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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 2, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, august 2nd. 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the zika crisis prompts an unprecedented travel warning in the united states. florida is struggling to stop local mosquitos that are spreading the virus. top republicans blast donald trump's fiery criticism over fallen soldier's family. eric trump joins us in studio 57. and only on "cbs this morning." oprah delivers a big announcement. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there's evidence of the potential of ongoing spread of zika. that's why we've taken the steps
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of telling pregnant women not to travel to this area. >> zika prompts an unprecedented warning from the cdc. >> first time the cdc has issued a travel warning inside the continental united states. >> we've asked the cdc to send an emergency response team. trump rallying against bernie sanders for endorsing clinton. >> he made a deal with the devil. she's the devil. >> clinton is in nebraska with warren buffett. >> i'll bring my tax return. he can bring his tax return. nobody is afraid unless you got something to be afraid about. the pilot of that hot air balloon that crashed in central texas was able to fly despite a drunk driving record. the u.s. carrying out air strikes in libya to stop the spread of isis. strategic targets. >> could not watch a man drown after he drove his cadillac into a michigan lake.
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masked men storm a texas supermarket. barricade themselves with half a second to spare. all that -- >> hockey extreme. >> hockey turning into something of a -- >> a bear inside a house. >> a massive bear inside this man's house in california. >> [ bleep ] oh, my god! >> and "all that mattered" -- >> there are fewer than 100 days until the general election or until hillary's count, 98 days until! >> and "cbs this morning." >> donald trump is saying he has a good relationship with russian president vladimir putin but seems to backtrack on those comments. >> i haven't spent time with him. i didn't have dinner with him, i didn't go hiking with him. >> they certainly didn't sit on a hill top gazing into the sky. and putin didn't say my wish came true. that didn't happen.
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>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." several health officials are warning pregnant women to avoid a popular neighborhood in florida that spawned more than a dozen caseys of zika. this is the first time the centers for disease control has issued a travel advisory in the united states. >> there are 14 locally transmitted cases in or the wynnewood area of miami. that's in addition to 16 who travel-related indications across the country. david begnaud is in wynwood. >> reporter: become to the wynwood walls. this is a touristy spot. what's working is the awareness campaign to tell people it's here and it's being transmitted locally. but what is not working as well
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as what federal officials had hoped it would are the chemicals used to kill the mosquitos that vary the zika virus. with more than a dozen cases, the small miami neighborhood of wynwood is home to the largest ongoing zika transmission in the continental u.s. health officials are struggling to control the mosquitos, the bug that carries the virus. >> they've been trying to control the lava of adult mosquitos every day. it isn't works as well as we've hoped. >> reporter: dr. tom frieden, the director of the centers for disease control and presence of says the mosquito only travels 160 yards in its lifetime but moves quickly. >> it's been referred to as the cockroach of mosquitos. it lives indoors or outdoors. the eggs can last for months. it bite four or five people at
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once and spreads the disease rapidly. >> reporter: in the last two weeks 14 zika cases have been identified as locally transmitted in two south florida county its. 12 of those infections are with men. the virus' most dangerous, though, is with pregnant women. according to the cdc, women who have zika symptoms should wait at least two months before trying to get pregnant. infected men should wait at least six months before trying to have a child. the doctor is ramping up testing. >> it's inside the zika zone, based on the fact that all pregnant symptomatic or asymptomatic be tested for the zika virus. >> reporter: health officials say half of those tested in the wynwood area were asymptomatic. >> no fever, didn't have nothing. >> reporter: rosemary jean said her husband gabriel is one of them. if you are a pregnant woman and
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you've visited the wynwood area dating back as far back as june 15th, you should get tested for the zika virus. and if you can to visit the area, two things. wear long sleeves and any repellent that uses deet. deet should become miami's new perfume. >> david, thank you so much. and florida governor rick scott will be with us in our next hour. we'll look into florida's nearly $90 billion towards an industry. donald trump is facing new calls this morning to end his feud with a family of a fallen soldier. veterans groups and leaders within trump's own party are now condemning the republican nominee. arizona senator john mccain said trump does not represent the views of the gop. in a statement, mccain said earning the nomination is, quote, not accompany by unfettered license to defame the best among us. major garrett is there where trump is here later this morning. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, many believe the controversy with the khan family is a media obsession, not a media invention. but the list is extensive it includes members of congress, and veterans of foreign wars where trump spoke only last week. in addition to this mess, trump raised eyebrows even further yesterday by calling hillary clinton the devil, and suggesting november's election, well, it just might be be fixed. >> however things are said about me i think is frankly -- all i did is respond and i will always respond. >> reporter: donald trump did not apologize to parents of humayun khan a muslim american soldier killed in iraq in 2004. >> if i were president, their son wouldn't have died because there wouldn't have been a war. >> reporter: trump called to crack down as a possible reason for criticism. >> when you have radical
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islamist terrorists all over the place, we're allowing them to come in by the thousands and thousands and i think that's what bothered mr. khan. >> reporter: among trump's critics, veterans of foreign wars said the vfw will not tolerate anyone berating a gold star family members for exercising his or her right of speech or expression. and trump was asked to suspend the comment business of member of an air force officer. >> it's disrespectful to mr. khan and the family. >> reporter: but first, pence had to quiet the boos from the supporters. >> captain khan is an american hero and we honor him and honor his family as we do all the families. >> reporter: in ohio monday afternoon without provocation or context, trump suggested november's election may not be above board. >> and i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, i have to be honest. >> reporter: and later in
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pennsylvania a, said this about bernie sanders and his endorsement of hillary clinton. >> she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> he seems to be going out of his way to offend different groups. frequent trump critic arizona republican senator jeff flake said trump's routine works for the converted but falls short everywhere else. >> there have been enough statements that are just so outlandish that in the end you simply can't win a general election. >> trump invited more criticism when he said this about former fox news chairman and ceo roger ailes in an interview with "usa today," trump said he would like to think that daughter ivanka would find another career or another company if subjected with sexual harassment. many have said that the proper answer is to use the law and human resources message to improve the workplace. >> all right, major, thank you. a new cbs news poll shows 6 in 10 voters feel donald trump is not prepared to be president.
