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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 19, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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good evening. a second day of talks is continuing in brussels this friday evening as the british prime minister tries to win concessions from the european union, concessions which could prevent his country from leaving the block. david cameron is expected to campaign for britain to stay in the 27 member body, but he says he will not do so in the absence of a satisfactory deal in brussels. a referendum could be held as early as may of this year. let's get more from brussels. >> a glimmer of hope as we speak. a deal seems to be nine. that is what we are hearing from officials here it unnamed sources being named from brussels. but there are a lot of
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differences to overcome. that is why we see a lot of bilateral meetings taking place today with the likes of david cameron and the head of the eu council and claude juncker. there was a separate meeting with the prime minister of poland. other meetings with prime minister's and with francois hollande to iron out differences. now the text has been tweaked with the heads of diplomats and technical experts, and another 28 will sit down together in the room and over dinner to say yes or no to the latest draft. angela merkel, the head of germany, has been spotted in a square near here, which suggests a lot of progress has been made. we understand that progress has been made on issues like eurozone economic governance and the definition of the ever closer union.
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that there are still a few differences of opinion when it comes to restricting social it's forhat if european union citizens working and residing in the united kingdom. this was a mess of redline for countries like poland, the czech republic, slovakia, and hungary. they do not want people that are currently in the u.k. to have their social welfare limited. a compromise might be reached. if britain does leave the eu, it would become the first country ever to do so, taking all concerned into uncharted territory. as damon dash as cameron manages to win concessions and avoid a brexit, other eu countries may start making demands of their own. >> an island nation, this is how david cameron described great written. and it is this independence he
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has been defending in brussels. >> not only do a deal, if we get what written needs, we will get back in do more work. preferential with treatment to u.k., which could have consequences as other groups are likely to seek out their own special concessions. why the u.k. is looking for greater control of migration, financial regulation safeguards are issued sovereignty. there could be less eu oversight. denmark might push for further eu integration. populist groups could also demand sovereignty. euaratist connected to the for support. as european leaders tried to convince david cameron that no man is an island, the prospect of britain leaving the eu looms large. >> u.s. fighter jets have today carried out airstrikes in , targetingya militants linked to the islamic state organization here at as
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many as 40 people are reported to have been killed in that u.s. operation, the second of its kind during the past three month in libya. those targeted today were linked to last year's deadly attacks and neighboring tunisia. to learn more, we're joined by william lawrence of george washington university, north africa director for an international risk consultancy, joining us from dubai. thank you for speaking to us. very well.rth africa you have lived there and are a former diplomat. is the u.s. getting drawn in now to a long protracted conflict there in libyan soil, in your view? >> it has been engaged in libya thefour years now, and attacks they have been making against, particularly, leaders of the extreme groups have been going on for four years. clearent obama has been that he does not want to get drawn in to a long protracted conflict that involves u.s.
