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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 22, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, july 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump accepts the republican presidential nomination, saying there can be no prosperity without law and order. his speech focused more on threats than hope. hillary clinton responded by saying, we are better than this. her running mate is expected to be revealed today. >> we are going to take you to a colorado town where an entire water supply may be contaminated by thc, the marijuana ingredient that makes people high. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i say these words to you tonight. i am with you.
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i will fight for you. and i will win for you. >> donald trump accepts the republican nomination for president. >> this is the legacy of hillary clinton. death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness. >> evers describhe was describe america. you are either terrified by this. >> it is the best speech i've ever seen. it expands the conservatives and liberals. >> we will make america great again. god bless you and good night. i love you. >> roger ailes is out. gone from fox news, facing dark allegations about how he treated women in the workplace. >> the nba is looking for a new home for the 2017 all-star game because of a law that limits the lgbt community. >> this is going to hurt charlotte and north carolina. >> extreme heat, broiling the
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u.s. >> excessive heat warning for a wide section. >> out here, it's high. >> fire in a las vegas hotel forcing people to evacuation. >> huge flames. >> we love you. >> it's official, people. donald trump just accepted the republican nomination for president. when he finished his speech, they dropped 125,000 balloons and poor chris christie spent the whole day blowing them up! >> and all that matters. >> an effort to reach out to the lgbt communities. >> lgbtq. >> he said that! like he was giving pat sajak letters for the "fortune of wheel. >>." on "cbs this morning." >> from the beginning, trump made a bold promise. >> here at our convention, there will be no lies. >> let's check on that. >> i humbly -- >> there is one right there. all right. no! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places!
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♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." the republican national convention finished with a clear declaration from the party's new leader. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> trump told the world he will solve america's problems. he vowed to protect the people from powerful interests, he says has let them down. >> trump's acceptance speech painted a picture of a country in decline. he promised to restore public safety and create millions of jobs. trump used the word violence 11 times. he referred to terrorism and immigration nine times. and he only said freedom once. and he didn't mention hope at all. major garrett is in inside quicken loans arena in cleveland.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there was plenty of time to make your way around the jam-packed convention floor during donald trump's speech. i did precisely that and it was clear to me that delegates liked the speech but, at times, wanted to like it more. sure there were standing ovations for but for every one of those, there were long stretches of seated silence in part because trump painted such a grim picture of america, one stalked by crime and threatened by terrorism and struggling to maintain order. that, of course left a task of softening trump's image to his daughter ivanka. >> i am your voice! >> reporter: addressing a crowd he had already won over and an audience at home he has yet to persuade, donald trump said it was time to speak rude truths. >> i will present the facts, plainly, and honestly. >> reporter: on urban violence. >> homicide last year increased by 17%. >> reporter: the dangers of undocument immigrants. >> they are being released by
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the tens of thousands. >> reporter: the threat of radical terrorism. >> isis has spread across the region and the entire world. >> reporter: as he vilified his political rival. >> this is the legacy of hillary clinton -- death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness. >> reporter: two unscripted moments stood out. a reference to evangelical loyalty. >> i tell you what, the support they have given me and i'm not sure i totally deserve it. >> reporter: and an explicit call to protect all sexual orientations and identities. >> i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens from the violence and depression of a hateful foreign
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ideology. believe me. i have to say as a republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what i just said. thank you. >> reporter: introducing her father ivanka trump tried to portray him as a regular man, that could unite a divided nation. >> throughout my entire life, i have witnessed his empathy and generosity toward others, especially those who are suffering. >> reporter: and she zeroed in on a conspiracy skeptical of trump. >> politicians talk about wage of equality but my father has made it as a practice at his companies throughout his entire career. >> reporter: after the speech, campaign chairman paul manafort disagreed with those who called the speech dark or grim and said it's reality and trump supporters know it and they were inspired by his vision. guys, back to you. >> thank you, major. we got it. donald trump spoke for an
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hour and 15 minutes. that is according to c-span that says it was ten minutes longer than any other acceptance speech in recent times. trump declared more than once, i am your voice. but did he use that voice to speak the truth? julianna goldman is in cleveland backtracking the republican nominee. what did you find out? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump declared himself the law and order candidate and he began that speech with a promise and then unleashed a series of statistics. >> here at our convention, there will be no lies. >> reporter: donald trump said last night, he planned to honor the american people with the truth and nothing else. >> these are the facts. homicide, last year, increased by 17%. in america's 50 largest cities. that is the largest increase in 25 years. >> reporter: trump blames the obama administration for
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reversing progress. a "the washington post" story from january does show a 17% uptick in 2015 rates. but the "post" suggests no single explanation for the increases and national murder rates have been dropping for decade. >> the number of police officers killed in the line of duty has risen by almost 50% compared to this point last year. >> reporter: the rate is much lower. the 67 law enforcement deaths recorded through july 21st is only an 8% increase over last year. >> household incomes are down more than $4,000 since the year 2000. >> reporter: hillary clinton and trump both used this number and it's correct. by 2014, median household income was down to nearly 54,000 dollars. >> i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizens from the violence and
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depression of a hateful foreign ideology. believe me. >> reporter: the republican platform proofapproved for the convention has been called the most anti-gay in history and its priorities overturn nationwide same-sex marriage and discourage same sex adoption. now, in general, last night, the statements were largely true. they just didn't provide much context. that is a fact of political speeches that will likely we will be seeing on both sides between now and election day. >> thank you. hillary clinton's campaign may be hours away from revealing her choice for a running mate. during trump's acceptance speech last night clinton made point-by-point attack on social media last night and one tweet said we are better than this. nked is nancy cordes is in cleveland also. >> reporter: her speech slams this speech as paranoid and depressing and long on promises
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and short on specifics. . it caps, they say, a qings more like a witch hunt and demonizing clinton about the party's misgivings about its own nominee. >> i'm with you the american people. >> reporter: it was one of trump's biggest applause lines but it was quickly mocked by the clinton campaign which argued he is with everyone but african-americans, muslims, latinos, et cetera. in a statement, clinton compare chairman john podesta said trump painted a dark picture of america in decline but offered no real solutions. >> equal pay for equal work. >> reporter: ivanka trump's speech, the clinton campaign noted sounded like their campaign. they argue trump does not share his daughter's concern for working women, issuing this video as evidence. >> pregnancy is never -- it's a wonderful thing for the woman and a wonderful thing for the
