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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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time is running out to raise the debt ceiling. will congress or the president make any key moves this weekend? a matter of hours. casey anthony gets out of jail tomorrow but in the meantime there are new shocking legal twists in that case. and it is rush hour for construction crews racing to finish repairs and improvements
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to one of united states busiest stretch of highways. we'll give you a look at how carmageddon is progressing. j. lo and marc anthony are calling it quits. good morning, i'm richard lui in for alex witt. first off for you this hour the big fight in washington over spending and the debt limit. as that august 2nd deadline to raise the debt ceiling grows closer. we go to the white house for more. >> reporter: good morning, richard. it's a day closer to what the president and many outside experts are calling a financial catastrophe and hope for a big deal, the so-called grand bargain appears to be all but lost. the action turns to congress and whether they can pass a scaled down version of debt reduction before the country runs out of cash. taking his case public for the second time in a week, president obama accused republicans of refusing to compromise.
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>> the problem is members of congress are dug in ideologically into various positions because they boxed themselves in with previous statements. >> reporter: with the clock ticking towards what the president described as are a ma fw -- armageddon, he's hoping a deal could still be struck. >> but we got to get started now. that's why i'm expecting some answers from all the congressional leaders sometime in the next calm of days. >> reporter: for the first time the president said he's considering wealthy engineer seniors in medicare to pay more. today mr. obama defended that stance. >> simply put it will take a balanced approach, shared sacrifice and a willingness to make unpopular choices on all our parts. that means spending less on domestic programs. >> reporter: the move has angered democrats but republicans say it isn't enough
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and after six closed door white house sessions there's still no agreement. the biggest sticking point remains taxes. >> our stand on the debt limit has been clear. no tax hikes because tax hikes destroy jobs. >> reporter: behind-the-scenes a deal is taking shape in the senate. it would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling and require him to list specific cuts for congress to consider. >> listen we're in the fourth quarter here. >> reporter: house gop leaders are lukewarm to the plan and will hold a vote on a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget. >> it's time for the democrats to get serious as well. we asked the president to lead. we asked him to put forward a plan. not a speech. a real plan. and he hasn't. we will. >> reporter: richard, there are no more meetings here in the west wing scheduled. the action behind-the-scenes. a lot of maneuvering. meanwhile the clock is ticking towards august 2nd.
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richard? >> mike, thank you very much. a federal appeals court in san francisco says the military can continue its don't-ask, don't-tell policy for now. the court says its decision is based on newly provided information on federal plans for implementing the repeal of the policy this year. despite the delay and dismantling of the controversial policy the decision bars the federal government from investigating, penalizing or discharging anyone pursuant to don't-ask, don't-tell. 200 people are planning a search for a missing mother of 5-year-old triplets. jackie's business cards were found near a mail box about five miles from where her car was found. police say that her husband is now talking with detectives. he was the last person who saw jackie on june 1st the night she's disappeared. jay gray joins me with the latest over that. >> reporter: jackie is 39 years
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old and the search has been under way for six weeks, police using dogs, helicopter, every resource they have. they haven't uncovered any solid evidence about where or why jackie disappeared. >> she was a good friend to me. >> reporter: friends and family are spreading the word any way they can. flyers, facebook, even balloons with information and this message. jackie waller is missing and they want her back. >> we won't be let down. this will work out. we won't get jackie back alive, i don't think. i would give my life, literally to get my baby back alive. >> reporter: the 39-year-old mother of triplets disappeared after june 1st after what police said was an argument with her estranged husband. investigators suspect foul play but have few leads and they are not getting enough help from her
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estranged husband an ex-police officer. >> there's a lot of answers out there or questions out there that we believe he could help us with and answer some of those that we're in dire need of. we just haven't had that from him. >> reporter: waller's attorney released a brief statement which said in part clay misses his wife and hope she's found alive. she sincerely sympathizes with the rawson family. those who continue to search -- >> a mother with three kids. hoping she comes back. >> reporter: now worry about what they may find. >> we, unfortunately, don't think we'll find her alive. we just want to find her, no matter what. >> reporter: justice for her friends, family and three young children who like so many in her community are wondering when and how jackie will come home.