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boots on the ground or a great engagement there. notably, he turned down, earlier this week, according to reports in washington, an attack on the islamic state headquarters in libya, their main central holding, which is the city where gaddafi, his stronghold. clear that they are trying to contain the islamic state without getting deeply engaged. >> it is a vast territory we're talking about. libya is a very large country indeed. individualng these topics of islamic state strongholds, if you will, can that make a meaningful difference to the strength of the group? we are talking about such a vast territory. it will be difficult to make a meaningful difference to them. >> well, it can help in two ways here it it is very clear that the surveillance of this
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household that they attacked this morning, that they had seen changes in activity. there was training around the compound, and there was a change that they felt an attack was imminent. so stopping an imminent attack or stopping the ability of the latest trained group of recruits to go and attack in tunisia, algeria, or summer in libya, then you can have an impact. it might not impact their ability to gain and hold territories. recently, the grabbed a town to the west of that stronghold, which could be on that 200 kilometer stretch of coastline that they control, and nobody was there to stop them. as long as islamic state can grab and hold territory within iraq, syria, or libya, they will continue to cause problems in
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terms of sovereign control of territory and in terms of terrorism. they emanate from the strongholds. >> we heard from our thatspondent in tunis, although the intentions of this attack, these operations, is welcome, targeting the very people they carried out terrorist attacks in tunisia. but on the other hand, western libya shares a long border with tunisia, and they are concerned that all of these jihadists will just go back across the border and back into tunisia, which is not welcome news. does that sound reasonable to you? >> yes, the tunisians have been very concerned about a big new wave of refugees coming from libya. those of the border getting ready in case there is a big western intervention, which is some people are still talking about. tunisians are concerned about
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military control of the border, grant -- brand-new motes to defend an electronic equipment to stop people from crossing the border. one thing that maybe has not been thought about enough and the tunisians do not talk about it enough is the biggest sentence -- biggest contingent of islamic state fighters are tunisian, and tunisians of great mobility in the area and an ability to get in and out of tunisia despite any measures they're putting into place. i think tunisia is going to have to have a more holistic approach to this problem. for example, hundreds of tunisian fighters -- [no audio] that might be -- >> ok -- >> but is not a good selling point if you're trying to otherage thousands of fighters. so we need to rethink the fighter issue for tunisians returning to tunisia.
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>> sorry to cut you short. sorry to our viewers them a but we had an audio issue there. now two other world news. the monetary fund announced it is giving us do no lagarde another five-year term. her first term comes to an end in july, and no other candidate came forward to contest the continued leadership. she is the washington-based body for the first female head. the board was praising what they called lagarde's wise leadership during turbulent times. let's go to washington for more now. lagarde was uncontested for staying on in that mean everyone supports are having a second term? officially least everybody here is happy with this decision. she takes up her second term on july 5 of this year, second term of five years, and that will take her up to 2021 tiered the imf executive board wanted to
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get this decision out of the way as quickly as possible. as is a, she was the only one who nominated herself for this role. nobody else came forward for it weird that is why this was such an easy decision. it was not necessarily though when she first got this job in 2011 to two is up against the , andr central banker christine carstens, of mexico, and there was talk about other countries getting this role. it is usually a european who gets the role of the head of the imf. her christine lagarde, it was not an easy five years, and it will not be an easy five years ahead. she asked herself whether this .as another 2009 moment she said she does not think so. when she talks about 2009, that is the major market and financial turmoil that the world saw. there will be plenty in her inbox, the likes of the debt crisis increase, financial reform in ukraine, and general market turmoil around the world.
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today in washington, she seemed confident going into the next five years ahead. >> thank you so much for bringing us up to speed from washington. group called the kurdistan freedom hawks said it was behind the deadly bombing in a turkish capital on wednesday. the turkish president says eu u.s.-supplied weapons were used to carry out the attack in which 28 people were killed. let's get the latest. shell, and ypg militia positions are targeted here the goal is to stop the kurdish group from taken the town, the last stronghold of turkish-backed current rebels north of aleppo before the border. it is a missing peas in a large swath of territory already held by the kurds along the northern border. >> we will not allow the
