >> how? >> so it's misleading the public by saying that an algorithm is sorting what people are able to see, but what we found is a select group of about 20 journalists, young 20-somethings, often ivy league educated or from private east coast schoolsschools, are the o
7:35 am
sorting through the news food. >> i thought that was interesting you pointed out they were from ivy league schools. what are you trying to imply? >> i think there's a selection bias with these editors. these aren't seasoned "new york times" editors. they're certainly not people from "the chicago tribune." these are contractors in a lot of cases. they're low-paid workers that don't get the same benefits as facebook employees. you know, i think that we just try to report the information as we saw it. so in this case, we saw that these students wiere primarily east coast educated, and we reported that. >> you write, quote, there's no evidence that facebook management mandated or was even aware of any political bias at work. >> correct. >> so there's no indication that management had anything -- this was some rogue employees? >> i don't think it was rogue employees. i would call it an institutional failure. you showed a quote earlier about neutrality. the fact is that they've set up a system that allows for human
7:36 am
bias to enter -- to impact what people are able to see in their feeds. >> facebook said popular topics are surfaced by an algorithm then audited by a review team that's not allowed to discriminate. it says it's designed its tools to make discrimination technically not feasible. >> i think that is -- you know, certainly they can say that as much as they want. the fact is that we have evidence of them blacklisting in a lot of cases conservative news. >> what's a particular story they blacklisted? >> so the cpac conference, for instance. as that was going on, that was not allowed to trend in facebook's trending news feed. in another instance -- >> not allowed means? >> so every single topic that is shown in the trending news feed needs to be activated by one of these curators. they say, yes, this is okay, this is a news event, and we'll allow it to trend. the problem is -- so when they do that, they write a summary of the news event, a headline, and find some corresponding stories.
7:37 am
the problem is that there's such an emphasis on numbers among these curators, they often choose easier stories like kim kardashian posting an instagram photo. that's a lot easier to summarize than something more nuanced license the darren wilson case or something along those lines. >> why would they want top sensor it? >> i don't think this was an intentional -- i don't think it was an intentional bias that's at play here. i think this is just a system that they've put in place that allows people to inflate news basically using something called an injection tool to force news into the trending topics and also suppress news so they can blacklist news. i think when we discovered they were both artificially enflating and suppressing news, that calls into question the legitimacy of the trending topics entirely, right. these aren't exactly trending topics. they're being selected by an editorial board. >> tell uz what gizmodo is.
7:38 am
>> gizmodo is a technology website that's focused on the future. we are interested in gadgets and things that will impact our future. social media is definitely a part of that. it plays an important part in our political dus course. that's why we started to look into this. >> what are the implications here, in your opinion? >> the implications are huge. this isn't just a newspaper. there's nothing wrong with facebook having an editorial board and choosing what the most important stories of the day are, but they need to be transparent about it. you can't call that a trending news section if these topics aren't legitimately trending in the first place. we found evidence of them populating the algorithm with topics that weren't trending on facebook at all. those are called external topics. in several instances, we found them manufacturing trends. >> have you reached out to them to talk to them? >> yes, we have. i think that's another telling sign. we gave them three days to respond to a series of questions about all of the facts listed in our story.
7:39 am
they didn't respond to several e-mails and several phone calls. they still haven't after we published the story. i tried calling them again and e-mailed a series of communication representatives. no one has gotten back to me. to me, that's a very telling sign. >> thank you, michael. >> michael's going to be trending. >> something tells me they're going to want to talk to you. thank you, michael nunez. harvard says single sex clubs are too exclusive. their male and female members are bupushing back. and if you're heading out the door, we'd like to come. you can watch us live through the cbs all access app. we know you don't want to miss one, two, three political gurus behind the campaign docudrama "the circus" here in studio 57. we'll be right back. m phil mick. i've been fortunate enough to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit... even the smallest things became difficult.
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all-male clubs have been part of harvard university's culture for more than 200 years.
