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tv   Lockup Indiana  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> and that's all for now. i'm ann curry skpch. and for all of us here at nbc news, thanks for joining us. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. an inmate assaults a prison staff member. >> hold on to him. hold on. >> [ bleep ]! rip my [ bleep ] guts out when i'm getting ready -- [ bleep ]. >> while other inmates turn the violence against themselves. >> i cut my vein. >> i have a daughter that just turned 13 years old and she's my pride and joy. >> and with the personal cameras provided by "lockup" producers, inmates share their feelings about life behind bars. >> it's sad in my heart to know
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that i had to do that and take time away from my daughter. maybe we can touch on just a little bit about what it's like to have spent 20 years in prison. when they first handed me this camera, i'm like, what? how does this work? i don't know what an ipod is. i don't know how to work these fancy gadgets. they had to show me. i don't know how to use a cell phone. the only vision that i have of
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the outside world outside these walls is what i see on tv basically. >> 40-foot-high walls, razor wire, armed officers monitoring every move from towers above. escapes from indiana state prison are rare. there is one place, however, where inmates can briefly escape these reminders of incarceration. the prison barbershop is not unlike any other small town barbershop in america. >> all you females out there, i'm coming to a town near you. >> the barbers are the most trusted inmates in the prison, even staff get their hair cut here. >> to me, it's just like going into the barbershop anywhere else. i've been doing it so long, they know you. you go in there and you joke around and you talk.
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>> you want a good haircut? >> just a regular haircut. >> i'll wear my glasses, then. >> don't make my sideburns crooked like you usually do. >> you better go somewhere else then. >> you're the only one in town. >> the only one that will put up with you, you mean? >> yep, you got it. i don't know how i'm going to handle it when i retire. i'll have to find a barber somewhere. >> all you have to do is buy some clippers and have your old lady shave it bald. >> sadly, some inmates turn to a very different form of cutting when emotions become too much to bear. >> these are cuts on my legs. when i cut myself, i let it heal a lot. and once they heal over, i start cutting it again. i cut my legs and stuff like that where staff can't see it. if you cut it where they can see you, they're going to write you up. >> i've cut myself so much so
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long, it's natural for me, you know. it don't even hurt. when i cut, it don't even hurt. it gives me a release. but more than anything, i think it's just the act kind of calms me down. >> because of his compulsion to self-mutilate, ricky beauchamp is assigned to the residential treatment unit, rtu, it's the only facility specially designed for inmates suffering with mental health issues. >> he was brought here because of the quality of staff that we have at this prison and it was believed that if anybody could get treatment done in a maximum security setting with these types of inmates, that it would be the indiana state prison that could do that. and the goal of the unit is to take guys who are unstable
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mentally, get them stabilized and get them through the programming with the ultimate goal of getting them back out and functioning in the general population. >> that's good. >> still hot. >> you wash your hands today? >> i've been 18 months clear of any kind of conduct report and i have never, the whole 12 years of me being in prison, been that long without a write-up. >> the prison recently notified beauchamp that his good behavior has earned him an earlier than expected release date. >> this is my freedom. these papers. and when i got that i cried for the first time in probably ten years. because, you know, it hit me, it's like, damn, my out date's there. i'm glad they had the program up here to where they're actually starting to help people with issues that we have instead of just medicating a person and letting them go on.
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>> how are you doing, mr. beachamp? >> just peachy. >> welcome to another isp cutters group. you guys have had some bouts of cutting and self-mutilating behaviors. they learned coping skills and taught them they're not alone in dealing with the adversity and emotional distress they're dealing with. the thing is, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. does the same hold true, once a cutter, always a cutter? can you stop and then go back to can you stop and never go back to it again? >> i don't think it's possible. i don't think i'll ever be able to stop cutting myself. being in prison and having a mental illness is not for everybody. some people can't handle it. you just got to -- me, i just try to learn the best way i can cope with it without hurting someone else. that's a lot of time when i cut myself. i get mad and angry and want to hurt something, i'll turn on myself.
