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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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right now on msnbc, the clock is ticking, time the running out to raise the debt ceiling, will congress or the president make any key moves this weekend, and how will all this affect your wallet. casy anthony gets out of jail tomorrow, but there are new and intriguing twists in the case even today. its crunch time for crews making repairs to one of the united states's busiest stretch of highway. as the sun brightens in los angeles, we're getting a sense of just how carmageddon willing. first off for you, the fight in washington over raising the debt ceiling, no agreement in sight and the august deadline
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still fast approaching, the big question, will we see any progress so the u.s. will not default on its bills? nbc's mike vick kwer are at the white house. >> reporter: raising interest rates, people not getting checks, veterans affairs, in the course of each and every month. that's what's at stake here, the government would have to start to prioritize and major credit agencies are already talking about downgrading treasury bonds and the wisdom of investing in those. today, more dualing back and forth, the president in his weekly address, orrin hatch speaking for republicans, here's what they had to say about the state of play. >> i don't think oil companies
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should get tax breaks when they're getting tens of millions of profits. i don't think hedge fund managers should make more in bonuses than their secretaries salary. >> it was a crime of the president to submit and for congress to pass -- the only reason that congressional democrats would refuse to pass it because they know that the people of this country would rise up and quickly ratify it. >> there you see orrin hatch from utah, he's talking about a balanced budget amendment requiring the federal budget to be balanced each and every year starting in 2023. no chance of that passing. still taxes, richard, republicans refuse to raise revenues as part of this debt reduction package. the president says he's putting
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entitlements -- there's lots going on behind the scenes, fall back positions, b, c, d, f, all in flux. >> is the credit rating warning that came out later in the week, did that ratchet up the heat to try to get something done during the talks? >> one change we have seen over the course of the last week, now everyone including republican leaders are buying into the fact that this august 2 date is real, yes, there is a hard core group of folks, tea party conservatives, people in the house who simply don't believe it. in the words of one of those freshman is lying about that. if the president's lying then mitch mcconnell and john boehner is lying, and ben bernanke is lying as well. people are starting to get real nervous about this. and when you talk about lowering the credit rating, people don't
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understand the repercussions of that but it could filter down really quickly on interest rates for mortgages and everything people want to buy. >> when the numbers go down, it's more expensive to get cash. that's the bottom line. >> more than 200 people are planning a search today in missouri for the missing mother of 5-year-old triplets, missouri police discovering new evidence, they believe that jackie waller was carrying the night she disappe disappeared. >> a real mystery here, jackie waller, 39 years old, police using dogs, helicopters every resource they have, but still haven't uncovered any solid evidence about where or why jackie disappeared. >> you were always a very good friend to me. >> friends and family are spreading the word any way they can. flyers, facebook, even balloons with information and this message, jacque waller is
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missing and they want her back. >> we won't get jacque back alive, i don't think. you know, i would give my life literally to get my baby back alive. >> reporter: the 39-year-old mother of triplets disappeared june 1 after police say was an argument with her husband james clay. her car was found along i-55 with a flat tire, investigators say they suspect foul play but have very few leads. and they aren't getting very much help from her estranged husband, a person of interest in the case. >> there's a lot of questions out there that we believe he could help us with and answer some of those that we're in dire need of and we just haven't had that from them. >> clay misses his wife and he hopes she is found alive. he sincerely sympathizes with
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the rawson family. his heart goes out to her family, however he has had nothing to do with her disappearance. >> she's a mother with three kids and we're just hoping she comes back. . >> reporter: now worry about what they may find. >> we unfortunately don't think we'll find her alive, but we want to find her and make sure there's justice. >> justice for her friends, family and her three young children, like many in her community are wondering how jacque will come home. >> for now the court has also denied visitation rights for their father clay waller. i talked to his attorney late yesterday, he stressed that there is no evidence of a crime in this case and he also told me quoting here, clay is hurting over this too. richard? >> no doubt, jay gray, thank you so much. progress in los angeles appear to be heeding with warning of a
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construction -- authorities have shut down a 10-mile stretch of interstate 405 for 53 hours, it's one of the nation's busiest highways and many drivers say they're steering clear. >> no way, no how, am i going to be hanging around here for the most horrific traffic jam in a century. >> she's probably driving towards arizona there. adede roy is live in los angeles. watching that progress, the bridge coming down behind you, what are you seeing right now? >> it seems as though construction crews are making a lot of progress around here. they came in at midnight as cars got out of the way before that dead line. i'm going to step aside so you can take a look at what's going on behind me. and even in the last few hours, construction crews have been making significant progress in dismantling the bridge that you see and eventually that will