7:44 am
president theodore rooz velseves in the porcellian club. >> but now harvard is trying to discourage participation in all single-gender clubs. the new rules include fraternities and sororities. don dahler is at the campus where backlash is building. z don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the university doesn't recognize any single-gender clubs. harvard's president says they're trying to create a community of more genuine inclusion. but the timing of the announcement of this crackdown is very interesting. they're right in the middle of finals right now. this is creating even more stress for many of these students. we met men and women who want to keep these single-gender clubs alive. >> female spaces are crucial sources of empowerment. >> reporter: more than 400 women protested against the university's policy in harvard yard monday. >> they feel like their voices haven't really been heard in the decision that the university
7:45 am
made on friday. i think that there is something to be said for single-sex organizations. >> reporter: harvard's undergraduate dean is targeting what the college calls discriminatory membership starting in 2017, members of unregular niezed single-gender social organizations will not be eligible to hold leadership positions in recognized student organizations or athletic teams and will not receive endorsement letters for fellowships from the college. harvard officially broke ties with its final clubs in 1984 after all of the groups refused to admit women. harvard class of 2018 caroline says her member in a women's only social club has been crucial to her development. >> it really breaks my heart that that opportunity would not be available to women who are going to be here in two years. >> reporter: last year, all male final clubs opened their doors to women. >> there's not a real spoeshl benefit for everyone when certain people are able to enter these spaces and other people are left outside. >> reporter: two months ago, a
7:46 am
harvard sexual assault task force report said female harvard college students participating in final club activities are more likely to be sexually assaulted than participating in any other of the student organizations. class of '78 and graduate president rick is a member for life of the all-male club. >> i think the target all along has been the well-established. unfortunately collateral damage has included the women's clubs as well as the sororities and the fraternities. >> reporter: membership in these single-gender clubs as well as the sororities and fraternities is not made public. it's hard to get an idea of how many people this would impact. it also begs the question how harvard would enforce this rule if these roles are kept secret. >> thank you, don. new technology can wipe out wrinkles for up to a day. ahead, the simple, invisible, and so-called second skin. plus, jon stewart comes off
7:47 am
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it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. look, i donald trump is eligible to be president. and that's not a birther thing. i don't know -- look, i'm not a constitutional scholar, so i can't necessarily say, but can you -- are you eligible to run if you are a man baby? or a baby man? he has the physical countenance of a man and a baby's temperament and hands. so to have that together -- >> that is former "daily show" host jon stewart. not a constitutional scholar, blasting donald trump in his
7:52 am
return to political satire. he made the comments in a conversation with david axelrod, president obama's former senior adviser. stewart also criticized hillary clinton, saying she lacks the courage of her convictions. i like that phrase, guys. man baby. >> it's not found in the constitution, but it's a good phrase. i prefer baby man. >> i like it. >> i like how the script says three other seasoned political watchers are here with us in the toyota green room. >> one, two, three. >> seasoned. >> they're coming up next. jane loves to treat herself. so she loves new light & fit crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. police searching for hit-and-run suv drive who left bike rider lying injured in the middle of the street happened about 2:00 this morning near 52nd and spruce. the cyclist in stable condition right now. police say the suv involved in the crash was white, or silver, call police if you have any information on the case. now, here's kate way look at the wetter. >> once more, jim, looks great and gloomy outside. this courtesy of frontal boundary that's basically getting strung out and stuck in place. so at this point because it is turning stationary, we've still got a lot of clouds to dodge, obviously, or rather showers to dodge, and certainly, a lot of cloud cover out there, as well. and you know this isn't necessarily super heavy rain but enough it is going to mess with you here today. so with a few light showers, some areas of drizzle, you
7:57 am
know, the further north you go you'll brighten up little bit here but generally just dreary day, by tomorrow, at least, things are being look up. we start to moderate on the thermometer here, meisha. >> katie, thanks so much. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. couple ever accidents, where one every them leading up blue route near west chester pike, accident, not sure what it is blocking right now but just know it is slow moving and these taillights are in the direction moving towards that accident. we also have this disable vehicle here, ramp from 202 and 422 on to the schuylkill eastbound, left lane block, because of that disable vehicle. maybe just being pulled out of the way now accident on route 42, jim? >> thanks, meisha a next update 8:25, coming up cbs this morning, second skin that could be the new fountain of youth. i'm jim donovan, i am totally blind.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
