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tv   Lockup Raw  MSNBC  July 15, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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then top it with seltzer. give it a stir if you want. nice. it is named after a lobbyist named after joe ricky. he liked his with bourbon. ss, leave them alone. have a great weekend. i think it would be inaccurate to say there's never a dull moment in prison. actually, there's plenty of dull moments in prison.
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it's just that all that moon on the my is broken up with moments of sheer terror. there's a lot of bottled up negative energy in prison. you never know when things can explode. >> the assault was a covered urine thrown this an officer's face. a are. the day we arrived at colorado state pent, we found
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ast asterile, austere environment. despite his surroundings, sean shields was in high spirits. when he sat down with us, he was eager to help our producer get the interview under way. >> quiet on the set, bone heads. then he calmly told us hi he got 16 years added to his sentence of 1 for robbery. >> we had an alteration. i manipulated the door so it wouldn't latch completely. when he came out to walk, i came down after him and proceeded to stab him. >> why? >> it was just a verbal altercation. there is a lot of verbal altercations between people. i've got to understand there are
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16 men living together behind closed doors with stress and animosity. it's not always the pleasant place to be. >> when inmates erupt, no one is safe. >> an inmate came behind an officer and used a derogatory statement toward him. i told him his recreation was being taken for that comment. he decided to lean forward as if he was going to brace himself and leaned into my left arm. this is the date the bite occurred echlt bit in so fast and so hard i didn't feel him by thing in. he severed the nerve in my arm where i have permanent damage. >> 209. >> while the bite wound was severe, his ordeal wasn't as terrifying as a fellow officer
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experienced. in this previously unaired footage provided to "lock-up" hostage negotiators are outside the cell. moments earlier, he overpowered a female correctional officer and was holding her at knife point in the cell. river bend's emergency response team suits up for action. while the negotiator speaks with hill, the team quietly assembles undetected outside the cell door. >> come on in. >> at a precise moment, the doors open setting off a grenade. the team uses pepper spray to
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subdue the inmate. within seconds, the still-shackled officer is pulled to safety. a short time later, hill is also removed. though dazed by the effects of pepper spray, hill is unswrured. his assault earned him two months of segregation and an extension of his sentence. the emergency response team regularly trains for crisis where cell extraction is called for. our crew was there to cover one session.
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>> as you can see, when you get that many people in one cell as small as it is, it creates havoc. >> straighten him out. >> that's the reason we do more training. more training you get to do, the better you get, the less injury you have on the inmate or the staff. >> during the course of our shoot at river bend, the extraction team would assemble once again. this time, it would be for real. the incident was triggered when officers conducted a routine search for weapons in the maximum security unit. >> if they can get their hands
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on pieces of metal, they will sharpen them luke knives. >> we search a lot. we search as much as we can to thak sure necessity are not storing contrabands. >> there is where we met inmate sharelle. >> they shaking us down trying to see what we got. >> his cell is thoroughly searched. >> shanks or homemade knives in their boots. they come in here and tear their soles up. it's an endless process. >> they're not allowed to have
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anything on the doors or walls. we'll take this down. >> even something as seemingly harmless as a set of head phones can be considered contraband. >> is in a number on it? >> no. >> every item had to be documented and approved by the prison officials. there was no record of the head phones so they were confiscated by the search team. >> later, he's led back to his cell. >> we followed him back to his cell. no idea how he would react. we weren't expecting anything in particular. it turned out the head phones were a really big deal. inmates have some little in prison, the slightest thing becomes a precious procession.
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>> there wasn't a number on them. >> a short time later, he appeals to another co for a return of his head phones. >> though he's agitated, our producer attempts to interview him about living in maximum security. >> what's it like being in
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maximum? >> it's like equated to asking a rape victim. >> our producer didn't know how meaningful her next question would become. >> have you heard about officers being assaulted by inmates? >> i don't know about guards being assaulted. i don't know about inmates being assaulted about inmates. i'm here to do my time. i'm here to focus on my time. >> the next day, our crew found the cell extraction team suiting up for action. he had assaulted two officers. coming up on "lock-up raw" -- >> the assault was urine thrown
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dirg a routine cell search at the river bend marks security institution in tennessee, a pair of contraband head phones were removed from shawnelle. by the income day things escalated. >> he was assaultive toward staff last night. it was a covered urine thrown in an officer's face yesterday and a coke bottle thrown with water and thrown. when unit manager discovered today he wanted all hard items removed from the cell. he refused. >> when the cell extraction team is called they are getting ready
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to forcibly remove an uncooperative inmate from the cell. when you see them suited up in riot gear, you get a feeling how serious it is. >> inside the cell block, an officer gives him one last chance to comply. >> i'll ask you one time to comply. if you don't, we'll come in. i'm asking one more time and that's it. >> with him still refusing orders, the extraction team moves in. >> face down. don't resist. don't resist.