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about the same number say hillary clinton is prepared for the job. hillary clinton in omaha, nebraska, with warren buffett. the billionaire tried to push trump into releasing his tax return. nancy cordes is in washington. nancy, good morning. >> good morning, there's a reason that clinton headed to nebraska so soon after the election it's not because of the five electoral votes it's because the oracle of omaha, warren buffett. >> i'd like to make him an offer. an officer i hope hi can't refuse. >> reporter: buffett told an omaha audience his tax returns are being audited just like trump and made this proposal. >> i'm going to bring my tax return. he can bring his tax return. nobody is going to arrest us, it is not -- there are no rules against showing your tax returns. you're only afraid if you've got something to be afraid about. >> reporter: forbes magazine said buffett is the world's third richest person with at
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least $60 billion. he argued trump isn't the brilliant businessman he claims to be. >> one time an another, he went into bankruptcy. i've really never known another businessman with bankruptcies. >> reporter: just a few days ago it was another billionaire, dallas maverick owner mark cuban hoping clinton to make that debate. >> companies and jobs, they won't be created by terrifying people. no, donald trump, they'll be created by inspiring people like hillary clinton does. >> reporter: the goal is to chip away at trump's biggest selling points. a recent cbs news battleground tracker poll found he had a two-point edge when it came to who could best panel the economy. at a homecoming rally in richmond last night, tim kaine brought up khizr khan. >> is there no limits to suspend and he wants to be commander in
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chief. >> warren blasted trump as well saying he, too, had sacrificed the company by creating jobs. buffett said he and trump had created jobs and got very rich doing it. executive vice president and acquisitions of trump organization. good morning. >> good to be with you. >> your father seems to be under attack. he seems to be a lot of times explaining himself and on the defensive. what is the family advising him, those who are closest to him in this moment of toughness for him in this campaign. >> well, everybody told us the toughest three months of our lives will be the months after the convention. you guys aren't politicians, it's absolutely ruthless. i think we're seeing that, right? we're going to be attacked and attacked by a lot of people. >> gold star families are not
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groups. these are people sacrificed -- losing a son. >> there's no question, you see anybody who dies for the nation, dies for the three of us at this table, made the ultimate sacrifice. for my father in terms of the khan family it's not about a soldier who is an amazing guy. my father said that in an interview, sounds like he's an amazing guy. that's radical terror, you see what's happening all over the country. you see orlando, san bernardino, nice. and a priest beheaded in his church the other day. my father's message is not an anti-muslim message. it's an anti-terror message. we have isis and they're running rampant around the world and we have to do something about it, quite frankly if you look at hillary -- >> there was a question do you have no decency? >> warren buffett has his own agenda. he doesn't want the keystone
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pipeline to be built. one of his biggest investments is obviously railroad companies that ship oil from canada down to the u.s. of course, he's going to do anything to not have donald trump be president. my. >> when you try to explain about the gold star families, maybe we should apologize, maybe we should tone it down, we've offended a lot of people here, is there no one on team trump that thinks to take a different tactic? >> it's interesting. i went to every single debate. every single one of my father's debate. and i took great pride in doing that. i've gone to hundreds of his rallies. either first or second point that he always brings up is the va. and here you have hillary saying it's not bad. you have veterans dying every single day, committing suicide every single day. many of them not getting
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treatment at the va. veterans first. i find that ironic. up had pat smith, the mother of one of benghazi, one of the soldiers in the benghazi, she got 70 seconds of air time. the khan family has gotten hours and hours of air time. what's ironic, hillary is the one that left hem on the roof in benghazi. it's hillary's policy in iraq -- >> one of the things, pat smith actually spoke at the republican national convention, and the channel switched to bill o'reilly. it wasn't even covered on fox. certainly that had been a mistake but it was -- >> i think the point that i'm trying to make more, it almost seems like there's a double standard between the two. hillary's policies put those people in. you could arguably say, many of their soldiers would still about live today if my father was commander in chief back then. >> your father's running mate
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also voted for the iraq army. >> he spoke about that. that's not on my father. he always talked don't go into libya, don't go into iraq. it's ironic that somebody who voted for all of these things is ultimately getting credit in this situation. >> can i ask you something, going back to your father's support of veterans, as you note, we now have families of 23 fallen soldiers, gold star families, who have written letters specifically to your father and it says this, when you question a mother's pain by implying that her religion kept her from relying you are attacking us. when you say that your job building buildings is akin to our sacrifice, you are attacking our sacrifice. they want an apology. would your father apologize? >> i think he has by calling them a hero. in terms of whether he's made a
7:17 am
sacrifice, i think my father has. no, that's not the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice is dying for this country, no doubt about it. >> is it difficult for your father to apologize? >> my father's a fighter. i think that's what this country needs is a fighter. and by the way, that's politics. you're going to get attacked. if you don't understand that -- >> who presently is wrong? >> listen, we do it respectfully, we do that back and forth as a family. i think that's the benefit of having children be part of this process? >> do you think he's wrong? >> i think this is something that's honestly blown hugely out of proportion. the khan family looked like amazing people which in that interview for whatever reason never once got reported. he calls them a hero so many different times. again, he wasn't talking -- this isn't a muslim thing.