well, good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, may 10th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including the circus in studio 57. no elephants, but three political experts with access to the candidates, talking about the next stage of the presidential race. but first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> the power of the tornado becomes clear when you look at damage. this house was wiped clean off its foundation. >> republicans have come to accept that donald trump will be their party's nominee, but it's a long way from cooperation. >> the clinton camp is worried enough about the late sanders surge, they've actually gone back up on the air in kentucky. >> the department of justice gave the state until monday to
8:01 am
throw out the law, but instead, north carolina sued the doj. >> this is about as close as iraqi forces could get to the isis frontlines. that line of palm trees within range of mortars and sniper fire. >> every time that we've published a story, more and more employees have come forward with more revealing information. >> making it to your flight on time can be hit or miss if those lines are not moving. the port authority of new york and new jersey are threatening to hire its own passenger screening teams if the tsa doesn't take quick action. >> top republicans not happy about trump. a former speech writer of john mccain said donald trump has an unstable personality. yeah, this coming from a guy who wrote the words, please welcome my running mate, sarah palin. think about it. [ applause ] i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. donald trump this morning seems to be trying to con come date
8:02 am
his republican support. he'll meet with this week mitch mcconnell as well as house speaker paul ryan. other gop figures are coming around to support the presumptive nominee in order to defeat hillary clinton. >> trump is also making up with one of his campaign targets. that would be megyn kelly. they sat down for an upcoming fox news interview. >> i have great respect for you that you were able to call me and say, let's get together and let's talk. to me, i would not have done that. i don't say that as, you know, a positive. i think it's a negative for me. >> trump also said that he's a real person who can't be angry one day with somebody and be their best friend the very next. a new poll this morning shows trump could beat clinton in three important swing states. clinton is one point ahead in florida and pennsylvania. that's a statistical tie. trump leads clinton by four points in ohio, which is also within the margin of error. clinton faces bernie sanders in today's west virginia primary. despite the odds against him, sanders says he can still win a
8:03 am
majority of pledge delegates. in sacramento last night, he attacked clinton again over her fundraising and speeches to wall street. >> at its peak, campaign 2016 included 23 major hopefuls. john heilemann, mark mckinnon, and mark halperin are getting exclusive access. they're producers of "the circus." >> you don't seem tired at all. i don't understand that. how is it you're not exhausted? >> when you're 36 years of age, it's not that hard. >> i want you to think about this. i want you to want me. >> unlike traveling with bernie sanders where you're on his train, there's no candidate on this plane. she's on another plane. she's in the bubble, tough to get through, tough to get access. are you worried at all new hampshire is not a lot like texas like it was in 2000?
8:04 am
>> it will get bumpy in a couple minutes. >> i've known pretty well, but i did not know his pension for horrible jokes. >> did you hear about the fight in the seafood restaurant? two battered fish. >> i have a name for her, but i'm not going to use it. >> come on, come on. >> you know what it is? give us a hint. >> "the circus" airs on showtime, a division of cbs. we're pleased you're here at the table. let me begin with these polls. what does it say to you guys? >> it's going to be a fascinating election, as it has been. it's been great for the show and everybody covering it. there's been so many surprises. it loo >> mark, i feel like we're road warriors together. you worked for george w. bush. george w. bush, his father, other republicans are saying they're not going to the convention. can he win? >> that's what these polls out
8:05 am
today say. yeah, he can. he's winning in ohio. that's quite a surprise. >> mark, what do you think? >> donald trump has to convince people he can win because he needs the republican party to suit up. a lot of the tensions we see, you mentioned his meetings tomorrow in washington, a lot of tensions are republican thinking we don't really like him, we don't trust him, and he can't win. if it looks like he can win and republicans can have the house, senate, and the white house, a lot of republicans will swallow their reservations. these are real polls in real states. i talked to a clinton person a few days ago. i said, do you think trump will ever be ahead of you nationally? he said, oh, yeah, he will be. once that happens, the whole psychology of the race will change. >> it seems donald trump is doing okay without a unified party. >> i just say, look, the polls also reflect that this was -- these polls are taken in context in which donald trump is crowned the presumptive nominee of the republican party. the country is seeing him as a national leader and republican leader. that helps him a lot. the republican party has lost
8:06 am
five of the last six presidential elections at the popular vote level. they faced huge demographic disadvantages and huge electoral college disadvantages. to win the presidency, the whole party's got to be together because donald trump is going to need every single republican vote. some of these he can bring some new people into the party, but unity is, if not essential, pretty important. >> how is "the circus" different. you have massive coverage of this political -- >> well, it shows real human moments you don't see on the news. normally people do dock yumumeis and you get six months or a year after. this is the human drama of the candidates, their families, and staff. you're seeing it realtime. it's like you're in the cockpit of the plane as it's taking off and landing. the great part about it is it shows the humanity of this process. it shows the tough things these people have to go through. people feel better not only about the candidates but politics in general. >> is "the circus" going to be at the meeting with paul ryan?