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>> but some inmates act on anger by lashing out on others. >> inside, inside, close the door. >> an assault has just occurred inside "f" dorm. the victims are isp staff members robert taylo -- >> [ bleep ]. >> -- and james cadwell. >> a man was getting moved out to get fired from his job, was getting moved out. somebody blamed him for that. we were getting ready to leave and he jumped him. i tried breaking it up and got hit, too. >> you okay, jimmy? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> nitro? >> i put one under his tongue already and he's got them in his right pocket if you need more. >> taylo is 68 years old and has a history of heart problems. >> mr. taylo, we'd like to bring you back to the hospital building, okay? >> whatever. >> one, two, three.
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hold on to him. hold on. look at me, look at me. i want you to keep looking at me. don't look at the floor. >> today we had an offender that was told he has to move out of his cell house, out of the "f" unit. >> taylo's attacker joe buchanan was quickly subdued and is on his way to a special management cell, pending further investigation. >> he lost his job yesterday and the counselor and the case manager went ahead and brought him in, told him he had to pack up and leave. the offender got right by the door. the case manager and counselor were coming out. counselor was kicked in the chest and popped in the head. >> taylo will be transported to the prison hospital. ironically, he shares something in common with his attacker. both their jobs require that they be sounding boards for inmates.
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taylo's an "f" dorm counselor. buchanan, a prison barber. >> it was always one of my dreams to be a barber, because on the street, i used to always hang around the barber shop, right? i used to always sit up in the barber shop and listen to them tell jokes one know? tell jokes and cut hair. and that's the way it was, just always fun and laughter in the barbershop and that's all i was doing here. but i got fired for it. >> offender buchanan was fired from the barbershop for making inappropriate comments towards staff. so the female officer working the barbershop fired him for that. he was told he had a certain amount of time to find a new job. the time passed and he was unable to find a job.
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as a result of that, he assaulted two staff members in "f" dorm. >> cadwell received only minor cuts. but taylo is now experiencing an irregular heartbeat. >> you got any nitro? give him another one and get him out of here. >> what made me mad about mr. taylo is he's supposed to be my counselor. i'm in his dorm and he wasn't even trying to help me. >> the decision is made to transport taylo to a nearby emergency room. >> after i did see him laying down there, i didn't feel too good about that. i seen the man down there and i felt sorry for him. you know what i'm saying? >> then he did one of those [ bleep ] punches with his foot. he got me with his foot. >> i'm sorry for what i did to
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those people. you know what i'm sayin'? but you push it -- you push a person so far, what do you expect? coming up -- >> things have changed a lot since you've been here concerning sexual harassment. no means no, not yes or maybe. >> one inmate learns the new rules. >> on a psych unit, if you act on everything they do, you'd be fighting everyday. >> and another copes with madness. your finances can't manage themselves. but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can. a certified financial planner professional. cfp. let's make a plan.
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and i've seen that happen. it's not nice. >> hold on to him. >> this morning, came into work and i saw that we had an incident over the weekend where a couple of counselors got assaulted. i started looking at the video over on our "f" dorm. when you see a scuffle here, and one man is now down right there. i have a master lock that was turned in, that was in the possession of offender buchanan. most likely this padlock was used as a weapon involved in that assault. >> we're hearing mr. buchanan today. he assaulted two staff members. we're going to hear him and get a plea on him and make a decision and see if he'll give us any comments on it because he's on the psych unit, it means i have to go to him and hear the case. they'll bring him out in cuffs and we'll do it there. >> but joe buchanan might have different plans.
