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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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killed gianni versace to secure his own fame. that's the report. thanks for tching. i'm john seigenthaler. beat the clock. time's running out to raise the debt ceiling. will congress or the president make any moves this weekend and how will all this affect your wallet? >> countdown to freedom. casey anthony gets out of jail tomorrow. there are new and intriguing twists in the case even today. rush hour for construction crews racing to finish repairs and improvements to the one of the united states's busiest stretches of highway. our first look at carmageddon. time is up. j.lo and marc anthony calling it quits. what's behind the decision to end their marriage. good morning.
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welcome to msnbc saturday. we're going to start with the big event in washington growing more desperate as the august 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling approaches. the key question will we see any progress this weekend. this as president obama warns that failure to take action could lead to serious financial fallout. >> we don't need a constitutional amendment to do our jobs. the constitution already tells us to do our jobs. we don't need more studies. we don't need more a balanced budget amendment. we simply need to make these tough choices and be willing to take on our bases. >> the republicans say they have a new long-term fix. a new amendment to the u.s. constitution. let's go straight to aaron mcpike. an issue of what is at stake today. a reporter with real clear pricks. what is this budget amendment? before we get to that, i want to show people what is at stake in
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terms of the numbers. $23 billion in social security payments. that's a payment that's on the united states' credit card bill. $87 billion that's another number that's being watched. august 15th also will come due $30 billion in interest payments. when you see all of that, we look at this balanced budget amendment, how will that help that? >> well, it's just a matter of balance. it's funny republicans talking about this balanced budget amendment, they're really trying to condition the public right now for the idea of getting through a balanced budget amendment, but democrats pretty much are opposed to this. there are some democrats who are open to the idea. but it's not likely to pass the senate. it would get september out to the states. it's not likely that this is ever going to get through. obviously as you heard president obama saying yesterday in his news conference he doesn't any that we need to have a balanced budget amendment. so the white house won't be
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throwing any kind of support behind that. >> just from a sense of practicality. how long would it take if it were come to pass? >> it would have to get sent out to the states for that and so state governments would have to then go over this one at a time. it would be a really long process. it's not something that would go through before the august 2nd deadline. >> it's saturday. they had a busy week. lots of talks. are you going to be working through the weekend? >> i think congressional leaders are meeting this weekend. the white house has signalled to congressional leaders that they may want to have some more talks on sunday. obviously speaker boehner has said we don't need to do that. we need to meet -- congressional leaders need to meet themselves before going back to the white house. they met all week long. i think there might be some more talks at the white house on sunday. >> what are some of the other options right now? we've heard a, b and c.
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what's the one at the forefront at the moment? >> it looks like right now what mitch mcconnell is talking about, mitch mcconnell is the republican leader in the senate which would be $1 trillion in cuts as opposed to $4 trillion that president obama is talking about is going to be what happens. that's going to be paired with letting g of congressional approval and raising the debt ceiling. that's what obama has said that that's not quite ideal. they want to go for more cuts up to $4 trillion as opposed to $1 trillion. it looks like at the end of the day that's what they pass because they so desperately want to avoid national debt default. >> everybody does not want that. so much at stake at the moment. we'll be speaking with a lawmaker who sponsored a bill on the debt that will be voted on this week. also the debt ceiling talks will be the number one topic on "meet the press." check your local listings for
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the broadcast time in your area. federal appeals court in san francisco saying the military can continue the don't ask don't tell policy for now. the court saying the decision is based on newly provided information for federal plans for implementing the repeal of the policy this year. despite the delay in dismantling the controversial policy, the decision bars the federal government from investigating, penalizing or discharging anyone pursuant to don't ask, don't tell. more than 200 people are planning a search today in missouri for the missing mother of 5-year-old triplets. missouri police have discovered evidence they believe that jackie waller was carrying the night that she ace di peered. her business cards were found near a mailbox about five miles from where her car was found. waller's parents believe the cards were planted there. >> this lady goes and gets her mail every day, how come that day she happens to find that packet of business cards? because they was placed them for somebody to find.