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husband. it's certainly an inconvenience for a business. >> reporter: massachusetts senatoristic warren did rapid response on the late show. >> it sounded like a dictator of a small country. >> reporter: she's on the short list to be clinton's vp. we will learn the final choice today. >> could this be the ticket? could this be the ticket? is there a chance? >> reporter: we will know who will appear as her running mate in florida this weekend. most top democrats say virginia senator tim kaine is the pick. >> nothing booked but i'm checking the gray round. >> reporter: he and caine are close friend. >> he is the real deal and he will serve well if he is the vice president. >> reporter: some have speculated that florida, with its large latino population, would be the perfect place to introduce a running mate who speaks fluent spanish which kaine does but the clinton campaign has been incredibly
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secret about this process which has left even top democrats guessing along with everybody else. >> thanks, nancy. cbs news political director and moderator of "face the nation" is with us. you were in the hall. did trump enhance his ability to >> it's a big question. we all were there. you saw the thunderous response to him. now the question is how big is the audience outside? we know there is some die-hard trump people love what ed and a speech left with no hope in it and usually he used that hope to bridge to another constituency to draw people in, to reach into another constituency and we just don't know if that is possible with such a dark speech. >> after going through all of the problems with america, trump said, i, alone, can fix it. is that how your government works, the president alone can fix the problem? >> our government was founded to be weary of anybody making those types of claims and the entire
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argument behind the founding is which is you cannot claim to have all of the power in one person. this was a unity convention, supposed to be any way, connecting donald trump to the republican congress. he didn't mention the republican congress once. he didn't say i will join with the republican, anything. it was all about i am going to fix this and that way, it's all about donald trump. >> populism? >> that is the great question here, absolutely. whether his sense of disappointment and the betrayal he talked about that the government has betrayed him and us, he was speaking for an us, how big is that us that feels betrayed and left behind by their government? >> one of the delegates sitting next to me said he might be the little help fixing some of the problems. and don't know what that is going to be. yesterday, he brought up the lgbtq community and q stands for questioning and people around me what does the q stand for? what does it mean? were you surprised he brought that up especially after peter
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thiel spoke, a big applause in the room when he spoke. >> when he spoke to the room and said great to hear you applaud for that. it's extraordinary the distance the republican party has traveled here. the platform is different than what we saw in the hall but what we didn't see in the hall is reelected judges and redefining marriages which is usually a normal applause line at an republican event. george bush ran for the amendment to block gay marriage and now you have people applauding on a variety of different fronts. >> ivanka trump, a speech she talked about not being really a democrat or a republican and no mention of hillary clinton. >> no mention of hillary clinton who had been mentioned -- it felt like in every other speech and she mentioned what hillary clinton says, family leave and child care. she opened the windows and it was promise and hope. a kind of what you usually think of as optimistic themes before
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donald trump came in and pulled the shades down. >> john, thank you very much. we will be watching sunday when with john dickerson interviews president obama on "face the nation." >> that's a big interview. looking forward to that. >> yeah. a very busy week, john dickerson. >> just as busy as yours, gayle. >> that's right. people have had a busy week. silicon valley billionaire made history last week. peter thiel became the first speaker to acknowledged being gay at a republican convention. >> i am proud to be gay. i am proud to be a republican. but, most of all, i am proud to be an american! >> we spoke to pete thiel after the speech about why he supports donald trump. peter thiel, you made history tonight. the first gay man to openly say i'm gay and i'm proud. why here? why now? >> well, i think this is the right time to do it. i thought that many things i agree with the republicans on and i think there are also ways
7:16 am
we have to move into 2016 if the party is going to win the election this year. >> reporter: peter, a lot of people in silicon valley are scratching their head, pete thiel, the republic national convention, supporting donald trump? huh? >> well, i think i hit a lot of points on my speech. i think that -- i think the u.s. economy is quite broken and i think we need to try to get outsiders, outside of washington, d.c., to shake things up. in some ways, it might have been risky but i think the alternative is stag nation. >> thiel said he was invited by the republican party to speak and he hasn't meet donald trump yet. ed one of his goals was to reach undecided voters. a short time ago in philadelphia they unveiled the podium for the democratic national convention starting monday. "cbs this morning" will come to you from the national constitution center in philadelphia. prime time specials from the convention begin monday night atsen/9:00 central. you can see wall-to-wall convention coverage next week on our 24-hour streaming news
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network cbsn. danger temperatures in the united states could rise into the triple digits today. heat warnings and advisories are posted in 21 states from coast-to-coast. dean reynolds is in chicago with how that city is fighting the extreme heat. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here at millennium park, this grassy field is actually the roof of a parking garage. this is the kind of infrastructure, both here on the ground and way up on the top of skyscrapers that urban planners say will help keep cities cool. >> i'm extremely hot. >> the humidity is terrible. >> my gosh, so hot! >> reporter: more than 150 million people will be struggling with oppressive temperatures as the heat dome moves east. in texas, the brutal sun caused this highway to buckle. in madison, wisconsin, school
7:18 am
district officials had to cancel summer school and in chicago, firefighters have been put on 10 to 15-minute rotations to prevent overheating. the city is trying to do its part to bring the temperatures down. >> this little plot of grass is probably doing a little bit of cooling for the prudential building. >> reporter: chicago's former chief sustainability officer karen wigert says darker surfaces like concrete and asphalt make the city into heat islands. >> in the day the heat is absorbed and often released at night. then if you move out more where you got more tree and more green. >> reporter: so plants actually help cool? >> they do. >> reporter: wiigert says chicago's more than 500 green rooftops help propel heat and provide shade. >> it's staying away from the situations where the vegetation has been removed because then you have no counterbalancing. >> reporter: chicagoans no
7:19 am
better than to take the heat lightly. 21 years ago another summer heat wave struck the city and killing more than 700 people. >> you're seeing more heat waves and more heat in general. cities on multiple continents are asking these same kinds of questions. >> reporter: the heat dome is spanning most of the country and it's in the 90s here and in the 90s in new york. and in washington, d.c. and with the humidity, it's going to feel like it's in the hundreds. >> that is hot, indeed. thank you, dean. roger ailes made stars out of bill o'reilly and megyn kelly but he is out this morning. the extraordinary reverse of fortune weeks into a sex
7:20 am
the water supply an entire colorado town could be tainted with a marijuana ingredient that makes people high. >> ahead the investigation into how the chemical may have been
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so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. a potential olympic terror plot is smashed in brazil two weeks before the rio games. also ahead, thann an
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also ahead, thann administration from a police live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm brooke thomas. we are seeing inside the wells fargo center for the first time ahead of the start of the democratic national convention. philadelphia mayor jim kenney and democratic party officials are there right now. there are spectacular renovations to the well, where hillary clinton will accept the nomination for president. we'll have everything about the convention here on cbs-3, and let's get check on the eyewitness forecast with meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> good morning, brooke. we ends up here with couple of days straight of some pretty excessive heat. today starts the trends, but tomorrow is actually when our excels i have heat watch is actually scheduled to take effect. notice it, does include the marge/at this of the delaware vale, already, offer to the
7:27 am
