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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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brad pitt's first interview since his split. >> it's really nice to have the support. >> as new details about the child abuse allegations surface, what angelina wants the world to know tonight. then the newest kardashian kid has arrived. find out the totally unique baby name. plus -- >> i got bad botox. >> kelly ripa's botched botox confession. her face then and now. >> she isn't smiling anymore. >> i am smiling! >> we go head to head with melissa mccarthy. we're going to hit that ball. >> our insane racquetball game behind the scenes of her new movie. >> the cameramen, i hope they're wearing cups. >> oh! >> is everyone going to be okay? >> oh, my god! i'm so sorry! now for november 10, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight"" >> welcome back, brad. he hit his first red carpet
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since he got blind sided with divorce paper. >> did you notice he has pep in list step? hhs swagger is back. maybe it's because a big weight has been lifted off his shoulders. >> brad! brad! >> everyone's been very kind out here and it's been truly nice to have the support. >> this is the brad we love to see, smiling and working the red carpet taking countless selfies with fans about four hours after we got the news that pitt was cleared of all child abuse allegations. he proved that a nasty divorce and custody battle will not keep him down. >> as red carpets go, this is so civilized and all these chandeliers i feel like i'm back in the movies. is it reminding you of some of the glamour of the film? >> not really. >> all right. that's all right. >> with the two-month investigation finally over sources tell us, quote, was there no validation or proof of abuse, nothing inappropriate
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happened. it was totally a child-parent disagreement. >> angelina's reaction? the actress is, quote, relieved. her rep tells "e.t." the department of child and family services is satisfied the safeguards are put in place that will allow the children to heal. while things are starting to look amicable between the exes, it's still a battle behind the scenes. just because brad was cleared doesn't mean they didn't o cf1o necessarily find anything. his visits are still monitored with the therapist, but another source makes it crystal clear, brad's visits are monitored voluntarrly because he has agreed to go out of his way for the kids. and those six kids just must have been who were on brad's mind when he answered this question. >> what's the one robbzemekis film you wish you'd been in and what would you have played? >> well, i'm not going to say "castaway" because that looked grueling and "back to the future" looked like a lot of fun. probably "roger rabbit." i would have gone for the roger rabbit. >> brad pptt, everybody.
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>> good to see brad pitt with a smile on his face. meanwhile, a lot of people are palking about our newest kardashian. blac chyna and rob kardashian welcomed their first child together this morning. they named their baby girl dream. >> big congratulations and now are prince harry and his new american girlfriend meghan markle planning a secret tropical rendezvous? prince harry stepped out for the first time since he confirmed his royal romance. >> prince harry paid his respects today at a veterans ceremony at westminster abbey. it was a somber moment, but harry put a smile on this everyone's face with this tender moment and the prince shook hands and bonded with a boy who was there to honor his uncle. he confirmed his relationship with meghan markle and he defended her against the media's, quote, abuse and harassment. meanwhile, there is another interesting twist in the royal romance.
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a new report says meghan has asked for time off from filming her tv show "suits." the story that meghan needs the time off because of, quote, something important to do. the report goes on to speculate she could be meeting with her new advisers and we suspect it could be time to meet the family. >> i am told she will come over to london before the end of the month and before prince harry leaves for a tour of the caribbean later in november and she will hopefully be meeting william and kate because she hasn't met them yet and possibly meeting prince charles and these meetings are an indication of just how serious this relationship is. there is a question, will meghan join harry in the sunny caribbean? today the palace revealed his full schedule for the upcoming trip. the 14-day tour kicks off a week from unday and will include a performance in barbados by rihanna, but don't expect meghan in the front row. the palace told us, quote, meghan will not be joining harry on any of his official eventses and appearances this month.