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>> police say waller's husband is talking with detectives. he was the last peern who saw her on june 1st. he is considered a person of interest, but he is not a suspect. >> some new and intriguing developments in the casey anthony story a day before she's released from a florida jail. for one the 25-year-old acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter is now launching new legal action. let's go live to orlando's and nbc's lilia. what kind of legal action are we talking about here. >> good morning. casey anthony yesterday filed an appeal for the four can't for which she was found guilty of lying to law enforcement. you would think why would she do this? casey anthony for most people's understanding came out rather well or easily out of the charges of murder. she came out not guilty. however, legal analysts yesterday were telling me that that is just a strategy to make sure she doesn't have to testify
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at all after these civil lawsuits in the past few weeks. there's people seeking money for trying to find caylee for when she was not missing. she was already dead. there was a civil lawsuit filed by a woman a defamation suit. she claims that casey anthony ruined her life. she lost her job and home after casey anthony used her name to say this was the person responsible for kidnapping caylee. and other lawsuits that have come and might even come down the road. her attorneys are telling her now that there's a trial in sight after you appeal, she can plead the fifth amendment and not have to testify. >> she has that appeal. she's got all those civil lawsuits that she'll have to consider as well in. the next 24 hours, but the next time -- tomorrow this time she would be free. >> that's right, richard. we don't know what time she'll be released. it could be anywhere after midnight as the date is tomorrow. however, we do expect that it will happen some time in the early hours of the morning.
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probably by this time she'll be out. we do know for security purposes only three journalists are allowed inside to see what's going to happen. one of them an nbc photo journalist. after that, she will be taken to an undisclosed location. perhaps out of the country. we have no idea what their plans are. we will certainly be watching. >> we're all hearing that she's receiving money in jail from various men? >> that's right. men and women, actually. there have been private donations starting at $10 going all the way to $70. last time we saw her account it was up to $470. money she's been using to buy beauty products, mascara to buy head bands, to buy candy. kit kat, types of chocolates and candy to celebrate for her final release tomorrow. >> lilia, the next 24 hours a lot of action in front of the prison.
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chbls now to the worth. much of the country bracing for a middle summer swelter from the midwest to plains to the deep south, heat. biep off our brow. drought spreading. that could get worse. listen to this number in july 882 record high temperatures have been set or tied across the united states. over this weekend and the next there appears to be little relief. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins me with the forecast. good morning to you, bill. >> good saturday morning to you, richard. heat wave is the word of the week. this is going to be a massive one. let me show you what's happening with our drought. this is the big story in oklahoma, texas, portions of new mexico. this is one of the worst droughts we've seen in 20 years. yesterday, check out dallas it was 107 yesterday in dallas. 105 oklahoma city. 105 wichita. you can see where the worst of the drought is. it's where it's the hottest temperature. that's because the soil there's no soil moisture to help keep it
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cool. the humanity isn't rel in the areas of the drought so much. but areas just to the east of there. the humidity the green that's where it's very humid air coming in off the gulf. that's what's going to make it dangerously hot and uncomfortable over the days ahead. as far as today goes, as far as the hot conditions go 103 today in wichita. easily in the 100s through oklahoma and dallas. no relief for anyone in that area. now the heat's going to spread too. north of kansas and st. louis you're getting in the mix, too. along the gulf we will see some relief from showers and thunderstorms back from new orleans to i-10 to southern georgia. we're watching thunderstorms scattered in the northern plains around minnesota. sunday more rain down around louisiana. but the hot dry conditions many the middle of the country will be the story in the days ahead. this will be one of the worst weeks of hot weather we've seen yet. back to you. >> thank you, bill for that. of course, we hope the weather does get better for many folks.
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let's take you to los angeles where the traffic day of reckoning arrives. the so-called carmageddon. a ten-mile stretch of one of the nation's busiest highways closed for 53 hours. those are a lot of hours for folks down there. it began around midnight pacific time. residents have been urged for weeks to avoid interstate 405 this weekend throughout this entire weekend. nbc's george lewis has the latest for us. >> reporter: it's one of the world's busiest freeways carrying more than half a million cars on the average summer weekend. the billion dollar widening of the freeway aims at relieving traffic jams. >> great way to move people, reduce congestion and improve the air. >> to do that, construction crews have to tear down and remodel this bridge. forcing the shut down of a ten-mile stretch of the 405 this weekend. >> northbound side of the 405 freeway is going to be heavy -- >> long time radio traffic reporter tommy jarks.
