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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: this is "france 24." aroundr 60 minutes live the world. i'm genie godula. ted cruz wins the iowa caucus for the republicans. the right-wing texas senator pulls ahead of billionaire businessman donald trump. florida senator marco rubio comes in a strong third. .ery close for the democrats the clinton campaign says hillary clinton has won the iowa nominating contest, but it is the.
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back -- but now and it is and now. unveils plans for key changes to britain past mentorship, ensuring that the countries participate within the brexit.void britain gives its scientists approval to conduct experiments editing human genes on embryos. as a, b, c. as easy how google's parent company, bet, has replaced apple as america's most valuable firm. that and more stories on the way on "france 24." ted cruz has won the
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republican iowa caucuses. the texas senator soundly defeated donald trump monday. the conservative crews had to ning -- had been campaigning in iowa for a year and seems to have tapped into the evangelical vote there. if surprise third-place senator winner was senator marco rubio. the former secretary has won by a razor thin margin against u.s. senator bernie sanders of vermont. officially, the race is still too close to call. for more, we go to philip crowther, who is in iowa. let's start with the democrats. one more information do we have? why don't we have an official winter yet? too close is simply to call. the other reason being that one precinct has not reported yet. that is the 1% that is missing so far. those who are counting these results say that will not make a
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difference to the actual result, hence why the hillary clinton campaign during the night local time did officially announced victory. that is something that the bernie sanders campaign has also done, not necessarily officially in a press release like hillary clinton's campaign did, but certainly bernie sanders did exactly that on stage last night. this result is not 100% official in the view of the democratic party, but it does look like the two candidates more or less agree to disagree. hillary clinton will sell this as a victory. bernie sanders will as well. but they agree it is a testable tide. bernie sanders' -- but they agree it is a statistical tie. anyne gave bernie sanders chance at all last may of getting the crucial iowa caucuses, and he indeed has
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already left des moines, iowa. he left last night, arrived in new hampshire at 5:00 a.m. local time. he was greeted by supporters on the tarmac at the airport at 5:00 a.m. there certainly is that momentum and energy with bernie sanders. genie: talk us quickly through the republican side. ted cruz won, a slight surprise, but not as big a surprise is the person who came in third, marco rubio. crucial.hat is marco rubio, you will hear this a lot over the next few weeks themonths -- he is establishment candidate, or at least one of the possible establishment candidates. this result in iowa puts him in that position. he is the senator from florida who is the republican party member -- who the republican members actually like and see as the potential republican nominee or that is not something that the other two candidates are at
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this point. those other two candidates being donald trump, who came in second place, and ted cruz, who won. that victory by ted cruz is a itprise, but in some cases is not because he got the crucial evangelical christian vote. on the republican side, the momentum is certainly with senator ted cruz and with senator marco rubio. genie: philip crowther reporting for us from des moines. moines --ry in des oliver farry took a closer look at the republican field in iowa. : five years ago ted cruz was largely unknown outside of his home state of texas. in 2012, he grabbed the national spotlight, becoming one of the greatest hopes of the right-wing tea party movement. 2013,pearheaded the
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shutdown and the republicans' resistance to obamacare. speaking to congress in 2013, even fitting in a bedtime story to his two young daughters. cruz: "do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am. i do not like green eggs and ham." ted cruz often alienated even fellow republicans. texas, he became a naturalized american in 2005. having served in george w. bush's administration, he was then texas' solicitor general and a litigator. ted cruz has an almost evangelical belief in america's redemptive powers. thecruz: we have faced to abyss, and the american people rose up and we pulled this country back.
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we have done it before. we can do it again. we can bring back that last best hope for mankind that is the united states of america. ted cruz' platform is pro-life, pro-gun, skeptical of climate change, and should he get the republican nomination, ted cruz is likely to be the most right-wing nominee in decades. genie: the european union has unveiled plans for key changes in britain's membership. designed to ensure the country votes to stay within the e.u. and avoid a brexit. in a letter to e.u. leaders, donald tusk says the deal for britain will respect the rights of non-euro countries but it does not given veto rights on europe's on matters. prime minister david cameron has promised to hold by the end of next year.
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let's listen to him now. david cameron: on so many things i was told these things would be impossible. i said i wanted a red card system to block legislation. people said you would not get that. it is there in the document. people said you would never get britain out of the concept of an ever closer union. again, pretty clearly set out in the document, so real progress, more work to be done, or details to be nailed down, but we said we needed to deliver in four key areas. this document shows real progress on that front. genie: that is british prime minister david cameron. official peace talks on syria are finally underway in geneva. this is the latest push to put in end to the brutal civil war which left a quarter of a million dead. the usual -- the envoy for syria has stepped things up a gear.