7:18 am
this is an isis thing. this is isn't an anti-immigration thing. she doesn he doesn't want to see more americans dead. he sees what's happening around the country and quite frankly, he's shaking his head. >> they're telling us we have to go. but with respect to roger ailes question and with respect to ivanka, what he would advise her, would your father stick by what he said? or does he think that perhaps a better answer would be to bring it to the attention of human resources and other things we can do? >> well, there's no question, it should be addressed and it should be addressed strongly. listen, we all run a company, my father runs a company. that's absolutely no go anywhere. and ivanka is a strong, powerful woman. she wouldn't allow herself to be, you know, subjected to it. by the way, you should certainly take it up with human resources, i think she definitely would
7:19 am
have, a strong person. at the same time, i don't think she would allow herself to be subjected to that. i think that's a point he's taking and he did so well. >> thank you. >> to be continued. the u.s. fight against isis has led to another battlefield, american warplanes launched yesterday against targets in the libya port city of sirte. libya's government requested american air strike. isis went into libya after moammar gadhafi years ago. president obama called the aftermath probably the worst moment of his presidency. the illegal use of pesticide leads to a $90 million
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the pilot in the deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. had a long criminal history. >> ahead, the new details, plus one family shares a terrifying experience from a previous flight. >> today's news is back here in the morning on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. here come the last of the 2016s! i love this part! stylish prius. sporty camry. fun corolla. adventurous rav4. they're all here... but not for long! hurry in for toyota's annual clearance event, where you can find 0% apr financing for 72 months on the 2016 camry. offer ends september 6th. for more great deals, visit come in and get the 2016 toyota you want before they are going, going, gone! toyota. let's go places. maybe almond breeze tastes because it's the only almondmilk
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good morning, hearing today for three people charged after 12 girls were found in a man's bucks county home. investigators say, daniel, and sabila gifted their daughter to lee kaplan in exchange for financial help. developers -- investigators say kaplan fathered two children with their daughter. checking the eyewitness forecast, meteorologist, justin drabick. >> good tuesday morning everyone, waking to up clouds, few peaks every sunday shine most areas staying dry today, the exception maybe west of the city could see isolated shower. humidity will be dropping through the day, so feels pretty good for early august. temperature 83 for philadelphia, near 80 little breezy along the shore, mid 70s up in the poconos, and temperatures stay below
7:27 am
average for the next few days before we see the low 90s returning for the start of the weekends. meisha, what's the latest? >> very busy, justin, looking very busy on the schuylkill westbound, at the boulevard, you can see, what you are looking at there. not even close, also, the blue route take a look at this, headlights, baltimore pike, very slow there, as well, do have accident out there in havertown, darby at west chester pike, do have vehicle on fire there. you can see how much red is on the map right around that area. brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a next update is at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, new questions about the pilot, and in a deadly hot air balloon crash, i'm brooke thomas, good morning.
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♪ >> sit down. sit down. enough. >> yeah. >> all right. newly released video shows the dramatic takedown of an unruly airline passengers. the video comes showing a man being subdued by the pilot after confrontation with the crew. the american airlines flight from lexington, kentucky, after touching down in charlotte. witnesses say he tried to push his way towards the exit. he was arrested and accused of being drunk. if you hear the audio.
7:31 am
but the pilot came out of the cockpit saying oh, no, not today. >> not on my plane. >> not on my plane or my watch. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the william who was effectively the youngest self-made billionaire opens up after her fall to grace. ahead how elizabeth holmes is banking on new technology and new approach to win over criticism of a new company. plus, new information on the troubling history of the hot air balloon pilot amid the deadly crash in texas. questions whether the pilot should have been operating a bloomi balloon at all. time for headlines, "washington post" with questions as to how the orlando police responded to the nightclub massacre. witnesses say arriving officers failed to pursue the gunman when he hit in the bathroom. three wounded victims who were trapped sent texts pleading to be saved. they died during the standoff. the police chief said officers
7:32 am
backed off because there were hostages. and "the new york times" reports on an fbi worker pleading guilty to sending information to china. joey chun, prosecutors say chun was motivated by financial benefits. and limits that american companies face in china as uber sells its china operations to arrival. it is three years after uber being but by diddy chuxing. getting company to company combined valuation of $36 billion. this is a huge story, not only on the front page of the journal but "the new york times." of course, there's another story about what it means for the company lyft here in the united states. so didi is a big investor in lyft as well. in all of my conversations with uber, they had already made a point saying we're the only u.s.
7:33 am
tech company having a foot hold in china now they're selling out. >> with uber and all of those are trying to make a final push to see if they can fill the market. >> something tells me they're not going to have any problem. >> with arrival, therefore, they have an investment. >> we haven't heard the last 6 that one. "usa today" reports that the parents of actor anton yelchin plan to sue over the death of heir son. the actor died when his jeep cherokee struck him in his own driveway. the suv was part of a recall because of the shift lever that makes some drivers confused. there were 68 injuries to the shift lever. and philadelphia inquirer
7:34 am
reports that a pesticide company offered 87 million. vinita nair is here with details of this massive settlement. vinita, good morning. >> reporter: the family went to the condo in st. john in march 2015. almost immediately, they all became sick. in addition to the $90 million settlement terminix has agreed to pay criminal fines up to $10 million. steven esmond and his wife teresa and their two teenage sons became ill after staying here in march 2015. after the chemical methylbromide was used to spray for pets in a
7:35 am
condo dangerously close to where the family was staying. >> terminix is on the hook for almost $90 million, because they knew they shouldn't have been used this chemical. esmond became paralyzed. and their two son, farmer athletes can hardly move touring to the family. >> this is a highly toxic chemical that shouldn't be used in residential areas. it's really hard to predict what kind of recover either the father or the sons will have. >> reporter: methylbromide is an odorless gas used in farming or insect control in the u.s. but the environmental protection agency band its indoor use in 19 another. terminix admitted using the banned pesticide in 14 locations including the resort where the esmonds got six. >> this family is going to be
7:36 am
dealing with the medical repercussions of this potentially for this lifetime. >> a federal investigation on the chemicals was also used on residential areas on the island of st. croix and st. thomas. sea vacations said they've ended their contract with terminix. we've reached out for comment but have not yet heard back. from one disturbing story to another. there's new information emerging today about the pilot of saturday's deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. alfred "skip" nichols had multiple convictions for drunk driving, he twice served twice in prison. his driver's license was suspended starting in 2010. omar villafranca is in maxwell, texas with why he was still able to operate a balloon. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, family members set up a small memorial near the crash site to honor the victims. they still have a lot of
7:37 am
questions. they say that the balloon did pass inspection, of course, the big question is why it crashed. the hot air balloon with 16 people aboards were likely to land before crashing in maxwell, texas, saturday morning. >> the top was open which is consistent with a landing maneuver. >> reporter: paige bought this gift for her mother lora lee and took this video. newlyweds matt and sunday rowan were among the victims. along with the 44-year-old pilot alfred "skip" nichols. according to court reports, nichols was quicked of drunk driving at least four times in missouri. one in 1990, six years before he received his pilot's license but because balloon pilots are not required to hold aine faa license, nichols did not have to
7:38 am
disclose. >> that goes back to oversight of commercial balloon operators. should they be held to a different started than somebody who is flying an airplane? they do see this discontinuity. and we do not feel that the faa's response to our oversight recommendation was acceptable. >> reporter: the better business bureau gave nichols' company an unsatisfactory rating following dozens of complaints from customers like mark and kara brcic, she say nichols piloted the balloon that crashed in the forest. >> i remember my daughter and i taking a picture. i remember reaching over and pushing her back down in the basket. >> reporter: the family claims nichols claims he ran out of fuel. no one was seriously hurt. they sued and settled out of court. >> he shouldn't have been flying, and we wanted to make him accountable for that.