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now temporary custody of the 5-year-old triplets has been awarded to jackie's sister and brother-in-law. for now the court has denied visitation rights for their father. i talked to his attorney late yesterday and he stressed there's no evidence of a crime in this case. he also told me clay is hurting over this too. richard, tough story. >> very tough. thank you. jay gray with the latest. now to the weather where it's going to be another dangerously hot one. from the midwest to the plains to deep south. heat and drought are spreading. listen to this number. in july 882 record high temperatures have been set or tied across the united states over this weekend and the next. there appears to be little relief. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins me now with the forecast and all that four. good morning, bill. >> heat wave is the word of the week and this is going to be a massive one. let me show you what's happening first with our drought. this is the big story in
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oklahoma, texas, portions of kansas, new mexico and down along the gulf states. exceptionally dry. this is one of the worst droughts we've seen in the last 20 years. check out dallas. 107 yesterday in dallas. 105 oklahoma city. 105 wichita. you can to see where the worst of the drought is also where it's the hottest temperatures. there's no soil moisture to help keep it cool. the humidity isn't in the areas of the drought so much but areas just to the east of there. the humidity, these numbers you're looking at, the green, very humid air coming in off the gulf and make it dangerously hot and uncomfortable over the days ahead. as far as today goes, as far as the hot conditions go, 103 today in wichita, in the 100s through much of oklahoma and dallas. no relief nor anyone in that area. the heat will spread. kansas city and st. louis, you're starting to get into the mix too. as far as wet weather goes down along the gulf we'll to see some relief from showers and thunderstorms especially from new orleans back along i-10 into
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southern georgia. thunderstorms scatter in the northern plains especially there around minnesota. as we go into sunday, more rain down around louisiana but the hot dry conditions in the middle of the country will be the story in the days ahead. one of the worst weeks of hot weather we've seen yet. >> bill karins, thank you so much. drivers this morning in los angeles appear to be heeding the warnings with the massive construction project under way that many are calling carmageddon. authorities shut down a ten mile stretch of interstate 405 for 53 hours. one of the nation's busiest highways and many drivers say they are steering clear. >> no way, no how am i going to be hang being around here for the most horrific traffic jam in a century. >> okay. yeah. the 405 is so important to the people in the southland. i can't imagine what they are going through down there. >> i know. you know exactly what it's like,
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richard. take a look at the construction behind me. it's under way right now. the closure happened at midnight. they closed down the road. no cars. it looks eerie to to see no cars dotting the highway on the 405. this gets incredibly congested. construction crews are hard at work trying to hopefully make sure that the road re-opens on schedule at 5:00 on monday morning. >> i can hear some booming in the back ground. what are they doing? >> reporter: what they are doing is getting rid of half of the bridge that you to see behind me. they will have three new bridges as a carpool lane to ease congestion going through this area. go back to the old adage short term pain for long term gain. >> very short term pain. you know how many cars drive down there. speaking of which, how are the people reacting right now? what will they do? >> reporter: well, actually
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there has been a healthy dose of dread and anxiety leading up to this. the warnings have been up on the roadways for months. that really echos the sentiment of so many people here. as you know, driving here is such an important part of the culture in california. to tell people that they can't get in their cars and just take a drive on the road on the freeway this weekend is counter intuitive. a lot of people will stay home, hunkering down and a lot of carmageddon parties going as well. people trying to make the best out of the situation. >> i want to to see the pictures behind you. ask your camera man to zoom into that. >> reporter: i'll step out of the way so you can take a look at the construction going on. it almost looks more like a sound stage or a hollywood set because, again, we've seen so many images of the 405 freeway just jammed pack with cars.
