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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PST

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live from our studios here in tokyo, this is "newsline." i'm james tengan. a hong kong broadcaster has said that messing book sellers have been held for selling banned books. phoenix tv said on sunday that the four are accused of mailing books with fake covers from hong
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kong and illegally selling them on the mainland. it also showed footage of them admitting to the allegations. the four are linked to a bookshop that sells material correct cal of chinese authorities. the tv did not say what happened to a fifth person related to the bookshop who reportedly went to the mainland voluntarily for questioning by the officials. charges have been filed against three former executives of the fukushima operators. japanese court appointed lawyers filed charges in connection with the 2011 fukushima accident. it's the first time a court will decide on responsibility for the disaster. the lawyers allege the three men failed to take safety measures to prevent the disaster. tokyo electric power company's
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former chairman and two vice presidents have been indicted. in 2013, public prosecutors decided not to press charges against them, but a prosecution inquest panel of randomly selected citizens voted last year to indict them. the indictment says the former executives could have predicted the plant could be inundated by a tsunami but failed to take appropriate measures. it said this led to reactions which injured 13 people. it also forced hospital patients to evacuate. and that 44 people died as a result. the defendants are expect the to enter not guilty pleas on the grounds that they could not have predicted the massive tsunami. twin bombings tor through northeastern baghdad on sunday killing dozens of people. the islamic state group says it carried out the attacks. the blasts occurred in the mainly shia district of sadr city. local authorities say a
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motorcycle bomb ripped through a market. then a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowd that had gathered. more than 70 people are dead and over 100 others are injured. the islamic state group said in an online statement that the bombings targeted shia residents. the militants also attacked a security facility near baghdad. both sides reported heavy casualties. iraqi security forces have been conducting operations nationwide to eradicate the militants. last december they regained control of the key city of ramadi in western anbar province. syria is entering its third day under a fragile, internationally backed deal. to pause fighting that's ravaged the country. the u.n.'s called it the best opportunity to realize lasting peace. but human rights activists and both sides of the conflict say there have been breaches. nhk's takafumi terui reports. >> reporter: this is what a truce looks like in some parts of syria.
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according to the country's opposition. they posted this video online and say it shows continued attacks by government forces. the truce was scheduled to start on saturday, and it's hoped to be a first step in ending five years of conflict that have killed hundreds of thousands and forced millions to flee their homes. the pause is officially holding, sdee despite being beset by accusations from both sides. the opposition says government forces backed by russia conducted airstrikes and shelling in the northern city of aleppo as well as the central regions of homs. they have hit at least 15 opposition areas on saturday. the syrian national coalition has called for a response from the u.n. but some are pointing to russia as the key player. >> everything depends on the russians' behavior, today, tomorrow, the next couple of days, and we'll be watching very closely to see whether they are
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in fact prepared to put a brake on their activity in order to get this cease-fire off the ground. >> reporter: russian officials are monthing the fenger back at the opposition. they claim deadly shelling in residential areas of the center came from opposition-controlled territories and it says syrian government forces did not strike back. united nations is stepping up monitoring to try to prevent a recurrence of all-out hostilities. and officials are planning to use the pause in violence to deliver life-saving aid to more than 150,000 besieged syrians. but the extremist groups like the islamic state militants are also complicating the efforts to bring an end to the fighting. they are not part of the agreement and are located in some of the same areas as the opposition. while the truce has reduced the fighting greatly, the bigger issue is finding a lasting peace through u.n.-backed
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negotiations. the reports of some continued attacks are raising concerns over the resumption, which the united nations is hoping can take place in a week's time if the truce can hold. takafumi terui, nhk world. china's effort to cut excess industrial capacity could result in huge job losses. gene otani has the latest on that and other business items. chinese government officials are projecting 1.8 million people in the coal and steel sectors could lose their jobs. they say this is due to the country's economic slow down and structural reform currently under way. >> translator: this year's situation in china is very complicated. and this will be an extreme lay difficult task for us. >> the minter said the government will allocate 100 million yuan or more than $15
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billion over the next two years to help laid-off workers. the funding will support job transfers within a company and training for reemployment. the japanese finance minister says the g-20 meeting in shanghai has turned out to be a fruitful event. they agreed to use all policy tools available to achieve market stability. taro aso was speaking at a lower house budget committee. >> translator: i brief the agreement we've reached has injected a sense of relief into the financial markets. >> aso said the financial leaders realize there are uncertainties over global economic prospects, but he said they agreed that the magnitude of recent market volatility doesn't undermine the global economic stability. stocks finished lower, erasing gains earlier in the session. for details, we go to the tokyo
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stock exchange. >> some analysts say the statement out of the g-20 is lacking the concrete actions needed to revitalize growth. the nikkei ended 1% lower at 16,026. the broader topix was also down 1%. the currency later gained strents. the slump in chinese markets also weighed on sentiment. for the month of february, the nikkei is down 8.5%. the index has now marked three straight months of decline. now let's take a look at companies. the yen's strength dragged down major exporters such as toyota and canon. sharp closed 3% lower after the deal with hon hai. also fox conw was put on hold. and nintendo was down nearly 1%.