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>> it certainly will be a traffic disaster and nightmare. >> shannon o'kelly chief operating officer for the ucla health system says doctors and nurses will camp out at ucl oorkss hospital this weekend. >> we're looking at being able to house around 500 folks. >> in the middle of all this rachel israel and john pollack are getting murder and some of their guests are worried. >> most people were just, what are you going to do? >> many of those guests are flying into los angeles international airport and staying in beverly hills. the wedding is in simi valley. the easiest way to get there the 405. no longer an option. now they're telling guests to prepare for a three-hour trip to the wedding. >> we'll hope for the best. j jay leno has been suggesting alternate routes. >> once you hit the canyon hike
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up the santa monica mountains. cross the 300-feet canyon and repel down. take the l.a. river this will bring you to the valley to take you to the 27 and back on the 101 freeway. >> there's no water in the l.a. river. that's a problem there. it will be tough for lots of folks. george lewis in the south. we'll be watching that. a surprise announcement. jennifer lopez and marc anthony getting a divorce. the two married in 2004 and have 3-year-old twins. they call the decision to divorce a difficult one, but say they've come to an amicable agreement on all matters and are asking for privacy. this was j.lo's third marriage and anthony's second. after a friday of shakeups at the highest levels of news corp., a humble rupert murdoch say he's sorry. how was the mea culpa received in the wake of the hacking scandal. plus, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke thinks it
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in atlanta at least one woman was killed and two shooted in a midtown parking deck. a security guard opening fire on the women around lunchtime friday. she was arced and charged with one count of murder and two counts after aggravated assault. the two wounded victims are in stable condition. in colorado a camping trip took a terrifying turn for a 13-year-old boy quickly turning into a fight for life. rick vosz was sleeping in a tent when a bear tore in and attacked him. at one point he says the animal tried to drag him out by clamping down on his leg leaving
4:18 am
him with a deep bite wound. rick says his reaction was to stay perfectly still. >> just trying to keep my cool. and also i had ideas that ran through my head. i didn't want to make it mad. i knew i wasn't seriously injured at that point. i didn't want to end up seriously injured. >> other campers scared the bear off. colorado parks and wildlife officers managed to track the bear and put it down following that attack. >> in denver a large flightless bird has escaped from the zoo. the zoo closed its doors to new visitors yesterday until this large six-foot tall bird which cannot fly could be captured. the nearly six-foot tall flightless australiian bird named murray squeezed through the fence friday afternoon. he was caught soon after. wonder how fast he can run. back to the big fidget over the debt ceiling in washington with no agreement in sight and
4:19 am
the deadline looming for what could be the first ever default in u.s. history. richard wochl is an msnbc political am list and contributor. richard, a week done by. you watched it very carefully. where do we stand on saturday? >> nowhere different than last saturday. what we have here is a situation where the talks have gone on with some progress, but also a lot of conflict, tension and the process now is that while there are some talks going on in private for this bigger deal that started out with the president and how speaker john boehner really the congress is going to be through a series of gestures. in particular about a constitutional amendment, which is even less likely to happen than this bigger deal. then you're going to enter in the final week, the final few days of the real plan to avoid default. >> a lot of americans are watching these talks go on. they're looking at the briefings after these discussions.