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it's a lifeline in this area. 500,000 drivers go through this on a typical weekend. you know it's affected commerce in this area as you can imagine. a lot of businesses especially along this stretch of 405 are worried about the loss of money this weekend. some businesses are actually turning carmageddon into cash. we heard about that jet blue promotion taking place where for $4 you can take a flight. that flight was sold out in a matter of hours. >> my best to you. very interesting visually as well as audibly when we hear people complaining about how the day passes. thank you so much. we'll check back with you later. the crew of the space shuttle "atlantis" got an early start. late friday night a song from beyonce got a wake up call. the crew got a phone call from the white house. >> hello, this is the
5:13 am
international space station. >> this is president obama. who am i talking to? >> hello, mr. president. you're talking to the crew of the space shuttle "atlantis". >> i didn't aspect to end up in space. >> the shuttle crew will spend move of the day moving supplies and equipment into the space station station. one day before she's released from a florida jail casey anthony launches new legal action of her own and you won't believe the details of this new development. keep it right here on msnbc saturday. from generation to generation,
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a big development involving casey anthony. just one day before she's released from a florida jail the 25-year-old acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter is launching new legal
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action. let's go live to orlando. what is she trying to do here? what's the strategy? >> reporter: well, right now casey anthony has appealed. yesterday she filed an appeal for the four charges, the guilty charges of lying to law enforcement. talking to legal analysts they say this is a strategy to make sure she doesn't have to get deposed, give any type of testimony. so long as there's a trial coming up which would be the trial for the appeal she can plead the fifth amendment and say i will not talk about anything regarding these charges or any civil lawsuit pending. >> it has to thing to do with her being released, what just might happen in the future and what she might be required to say? >> reporter: exactly. everybody was saying, okay, she walks out, she can do whatever she wants and not so much, according to legal experts, so much about clearing her record but as to not having to testify on all these civil suits at least until we hear that they are solid, they are consistent.
5:18 am
some legal analysts are saying they are not properly based. >> talk about that. i know you're right on top of it. there are many civil suits that are ongoing at the moment. >> reporter: that's right, richard. there's one filed by zenaida gonzalez. the fake name that casey made up. she said she lost her job and home and got death threats after casey anthony said that a woman named zenaida gonzalez kidnapped caylee. another one by a ma'am who has bailed casey anthony out of jail. he says he spent over $200,000 searching for caylee, meanwhile caylee was already dead and casey knew it. he wants her to pay for it. the state of florida is also flying a suit against casey anthony. they want her to pay for all the investigation and prosecution charges that they endured throughout trial, especially for the same reason. everybody was out searching for a little girl whose mother knew she was already dead. she's not guilty of killing her
5:19 am
but guilty of lying for now to the police saying the girl had been kidnapped. a great deal of research went from private entities and the state searching for caylee. they want casey anthony to pay for those expenses. >> as though we don't have enough suits to talk about this morning, there's an issue of a paternity suit. >> reporter: i'm not surprised. neither is everyone who has been following this trial. this is not the first such suit. this is a man who claims, he wants a dna test, he claims he could be caylee's father. not the first likely not the last. when the trouble started the judge ruled none of these -- some people call them bogus but maybe unsubstantiated. sometimes people want to make headlines. >> there's a lot of headlines to watch in the next 24 hours. i know you are waiting for casey anthony to be released. we expect that to happen sometime in the next 24 hours.