8:07 am
>> we could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you. >> if there ever was a time for "the circus" to be somewhere, isn't that it? do you ever have candidates say no? what is your pitch to convince the candidates to play? they certainly participate too. they're all in. >> that it's go i think to show a side of you that voters want to see and you should show. the documentary on mitt romney was a big driving inspiration for this. people saw that after the election and said, where was that guy dufring the election? >> even mitt romney said that. >> authenticity is more than ever the coin of the realm. all candidates get that. the reason why the show has been successful is people are really sick of seeing poll-tested, prepackaged candidates shot from a riser, always seeing that same shot you see on cable tv. to show these people seeming like normal humans, very appealing to a lot of voters. >> it's not partisan. you saw the clips there. access to bernie sanders, access
8:08 am
to donald trump. we like the process. we like american politics, and we're not cynical about it. >> is it hard to get access to donald trump? >> he's been very generous, as has his team, to let us spend time with him on his plane, on the trail. trump is like everyone else who runs for president. they all think, if people get to know me, they'll love me. we're there to try to help people understand what they're like. >> which raises the question of the tenor of this campaign. everyone uses the expression this could be a deep dive to the floor. is it? >> probably. >> you mean ugly, charlie? >> ugly. >> ugly, bloody, nasty, wicked, vicious. yes, all of the above. >> the kind of thing that donald trump was saying about hillary clinton and bill clinton yesterday. >> i certainly think there will be more of that. i think the clinton campaign will be just as tough. maybe in slightly different ways, but they're going to run millions of millions of dollars in negative ads against donald trump. it will make 2012 look like table tennis.
8:09 am
2012 was a pretty ugly race. >> we're going to claw our way to the bottom. >> john, you've had so many conversations with bernie sanders. why did he insist on staying in the race when mathematically it's so stacked against him? what does he say to you? >> he got into this race because he believed in a bunch of ideas. he still thinks that he's a forceful an effective advocate for those ideas. he's still winning primaries. he walks out every day and sees 15,000 people in crowds that are much bigger than her crowds. he still feels he has a role in changing the democratic party. he wants to fight to the end and thinks by staying in he'll have more leverage rather than less when the convention comes. >> i'm fascinated by the paul ryan meeting. you have two republicans that are running parallel tracks and two policies for the republican party. they differ on everything. immigration, trade, taxes. i mean, everything. >> entitlement reform is a big one. >> i mean, all of these things. i don't think anybody thinks they're going to come out of that meeting on thursday in
8:10 am
agreement. >> i think they'll never bridge the gaps on policy. this is about style and about being a more inclusive party. that's what paul ryan wants his party to represent. if donald trump can convince him he understands this notion of being inclusive and being civil, i think they can bridge the gap. >> don't you think when paul ryan said yesterday, it's okay, i'd gladly step aside as chairman, that secretly he wants to step aside, doesn't want nei anything to do with this convention? >> i think it depends where the campaign goes. i think he's very pragmatic, as is trump. i suspect there will be a fairly good outcome. >> i think there's a little bit of brinksmanship going on. donald trump has people saying we're going to remove you. fine, remove me. there's a little bit of that schoolyard kind of brinksmanship. you want to play that game? i can play that game too. >> there's a lot of the art of the deal in many meeting. >> two questions. can donald trump make the transition that the establishment republicans want him to make without losing support from his core
8:11 am
supporters? >> in theory, yes, but i think we're all right to be a little skeptical that he can find that sweet spot. >> secondly, can he raise the amount of money that's necessary for a general election campaign? >> in theory, yes, but i think we're all right to be skeptical. no, but seriously, i think trump has the possibility to be what bernie sanders is, which is an extraordinary fundraiser, small dollar donations on the internet. >> what does bernie sanders do better than hillary clinton one to one with donald trump? >> in the polls? >> yes. >> because -- >> more of an outsider. >> he's got the mood of the country. there are people who look at him and say, i'll never vote for that person. >> secretary clinton is right when she says she's been subjected to withering attacks for 25 or 30 years in american politics. there are still a lot of people in america, especially nondemocrats, just normal people in america, who don't know who bernie sanders is. he's not been attacked by republicans. he doesn't have that history. >> we thought of doing a poll
8:12 am
that said, make up a name against donald trump or hillary clinton and see how they do. an unknown would do getter in some cases. >> can we agree that the charlie rose episode was one of your best? >> by acclimation. >> it's a fun show. >> for everything -- >> he's staying with us. >> mark, mark, john, great to have you. >> co-host with us. >> i'll answer for him. no. >> and we need you. the rose/o'donnell/king magic. bring it on. >> all right. they're saying wrap in my ear. you know what that means. you're veterans. they were s i know you're talking more with charlie tonight at the 92nd street y. that's a place here in new york. >> a party there tonight. >> maybe martinis at the table. "the circus" returns to showtime on july 10th. ahead, a so-called second skin could put a new face on an old
8:13 am
battle. dr. david agus is standing by to show us a simple, invisible way to
8:14 am
the future could be sitting right there in your refrigera r refrigerator. ahead, an eight-month test of smartphone gadgets. ahead, why appliances could change a trip to the grocery store. you're watching "cbs this morning." id arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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8:18 am
in our morning rounds, why you may soon be able to put down the face cream. m.i.t. scientists helped create a second skin. it promises to temporarily straighten out wrinkles. could change the way skin medications are delivered. human trials would compound visibly tightened bags under the eyes that people develop with age. our dr. david agus is in los angeles. david, good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> so you've seen this. how does this second skin work? >> oh, it's so wild. it's really an amazing work in chemical engineering. they needed to create a compound that was able to breathe, transparent, you couldn't see it, had the elastic properties that skin has, and also was comfortable. so it's a two-layer process