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>> hey, joe, we want to take you back here in the back. >> i ain't going. >> come on, joe. >> i want to plead guilty. >> you don't want to come out, then? >> no. >> let me talk to him for a second. buchanan, you don't want to change your plea or anything? do you want to give a statement? >> i'm guilty. >> okay. i'll come back and let you know what we did, then. >> you can just write it down, all right? >> okay. i accepted his plea of guilty. i'm going to give him a year in seg starting on the 19th. and he's a lifer. so there's nothing else that we can really do to him. so now i'm going to go back and tell him what i did. mr. buchanan, you know you got a year in idu, right? i will tell them know that you can be moved and you know you can appeal this. >> i ain't going to appeal nothing. >> all right, thank you. >> for ricky beauchamp, it's
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time to make a very different transition. his release date is rapidly approaching, and the prison wants to make sure he's ready. >> this is the re-entry pre-release class. we'll give you lessons on reentering the community. things have changed a lot since you've been here. so we need to make sure we understand the laws and everything concerning sexual harassment. >> male and female? >> yes, absolutely. >> it goes both ways? >> it applies to both. >> it's not a double standard now? >> no. >> i'm going to ask you some questions and you give me the answer, true or false. if a woman dresses or behaves in a sexy way, she is asking to be sexually harassed? >> false. >> false. >> are those your thoughts or do you have other thoughts aside from that? >> i don't. >> saying no is usually enough
3:18 pm
to stop sexual harassment. >> should be true. >> it's actually false because sometimes harassers don't really think that no really means no. no means no, not yes or maybe. it don't mean come back later or tomorrow. it means no right now. >> what if they're persistent? >> then you tell them, no. no means no. >> what if they don't take no for an answer? >> give me a scenario. are you on the job? >> okay, look, if i go to him, i ask him for something, he says no. >> that's just begging. >> after his release, beauchamp will need to navigate his way around women outside the workplace as well. he's recently renewed an old relationship. >> i said, hello, how are you? i'm fine. i'm just doing the same old
3:19 pm
[ bleep ] for real. it's a letter i wrote to my friend that i ain't seen after 20 years. i can't wait to see you after so long. i don't think i have changed much. i'm not little no more. i'm a grown man now. i want you to let me know when you're coming. i think she wants to be the first one to make up for lost time. you're on the visiting list. when you come up, we can kiss, we can hug. we can hold hands. we can't get freaky. no, but we can hug and kiss and touch each other. you've got a picture of me, but i ain't seen you in 23 years. you ain't lost the curves, though, have you? that's a good thing. black dolly parton, huh? don't wear nothing too revealing because they won't let you in. okay?
3:20 pm
there you go. i'm gonna get up there, sweetheart. write me, all right? i'll see you on monday. love you, too, sweetie. bye-bye. that was a decent little conversation. >> beauchamp can see the light at the end of his tunnel. >> it was all right. >> you all right? >> but john philbeck's tunnel is about to get darker. like beauchamp, philbeck is a cutter. >> what instrument did you use to create that cut? >> a razor blade. cutting it down this side here and that side there to the bone. i took the razor and bowled it and cut the whole middle out, all the way down to the bone. there was nothing but a big hole there. i ain't got no feeling here no
3:21 pm
more. >> only days away from being transferred from the residential treatment unit to a general population dorm, philbeck has run into a problem. >> apparently he had an incident on our rtu today, said someone walked into his cell and destroyed some of his property and became threatening. >> i went to him, i said, i'm coming to you before anything jumps off. >> i'm glad you did that. >> i wanted to come out and cut him. i was going to do that today but i didn't. i let it go. >> thanks for making a good decision. better this than all that. i know how much damage you can do, so i'm glad you took another road. what we're going to do is bring him upstairs, let him stay up on "g" dorm for the weekend, sort
3:22 pm
out what went on monday. either way, we'll probably get him out to "e" dorm. he was in phase 2. we wanted to get him out there anyway. now he's ready to go. so it works out. coming up, it doesn't take long for philbeck's patience to be put to the test once more. and another inmate's patience seems to have a sinister side. >> if i got a problem with somebody, i'm just going to be patient until i get a chance to put my hands on him and then i'm gonna whoop his ass. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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after a conflict with another inmate, john philbeck is scheduled to be transferred from indiana state prison's residential treatment unit to "g" dorm, but there's a snag. >> how long will i be in here? i don't know.