5:20 am
we'll be watching and covering that. president obama and leaders in congress are still trying to figure out a way to break their dead lock in talks to raise the debt ceiling. michelle bachmann said that defaulting on august 2nd was not a big deal. >> this is a misnomer that i believe the president and the treasury secretary have been trying to pass off on the american people and it's this. that if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion that somehow the united states will go into default and we'll lose the full faith and credit of the united states. that is simply not true. >> okay. joining me is rick newman chief business correspondent for "u.s. news and world report". good morning to you. let's get through some of the clarity of these issues in our fact or fiction. all right. august 2nd comes to pass. will the united states default on that date? >> probably not. we have to make a distinction between if the debt ceiling stays in place, u.s. government
5:21 am
can no longer borrow money. still going have about 60% of utes revenue coming in through taxes and other ways. it means it has to cut spending by about 40%. default means it stops paying interest on its debt. that only accounts for about 5% of the federal budget right now. the u.s. government can still pay the interest on the debt so it will not default but have to cut 40% of its spending. >> might default on some of those items. >> it won't default p.m. have to stop sending out checks to certain people. that's what the government would have to figure out if this happens. who won't get paid is basically the question. it looks as if it's going to be social security recipient, people who get unemployment benefits and things like that. >> fact or fiction, default is not a big deal? >> i think that's fiction. if we actually got into a situation where the government did default on its debt, which meant it didn't pay interest on that debt it would be extraordinary. u.s. treasury securities are the baseline security for investments all around the
5:22 am
world. many, many interest rates are tied to that, mortgage rates and lots of others things. i think it would be an extraordinary deal which is why the government will stop other payments in order to keep those debt payments going. >> you answered this in some fashion, but fact or fiction, if the u.s. can't borrow, have to cutback, cut government spending of 40%. >> that's a fact. there's not money to come up with that part of the budget p.m. that's when you have to get into these tough decisions which 40% of the people who are on the federal payroll do not get paid and i think as you said, it would be social security, government employees and things like that. >> fact or fiction as well and you have sort of brushed across this the question of having to delay here social security payments and layoff government workers. >> again, i think that is a fact. part of the theory, remember, this has never happened before. part of the theory is if you delay those palyments then this will only go on for a couple of
5:23 am
days. financial markets will be in turmoil. once the debt ceiling is raised the government can go back. so it will be delayed payments rather than cancelled. that's disruptive because a lot of people depend on those payments to, you know, pay their bills and they don't have -- >> a ripple effect. >> absolutely. >> finally fact or fiction, default. would it be catastrophic to the u.s. economy? >> probably. again this has never happened. if the government stopped making those interest payments, again the entire world's financial market has to recalibrate how it sets these things. these are major parts of investment portfolios every where in the world. this has been a baseline assumption throughout the world that these payments will keep coming. if they don't everything starts over. we have to figure out a new baseline. >> new world for a lot of different people. >> rick newman, thank you. one of the music world's hottest couples calling it
5:24 am
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5:28 am
so, what are the numbers? >> oh, the numbers are enormous. so so far we're talking in north america alone $95 million opening day. then we have another $83 million internationally bringing this to a global total right now of $173 million. the weekend isn't even over yet. it's breaking records left and right domestically. let's talk about midnight showings alone. earned $43.5 million. opening day also shattering records. >> big time. >> now the question is can it beat the dark knight's record of $158 million. >> will it do it? >> it has a great chance. not only are ticket prices higher but the reviews are so good because the movie is so good. >> talk about that. sometimes we have big numbers at the box office but the movie isn't so good. >> it's wonderful. it's a fitting end to a
5:29 am