races, 94 for the high, watching for some late day showers or thunderstorms, isolated nature, and then tomorrow, sunday, scorchers of days and monday we should tie the record. meisha? >> katie, thank you. looking outside right now, you guys, we still have this accident involving the car fire, pulled all the way still blocking obviously the left shoulder and that left lane, you are still pushed all the way off, woodhaven road taillights in the eastbound direction, millbrook, near 95, and also, disable tractor-trailer pulled offer to the side, schuylkill westbound, before south street, that right lane and part that far ramp is block, broad street line still delayed, brooke? >> thanks, meisha a next update is at 7:55. up next: cbs this morning, terror plot targeting the real olympics. i'm brooke thomas, thanks for
7:28 am
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on the first night of the republic national convention, donald trump was taken to task by the queen after walking on the stage to their song "we are the champion." we got to thinking everyone who spoke over the past four days came out to the wrong music, so we here at late night are rectifying that now with rnc walk-on music that should have been used. ♪ mr. sandman ♪ >> that was rnc walk-on music that should have been used. >> that is so funny. at the end -- >> you can't always get what you want! >> you can't always get what you want with donald trump! >> when with we were walking up, people around were saying, why
7:31 am
are they playing that music? when you listen to the word, you can't always get to your want, you try sometimes to get what you need. i thought that was an odd choice too. you noticed it too? >> a donald trump idea. >> you can't always get what you want. who picked that? welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, a colorado town's water supply may be tainted with the activity ingredient in marijuana. what is ahead with fox news without its founding leader? chief executive officer roger ailes steps down and who may be taking over fox news. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. bloomberg reports on nato allies responding to donald trump's suggestion the united states might not protect them if they don't fulfill their obligations. bloomberg references our interview yesterday with newt gingrich when he defended trump. gingrich told the us estonia is
7:32 am
in the suburbs of st. petersburg and not sure he would risk a nuclear war over it. in response to trump, estonia president tweeted the following. "the new york times" reports the latest on the investigation of the truck attack in the french city of nice. a prosecutor yesterday said the man who killed 84 people last week planned the attack for months. five suspected accomplices were charged yesterday. the prosecutor found no direct link between the attacker and isis. cbs-miami has an update on a story we told you about earlier this week. the police shooting of an unarmed black man with his hands up. charles kinsey a caregiver was next to an autism patient in miami on monday. he told police not to fire but an officer shot him in the leg any way. yesterday, the police union representing the officer said that the cop was actually trying to shoot the autistic man.
7:33 am
but he missed. the officer said he made his decision in a split-second. the "miami herald" reports on a second suspected case of zika transmitted by mosquitoes. it's confirmed these would be the first such cases in the united states. health officials fear it is the start of a local outbreak in south florida. more than 1,400 zika cases in the united states are linked with travel and 400 pregnant women nationwide may have the virus which is tied to birth defects. the activity ingredient in marijuana may be contaminating an entire town's water supply in colorado. the fbi, this morning, is helping state investigators in the town of hugo learn how thc could have ended up in a well. barry petersen is in denver, southeast of hugo, as people are warned not to drink the water. >> reporter: good morning. well, there have been no illnesses or ill effects
7:34 am
reported. and officials are still trying to figure out what this substance is. is it really thc? they want to know who may have tampered with one of the city's wells which is how could be the substance, whatever it is, got into the city's water supply. >> when we have a presumptive positive of thc in our public water we take that seriously and we are going to investigate that until the end. >> reporter: police say the substance may have been introduced into the system at one of the town's five water wells and, if so, it looked like it was done on purpose. >> there were signs of tamper-forced entry into what would have been the raw water supply. >> reporter: the presence of thc was discovered by a company that conducts routine employee drug tests. but the results are far definitive ane ivive and samps way to state labs but still caused for big concern in this small town of more than 700 people. >> i was in the grocery store
7:35 am
and in there about ten minutes and in that amount of time, people had rushed in and sold out of the water. >> this causes real concern because if it happens in hugo, colorado, it can happen anyplace. >> reporter: colorado law permits the legal sale of medicinal and marijuana. hugo does not contain any commercial pot sale operation but people can grow restricted amounts at home. for the moment, authorities are simply not sure what they are dealing with. >> i can tell you those field kits came back with a presumptive positive for thc. now, that being said, any number of substances could cause what we call a false/positive. >> reporter: pot in the drinking water sound very scary, but the experts are very dubious. they point out that, generally, thc is not even soluble in water. as for the town, they will start getting bottled water today and the experts say the substance,
7:36 am
whatever it is, will be flushed out by the weekend. >> barry, sounds like we need a second hit on this story. >> what did barry say? did he say, norah, good idea? that is what i was wondering. >> there you go. i try. i come here and i try every morning. >> you do. i know you're proud of it and it was good. >> thank you. thank you, charlie. >> it's appreciated, norah. >> he know. you know me, give it my best every day. an american media legend is out of his job this morning. fox news chairman and ceo roger ailes resigned yesterday amid a sexual harassment allegation. he was shown getting into his car here. rupert murdoch, the head of the news channel, will at that time reign. vinita nair, good morning. >> reporter: ailes problem started earlier in the month
7:37 am
whether fox news anchor gretchen carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. much more ahead which included an internal investigation, the end of which he has resigned. after nearly two decades at the helm of fox news, roger ailes stepped down thursday. >> roger ailes resigned this afternoon as chairman of fox news channel. fox business network and fox television stations, effective immediately. >> ailes denied any wrongdoing. in a letter to rupert murdoch, he wrote i take particular pride in the role i have played in advancing the careers of many women i have promoted. for now the 76-year-old is being replaced by murdoch the man who hired him to help launch fox news in 1996. >> i think the fact that rupert murdoch is taking over fox news is a clear sign that the fox empire wants to make sure that both the viewers of fox news and the people that work at fox news
7:38 am
know that it's going to continue to do what it has done for the last 20 years. serve a very loyal and distant audience. >> reporter: in a statement announcing ailes' resignation, murdoch didn't mention the allegations. he said roger ailes has made a remarkable contribution to our company and our country. >> it's time for us to come out of the shadows and let our voices be heard. >> reporter: gretchen carlson may not be the only high profile fox news employ past or present to say that ailes made sexual advances. according to new york magazine, during the company's internal investigation into the allegations, megyn kelly reportedly testified that the now former fox ceo harassed her many years ago. after thursday's announcement, carlson's attorney released a statement saying, we hope that all businesses now understand that women will no longer tolerate sexual harassment and representati reputable companies will no
7:39 am
longer shield those who abuse women. >> i think roger ailes reputation is tainted by the way his career ended here. i don't know it's going to take away from his importance as a media figure in the 20th and 21st century. >> reporter: it's unclear how much money ailes could be walking away with, but there are rumors that his golden parachute sho be as high as $40 million. in a letter that ailes sent to murdoch, he said he would stay on as an adviser to fox news. >> thank you, vinita. a terrorist scare for the rio olympics is raising concerns about isis-inspired terrorism in brazil and that is coming up next. if you're heading out the door, please don't. we want you to watch us. but you can also watch us on your digital app on your digital device. we will be right back. ♪ is depression more than sadness? ♪
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ten people in police custody in brazil this morning suspected of plotting a terror attack against the rio olympics.