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make way for an extra car pool lane going in this direction, in both directions actually and when it's all said and done, it should help travel time through this ten-mile stretch by by ten minutes or so which should help ease the traffic congestion here. >> ten miles, not necessarily a long distance, but for the people who are trying to get pavup and down, south to north, how are they going to get to their places? is there roads that bypass? >> there's no really great alternative here, so that's why they have been pummelled with messages from the media to just stay off the roads this weekend in order to get around it. it's just going to take a lot of extra time. prior to this, people have been warned that it might take three times as long to get to where you need to be this weekend. and so it seems like people are
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heeding these warnings and it's definitely been filled with lots of dread and anxiety for this carmageddon weekend. but it's still pretty early so we'll just have to see what the coming hours bring. >> 7:00 a.m. local time and it is early, they're probably still asleep, but three times more, boy, that's going to be a long trip for those folks out there, dede roy, thank you. now to the weather, and much of the country bracing for a midsummer swelter, from the plains to the deep south. 882 record high temperatures in july have been set or tied across the united states. over this weekend, and the next, there appears to be little relief. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins me now with the forecast. >> heat wave is the word of the week and this is going to be a massive one. let me show you what's happening first with our drought, because this is the big story out there in oklahoma, texas, now portions of kansas, new mexico and down along the gulf states.
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we have been exceptionally dry and this is one of the worst droughts we have seen in the last 20 years. as far as yesterday went, check out dallas, it was 107 yesterday in dallas. 105 in oklahoma city, 105 in wichita. you can see where the drought is, and that's because of the hot temperatures. areas just to the east of there, the humidity, these numbers that you're looking at, the green, that's where it's very humid air coming in off the gulf and that's going to make it dangerously hot and uncomfortable over the days ahead, as far as today goes, as far as the hot conditions go, 103 in wichita, no relief for anyone in that area. as far as wet weather goes down in the gulf we will see some showers and thunderstorms, los
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angeles i-10 in california. then as we go into sunday, more rain down around louisiana, but the hot, dry conditions in the middle of the country will be the story in the days ahead, richard, this will be one of the worst weeks of hot weather we have seen yet, back to you. >> all right, stay home, thanks a lot bill karins. a surprise in the casey anthony story this morning. just one day before she's released from the county jail. one of the interesting wrinkles and there are many to talk about is a paternity case that potentially could be fired here? >> that's right, richard, we're all surprised to hear from the man, but at the same time he's not the first one who claims to be related in any way or be the father of caylee anthony. he's dpe manneding now for a dna test to take place and if it turns out that he's the father of caylee, he plans to sue casey anthony for her death his name is christopher lee umburger,
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there's been a number of lawsuits filed against casey anthony, even before the trial, or not even nifiled, but the jue said all of these lawsuits, keep them away from the court because we don't want them to alter the trial proceedings, but now that it's over, we are seeing more and more of these. other civil lawsuits are related to her charges of lying, casey anthony, as we all know was convicted of lying to law enforcement. and after she was guilty after she came out of the trial, many people have said we spent an enormous amount of resources searching for a girl who was never missing, including texas equisearch who came and spent over 1 h0$100,000 and also the
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bounty hunter who got casey out of jail in 2008. and also related to her lying, a woman says zenaida gonzalez says casey anthony basically ruined her life when she used her name, she says it's her name but it basically matches who casey said kidnapped caylee. she's facing a lot of legal issues after she walks out of jail tomorrow. >> death threats are a concern, what's been talked about in terms of keeping casey safe when she's not only leaving jail tomorrow, but also as she's living wherever she goes. >> that's right, richard, we have only learned so far from the orange county sheriff. he said his department will take care of assessing any type of threat that's made against casey anthony, but only in the same manner as they would any other citizen. they said we're not going to provide for her any kind of security team, but they will keep a close eye. and in a press conference last
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week, the sheriff said there had been threats but nothing that they consider as grave or as imminent to have security follow her around and i think they will leave that up to her defense team. >> this time tomorrow, casey anthony could be free. and li and. you don't or you wouldn't think that this bird would be a flight risk given that he cannot even fly. the story of this big guy named murray and how he evaded zookeepers. plus team usa bringing the love of the game back to fans around the country. we'll bring you predictions of the upcoming women's soccer world cup. ♪ ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey
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now to frankfort, germany, the usa soccer team plays against japan tomorrow afternoon. buzz for this team has grown to a fever pitch. anne thompson is in frachbing north with more on this amazing story. >> it really is a wonderful story, the u.s. team was ranked number one in the world coming into the world cup tournament. but, boy, they encountered some trouble along the way, they lost to sweden in the preliminary round and then they had that nail biter against brazil and then in the semifinal it took until the last new minutes of the game before they broke a 1-1 tie to beat brazil and get the chance to play japan tomorrow night german time. they are attracting an awful lot
7:19 am
of attention, including official attention. dr. jill biden, the wife of the vice president is going to be at that game along with chelsea clinton, and chelsea clinton grew up playing soccer. we're over at the u.s. army garrison in wease baden. these girls are so excited, they know all the names and they can held you about hope solo or abby wanbach, i said they are girls or women and they say no, they're great soccer players. that's really the significance of the 2011 team. the '99 team, they sort of ignited a soccer movement n u.s.