4:20 am
they might be asking are these talks about work or about show? >> there's a lot of show here that's going on. remember this whole debate is actually not about new spending. it's about spending that the congress has already said the administration can spend. so this is a weird situation where the congress has said here's what we want you to spend and now we're not going to let you spend it. there is this element of shadows and mirrors going on here. and leverage. this is about a notion and trying to force the democratic president to go and make cuts he would not otherwise have made. republicans are shifted this debate a long way in their own direction. at this point the question is are they going to take half the loaf or none of it. >> half or none of it, there's a dltd out there that scares many americans. >> a week or two before that
4:21 am
deadline is around, they need to start shaking hands. it is going to take some time to unwind the positions people have set out there. there's been a lot of hot and heavy rhetoric out there saying i'm never going to vote for a debt increase. this is totally unacceptable. they have to climb down off that perch and explain that to their own supporters. obviously count enough votes the legislation itself doesn't take more than about ten minutes to pass. it's not a complicated piece of legislation. but all the theatrics around it will take some time to unwind. >> richard, we look at these talks from the outside. we sort of wonder what are they like? they're an hour and a half long, hour, two hours. what's happening in these meetings themselves? do you have any understanding? >> there is a lot that people have already debated and put out there. one thing that happens in these talks is a running through of what they previously agreed. to what they could agree to more if the other side gives up some stuff.
4:22 am
what we saw in the white house talks between the president and the house majority leader eric cantor was a clash of personalities of leadership style. and a sort of a threat about pushing each other, about stepping up and about taking the stuff to the american people because there's a -- most of the polls have suggested that there's a really big majority of american voters who want some mixture, a balanced package of spending cuts and tax increases. and where that balance lies is what the talks are about. but in public the hard line positions are on the republican side at least no new tax revenues at all. >> richard, we've got to go. what do you think is going to happen next week, the next bunch of days? >> we're going to waste a lot of time talking about a constitutional amendment which is very unlikely to happen. >> then we're going to get into the real conversation about mitch mcconnell's plan which is
4:23 am
substantially the congress saying we'll allow you to raise the debt and pretend like we haven't done it. >> thank you so much. i appreciate your time. >> thanks, richard. >> after the week of drama the debt ceiling debate is starting to look like an episode of an afternoon soap opera. as the deadline looms who will blink first? plus, extra heat is turning into an unforgiving summer in some parts of the country and it could be spreading. that's next on msnbc saturday. nnouncer ] where'd you get that idea? how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing.
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now to the latest revelations in the widening phone hacking scandal. rupert murdoch is apologizing, but there are new questions about his empire and british politicians and it's spreading here to the united states. we go to london. what is the latest. a lot of developments, still.
4:27 am
>> that's right. good morning this is astonishing this is the paper that first revealed the phone hacking scandal. a bit like "the washington post" during watergate. inside the a full page apology from rupert murdoch. this apology printed in every newspaper across britain today. rupert murdoch one of the most powerful men in media. he runs fox television, "the wall street journal," 20th century fox. yesterday the chief executive of doung which publishing "the wall street journal" had to resign because he worked here before moving there. all this of course began with the revelations of wrong doing by journalists live listening to people's cell phone messages. this week there have been reporters of the voice mail of 9/11 victims may have been accessed. here the prime minister is under fire because he was so close to murdoch's people. even the police were close to them despite investigating them for what may have been criminal activity. to call this is a crisis does
4:28 am
not doth justice. >> amongst all that crisis there's murdoch's son, he issued a statement. james saying quote, the company has made mistakes. it is knoll only receiving appropriate scrutiny but is responding to unfair attacks by setting the record straight. so as we look at this, james murdoch are we expecting him to also step down? >> well, there's right. he's issued that apology. of course, rupert murdoch will be absolutely determined to protect his son. there have been so many resignations even yesterday by one executive who rupert murdoch treated like a daughter. people are asking whether james murdoch will be next. he was involved in trying to deal with the scandal over the last few years. richard, incredibly there are even some suggestions here that mr. murdoch could lose control of fox tv if his people are found to have breached u.s. bribery laws. >> the unraveling continues. the latest for us. thank you.
4:29 am
casey anthony less than one day away from being free. could she be safer behind bars? and soccer buzz. will the u.s. women be on top of the world by the end of the weekend. a preview of the big game and a prediction straight ahead. we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda-process-verified programs for fresh all-natural chicken. [ joe ] we never have used steroids or hormones of any type, and always raised cage-free. we're trying to make a better chicken.