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>> turn him over, face down. take him on out to the break yard. >> he's taken outside while his cell is cleared. >> don't resist when we take these off. >> medical staff is always called in after a cell extraction to check the inmate for injuries. though they do not find any, his complaints continue. >> if you complied, we wouldn't have to go through this. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ].
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>> everything went according to the way it was supposed to. the inmate was removed from the cell. hard items, drinking materials. checked him out. got him restrained on the rec yard. there were no injuries. mostly what he was doing was theatrical. we moved him back into his house. he'll be in there minimum two hours. he wants to xlee, he'll be removed from restraints. i think it went excellent. no one got hurt. >> he was released from prison february 2008. another memorable inmate featured on "lock-up" may never know such freedom. >> i assaulted an inmate with a
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padlock. >> when we meant daunte bullock, he was spending his third day in the administrative segregative unit known as the hole. authorities say he stuffed this padlock inside a sock and brutally attacked another inmate with it. >> do you have a violent past, history or angry? what's the situation? >> i'm violent when provoked. >> bullock is serving a life sentence for kidnapping. if the padlock assault charges stick, he could be locked in his cell 23 hours a day. >> i was in the wrong place at the wrong time. inmate has been assaulted. my defense team was telling me i was in the area i was pushed out of the way as the inmate was trying to get away from the person that assaulted him. >> bullock was anxiously
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awaiting a hearing to plead his case. in the meantime, he let it know losing his television, the location of his cell made it possible to keep up with current events. >> this cell is the best on this ranch. you can see who's coming in, who's going out. in is dating who. >> do you know what happened to brad and jen? >> yeah. they divorced. >> he was about to face his life-altering event, his hearing on the assault charge. >> anybody that is locked up gets the bailey chain put on
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them and handcuffs. >> the dogs? >> extra security. >> the dog is only to protect staff from bullock since he is believed to assault another inmate. it will protect him from revenge-seekers to the walk for the hearing. coming up -- i cannot defend myself. >> the hearing heats up as bullock and the judge face off. >> tell me what the weapon is. this past year alone there was a 93% increase in cyber attacks. in financial transactions... on devices... in social interactions... and applications in the cloud. some companies are worried. some, not so much. thanks to a network that secures it all and knows what to keep in, and what to keep out. outsmart the threats.
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see how at cisco.
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at the state penitentiary in iowa, daunt bullock faces the possibility of one year in the hole for allegedly assaulting another inmate with a homemade weapon, a lock in a sock. >> anything you say may be used against you. >> our cameras were with bullock as he was about to plead his
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case during a prison disciplinary hearing. after addressing procedural matters, the administrative law judge reads the congressional officer's accounts of assault. >> determination that bullock assaulted [ bleep ] with a weapon. required stitches and broke his right hand trying to block the weapon that required a cast. i have here the photos of the scene of the incident i will share with you. this is the victim of the assault and injuries. also i have a sock with padlock, combination lock inside. i have a statement from the staff member. >> i didn't have nothing to do with this. when the assault took place i was on the stairs. i could have been easily mistaken. i believe i was mistaken for
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somebody they thought by me being push add side that was running. >> inmates that witnessed the assault remain anonymous in hearings like this. it's up to the judge to determine their credibility. >> do you have any enemies in the institution? >> no, i don't. >> are there people who make things up with you? >> people i gamble with. >> who are they? i'm giving you an opportunity to provide names of people who may not be credible. you choose not to provide those names, that is up to you. >> how can i defend myself when you fail to tell me what the weapon is. in the report you don't say nothing about what the weapon is. >> is there anything you want to say today? >> yes. you don't have no evidence.