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>> that's a bummer! i want to see them together. >> we'll see. you never know. >> something i have been enjoying justin bieber and his behavior. i do love his music, but -- >> he has een melting down and berating fans and walking off stage. what's going on with the biebs? justin is shedding light on what has got him so upset. >> it's ard for me to connect with you. >> so it's beliebers who are getting too feisty. some of his most vocal fan, you know, the ones he's been scolding. >> this has got to stop! screaming at the top of your lungs. >> as the fans get older and they start understanding how to act and they want to act a little bit more sane so that maybe thee get my attention. >> so act more mature and you'll get nice justin? got it. in a new documentary on high profile bodyguards, keith confesses it's not just the screaming that concerns him. >> i felt like my safety was at risk. >> it may sound crazy, but three
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or four little girls and they have so much strength. >> bieber director of security for the last three years says it's been tough protecting the 22-year-old from his ownn overzealous fans. >> they would rip off his shirt and take off his hoodie and you can lose him in the crowd. ♪ >> ahead of yesterday's concert in croatia justin arrived at the airport flanked by guards. >> having security, it creates space for me and creates boundaries. >> that's what justin needs, he just needs a little space between him and his fans. >> it's got to be tough to be that public, right? >> we'll see how he does tomorrow night. he's playing for a sold-out crowd in poland. kelly ripa went through a period of time when she simply could not smile for her fans. physically could not smile and she had a very unusual reason why. >> i got that botox about, what was it, a year ago? it did something to my good side so then i had two bad sides. >> now that's some confession. kelly getting candid with yesterday's co-host megyn kelly talking about something women want to hide. >> i'm starting to look like
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myself again, but there was aboutta six-month period where people are, like, what's wrong with kelly? she doesn't smile anymore. i was, like, i am smiling. >> here's kly about a year ago. she looked happy to us and here she is 15 years ago, pretty much the same, but she's always been honest with us about her looks. >> not so tight. the crow. people are -- oh, you look different in person. different better? different how? >> what are kelly ripa's must-have beauty products? >> botox has changed my life. suddenly my eyelids are no longer resting on my eyelashes. >> she's admitted to getting botox in her armpits to avoid sweating. last year she revealed to former co-host michael strahan why she started getting botox in the first place and you've got to love her honesty. are, like, are you okay? you look angry.
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it's time to get botox. i look happy all of the time. >> katie holmes who transformed into jacqueline kennedy. she is starring in the controversial seek rell to the kennedy mini series which reportedly got the kennedys upset. how will this be eceived? we have your first look. >> it's not about what you can get away with. it's about who you want to be. >> this time katie in the late 1960s after assassination of robert kennedy. the clothes and hairstyles reflect the time and the mini series scored huge ratings despite the controversy surrounding it. >> katie's makeover into the former first lady is striking. >> our makeup and hair and wardrobe, they were fantastic. once you walked out of the trailer you felt different. >> i wish i had died. >> in the sequel matthew perry transforms into senator ted kennedy with a prosthetic nose. in this four-hour sequel the family tragedies are played out including the chappaquiddick scandal where campaign worker mary jo kopechne drowned in a
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car ted kennedy was driving. >> it will affect your chance of being president? >> the last time katie played jackie was in 2011, she was still married to tom cruise. >> as exciting as it was it was daunting because he was loved by so many. so you walk into a situation trying your best, but everybody has their idea of who she was and so you're never going to please everyone. >> from jackie's hhadline-making second marriage to billionaire aristotle onassis to the tragic love story between her son john junior and carolyn bessette. it has all of the drama which became a part of history. >> the one brief, shining moment known as camelot. up next, we are with hollywood's ageless beauties and christie brinkley's mother-daughter date night and elle macpherson still looking
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stunning at 52. >> what i found is i was craving the carbs and craving the sugars. >> i'm on the set with melissa mccarthy. how she recruited her entire family to be in her new movie, her husband, her daughters and even her dad. >> it is a family affair, for sure. plus an exclusive big bang & preview. does raj have a new love? why is wendy williams reigniting her feud with mariah carey?
