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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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it's "msnbc saturday," developing right now in los angeles, the so-called carmageddon, is now underway at this hour. part of the ten-mile stretch of interstate 405 now closed and working hard on it trying to get it open in time for tomorrow. it's one of the busiest highways
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in the country, and it closed down around midnight pacific time. let's check in with adede roy, and it looks like they're working pretty hard. but tell us what's happening right now. >> good morning, richard, they are working hard, they have been doing so since they arrived here on scene at midnight this morning as if on queue and right on schedule. and since you've been checking in with us, you notice they've made significant progress. eventually there will be three bridges that they're building as well as a new car pool lane that will widen the freeway and reduce travel time by about ten minutes which will really help congestion through this area, because you know how congested things can get on the 405, it's such a lifetime here. it's a little bit of short-term pain for long-term gain. >> and i have used a lot of colorful language driving up and down that stretch of freeway. the 405 right now, it is closed, half a million cars go up and
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down at some of the points. for the drivers themselves, are they pretty much like, oh, that's okay, we won't deal with it this weekend? >> reporter: that's exactly what it is. they have been warned for months now t billboards have been up for quite some time and i think the media's done a pretty good job of instilling a lot of fear and anxiety in folks in making sure they stay home. so hopefully they're going to heed those warnings. personally a lot of people i know are going to hunker down and stay home, we hear of carmageddon partying happening. >> parties? >> yeah, party and hang out at home. >> how about that? i also understand there's some apps that are out for carmageddon too, have you heard about that at all? >> reporter: we have heard about apps, we have heard about businesses who are affected by the closure, it's one of their more busy and lucrative times
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throughout the summer. but some are offering carmageddon specials, for $405, get it, a night. it's actually kind of a deal considering that hotel here. >> so weird to see those lanes completely empty over your shoulder right now. any hangups, it's 8:00 a.m. local time, have you heard or seen reports of traffic jams outside of the 405? >> not yet, as you mentioned it's 8:00 so it's fairly empty right now. we did hear about right before midnight when cars were supposed to be out here. i think there were cameras that were scramble blg to get out, doing u turns and things like that trying to get out of the way before the construction crews came on. everything will be reopened here at 5:00 in the morning and it will all be issue free. >> and we will not have to use the word carmageddon again come this weekend.
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>> reporter: exactly. now to the fight over raising the debt ceiling and ths that something needs to be done. america is in danger of defaulting on its bills for the first time ever. mike viquera is live at the white house. should we be expecting more talks this weekend. >> snowmagedon, carmageddon. but the president has referred to this as -- what the government takes in every month. 40 cents on the dollar is of borrowed money. so 60 cents on the dollar comes from the american people through taxes and revenues. if you pay military, if you interest on the debt, if you pay social benefits each and every month, and you pay med tear and medicaid benefits, unemployment
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benefi benefits each and every month, here's what you don't pay, military benefits, the border police, the courts. so as you can see, it's potentially very kchaotic situation in this country, they don't appear to be all that much closer to a deal today than they were when they started this series of six closed doors meetings here in the u.s. there's some talks going on behind the scenes, no big meetings today, the president in his weekly address today laid out the stakes and again called for share sacrifice and that means in the white house, you're raising taxes on the wealthy. >> the truth is, you can't solve our deficit without cutting spending, but you also can't solve it without asking the wealthiest americans to may their fair share or without taking on loopholes that give special interests and big corporations tax breaks that middle class americans don't get. >> reporter: now those taxes that the president are talking about, a nonstarter with republicans, that is a sticking
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point. that is the impasse, the hurdle that they simply cannot clear. in the meantime, republicans are moving ahead in congress with a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. it is very much a long shot. they're moving ahead, here's orrin hatch explaining why. >> the only reason this administration doesn't want a constitutional amendment is because they want to keep spending the american people's money. and the only reason congressional democrats would refuse to pass it is because they know the people in this country would rise up and quickly ratify it. >> a lot of people look at that as a political exercise, sort of letting the republican base, fiscal contest conservatives and tea party base. this deal on the senate the moving forward, negotiated by republicans and democrats, that would essentially allow the president to raise the debt ceiling before august 2, and then present a list to congress of cuts that they would have to