7:39 am
>> most of the debris from the crash site has been picked up. investigators are now looking at more than a dozen electronic devices recovered from the crash site, things like cell phones and cameras to see if they hold any clues to what happened right before the crash. >> thank you so much. a major new development in elizabeth holmes gather to save her controversial blood testing company. next can holmes win back the confidence of scientists and regulators with her mini lab. and you won't want to miss oprah winfrey's surprising announcement about her book club. only on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ once effectively the self-made female billionaire. trying to regain that after a series of missteps. theranos trying to
7:44 am
revolutionize. and the lab was banned for two years. don dahler saw how she was trying to win back the community. >> we went to california where embattled ceo elizabeth holmes tried to address members of the industry for chemistry. diagnostic minilabs. >> the end result demonstrates the minilab's ability -- >> reporter: elizabeth holmes provided a glimpse into her company's future. by introducing a minilab capable of performing multitests on a few drops of bloods. >> so that individuals and physicians can better engage in that information. >> reporter: holmes was a 19-year-old stanford dropout. venture capitalists poured millions into her conquest. to use a few drops of blood for
7:45 am
multiple tests. holmes defended her technology in an interview with norah o'donnell last year. >> what about those who say that's not enough blood to do a test, especially if someone is sick and you try to figure out what it is? >> every time you create something new, there should be questions. to me, that's a sign that you've actually done something that is informative. >> reporter: questions about the company's ability to make good on its promise came from every direction. in 2015, "the wall street journal" questioned its lab practices. former employees reported concerns about accuracy. in january, the federal laboratory regulator cms said it found deficient practices at a california lab. in may, theranos reportedly voided two years of test results. and last month, the cms banned holmes from operating clinical labs in the industry. >> at the highest level, we did
7:46 am
the right indicia in the laboratory. >> reporter: add to get scrutiny theranos operated under a shroud of secrecy. and the company declined to submit their findings for peer review. >> i think it would be helpful if she were public. and after seeing her work, i believe she has viable technology. >> reporter: the company is still facing many qukey questio over the equipment. how would you describe it as revolutionary, important? >> depends on its reliability. she has to work harder to get more data. and the fda will make the decision. and her peers will make the decision whether or not it's ready for prime time. >> during her presentation, holmes also explained that theranos is developing a test for the zika virus. she says that test has been submitted for fda approval for emergency use during the current outbreak.
7:47 am
>> don, thank you. heroes on the lake. coming up next -- a man trapped in a sinking car and the >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by nuteutrogena report rapid wrink repair. works... air one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available.
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♪ come on, buddy. we got you. >> dramatic video shows the rescue of a 65-year-old man after his cadillac plunged into a lake near detroit. two landscapers tried using a rock to break the glass but they could not. when officers arrived they smashed the window with an ax and baton. investigators think the man lost control after suffering a medical emergency. he's okay. it raises the question what do you do, they say you should carry that little stick thing that converts.
