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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  May 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> don't leave your home without your umbrella this morning, it is a soggy start. katie will let you know if it will dry later up today to fire up the grill. >> meisha has trouble spots on the roads if you're headed out this morning. >> also, happening today, remembering beau biden on memorial day, the special contribute through the will help his legacy live on for never delaware. >> today is monday, may 30, happy memorial day, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm, getting your day started on a check with traffic with katie and meisha a it was pouring. >> yes. >> coming in.
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>> my hair got wet, soaking wet. >> coming through in pockets, too. >> let me tell you, guys, this will hurt the drivers, terrible, because if you're waking up this morning thinking you will have easy drive to work, not so much on the boulevard, completely closed because after accident, a lot of flooding. >> that's the other thing, because even though the rain is coming through somewhat, in patches, we're coming down, you're getting just drenched this morning. now, we take live look, classic example of it, outside we go to "skycam 3", live look overlooking spring garden and broad street. at the moment, yes, you can tell, there has been a lot of wet weather rolling through, as i mention, seeing the rain come through in pockets. there is actually flood warning right now, until 6 15, that's posted for philadelphia counties. central philadelphia counties. so, again, you will likely be running into some pockets of flooded roadways for sure, which meisha will have more on in a second. certainly seeing the rain still coming down in some areas. as we take you out to the live neighborhood network, tip he cannily able to see the center
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city skyline, you cannot, tell tail ren drapes, outside palmyra cove nature park at 68 degrees there, and very modest winds, if any, it feels like the tropics outside. understand bridge, because all of this moisture is actually coming courtesy of what had been tropical storm bonnie. so this is a tropical air mass, and that's why it feels so steamy outside. currently outside pleasant vade valley middle and high school everyone has the day off certainly but definitely rainout, there as well, and the temperatures off to very mild start. not going to see too much movement on the thermometer readings as the day progresses, generally about another ten degrees or so tack on to the values, but, you know, again, still feels like the tropics basically outside. kennett square, ardmore, bensalem, mid to upper 60s currently we will be getting to upper 70s generally speaking around the rest of the region with periods every rain off and on very likely rumble every thunder as well, really any time today. soap, i wouldn't call it a wash out. but man, when it rains, tan
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could rain any time, it is going to drench you. so expect that is going to be the case pretty much any time today. happy memorial memorial day, me, isn't that the best news? >> happy memorial day. look at these vehicles, they had no idea waking up they would be sitting in traffic like this. good morning, guys, yes indeed, happy memorial day. not the greatest news on the boulevard, but the good news is the boulevard northbound at fox street just moment ago, all lanes are completely blocked because after accident. now it looks like you are just starting to squeeze by, now get that moved out of the way. i think it problem bring caught them off guard how many vehicles are starting to get back up. take a look, your back upshot, the boulevard by the schuylkill. all of these vehicles now slowly get to go start to movement. -- move. northbound, where you have an accident, getting cleared out every your way now, still very, very busy, and only 4 30 in the morning on a holiday. nobody would have guessed. that will take a look at the vine, where we have some flooding. see the vehicle going through
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it right now, certainly will make you tap on your brakes or you'll hydroplane, in is the vine, at broad street, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a looks like today's weather may curtail some holiday plans, but it has been a great memorial day weekends down the shore so far. the board were crowded yesterday, in ocean city i, a lot of people out and about taking advantage of the sunny weather before the rain moved in. merchants hope these crowds stick around. >> there is a lot of people out in town i think with all of the rainy weather we had this season, people are real excited to get back out t has been good, had a good weekend. >> our pat gallen will be joining the crowds in ocean city coming up in the next half hour. and make sure to check out our memorial day guide on there you will find get away spots, information, on how you can give back to our military heroes. >> happening today, a special tribute to the late beau biden. >> the delaware national guard will honor him on the first
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anniversary of his death. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live in new castle delaware with more on the ceremony, jan, good morning. >> joe, brooke, good morning, this is ceremony will start here in new castle, delaware, right around 2 this afternoon right down this road behind me preparations are already underway, commerce boulevard will close later this morning, and vice president joe biden and doctor jill biden are both expected to attends. it will be a very fitting way to mark this memorial day for the biden family. today the delaware national guard headquarters becomes the major joes of r beau biden the the thirds, he dedicated his service to his father, his stern as attorney general and to his country enlisted in the national guard following 9/11, major said beau biden grew, training in the hauls that will now bear his name. he worked in adjunct general's offers and in 2008 deployed to iraq for a year.