8:19 am
called xpl. you take silicon and oxygen and paint it on in a very thin layer. then a second layer activates it and can constrict the skin so it appears smooth. very, very exciting and advanced to hopefully get away from surgeries and injecting toxic compounds into the skin. >> does it only work temporarily? >> it works for 24 hours or so. it's resistant to sweat and moisture. it can rain and not come off. it looks pretty amazing. >> those before and after pictures are so exciting to me. so as someone who can't wait to order a case of this stuff, think carefully before you answer this question. what in the world is the downside here? >> well, you know, the scientist at m.i.t. that created this called it spanx for the face. >> spanx for the face. sign me up, buddy. >> certainly, as we age, our skin gets less elastic. so as a kid, you can pull and it
8:20 am
pops right back be. as you get older, you don't have that eelasticity. this is a way to bring that back. it was tolerated, there were no allergies. obviously it looked good. >> can we buy stock in this? i mean, this seems like a miracle drug. >> i know, it's like when your mom says it's too good to be true, it is. i'm not hearing anything here that's a turnoff to me, david. >> certainly very exciting. listen, wrinkles are character. there's nothing wrong with wrinkles. let's get that out there. also, this is exciting to deliver medicines. you could put in uv protection so you can have protection from the sun all day. or you ever put a medicine on your face and wake up, it's all over your pillow. this could coat it and really change how we administer medicines on the skin. so a lot of potential here, very exciting. >> all right. we like it. i like it. i'll speak for myself. i like it. >> i think i have more bags than
8:21 am
both of you put together. >> i'm more spackled up though. singer meghan trainor is not all about the waist. ahead, why the pop star had her own music video pulled just hours after it debuted. it's a good song too. you're watching "cbs this morning." goodbye icky sunscreen. hello new coppertone sport. it's reformulated to feel lighter on your skin, but still protects and stays on strong. new coppertone sport. hello sunshine. sir, can you hear me? two, three. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck.
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[ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
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8:24 am
that's a perfect song for
8:25 am
this this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> prosecutors are charging three teenagers in the death of another teen inside a wilmington high school. three girls are facing these charges in a assault on 16 year old amy joyner francis last month. investigators say, francis died from a pre-existing heart condition, but say the physical and emotional stress of her assault contributed to her death. authorities want to charge one of suspects as an adult. now, for the eyewitness weather forecast, here's meteorologist, katie fehlinger live in the weather center yet another pretty dreary day un folding out there. we have frontal boundary getting stuck nearby. and because it is turning stationary, it will mean we end up with more clouds out there today, also, little wet weather, some pretty steady rain falling far south of our region, what we will fine here
8:26 am
today is more of light rain, little bit of drizzle out there, although the further north you go, it may be a little bit brighter for you, since you're more removed from the leading edge of the precipitation, isolated shower in the poconos, points north of. that will but for pretty much everybody else, lots of clouds, couple of showers, also staying cool because of all of that cloud cover. 60 degrees nothing better than that. we do rebound though in the next couple of days here come thursday. that looks like nice day, by friday, more showers, and thunderstorms. so somewhat dreary, meisha, not getting much after break, all right, katie, thanks so much. good morning, everyone, looking at video right now, we did have chopper car hit pole, knock down some powers lines, you can see them running off the he entire route 70, and because that far route 70 closed both directions at cooper landing road, your going to have to use alternate chopper avenue route 73 your best bet, you can see them just running straight across, and remember we have the wires in the road, will take their time to make sure they get that cleaned up properly. accident 42 northbound coals
8:27 am
road, black horse pike, all clear on 42, brooke, back to you. >> next update is at 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning, penny from the big bang theory gives us some details about the season nine finale.
8:28 am
he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
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8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, cutting-edge smart homes could transform our lives. we'll see the potential impact of the latest technology from smart refrigerators, smoke detectors, and amazon's echo personal assistant. plus, actress kaley cuoco is in our toyota green room. oh, "the big bang theory" star. >> what you reading? >> oh, you know, "the new york post." >> there you go. >> she's also got a passion for horses, but after nine seasons, we'll find out if her hit comedy can keep going the disdance. right now, this morning's headlines. "usa today" reports donald trump says london's mayor could be an
8:31 am
exception for his temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. trump says he's happy to see him elected, but today khan rejected trump's potential offer. he said this isn't just about him, it's about friends and family and everyone with a similar background. "the atlantic" reports america has a muscular new national symbol. president obama yesterday designated the bison as the official u.s. mammal. bison were hunted almost to extinction in the 1800s. today there are about half a million in the u.s., roughly 10,000 of them are on public land. the new york daily news reports on grammy winner meghan trainor, slamming the producers of her new music video. she says her waist was digitally altered to make her look thinner, and she doesn't like that. trainor had the video removed yesterday just hours after it was released. she explained why on snapchat. >> they photoshopped the crap out of me, and i'm so sick of it. i didn't approve that video, and it went out to the world.