7:52 am
>> you can't break it with your hand or elbow. scary. the chicken mcnugget is getting a makeover. ahead, we'll look at changes coming to the iconic items on mcdonald's menu and what it means for your health. you're watching "cbs this morning." good is a catalyst,ue diamond almond. good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and
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7:56 am
>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. there is a bail hearing today for monsignor william lynn. the pennsylvania supreme court is granted monsignor lynn a new trial. he was the first priest charged with helping the roman catholic church hired child molesters. prosecute verse not said if they'll retry him, lynn, due to be parolled in october. let's turn to justin for a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, waking up still some clouds over some spots, but the clouds will thin out little bit later this morning, into the afternoon, so, limited sunshine today, but temperatures are going to be noticeably cooler, and humidity levels also dropping through the day, right now 74 at the airport, northeast breeze, at 8 miles per hour, help to keep our temperatures below average today. fairly dry on storm scan3, just some clouds, maybe spotty shower, fires up west of the city today, on our way up to
7:57 am
83 for the city, 80 at the shore, 70s in the poconos, meisha? >> couple of accident out there, justin, right now, good morning, everybody, isn't here havertown, darby west chester pike, vehicle on fire, vehicle more than likely been put out right now, but still out there. overturned vehicle here in hatboro, byberry road closed between karen lane and davisville road. downed pole and wires as well, you will have to use alternate, county line road probably your best bet. construction on the pa turnpike, between virginia drive and yellow springs road. left lane blocked there, over to you. >> next update 8:25, coming up on cbs this morning, florida governor rick scott joins the conversation about the zika virus, i'm jim donovan, make it a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is tuesday, august 2nd. 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the uphill battle against the zika virus. florida governor rick scott will join us for the growing challenge of killing mosquitos and the challenge in his state. but first the "eye opener" at 8:00. >> if you are pregnant while visiting dating back as far as june 16th, you should get test. >> trump calling hillary clinton the devil. >> buffett blasted trump and
8:01 am
saying. >> i think that's the benefit of having children be part of this process. >> do you think he's wrong? >> i think this is something that has grown hugely out of proportion. >> investigators say the balloon did pass inspection. the big question is why the balloon crashed into those power lines. >> embattled ceo elizabeth holmes in what is behind her innovative testing. >> the letter from the nfl saying is this ridiculous. the nfl didn't want to go against the debate. >> i'd like to imagine the nfl writing donald trump a letter. dearest donald, it is with heavy heart that i gazed upon the debate schedule to see that we are hurtle towards a conflict. as ever your devoted and loving league football. i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. travelings in the united states because of the zika virus, the travel advisory says pregnant women should not travel to the wynwood area of miami. there are now 14 locally transmitted cases of the virus, in or near that neighborhood. >> health officials say people infected did not have symptoms. the crew working with local conditions are having trouble fighting the virus. florida governor rick scott is with us from tallahassee. governor, good morning. >> good morning. come to florida, we are working hard to make sure you're safe. >> okay, governor, thank you. i want to ask you, first, what have officials told you about how worse this outbreak may become? >> well, here's what we know so far. we have 14 people that we believe have the local transmissions of zika. we're a state that has -- we have over 110 million visitors
8:03 am
this year. 20 million people live here. it's one square mile north of downtown miami. we're very active in making sure we're controlling the mosquitos. we have not found any mosquitos. and we tested over 20,000 of them statewide that have the zika virus. we're making sure we keep everybody very informed. we're testing them. we're giving them protection -- we're giving them protection kits. we're keeping everybody informed. and, you know, we're going to continue to work hard. we asked the cdc to come down with an emergency response team to help us. we've got a very good state department of health an county health departments very good for zika control. we've controlled mosquito-born viruses before, didn't bring in dengue fever and we make sure to control this. >> you started, governor, saying please come to florida. i think it's good for you to say that there have been even a lot of international countries saying don't go to miami at this particular time.
8:04 am
how can you reassure people stay contained within this particular area when you're dealing with mosquitos? >> sure. first off, these mosquitos don't travel very far. they don't travel -- not even, i don't think, more than a block or so. the mosquitos just don't travel very far. so, what we're going to do, is we have -- we're going to do more mosquito spraying. i've allocated $22 million for state resources and i'll allocate more if we need it for protection kits and mosquito control. and also make sure we inform everybody. we're going to let everybody know, no standing water, wear bug repellent. wear long sleeves, long pants. it reduces your risk. you're pregnant, go talk to your ob/gyn and keep yourself inform. from key west to pensacola, and is this one square mile.
8:05 am
>> governor do you believe that there is some risk that this could area in other cities around, who have the same kind of current conditions and climate that florida does? >> well, we're going to continue to have a lot of travelers to our state. we have about, a little under 400 people that have had travel-related zika in our state. but that's been going on since february. i declared an emergency then. so we've been active all across our state. i've been meeting with mosquito control districts. with our local health departments across the state. we're allocating the dollars. we believe we're going to be able to control this, no different than how we controlled dengue fever, chikungunya and others. >> let me ask you this, understanding you're looking after the interest of florida, understanding you're looking after the interests of the citizens of florida, with the statement you don't want people to be unnecessarily exposed.
8:06 am
what is it that worries you at this moment about the zika virus? >> sure. well, look, this is a new virus, we're still learning things about it, that's what you're -- you know, something like this, you're always trying to learn about it. we're making sure that we're bringing experts from the cdc, even from the cdc-controlled districts to go down in miami to make sure we control it there. and then share this. part of what i've been doing is traveling states and meeting with mosquito-control districts around the state is to share best practices just to make sure we keep everybody safe. and to put it in perspective, this has been going on for quite a while. in february, i declared a state of iemergency. and we've been working on this. we have 14 cases out of 20 million people. we're going to take care of you. >> governor, just to close the loop on this, can you guarantee all of us that you've contained this to one area and it won't
8:07 am
spread? >> well, here's what we're going tell you, we're going to keep you informed. we're going to tell you if we have anybody. we have 14 people. 12 people in miami-dade. two people in broward. we've not found any additional transin addition broward. still, whenever we find an issue, we're going to address it and we're going to keep people safe. >> thank you, governor. a new national poll this morning shows hillary clinton widening her lead over donald trump after the democratic national convention. hillary has support of 50% of voters, that's 8 points ahead of trump with 42%. the same poll last week had clinton leading by one point. >> donald trump stands by his criticism of the parents of a fallen soldier. donald trump said the parents of captain humayun khan should not
8:08 am
have criticized him. >> trump is saying his sacrifices has included jobs he's created and structures he's built. billionaire warren buffett had strong words for trump. >> no member of the buffett family has gone to iraq or afghanistan. no member of the trump family has gone to iran or afghanistan. we've both done extremely well during this period. and our families haven't sacrificed anything. and donald trump and i haven't sacrificed anything but how in the world can you stand up to a couple of parents who have lost a son and talk about sacrificing building a bunch of buildings. i ask donald trump, you have no sense of decency? >> buffett quoted those famous words from former chief army council joe welsh. he posed those questions to senator joe mccarthy after he
8:09 am
attacked in congressional hearings about communism in the 1950s. you see a number of people using that phrase again. >> from joe welsh. a mother spoke with another gold star member, colleen cross her youngest child jason killed in duty. >> donald trump, i'm sure you've seen the comments what did you make of how he described mrs. klan and her standing there? >> it deeply saddened me. i felt like my son died for the ideal that this country holds. and especially a family who's given the ultimate sacrifice. and it just -- it was stunning. >> he said seeing mrs. khan had not been allowed to have anything to say. what did you make of that remark? >> we thought that goes against
8:10 am
everything that this country stands for. i felt like it degraded the sacrifice that jason had given. >> she called on republican leaders to for that criticism. trump has a high draft lottery number. it shows it was a combination of medical and education at deferments that kept him home. the times reports after graduating from the university of pennsylvania, trump received a diagnosis of bone spurs in his heel. the article said the statement about the draft sometimes c conflict with his selective service record. while trump maintains it was the draft number that kept him from serving. only on "cbs this morning," a special message -- a special message from oprah.