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formation of this corridor. this is the reason for what is happening. toschilling will continue prevent that schilling will get to the to prevent this. yesterday, we will not sit and watch the formation of an illegitimate zone on our border. will continue to prevent this. shelling has picked up following wednesday's bomb attack in the turkish capital to kill 28 people, most of them soldiers. turkey blames the ypg and the pyd for the attack, but they have denied involvement. the kurdistan freedom hawks, a relatively unknown offshoot of the pkk, has claimed responsibility. ,he turkish government from ypg links to the pkk, and bombing against both groups continues
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despite calls for to stop. been the most deceptive partner from the islamic state group leader it as coalitions fighting the jihadists. the continued support has angered turkey, and the country has said it is expecting cooperation from nato allies to combat the white pg -- the ypg. >> washington has expressed concern about the turn of events in uganda. kizza besigye western -- was arrested today for the third time in a week. the vote is still under way following the country's election spirit you as a gritty of state john kerry is reportedly to have called the ugandan president, president museveni, to express concern. the president took office in 1986 and was accused of failing to tackle corruption. early results suggest he will be handed a victory. it has been announced that the
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author harper lee has died. her 1960 but "to kill a mockingbird" was internationally acclaimed and remains on the curriculum of millions of schoolchildren across the globe. it was also turned into an oscar-winning film. she was 89 years old. >> she wrote an international best seller that instantly became a classic and classroom staple. an explosive critique of rachel prejudice, gender, and class in 1930's alabama. "to kill a mockingbird" made harper lee is dark, getting her pulitzer prize and turned into an oscar-winning movie. >> you never really understand the person until you consider things from his point of view. >> despite accolades and awards, lee do not publish another book until last july, when she was catapulted back into fame and controversy when "ghost of a watchman" was released. questions lingered over her
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involvement in the release. the classic tale of courtroom justice was limit lee based on elements from her own life. , after her father, also a lawyer, and she, like scouts, was a tomboy growing up in alabama. she rarely give interviews. but during one of her last sit downs in 1964, she explained she wanted to share tales of this small town, middle-class folks. all i want to be is the jane austen of south alabama, she said. she died in the small town she was born in, her beloved alabama, aged 89. >> high drama in the kenyan capital the past 24 hours after a number of lions escaped from a wildlife reserve near a residential area. there are reports that the felines have been returned to the park, which is also a shame she worry for other animals. it is not the first time the big
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cats have escaped from that same reserve. on previous occasions, the roaming alliance have brought traffic to a standstill -- the roaming lions have brought traffic to a standstill. soldiers brought them back to their home. let's get a reminder of our top .tories on france 24 the british promised her has talks aimed at securing eu reform and keeping his country and to block going into overtime. a strike, pentagon words describing u.s. fighter jets in western libya targeting spots linked to the islamic state organization. wise leadership during turbulent times, the words of the international monetary fund at the hands of christine lagarde, and a second five-year term. time now for a check of business news. markus karlsson is here. good evening to you. start by talking about what everybody in the world is --
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being you investment, the financial world, brexit. >> yes, we're watching every move coming out of brussels this evening come up i'd we? we're hearing that there is progress in the renegotiation of the bridge and's eu deal. we will look at some of the economic consequences were written actually to vote for an exit or for a so-called brexit, as we have been talking about. we have heard from business leaders this friday as these stalks have been going on in brussels. one of the latest business leaders tied his voice, virgin founder richard branson, and he said it would be a sad day if britain were devoted to leave the european union. we also heard from the chairman of the scottish-based insurer standard life he said a departure from the eu could be potentially damaging to the british economy. let's take a closer look than as some of the things that might happen economically where
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britain to leave. let's get more. >> it is an unthinkable reality for european leaders, any you without britain, a don't -- an eu without britain, which could have major economic ramifications for britain, but it would depend on the type of brexit delegate sheeted. >> and the u.k. enters into an economic us -- acrimonious series of negotiations and cannot come up with a favorable free trade arrangement, the economic costs could be much more deeper and much more longer-lasting. >> these consequences could happen immediately. the british car industry would be forced to pay customs taxes when exporting cars to the eu here this would cost 15% more. trade could also decline. 50% of british goods exported within 2014 went to the eu, britain's biggest trading partner, but some economists say