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he returned with the legion of merit, the bronze star, and the gratitude of his come regards. "eyewitness news" spoke to major general when the centers rededication was first announced late last year. >> beau biden never asked for any special considerations. he wanted to go with hundred unit and he d people who follow us and serve if the state of nation will be able to see his name there, reflect on what he did and the sacrifices that he made. >> now, down that road, the one hundred 6 thousand square foot facility opened in 2014. it houses the army and air national guard headquarters as well as the local us navy reserve. today new sign and will be put in place and unveiled during the ceremony honor of beau biden. reporting live from new castle delaware, jan carabeo, back into you. >> jan, thank you for that live report. >> there is a one thousand dollar reward to catch the people responsible for horrific case of animal
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cruelty in delaware county, two dogs found burned behind 28 hundred block every west 6 street chester saturday night. officers tell us this is one of the worse cases of animal cruelty they've ever seen. investigators are trying to figure out right now if the animals were alive, before they were set on fire. >> and we are getting more information about the pennsylvania teen who died before a rodeo performance in south jersey. authority say 19 year old croy was trample during his drunk riding event on saturday night in pilesgrove, salem county. he died at the hospital. he was from howard pennsylvania near state college. he had just finished his freshman year at the university of tennessee where he was a member of the rodeo team. >> donald trump is reaching out to veterans in campaign 2016. during the annual rolling thunder motorcycle rally in washington, he said people in the country illegally are better cared for than military veterans. now trump didn't back up his dis err sean, bernie sanders telling farmers he'll fight
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for higher wages. he's in california, ahead of next tuesday's primary. hillary clinton took the holiday weekend off. >> already has its ticket. former new mexico governor gary johnson won the presidential nomination for a 2 time. he got about one% of the vote, when he ran in 2012. johnson describes himself as physically conservative, socially liberal, believe he could play spoiler because of donald trump and hillary clinton's un favorability ratings, his runningmate william well. >> so are you looking to score some deals today? we'll let you know which stores have the best memorial day sale. >> plus, a zoo tragedy after workers kill a guerrilla. we'll show you why zoo officials say they had no choice but to shoot the endangered animals. >> swamped by rain, rising death toll after several people are swept away by flood waters, and katie is backtracking the wet weather around here, for the holiday.
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>> hopefully this rain will hole off for memorial day celebrations around town. here's a look at some of today's parades, we'll have more throughout the morning. stay with us.
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welcome back, a four year old boy who survived a 15 football is out of the hospital. the zoo temporarily closed the guerrilla world exhibit after the child climbed through a public barrier saturday afternoon. he fell into a mother mother mother, and the guerrilla stood over the boy, then dragged him for about ten
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minutes. >> all the sudden, you heard an older gentleman started yelling there is a child in there, there is a child. and everyone started screaming. >> the zoo's animal response team shot and killed the guerrilla to protect the by. the zoo said the safety barrier had never been breached before, but will study the inches tent to improve the safety. cincinnati plan say they do not plan to charge the mother. >> record setting flooding in texas, two bodies found yesterday, along flooded streams. an eyewitness captured this video rain soaked the region this holiday weekend, more than 19 inches of rain fell since thursday. the rain has stopped, but flood waters continued to rise. >> and we are dealing with our own wet weather around here for memorial day. >> yes, we, are katie here with the soggy holiday forecast, hey, katy? begin deed we r some of the moisture we're getting in fact all of the moisture comes courtesy whatever had been tropical storm bonnie. so when you walk out the door,
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even though not currently raining, it will feel like you've gone a lot of latitude lines south. put it that way. feels basically lie like your a down in the caribbean, so much humidity, so much moisture to work with. a live picture of the board walk in ocean city cape may county. sun isn't up just yet. you can see the sheen being left behind from the light still up here, all of the rain since fallen. looking right now at couple of different flood advisories, certainly do have a lot of rain that's fallen already across center city where the next camera will take us, not too much after skewing of the center city skyline, obviously low clouds over the comcast building, can't quite make out the top of the skyscrapers, so relatively low sealing, but thankfully not messing too much with your visibility, rain, how much, and certainly with the street flooding we've seen gone on, meisha will have more of that going on throughout the morning, still dealing with sheen out on the area roadways, once more at the neighborhood knelt work,