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>> let me assure you, there were multiple witnesses to this. >> it is incredible. >> that would be my responsibility to determine the credibility just as i attempt to determine your credibility. you have an opportunity to present a defense today. listen to your defense. you told me your defense was, "i didn't have nothing to do with this." >> you guys have the opportunity to make sure the report clearly states when and how and who. >> the standard of evidence is some evidence. that can be the report of the staff member. hopefully, i'm going to use a greater standard than that for you. i usually do. whether you accept that or not is entirely up to you. i answered your questions and given you an opportunity to present your defense. at this point, i'm going to con includes your testimony.
7:27 pm
>> the padlock isn't mine. you can't prove the padlock is mine. >> i've given you the answer. >> he said the padlock is mine. you can't prove that. >> have a seat. >> i probably have a clear understanding of due process. we met that requirement. >> i have a serious issue. you know whattem ei'm saying. you know? >> it's only a matter of moments before the judge is ready to render a decision. >> my finding is assault with a weapon that is a class a violation. accountability for that is 365 days of disciplinary deet evenings and forfeiture of 365 days of earned time. you've been locked up for six days i'll give you those six
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venezuela's ailing president is returning to cuba to start a new phase of cancer treatment.
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today moammar gadhafi restated his vow never to surrender. back in one hour. when "lock-up" producers krafled to joliet correctional facility in illinois, they walked through the corridors of one of the nation's most historic penal institutions. this castle-like prison was built in 1857, four years prior to the civil war. the friction between staff and inmates seems every bit as old. >> i'm speaking the truth, man. >> during our shoot as joliet, a
7:33 pm
disruptive new inmate was being taken to segregation. our cameras were there as captain kim morgan attempted to make the transfer. first, a brief stop to process paperwork. >> don't hit me, man. >> that particular inmate was from the rnc. we just received him in from the county. he was upset for one reason or another. he was at the front of the bars being aggressive. i told him to have a seat in the back of the cell and remain quiet. he wouldn't. he was insolent toward myself and a lieutenant. it progressed towards then. >> nobody hit you. >> i swear to god, you hit me now. hit me again. that's all. don't touch me, man. >> as captain morgan processes the paperwork. >> he hit me in the back of my
7:34 pm
head. he handcuffed me and twisted my ankle. >> the inmate continues his tirade against him. >> captain morgan completes the paperwork then escorts him towards segregation. a 23-hour a day lock-up unit for inmates to violate prison rules. >> i was taking him to north segregation. >> when the inmate turns on him, but the situation would soon get much more intense. >> that's when he tried to pull away from me and turn around from me. that's when i secured him to the ground until i could get more security help.
7:35 pm
>> i'm going to walk. >> those particular charges were insolence, disobeying a direct order, assault, he attempted to spit on well. he will go to adjustment hearing which is a hearing of penal officers and he will plead his case against my disciplinary report i give him. they will do whatever is just. >> while this inmate received an exte extended determined segregation, combative inmates suffer physical injuries as well. there is usually an overhead post manned by armed correctional officers. if extreme violence breaks out, these officers may use lethal
7:36 pm
means as a last resort. they usually stop most assaults through verbal orders. >> keep moving on the track. >> they have an arsenal of nonlethal weapons. though not deadly, wood block rounds can leave a lasting impression, as we discovered at the kern valley state prison in california. >> i don't even remember getting hit. i don't even know if i got shot. >> we talk about the nonlethal weapons they use. it's not often we end up actually seeing what those weapons do. such was the case with jordan johnson. this happened the night before. we were hulky to talk with him. >> during our shoot at kern valley, george johns, serving eight years being involved in a high-speed chase while on parole
7:37 pm