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the decline could be upset by a stronger partnership with non-eu countries. in 2014, the u.s. was britain's number one is what. investment could be affected. the eu has been an important financial backer for the past decade, contributing 46% of all foreign direct investment in britain in 2013, leaving the eu conceived these investments dry up, at least in the short term. london would inevitably lose its financials europe's center, while exports of financial services could be have appeared earlier this week, the chairman of hsbc said his committee could loose some of their operations to pair is that britain was to leave the eu. a brexit could put the eu economy in jeopardy, as well. europe will lose 13% of its population, 15% of its wealth, and 14 billion euros. that is what britain was earmarked to contribute to the 2016 budget. >> ok, we're going to look at the stock markets. we have seen a mixed bag of trading over in the united
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states so far this session, with only the nasdaq making it above the flat line. this hour, in the past hour or so, the nasdaq has come off its previous session highs. it is only ever so slightly above the flat line. the dow jones industrial average and the s&p 500 are actually accelerating the losses. energy shares are coming under pressure stateside due to a different oil prices. retailers are also coming under pressure as the department store nordstrom has released a weak forecast. in europe earlier, we thought the indices finishing up in negative territory, as well. the overall price put a damper on energy star. but it was a strong week for european stocks. finishing up his best week since january of 2015. it's best week in more than a year's time, as with other pairs
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index add more than 5.5%. let's talk you through some other stories we have been watching in the stock markets. the french video games developer stewart on the stock market friday to shares finished more than 16% higher on the news of a hostile takeover. french miniature giantess a french giant vivendi wants to take over in a deal that would value the ginkgo many at 513 million euros. an aggressive drive into video games by vivendi. family ofng found -- gameleft is not impressed. it says vivendi does not know the business sufficiently. turnaround at gucci pushing sales higher of the french luxury goods group. euros, 8%3.2 billion higher than last year. gucci picks up after some reports of slowing sales of that brand.
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other names saw a rise in sales. kering says full-year earnings for 2015 rose to 696 million euros. examines setting up to the struggling firm's strategic alternative. it will figure out who is step closer to a possible sale of its core advertising and search is is. earlier this month, yahoo! announced it would cut 15% of its workforce after posting a quarterly loss of $4.4 billion. since the end of 2014, the company's stock price has fallen by more than 14%. i will return to france now. controversy this week. a much anticipated plan unveiled to reform the country's labor market. the aim is to make french businesses more competitive and reduce the jobless rate. it has already met strong opposition from unions and the government's own allies.
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let's get more. treatmenthe kind of the not in past governments on the right have dared to try to the proposed reform measures, the labor minister says they will not put employees at risk. >> it does not mean workers' rights will be reduced. the aim is to step up efforts to help businesses become more flexible. >> today, companies and france , andto justify in court conditions for redundancy are limited to cases like bankruptcy and restructuring. under the proposed new labor laws, businesses would be allowed to lay off workers for reasons like a drop in sales for several consecutive quarters or four orders. >> if the going gets tough for the committee, it would be easier to let two or three people go, rather than that 40
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families in a difficult situation. >> it would make it easier to hire people of we can fire them in case of a downturn. fort is a chilling scenario french workers who are used to a high degree of job protection. >> it will be a good thing for employers, but for staff, it is very scary. >> the far reaching reforms would leave working hours, salaries, and holidays of them for negotiation. opposition within the ruling socialist ranks of from labor unions means the plan could be watered down before it goes to vote in parliament. >> all right, we are to finish off with news out of the united states this friday. the u.s. government is stepping up a legal standoff with apple. the department of justice is filed a motion to compel the electronics giant to assist the fbi the government wants apple to help unlock an iphone that belonged to a shooter in the san bernardino attack back in
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december. the fbi wants to get its hands on information that may be on that phone, but apple says a backdoor through its security could fall into the wrong hands and in danger iphone users everywhere. it has also been getting support from its friends in silicon valley, apple, that is, because facebook and twitter are siding with electronic giant in this legal standoff with the u.s. government. facebook says it will fight aggressively against any requirements for firms to weaken the security of their products. so we could be in it for the long-haul when it comes to this legal standoff. apple is a great says it will not give in. its ground, basically. so if the fbi wants to know in , not saying it is apple, they would not let them do so? >> that is essentially what the u.s. government is asking for, for apple's help to unlock the encryption of a smart phone.
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but apple says, look, even we do not have that capability at this stage. we would have to work out a backdoor ourselves. and we are simply not willing to do that, because we want to make sure thata
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