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winds are light, that's not an issue, temperatures are pretty mild, you will not need a jacket when you walk out the door, but don't bank on having the most awesome hairdo today if you plan to be out. because you have got major humidity issues here, upper 60s currently being report in the cinnaminson, norristown, wayne, as well, and in mays landing at 70 degrees. so, once more, we will just gave you a heads up here, having some issues with the radar, but i can tell you that we are finding some pockets of heavy rain, generally speaking anywhere, and that's throughout the rest of the day. there might even be some residual rumbles every thunder that come with that. please be careful if you're out on the roads travel home from your holiday weekend destination, looking little rough out there. i wouldn't bank on having the most awesome barbeque just outdoor plans, not looking ideal. so expect it will be raining off and on any time. eventually though meisha, i promise things get better tomorrow. >> so good to hear. happy memorial day. like katie pointed out a lot of rain out there, very wet
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roadways, causing slow downs, more in the terms of because of where the accidents were, now that some of toast are getting pushed out of the way, not so much volume levels, just know there is flooding on the roadways what you are dealing with, you have to go out there this morning, where we had an accident boulevard northbound at fox street, just moment ago, all lanes blocked, you wouldn't think that there would be backups, i showed you back up camera little bit ago, still residual effect out there, the boulevard, by the schuylkill. again, that accident has been cleared, so overall it is looking better around there, you're just dealing with very wet roadways some flooding, bamm, you just saw the car go through to the vine, headlights eastbound direction at broad. we do have flooding under those bridges, and where you see the water starting to accumulate. it will have to slow you down. when these vehicles go that fast, what happens, sometimes you can hydroplane, boom, accident, already seen it this morning, so just take it easy. what is hard sometimes it sneaks up on you you don't even know if that much water is out there, especially this dark outside. also an accident out here
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south avenue near chester pike, pottstown, we did have building collapse, church clams actually here, charles between chestnut, you will have to use alternate to get around where the building collapsed, hanover street, right, there that's your alternate. also update on mass transit coming up here in a little bit. in fact, all operating on holiday schedule today. i'll be tweeting this out, as well, new jersey transit, new jersey river line, patco high-speed line, joe, over to you. >> another look at this morning's headlines, delaware national guard is honoring the late beau biden today, it is naming it headquarters in memory of the former state attorney general and guard major. today marks the first anniversary of biden's death from brain cancer, he was 46. >> and there is a one thousand dollars reward for information on who set two dogs on fire. their cashing you go cents were found saturday night behind home in chester. it is unclear if the dogs were dead before someone set them on fire. >> and rodeo performer from pennsylvania has died after an accident at cow town rodeo
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salem county. authority say coy lutz was thrown off the horse, then trample him in front after crowd of thousands during saturday night's show. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this this morning, shopping for bargains on memorial day day. >> we'll let you know about the best discount you'll find in stores
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>> if you are headed out the door stay updated when katie's forecast on our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060. also new jersey transportation trust funds is about to run out of monday nay few weeks. hear one lawmakers' solution to pay for road row pairs that does not include raising the gas taxment plus, illegal atv's and dirt bikes, long a problem, but now new documentary pulling the curtain back on the city's underground bike community, finds out how philadelphia celebrated it status as the only world heritage city in the united states. check in 2, 3, 4 times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060, on
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your a.m. dial. and we were just about ten minutes out from five. the stock market closed for memorial day. >> holiday become synonymous with sales, compiled biggest and best retail discount. marlie hall has this morning's money watch reports. >> reporter: americans are more optimistic about the economy this month. the university of michigan says, its index every consenter sentiment rose to its highest level in nearly a year. analysts say a more optimistic consume letter likely spend more sparking greater economic growth. stocks rallied friday, the dow gained 44 points, the nasdaq added 31. >> may born usa is recalling more than 3 million zip zip cups, five times of spill proof tommy tip i zip i cups, received 68 reports of sick children. memorial day has become sin and must with sales. that is why nerd wallet has compiled the biggest and best retail discounts.
