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tv   Lockup Indiana  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. the sewer rats will get drunk. >> inmate-made alcohol leads to a disruption. a crackdown on illegal cell phones could interfere with one inmate's plans to be married. >> don't cry. >> correctional officers go in hot pursuit of other forms of contraband. and with personal cameras provided by our producers, inmates show private moments. >> this is my girlfriend, jodie.
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she's solid. >> i wasn't nice at all. i used to collect for dope dealers and store guys and everyone else in here that made money. i used to get half. that was my hustle. get me half of what he owed you and i'll collect it up for you. i didn't care how bad i had to hurt the guy. the guy could have been a friend of mine. i didn't care. business is business, friends is friends. i'd send you to a hospital, no sooner you come back, smoke a
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joint, drink a jug of homemade wine with you right afterwards. like i said, business is business. friends is friends. >> alcohol is not allowed in prison. but that doesn't stop the inmates from making it, or correctional officers from confiscating it. >> we're on a wine run today. getting close to the weekend. that means football. they'll be drinking their wine. so we're here to spoil the party. >> inmate-produced alcohol can be made from ingredients as basic as fruit, bread and juice. >> dexter, come on. calvin holmes is considered an expert. >> mine comes off about 25%, 30%
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alcohol. most people get caught with wine, all they do is lose their job and get a little write-up. me, they take me straight to lockup. because my wine has got more people on lockup than the police have. they get drunk on mine and they want to fight. they tell me they'll lock your little bitty ass up. i said what? i ain't making nothing, man, what you talking about? i'm sober. >> holmes comes up clean today. other inmates are not so lucky. >> it's called hooch, that homemade wine. it's what they brew, basically for the weekends, watching the football game. it's like us going to the bar and having a drink. and it's strong, too. >> though holmes usually conceals his hooch-making operation, the prison allowed our cameras to show us how it's done, provided it's destroyed upon completion. >> two cups you're done. three you're passed out. you drink four you're going to the hole. trust me.
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take my jug. gallon jug. and this is half gallon here. i got another half gallon of orange juice. take my sugar and take your juice, and you do this. let it sit for three days. when wine ferments, it emits a methane gas. if you have it sealed airtight, it will explode. it might take two or three days, but it will go off like a bomb. what i do is this. i run my hose into a bottle of shampoo. when it burps, you know, exhales, it exhales into the bottom of the shampoo. the air raises up and nothing but shampoo smell comes out. which disguises the odor. officers can walk by you all day
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long and you never smell it. >> with his concoction in a secure location, he will give it three days to ferment into hooch. inmates might see hooch as a way to escape the rigors of prison. correctional officers know a more serious side. an intoxicated inmate has just been removed from visitation. officers succeed in returning him to his cell. but now, there's another problem. he won't let them remove the handcuffs. >> wait, wait, wait. hey, just let him go. let him go. let him go. >> i don't give a [ bleep ]. you can come in here and beat my [ bleep ]. >> i'll do it the hard way. >> do it the hard way [ bleep ]. >> apparently it's a non-contact visit. when they got him to custody hall he has been drinking. he refused a breathalyzer. at that point we cancel your visit and you're going to be brought back to the cell house. >> give me a minute to breathe [ bleep ]. >> i can't leave you with the cuffs.
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>> we were able to give me back the handcuffs. some days we have agitated offenders. you stick together when there's a problem, stick together, handle it, handle it with the least amount of force necessary. >> alcohol isn't the only banned substance that finds its way to inmates. >> it's a constant cat and mouse game. it's our job to try to keep up with them on every level of contraband and their little hustle that they do. >> in past years the most common forms of contraband were drugs and tobacco. today it's cell phones. our cameras were there when investigators caught a female visitor attempting to smuggle 15 cell phones into the prison during visitation. >> of course, cell phones are a very serious security risk, because it gives an inmate real-time communication and can help provide an escape plan.
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>> i'm in d west. three seg. got caught with a cell phone charger. >> right here is where he had it hidden at. there's a little cut underneath the toilet area. anything you wanted to hide in there, it would be a real good hiding spot for it. >> after officers found the cell phone charger here, ty, knowing he might be subjected to further scrutiny and trouble, voluntarily turned in the cell phone, which he had hidden in another location. >> it meant a lot to me. i could call anybody i wanted any time i wanted. you could make things happen if you have a cell phone. >> now tye must face the disciplinary hearing board to find out what sanctions he'll face for having the cell phone and charger. he's assisted with his case by antoine stokes, an inmate advocate.
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>> when you were screened you pled not guilty. are you still pleading not guilty? >> no, ma'am. guilty. >> would you like to make a comment? >> i brought the phone down myself. and turned the phone in. they never got the phone. i'm hoping you guys show leniency since i did turn in the phone. >> okay. we'll take that into consideration when we make our decision. >> you guys look at this? he's had a class "a" but that was a year ago. so based on his history and the fact that he pled guilty, take time from him, suspend it and then if he stays out of trouble, this will come off and he won't lose the time. we all agree on this? >> yes. give him a shot. try to give him a break here. >> stokes! we accept your plea of guilty. we're going to take 180 days from you.