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welcome back to msnbc saturday. i'm in for alex witt. the this morning republicans in congress are ready to change the constitution in order to deal with the debt crisis in washington. they're introducing a new bill next week that would include an amendment to force congress to balance the budget. that bill is called cut, cap and balance. we're just talking about that. i'm joined live by one of the cosponsors of the bill
4:33 am
republican congressman reed ribl from wisconsin. for those who aren't familiar with this what is is ccb? >> it's a pretty simple straight forward approach. a pragmatic approach where we say we ant our cuts to happen in the first year initially. that's the cut portion. roughly $111 billion that would happen in 2012. then the cap portion would be over time putting the country on the right kind of accountability. we're going to reduce spending as a percentage of gdp over a decade. a little bit at a time until we get to our historical norms on revenue and then finally sealing the deal with a balanced budget amendment. >> so that last part, that third part saying it looks like it's bad timing. it will take too long. we've only got until august 2nd. is that the right thing to do adding in that amendment? >> i think it is a right thing to do. what congress has proven is they
4:34 am
have very little restraint. all we're asking for is let's go ahead and turn it back to the states right to the american people and let them weigh in. i'm not certain what the people are afraid of that the people will say yes. we want the government to live within its means like our state governments have to. >> congressman you were focussing on trying to oi vad default. if the united states does default on its obligations would that be catastrophic? >> i certainly think it's problematic. catastrophic i don't think anybody really knows. it's going to depend on how the bond markets and world markets view us. certainly it's something that i would like to avoid. that's why we're saying to the president listen, we'll solve the impasse. we'll go ahead and raise the debt limit if you'll let us put restraints on future congressing going forward that would keep us with historical norms. >> i want to get your response. >> sure. >> this is a misnomer that i
4:35 am
believe that the president is trying to pass off on the american people. if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion that somehow the united states will go into default and we will lose the full faith and credit of the united states. that is simply not true. >> your response? >> well, i think the representative she has her opinion, i have mine. i think it's a bigger deal than what she's talking about. >> you disagree? >> i disagree that it's -- >> is it irresponsible? >> i think both things are irresponsible. i think overspending's irresponsible and letting the country default is irresponsible. that's why i wrote this bill to get this country back on the right trajectory and begin to crack the problem. >> you believe her statement is irresponsible based on what the actualities are that the country faces right now. >> i don't say i think her statement is irresponsible. i think it's irresponsible for the country to default and
4:36 am
irresponsible for us to continue to spend at the rate we're spending. >> i want to share something new with you. a new poll that shows independent voters are not against raising the debt limit. only spending cuts 26%, tax increase on wealthy corporations 66%. they're for tax increases. yet that is off the table right now for the gop. >> it's not off the table. in fact, our budget quite frankly called for the house passed budget called for tax reform that we thought would grow revenue. we take a different approach on how to grow revenue. we think the best way to grow revenue is by reducing loopholes closing some of the tax loopholes in the tax code. lowering the rate much like what president obama called for in the state of the union address. we think that would increase revenue boo the treasury. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much, richard. coming up at 10:30, we'll hear from congressman jim
4:37 am
mcdermott for the democrats' view on the debt ceiling fight. and for more news you can log on to firstread. 19th century canadian saskatooner shall be discovered at the bottom of lake ontario. the queen of the lakes still rise nearly 100 feet from the floor it sank back in. it was carrying 80 tons of coal when it sprang a leak during a storm. the rigging and says they're disintegrated. much of the rest of the 129-foot vessel still in tact. kind of nice to look back in history right there. back to the weather. another sweltering weekend a month that has seen the mercury rise to extremes. in july 882 record high temperatures have been set or tied across the united states. and there doesn't seem to be any relief in sight. bill karins joins me now with
4:38 am
the forecast for all of you out there. good morning to you, bill. >> good morning to you, richard. this week's going to be all about dangerous heat. hopefully it won't be deadly. when you get a heat wave like we're expecting that's not going to be the case. we have heat warnings in effect for ten different states. heat advisories down through dallas. not only is it hot it's also extremely humid. it's all centered now over the middle of the country. but by the middle of next week, much of the eastern 2/3 of the country will be under this heat wave. as far as what we're dealing with some of the worst of it's been in oklahoma city. that's not going to change. your weekend ahead and next week just brutal. 100 to 105 each and every day. your saturday forecast still gorgeous in new england many the mid-atlantic. in the southeast you're going to be cooled off by some late afternoon showers and thunderstorms. no relief from kansas city to denver. as we head into sunday notice