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consider. a federal appeals court in san francisco saying the military can continue its don't ask, don't tell policy for now. the court's decision is based on newly provided information on federal plan for implementing an appeal to the policy this year. the decision bars the federal government from investigating, penalizing or discharging anyone pursuant to don't ask, don't tell. more than 200 people are planning a search today in missouri for the missing mother of 5-year-old triplets. missouri police have discovered evidence that jacque waller was carrying the night she disappearedisappear ed jackie's parents are -- >> how come that stay she happened to find that packet of business cards? because they were placed there for somebody to find. >> police say that waller's husband clay is now talking with
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detectives. he was the last person who saw jacque on july 2. he is a person of interest but he is not a suspect. got a bombshell involving casey anthony just one day before she was released from a florida jail. the woman acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter is now facing legal action. what is this new legal action that we're hearing about on a saturday? >> reporter: richard, casey anthony yesterday filed an appeal on those four guilty charges of lying to the authorities this. appeal will allow for her to use her fifth amendment right in order to refrain from giving any testimony regarding any civil lawsuit that's related to these charges in particular. her lying has led several entities and private groups to sue her saying they spent a great deal of resources searching for caylee when she was missing and in truth she was
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not missing because her mother knew from the beginning that she was dead now they want casey to bear those costs so now she can hold off from giving any testimony at least until that appeal trial goes ahead and happens. >> give us a ticktock, we understand that at any time past midnight we could see, seen here, casey anthony being set free. what do we know about the details here? >> reporter: that's right, richard, it's a closely guarded secret, we don't know which of the two entrances of the jail, the whole area is barricaded in anticipation of protesters who we expect will show up sometime this afternoon. and we have some people coming over. we don't know exactly where she will be taken, we do know that authorities will be dropping her off at some undisclosed location. the authorities say they will try and address any threats against casey anthony, they know those will be taking place, however they will not become her private security team.
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they will not be guarding her can standly. and it has been reported or at least speculated that casey anthony will be leaving town and so they will not be required to guard casey. >> lillian luciano, thank you. the midwest and the southern central states, you're engulfed in a dangerous heat wave in a month that's seen its share of hot weather. 182 highs broken in july and that trend likely to continue. bill karins will join us later with more on the hot weather. good saturday morning to you, richard, heat wave is going to be a massive one. let me show you what's happening first with our drought. this is with the big story out there in oklahoma, texas, now portions of kansas, new mexico and down along the gulf states. we have been exceptionally dry and this is one of the worst droughts we have seen in the
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last 20 years. as far as yesterday went, check out dallas, it was 107 yesterday in dallas, 105 oklahoma city, 105 in wichita. you can see where the drought is, and that's where the hottest temperatures are, there's just no soil moisture to keep it cool. the humidity isn't really in the areas of the drought so much, but areas just to the east of there. these numbers that you're looking at, the numbers in the green, that's areas where there's humidity coming off the gulf and that's going to make it dangerously hot and uncomfortable in the stays ahead. 103 today in wichita. no relief for anyone in that area. and now the heat's going to spread too, north to kansas city and st. louis, you're starting to get into the mix too. as far as wet weather goes down along the gulf, we will see some relief in showers and thunderstorms, in new orleans along i-10 into southern georgia, also we're watching scattered thunderstorms around
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minnesota. more rain down around louisiana, but the hot and dry conditions in the middle of the country will be the story in the days ahead, richard, this will be one of the worst weeks of hot weather we have seen yet, back to you. >> bill, thank you, i'm glad we did have to wait for you to get that report later. the u.s. women's soccer team is on the doorstep of winning the world cup, all that stands in their way is japan. the two teams will meet in frankfurt in the final. the u.s. team had gut wrenching wins against brazil and france, if you watched them, they were fantastic. the buzz for this team has grown to a fever pitch. nbc's anne thompson is in frankfurt where all that fever is percolating, ann, where that fun is going to be. . >> reporter: it's going to be a blast and we have been in frankfurt here talking to different americans who are going to the game. and they are very excited, but it's not just americans who are enthused about this world cup final, it's soccer fans around
