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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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in southern california, this morning the massive wild fire is inn sin rating everything in its path. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. that wild fire is part of what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. team u.s.a. swimmer jack conger and gunner bentz are in a undisclosed location after being pulled off a plane in rio this. were among the four including ryan lochte who said they were robbed in rio during the olympics. fire rips through a row home in the, strawberry mansion neighborhood. >> we have no place to go. >> several major wild fires are burning out of control this morning in california and putting tens of thousands of homes at risk. donald trump is back on the campaign trail with new leadership in charge. >> there is no new donald trump, this is it. >> reporter: despite changes rival hillary clinton says trump is still the same man who insults gold star families
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and others. it was too tight to call as christie kaplan it is a u.s. sweep. >> incredible night for team u.s.a. and american women in track and field. brianna rollins, me a ali and christie kaplan swept the 100-meter hurdles and those are best moments, just their reactions, after working so hard and doing well. katie is outside on the sky deck. how does it feel so far. >> it is a muggy start because we have wet weather that is rolling on through but as the day goes on this system is charged or muggy time of the day and this time of the year but regardless we should see it feel at least a little less humid, by comparison to what we have dealt with as day progresses. we have wet weather to track. i do not have my umbrella here but we have activity to track on storm scan three. to the north and west and even off to the south and east
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pretty much every where we have pockets of the showers. this thankfully no thunder or lightening reported with this. you might have to flip the windshield wipers but generally speaking this is it. then we are left with the partly sunny sky, perhaps left over showers in some locations. seventy-four is magic number up and down i-95 currently. only sort of odd ball out not an odd ball but still coolest part of the pack and only one in the 60's. 61 degrees that way and low to mid 70's every where else in these northern more outlining suburbs. we have spotty showers to track currently. partly sunny afternoon in general. just once or two left over showers to track. not too humid, not perfect either. but this could also be the end of our heat wave as we are only forecasting a high of 89 degrees. so we have had some over achieving days through the course of the summer. but we are forecasting 89 in the city to make it officially an eight day heat wave after
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it is all said and done. meisha, back inside to you. looking outside right now, good morning, if you are just waking up we're so glad you are here. forty-two freeway north bound a at creek road, safe to say we are heating up now that it is 5:30 and we will see it do so through 6:00 o'clock. thursday is obviously especially with wet roadways we will be busy. friday tend to be calm down a little bit for people. maybe taking a long weekend. fifty-nine south past betsy ross, moving in both directions, would i say, starting to heat up. interstate 95 is starting to heat up. we have have this accident in pennsauken new jersey involving a down traffic signal route 130 southbound before route 38, two right lanes are still block. so, not causing too much slow down yet but it will. down wires here in new castle county delaware marsh road at philadelphia pike, that intersection is still closed that has not yet been cleared, make note of that. and also new regional rail schedules starting on monday, these four, lansdale
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doyletown, west trenton, media, elwyn, warminster, all have these are in the previous schedules and we saucon trucks this delaware. i will get to that this ten minutes. brooke, over to you. american swimmer ryan lochte really robbed during the rio olympics? questions mount and two other american swimmers were detain at an airport in brazil last night. jack conger and gunner bentz were removed from their return flights to the u.s. after judge ordered seizure of their passports. ryan lochte says he was with them when they were lob. lochte is back in the u.s. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch will have the latest developments at 6:00. massive blue cut wild fire burning east of los angeles is devouring, everything in its path, and it is getting even bigger. more than 1,000 fire fighters are working to get a handle on the flames and fire is only 4 percent contain. tom wait is near flames and has the very latest. >> reporter: the inferno raged on for a second night in san bernardino county. fire crews are paying particular attention to the
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ski town of wrightwood where flames are inching closer to closer to homes. >> hopefully these guys will take care of it and we can be safe, because we have no place to go. >> reporter: blue cut fire has already managed to score much thousands of acres and destroyed countless homes, many in the town of feeling, ron ramirez able to return home yesterday to find his dogs safe and his property is still standing. >> all of these houses across the street are to the ground. everything is burned to the foundation. i didn't have much hope for our place but we were fortunate. >> reporter: despite mandatory evacuation order in wrightwood some homeowners have mixed feelings about leaving their properties. >> it is my home. would you leave your home? >> cars are lined up and ready to go if we have to go. >> reporter: kathy mathingly has warned against staying behind. >> last summer we did lose some people, fire behavior changed and they refused to leave and there were lives lost. >> reporter: so far more than 82,000 people have been forced
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to evacuate, tom wait for cbs news, wright wood, california. rally is being held in germantown to support mother of the little boy shot multiple times last week. >> that little boy six year-old mahaj brown, he is doing better. this picture shows him smiling from his hospital bed at st. christopher's. he is in stable condition after being caught in the hail of gunfire on west clarkson street thursday night. last night his hotter, had this message for the shooters who nearly killed him. >> somebody have a heart, have a soul and somebody come forward. i just want to see my baby come home. i want to see him back the mahaj that we know. >> brown says her son was hit with ten bull frets an assault rifle. he has had seven surgeries and will remain at st. christopher's for three or four weeks. time is 5:36. in business news this morning hoist behind philly's latest pop up shop. >> and the fed gives word on interest rates for now.