8:32 am
i'm embarrassed. >> trainor's been very vocal about the body image issues. the new version of her video reportedly will be released today. i love she's speaking up about this. she's made it clear she feels good about her body and doesn't want you to change it. good for her. >> i agree. "the new york times" reports on new guide looinss that says restaurants and bars in the city can't refuse a pregnant woman alcohol. the city's commission on human rights says doing so would represent discrimination. according to a cdc report, about 10% of expectant moms drink alcohol, but the science is clear about alcohol and pregnancy. and "the new york post" shows how a mom shocked her daughter at college. deanna pilling took a selfie from a dorm room bed when she arrived at utah state last week to pick up her daughter. she sent it with the caption, look where i am. her daughter wrote back, please tell me you are not in someone else's dorm. but she was and now they're laughing it off. she went there to surprise her daughter. note to self, don't surprise your children.
8:33 am
you never know what you're going to find. she was in the wrong room. she was actually in the wrong room, in somebody else's bed. >> thanks, mom. this morning our partner c-net is revealing the results of its smart home study. for eight months, a team tested more than 40 smart home products in a first of its kind living laboratory. editor in chief is here with the results. lindsey, good morning. this is so fascinating. we all love all this stuff because we want a smarter home. the first thing you tested was a samsung family hub refridge ray to r. what did we learn? >> we have played with this refrigerator. it's a really interesting device because manufacturers have tried to make a smart home refrigerator for a long time. nobody's been interested, but this one takes a different approach. it has a very large screen that essentially replaces all the little bits of paper you would stick with magnets on to your fridge. then it has cameras inside the refrigerator so you can see from the front of the fridge or from your phone when you're at the store what's inside the refridge
8:34 am
traitor. >> it could make grocery shopping easier. >> yes, it has online shopping built in. you can order products from the refridge traitor. it also shows your family calendars synced up from all your different devices so you can use that calendar from the front of the refrigerator. >> it's a good looking fridge. you got to keep it clean though. >> it's pretty. >> let's talk about amazon's echo. i love her voice, alexa. i love how she speaks. how can she help us with a smart home? >> well, we used this device to set up lots of different configurations of lights in the home. actually, alexa and this whole product work very well as a hub for the smart so amazon has been very open about what can connect with this device. you can use it to operate your lightbulbs, things like garage doors, fans. >> music system. >> music. it is a music system. it's a bluetooth speaker. the thing that's so perfect
8:35 am
about it is that it works for anybody in your home. so if you have a 4-year-old who doesn't have a smart home, your 4-year-old can do things. you can also use it to take care of family tasks. >> charlie has one. he talks to alexa every morning. >> it does a lot of things. >> from the bed. >> what do you say to alexa? >> from the bed. >> what's the weather? what's the news? play me some whatever. >> or if you want to take care of family tasks. say something like, order glass cleaner. >> i didn't find that in your past orders, so i've added glass cleaner to your shopping list. >> don't you love her voice? i love her voice. >> she's very pleasant. anybody can use her. she works with all different devices. for us, voice activation has been a key learning of the smart home. we realize using your voice to control the smart home is the best way. >> i ordered another one for another house. amazon must be sold out because they said it'll be -- this was
8:36 am
through prime. they couldn't deliver it until may 24th. >> there are now three different devices. >> did you order in your own name? this is charlie rose. may 24th? that's crazy. >> what about the smart battery? >> amazon, crazy. alexa, amazon crazy. >> this little guy is $35. this is a battery, but it's a wi-fi battery you can plug into any smoke detector. so one of the things we realized about the smart home when we tested more than 40 categories of devices is that you can start really simple. if you're overwhelmed by the idea of a smart home, you can buy a $35 device you plug into any smoke detector. from my phone, i can see whether or not my smoke detector has alarms, and it'll tell me if the battery is low. it's simple, but it's a great way to know and have that peace of mind when you're elsewhere that your smoke detector is working. >> do you know about viv? >> yes, it's a new supposedly
8:37 am
smarter voice assistant than siri or any of these, or even this guy. but we'll see. it's a brand new platform that was just announced. >> you did some testing in kentucky. i was just there for the derby. you said it didn't work so well in kentucky after eight months. i'm surprised. what happened? >> sorry, what? >> you said there was an eight-month test in kentucky. >> no, it worked great. the entire test -- >> that's pretty good. what, what? >> i don't think your question is right. >> how did the house work in kentucky? >> did i not ask you right? >> the house was great. what we discovered was the entire category is really complex. so it's very new. it's sort of like computers were 15 years ago. what we found is that if you're going to start by installing smart home devices yourself, what you should do is choose a task you want to complete and then tackle that one thing at a time. don't worry too much about which devices are going to work with which.