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but we're going to suspend it. no "a" or "b" in six months. which means if you get an "a" or "b" you're not going to go home when you're supposed to. all right? >> tye has gotten off light this time. but he might lose another privilege. prison administrators can still suspend his visitation rights or only allow for non-contact visits. a consequence that could impact his upcoming prison wedding. >> this is my girlfriend jody. we were getting ready to get married before i got caught with the phone. if they take my contact visits i don't know if we can still get married. hopefully we can. i love her. she's a great girl. she's sweet. >> you won't be getting married right away? >> i probably won't be getting married right away. coming up -- tye and his fee fiance enjoy a contact visit but it may be their last. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> and calvin hall checks out his hooch.
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don't pour my wine before it's time. >> three days ago calvin holmes made a batch of hooch. inmate-made alcohol. now that it's fully fermented, it's time to check the results. >> let's test this. yeah! >> our crew described the odor as a sickeningly sweet combination of rotting fruit and alcohol. but since it was made only for demonstration purposes, neither they nor holmes would be allowed to taste it. >> and the end of miller time. the sewer rats will get drunk. i wished it was me. but cannot. >> hooch is only one of a myriad of offenses the correctional officers must stay on top of.
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>> there, check it out. >> such as nick knox's attempt to use wire and an outlet to make a lighter. >> it's all good. [ bleep ]. no, that ain't how it's supposed to work. oh, i'm in trouble. >> when we met him, knox was awaiting trial for murder while serving time for a variety of lesser charges. including robbing an amish man of $1.85. >> kind of embarrassing. we had fake guns actually. drove right in front of him so they couldn't go forward. when we got out of the car, made him get off the buggy, and from my knowledge, an amish woman don't carry a purse. we had the man give us his wallet. took the wallet, hopped in the
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car and drove off. opened the wallet there was a dollar and i would say three quarters and a dime in a little change pouch. the next thing i know the police is behind us. i have my friend just nail it. we throw the fake guns out the window. they come and arrest us for armed robbery. i was pretty pissed. >> now knox has another problem to deal with. he faces a disciplinary hearing for failure to lock in. not being in his cell for a routine head count. >> i'm just going to go in there with a clean head and hope to beat it. if i don't i'm going to lose time and probably end up going to seg. so i'm going to act a fool. i'm going to be pissed off and snap probably. i'm going to start cussing. i'm going to throw a couple chairs. >> meanwhile ronnie tye is anticipating a visit from his fiancee. >> i'm here to visit my fiancee, ronnie tye. the most amazing person in the
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world. >> i get married on the 23rd. i'm pretty excited about that. she's a very sweet girl. and i do love her. she's the best thing that's happened to me. >> he's just amazing. it's like he has his own little disposition, i guess, that i like. he's very honest. no matter what he tells me the truth. some things he's told me i'm like, i could have lived without that. >> she keeps me out of trouble. she helps me out a lot. >> i got his name on my leg. you want to see it? because i love him and he loves me, and i would marry him in the cemetary out back if that's the case. it doesn't bother me. >> a relationship behind bars poses a unique set of problems. >> we get four hours every two weeks. that's kind of what i live for, four hours every two weeks. >> and those visits might become even more restricted.
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since tye was recently caught with a cell phone charger, prison officials might decide to put him on non-contact visitation status or suspend it altogether. >> hi, baby. >> they could also decide to cancel his upcoming prison wedding. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> you doing okay? >> i don't know if i can keep my visits. >> don't even go there. >> i'm serious. >> no. i told him we wanted to get married october 7th. >> really? >> yes. >> that works. october 7th. >> we're going to push for it. but we don't know. you don't make the date here. they make it for you basically. >> while visitation helps some inmates connect with loved ones, others seek new relationships through personal ads. such was the case with michael hollon. who formed a pen pal relationship with another man.