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a new york knicks game, she's 30 and he's nearly twice her age. the if they saw any of we're talking about aae, nance and let's talk about the ladies who have found secrets to eternal youth in tonight's show and tell in the ageless beauty edition. >> dazzled in l.a. the actress looked tanned, toned and chic in all black. demi who turned 54 tomorrow has admitted in the past to allow leeches to suck her blood to look younger. some claim the treatment helps detox phi your system leaving your skin looking clearer. >> next, christie brinkley's mother-daughter date night in new york. the 52-year-old looks more like sailor's sister as the pair posed for pics at the reopening of a lord & taylor store. what's christie's best beauty secret? hair extensions. >> when you are trying to make the world a better place, it's easier to do with a good hair >> what about supermodel elle macpherson? >> by day it's more about what i do and not what i eat and i
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think if i make it about what i eat then we're really in trouble. >> we caught up with the 52-year-old mom to get her beauty secrets. they include getting at least seven hours of sleep and drinking her super elixir. >> you take two teaspoons and water every day and it's like a multivitamin, mineral probiotic and i was craving less carbs and craving less sugar. >> when you let yourself indulge what is your guilty pleasure? >> i have no guilt in my pleasure. i love chocolate. i love dark chocolate and whipped cream and pen anut butt. >> every day i appreciate where i'm at because in ten years' time i wish i looked like i was 50. >> still ahead, love issin the air on "the big bang theory." we have an exclusive sneak peek. >> you're dating someone, who is it? >> wendy williams gives us a tour of her closet, but why is the talk show host going off on mariah's breakup? >> your man wants all of this all of the time. >> and behind the scenes of
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melissa mccarthy's new movie. >> you swing like a mad man. >> she's hollywood's funniest actress, but can she play closed captioning provided by --
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now an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's "big bang theory." >> i have such a profound sense of creation. >> while sheldon and amy talk babies, raj may have finally found love.
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>> they screwed up and gave us steamed broccoli. >> that's mine. >> really? >> last thing i saw you eat was a skittle. >> i don't eat like a 10-year-old all of the time. >> you're dating somebody. who is it? >> what are you talking about? >> you only watch what you eat when you're afraid you might have to take your shirt off. fine. don't tell us. >> how's thaa broccoli? >> it's gross, but i have to eat it because i met somebody. >> keeping with the tv theme, you know, melissa mccarthy became a comedy star on "mike and molly" and we've seen how good she is at physical comedy, but did you know melissa's got game? she is move and she's athletic and it's a fact that i learned the hard way, the real hard way on the racquetball court. >> i'm going to hit a couple of racquetballs with you. is that okay? >> we're going to hit that ball. i want to see if you've got moves. ♪ ♪ >> anything goes. the more you hit your partner the more points you get. >> okay. >> the camera guy, i hope, are wearing cups.
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♪ ♪ i got it! i got it! i got it! oh! >> nobody is safe in a game with melissa. not me -- >> oh! not the cameraman. >> oh! oh, my goo! i'm so sorry! >> not the other cameraman! >> oh! oh, my god! >> speaking of not safe, melissa's husband ben falcon has been in harm's way a couple of times, too. as melissa's lawyer in "the boss." >> you know what? >> and her boss in "tammy." >> she's disgruntled. >> you know what? >> ben who is the life of the party when melissa gets divorced and goes back to college pops in for cameos in nearly all of his wife's films. >> uh-oh, what's that? >> i have to get back to my seat. >> he always has a role. >> he didn't get hit by anything. i think maybe that's the first
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time. >> we see her daughter, too, inn the boss that's the youngest, georgette on the left and here, the oldest vivian plays a younger version of melissa. >> what's the matter with me? >> they're in it because they're always on set, and i like them to know that when you're here and not with them we're actually working. i do think sometimes it's good for them to come and see you stand still. >> to complete the family affair, melissa and ben's father michael and steve make cameos here. michael had one other super quick moment. >> i had "the boss," i slammed a door. ♪ ♪ >> i lam it better than anybody. >> you moved the whole family to atlanta. >> we pick up and move like a tribe. i get weird without ben and the kids. i get real squirrely. i'll do anything for a little quiet time and after 45 minutes