wonderful series. the acting is great. the story is great. the pace is amazing. i can gush over this for the next hour. but really good word-of-mouth like that is only helping this movie. >> if you're the business guy sitting behind this, in the studios, you're saying i can't let this end, it's making so much money. is this really the last harry potter movie? >> it's up to j.k. rowling. without giving anything away from this movie, it really sets up harry potter the next generation perfectly. soiled bei ining shocked if we t see more harry potter. >> a lot of people hope this is not the end. we'll talk about winnie the pooh. public outrage continues after a shock twist in the casey anthony case and all of this just hours before her release
5:30 am
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♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪ welcome back to msnbc saturday. i'm richard lui in for alex witt. there is no agreement in sight in the big debt ceiling fight in washington. the deadline looming for what could be the first-ever default in u.s. history. a staff writer for roll call. emily, good morning to you. as you watch this story develop over time, we've seen the goal posts move. where are they now? >> right now we had a week of negotiations and, you know, forget about carmageddon, we have our own gridlock going on here in washington on the other coast. five days of negotiations and no agreement. but what you have right now is kind of looking at what the fall back position is, what's the
5:34 am
plan b or maybe plan c or d or e. kind of looking ahead to what's possible. this grand bargain that president obama had wanted all along seems unlikely but he's willing to accept something smaller. both chambers you're seeing some movement towards something else, something other than this grand bargain. and leaders are continuing to meet over the weekend. there are continued talks. i think the negotiations are certainly still valid and certainly still going on. nobody has walked away from the table. >> what's your sense. who has the momentum right now? is it the president? is it speaker boehner. is it cantor. is it the senate majority lead center who has the momentum right now? >> this is one of those moments where i don't to see that anyone has momentum. i think, you know, putting all these pieces together, if anyone has an advantage right now, i think it's the negotiations going on in the senate and
5:35 am
people looking to mitch mcconnell and harry reid to come up with some sort of bargain they can get through their chamber that the house might be able to hold its nose and pass and everyone can walk away feeling like they got something. house leaders are coming up with a plan to put a bill on the floor this week that republicans are nodding to right now. that bill is called, they are calling it the cut cap and balance bill. conservatives wanted this all along. what it does is it cuts spending pretty deeply. and it caps future congressional spending. so you have an unusual spending of members of congress passing a plan that would tie their hands in the future. but this might be the kinds of things that would allow conservatives to feel like they got their vote. they had their moment. >> go ahead. but a big part, the number that
5:36 am
we've been staring at. the tent has grown by leaps and bounds. watched the number in the past ten years. i assume that's what they are doing on the hill. dollars 14.3. some of the biggest factors in the rise here in terms of contributing to that are the bush tax cause, interest paymen payments. now, the stimulus added 800 billion as well. so when republicans talk about a constitution all amendment that you're alluding to, that would try to balance the budget, does that mean we could not go to war unless it was already paid for. >> deficit trimming does, in many ways tie congress's hands. i don't know about war powers and how that would affect
5:37 am
military spending, if there's any way around it. that's the fear for congress, you know. all branchs of government are so loathe to giveaway power. that's one strain of thought against this constitutional amendment is that congress in many ways tries to grab as much power as it can. this limits the ability to spend at moments when it might need it even like if there needed to be another stimulus plan. i don't know if that's politically possible but with this kind of constitutional tying of congress's hands it might not be possible. >> we'll be watching with you. thank you. >> glad to be with you. maybe washington should take a cue from americans when it comes to paying down debt. u.s. consumers reduced their debt by more than $1 trillion in the ten quarters ending in march. in the first quarter households spent 16.4% of their income on debt payments and the number of
5:38 am
delinquent loans dropped. it's raising consumer credit scores. the average score rose to 609 in may. highest in four months. well done. the u.s. and almost 40 other nations are now supporting the main opposition group in libya. mike taibbi is in the region with the very latest. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, richard. we heard a lot of brave talk from the rebels, commanders and regular fighters about moving on to their next big target which is less than 60 miles from tripoli and moving on to tripoli where we're told there are armed rebel groups waiting for the signal to move. that was the talk. but without the action that's been promised from the international community it's hard to to see how that could happen. by any measure this has clearly been an up and down week for the