8:38 am
>> that or you have to have reno working with you. >> all right, lindsey. your expression was priceless. you have to look at the tape. good to see you. we like it when you come by. kaley cuoco from "the bing bang theory" is here in studio. ahead, she'll talk about the hit series and the life lessons she learned from her
8:39 am
8:40 am
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why don't you want to be her partner? >> it's very important he associate with us. sometimes people you're seen with, even as early as second period, can reflect poorly on your entire lunch. >> you don't have to tell me that. i lived in los angeles. out there it's all about who you're seen having lunch with. unless, of course, you're in a drive through, then it's about what you're driving. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was teenage kaley cuoco. >> that was a long time ago is what that was. i haven't seen that clip in ages. >> 2002. >> i forgot you were in there. that's "the ellen show" in 2002. these days, she's best known for playing penny on "the big bang theory." in this sneak peek, penny has to break some unwelcome news to her husband leonard. here's a look. >> i don't know if you have any plans next weekend, but i kind of promised your mom we'd have another wedding ceremony so she
8:43 am
could attend this time. >> wait, we're going to get married again? >> yeah, kind of. now we can invite our friends and family. >> seems like a lot of trouble for a hug. >> come on, it'll be fun. and your mom was genuinely hurt we didn't invite her to the first one. >> in our defense, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. also, we don't like her. >> leonard, she's your mom. if we can do something to make her happy, why wouldn't we? >> i just why. we don't like her. >> well, we very much like kaley cuoco. she joins us once again in studio 57. good morning and welcome. >> hi, guys. >> it is cool to see you on that "ellen" clip in 2002 to where you are now. >> i cannot believe that. i've been doing this for way too long. it's a long time. >> i know, but what are your thoughts when you think about that girl there to this girl here who's now on this hit show on cbs? >> you know what's so weird, i feel like i was the same girl there that i am right here. that's why i'm laughing. it feels like yesterday in a weird way, but not much has
8:44 am
changed inside of me. it's weird. a lot of things have changed outside, but not on the inside. i feel very lucky. my hair has changed a lot. that's changed a lot. >> can you give us a little bit of a sneak peek of the season finale? >> we have a really good one. end of season nine. it's a big family affair. as you saw, we're going to try and have another wedding ceremony for the families to attend. we meet leonard's dad, played by judd hirsch. leonard's mom is back. we have amazing people. it kind of leaves -- i wouldn't call it a cliff hanger, but it leaves with a little bit of an uh-oh. there's a big dinner scene. you see that right now. that's hilarious. i was laughing so hard. i mean, if you see me, i'm laughing the entire time. it was a great thing to shoot. >> just the fact you and leonard are married is interesting. he and jim parsonss, who's also been here, said they were surprised that this show would be the hit that it was. did you feel that too when you were starting out, or did you think we have something special
8:45 am
here? >> i think during the pilot, we felt something special. but you can't ever predict or even hope for something to be like this. what i love about our show still to this day after we have an episode that airs, we still come in the next morning and go, did you see the ratings? did people watch? like, we're genuinely still so excited and surprised, you know. that hasn't changed. i kind of love that. i love that about our group. >> and renewed for a tenth season. >> yes. >> but there's some people saying this might be the last season. >> i can -- no. i don't want it to be the last. i can safely say no one wants it to be the last. there will be an interesting path to get there, but we're not stupid. >> you've got a good thing going. >> we've got a good thing going, and we genuinely like each other. we have a really good job, and we want to stay here for many more years. >> when you're not acting, what do you do? >> i ride horses. >> competitively? >> yes. i have many horses. that's kind of like my other life. it's not really -- i used to call it a secret life. now i'm much more open about it.