8:11 am
coming up on "cbs this morning," we have a really good announcement, you don't want to miss this. >> yeah, really good. s that
8:12 am
mcdonald's making new changes to its menu and overhauls some of its best known meals. ahead, why the news designed to make fast foods healthier. we'll learn charlie and norah's favorite items. >> cheeseburger and orange drink. >> orange drink. >> fries. tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball.
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8:15 am
i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions,
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neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. introducing chicken mcnuggets. mcdonald and the mcnuggets ♪ >> that's the old commercial, but, boy, it grabs you. it's been on the mcdonald's menu for decades but now the chicken mcnugget is getting a makeover. about 27 million americans eat at mcdonald's every day. the number one asked removing artificial preservatives from
8:17 am
its mcnuggets and breakfast items. mcdonald's will offer hamburger buns that don't include high fructose syrup. michael, welcome back. >> great to see you. >> i thought norah had the best question when you sat down and she asked, have you ever eaten at mcdonald's? >> i had to go back and indeed i did. meat from animals that are well treated. i love that about them. >> 27 million americans are going. it hits a nerve or satisfies something when you have a craving. but why is this such a big deal? >> i think this is a huge deal. mcdonald's is not just the biggest quick service
8:18 am
restaurant, but it's established us as a fast food nation. it's defined our love of a lot of things. as mcdonald's change, the rest stree rest of the industry changes. and it will do gradually. >> and involving half of the food on the menu, right? >> that's a big menu and that's a lot of items. >> it doesn't necessarily have to be bad for your health? >> here's the deal, mcdonald's is waking up slowly to the fact that many people, more and more people are wanting their food inexpensive, convenient, yummy, but also good for you. now, that's why we have the scramble not just in fast food restaurants but in grocery manufacturers to try to figure out this new equation. >> it's more than just taste? >> more than just taste, something that didn't make unhealthy with long-term consequences. >> also, they are taking the leads, as you suggested others follow them so others are trying
8:19 am
to be competitive, too? >> absolutely mcdonald huge movement in that. >> what is different? >> it introduces healthier changes. >> i understand they're taking out the preservatives and corn syrup. but you wrote a whole book about sugar and salt and fat and what that does to our body. making us slightly obese or obese as the majority of this country is. they didn't announce anything about salt, did they? >> no and the corn syrup didn't affect me. they're replacing that with sugar in the bun. >> why is there criticism? >> they're not. in fact, that's the big caveat here. they're not addressing the big bugaboo in nutrition which is calories, right? if i had my way with mcdonald's i would encourage them to stop
8:20 am
doing anything that would encourage people to supersize their meals. encourage them to eat too much. and frankly, i would like swap out those sugary drinks, the orange drink as someone mentioned here, with water. that would be a fantastic thing for mcdonald's to do. that would really speak to the excess calories. >> your recommendation is eat less and drink more water? >> yeah. that's the issue with mcdonald's, it's so tempting for all of us. >> or count your points. you're going to have mcdonald's, count your points. >> is this our chief counter here. >> clearly, you would not have an orange drink. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you, michael. >> thank you. your phone will soon be seeing new faces. ahead, apple's new and redesigned emojis -- did i say it right, emojis? we'll be right back.
8:21 am
like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. good is a catalyst,ue diamond almond. good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck.
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then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. the new cmade with 100%ts white meat chicken, no artificial preservatives, flavors and colors, it just might convince the judges here today. (crowd cheers) and they've done it! the new chicken mcnuggets rightfully claim their gold! this is the best day-
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8:24 am
apple is adding more than 100 new and redesigned emojis. the tech giant released a preview of its new operating system includes new emojis that includes e-mail characters. apple also updated it's rainbow flag and the company is reportedly eliminates the pistol and updating it with a water
8:25 am
gun. and still no word on wheth good morning, i'm brooke thomas. pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, wants the state supreme court to toss out criminal charges against her. kane faces charges she leaked secret grand jury testimony and then lied about it under oath. but, she says, that investigation was unlawful, and unconstitutional. there is about a week to go before jury selection in her trial. now, the eyewitness weather forecast, here's meteorologist, justin drabick in the weather center waking up, still clouds around the region, but humidity levels continuing to drop through the morning into the afternoon, we'll see little sunshine, pretty quiet on storm scan3, we do have some showers across extreme northern pennsylvania into southern new england, maybe we get shower, west in the city later this afternoon, very small chance, it will be
8:26 am
isolated, humidity levels drop, even better tomorrow, pretty good for early august, stays on low side through thursday, friday, humidity starts to increase again, not bad night for baseball headed into the ballpark, giants in town, first pitch, 7:05, 78 degrees, extended forecast still below average tomorrow high of 84 degrees, with mostly sunny skies, back to average on thursday, upper 80s, close to 90 on friday, humidity cranks up saturday maybe shower or storm highs in the lower 90s, let's get a check on the roads with meisha. good morning. >> good morning, justin, good morning to all of you at home. we do have accident here 59 northbound, before allegheny, it is pulled all the way off to the shoulder, you can see how slow moving it is around that area, as well. also, overturned vehicle in hatboro, byberry road closed between karen lane and davisville road. downed pole and wires in this area. you will have to use an alternatement county line road probably your best bet. also construction here pa turnpike eastbound and week between virginia drive and yellow spring road. that left lane blocked right now.