5:39 am
rebels, win, then losing, and fighting to retake a single town that would move them one notch closer to tripoli about 80 miles away now. the new promise of international financial and political support was welcomed news for these fighters. a former gadhafi air force colonel who is now fighting for the rebels. good news for you to hear? >> exactly. very good news. gives us more chance to give freedom to our people and our country especially. >> reporter: the chances for a rebel victory seemed limited in our two visits to the changing front line earlier in the week. >> we'll stick together. right? okay. >> reporter: we saw very young fighters going into battle with home made rocket launchers and scattering when gadhafi's heavier artillery landed close by. rebel controlled libya, the lack of funding and outside help have
5:40 am
left the rebels catch as catch can arsenal. weapons were made from scratch or with children doing the cleaning, salvage from the discard pile. still the rebels did retake the town. both sides offering casualties but front line scraping past one more war torn town. this tiny village is now a ghost town. nobody here but soldiers. now it's rebel soldiers who are here and if they don't know it their commanders do, whether it's promises of money or claims of victory, saying it doesn't make it so. and in an audio address to his people last night he vowed he would not surrender. the costs of this war is accumulating. we went to hospitals today. mostly staffed by volunteers treating casualties from the fighting. and an impromptu war memorial
5:41 am
the photos of the dead, we counted more than 100 photos this morning. >> mike taibbi, great report. we'll talk to you again in a couple of hours. one of indonesia's most active volcanoes has erupted for the first time in two decades. right now smoke can still be seen coming out of its crater after three minor eruptions have shot ash into the air. indonesia has 130 active volcanoes and sits on the activity known as the pacific rim of fire. back here in the states. surprise announcement from jennifer lopez and marc anthony, they are getting a divorce. seven years after marriage. we have the details. >> reporter: together they made beautiful music. on stage and off.
5:42 am
jennifer lopez and marc anthony long considered one of hollywood's most stable couples. announcing friday that their seven year marriage is over. in a joint statement they said we have decided to end our marriage. this was a very difficult decision. this announcement besides being pretty shocking was so divisive knittive. lopez and anthony were long time friend and even dated in the late '90s. they married in 2004 just days after anthony divorced his ex-wife. the couple welcomed twins in 2008. just last month anthony told the hosts of "the talk" on cbs what he said to lopez the first time they met. >> you're my wife and you don't even know it. >> reporter: the news comes after a come back of sorts for lopez who after becoming a judge on "american idol" released a new album this year and was named the world's most beautiful woman by "people" magazine.
5:43 am
on idol's season finale the couple took to the stage performing a sultry, unforgettable number in front of millions of viewers. it certainly didn't seem like there were any problems looking from the outside, you know. they worked wonderfully apart. they worked wonderfully together. >> reporter: this narcotics latest in a series of high-profile heart breaks for lopez who has been married three times. she was engaged to ben affleck and dated sean p. diddy combs. anthony was noticeably absent when lopez met the royal couple at a red carpet event last week. the couple even had a reality tv project in the works. but with the break up it seems this star couple already had their memorable last dance. for today, nbc news, los angeles. casey anthony spending her final hours behind bars. we'll tell you about the
5:44 am
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up in smoke in a major way. the mexican army torching $160 million of marijuana on friday. those plants were found in the desert more than 150 miles south of tijuana. the plants were concealed by black screen cloth. the mexican defense department said the seizure was the largest in the history of mexico. casey anthony's legal issues may not be over just yet. a day before she's released from the florida jail. the 25-year-old was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee but now faces a paternity suit. she's also launching an appeal. let's bring in our legal panel to weigh in on three key big
5:48 am
legal questions we'll talk about today. karen, we'll start with you with our first big question. federal inmate, patternate suit, why now? >> i'm having flashback case from a the anna nicole case. it is a person hearing voices in his head or somebody who knew her or maybe was keeping company with her. we don't know at this point. i'm actually surprised we didn't have more of this. >> this is an interesting thing. he's suing to say i'm caylee anthony's father. why would he do that? here's why. let's think about o.j. simpson. o.j. they found him not guilty in a civil case he gets sudden $35 million verdict against him. that suit was brought by the parents of his wife. in this case, if there's a