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the main opposition umbrella group is due to meet today. it has continued pressing for immediate progress on getting humanitarian aid into besieged caps. -- into besieged camps. with johnare meeting kerry in rome today on ways to fight the islamic state in speaking at the meeting, john kerry warned of the danger of letting jihadists gain ground in libya. john kerry: in libya, we are on the brink of getting a government of national unity, and that will prevent daesch from turning libya into a struggle hold on that country post future, and as everyone knows, that country has resources. the last thing in the world you withis a false caliphate access to billions of dollars of
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revenue. genie: a partnership that has been drifting on its side for --ost a week in the atlantic a ship that has been drifting on its side for almost a week in the atlantic is being towed to a port in bill bow. our correspondent reports. >> suspended by a rope, four experts worked on a deck that almost look like a vertical wall. ,t was a dangerous operation though better weather conditions provided easier access to the ship or a last-ditch efforts to attach a towline to the listing cargo happened monday morning. a tugboat was able to tow the 164 meter vessel toward the port , a safe zone.ow >> a safe zone is an area near the shore, protected from the wind, and where the waters are
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calm. this will allow us to properly stabilize the ship with anchors. ship was carrying 36 tons of timber and constructive machinery to france. it sent out a distress signal last tuesday, and it's 22 crew members were airlifted to safety. as bad weather hampered efforts for salvage teams to reach the boat, it drifted closer to france, threatening to hit the picturesque atlantic coast. ,nce it arrived in bilbao specialists will up righted by filling parts of it with water. if it fails, it will have to be dismantled. genie: scientists in the u.k. have been given the greenlight light to genetically modify human embryos. it is the first time the country's national regulator has approved the dna altering technique, but not everyone is happy about it. some critics say it is the first step toward so-called designer babies. mark thompson reports.
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>> a landmark decision that could have long reaching consequences. british scientists have been given the go-ahead by regulators to alter human embryos just one week after fertilization. a reallyould lead to crucial understanding of the role of genes in the early stages of development that has clinical potential in terms of improving infertility treatment. >> doctors claimed the technique should guard against miscarriages and infertility, as well as hiv, but critics say tweaking the genetic code in this way could be the start of a slippery slope. pro-life charity life warned it could eventually lead to so-called designer babies. they say such controversial intervention in the human gene up the possibility of eugenics, where the existence of human beings becomes conditional on the certain physical
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characteristics. similar studies have also been carried out in the united states , but this is the first time an official regulatory body has approved such research. experiments are expected to stop -- to start in the coming months. genie: to china, where 100,000 people have been stranded in the southern city of guangzhou, after snow forced the cancellation of 80 trains. there are millions of chinese people making their way home for the chinese new year holiday, which starts this weekend. here's oliver farry. ,liver: it is an annual exit the biggest movement of people on the planet. china -- chinese migrant workers are making their way back across the country to get home for chinese new year. the migration season lasts until early march, with an estimated 2.9 million people expected to travel. for these young people from the provinces, the hectic traveling
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schedule is worth it to get a taste of home. spring festival is a traditional festival for chinese people. actually, for us young people who work away from home, we also hope to provide a better life for our families. when i have saved some money and go home, it makes my parents very happy because we get together. i only go home once a year to spend time with my parents, so i am also very happy. in northeastern china, we often celebrate together. doug: chinese people will this year be celebrating the start of the year of the monkey in the chinese lunar calendar. peopless movement of have been transported by air, by sea, and mostly by train. they are forced to pay high prices for tickets, often on the black market. the weather is playing havoc
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with the travel plans of some. snow caused the cancellation of more than 80 trains in the southern city of guangzhou, leaving hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded. they hope the weather will lift so they can get home in time for the new year, starts next monday. genie: you are watching "france 24." iowa caucus won the for republicans. he pulled ahead of billionaire businessman donald trump. marco rubio comes in a strong third. fors too close to call democrats, but the clinton campaign says hillary clinton has won the iowa nominating contest, but it is still seen as d neck. the e.u. has unveiled plans for key changes in britain has membership to ensure the country votes to stay within the e.u. and avoid brexit.