7:44 am
the police made arrests yesterday in ten brazilian states. they found the group's leader in a city in the south of the country. ben tracy was recently in rio to look at security concerns there. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was actually the first operation against a potential terrorist cell in brazil's history. the ten people arrested were all brazilian. they are believed to have pledged their allegiance to the islamic state and planning to launch their attacks during the olympics. with the eyes of the world focused on rio, the olympics present an irresistible target for terrorists. brazil's defense minister says the men arrested were in the preparation phase of their plot, although no particular olympic site was mentioned. authorities say the men were involved in an online group called the defender of sharia and did not know each other personally but talking about getting weapons and martial arts training. >> is there a concern about terrorism. >> reporter: robert mugga is a security expert based in rio.
7:45 am
given the fact that brazil has not had to deal with international terrorism and has a massive land border, is there a particular risk here? >> it's true brazil is enormous country and no surveillance or engagement from many of the informal areas of the country. you've got a number of countries on the border in which we know could, you know, illegal goods are being trafficked regularly. >> reporter: brazil's federal police are monitoring about a hundred people for possible links to terror groups, mainly along the border with paraguay and argentina where weapons often flow into the country. for the past week brazil security forces have been conducting high profile drills in rio, training for attacks on the city's trains and airport. 85,000 police and soldiers will patrol the city during the games, due in part to a recent surge in muggings and shootings in rio. but these dual arrests make it clear that rio has to be ready for multiple threats. >> in today's world, you never
7:46 am
know. the distributed nature of these terrorist threats are such that you have to be on guard. >> reporter: isis recently started using encrypted messaging services. they have gone so far as to advise hem how to get weapons and suggest using toy drones to drop on the olympic sites. >> you are reading inheading t? >> i am. this is one more thing they have to worry about. >> do not travel alone and do not stay out after 2:00 a.m. >> i will heed that advice. >> wear your mosquito repellant. >> don't take their advice. have a good time! >> good luck, ben. viewers of the late show last night may have done a double-take. ahead how late night veteran jon stewart took over the desk for a rousing take-down of an old
7:47 am
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7:51 am
actually, we got to do this. >> all right, all right. >> colbert helped jon stewart return to his sa roots on the late show. >> meanwhile, here is out lumpy feels about the guy who sits in a literal golden throne at the top of a golden talkower with h name in gold letters at the top of it and eating pizza with a knife! how do you feel about that guy? >> one of the more fascinating descriptions of your dad came from you. you once called him on my show a blue collar billionaire.
7:52 am
>> that's not a thing. >> it is jon stewart's expressions that put the button on the joke. >> he was very good last night. we will look a moment that clicked with one group of photos. that is ahead on "cbs this morning." fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. is because covering heals faster. to seal out water, dirt and germs, cover with a water block clear bandage from band-aid brand. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa,
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7:56 am
>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. police are is her clinic for the suspect in a beating death after woman in hunting park. friends say they hadn't heard from the woman in several days, so police checkup on her. they discovered the 49 year old victim's body in the second floor bedroom, of her home on percy street. so far police have no motive for the violence. >> we send it over to katie for a look at the forecast. >> forecast definitely very hot, and very stem i wine, jim, look ahead to the weekend in particular, but for now, i want to start it off with wick check on storm scan, at the moment, some storms rumble up here, nice little bands of heavier storms, rumbling through northwestern pa, some of that will fire up for us, as well, later today specially this evening, but meantime, just going to heat up with that steamy sunshine, 94 the high today, flirt with records, next two days, and by
7:57 am
monday, set to tie one. >> katie, thank you so much. looking outside right now, you guys, we have this accident, still pulled off to the shoulder 59 past woodhaven, also disable tractor-trailer, the schuylkill westbound, before south street, right lane and part that far ramp is blocked right now, and you can see how slow moving it is, around that area, also, you guys, take an a look at this, accident, presidential boulevard, at city avenue. you can see all of the run around it, as well. here accident involving car fire, tail light eastbound, near 95 still out there, jim, thanks, next update is at 8:25, coming up on cbs this morning celebrating 100 years of the national park service, make it a great day.