3:26 pm
i'm hoping it ain't going to be long. even if i have to hurt myself to get out of here, i'll do it. because i cannot stand being in this cell for a long time. >> while waiting for a bed to open up, philbeck has been moved to a temporary holding cell next to an inmate experiencing a psychiatric episode. >> [ bleep ]! >> in spite of his neighbor, philbeck has seemingly made peace with the situation. >> on the psych unit, if you act on everything that they do, you'll be fighting every day. >> officers eventually remove the other inmate. but philbeck has received some bad news. his transfer to a dormitory housing unit where he will have more privileges has been delayed. >> i just found out today that there's no beds open in "e" or "a." so i'm stuck for a while.
3:27 pm
>> like philbeck, rudy gonzalez is not only a self-cutter but he's been attacked by other inmates as well. >> will you lift that up for me, please? that long scar is a self-inflicted wound that i did a while back. it healed up, but one of my enemies got mad and decided to throw hot water on me. so what it did, it opened my scar right back up. every day i go to the hospital, they change the bandage, clean it up, that type of stuff. >> we caught up with gonzalez again after he returned from the hospital. >> i could have retaliated, threw some stuff back on him. but i'm not that type of person. i don't throw boiling water, feces, throw urine. i don't do that stuff. if i have a problem with somebody, i'm just going to be
3:28 pm
patient until i get a chance to put my hands on him and then i'm gonna whoop his ass. >> gonzalez's behavior in prison has destroyed any chance of an early release. >> i had a bad temper problem. i regret it, i really do. there's one thing i finally realized, i'm not doing this time alone. my family's doing it with me. and i'm hurting them more than i'm hurting myself. they're out there missing me like crazy, especially my daughter. >> now only a few weeks away from his release date, gonzalez must not only try to stay out of trouble, he must also control his compulsion to cut. >> sometimes the physical pain wipes away the emotional pain, at least for the time being anyway. that's one reason. another reason is there might be a situation going on where we're trying to holler at the c.o. or sergeant and they want to ignore us. we cut ourselves and then we scream out there and say, i cut
3:29 pm
myself, i'm bleeding. then they hurry up and get back here. coming up, with his release only days away, rudy gonzalez cuts again. >> when i did that, oh, i got everybody's attention then, everybody in that [ bleep ] room wanted to talk to me. to track my good driving habits. the better i drive, the more i save. it's crystal-clear savings and only progressive has it. nice. this has been a public savings announcement. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only
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i'm melissa rahburger. china is upset for the meeting with president obama and the dalai lama. during the meeting the president underscored the importance of human rights in tibet and china. casey anthony is expected to be set free during the early morning hours for security reasons. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised.
3:33 pm
believe it or not, i'm a lot older than i look in here. >> yeah, he is. >> and people ask me how i do it, and, well, here's one of my secrets. as you see, there's plenty of vegetables. i grow gardens here and i try to eat as healthy as i possibly can because we don't get it in the chow hall. >> i'm here to pick up offender philbeck. he's moving to the "e" dorm at this time. the doctor authorized his move. >> can you sign him out, please? >> yes. >> after one week spent in a temporary holding cell, john philbeck's transfer from indiana state prison's residential treatment unit or rtu, to a general population dorm is finally ready to happen. >> go out this way. >> just be cool. >> unit 18 to "e" dorm.