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topping the list, ashley home stores offering 25% off on line purchases and consumers can get 35% off major appliances at best buy. that's your money watch, for more log on to in new york, i'm marlie hall. >> coming up after the break, we will get another check on this very soggy holiday forecast. >> stay with us, we'll be
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>> quite the soggy holiday my friends, good morning, everyone, up and adam early with us, perhaps you got woken up by rain pounding on your roof. at some points rain just pouring down, still coming through generally in some pockets, because it is a saturated air mass what you will find is pounding rain, any time those pockets move over your area, and it is the tell tail signs right here outside of hotel bethlehem, and we're up in northampton county here where the sheen just tells the story right. we do have street flooding, there are number of flood
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advisories, generally posted up and down i9 the a and the immediate flanked the delaware river, but we're going to continue to see period of rain really off and on at any time today. different view from our live neighborhood network, outside palmyra cove, raindrops on the camera lens here, combination of some light of day starting to show at this . we're at 68 degrees, and again, pockets of steady heavy rain still rolling through, kind of any time, throughout the entire region, throughout the day. i wouldn't be shock either if you perhaps even heard a few rumbled every thunder. now, looking at our 7 day forecast, today, upper 70s at best. but there will be heavy rain and thunderstorms out there. so, regardless, happy memorial day to you. i know outdoor plans might get somewhat shot because of the weather. looking ahead gets a lot better from here, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, at this . promising to be so much nicer less humidity as well, then by friday the potential for few thundershowers returns to the forecast, meisha? >> looks gorgeous. just got to get through today. it is a holiday. but that's the way that it is.
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in fact, a flashflood warning in effect through philly until around 6 15 a.m. what we are looking at right now 95 at girard, 95, seen flooding, 295 even in jersey some flooding, since cleared out of the way. but just we've got those pockets where we will have some flooding today, just recipe for disaster, especially if someone hydroplanes, good news, look how quai at the time looks out there now. accident cleared on the boulevard, one of the busiest shot, but right now 95 at girard looking pretty good. new jersey 42 northbound at creek road also looking good. you can see how wet everything is looking, this is the vine, headlights moving in the eastbound direction near the schuylkill, wore yes seeing some flooding under the bridges, brick decks, side streets, all very well, very slick, and like i said shall that risk for hydroplaning, make note if you have to hit the highways and it states today. where we have an accident, south avenue near chester pike, norwood. so just make note it is out there if you guys have to travel until that area. also downed wires here, in new
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jersey, monroe township, south main street at carol avenue. and also pottstown building collapse here, charlotte street between king street and chestnut street closed you will have to use alternate, hanover street will be your best bet, joe, over to you. >> pair of young friends celebrating memorial day with a special treat. >> evesham township police officer spotted the little guy's wearing their helmets, so gave them a ticket for being safe. it is part of operation chill. the kids can redeem their ticket for free slurpee at 7-eleven, that's a good ticket. >> that's the kind that i need. very good. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", live down the shore to see how the rain is impacting memorial day plans. >> plus, a growing buzz over bees, the unusual spot where businesses are creating new homes for the insect. >> talk about thread acned l. see this daredevil amazing stunt that took a deck ate just to plan. we're back at the top of the hour.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. after a pretty wonderful memorial day weekends, we are waking to up wet weather. and, there are even some flooded roads out there. katie lets us know if the whole holiday will be a wash out. >> boards are soak, but that can't dampen spirits down the shore, live in ocean sit way look at some of the biggest events planned for summer 2016. >> and happening today, remembering beau biden on memorial day. the special tribute that will help his legacy live on forever in delaware. today is memorial day, it is monday, also, may 30. good morning, i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm joe holden, jim has the day off. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. it is nasty out there. >> and you would not think so on a holiday, would you think
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i could just get to work early, right, and all the sudden we have major backups, flashflood warnings, out through philly, yes. >> good . at least we won't have as many cars on the road, you know? but yes, getting soaked in some of these spots out there. as you mentioned, flashflood warnings posted specifically philadelphia county, guys. so you take a look out here, overlooking spring garden, but specifically the frankford and the pennypack creeks, when the heavy burst of rain came through, they quickly came out of their banks, thankfully they're receding nearly as quickly, but regardless, those flashflood warnings stay in effect for portions every philadelphia county, central, northeastern philadelphia county through 6 30 this morning, so, another 90 minutes or so, still going to likely have some minor or at least, yes, at least minor issues out there. but certainly outside we go to spring garden and broad street. still quite wet. looks like the crews are replentishing the beaches on the shore, still very hazy, we're essentially talking completely saturated air


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