7:58 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:00 am
♪ it is friday, july 22nd, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including donald trump's moment of triumph at the republican convention. republican strategist frank luntz look at how trump's speech could affect his poll "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the republic national convention finished with a clear declaration from the party's new leader. >> reporter: the delegates liked the speech but, at times, wanted to like it more because trump painted such a grim picture of america. >> last night the statements were largely true but they didn't provide much context, a fact of political speeches on bojed. >> her campaign slams this speech as paranoid, depressing,
8:01 am
long on promises, and short on specifics. tonight, he is the people nominee. >> she opened the window. it was promise and hope and a kind of what you usually think of as optimistic before donald trump came in and pulled the shades down. pot in the drinking water sound very scary but the experts are very dubious. >> sounds like we will need a second hit on this story. donald trump gave a 76-minute speech tonight and there was definitely a theme. >> law and order. law and order. law and order. >> if you're going to give a 76-minute speech that late at night, maybe don't mention other things people could be watching! >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and the very funny norah o'donnell. donald trump says only he can fix a system that hurts americans. he accepted the republican presidential nomination last
8:02 am
night. his speech listed many reasons why he believes america is in danger. trump promised to restore order and create wealth and stop illegal immigration. >> on twitter a former speech writer for george w. bush called it a dark and frightening speech. mary kate cary supported john kasich. major garrett is in cleveland and he compares trump's message to other republican presidential acceptance speeches. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump spoke for an hour and 15 minutes and he did not deliver a traditional acceptance speech. very short on hope and a litany of themes about where america is heading and all of it in the wrong direction. >> the problems we face now, poverty and violence at home, war and destruction abroad. >> reporter: donald trump painted a bleak picture of
8:03 am
america's future thursday night, suggesting a nation in decline, unless he is elected to the presidency. >> the first task will be to liberate our citizens from the crime and terrorism and lawlessness that threatens our communities. >> reporter: trump's lack of optimism is in stark contrast to what we have heard from past nominees. >> americans live on the sunrise side of the mountain. the night is passing and we are ready for the day to come. >> no one can be denied the promise that is america. her heart is full and her door is still golden and her future is bright. >> reporter: it isn't surprising that trump isn't running a conventional campaign and trump isn't a conventional candidate. >> i, alone, can fix it. >> reporter: in 1999 george h.w. bush in front of a sea of supporters delivered lines that might fail to register with today's trump republicans. >> and try to be fair to the other side. i'll try to hold my charisma in
8:04 am
check. and i reject the temptation to engage in personal references. >> reporter: on the floor during the 1980 convention, ronald reagan showered delegates with the promise of america restoration and a familiar phrase. >> for those of who have abandoned hope, we will restore hope and we will welcome them into a national crusade to make america great again. >> reporter: that phrase make american great again is something trump received trademark approval last year. >> thank you, major. cbs news contributor and republican strategist frank luntz is also in cleveland. frank, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> i know you tweeted last night, this, quote, mark my word. the speech will put trump even or ahead of hillary in the polls by monday when the democratic convention begins. what makes you think that? >> well, i want to put this in
8:05 am
perspective. there are two objectives in any of these convention. number one is to convince people that the opponent isn't worthy of their support. two, to prove that your candidate could be the next president of the united states. on the first, they did a magnificent job. three nights of the whole record of hillary clinton and in our focus groups, there was the same one we used for you on sunday, we tracked them every single night of the convention. not a single person of those 20 people are considering voting for hillary clinton today. however, when you only spend one hour, one hour in the entire convention on pro-donald trump, that leaves people a little bit disappointed. the speech was significant. on policy issues, they divided. those who lean democrat didn't like a lot of what they heard, but those who are independent and lean republican were very much enthusiastic. so when it was done, 8 of the 20 people were supporting trump. remember, they had no position, no preference at the beginning
8:06 am
on sunday. 8 of the 20 were supporting trump. 12 of them was still undecided. it's a very good, not a great response, but a good response. >> so he used the word violence 11 times in his speech and terrorism used nine times and hope was used zero times. a lot of candidates always use the word hope. did this tone resonate with the voters, do you think? >> it resonated up to a point. gayle, 71% of americans think the country is headed off on the wrong track. that is much higher than during the reagan convention of 1980 or geor george h.w. bush convention. that was the most ever. i'm not surprised that trump took -- >> are winning campaigns reflective or are they aspirational and visionary? >> and optimistic. >> man, that's a great question. the answer is that they have
8:07 am
reflective. the trump campaign is reflective where americans stand at this point. i think this is important. what got donald trump to the republican nomination does not get him to the general election. and i think that still those strategists are focused on what turns on base republicans, rather than what will impact those swing independents. >> so where do you think it will be after the democratic convention? >> after the democratic convention, i expect hillary clinton to have a one or two-point lead and more critical because the national polls actually mean nothing. it's the six or seven swing states. i predict the two of them will be within the margin of error in virtually every single swing state. what does that mean? basically, three months of the most negative campaign that the american people have ever seen. >> yesterday, you referenced bernie sander voters and said they will probably be coming on over to team trump. have you seen any signs of that in bernie sanders, himself,
8:08 am
tweeted, huh-uh, that's not happening. he didn't say it that way, but ed, no, none of these people are going over to team trump. have you seen any sign of that? >> actually -- among bernie sanders' supporters under age 40, no way they would support donald trump. however, among those sander' supporters 50 and older, absolutely. the reason why? what matters to them most is significant change. the best line of the convention was when mike pence, the vice presidential nominee, said that hillary clinton wants to be secretary for the status quo. they don't want the status quo and donald trump represents change. >> that line got no attention. mike pence gave a great speech and just because ted cruz overshadowed that whole speech. >> yeah. >> frank, good to have you here. go ahead. >> i went to several republican delegations yesterday and they are really mad at senator cruz. if there is one thing that can unite the republican party, it's when you attack its nominee.
8:09 am
so ted cruz, by not endorsing, actually helped the trump campaign. >> that is their argument as well. >> yeah. frank, thank you so much from cleveland. we appreciate it. the democrats kick off their convention on monday and we are going to broadcast "cbs this morning" next week. >> we are? who says, norah? >> we are going to keep on going, gayle. >> you're leading this afternoon. >> great. >> we are going to be at the national execution center in philadelphia and prime time specials starting monday night at 10:00/9:00 central and you can watch nonstop coverage next week on our 24-hour streaming news network cbsn. we are a little punchy in the morning. >> i think that is great we get a front row seat. can we give a shout-out to the cleveland police is in the job they did was remarkable. >> absolutely. >> everybody was so on their game. >> i met so many nice people. what a great city. >> absolutely. the police were fantastic. >> they were. >> the city was remarkable, how
8:10 am
open their arms were and how friendly and walk around and they had do you like cleveland? are are you happy? we are thrilled to have you here. >> cleveland, you did a great job. a hidden gem of the american national park system may feel like another world. john
8:11 am
the zac brown band battle. now the cross over century sensation is marking a mile city tour. mark strassmann talks with the grammy winner what makes them so special. ♪ having acne... ...was always on my mind. so i asked a dermatologist about new aczone dapsone gel 7.5%. i apply it once a day, any time. aczone gel 7.5% is fda approved for the topical treatment
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there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree.