3:34 pm
did you get everything? >> yeah. >> how have you been doing? >> all right. >> so far? you'll do all right. it's always good to see them come down from rtu. it's like another step. they're doing a little bit better. come out here and get to be around a bunch more people. i met philbeck when he first came to the facility up on rtu. he was really quiet up there. when he first came, wouldn't talk to nobody. but he's opened up quite a bit and i think that helped him a lot. >> i'll holler back at you, man. >> you know what it's going to cost you, right? >> ricky beauchamp is still in rtu due to his own cutting compulsion. but today, anticipating a visit
3:35 pm
from a girlfriend he hasn't seen in 20 years, beauchamp is focused on a more productive form of cutting. >> i'm going to get a haircut, maybe, because i've had enough bad haircuts. i can't do my hair that way. i've got a big bubble head, don't look right. for real. knock, knock. >> what's happening, partner? >> my name's john boy. what you need? >> i'm real finicky about my hair. i want to give to locks of love. the question is, how good are you at cutting hair? because every haircut i ever had -- i've probably had two good haircuts since i've been in prison. >> you're getting ready to get your third. grab the mirror for a second. talking about giving this to locks of love. keep this here. locks of love has got to have 10 inches, right? >> uh-huh. >> don't go getting scared now. >> screw it, do it.
3:36 pm
>> that's what i want to hear. are you ready to do this? >> yes. >> are you sure? >> chop it off. kind of like a transformation for me in prison and cut it all off. the day i got out, i was going to get it cut. might as well donate it to locks of love for the kids. >> this is a 6-inch. so we have 6 and about another 5 1/2. so we've got about 11 1/2 inches there. >> not bad. >> some child will be happy. keep your eyes closed ant don't move because i'm right around your eyes with a pair of scissors. i'm going to bring this to the top of your ears. you're already looking good. feeling a little bit more secure in getting your haircut here? >> i ain't got an opinion on that yet. >> you're not giving me too much
3:37 pm
confidence here. >> when you're done i'll give you a decision. >> look at it this way, you ain't bleeding, partner. hold on. >> more handsome than i was before, how is that possible? >> that's because you have a good barber. >> appreciate that. >> meanwhile, another one of the prison's self-cutters, rudy gonzalez, has just cut himself again. but this time, gonzalez less than a month away from finishing his prison sentence claims to have had a motive. >> i was on the idu, the segregation unit, and a couple of guys up there that i don't get along with are threatening to burn me up again. i got another one admitting to me that he's got hiv and hepatitis and telling me how he's going to mix up some hot water with feces and throw that on me so i catch the disease. so everybody that comes past my cell door, i say, these are the guys that are trying to hurt me and kill me. i said, i need to get off this unit.
3:38 pm
>> we have another high number of offenders who will self-mutilate and cut to get their way. officers don't come to their cell fast enough, they want a tv, they are having a problem with something, so they will cut in order to get somebody's attention. >> i'll pull out a razor blade and i cut myself right there. can you see that? right there. them little circles is where i had the stitches. when i did that, oh, i got everybody's attention then, everybody and their [ bleep ] mama wanted to talk to me and find out why i did it. i don't care, i just want to make it out alive, man. >> we're going up to "g" unit to talk to offender gonzalez. he always gets in trouble and tries to manipulate his way out of it by cutting himself. makes it real hard to deal with him. rudy? gonzalez, gonzalez, come on.
3:39 pm
>> prison staff think this latest cutting incident might be more about gonzalez's upcoming release than threats. >> people think you're not going to make it. >> who's thinking that? >> just how you're acting. your actions have changed the last few days. you're starting to wig out a little bit. >> i know, it's because i'm nervous. >> but you've got to take control of that. >> i'm trying. it's been eight years. that's a long time. >> i understand that. but there's a lot of changes out there that you're going to have to face. >> exactly. and one of them is my dad not being out there. it's going to freak me out a little bit. every time i needed him, he was there. and him not being there is one of the things i'm stressing about. >> you're going to have to find somebody else to deal with that. >> i'm trying my best. >> spend as much time with your little girl as you can. now you're going to start another part of your life. and that's what you need to do. okay? all right.