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of quiet, i'm, like, where is everybody? >> oh! >> and as for our little encore competition, i finally got payback. >> oh! uh-oh! >> oh! ben's going to kill you! >> oh! >> accident! >> that was mean. i think you did it beccuse right before that she was completely smoking you. >> oh, no. she wore me out, but what a great day on the set and ben and melissa make it such a family atmosphere. so much fun, thanks for having me down. >> always unpredictable. >> always. >> and just like mariah carey and you know that wendy williams has a lot to say about it because she has been unloading on mariah for eight seasons. >> mariah, i told you he wouldn't marry you. i told you your antics would >> i want to send her a box of cats because with an attitude like that no man will stick around. wendy haa famously feuded with
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mariah in the past calling her too fragile for reality tv and now she's throwing some more shade. no man wants all this all of the time. tone it down, put on a t-shirt. she is annoying. she doesn't turn this off. this is not an act. this is really her. >> should she give this $10 million ring back? >> what she should do, take a hammer and crunch it up at the jewelry store, right? and make a really beautiful collar for one of them cats because that's all she'll have to keep her warm at night. >> but for all her swagger, the woman with her own home shopping netwwrk fashion line is down to earth and she invited us into her closet where price tags don't matter. >> everything is in here anywhere from a $15 dress that might have been on sale at a department store all of the way out to outerwear that we pay thousands for. this skirt, for instance, which is one of my favorites, i bought phis at target, walmart, i forget which one. >> who is somebody that you look up to when it comes to style.
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>> i like jennifer lopez's style. i love sarah jessica parker style. i love victoria beckham style, and let me preface by saying, i love these women's style, it doesn't mean that it's right for me. i don't fill out jeans the way jen does, nor does she fill out& a blouse the way i do and victoria beckham, the way she does it, you know, never smiling and all, i'm just not that cool, but it's fun to watch her be the cool, mean rich lady. >> wendy's got her own thing. >> one of these days i wish she would tell us how she really feels. right? i love her. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which country music singer's parents are private investigators? is it taylor swift, luke bryant or miranda lambert? >> i know the answer. >> we'll have it for you when we come right back.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. it's all at >> primal consideration provided by -- welcome back, everybody. in our "entertainment tonight" parents are private try singer's investigators? that's miranda lambert who urns 33. pam dawber was a big sitcom star with "mork and mindy" and "my sister sam." we are catching up with her tomorrow. bye, everybody.
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>> mork, what are you doing? >> why did pam dawber walk away from hollywood? >> did everything you can do in this business. >> inside her life today with husband mark harmon. my kids haven't ever seen anything i've done. i'm just their mom. >> this is not your mom's cooking show. >> clash offthe grandmas begiis right now. >> we're behind the scenes with all of the craziness. >> one, two, three. >> and i'm 69. >> i'm walking away. >> that is tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- brad returns to the red carpet after being cleared by child services. >> i got your shirt. >> is his divorce battle with angie coming to an end? then can kim kardashian just
7:30 pm
book her first public appearance since the robbery? or is she still "living in fear"? >> kim refuses to leave her house. number three, is gigi hadid in lockdown after her own attack. >> let go of her. >> everyone has to take the right precautions, while also still feeling like a human. your "insider" bonus, did eddie redmayne's bad harry potter audition almost keep him out of hollywood? >> i remember it lasted under about seven and a half seconds, i don't think i was allowed to continue half of the scene. what couple's milestone had "real housewives" vanderpump and her husband, ken, reacting like this? >> it's taken you 35 years to tell me that. >> you never asked. >> i want to do this again! now "the insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. brad pitt, cleared of all child abuse allegations. and the news comes on the heels of his and angelina's temporary custody battle cease-fire. >> last night brad made his


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