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the world. in large part because of those heart stopping victories against brazil and france that the u.s. has had and that has already won them a whole new group of fans here in germany and back at home. this is what winning does. >> bringing back two players. >> reporter: the press corps following the u.s. women's soccer team has gone from five people to a genuine media horde. >> it's going to take passion to win this world cup. >> reporter: it doesn't have quite the frenzy of a super bowl media day, but it is every bit as unpredictable. >> then i just tell them, slow down, you move too fast. >> reporter: this is the coach, and, yes, she sings to her team. can you imagine vince lombardi or bill belichick doing this? but don't let the coach's tones fool you, these women are very serious about the task at hand, beating japan to win the world
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cup. hope solo is the team's goal keeper. >> yes! >> and i think since we were young kids it's been our dream, so you don't let anybody, media, family, whatever it may be stop you from reaching your goals. >> reporter: standing in the americans' way is a surprising japan squad, smaller but very skilled, it beat bigger teams, germany and swede on the reach the finals. the u.s. has defeated japan three time this is year, but this is the world cup. and abby wanbach who's scored two crucial goals with her head knows anything can happen. >> this is emotional, and whether people want to admit it or not, the stage is as big as it's ever been for this game and for the players on this team. >> reporter: now there are about 48,000 lucky people who will get to see the world cup final in person here in frankfurt in a
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stadium called the ford stadium and two of those are coming over from america. dr. jill biden who's the vice president's wife and chielsea clinton will be on hand. >> which begs the question, where are you going to be watching it? are you going to be with that group? >> reporter: i will probably be with fans in a bar in frankfurt. but we will be cheering very loudly. >> i will be doing the same thing vigorously here in the united states. it's been a long, protracted battle on capitol hill. there will be political winners and losers, but just who will they be? that's ahead, also with apologies, media mogul rupert murdock who says he's sorry for the telephone hacking scandal. and chaos in kurt, a woman goes berserk in court and goes after the judge.
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divorce proceedings in a kentucky town someone out of control when a woman objected to being held in contempt by attacking a judge. the judge was hearing a domestic -- she kept interrupting the judge and was given ten days in jail for contempt of court. that's when harvick leapt over the rail to get to the judge. two security officers quickly jumped in and struggled to bring her under control. harvick is now in jail for contempt. but officials say more charges are coming. judge edwards was not injured in in that attack. the deadline is looming for
8:21 am
what could be the first ever default in united states history. jake sherman is a congressional reporter. jake, we have seen so much happen in the last week, but we can't help but say nothing has happened despite so much happening? >> that's right, the two sides are still very far apart. house republicans are kind of going on a dual track method, they're giving their conservative base a balanced budget that won't pass. and speaker john boehner is also meeting with president obama's top advisors as chief of staff, his treasury tech secretary timothy geithner, so there is things going on behind the scenes, even though republicans are up in arms. >> things that will be happening this week, one a balanced budget amendment that republicans will be putting on the floor. is that largely to satisfy what you were just discussing, making
8:22 am
sure that the tea party support candidates will have a place to lodge their votes and put it on record? >> tea party conservatives say they will not vote for any kind of a debt ceiling increase without those three things enacted. so they're giving them this vote almost as cover, that's exactly right, it's for the freshman, for the right wing of the republican house and congress, which is really where the vote is. this vote does give leadership a little bit of cover as they go forward to inevitably raising the debt cap. >> is speaker boehner being seen as the adult in the room, shall we say, when we're talking about the republicans? >> we would say yes, he says president obama has no plan. and that's the message that they have been pushing for a long time. but he knows that he's talked to the president and he knows what the president wants. he even tried to do a deal with
8:23 am
the president. so to say he has no plan is not exactly accurate. but, listen, his conference is not completely, it doesn't have a lot of faith in him at this point, largely because they did averted a shutdown and it cut a lot less than many conservatives waned and many conservatives expected to be frank. he has a big challenge for -- this is a big challenge for speaker boehner and the republicans said they wanted to cut trillions of dollars and the president said he wanted to cut zero dollars and now they're meeting somewhere in the middle. they've changed the narrative, they have changed the conversation in washington and they have gotten obama off of that clean debt cut ceiling. >> after 2010, that's changed so much. also this coming week, we look at the reid mcconnell option. how does that look right now? that seems to be on the front bunner. >> it's interesting, i mean senator mitch mcconnell, the
8:24 am