3:40 pm
>> thank you. >> all right. up next, ricky beauchamp experiences first date jitters. >> kind of odd, you know, not seeing someone for 20 years. >> and rudy gonzalez experiences a meltdown. >> is this what i got to do to get some [ bleep ] to listen to me? i don't like the new haircut i just got. way too short. wherever he is. i need to see my family while they're still awake. [ male announcer ] with global services from dell, jim can address his company's i.t. needs through custom built applications, cloud solutions and ongoing support in over 100 countries. so his company sees results. and jim sees his family. dell. the power to do more. ♪♪ ♪
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>> it's brand new, never been worn. >> ricky beauchamp has found himself in the middle of a wardrobe malfunction. >> that's kind of a small shirt. >> i feel like i'm a smoked sausage. >> at least it will give the visitors something to talk about. >> i think i got fat. >> you're all right, though, you're still an all right guy. visitors shouldn't be focusing on that, though. >> outside of prison, he would have what is commonly known as first date jitters. >> are you excited? are you nervous? >> i'm excited. i was a little bit nervous. i had to use the restroom. made me feel giddy. i thought i was handsome yesterday. got to look good for the lady. >> beauchamp is about to see a childhood friend with whom he had recently rekindled a relationship. >> beauchamp?
3:45 pm
ready? >> appreciate it. kind of odd not seeing someone after 20 years. she told me she just recently lost a lot of weight. but when we was younger, she wasn't that big. she said she lost 100 pounds. i don't care. i've been in prison so long, appearances, i've learned, are real deceiving. so i don't know. >> hey. >> you all right? >> yeah. >> long time, long time. we've got a lot of catching up to do. >> don't cry. >> i'm trying not to. >> you all right? >> yeah.
3:46 pm
>> nervous? palms sweating? >> no. >> you still look good. still got that smile. that's what you used to tease me with. when you wrote that letter, you didn't think i remembered, did you? >> no. 21 years. >> after i got out the last time was '94. i tried to find you and then again when i got locked up again in '96, i tried to find you. but i kept looking under bonita harris. >> you wouldn't have found me. >> yes. i didn't take into consideration you've been married a couple times. >> yes. 13 years you've been here. have you learned your lesson? >> i've learned very many lessons. >> 12 years, ricky. >> yeah. but it's like a new beginning for me. i'll never wear another pair of handcuffs or shackles ever. >> maybe it took this for you to do that. >> yes. >> like beauchamp, rudy gonzalez is also anticipating a release from prison. but with only two days left to serve on his eight-year
3:47 pm
sentence, he's in the midst of a meltdown. >> is this what i have to do to get someone to [ bleep ] listen to me? they won't [ bleep ] help me out! >> gonzalez was moved to a holding cell after cutting himself again after a dispute with staff over his rec time. >> i did one, two, three, all at the same time. it was so bad, i cut my vein, it started squirting. i'm trying to make it home, but at the same time -- >> he's cutting his wrist bad. he's been suicidal before. now you want to put him in a cage for no reason? >> an inmate in a neighboring cell appears to offer gonzalez some support. but things aren't always what they seem in prison. >> he hates women, he's a rapist. >> that's the case with the baseless accusation coming from the inmate in the next cell, meant only to rile up someone else or perhaps just pass the time. gonzalez in fact is serving time
3:48 pm
for arson and has never been charged with rape. >> i'm a rapist? you can't pay attention to this [ bleep ]. >> when he gets out he will rape women. >> you better hope to god they do not let me come nowhere near you when i get out, because i will knock every [ bleep ] tooth you've got out of your mouth. what makes you think i'll have a problem cutting down you? i ain't got no problem cutting down you. >> mr. gonzalez, how are you? >> prison psychologist reggie matias is called in to calm gonzalez down. >> you're going home friday, right? >> yeah. friday is my out day. i want to hurry up and make it out there before i do end up doing something stupid knowing i will regret it later on down the line. >> i was getting a little worried about you. the closer it gets to your date, the more worked up you seem to be getting. >> i'm glad you noticed that. i'm nervous, man. don't get me wrong.