7:20 am
but these they're really looked at at what they do. they're going to go up against a scrappy japan team tomorrow night. >> people are watching team usa because they are just great athletes with a great team doing a great job right now. and as you were mentioning, getting a lot of attention, especially with social media, i think you were reporting that a lot of other sports stars are now even following hope solo. >> lebron james have tweeted about the soccer team. he has tweeted about the women's soccer team, it's really catching a lot of attention. that's why it's so great, it's a peer to peer relationship, you've got some of the best male athletes, not only in the country but in the world, who
7:21 am
are saying, we're behind you, we believe you to do it, hang in there and talking to these people, despite all the things -- that is to win the game tomorrow night. >> and beautiful plaza in frankfurt, they go not have however, europe does not have any representation in this final. do they have a favorite? >> you know, that's a very big sweden was a big favorite, the french team was small but extraordinarily skilled. they are going to get a great match tomorrow night. and that's what everybody is worried about.
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in atlanta, at least one woman was killed and two wounded in a shooting at a mid touchtow parking deck. a shooter opened fire on wednesday. he's been arrested and charged with one count of murder and one count of assault. the two wounded victims are in stable condition. a close call for a colorado teen who came face to face with a bear. the bear entered his campsite and began attacking him,
7:26 am
clamping down on his leg. he said he tried to stay still so that the bear would leave him alone. >> trying to keep my cool and also ideas ran through my head, i just didn't want to get mad because i know i was seriously injured at that point and i didn't want to end up seriously injured. >> other campers scared the bear off but not before he suffered deep bite wounds to his leg. at a denver zoo on friday, a large bird that cannot fly managed to make an escape. you see the zoo closed it's doors to zoo visitors until that large bird called a cassowary could be found. the bird squeezed through the fence on friday afternoon. he was eventually captured.
7:27 am
cassowarys can run 35 miles an hour. i wish we had punished of the humans trying to cash him. some say cash is still king, but is it time to start stockpiling the bills under your mattress? and the harry potter movie is causing quite a stir at theaters. but what do the critics say?