republican leader has put forward a plan to basically give the president the responsibility and the power to raise the debt ceiling. and that's interesting, it's gotten a lot of conservatives in the house really upset and it's going to be tricky because the conservatives in the house don't really want to give the president anymore power. they see the president as not wanting to cut spending, they're going to do some cuts, they're going to attach some cuts in this thing and they're going to try to get it through. >> it's going to be an exciting week ahead or a bunch of weeks for you and myself. jake sherman from politico, thanks very much. beyond the score, acrobatic base running is making highlight reels across the country. ben rivera of the minnesota twins, making a somersault. stands up, keeps on running, managing to get to third, for a triple on that. got to laugh at himself too. and a rather amusing way of
8:25 am
stretching. first he squadded. feels pretty good. then he did a little twist, and jimenez did so with such style and grace, some say, and with a big old cigar in his mouth. all that warming up paid off for him. giminez started the third round just one stroke behind the leaders. with that, you're watching "msnbc saturday." >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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8:33 am
waller was carrying the night she disappeared. jay gray is here with information on this. >> reporter: jacque waller has been missing for six weeks, police have used dogs, helicopters, every resource they have but still have not uncovered any solid evidence about where jacque may have disappeared and why. friends and family are spreading the word any way they can. flyers, facebook, even balloons with information and this message, jacque is missing and they desperately want her back. >> this will work out. we won't get jacque back alive, i don't think, i would give my life literally to get my baby back alive. >> reporter: the 39-year-old mother of triplets disappeared june 1 after what police said was an argument with her estranged husband clay.
8:34 am
her vehicle was found abandoned with a flat tire. police say they suspect foul play but have very few leads. and nay also say they are not getting much help from her estranged husband which police believe is a person of interest in the case. >> there are a lot of things out that that he could be helpful to answer questions that we're in dire need of. >> waller's attorney released a statement which said in part, clay misses his wife and hopes she is found alive. he sincerely sympathizes with the rawson family, his heart goes out to them, however clay had nothing to do with his wife's disappearance and we have substantial evidence to support that claim. those who continue to search. >> she's a mother with three kids and we're just hoping she comes back. >> reporter: now worry about what they may find. >> i personally don't think we're going to find her alive, we just want to find her, no matter what and make sure there's justice.
8:35 am
>> reporter: justice for her friends, her family and her three young children who, like so many in her community, are wondering when and how jacque will come home. now temporary custody of the 5-year-old triplets has been awarded to jacque's sister and brother-in-law. no visitation rights for their father clay waller. clay waller's attorney said that clay is hurting over this too. now to new details, the widening phone hacking scandal happening overseas, rupert murdock is apologizing, but there's no information about -- kira simmons is in london and i understand a very large ad campaign has also been put out by rupert murdock's empire. >> reporter: this is the
8:36 am
newspaper that broke the phone hacking story, it's "the washington post" of this particular scandal. and even in this newspaper is a huge apology, a full page apology from rupert murdock, that apology is in every newspaper in britain. my understanding is that in the not too distant future it will be followed up by some powerful premiseses about what they plan to do fully and also to make sure this never happens again. rupert murdock again one of the most powerful men in media, he runs fox tv, "the wall street journal." all this began, of course, with the revelations of wrong doing by journalists listening to people mobile cell phone messages and this week, there's even been reports that the voicemails of other victims may
8:37 am
have been accessed although there doesn't seem to be any evidence to prove that. the prime minister here is even under fire because she was so close to rupert murdock's people and even the police are close to them despite investigating them for what may have been criminal activity. to call it a crisis does not do it justice. >> when we look at the words that were used by rupert murdock initially and from his company when his reports first came out, they were saying absolutely these are preposterous, now we're hearing i am sorry, is there more at stake that the murdock empire might be facing in the coming days or coming months? >> ei think there's absolutely o question of that. it smells of an alleged cover-up and the fact that there were all these denials for years and then slowly things emerged, that sort of news, that shocking news that
8:38 am
potentially journalists have listened to the voicemails of a teenager who was murdered. anguished voicemails left by her parents after she went missing. is there more to come? i think there quite certainly is, i think news international has some idea of what's coming and they're just trying to get ahead of it. >> great report this morning, thank you for the very latest there on that. appreciate it. president obama raking in record cash from donors as he starts hiss re-election effort. 27 fund-raisers cler s collecte than $500,000 each in just the mast three months. the president and the democratic national committee say they've raised $86 million for the quarter. any time there's a big fight in washington particularly about the debt ceiling is how much of the noise is justified and how much is just plain old politics.