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our very own with stephen carroll. you are starting with some good news for google. stephen: the company that owns google is now known as alphabet, and it has surpassed apple to become the world's most valuable company. shares soared in after-hours trading monday. the division is expected to be confirmed when wall street opens later. in the last three months of the t took in $21 billion as advertising revenue jumped. core google business, which includes youtube, the search engine, and android mobile operating system, made more than $23 billion in operating profits. but we also found out that google's lost $3.6 billion on call -- on what he called other bets -- google last, and google acts. genie: there is a company that is not having a good day today,
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and that is bp. bp has seen its worst result in over 20 years. with an unadjusted loss of $2.2 billion in the last three months of 2015. bp is the first of the major oil companies we will hear from this week, and it is off to a good -- it is off to a good start. traders are pretty unhappy. shares are down 8% a short time ago in london. trend is greater across the markets, partly linked to the price of oil. there are bigger falls in london and paris. genie: in ireland, the government is hoping the economic recovery there will bring irish people who emigrated, like yourself, back home. with the strong growth rates that ireland is now
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experiencing, those in their 20's -- eight years after the irish economy collapsed, it is on the mend. the recession, this man's business cut production, cut 12 of 13 jobs, and slashed salaries. >> relief, and of course we are happy to retain our goal now. but it was such a difficult time for us. at the time you did not know whether -- how many months you were left in work, so basically we just put our heads down and worked as much as we could, to work our way out of the recession. is a area of dublin testament to that success. it is hoped that tech giants such as google and yahoo! -- the
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corporate tax just 12.5% is a major draw. political pressure from its neighbors to increase it, but the government sees it as a key to the country's success. the economic comeback is large enough that the government has launched a pr campaign to entice irish people who left during the crash to come back home. this person started a tech business in mozambique with government support. >> you must have 10 full-time and you must be exporting internationally. >> the government is hoping many thousands more will join him. stephen: profits at the swiss bank ubs jumped almost 80% last year. the best results in five years. but shares in the bank have plummeted by more than 7% after billions were drained from the
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wealth management division. the bank's chief executive reported that market volatility and the swiss bank brought challenges in the year to come. infits of nintendo slumped december over poor sales. profits fell over 30% after a disappointing business season. the japanese firm is set to launch a much-anticipated smartphone game. -- theyber attack company suffered what it called a significant and sustained when somet october, customer data was stolen by hackers. genie: just to wrap up, a boom over barbie. stephen: barbie is back. sales have reason for the first time in two years, up 1% in the last three months of 2015 to almost $330 million worth. mattel unveiled a new body type
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for barbie less month as it tries to adapt to consumer preferences. the company saw better than expected profits or the quarter, and shares jumped by 8%. loads toam slightly admit that a lot -- i am slightly loathe to admit that a lot of those sales ended up in my home here it i have a very happy five-year-old. now it is time for a look at the press review. villeminot is with us on the set to take a look at today's papers. not surprisingly, lots of focus on the u.s. presidential election and the reaction from the iowa caucuses, where for the democrats it was so close, a real nailbiter. flo: too close to call, according to "politico," fleming that hillary clinton -- claiming that hillary clinton is maintaining a tiny lead over bernie sanders. it is a statistical tie.
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democrats awarded their delicate using essentially a coin toss. it is a rule that exists in these caucus races, essentially a coin flip can decide of victor if there is a really close tie. actually, a journalist from univision, a spanish-language broadcaster in the u.s., tweeted a video that we can look at of one of these coin tosses the happened in des moines's precinct 70. a delegate cited with -- a delegate cited with clinton after breaking a split with this coin toss. there were five situations across the state, according to "the des moines register," where there were similar coin tosses, and hillary clinton won all five of them. on the republican side, ted cruz was the big winner, who wasdonald trump, the front runner for republicans up until today. flo: absolutely. ted cruz scored a decisive
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victory, dealing trump a humbling loss. papers are more focused on the fact that trump lost than on the fact that ted cruz won. happy aboutittle trump's misfortune. you can see this article in "the daily beast," "donald trump the --er is nash donald trump donald trump the hater is now donald trump the loser." genie: this election is particularly brutal this year. cartoon inn see this the washington post showing that it is groundhog day. out, saw the came political landscape, and said he would come back out on november 9, a day after election day. lots of papers are saying that for the days, weeks, and months to come, it is going to be a bitter fighting match for democrats and republicans. a great cartoon in china daily
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today, where you can see just that. you can see the donkey there, and then the elephant republican, opening up that curtain to what is going to be a bitter end. genie: the race for the white house has also become a battleground for music superstars. adele has said that trump cannot use her songs for his rallies. apparently, his favorites were "rolling in the deep," which is quite funny because the lyrics of that song are "we could have had it all." he also ."kes the hit "sky fall adele's fans sounded the alarm and in the wake of that, the singer made her position very clear, that her music cannot be used in any political rallies. but it is not the first time there has been this rivalry between politicians and
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musicians. you can read more about it in "the independent." quite famously, in 1984, bruce springsteen was very upset because ronald reagan was using "born in the usa, co-which was patrioticeted as a anthem. and john mccain prompted a cease and desist letter from abba for using the song "take a chance on me." genie: fortunately the papers are not all focusing on the u.s. election. let's come back to france. in two weeks, trade unions and the business world will renegotiate the rules of france's generous unemployment benefits. flo: the government is hinting at the fact that it wants to make some controversial changes. the government is considering gradually reducing unemployment benefits, essentially the longer that you are unemployed the less unemployment benefits you get because that might be surprising to many other countries.
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in france, when you are unemployed come you get a fixed rate of unemployment during the period that you are unemployed, which can last two years. trade unions do not want the government to touch the current system. let's take a look at this front page -- are they going to touch our unemployment benefits? you can see the prime minister, the economy minister, and labor minister looking pretty threatening. you can see a very eager economy essentially saying what if we just got rid of unemployment benefits altogether? that way people would not sign up at unemployment offices, and the number of job seekers would automatically decrease. you can see the prime minister, manuel valls, saying it is a good idea but it is too early. the government is drawing criticism for wanting to touch the sacred thing of unemployment benefits because it is seen as a move toward the right for the socialist government, and it has already been accused of squeezing a little bit more to .he right than it should hear
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genie: thank you for that look at the press review, lawrence filament no. -- florence villeminot. coming up, the masks are on in venice as the annual carnaval
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