4:39 am
the heat really expands. minneapolis up to 97. even in montana in the mid 90s. denver 97. this is the dangerous categories. it's so humid out there. by early next week that whole area expands all the way through to the east coast. we're going to continue to watch what's happening with that heat wave. back to you. >> thanks, bill. let's talk about u.s. football. it may be locked out, the game the rest to have world called futbol is set for an epic final. the women and japan in the u.s. championship game. soccer fever for the u.s. ladies sweeping the states in a way the country has not seen since 1999. back then brandy chastain was in the heart of the action. she joins us with a look at the game and why everyone is so excited. thank you for spending time with us on this saturday morning. >> it is my pleasure. thanks so much for talking women's soccer. >> i am betting you are probably
4:40 am
up for days now because you're so excited. >> you're absolutely right. being here in frankfurt working with espn to broadcast the game it's been a real treat to see it up close and personal from a fan's pers picketive. it's been a wonderful treat. >> brandy it has been sweeping across the country here in the u.s. even though you're in frankfurt you're very aware of that. tell me about the conversations you've had with every day people and high they are so excited and what this means also for women's soccer here in the united states. >> well i've spoken with my fam and my friends and different parts of the country and i think what americans love number one is they love a big event. and the world cup is the biggest of big events. and so i think they're swept up in the -- it's not an easy road to the quarter finals and then getting brazil an epic battle of the two giants in soccer on the
4:41 am
women's side. the fact that it had to go into the 122nd minute to be finished by the determined and i would say brilliant header to finish -- to put it into penalty kicks, i think it speaks to the love of competition that we have in the u.s. it speaks to the never say die attitude that we have. and i think also in a time we're not japan and we're not going through a natural crisis like they are. in terms of uplifting the people it's such a feel good story that it makes you want to see more. >> it definitely is. we were just talking about the debt talks here in the united states. we'd rather watch women's soccer. 2.2 rating espn really got a a lot of people across the country watching. they said it was the most ever on a weekday game. in addition to that you did bring up abbey. she has led the team. she has scored in the last three
4:42 am
games. will we expect her as a clutch player? >> abbey is always an impact player no matter if she scores a goal or not. she's the first to say she's not interested in being tnl only person that scores. she wants to facilitate and contribute to help her team to victory. if it's up to abbeib and she has the opportunity to score, she's probably one of the most clinical players that the u.s. has ever seen up front phoenix to mia hamm and michelle acres. she's on the verge of breaking a world cup record in terms of golds for tournaments and she's two behind right now. so, you know, i don't think that's on her mind in terms of what she wants. but she is -- she's superior in goal scoring so she doesn't miss very often. >> i saved the best for last here in terms of questions. putting on your switzerland hat, who do you predict?
4:43 am
they bet japan twice in may in a matter of four days. japan looks different. who's going to win? >> well, i said before the tournament began i didn't foresee japan going to the final. i said before the tournament that the u.s. would win the final 1-0 over whomever the opponent would be. i think that will be the outcome tomorrow. japan have everything to be proud of and nothing to be ashamed of. they have given the tournament something that that's been dying for, which is a team that plays as close a barcelona men as possible. they enjoy the ball. they love the little touches. they have great movement on and off the ball. they do it in sump a composed fashion that is so wonderful to watch. if all the fans out will in the u.s. are cheering for the usa they will be right and they will win. but please enjoy japan for what it will offer on sunday because they are a very talented team. >> 1-0 is what you're saying in tomorrow's final. the united states taking that.
4:44 am
thank you and have a great day. >> you, too. ? sports check out this acrobatic base running. ben rivera of the minnesota twins motoring across second base and all of a sudden he does a summer salt. he righted himself and safely scooted to third for a triple. at the british open a raising amusing way of stretching. first he squatted and then he did a little twist to loosen the knees. jimenez did so with such style and grace and all the way with a cigar in his mouth. all that warming up has surely paid off for him. jimenez started today's third round one stroke behind the leader. you're watching msnbc saturday. go on, do the stretch yourself.