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money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, brooke and jim. stocks finished higher after minutes showed there is in rush to raise interest rates again, dow jones rose to second one points, nasdaq gained one point, futures are pointing to a higher open. more people are heading to their labor day destination by air. u.s. airlines trade group say they expect american air travel to rise by 4 percent between august 31st and september 6th. the group attributes the increase to lower airfares which are down by 6 percent this year. also airlines have been offering more flights. at&t is doing away with overage fees, new cell plans will offer more data but at higher price. cheapest plan is now $30 which is ten dollars more expensive, but, the plans come with more than three times as much date a. kanye west is opening up 21 pop up stores this weekend, including one in philadelphia, they will sell merchandise
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related to his new album the life of pablo. west announced news on twitter. no word on where stores will be located or for how long they will be opened. back in march he opened up a pop up store here in new york city for three days, the wait to get in was several hours. something tells me that we're in for a repeat performance, brooke and jim. >> i want, a pablo t-shirt. jim, he is not impressed. >> we will see you on line. >> i do not stand in line for anything. thanks, jill. i'm with you, jim. >> thank you. i can't name one thing i'd wait for. >> all right, jill, thanks a lot. could it be sign of the times for apple. target record sales of apple products were down by more than 20 percent in the second quarter. some people say that there is just less of a rush to get new products. problem rival samsung is experiencing too. apple representatives say they hope release of their iphone seven will boost their bottom line, which is up,
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3 percent this year. twenty hotels in ten states and district of columbia have been hack by hackers, iron philadelphia hotel may ab monk them. with that said, the westin philadelphia, to stay there between december 2015 and june r credit cards compromised as a result of the hack. the westin is at liberty place in center city, the chain's owner says hack has been fixed and security systems updated, and they say consumers are not liable for any fraudulent charges. well, grabbing a bottle of the wine for dinner just got easier. >> that is right wine is being sold at pennsylvania's grocery stores. liquor control board has approved 84 stores to sell wine across the state including several in the delaware valley. the ig. that port richmond is only one in philadelphia so far, and while many shoppers cheered convenience factor some people say the move may take away from small businesses. >> i'm excited, that is cool. >> it seems like a really long time coming for us to be able to do that and i to wonder
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about pricing. >> reporter: little neighborhood bars in the area right now that is where everybody used to be. so i feel like it is sort of puts a damper on their cash outs. you can also get wine shipped directly to your home. there are about 100 stores waiting for approval, for a look at them go to our web site at cbs still ahead a kyacker has a whale of an experience. we will show you some amazing up close video of an encounter with hump back whales. also this morning, it is the sign of the catholic high school that is getting a lot of attention and in fact being shared on social media, we will hear from administrators and students about its message to parents. and it is an impressive achievement in flight but that is not why people are talking about this blimp. we will tell but what is being called the flying bump, when we come right
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..."