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>> he's been a friend of mine for about ten years. he's 84 years old now. last ten years anything i asked him for he gave to me. he took good care of me. i love him as a person. i don't have no family. so he was the family i never had. >> but hollon has a history of troubled relationships. >> in 1977 i got out on parole from indiana youth center in plainfield. they sent me to a town i never been to before. i fell in love with a girl. i caught her with another man. and i beat, stabbed and strangled her to death. i've been in prison ever since. >> hollon's current relationship might have a dark side as well. >> at the end of july i received a phone call from the daughter of an elderly gentleman on the
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street that indicated that offender hollon had an ongoing relationship with her father for many years, and basically it appeared, at least to her at the time, that he had scammed her father out of several thousand dollars, to the tune of about $60,000 over the last 12 or 13 years. >> i don't agree with it at all. whatever somebody did for me, they did because they wanted to. i couldn't make them do anything. there was no fraud. because i never lied. >> mr. hollon has been misleading the victim into believing that if he kept sending money that offender hollon -- to a fictitious attorney, that defender hollon would be able to get out of prison. that's not going to happen. >> have no money. i can't function right in prison. i don't have money now. i have to deal without hygiene. i have to go without laundry. i have to do without everything. coming up --
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>> going on back to my cell, man. >> all right. >> ronnie tye gets bad news about his upcoming prison wedding. >> right now i'm trying to figure out if i'm going to explode or not. >> and an agitated nick knox faces the disciplinary board. [ female announcer ] it follows you wherever you go.
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need everyone to step in right now. >> the relationship between staff and offenders is probably what makes this place special. it is a maximum security setting. and a lot of them are here for a very, very long time. and it's a more mature level of relationship. we literally have inmates here that have been here for 30 years or more, the entire career of some of our staff. they came in here together. >> what's up, old guy? how you doing? >> as longstanding as some of these relationships may be, there's always a steady flow of newcomers, among inmates and
4:24 pm
staff alike. michele ellis is a rookie officer in training. this is her second week working on prison grounds. >> my husband, you know, was kind of skeptical at first. i think he knows this is something that i really want to do. >> i've always had a passion for law enforcement. that's just something i love. my kids were kind of excited. they thought, okay, mommy is going to be a cop. that's cool for them. i don't think they really understand everything that's going on. you have to remember to stay firm, fair and consistent. you can't really treat anybody any different. they're all human. they're all men. you have to remember that. >> hey, this is lieutenant meehan. can you send offender tye, t-y-e up to custody hall? i need to speak with him. >> it's been a bad week for ronnie tye. since being caught with a cell phone charger, prison officials have suspended his contact visits. and now they've just handed down
4:25 pm
a ruling on his request to be married at the prison. >> they denied getting married at this time due to conduct history. >> how can they deny me? >> it's just what they did. all i'm doing is just relaying the message. i don't know the reason. he wrote down here that safety and security of the facility. >> i got caught with a charger. >> i was told that you had a lot of reports. close to 70 last year? >> hell no. i ain't had that many. >> no, i'm just asking. >> whoever told you that is a lying son of [ bleep ]. they better look at my packet again. i haven't had nothing but two or three write-ups since i've been here. if the chaplain approved it, who is he to deny it? >> it's the superintendent. >> yeah, but is that constitutional? >> he's administration. >> are you saying the constitution ain't no good in here? >> no. did i say anything like that?
4:26 pm
you're trying to get an argument out of me. >> i'm not trying to argue. >> it's not going to work. >> i'm not trying to argue. >> i'm trying to be decent about this and come right to you. >> i'm ready to go back to my cell, man. >> all right. there's your stuff. he's trying to make things a constitutional issue. it's not a constitutional issue. it's an administrative issue. all he has to do is appeal it through the grievance process. and let a northern regional director make that decision. he's had a lot of conduct reports in the last five years. a lot of conduct reports. let me see. see -- one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight -- eight pages. and he says he only had one, two. yeah, okay. he did only have one, two, so far this year. >> nick knox's conduct is about to also come under fire. >> i have a hearing today on fleeing and resistance.
4:27 pm
>> right now i'm trying to figure out if i'm going to explode or not. and how to present my case. i really didn't do this. the officers let me out. i'm going to go in with a clear head and hopefully beat it. if i don't, i'm going to lose time and probably go to seg because i'm going to act a fool. >> knox? >> knox hopes to get off on a technicality. one that he's been told has worked for other inmates. >> wrote up on physically resisting. you pled not guilty. is that still your plea? >> still not guilty. >> what's your comment? >> look at the dates when the incident happened and when he wrote me up. it was like five or six days. >> they went past the 24 hours to get wrote up. >> so you're saying it's out of the time frame? >> yes. >> we'll check that and we'll let you know. he's saying he was wrote up on the seventh and the screener did not screen him in time for the hearing. they can write it on the seventh date. it don't matter.
4:28 pm
>> this lady, man. she don't like finding people not guilty. she likes giving them a verbal reprimand. i didn't flee from the officer or nothing like that. >> we dropped this down to a class "c" and found you guilty of interfering with a staff member, and took 30 days. you want to sign that? >> [ bleep ]. how does everybody else get found not guilty but not me, ma'am? >> do you want to sign that? >> hell, no, i'm not going to sign that. that's crazy, man. >> i'm going to take some time. >> that's crazy, man. i was pretty pissed off. pretty mad, you know? >> in my opinion mr. knox will survive this, and we will probably see him again. >> they're lucky i didn't smack the [ bleep ] out of one of them.