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booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. back now to the fight over raising the federal debt limit. president obama warning that if no action is taken there will be serious financial fallout. >> we could end up with a situation where interest rates rise for everybody all throughout the country. effectively a tax increase on everybody. >> house speaker john boehner agrees with the president about the urgency of the situation but not about the solution. >> listen, we're in the fourth
7:31 am
quarter here, time and again, republicans have offered serious proposals to cut spending and address these issues. and i think it's time for the democrats to get serious as well. we asked the president to lead, we asked him to put forward a plan, not a speech, a real plan. and he hasn't. >> i'm joined now by msnbc political analyst pat buchanan and karen finney, good saturday morning to both of you. pat, let's start with you, the president, is he the only adult in the room after a week of talks? we have no progress. >> i think he's going to get some progress if you read the papers this morning. the president, i think is coming around, he realizes now he's not going to get any tax increases, he's going to get his debt ceiling i think even out of the house. he's going to get some budget cuts, it's not going to be a big deal, but i think a lot of the drama is being drained out of this because i don't think there's going to be a halt to the increase in the debt
7:32 am
ceiling, richard, i think it's going to be resolved. >> karen, what do you think? we have reports late in the week, house majority leader cantor saying that the president could be losing a little bit of his patience, is he losing some of it? >> i think america is losing it's patience, i think the president is kind of channeling that for us. i wanted to correct one thing that pat said, it's not the president's debt ceiling, i mean this default crisis was brought on by the republicans, i mean this debt that we're now talking about is debt that this congress has actually already run up. what we're talking about, there's three different things here, there's our budget, there's our deficit and there's how we deal with all of this. i think the american people are sick of it. i think the president certainly is sick of it. it's unfair to say that he hasn't put forward a serious plan, he put out a budget at the beginning of the year t republicans didn't like that, they put out their budget. we actually sat down with some
7:33 am
of the folks in the hill and tried to map out some specific cuts. let's hope that everybody gets some sense knocked into them and comes together. at this point we just need a resolution and for both sides to stop playing these games and recognize that while they're playing games, why are we not creating jobs and focusing on all the other things that really matter? >> pat, jobs, is that not the focus? that doesn't seem to be part of the negotiations right now, at least we don't know hear it in the debate. >> richard, that's exactly right. look, the president of the united states, i mean he's gotten some of the biggest programs in world history passed and the truth is, we have not been creating jobs the way we were expected to create jobs this debt ceiling issue has nothing to do with creating jobs, you're cutting basic spending on the federal government. if you race taxes on the private sector, which is the only one basically creating and anemic
7:34 am
number of jobs. but the president has no more tools in the toolbox to create jobs. he's already had his $750 billion stimulus. >> that debt ceiling looming over business in terms of what they are negotiating at the moment. karen you, have something to say? >> i was just going to say, the biggest thing that the president and congress can do actually to ease the strain on the business community is to get something done. i mean this week, we have heard it for quite some time now, wall street folks and the business community have said, we're sitting on our capital because with things so in flux in washington, why are we going to take a risk? you even have companies who say i'm going to go invest in asia, where there's a stable political situation, where there's less partisanship and i know what the rules are. part of what we're hearing from
7:35 am
the business community is this game of chicken is actually adding to their frustrations and their concerns. >> what we're not hearing from the business community is please raise our taxes so we can go out and create more jobs. you're not hearing that and taxes are off the table, finally. and i think the president has been -- in not taking them off the table. >> even grover norquist has said that closing tax loopholes would be acceptable. >> so cutting tax rates and close the loopholes, that's a good idea, we can come together on that. >> commensurate with that, with all the tax cuts under the bush tax cuts we should have millions of jobs. >> certainly after the great recession, just as we saw in the recession of 2001, they could be concerned, they got to get ready for the next downturn that could also be a factor here. i want to play some sound here.
7:36 am
>> this is a misnomer that i believe the president and the treasury secretary have been trying to pass off to the american people and it's this, that if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by 2$2.5 trillion that somehow the united states will go into default and we will lose credit rating for the united states, that is not true. >> she's exactly right in that sense, the first thing the federal government would do is it would pay the interest on its bonds and it would pay off the bonds that come due. so you would not go into default. but what the president said is also true, once we do that, i'm going to have to start cutting somewhere else. of course the president threw out social security and medicare and disability benefits and salaries for our soldiers and all that. but specifically speaking, what michele bachmann said is true. >> if we were to default on any statements, the trust --
7:37 am
>> what i'm saying is that he would pay the interest on the bonds first so you don't go into default, you have to start cutting back the budget radically, though, the rest of the budget. >> karen. >> i just think there's something a little bit crazy. i mean crazy that we're having this kind of a conversation about the mine nush that of the debt. how about we just come together and solve the problem so we're not a banana republic. >> the president ran out and said oh, my lord, it's social security going first, he's the one playing these games. >> he didn't say it that way, come on. >> nice talking to both of you guys, thank you so much. i wish we just had the whole hour to talk about it, i have learned so much from you guys. >> straighten it out, richard, and just get it done. >> thank you so much, have a great weekend. now i'm joined live by jim
7:38 am
mcdermott of washington state and you want more debate, we'll watch him on "meet the press" tomorrow and sunday, check your local listings for that. let's talk about this if we can right now and the issue of what the democrats as well as what the republicans want, we spoke earlier with what the republicans do want in terms of when they look at the ccb, that's what's going to be introduced on monday, what do you believe in terms of what lawmakers can get done. is this vote that's going to be happening in the house something that will be practical and will move us forward? >> absolutely not, it's another ploy to delay the inevitable, we are going to raise the debt limit and we're not going to do it with constitutional amendments to do this or to do that or to tie our hands and our feet and gag our mouth. that is simply not a good policy, we have moved and it's not going to happen. >> you know, one of the questions out there is can it
7:39 am
get done? from your perspective, as one week has gone by, we're just talking about pat and karen there for a second, will it get done there in time? >> yes, absolutely. i think that the mature minds in the republican party realize that they have stirred the herd up and it's racing downhill, they don't know how to last through it right now. but they'll figure out a way in the next week to get us to stop and there will be a compromise between the democrats and the republicans. the republicans are not going to get everything they want. they're not going to get slashes in medicare or any of that stuff, but they will raise the debt limit in the next week or so. >> talking about what lawmakers want, what do you want? revenue enhancements have been discussed on the left, what is it that must happen in this deal? >> i'm one of those people that three weeks ago voted for a clean listing of the debt limit.