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if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. the stars are just like everybody else. model and any mom christie teigen shared an up close and personal look at her stretch marks. along with the caption minute is tributaries. she had a baby girl, named nina four months ago. the swimsuit beauty is married to musician and penn grad john
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legend. bradley cooper is set to make his directing debut and star in the latest version of the musical a star is born. lady gaga stars as his love interest and this is her first big screen leading role. production is scheduled to begin early next year. >> how about this, you guys, there is a new king of romance novels. you are looking at this decade's fabio, jason bako is a cover model and only man who can say he has been on more romance novel covers then fabio himself beating his record by ten. his secret to selling fantasies, a strict diet. >> i eat egg white and tuna out of the can, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, enjoy a protein bar while you are having cake, no problem. >> yeah, no problem. >> lights in front of the camera isn't his only job, he works an eight to five, office gig too.
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and now that he has broken fabio's book cover record, baca is setting a new gel to be on 500 romance novel covers. reminder about our casting call, men and with men 18 and older are invited to audition for a chance to appear in the episode of either the young and restless or the bold and the beautiful. it is from noon to 3:00 today at sugar house casino. young and restless star doug davidson and steve burton will be there to meet and greet fans. find more information on cbs that will be fun. it the is cool because they are coming on by the station, as well, so we will get a chance to meet them. do you think they will like my. >> high stair. >> my stair. >> i love your stair. >> yes. >> she's obsessed, she's coming back, ready to go. >> yes, they won't get a very good reception, here. >> none other. >> seriously. >> absolutely. >> you got to have your stories. you got to have your stories,
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am i right. >> yes. >> you got to have your forecast before you hit the road. that is where i come in. we will show you a live neighborhood network shots here palmyra cove nature park where we are taking a shot there. you can see center city looking hazy, included cover out there, we have been tracking some showers, throughout the course of the morning, generally all scattered in nature but they are out there. you may find yourself seeing va as you travel highways and probably actual rain falling from the sky but we will get a check of storm scan in a second but we will start off by checking with our weather watchers who are up and adam report ago lot of mid to low 70's right thousand. we are at 71 degrees from mark in the chats worth area. 93 percent humidity. so again even though it is not as humid as it has been throughout the course of the day as a whole it is still muggy when you walk outside the door. lets go further inland and go to 71 degrees coming from steven smith. he is in fact a spot where we are seeing rain in souderton and his comment, steady rain,
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hoping this rain makes grass greener shade of brown. i love that. it has been scorching lately. we get that. within more we will go north to 68 coming in from charles, also, finding a little bit of rain, in the bath pa area feels like a steam bath walking out the door. we will get pass that palmyra cove nature shot and go storm scan three. we will see heavier stuff out to sea but we have scattered variety of showers and somewhat widespread, so, it may again slow you down but i wouldn't call this a morning that requires an umbrella it is your call on that one because as day goes on we will be left with the skies trying to clear. little bit of sunshine. you're witness weather health report moderate levels of the pollen and heat index, it should not be as hot because we do not have as much humidity or as much, to add to the thermometer, readings here today but uv index is still high, and that sun will shine brightly and we have a decent solar angle at this point of
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the year. is there only 190-degree day out of the next seven. even though it is steamy this weekend this next system that brings us a to showers or thunderstorms on sunday will be responsible for knocking us back to much more typical variety of temperatures here. so hid 80's where we should be. also finally, the lowering of the humidity to the point that it actually feels crisp outside, so hon, you you know, getting back to work and school and at least more than ate will feel, more comfortable by that point. >> yes, it seems that way. next week looks gorgeous. thanks, katie. looking outside you can see very dark and wet roadways, indeed, schuylkill taillights moving in the westbound direction past gulph mills but i would almost say eastbound side i'm keeping my eye on on the schuylkill. that seems to be heating up more than even the westbound side but here's a good look for schuylkill, for those jumping out soon. the disable vehicles, right there, that guy, 95 north at broad street just make note, not slowing you down at all. there is barely any vehicles.