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it's after weaker than expected sales of its hand-held gaming consoles. on the flip side, nissan rose 5.5%, surging as much as 12% at one point. the gains came after the company announced the biggest buyback in its history to the tune of some 300 million shares. many investors will now be keeping a close eye on a host of economic data coming out this week including china's manufacturing figures. thanks very much for that. moving on to other markets in the asia pacific region in china. let's take a look. shanghai composite down by 2.9%. 2687 for the closing number. that's the lowest level the index has seen in a month. analysts say it has some investors worried that rising property prices may cause them to shift their stocks to real estate.
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hong kong's hang seng index declined by 1.3%, finishing at 19,111. some market players were cautious ahead of the pmi data from china. seoul's kospi has slid by .2%. shareholders are being called into the family feud over the lotte group. they will meet on sunday. the japanese/south korean congrom rat is embroiled in a battle for control between the founder's two sons. the elder son requested the meeting. he was removed from the post of vi chairman a year ago. wants the firm to fire seven of the eight current directors, including his younger brother and vice chairman. he has been recommended new directors, or he has recommended new directors, including himself. analyst say he is short of the majority voting rights needed to
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pass his proposal. the group was founded in japan and is now one of japan's largest gloms operating. a mood comes with china's slow down and the depreciation of the yen along with growing economic uncertainty. labor unions and electronics firms are in wage negotiations with their management. automaker unions are asking for a base wage increase of about $26 a month. that's half of what they demanded last year. but managers at toyota have indicated it's still too high. and nissan says it has only said it would consider the request. it's a similar situation at other firms. hitachi is cautious about an increase, despite unions having their demands from last year. and managers at a leading steelmaker have reportedly
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warned union leaders about the increasingly severe business environment. most companies are due to respond to gorequests on march 16th. here's a look at of the other stories we're following today. japan's industrial production rose nearly 4% from the previous month. more chip-make being machinery was produced for taiwan and south korea, but they're predicting output overall will drop more than 5% in february. january housing starts in japan edged up from the same month last year. more people are building homes than apartments for rental income and as a way of reducing their exposure to inheritance tax. land ministry officials say financial institutions are cutting interest rates on housing loans following the bank of japan's negative rate policy, but they don't see the policy affecting housing starts.