7:40 am
we did it ten times for george bu bush, we never created this kind of mess when he ran us down into the ditch. we kept raising the debt limit without any muss or any fuss. that's what should happen here. but mitch mcconnell has taken it in a way to make the president look bad. his only goal, he admits, is to defeat barack obama in the next election. so he's taken it and made it into a big deal. it should have been done without any problem at all. >> congressman, we were discussing the republican perspective, what they'll be introducing to the floor on monday, i was speaking to the co-sponsor of the bill who wants to amend the constitution, that vote will be happening on monday. take a look at what he said. >> what congress has proven over the last 60 years is that they have very little restraint, all
7:41 am
we're asking for is let's go ahead and turn it right back to the states, to the american people and let them weigh in. i'm not exactly sure what they're afraid of, maybe the american people will say yes, we want the government to live within it's mean just like our states have to. >> does that mean anything to you, that the united states does stay within its means? >> look, he says that the united states over the last 60 years has not been the most powerful, most affluent, most important country in the world. he blicames the congress, he sa the congress has run us down into the ditch. that's not true. i don't know where he gets that picture of the united states. the fact is that we made the decision about state's rights in the civil war, and we decided we're going to have a federal government and we were going to decide nationally what was going to happen in the whole country. to turn it back to the 50 states will simply vulcanize this
7:42 am
country and we'll be as bad off as europe is that we can't unite the country. we would simply have 50 little countries here with a mess. that was called the articles of federation, we rejected it in 1787. >> congressman jim mcdermott from washington state. thank you. now to libya, the main opposition group there is officially being recognized by the united states and almost 40 other nations and in the western mountains of libya, rebel fighters need all the help they can get right now. mike tiabbi is in the region with the very latest for us live, good morning to you, mike. >> reporter: good morning, richard, how are you? those rebel fighters have made lunching process this week, more advances, one step back, a couple forward. the next target, the target garyan, a couple of miles from where we are now, we're talking about tripoli itself and
7:43 am
mounting an attack there, we were told there are armed groups of rebels waiting for the signal to move. none of that could happen without the help that was promised at this point. by any measure, this has clearly been an up and down week for the rebels here, winning then losing, then fighting to retake a single town, qawalish, that will move them one notch closer to tripoli, about 80 miles away now. the new promise of international financial and political support was welcome news for these fighters. says former gadhafi air force colonel, juma ibrahim who's now fighting for the rebels. the chances for a rebel victory seemed limited in our two visits to the changing front line earlier in the week. we all stick together, right?
7:44 am
okay. we saw very young fighters going into battle with home made rocket launchers and then scattering with gadhafi's heavier artillery landed close by. in fact all over rebel controlled libya, the lack of funding and outside help has left the rebels with a catch-as-catch-can arsenal. weapons seized from gadhafi's troops were made from scratch or with children doing the cleaning, salvaged from a discard pile. still the rebels did retake qawalish, both sides suffering casualties, with the front line scraping past one more war torn town. like so many place where is the fighting has ebbed and flowed, this tiny town is now a ghost town, nobody here but solders. now it's rebel soldiers who are here and if they don't know it, the commanders do, while you're talking about money or victory, saying it doesn't make it so. in an audio address last night,
7:45 am
gadhafi promised he wouldn't leave and has no plans at all to surrender power, meanwhile the costs of this war are escalating. we were closer to the front and there's an impromptu war memorial, consisting with the war dead. >> live in libya, mike tiabbi, thank you. a 19th century canadian ship at the bottom of the ocean, the mass of the queen of the lakes rise from the bottom even after 105 years. that schoonor sinking in 1906. and harry potter mania continues at the box office. all the way down the street and around the corner from the box office. transfer! transfer!