8:27 am
>> next update is at 8:55, ahead on cbs this morning a new jersey native is making history with her trip to the rio olympics. i'm brooke thomas, good morning.
8:28 am
this is the last one i'm getting for her. -no, it's not. -no, it's not. back to school or back for more? staples has low prices... period. staples. make more happen.
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8:30 am
♪ how are you doing? >> i'm pumped up. all right. >> action. >> come on! let's get it done with. >> get 'em in. >> right there. >> okay. >> all right. you have insurance, right? >> okay. >> action! >> don't get me wrong, i'm glad to be involved, i just think, this is a waste of my time. [ laughter ] >> you know, james looks like he can take a punch. that can't be the first time he's been punched in the face. he's got an extremely punchable face. >> that is so well done. really was.
8:31 am
he always looks like he had a good time. >> did you see the movie yet? >> no, i haven't. >> number one. 60 million and climbing. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the wait is almost over. only on "cbs this morning," oprah makes a big announcement here about the book club. >> i've been wondering, you know. >> it's been a year and a half. and it's only one place. >> the books she likes. >> the author will be revealed rielg right here in studio 57. plus, a muslim will make history at the olympic. see the sport she loves. reports on why flossing your team maybe a waste of time. the federal government removed the flossing recommendations from its dietary diguidelines saying the effectiveness has
8:32 am
never season the impact on plaque. >> never told my dentist. >> i'm sorry, i don't believe that. >> "the new york times," may or may not believe it, but it notes that the pocket version of the united states constitution is number two on amazon's best-selling list. after khizr khan talked at the democratic national convention about his son who was killed in iraq. khan waved his constitution and said trump could borrow it. the top selling book on amazon. >> that's impressive. time reports that joe biden officiates over the marriage of two men who worked at the white house. and jill biden his wife tweeted simply love is love. the vice president endorsed same-sex marriage back in 2012. and the hollywood report reports channing tatum will star
8:33 am
in the movie "splash." but there's a twist, tatum will play the mummy, or the tatum will have his co-star jillian barr. >> a merman, he's a good looking guy. >> he's got moves. nearly 20 years ago, oprah revolutionized reading when she creates oprah's book club. and now, "cbs this morning" is very proud to announce that we are collaborating with her as she reveals her latest pick. >> morning, gayle. charlie, norah. i wish i was sitting with you guys, but i have to tell you, i'm filming a movie and couldn't be there in person, but i'm thrilled to be able to -- through the miracle of videotape
8:34 am
be able to share the next book selection. it's "the underground railroad" by colson whitehead. i've never read a colson whitehead novel. picked it. you what i normally do, read the first line, if the first line gets me -- "first time caesar approached cora about running north. she said no. this was her grandmother talking." and i was in. and i'm so glad. i went in and stayed in. because this is, i have to say, one of the most grim, gripping powerful novels about slavery i have ever ever experienced. and i use the word "experienced" because the read is a journey that you take with all of the characters. but at the end, you feel a sense of inspiration strengthened by the story. their story. and a sense of power. i think no better book for a
8:35 am
time such as this. and i'm really excited that all of your viewers will be able to experience the latest book club selection the "underground railroad" by colson whitehead. >> that's a nice introduction. it goes on sale today, guess what colson is here at the table. hello, colson. >> hello. >> tell me tell you something, it's a magazine, lee haber who is our book editor, she sends over a book constantly that she reads, no, no, no, it took over a year and a half, is he said oprah likes it. she said it was an emotional read for her. and was it emotional for you to write it? >> in general, i'm done with a book, done with a book, and i want to think about it.
8:36 am
i've gone back to different passages, this chapter, that passage. learning how to write it and how it was to narrate cora's astories. it's a difficult experience for me. i finished it given the people, my editor and my agents, my response is just different. >> about race and slavery, in any slavery story, somebody is going to die? >> yeah, race is something i write about. it's in this book and not in that book. slavery, i avoided it for a very long time. it's a very daunting subject. i first came up with the book 16 year, i was sitting on my couch, i think a lot of people when they first hear about "underground railroad" they think it's a little subway and when you hear it's not, they're disappointed. and i got to thinking which can "underground railroad" was
8:37 am
actually a railroad. i kept thinking about it. i kept thinking about it, what if ever state an antagonist goes through, it's a different state. so it became sort of a gulliver's travel type of structure. >> and what was your reaction when you heard that oprah had chosen you and your book as part of the book club? >> well, you know, i try to keep a downcast demeanor. >> oh, come on. >> the last four months i found out in april. i was in a good mood. i've actually at the supermarkets and cashiers are like, what's the book called? where are you going, bud? and i'm like -- >> normally, she calls the author. and she couldn't call you because you were on a plane. >> yeah, i was traveling and i couldn't get that iconic moment. but we landed, and i got a voice mail from my agent. usually when my agent calls me, i'm in trouble or something.
8:38 am
so i was worried. and it just said, oprah. >> i'd shut the front door. >> she said oprah's book club. >> and blankety blank. everyone was looking at me because i'm on an airline. >> do you think there's a link between slavery and the implications of slavery? >> i think i'm sort of in the moment and i can't step back and figure out why there's jangle and chain. with slavery at the moment, one day, i might go back to it. but i think as we get more african-american writers and directors, actors and get more access, we're able to tell our own stories. >> isn't is easy talking about it? >> yeah, some people point
8:39 am
for-tfoto ferguson and black lives matters. for me, those movements, it's not what it means to me. so i think it's taking up a larger space in america's conscienceneco consciousness. >> and you know writing this? >> yeah, i think i had the idea, i wasn't goofing off all day. i wasn't able to tackle the book. every couple years i would revisit the idea, am i ready now? should i work on something else? and i think becoming older, and becoming a father, i understood what it was like in a new way to face your parents, your child being killed, tortured. >> taken away from you. >> taken away from you.