5:49 am
lawsuit for the disappearance of caylee anthony, right now it would have to be brought by casey anthony. she would have to sue herself. can't do that. however, if this is the father, he sues casey anthony, says you killed my daughter, and i, as her father, get the right to collect the money. he's setting himself up. >> this is step one to get to step two. >> if he's legitimate. we don't know. think about it. he can't count while she's in jail all this time. he waits until now. it's kind of strange. >> i got to get to the second big question. this appeal of the misdeamnor charges we start with you, my friend. >> people say why is she appealing. they are letting her out. she's already served her time. first of all, everybody files for an appeal. you want to get rid of the conviction on your record. i don't think she's going to
5:50 am
join the fbi but she wants to get rid of the conviction on her record. she's being sudden in a civil case and doesn't want to answer questions. as long as there's a pending criminal case she can still take the fifth amendment and refuse to answer questions in her civil suit. she gets a benefit there. >> it's the discretion of the judge too. i've had cases where i was actually allowed to go to the prison and depose people. it's up to the judge. you file a motion and say can i or can i not go to speak to them. >> the prisoner says i'm not answering. >> so we've been talking about this this morning. there are evidently people sending casey in money in jail. that's our third big question. why are they doing this? >> they've been doing it for a long time, richard. >> she can keep the money? >> this is going into her commissary account. >> she can receive whatever amount of money she want? >> the funny part is who would know to send donations to her
5:51 am
commissary account. that's other people who have been in prison. she's getting special gifts from very special prior inmates probably because how many people know you can send donations to a commissary account. usually only people have loved ones or have been in prison. she has very nice boyfriends when she gets out. >> can she withdraw this money once she's out of jail? >> i don't know what the rules are. she probably can. this is the first of many attempts by her to make money on the death of her own daughter. you'll try to to see her do book deals, reality shows, it will be disgraceful. that's my prediction. first of many attempts to make money. >> that means we'll be talking a lot in the future. >> we will. >> thank you. extreme heat coming to a city near you. sorry to say. this weekend will be a hot and sticky one. we'll tell you what metro areas will get hit the hardest and strategies for trying to stay 0
5:52 am
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residents in one upscale neighborhood in rio de janeiro are keeping that your doors and windows locked to ward off unusual thieves. monkeys. the neighborhood borders a neighborhood park. many people feed the monkeys. it has residents upset where it attracts the animals into their homes. just this month alone over 800 record temperatures have been tied or set across the united states as extreme heat scorches a deadly trail that's causing the worst drought conditions we've seen in over a decade. you can see from this map, that parts of the midwest and most of eastern united states will
5:56 am
suffer a long bout of excessive heat starting next week. temperatures could spike as high as 115 degrees in some places. i'm joined by jack hayes director of the national weather service. jack, something to make of this or normal passing of time? >> this is a dangerous situation. it's going to start today. it's already started where we'll to see temperatures from the southern parts of texas along the mexican border all the way up to the border of canada, temperatures hit 100 degrees. you add into that the humidity and the heat index, it's going to approach 110, maybe even 115 in some locations. this heat wave, this dangerous heat wave will spread east across the country and will extend by mid-week from the rocky mountains all the way to the east coast. >> when you look at the map it's just a tremendous amount of the country. how does it compare to years past? how does this stand out? >> we have these kinds of heat
5:57 am
waves periodically. they will last anywhere from three to five days, sometimes in the neighborhood of a week. this one is especially persistent and looks to me like it will extend into next week and be a threat to americans. >> into next week. a long time. what's causing this. this a la nina issue? >> i don't know we can relate this event to la nina or an el nino. what we can say about it we're at the height of a meteorological summer. so having high temperatures is not unexpected. what we have anchored in place is a large high pressure system centered along the eastern seaboard. it's bringing in southerly winds from the gulf of mexico. hot, humid air driving it all the way up to the nation's border with canada. >> jack hayes director of the national weather service. thank you for your time.
5:58 am
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