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surprise announce from one of hollywood's biggest power couples, jennifer lopez and mark
7:49 am
anthony, splitsville. they're married in 2004, jennifer lopez and marc anthony will split. it's the final harry potter movie, but what kind of a spell is it casting at the box office? let's take a look. >> what are you doing here? harry potter. the boy who lived, come to die. >> let's get the details from the editor of life and style weekly. and i know you're not a big fan of the harry potter series at all. that's a joke, i know you're a big fan.
7:50 am
>> the numbers we are talking huge, huge money here. we're already talking $95 million in north america. >> wow. >> another $82 million internationally which brings it to $173 million globally and that's not including the rest of the weekend yet. it's breaking records left and right domestically, from mid night showings alone last night. 3.5 million, it could break the record for "eclipse." the question is can it break the "dark night" record? i devastate think it can. especially with these higher i max and 3-d. i think it could make $183 million. i think many bhoef deserves every single penny, it's so good, it's a perfect end to a wonderful series, it's so satisfying on nearly every level. >> so you like it?
7:51 am
winnie-the-pooh going up against potter, what's the buzz on that film? >> it's no harry potter. it's probably going to make under $10 million. it's a sweet, not a nostalgic movie. there's no 3-d, it's sweet and it's nice, it's winnie-the-pooh. it's only 68 minutes so it's great for the younger set and for parent who is don't want to sit through a long movie. there's no bells and whistles. >> i was a big winnie the pooh fan. just when we thought this chapter of the casey anthony case could be coming to a close, new legal action launched by casey's team, this is just hours before she walks out of court a free woman. and this approach is shocking some of those who have followed the trial. we'll be right back on that issue on "msnbc saturday." we spend a lot of time on the feed
7:52 am
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in less than 24 hours, casey anthony will be a free woman,
7:55 am
but several questions remain this morning about security surrounding her release from a the florida there jail. joining me live from orlando is robin wolensky reporter with wbdo. tell us about these death threats. >> well, there have been multiple death threats according to her attorneys so the folks that are securing the jail and her release, they have a real plan in place, and that is that yesterday they actually had prisoners out there, putting up these plastic barricades to keep people away from the jail where casey anthony, we're talking the count down here, just less than 36 hours. we think it might happen at
7:56 am
12:01, in the wee hours. and they have a plan in place, they're probably going to take her in a car, an unmarked vehicle to a local airport. you can't exactly put her through orlando international with all the people that would be over there and fly her out of town. but we understand that there's going to be one reporter only, someone was picked from the associated press, there's going to be a print photographer and one video and that's it and we're told that they are going to report on her departure, about a half an hour to an hour in delay because of the security concerns. >> some security analysts are saying she should go to a safe house, that's out there. do we know where she is going after she does leave? >> you know, there was a long list of speculation, here's what i'm hearing, cindy anthony has some relatives, there's an aunt of casey's and some cousins that live in the houston, texas area. it's possible that she's going
7:57 am
to puerto rico. there are a lot of local stations that have sent their teams down to puerto rico. she does not need a pass port as an american citizen to go to puerto rico, and perhaps she could lay low. there's also speculation she could be going to new york to do an interview, possibly los angeles the same. >> and also as part of this plastic surgery, is that a possibility, changing her name, what sorts of things might she consider? >> yeah, we heard that there was a report, a doctor, a plastic surgeon out of the chicago area that was being to do some work on her, if you will. she could cult her hair, her hair has gotten very long over the last three years, she could chop it off, get a short hair cut, die her hair, go blond, go red. but the media is going to be
7:58 am
tracking her. people here in the orlando area, are very angry, they perceive this woman to be a baby killer and she's getting out and there's a lot of outrage and a lot of feeling in the community here that she has gotten away with murder. >> the next chapter starts when she is released from jail in the next 24 hours, we'll be watching that along with you. the face-off mostly a matter of political posturing or true ideological differences, we'll tell you who stands to win and who stands to lose in the politics of debt. [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit
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