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and let's take a quick look at our global economic calendar for the week. on tuesday, the japanese government will release a number of economic indicators for january, including jobs data and household spending. the same day finance ministry officials will publish figures on corporate capital expenditure from the october to december period. also on tuesday, chinese officials will put out a key end kaetser of the country's key manufacturing in february. on wednesday, the u.s. federal reserve will release its beige book, a summary of business activities nationwide. and on friday, u.s. jobs data for february is due out of the unemployment last month fell below 5% for the first time in nearly eight years. every monday, we bring in a specialist to discuss upcoming events. in this edition of expert view we speak to a chief japan economist at sumitomo banking corporation. she says household figures for
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january are likely to be weak. >> there are several factors which drag down the household spending, for example, a weak confidence of the household sector is a major factor to, which push down the underlying trend of the household consumption. labor conditions and income conditions look okay, but the problem is the growth rate of the nominal wage is quite low. and this actually has a negative impact to delay, delay the timing of the household confidence to recover. despite of the high level of the stock index. >> she says household consumption is unlikely to improve unless there's an increase in nominal wages, and she says the japanese government is having a hard time encouraging companies to boost paychecks.
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>> the abe administration has made a lot of efforts to ask the japanese corporate sector to increase the nominal wages over the last three years. but with things happening recently is that because of the down side risk on the corporate profits for the next fiscal year and further increase of the cost pressure, it seems that the japanese corporate sector has lost the momentum to bring their income, the corporate income to feed to the nominal wages. it's very serious issue. similar trend will continue in january, i think. in addition, we saw the stock price plunges in january. so i think that there are so many negative down side risks on the household consumption data for january. >> and that's it for business news. i'll leave you with the markets.
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controversy over diversity marked the 88th annual academy awards in los angeles. >> no justice, no peace! >> protesters took to the streets near the avenue where the oscars were to be handed out. they say the movie industry doesn't reflect the diversity of american society. >> it doesn't represent america when you look at the fact that america has been increasingly diverse and the academy awards tonight on television will be increasingly not showing that. yes, they'll have blacks on stage, but none of them can win in the top 20 awards. >> bending to calls for change, organizers have pledged to
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double the academy's membership of women and minorities by 2020. inside the ceremony, leonardo dicaprio garnered the best actor award if his fifth nomination. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for anted. do not tak tonig for granted. thank y s very much. >> dicrio wonor his role in th survival ama, "th revena." he h beenominated forest supporting or best actor award four times since 1994, but the honor had eluded him. the best picture award went to "spotlight". the film is about journalists at the boston globe newspaper in the u.s. who uncovered abuse by catholic priests. a japanese pharmaceutical firm has developed a faster way to create influenza vaccines using tobacco leaves. it limits the time to one third of the time normally needed.
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normally chicken eggs are used to culture viruses to produce vaccines. the process takes about six months. in some cases the vaccines become less effective because of genetic mutation. mitsubishi pharma has developed tomorrow that yes, ma'am -- technology that implants materials into tobacco leaves for the vaccines. it can reduce the production period to about one third. because tobacco leaves grow in about one month. mitsubishi pharma plans to conduct final clinical trials as early as next year. the company is aiming to put the chnologynto commercial use in the u.s. by fiscal 2020. the people of myanmar have gotten a chance to sample japanese culture, the highlight of an event promoting friendship between the two countries was a musical duet.
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♪ the japanese singer and myanmar singer belted out a hit japanese song in each other's language. the event featuring food and culture was organized by japanese companies in myanmar. ♪ sicians ing tradional buese instruments performed ththeme so of a nh hiorical dma now being aired inhe country. ♪ monday's a day that doesn't happen every year. february 29th is a leap day to keep calendar's on track with the sunday. we take a look at why the once in a four year occasion is special to some in japan.