8:39 am
all sides say the u.s. is in big trouble if it defaults on its debts next month. that does not mean there's not a bit of posturing going on. now the political fight of who may be winning or not winning. i'm joined by nbc's political analyst karen finney and pat buchanan. there's a new poll out there that shows that 34% of people will blame the president if the debt celling is not raised. but 48% will blame republicans. does that mean that the president is winning the political battle? >> so far i think the president has won the battle hands down, he's got the pr advantage, he's got all these weapons and tools of the bully pull pipit over th himself and geithner and the ratings agency saying everything's going bad, but we haven't ended this battle yesterday and while the president's winning now, i think the winner in one sense is going to be eric cantor in the house
8:40 am
because he solidified a tremendously powerful base inside the republican party, he's become more well known and more popular. and i think the president is going to lose to this extent. we're going to get no new taxes, we're going to get a debt ceiling raised and we're going to get significant cuts in the budget. quite frankly when you're chopping the budget of the federal government and no new taxes, that's a conservative victory of sorts, and i think that's what we're going to wind up with. >> with that functionality that pat's talking about, will that slow down the argument even more because the -- move forward in a clean way? >> although i agree with pat that cantor actually may end up coming out of this a winner, in part because his goal is to be speaker and boehner has definitely been weakened in this process. but in weakening boehner in this process, it shows these fractures within the republican party, so you're right, there isn't a unified message that they're able to push and the
8:41 am
dirty little secret here is that boehner actually could get a deal if he were willing to go to nancy pelosi and steny hoyer. >> talking about coalescens, we don't have to go too far back here, it does not look good for congressional republicans, but we have to go back just a year and a half, 2010, the election, they had a mandate at that time based on spending, but what has happened between then and now? >> they have still got a mandate on spending, americans overwhelmingly want spending cuts, some want tax increases. here's where the republicans would lose. if the republicans get the debt ceiling passed by august 2 and there's no downgrade of the american bonds and we don't have to start cutting social, republicans will come out of this just fine. if, however, i think we do get a
8:42 am
debt ceiling period passes and we don't have it and there's real turmoil in the market, they will blame the republicans, no doubt about it. but, again, the president at the end of this, i think is going to have a real problem because with pelosi and others in his party, he's going to be accepting significant domestic social budget cuts and he's going to get zero new revenues. >> pat, that may not happen, let's not count those chickened yet, they have not hatched. we don't get know. >> if there's going to be new taxes. >> we might close some tax high school loop hopes, pat. if there's any guide here, we should look at what's happened in places like wisconsin where, yes, voters said they wanted tax cuts but the devil was in the details and we had a republican governor and a legislature that went overboard and oversaw their mandate, frankly and now look how unpopular that governor is. so the devil's going to be in
8:43 am
the details, frankly in terms of the final deal as to who the winners and losers are. >> take a look, karen at minnesota, you've got a democratic governor who shut down his own government rather than accept the budget cuts demanded by the voters and he demanded tax increases and he capitula capitulated. at the end of the day, what happened? the budget was significantly cut and there's no tax increases. now if you do this again and again and again, no matter how bloody the mess, these are one victory after another for the republicans who are against tax increases and for budget cuts. the whole country, the whole world is moving in a more conservative direction, i'm sorry, karen. >> well, again, i think the devil is in the details here, pat, because i think if people recognize what some of these cuts actually mean to their lives, then, you know, they're not so happy about it, you've got 80% of americans don't pay for the things that the congressional republicans want to do. >> you're not going to get the budget cuts unless the president agrees to them and you and i
8:44 am
know he will sign that debt ceiling with those budget cuts and he will fold and accept them. >> the discussions between pat and karen this morning, thank you both very much and have a very good saturday. casey anthony goes free tomorrow, but if you're thinking she wants to get on with her life and put her ordeal behind her, you better think again. she is appealing those convictions. why would she do that when she's getting out of jail anyway? that's next on "msnbc saturday." man: be kind to your eyes
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casey anthony's legal issues may not be over just yet. a day before she's released from a florida jail, the 25-year-old acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee, now faces a paternity suit. she's also launching an appeal. let's bring in our legal panelist. karen desoto is a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. karen, i'll start with you on
8:48 am
this. the paternity suit really has two stages to it, doesn't it? >> yes, one is it really a credible paternity test. is this someone who actually knew her? he may be just looking to get his 15 minutes of fame, like we saw in the anna nicole case. and he may be thinking i may be able to get a couple bucks off of this. that is the next step, he's going to sue for wrongful death and maybe get a part of the money she's going to be getting in the future. >> he proves somehow that he is the father and he files a suit against casey, what would his argument be there? >> i think he would say that he's the father, and there was a wrongful death here and that he has a right against casey in this case and he can seek damages. but i have to agree with karen, i really think that's probably a 15 minutes of name issue here.