4:45 am
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big money from big donors as he starts his re-election efforts. "the new york times" said that fundraisers collected $500,000 each in the past three months. now to the economy. and disappointing numbers from the june jobs report as you might remember from a week ago. they're sparking chatter about the possibility of another round of stimulus from the fed. what effect might that have on the u.s. economic recovery long-term? msnbc analyst vera beg a biggo here. >> this would be the third one. the last round ended. there's a need to do something this recovery the muddling along. a lot of consumers think we're still in a recession. the job situation is bad.
4:49 am
with enwe got the weak jobs report that's when the market started talking about this possible round of quantity ittive easing when the fed goes in there and floods the economy with cash to get things moving again. this recovery is five steps back. things are just slower than they should be at this point. >> if when ben bernanke and the fed release tons of cash you're talking about, how will we see that? >> the idea is the poump money into the system so that consumers get back out there spending and borrowing that's what makes the economy run on consumer spending and borrowing. >> mortgage rates should stay low. banks should be lending more to consumers. whether or not that happens is a big question mark. companies should be doing hiring. >> businesses $2 trillion in the bank. they're not spending. >> they're not doing anything. >> when are they going to start hiring people? >> i don't think so. they are sitting on all of this munch they have been reluctant to do any hiring.
4:50 am
they're in the wait and see mode. the thinking is when you flood the economy with money, they enter the payroll. companies have become so used to getting -- having one one emplo doing the work of three people that i just think they will continue to sit around and wait and to see mode. >> the efficiency has grown. with the debt ceiling out there that may be keeping businesses down in their considerations for hiring. thank. harry potter does it again. what's to become of the potter empire now? we'll take a look at that in just a little bit. straight ahead the death threats against casey anthony. how will she be protected after she leaves prison tomorrow. you're watching msnbc saturday. we spend a lot of time on the feed
4:51 am
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anthony will be a free woman. but several questions remain this morning about security surrounding her release from a
4:54 am
florida jail. emotions are still running high to the point where some have issued death threats against the 25-year-old after she was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. let's start with those death threats. there must be some concerns. what are the plans to keep her safe. >> good morning. this is really the casey countdown, richard. in 16 hours, at 12:01 she could be getting out. people here in the community are extremely angry. there are people that are very outraged. they are really not sure how many people will show up over at the jail. so, there's a list of plans. we're told there's three different scenarios that the jail has in play. one includes multiple vehicles, you know, dark vance and such that they could get her out of there when the clock strikes midnight. we're also told that they are only allowing in one reporter, that person has been picked from
4:55 am
the associated press, along with a still photographer, i believe from the orlando scecentennial they can't report on her departure until a half hour to an hour later. so there will be a delay. >> what about after she's left the prison. all eyes and cameras will be circling around. what about her safety where she's living. there's talk she might leave the country. >> that's right. we had a news conference here with the orange county sheriff the other day. and he was saying that the county is only going to deal with her, you know, like any other citizen, unless there's a direct, a serious death threat. so the working theory is that they are going to fly her off and not going through orlando international because that's a
4:56 am
dog and pony show to get her through that airport but the working theory here in town is that they are going to take her to a smaller airport on a private plane and she's either going to do somewhere like houston, texas where she has relatives, possibly to puerto rico where jose baez and his mom lives. or go up to new york or out to l.a. to start doing interviews. >> new york, l.a. if she's trying to avoid people that's the wrong places to go to. do we expect she will be in disguise of any sort? >> we've heard all sorts of rumors, if you will, that there was a plastic surgeon in the chicago area who had offered to do plastic surgery on her. we're told she could cut her very long hair that you've seen in court that's she's taken down.
4:57 am
or go blonde. so at this point anything is possible. wear a big hat, baseball cap, a disguise. people know who she is even if she goes to puerto rico. >> thank you. we'll talk again later in the program. the fight on capitol hill for a debt reduction deal is raising fears that the u.s. will go into default and the economy will go into the tank. coming up we'll to see what the truth is in today's fact or fiction. disorder in the court. a woman goes wild and tries to attack a judge during a divorce proceeding. we'll show you what set her off. [ p.a. announcer ] announcing america's favorite cereal
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