3:49 pm
i'm really happy to be out there with my family again. you know? i'm not trying to get in trouble to purposely stay here. that's not what this is about. it's not purposely. it's just how i am. >> it's a big change. >> i want to get the hell out of here as soon as possible. i can't wait. >> gonzalez is not the only cutter at isp who's under stress. after less than a week of living in a general population dorm, john philbeck ran into a problem with another inmate and was moved back to the residential treatment unit. when he got there, more trouble was waiting for him. >> dude jumped me as soon as he opened up the door. >> just turn around. >> officers restrain the inmate who allegedly attacked philbeck upon his return to the residential treatment unit. >> you have no idea why this man jumped you? >> no. >> calm down.
3:50 pm
>> we soon learned that philbeck's trouble with other inmates has been part of a pattern. >> mr. philbeck has a habit of doing things that are very unpopular with other inmates. while he was on rtu, he had run up a significant debt with another offender and apparently couldn't or wouldn't pay it back, so he began to then talk to us about being ready to go to population. we were unaware of the debt until later. he got moved out there and essentially stiffed the guy. and so when he came back, as soon as the other offender saw him, he went to collect on the debt, so to speak. it's an interesting world in here. coming up, it's the end of the road for rudy gonzalez. >> see how i'm shaking a little bit? i'm nervous, man. eight years. eight long years.
3:51 pm
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a week after he was assaulted by inmate joe buchanan, counselor robert taylo, though still on medical leave, has returned to the prison. >> i had to walk in there and let the guy see me. and i had to do it for myself, too, because when i come back to work, if i hadn't gone in there, hey, he's scared. and i'm not. i'm not working, i just had to go back and get some paperwork out of the dorm. >> how did that go when you went back in? >> just as i thought it would. the guy came up and secretly said, glad to see me back. >> but the outlook for ricky beauchamp who's been anticipating his release in just nine more days is discouraging.
3:55 pm
a recalculation of the time he has earned off his sentence for good behavior has pushed his release date back an additional eight months. >> i have a daughter that just turned 13 years old, and she's my pride and joy. and when i sit back and think about it now, i don't regret what i did. in the situations i was in, i had to react to them in a certain manner. and it saddens my heart to know that i had to do that and take time away from my daughter, from her. >> though it pales in comparison with being released, the prison has decided to move beauchamp from the residential treatment unit to a general population dorm where he will have much more freedom within the prison. >> i'm excited because i don't like being locked in this cage. and going over there, it's all open.
3:56 pm
if i'm feeling stressed or whatever, i can get up and walk around instead of being in a cell like this. it's hard to walk back and forth just right here. >> beauchamp's move to the dormitory will also prepare him for an uncertain future on the outside. the feeling can be overwhelming. >> we done? >> it's an emotional day for rudy gonzalez as well. >> here in just a few minutes, i'm going to be on the other side of that wall. it's hard to believe. it's hard to believe it's actually happening. >> though gonzalez's final days in prison have been troubling ones, he has completed his full sentence and the prison must grant his release. >> see how i'm shaking a little bit? i'm nervous, man.
3:57 pm
eight years. eight long years. i'm excited, i'm nervous and i'm scared all at the same time. i talked to my daughter on the telephone last night. she said, tomorrow morning when i hug you, i'm never letting you go again. i can't wait. look at me. i'm crying and the whole world is going to be like, man, he's soft. but i miss my daughter. i've been missing her for eight years. >> today's the day, huh? probably be the last time you have to put these on, hopefully. front or back? >> in the back. >> just been praying for my son for the last eight years and he's coming home. that, to me, is everything. i can't do nothing but thank god because god's kept him.
3:58 pm
he's kept him. i'm just emotional right now. >> where is his daughter? >> right here. adalina. >> are you excited? >> maybe i'll scream, daddy. >> i'm going to walk out with you and your family. >> i'm home. i'm a free man. i'm a free man. >> oh, god, thank you. thank you, god. thank you, god.
3:59 pm
i love you. >> i promise i'll never leave you again, never. you're so beautiful. this is a dream come true. no handcuffs, freedom


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