8:49 am
>> i'm surprise we don't have cyber paternity suits, i'm surprised that every inmate in the world isn't filing this. this has been going on for two years, i can't believe we haven't met five or ten fathers now. >> we have until tomorrow. the appeal, she wants to appeal those four misdemeanor charges, it doesn't seem to make sense, why is she doing that on top of that? >> there's two reasons, richard, one is that it's just form, when you're done with a trial, you always do an appeal as an attorney, it's a timing mechanism, you always do that as a matter of procedure. second is that she has an argument that while this appeal is going on, she doesn't have to take depositions or be deposed in any civil matters. however, of course the other side who is suing her is going to say, listen, the judgment has already been ajude dated, we
8:50 am
need to take her deposition. so she may be trying to get out of giving testimony. >> the money she's getting is being socked away into a little account. what does she get to do with it after she leaves? >> she can utilize that money for her personal needs. she has fans out there that are sending her money and will continue to do so, if they can track her down once she leaves jail. >> what does she do after she leaves jail? >> you know, richard, i'm scared for the reality show. >> what do you think? >> she's going to go into hiding and then come out and do the books and the interview. she's going to do the diane sawyer. >> sell pictures of the child, t-shirts, a whole marketing deal. >> thank you both very much. it was a grisly discovery in a southern california mansion, a woman found hanging, bound and de dead. is it possible it was a suicide or a homicide?
8:51 am
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got some new details on a mysterious death that shocked a southern california community. 32 yield rebecca was found dead earlier this week, her body hanging from a rope on a second floor balcony with her hands tied behind her back and feet bound. her body was discovered inside the mansion of her boyfriend and police are searching the home to decide whether the death was, in fact, a crime. >> i'm joined by criminal analyst and former fbi profiler. you know, clint, based on that description, could it be a suicide? >> you know, as a death investigator, you have to consider four causes. homicide, suicide, accident or natural causes. we throw natural causes out obviously. but any of the three, even accident, richard, i have seen some bizarre situations where, you know, auto erotic deaths and things such as this.
8:55 am
so investigators can't afford to lock in on one theory. >> what are some of the other details in this case that the investigators might look at in the coming days? >> good question. one of the things they need is the tocological report. were there any drugs in the victim's system? is there any indication of injuries. was she shot, stabbed, beaten, anything like that, that would indicate maybe if it was an actual suicide did she put up a fight before she was put into a situation like this. again, you can't throw away suicide until you know for sure. >> are there any details on the case that show what the relationship was like between her, as well as her boyfriend? >> yeah, this relationship has been ongoing. realize she was just recently divorced been the last few months. so when you start to put together a pool of suspects, not only do you have to consider her boyfriend and her boyfriend's brother, who occupied that house at different times, but law
8:56 am
enforcement has to take a look at her ex-husband and say, was he anywhere around, and then, of course, since this little community only has about one homicide a year, at most, why at this place at this time was she a victim? >> 20 seconds to go here, clint. you've come across this case before. put it in context. >> yeah, back in 2009, there was a census reporter who tide his hands behind his back, put a rope around his neck and choked himself to make it look like a homicide, realized it was a suicide, he had two insurance policies, and he wanted his kids to get the money. the insurance policies wouldn't pay on a suicide, so he scratched the word "fed" on his chest to make his look like somebody was mad at him. >> clint, appreciate your time. with that, that wraps up our
8:57 am
live msnbc saturday coverage. but stay with us for headline updates, breaking news as it happens. up next, al roker reporting. you have yourself a very good saturday. i remember the days before copd.
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