8:15 am
♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. our america the beautiful series continues this morning celebrating 100 years of the national park service. millions of vacationers are enjoying awe inspiring sceneries this summer at national parks across the country. if you want to avoid the crowd and explore your inner explorer, john blackstone shows us one of the least visited gems and it's called the ise royale and
8:16 am
nestled in lake superior, michigan. >> ise royale national park is so remote the only way in is by seaplane or boat. there are no grand in this tranquil set setting. what there is an unparalleled unplugged peacefulness. no internet, no cell phones, and few people. on average, ise royale national park gets 17,000 visitors a year. that is less than yellowstone sees in a day. forgive me, superintendent, but in the national park system, ise royale is not one of the big name. >> i think we have one of the repeat visitor rates. >> reporter: phyllis park, a superintendent, this is one of the places you came as a child? >> yes. used to make a family trip down here and a chance to go into the light house and look out over the surrounding area. >> reporter: growing up,
8:17 am
susannah spent summers here and her dad was a park ranger. years later, she returned and met her husband mike, also a ranger. do i understand that your first date, he didn't take you tos a movie, he took you to see a moose? >> yes. i followed him down the trail and there was this cow moose and she had her ears back and she was mad! mike looked at me ed, susannah, you got to run! >> reporter: now they are raising their 4-year-old sob jasper here. >> we are disconnected from the rest of society in a lot of ways. it's one of these places that people just get in their blood and they feel a deep connection to this place. you just adjust your straps a little bit. >> reporter: karla and laurel are preparing to return to ise royale this time with the kid. last summer, they visited one of the big name national parks. so last year, you went to the rocky mountain national park and you're saying we really want to go is back to ise royale.
8:18 am
really? >> yes. >> solitude. the quietness. that is the draw. >> reporter: three years ago, the couple went backpacking on the island with friend to celebrate their tenth anniversary. >> it's addictive and phenomenal. you just crave having more of it. good pickings. >> reporter: from wild berries to wildlife it's all here. when they spotted a moose, their adventure seems complete. >> that was awesome! that is the first wild moose i've ever seen! >> reporter: but they didn't see one of the other royal inhabitants, a wolf. wolves have a vital part of the ecosystem here are disappearing. >> they are right on the cusp of extin extinction. >> reporter: he says wolves used to reach the eyelid because of a ice bridge but now lake water is warmer and the ice dies off and he warns that the moose population is exploding. >> the moose population is like a freight train.
8:19 am
once it gets going, it doesn't stop very easily. >> reporter: because moose feed on trees, he warns they threaten the forest. >> it's very clear the right thing to do is to restore the wolf and do it as promptly as possible. >> reporter: why not bring in some more wolves? >> question is when with and where can the park service save species and for what purposes as climate change really rolls out nationally. >> reporter: ise royale has gone through changes before. in the 1800s, fishing families made the island their home and pulling white fish and trout from lake superior to be sold in cities as far away as chicago. >> they would bring the fish on in and they could keep them cold because it was out over the water. >> reporter: visitors willing to dive can also see reminders of the past under the water. dozens of ship wrecks ring the park. century-old victims of ise royale's rocky schoals and frequent fog. >> you're descending on through the dark and, all of a sudden, you come across this link to the
8:20 am
past. it's a very surreal, magical type of environment. >> reporter: the average visit to most national parks is about 3 to 4 hours. at ise royale, it's three to four days but that isolation is not for everybody. >> we have had some employees come out and not last 24 hours. we have had some visitors not last 24 hours! >> reporter: among the treasureses of the national park system, ise royale remains a largely hidden treasure. >> the fast track of life goes away. >> it kind of seeps in your soul and it's just a special place. >> reporter: a place of solitude and intimate beauty. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, ise royale national park. >> still plenty of summer left. you people can get there. >> does sound good. solitude and quiet. >> i bet that water is cold. >> i bet you could sleep good there too! a teen with a drone helps
8:21 am
catch alleged thieves on the water. we will explain and that is coming up next on "cbs this morning." good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team ♪ my brother and i have always been rivals. we would dream about racing each other, in monaco. ♪ we were born brothers. competition made us friends. wish bold in the 2017 camry. toyota. let's go places. you don't let anything keep you that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love.
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which decreases oxygen in your blood. stop taking aczone gel and get medical help right away if your lips, mouth, or nails turn grey or blue. talk to your doctor if you have g6pd deficiency. using benzoyl peroxide with aczone gel may cause skin or facial hair to temporarily turn yellow or orange where applied. common side effects of aczone gel include dryness and itching of treated skin. now, i have less acne to think about because i use aczone gel. you could pay as little as $15 for aczone gel. learn more at aczone. prescription treatment. proven results. drone video shows how a teenager thought a pair of thieves in puget sound. he launched a drone and soon in hot pursuit. the family called deputies who captured the suspects. harris said the drone was a gift
8:25 am
for blood morning, i'm brooke thomas. a search is on for the gunman in a deadly shooting in southwest philadelphia. the two is year old victim shot just after midnight on the 5700 block of locust street in cobbs creek. police say that's just a few blocks from his home, but the victims' name has not been released. investigators say, surveillance cameras could help them track down his killer. now, for the eyewitness weather forecast, here's meteorologist, katie fehlinger. >> brooke, another very warm start to the day, also humid, too, so it will get us on pace here to easily achieve the mid 90s for yet another day, and, this is going to be string of 90 plus degree days, currently 77 degrees outside middle township high school, clouds here and there, but mainly going to be sunny day, how does it feel the next few
8:26 am
days, though? when you factor in the humidity, it is pretty darn brutal here, easily at least 100 for a heat index value. specially on sunday, slightly less humid, but the worse of the humidity coming tomorrow then again monday as excessive heat watch very likely a warning goes into effect tomorrow morning. lie at this every day of the seven day hit at least 906789 pretty brutal stuff for sure, the worse of which happens this weekend, meisha, over to you. >> feeling like in the hundred's, katie, that's hot. thank you so much, guys. looking outside, this accident still out there, this is an accident involving car fire, woodhaven road tail light moving in the eastbound direction the millbrook road near 95. take a look at this, still, crews out there, and people out on foot, take it easy, gulf yourself couple of extra minutes, probably going to night it there, tractor-trailer pulled off to the shoulder, schuylkill westbound before south street, the right lane and part of that ramp is clearly blocked, you can see how bus at this is still looking around there. also we still have the construction on commodore barry bridge westbound, left lane still blocked, overall,