8:46 am
the animals have completely centered me. >> i hear that you like equestrian riders, kaley. that's what i've heard. her significant other, charlie, is an equestrian rider. >> i got that from the question. >> let's go back to you. two years ago sitting in that seat, you were married, very much in love. as of last friday, that's no longer the case. i'm wondering what you learned from that experience and what you learned about yourself. then we'll talk about new mr. man. >> i'm not ashamed of anything that happened. i fall in love really hard. >> do you? >> yeah, i do. >> you fall in love quickly? >> you go deep down. >> i go deep. that person is it for me. i love hard. when it's over, it's over. some people make mistakes. i wouldn't call it a mistake. it's just what happened in my life. i'm excited to see what the future holds. it happened and now i'm happier than i've ever been. >> are you and mr. sweeting friends? did it end okay? >> everything ended the way it was supposed to, yeah.
8:47 am
>> all right. but you're happy. this is what i like about you. >> we leave these questions to gayle. >> no, but i am interested. i think that's a very lovely way to say it. i think what i think is so nice about this is that you can go through a divorce, but it hasn't hardened your heart that you're not open to love again. >> even when i was going through it, i was like, i'm never going to love again. i can't even pretend to say that because it's not me. it's not my heart. i know that's not me. i know i will again. like i said, it's interesting being here before and being in that position. now i'm in this position and i've never been happier. >> why are you happier now? what is it about him? >> there's just special people in my life now. the show is doing great. >> i'm talking about mr. cook. that's what i'm talking about, kaley. i know the show is great. tenth season. everybody gets along. yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm talking about him. >> what do you want to know about him? >> i want to know what makes him so special. i really do.
8:48 am
>> he's special. i think meeting people that are involved -- >> he's a writer? >> yes, a very good writer. >> i think the horse connection is special. he's special. >> shared interest. >> yeah. >> i love that your friends say you're very punctual, you always show up early. you were here early this morning. >> i'm obnoxiously punctual. if i'm not 15 minutes early will, i'm late. >> and she doesn't like her friends that are not punctual. i operate from the 15 minutes late rule is okay. oh, no, that's not good. >> no, my friends know too. they're like, we're meeting kaley for dinner. she's going to be there an hour early waiting for us. it comes from my dad. >> it the new guy punctual? >> very punctual. >> it is not a bad thing. we are cheering you on. very happy for you. >> love to see you. thank you. >> personally and professionally. >> thanks, guys. thank you for the sport. >> absolutely. you can watch the season finale of "the bing bang theory," when? >> thursday! >> at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on, what, kaley? >> cbs.
8:49 am
>> where else? >> more than three decades after their championship win, a team of legendary collegeasketball players finally get their white house visit. that's next.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
33 years after capturing the ncaa title, the north carolina state men's basketball team finally got a shot at the white house. president obama welcomed the surviving members yesterday. in 1983, the wolf pack upset houston with a buzzer-beating dunk. the team was led by the late and great jim balbano. the school would only play for the coaching legend to go to the white house, not the players. >> people said back then that it was metropolitan to happen, that we won the championship, fate. i also think it was not necessarily a bad thing that we didn't get to go visit back then because now i think it's that much more enjoyable. >> good for the president.
8:53 am
>> yeah.
8:54 am
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advil. good morning, i'm jim donovan. prosecutors delaware want teenager charged as an adult, in the death of another teenager inside wilmington high school, total of three teens charge in the connection with the death of 16 year old amy joyner francis last month. investigators say she died after assault at howard high school. prosecutors say that assaulting a vat dollars a pre he can is g heart condition. now, let's turn to ever katie for a look at the wetter. >> yes, jim, the weather still unfortunately little dreary for us out there today, won't as bright and sunny, front turning stationary, as a result just kind of stuck with the system nearby for the next two days, so for now you have got gray sky out overlooking beach patrol headquarters or overlooking beach pa hole
8:56 am
headquarters in margate. we go far enough north, broad heads ville, you can see, actually sun right reflects g off the trees there, so depends where you are, what you will find. but the general story is this: more clouds than anything. areas of light rain, maybe little fine drizzle off and on any time today with this front so close by. so that's what you have got to expect for the rest of the day, also going to limit the warmth. by tomorrow, we should start to rebounds. i can't rule out shower at this point either. then by thursday, we are looking ahead to dry day for once here, 75 degrees, looks like good excuse to make some outdoor plans, meisha? >> thursday looks gorgeous, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, look at video from an accident in cherry hill that happened earlier, car hit pole and knock down power lines, rather, you can see it running across the entire route 70. it is closed both directions, because of this. at cooper landing road you will have to take alternate, your best bet around here chapel avenue or route 73, again, you can see those power lines crews still out there trying to get it cleared out
8:57 am
of the way. another accident also on the pa turnpike, take a look at the wide, seven on the schuylkill, 17 on 95, as you move in the southbound direction, 20 on the vine. jim, over to you. >> thanks, meisha, a that's "eyewitness "eyewitness news" for now/"eyewitness news" at noon. president obama plans to visit
8:58 am
8:59 am
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