started a fight in the cafeteria and was hit in the head by a wood block. we met him the following morning. >> tell me the story. tell me what happened. >> i had a personal problem. i was in the chow hall eating. i got irritated and finally decided i don't like this guy. i'm going to fight him. that's it. >> next thing you remember? >> they're dragging me out. telling me i got hit in the head with a block. >> it left him with seven staples in his head. the scar running toward the back of his head was the result of getting run over when he was younger. >> naught other guy? >> kind of sort of. apparently, i didn't like him. >> baked potato and gravy in a table in the corner of the chow
7:38 pm
hall. i didn't see him. he hit me, blind-sided me. that's why i got a few stitches in the back of my head. >> jeff is the inmain he attacked. >> he wants to go around intimidating other people. trying to manipulate whatever. >> when asked why he started the fight, johns was never specific. >> if you can't tell me, just say you can't say what's going on. >> i just told you. i ain't going to tell you why i didn't like him. he didn't spit in my soup or nothing. he pog resed to the point where i felt i had to kick his ass. >> ahart has his suspicions. he thinks johns wanted to sent to the hole for his own
7:39 pm
protection. >> he chose to hit me right from the chow hall. i consider that a protective custody pc move on his part. >> john he is trying to say he owes drug money on the yard. he is in the hole so he doesn't get stabbed on the yard. they are telling him you're going to get money or get stabbed, they do something in front of the cops, get locked up and sent to the hole and stay here until a later date. they eventually have to deal with it. >> johns did get sentenced to time in the hole, but never confirmed whether it was on purpose or not. >> was it worth it? >> not really. at the time being, yeah. didn't think about the consequences. didn't think about falling down getting pepper prayed or getting
7:40 pm
staples. didn't think about none of that. up next -- >> prison mate whiskey. got prunes in it. >> alcohol inside correctional institutions are a big problem. >> when inmates get drunk. >> you have that white lightning in your system, you immediately get violent. with vitamins and ms balanced to support your energy... ♪ ...and healthy skin. everyday benefits from advanced formulas. discover the complete benefits of centrum.
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you can't tell how wild a prison inmate might be just by looking at him. sometimes you can learn a lot by his nickname. it seems in prison almost everybody has one. >> my name is alvin winns, everybody called me gator.
7:44 pm
a lot of people here have animal names. >> calvin williams got his nickname working as a sparring partner to a heavyweight partner. >> every time he gets me to the ropes, he would jab me too hard. i snapped the gloves off and attacked him. i bit him. when they broke us up, when they wiped blood off his chest it was the shape of a gator, head to tail, the whole nine yards. i don't know how it happened. >> they call me coco joe. >> they called me stinky. >> i look like dracula. people started calling me drac for short. it stuck. >> cocoa, is that cocaine? >> i don't know what it is. >> i've got to hustle. that's how i got the name hustle. >> ben quick. don't know how i got that one.
7:45 pm
>> coyote. >> what is that for? >> nickname my grandpa gave me. >> stalker steel. littlest guy out there. >> they call me outlaw. >> outlaw? >> yeah. >> self-explanatory. >> self-explanatory. >> they call me doo, like "the coal miner's daughter." not the daughter part, doo, but doolittle. >> the name hustle got me here, too. sometimes it ain't good to hustle. >> while nicknames are common in prison, something else is, as well. it's not as harmless. >> prison-made whiskey. called julep. it's got prunes in it. they wait until it ferments
7:46 pm
good. a strong whiskey aroma. >> prison julep, pruno, hooch, white lightning. our crews have seen it, heard about it, smelled it. it exists in every prison we filmed in. >> alcohol is used daily. it's alcohol inside our correctional institutions are a very big problem. it only takes a small amount of time to make the alcohol and just about every does it. it's a constant cat and mouse game. >> this is a magna pr ufuno. you can smell the sweet smell. >> how much can that serve? >> actually, it will, i would say it will serve up to five or ten people. all depending. some inmates smell the pruno.
7:47 pm
>> you guys order a cocktail? >> i guess, if you call the right person you could. i don't know the particulars of it. i said i got caught with it. i don't know the make of it and how to do it. even if i did, i wouldn't divulge that. >> we met plenty of officers and inmates they would. >> we give them everything you need. fresh fruit we have to give them. something that has sugar in it. most fruit have some. extra sugar helps. we don't give them that. you can get candy. containers to keep it in while heating. we give them little milk cartons. mattresses and the pillows are all in plastic cases. they can be torn apart and make a very nice bag. they need a little heat.