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>> reporter: this bakery's open for 365 days a year. except for today. once every four years the bakers take a day off. the bakery started business two years ago in a little corner of tokyo. it is open all year round, even on christmas and new year's. >> translator: this shop is closed for today. >> reporter: the bakery announced it would be closed monday. its first time doing so, because they are only open 365 days a year. instead, they spent the day cleaning the ovens. >> translator: i didn't see any bread on the shelf. it's unfortunate for the shop to be closed. i should have remembered it's
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closed once every four years. >> reporter: february 29th means something special for some people, like one little boy who lives in an area hit by the 2011 tsunami and massive earthquake. he turned 8 on monday, celebrating his actual birthday. in other years, he has to mark it on neighboring days. hess house was swept away by the tsunami. so he and his family live in temporary housing built on a school ground. ♪ >> reporter: he has never failed to participate in morning exercise sessions. and this year the day is extra special. his family will move to a new home in a city in april. this is the last time he will celebrate his birthday in temporary housing. >> translator: leap year only comes once every four years, so
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all of us wanted to celebrate hess birthday. >> reporter: and this baby girl waited ten days past her due date to be born on the leap morning. >> translator: it was lucky for her to be born on the 29th of a leap year. we hope that she will be happy and healthy. >> reporter: it's a lucky day this baby will see again in four years. nhk world. thanks. "newsline" comes to you live from tokyo. jonathan oh joins us with this weather update, starting with northern japan. >> hello, yes. definitely looking intense. we're talking about loads of snow that came into the picture, create conditions that are hard to travel much less look in terms of the situation. look at the video. it may give you an idea of how serious it is because of a low pressure system that really decided to intensify during the past 24 hours. so very stormy, winter weather in northern japan. more than 50 centimeters of snow
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falling in just 24 hours in portions of hokkaido. and dozens of flights and trains have been canceled. and in the city of cue sheer owe, an accident occurred and one woman is unconscious due dot accident. it is looking very intense, with traffic coming to a halt. this is not the worst of it. the storm is expected to intensify as we go throughout the day tuesday. already seeing reports in other places of up to 64 centimeters and gusts up to 117 kilometers per hour. that combination makes it difficult to see. there's that low pressure system bringing the cold air, and as it continues to develop, it's going to really pick up the winds, and as it goes over the sea of japan it helps develop more of the intense winter weather. and as we go to tuesday, up to 50 centimeters of snowfall possible in hokkaido, gusts as high as 144 kilometers per hour.
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the waves because of the wind, rising up toround 9 ters. so these are intense conditions. we are expecting the snowfall to continue. but we do expect nicer temperatures. highs are drifting slowly to 4 degrees coming up on thursday. in tokyo, no snow, but warmer conditions, starting up around 10 on tuesday for the high and moving to 16 on thursday. we dealt with snow over into the korean peninsula as well, and we will also see a warming trend for seoul and busan. so a warmup is in store. speaking of a warmup, for those of you looking forward to the cherry blossom forecast, the southern pacific side of japan expecting the first taste of the cherry blossoms with march 25th as expected start date, and as
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we progress through the month of april, we'll see them continuing to bloom. as we look to north america, we're watching a couple of things. first, new england, you're going to see a busy day as we see this low pressure system bring rain and storms possible. and another storm possible. this may be intense, we'll have to keep an eye into oklahoma and texas we go throughout the day monday. also look out for vancouver and seattle as a system moves through the area. we'll be looking at rain and temperatures in the low teens. in europe, we are watching out for two things. first, let me point out this low pressure system. the system has caused very intense storms to develop. we're already getting reports of some deaths due to this particular situation. very intense rainfall and also the snow possible at higher elevations as we go throughout the day on monday, and then another system will be moving onshore for the british isles.
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further north of london, london will have partly sunny skies with a high of 7. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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everyone likes a hot bath in the winter, one resident at a zoo likes soaking so much, he stayed in one for nearly two hours. 4-year-old pepper is a water-loving rodent called the capybara. his long soaks are legendary at the animal kingdom. on sunday, he lived up to his reputation in a competition to see which animal could stay in a hot tub the longest. capybaras at three other zoos took on the challenge. >> pepper outshowed them. >> translator: he was so cute and happy in the tub. >> a zoo keeper said pepper has been known to stay in the tub even longer. she said she was glad to see pepper win.
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wonder what goes through pepper's mind while soaking. be sure to watch newsroom tokyo at the top of the hour. i'm james tengan. thanks for watching. bq///ññbq
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>> you are watching "france 24." these are the headlines. politicians in iran win big gains that could deepen the engagement with the world. that is after the government and years of sanctions agreed to curb their nuclear program. police fired tear gas to break up migrants and refugees on the greek macedonia border. many of them tore down a


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