8:27 am
still busy morning, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha, a next update at 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning, the sake brown bands at the country music hall of fame. aim brooke thomas. good morning
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, our conversation with ted koppel as he previews his sunday morning interview with donald trump. we look at trump's acceptance speech and how he will tackle the general election. >> zac brown started with coffee shop gigs and his band went on to earn three grammys. he talks to mark strassmann about defying the expecting. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "forbes" reports apple watch sales are plunging. apple sold 1.6 million watches in the second quarter of last year and last year sold 3.5 million in the same period and a drop of 55% and partly due to rumors a new apple watch in the
8:31 am
fall. britain's guardian shows new photos of prince george to mark his third birthday today. everybody go awe. the oldest child -- the crew did it. everybody go awe! >> awe! >> yeah. >> he looks like his father. >> he does. he does. he looks like him when he was little. say it again, charlie? >> mansion. you know how to say that. >> i only had an hour and a half to prep. the youngster offers to share his ice cream with the spaniel. george is the queen's great grandson and he is third in line to the throne. see, he is already taught at a very early age to share. >> i love it. >> looks like a fun swing. >> i love everything about this little boy. everything about him. he is so very cute! >> i would like a swing. a few hours before donald trump's acceptance speech, the nominee spoke with sunday
8:32 am
morning senior contributor ted koppel. they discussed ted cruz's prime time address that did not endorse trump. >> wednesday night should have been mike pence's night. instead, what is everybody talking about the next day? >> ted cruz got booed off the stage. >> exactly. >> he did get booed off the stage and i think that is a good thing as far as i'm concerned because know i let him speak. i gave him a home because i defeated him soundly by, i mean, millions and millions of votes. it wasn't like it was close. and i gave him a home. if you'd like to speak, speak. frankly, he was fine. nothing earth shaking. the arena erupted in boos toward the end of his speech because they saw he wasn't going to endorse. i thought that was a beautiful thing. i thought, actually, it was beautiful in a different way too. i thought it showed great unity. i think the party is very unified only a few people most of whom i beat. >> ted koppel joins us from cleveland. good morning, ted. >> good morning, charlie. i don't think that ted cruz is
8:33 am
in line for secretary of state. put it that way. >> right! that is a good guess! >> let's talk about the speech, first, ted. your reaction? >> sure. >> what donald trump either accomplished or did not accomplish. >> i think it was an effective speech. it was not -- it was not a speech that had any soaring rhetoric to it, but in terms of sort of playing to the trump crowd, i think it was extraordinarily effective. the big question is going to be whether it plays to those people who have not yet made up their minds and whether he is going to be able to get any bernie sanders' voters. >> many of the headlines today are talking about it dark grim. you talk about a new stage of the campaign. what does that mean? do you think this is the tone? >> i asked him whether it was going to be a new stage in the campaign but i must tell you, after listening to that speech last night, and, indeed, listening to him, i don't think that we are going to see a very
8:34 am
different donald trump. i don't think donald trump, quite frankly, is disciplined enough to keep delivering the same message that is handed to him. he is going to be ad-libbing and when donald trump ad-libs, it gets interesting. >> you've covered several of these political conventions. how did this one compare? >> several, norah. as in 26. yes. i think in some respects, this was -- this was maybe the least disciplined of them all. when i say disciplined, it was one of the points i raised with mr. trump. so each night, the theme that was supposed to be ended up not being. >> is donald trump speaking, though, to a great -- a concern among the american public about the way things are? and could he somehow put himself in front of that movement? >> i think, clearly, he is, charlie. the only question is whether the movement is more than what we have seen thus far.
8:35 am
i'll be the first to admit, and i suspect the three of you will join me, that if someone had said to us a year ago would we expect to be here today talking about donald trump's victory? i don't think any one of us would have predicted this a year ago so i'm not about to predict that he cannot expand his base. but if he wants to win the presidency, he is going to have to. that means appealing to moderates, it means appealing to disaffected democrats. was that the speech to do it last night? clearly, he and his advisers think so. >> thanks, ted. you can watch ted's full interview this weekend on sunday morning here on cbs. the award winning "sunday morning." the zac brown band has 14 number one songs like "keep me in mind." ♪ keep me in mind down the road you might get lonely ♪ >> coming up next, mark
8:36 am
strassmann shows how he
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ in contemporary country music no question the zac brown band hit it big. the national outsiders have been on a wild and improbable ride starting this monday and the
8:40 am
next queer the bapyear, the bann display at the country music museum. mark strassmann got a look into the band. ♪ keep me in mind >> reporter: the zac brown band wants their music to make you feel something. the eight-piece band began in atlanta, rooted in country. no more. their appeal and multiplatinum success has evolved into one of america's music most identifiable sound. ♪ i got my toes in the water ass in the sand ♪ >> i think it's important for us to just our history kind of laid out. >> reporter: in nashville, brown and the band took us along for their first look at a new exhibit and it catalogs their 12-year ride in music. retired instruments and stage clothes to original lyric sheets and personal photos, from band
8:41 am
members like bassist john hopkins. >> those have my daughter's name in them. we travel a lot and nice reminder to get to the stage and have a reminder of your family. >> the violinist and vocalist. >> you load in your gear and probably has dried liquor up there on it. >> everybody in my band master their own domain and we have a platform and we have built it painstakingly and punched ourselves in the face to get where we are. >> reporter: in this milestone moment, brown, now 37, seeses years of proving the doubters wrong. >> visually, at that moment, trying to be a little more patient and a little more determined and never giving up. >> reporter: brown's first paying gig at a georgia coffee house paid him 35 bucks and he was 14. by 19, he was touring.