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it is pulled off to the shoulder. ninety-five north, we're looking good, interstate, moving in the southbound side, um, you are certainly starting to heat up a little bit. this is 422 at valley forge. we are moving in both directions. we're looking okay. another heating up on 422 as well, we can expect a push toward 6:00 o'clock hour. down wires here in delaware marsh road at philadelphia pike that intersection is still, closed this morning, you guys. also an accident out there in pennsauken, new jersey involving a down traffic signal route 130 southbound before route 38, two right lanes are still blocked there and we also have some construction in delaware this morning. i-95 southbound between terminal avenue and du pont avenue that right lane is block. thinks still lingering out there i will let you know when this lift or moves out of the way. new regional rail schedules that started this past monday we will get to this in ten minutes. brooke, over to you. is there a big surprise in olde city and a site that was destroyed two years ago in a fire. >> construction crews digging at the site discovered some
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hidden history. now you may recall the shirt corner stores, stood at third and market for almost 60 years until it burned to the ground in 2014 because of faulty wiring, well, last week, construction crews found, two brick arches a few feet below the ground and alerted the owners. city archives show a prison was built on the site 54 years, before the signing of the declaration of the independent. >> i was told the whole tail that this was a jail cell and it went to dock street. i was very skeptical about mentioning to it anybody because if i make a big deal out of it, i will lose my building and i will have no where to go. >> this was the the fourth jail. >> always had prisoners come to market street because they wanted to display them. if you were going to whip something you would save it for market days which were wednesday and saturday. >> well, philadelphia historian say stone prison lasted most of the 18th
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century. one strict rule at an arkansas parochial high school is going viral. >> some like it, but some do not. the sign on the door of the catholic high school for boys says, if you are dropping off your sons forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, et cetera, please turnaround and exit the building. your son will learn to problem solve. now some parents are furious, but administrators and students say it is a good rule. >> it is simply to help boys avoid being default switch of calling mom and dad when things don't go right and to come bail them out. >> think for myself and not rely on other people to do things for me and if i make a mistake i need to learn from it and try to fix it. >> principal says the rule has been in effect for years but the sign is a first. >> i love that sign. >> um-hmm. >> i got parents who would be happy not to go backup there. >> i agree. >> that was a rule in our house, without the teachers making it a rule. still ahead, a chosen
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counter with a whale you have to see to believe. >> we will show you when we
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♪ >> all right. when a group of kyackers heard
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there was a mother hump back whale nearby they paddled dover see for themselves. >> and what a show they got. >> wow. >> this all happened near cortez island north of vancouver, some kyackers had high powered cameras to capture the whole encounter and two whales stuck around for a while. >> they do it when they are excited and you can see the video that when baby breach, they had a good feeding, and they are really happy, baby got everything that he or she needed and then the baby comes shooting out of the water and mommies just as exciting. >> great show. group leader made sure that the group was safe, they did stay back a bit of the distance. well, what is believed to be the world's largest aircraft flew for the very first time. >> what does it look like? well, take a look, it is airlander ten but they have affect nately named it, the flying bump. they call it the butt blimp for reasons you may, i guess
5:56 am
understand. the bum is a mixed of a blimp, helicopter and plane and it can stay in the air for days at a time. it is design to useless steel and carry heavier load and other air ships and it runs on, helium gas. >> it looks like a big butt to me. >> yes. just saying what is obvious. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" why mcdonald's will stop giving out those popular activity trackers, with their happy meal. really. >> we will show you new study that is raising eyebrows this morning, find out what they have to say about this coming
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well, we are tracking some morning showers, on storm scan three, the case that today is an improvement overall, find out when the sun would come out, and how hot it will get. two members of the u.s. mens swim team are being detained in brazil right now. they were taken off of a plane overnight and today brazil authorities are questioning him about ryan lochte's robbery accusation. the find out what the swimmers to have to before they are allowed to come home. new this morning what investigators are saying about
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a fire in strawberry mansion. it is thursday august 18th, i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here as well keeping an eye on things outside. >> good morning. >> overall roads are looking good. maybe a little wet, damp, not too bad. >> whatever. >> usually i'm debbie downer in the morning but i will not even go there. it is thursday. we are close to friday and we're looking okay. >> good, fantastic. i will be the debbie downer then. we have some weather to track courtesy of storm scan. but first lets go back in time here. we will show you a little bit about what happened yesterday ape hot stretch continues, we will call it a eight day heat wave, longest we have had so far this season, we expect to break heat wave today. it will be close though, until we see how we do but 91 was official high at philly international yesterday. here's that look at storm scan 31 more time, we will zoom it out and back in. we will get to the closer zoom if we


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