7:48 pm
you have a light fixture, lamps give off heat. fruit, sugar, water, container and heat. three to five days, you've got drinkable pruno. >> like a vintner, inmates can choose from a wide array of ingredients. >> kool-aid, apples, onkers. >> corn cobbs. >> pine apples. >> prunes. >> sugar and yeast. >> you get your hands on prunes. >>. many experts we met, the truest connoisseur had to be tylaw located in the heart of california's wine country. >> we have pruno made from oranges and fruit. poured into a bag.
7:49 pm
you head a lot of hot water to it and a sugar into it ferments into it. we take it from the bag to a pillow case and strain it. pour the liquid into a bag. use 40 apples and two box of sugar, you come up with three gallons of pruno. you can sell it. each time it costs $10. you can sell $10 a piece if you want or get drunk all you want. >> he told us about a much more potent concoction. >> similar to jack daniels, hennessy, like 150 proof. >> according to outlaw, white lightning a has a dark side. >> pruno can get you drunk and get you riled up and get you
7:50 pm
that intoxication. you can drink half a cup of white lightning where you become a question like can i see your i.d. card? you get violent. a lot of times they have to be brought to the ground because they're on white lightning. >> at pelican bay we saw inmates distilling white lightning. a hand-drawn illustration confiscated. >> i saw it in a prison's cell. >> 150 proof. that's not your regular prune alcohol. more sophisticated. >> this is the final result. this here about the equivalent of grain alcohol. extremely potent. >> how does this stuff taste?
7:51 pm
>> white lightning tastes like whitney without any cut. kool-aid or something. you have inmates who like rot gut. they down it. a lot of these dudes make this stuff. the stuff they're drinking doesn't do anything. >> since drunken inmates can lead to big trouble, correctional officers are constantly on the lookout. >> officers are out there searching cells. they'll find it. three days later, same cell, they're making alcohol again. we have over 3,000 inmates doing this. coming up on "lock up raw" -- >> one of the items he makes the most up, spiders. >> artwork of america's most
7:52 pm
infamous inmate. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem.
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. while some inmates might spend time behind bars creating mayhem, others choose a different path. they use their time in prison to do something constructive. for many, that means turning to art. paul majors had been in and out of prison the last 23 years when we met him at the security institution in tennessee. >> it's therapeutic for me. it gives me a chance to escape and release my tensions and i can look at situations in the world today. what i can't say verbally i can say in picture because they say a picture paints a thousand words or says a thousand words.
7:56 pm
i use acrylics, water colors, chalk pastels, ink, they gave me a stick and mud, i would use it. >> some prison artists, especially those confined to high security cells nearly have to go to such lengths to create art. >> colors off the m&m and i lick a piece of paper and fold them to a corner. the color comes off and i use that as color. >> because of his high security level as a confirmed gang member, we can only shoot david hampton's art outside his cell. the officer offered to hold it in place for our camera. at another california prison, one inmate's artwork is immediately confiscated and destroyed o kept in a secured
7:57 pm
location. the inmate is charles manson. >> we have some manson memorabilia that charles manson created. >> our crew barery got a glimpse of manson before he covered up his window. a recent mug shot shows how much he aged since first come to prison since 171. his artwork provides a unique insight into his life behind bars. >> he is a scorpion he's made. just taking thread from various types of items, socks and t-shirts and towels. he creates it. this is probably what he makes the most of these scorpions and spiders. this is something i would assume
7:58 pm
like a harp. he made it out of toilet paper and newspaper. dental floss, a small stick and probably for the coloring he used kool-aid to get the coloring for it. >> why do you guys have it? >> he's not allowed to have it. occasionally we go through cell searches. other inmates try to sneak it out and put it on ebay and sell it. >> how does he react when you guys take this stuff? >> sometimes he's passive. occasionally he gets pretty angry and threatens us. for the most part he's usually passive because he knows all he's going to do is make some more. >> there is one other remnant of manson's artwork.
7:59 pm
>> this is when charles manson was out on the protective yard. inmates were able to defeat the security lock. he was out there playing the guitar and they ended up breaking in. they don't know if they hit him with it. he wasn't hurt or anything. the guy that actually came into the yard is actually more scared than manson. he broke the guitar up and got down. complied with the orders. >> any idea what song manson was singing? "ae "revolution?" >> i have no idea what he was playing. no, no. "helter skelter?" >> no, no.


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