8:40 am
i was able to inhabit that feeling in a way that i couldn't when i was younger. i became a better writer in 16 years. and in terms of my ability, i think i was able to do a better job than i would have done 16 years ago. i think as a person i was more able to take it on. >> congratulations. >> really thrilled to have you at the table. >> maybe you and i should do a facebook live a couple weeks from now. after we give people a chance to read it. >> that sounds good. >> thank you so much. and go to for an excerpt from "underground railroad" which goes on sale and bonus features. and don't mission the september issue of "o." >> also on newsstands, next tuesday, august 9th. en american olympian who will compete in rio is already
8:41 am
winning respect. >> fencing is a sport that contains strategy and sport play. i'm elaine quijano, coming up,
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ the rio olympics kick off friday night, and fencer ibtihaj
8:45 am
muhammad will be the first american to compete while wearing a hijab. elaine kquijano. good morning. >> reporter: identity is important. she's a muslim woman and african-american and olympic fencer. after failing to make the 2012 olympic team she's back with a clear objective that goes beyond her desire to win gold. >> it's rewarding to feel really powerful. >> reporter: a lunge, a saber sword. a counter. fencing is as elegant as it is feared and fast. after two decades of fitness training, sparring and lots of lunges, 2016 is the year for fencer ibtihaj muhammad. >> i still don't believe i'm in the olympics this summer. it's still this surreal kind of moment in my life. >> reporter: when self-described jersey girl and three-time
8:46 am
all-american at this university is going to her first olympic games. >> i just feel really blessed to have qualified for the team. it's just i'm so excited and i'm like when is this excitement going to wear off. >> reporter: she will experience another first in rio by becoming the first american to compete in the olympics wearing a hijab. >> i feel like my hijab is liberating. it is a part of who i am. an i believe that it allows people to see me for my voice. and not necessarily how i look. i hope it will change the misconceptions that people have about muslims specifically. >> reporter: it allowed her to honor her muslim faith and blend in. >> it was the first time where i truly felt the part of the team. it was the first time i was in uniform with everyone else. and i didn't are to adjust it in any way by adding length and wearing pants and everyone else
8:47 am
had on shorts. >> yeah! >> i started working with ibtihaj in my garage. >> reporter: her coach knew she had the analytical approach to expel. you knew she would be a champion? >> i knew she would be a champion. there's not a lot that have that look to be there. you know what, i'm focused on that gold medal and you just happen to be me and it. >> reporter: muhammad learned the basics of saber fencing. the stance. en garde. >> reporter: the weapon. >> you're hitting with slashing. >> reporter: the attack. >> go. one, two -- right. >> reporter: the strategy. >> i always compare it to like to chess. >> caller: o >> reporter: oh, strategy? >> there's strategy. >> reporter: muhammad says she owes it to her community to use
8:48 am
her platform to speak out in this time of hate. >> in this time, feeling very comfortable. i had a man holler at me on the street and tell me i looked suspicious. and like i was going to blow something up. he followed me. i was afraid. you know, here i am a u.s. olympian, and that's my reality. >> muslim americans enrich our lives today in every way. >> reporter: earlier this year president obama. >> when team usa marches into the olympics, one of the americans wearing red, white and blue will be a fencing champion wearing the hijab, ibtihaj muhammad who is here today. stand up. come on. >> reporter: even though muhammad was made one of "time" magazine's 100 most influential people, when she puts on that
8:49 am
helmet in rio, she'll be just another american athlete focused on winning the gold. >> i tell people all the time that i'm just a girl who had a dream and is willing to work hard for it. >> muhammad is also the co-owner along with her siblings of a fashionable clothing line inspired by her mother and grandmother. the line is for woman who want to dress modestly. >> she's an achiever. >> she really is. if she sees something like the fashion line, she goes out and does it. >> i love how she says she's just another jersey girl and went to duke. >> yes. >> thank you, elaine. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. tonight is national night out. an annual event strengthening the relationship between communities, and law enforcement. abington, montgomery county, just one of the many communities, getting a head start on national night out. they've been doing it early for 17 years there. but there will also be family friendly activities, events, around our area tonight, as well. organizers say the national night out helps make communities safer and better places to live. now, let's turn to justin for a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, not bad day to be outside really the next couple of days, will feel pretty good for early august with humidity levels continuing to lower throughout the day today. still, clouds over us right now, looking live at center city overcast skies current temperatures 74 degrees, northeast breeze at 8 miles per hour, northeast winds,
8:56 am
will help keep the temperatures below average today, we are dry on storm scan3. just some clouds that will eventually give way to some sunshine, 83 for the afternoon temperature, that's below average, 80 at the shore, becomes little breezy mid 70s in the poconos. tomorrow, another nice day. sunshine, 84. back into the upper 80s by thursday, and friday. humidity levels are on the increase on friday, then see lower 90's return on saturday, it will be humid, chance for shower, storm, but looks like the stretch of 90s comes to an end, right back to the mid 80s by early next week, let's hit the roads with meisha, what's the latest out there. >> justin, still out there. take a look at this, guys, accident 59 north, the ramp to the vine slowing you down little bit. gaper delay, cutting in partially to the right lane, plus people out of their vehicles, so that indeed in and of itself will slow you down, also accident in hatboro, this will look at the schuylkill westbound at city avenue. but i want to bring your attention to this one, overturned vehicle, karen lane, davis ville road, downed wires, county line your best bet.
8:57 am
construction pa turnpike eastbound-westbound yellow springs road, left lay blocked in and around that area, still very slow, jim, over to you. thanks so much, meisha a that's "eyewitness news" for now, join us for "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. make it a great day.
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