8:42 am
in 2004, then 24, he opened a georgia restaurant called zac's place. then sold it, bought a tour bus, and began building his band and brand. >> luckily, there were some saviors of people that believed in us enough and took a chance on us and a is not-nosed kid could have run away with the country and never seen him. town gets you nowhere. you really have to have the grit and have a love for people. ♪ and a little jigging price cold beer on a friday night ♪ >> reporter: in 2008, "chicken fried" became a breakout song and sold almost 5 million copies and first of their 14 number one songs on the country charts. ♪ >> reporter: and the grammy goes to --
8:43 am
>> reporter: in 2010 the band won best new artist. the first of three grammys and even marquee band need ego boosts. >> grammys gave us a validation and why they are such a big deal for us. >> reporter: at fenway park in boston last august, the band sold out three consecutive nights. a record there. paul mccartney only sold out two. >> i never get used to it. i never get used to going out and seeing 20,000, 30,000 people that are there to hear us, but it's kind of surreal. >> reporter: as an entertainer, brown tries to bring people together. what has been surreal to him all summer is how america has been tearing itself apart. after baton rouge and after dallas, do you feel as though americans need your kind of entertainment or entertainment in general more than ever? >> i think music transcends
8:44 am
hater and music transcends misery. ♪ >> it's really just about taking care of each other and being our brother's keeper and trying to be tolerant and trying to be civil. >> reporter: you could look out in your audience and there could be fans standing next to each other who don't agree about anything else, but become unite by your music. >> my mamma said the one good thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain and that is true. being able to create things that make you feel good is an honor. >> reporter: the challenge of defining this band's souped today may be a good thing. this summer has proved that america need more of getting past labels. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann, nashville. >> i love that piece and i love that music' i liked him. that is pretty cool to go from a is not-nosed kid to a lion.
8:45 am
serve a lion. i like that. >> i know what i'm downloading today. >> very true. we take a look at the week that mattered after the break.
8:46 am
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one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! we have a little extra time to say this. ya congratulations to the one and only charlie rose times two. your "60 minutes" interview with vladimir putin, remember that? >> i do. >> it was nominated yesterday for an emmy award. >> somebody in russia told me there is no such thing as a former kgb man. once a kgb man, always a man.
8:49 am
>> anything we do, we will keep that and use it somehow. in this sense, yes, they are right. >> reporter: a cia operative once said to me -- >> that interview landed one of 37 emmy nominations for cbs news. and charlie was also named the winner of the paul white award. look into the camera, charlie rose. past winners include walter cronkite and edward >> it started with a tea. >> congratulation. >> thank you. we will see you next week from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. be sure to tune into the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight. as we leave you, let's take a look back at all that mattered this week. have a great weekend. >> take it easy. ♪ we are the champion >> congratulations, dad! we love you!
8:50 am
>> i formally declare donned j. trump and michael r. pence the republican nominees for president and vice president. >> my father and our next president. >> i am your voice. >> vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket. >> ted cruz took a chance last night and, well, it failed. >> i thought it was -- >> hillary clinton, the charge of putting herself head of america, guilty or not guilty? >> two well-regarded outside speech writers handed over their version more than a month ago. >> your word is your bond. >> only the height of your achievement is the stretch of dreams and your willing to work hard. >> because it was merely identical is what everybody is talking about. >> we are talking about 30 words and the words are compassionate. >> donald trump with his finger on a nuclear bomb.
8:51 am
>> he has no self-discipline and no self-control. >> he speaks from his heart. >> i speak from my heart and my brain. >> surveillance cameras caught it. >> shots fired. officer down. >> gretchen carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against roger ailes. >> where does roger ailes go? >> you never yell that but you never know! >> the legendary career of actor and producer garry marshall. he died last night at age 81. ♪ people gather around get your freak on ♪ >> the republic national convention in cleveland, we are on the convention floor. >> what an amazing job they did. >> let's go over and say hi, my name is norah o'donnell and come meet charlie and gayle and they say wonderful.
8:52 am
>> you're wonderful. you're terrific. >> welcome to the arena! >> chuck todd! matthew lauer to my tent. somebody wants to make love to your goatee, chuck todd! >> christie is misspelled there. >> i have the worst keyboard on the planet. >> dishonest and successful and strong and hillary clinton leaved a trail of cancelleds miles long. >> thanks, dad. >> full score and seven years ago. that's good. who wrote that? >> all that. >> you need a vice presidential running mate. >> i do. are you interested? >> and all that matters. >> are you happy to see me? >> i'm here to see if you want to be vetted. >> that is what i fear, to be vetted. >> would charlie pass the vetting process? >> i don't know. we don't want to lose you here. >> on "cbs this morning." walter cronkite said if you know everything i know, you wouldn't want me to run for senate!
8:53 am
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good morning, i'm jim donovan. on that stage, "eyewitness news", cbs news will be broadcasting live from the wells fargo center throughout the dnc. >> now, let's turn to katie for a look at the forecast. >> definitely hot and steamy forecast, that said, jim, looking ahead here to more triple digit heat index values, squibbing check on storm scan, showing you thunderstorms, showers, moving through northwestern pa. some that far is going to eventually be moving in our area, in the form of some isolated showers, thunderstorms, currently though flirting with 80 already. now, we're just shy of 9:00 in
8:56 am
the morning, imagine where we ends up from here, east letter mid 90s, upper 90s by tomorrow, heat, humidity, really becoming quite oppressive. see excessive heat watch take effect region wide tomorrow morning, and the last right through monday 9:00 p.m. we tie record, so, again, few showers, thunderstorm channels cents, one later today, another then later on monday, with another front crossing through, and that's what's going to finally break us at least of the worse of this heatwave. meisha? >> katie, thank you so much for that, and good morning everyone, happy friday. what we are looking at, weaver an accident involving a car fire, happened earlier this morning, it is still out there, woodhaven road taillights moving in the eastbound direction, mill brood road, near 95. see traffic around this actually looking pretty good. certainly less than what we were seeing little earlier, make note it is out there. also, another accident here, route one northbound before route 213, right lane blocked, firetruck, and also the accident pulled all the way up to the shoulder causing some significant gaper delay around this area, as well.
8:57 am
then, moving on, another accident delaware memorial bridge southbound three lanes are block here you guys, because of overturned vehicle, take a look at these backups, they're fairly substantial, as well, still busy morning, jim? >> thanks, meisha a that's "eyewitness news" for now, join us for "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. make it a great day
8:58 am
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>> could you be putting yourself in danger? >> because you ordered a diet mixer . >> we put it to the test. >> you look downright blasted. >> i am interested to hear the results. >> and penalized for a prostate exam? why your doctor could come under fire for trying to help you. >> this may be the right concept with the wrong execution. >> cure the crank baby in seconds. >> it's a little like magic! [ applause ] >> welcome to the doctors. so, picture this. you are at a bar, thinking about what to order, or what you should order, and you decide on a vodka and diet. what if i told you your blood alcohol level might end up being higher than night just because you ordered a diet


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