4:29 pm
coming up -- even as ronnie tye appeals the ruling on his prison wedding, he faces a different kind of family problem. >> my dumb ass brother just got hit with a [ bleep ] seven inch shank. >> i have no clue how it got there. but my data is doubling. my servers are maxed out. i need to think about something else when i run. [ male announcer ] with efficient i.t. solutions from dell, doug can shift up to 50% of his company's technology spend from operating costs to innovation. so his company runs better, and so does doug. dell. the power to do more.
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i'm melissa rahberger. in a few hours, casey anthony will be a free woman. it's expected to be carried out in the early morning to assure security. she was acquitted of murdering her 3-year-old daughter, caylee. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> it's my vision of the free world.
4:33 pm
i lay here and dream about being out there. sometimes i sit and wonder of what people think when they drive by. do they think we're all up in here just mad? or do they realize we, too, are humans. we, too, have families and loved ones, friends. we have hopes and we have dreams. we have pains. i wonder if the world will ever even hear this? >> i have worked here at ist for approximately three weeks now. it's going pretty good. it's definitely been an experience. i like it. it's different. >> learning to manage the 2,200 convicts behind the walls of indiana state prison is a gradual process.
4:34 pm
so far it has gone relatively well for rookie officer michele ellis. >> today i'm supposed to go over to a tower, since i have not been there yet. i'm currently in "i" cell house and back and forth at checkpoint four. trying to finish up my training. friday's my last day. that means i'm on my own as of sunday and i start my 12-hour shifts. >> new officers like ellis receive thorough training inside every one of the prison's housing units, security posts and other facilities before they are considered full-fledged correctional officers. >> i am a female in a male prison. so a lot of hooting and hollering. i get that all day long. all day long. you have to kind of learn to ignore that. good morning. >> how you doing today? >> you let it get to you, you might as well go ahead and quit. unless it's something really severe, you've got to just really let it go. >> ronnie tye might have to let
4:35 pm
go of something as well. the prison has denied his request to be married, and things are about to get even worse. >> this is approximately a seven-inch weapon that the offenders carry. what we call shanks. a homemade knife. it's made out of a steel rod you can find inside the cabinet. >> the shank was not found in tye's cell but in that of his half brother, william wilson. >> i just moved into the cell like a week ago. i have no clue how it got there. >> wilson is serving a life sentence for the murder of tye's other brother during a methamphetamine-induced hallucination. >> at the time i really thought he was my enemy. i don't know. i wished i wouldn't have killed him but -- >> now what we normally do is find out who the offenders are associated with. if we find out who they're associated with, we also shake down who they're associated with. >> that means even though the knife was found on his brother, ronnie tye will have his cell inspected for contraband as well.
4:36 pm
>> tye, shake down. >> what is this all about every [ bleep ] time? that's bull [ bleep ]. what did they get my brother with? >> he had a seven-inch shank. >> seven inch? >> seven inch shank. >> i don't know what the [ bleep ] he's thinking. he's a grown man. i love him. he's my brother. i'd die with him if somebody was trying to hurt him. he'll deal with it. there ain't too much he can do to him. he's already got a life sentence pretty much. >> doing the shakedown. one of the things you want to do is you want to check the obvious. you want to check the un-obvious. there have been times where we've found things hidden in the pipes. there's been times we found cell phones hidden in walkmans. >> don't rip my [ bleep ]. >> there's a lot of things that get hidden in the light fixture. if you don't pull it down, you won't find it. you can hide many things up there like homemade weapons,
4:37 pm
cell phones. >> all right got that. this is another way of hiding a cell phone. it shapes out into a cell phone. this book will be confiscated, put in evidence. >> evidence for what? >> i'm going to give it to i.a. they'll take it from there. >> i just got that, man. >> i.a. has to make the decision. >> what do you mean? what's to write up about the book? >> this is where you used to hide -- it's a hidden compartment in there. >> dude, i brought my phone and gave it to you. >> i.a. will get it and i.a. will decide what's going to happen with it. >> what kind of write-up is the book? >> it may not be a writeup. >> i gave my phone to you. >> that's why you might be all right. that's where you used to hide the cell phone. >> i don't know why i got shipped out. probably because my dumb [ bleep ] brother just got hit with a seven-inch shank. that book that they just took, where i hid the cell phone. i gave that cell phone to him.
4:38 pm
if they write me up for that it's [ bleep ]. >> this book is taken because he once put a cell phone in it. he would walk around with the book all day. nobody would ever know. >> at indiana state inmates aren't the only ones shaken down. to ensure the facility's safety, correctional staff police themselves through surprise inspections of contraband or other inspections. though other prisons conduct such inspections, isp was the first to allow our cameras to cover one. >> this morning we conducted a surprise staff shake down. this is our first line of defense in preventing trafficking. what happens is a staff member comes in and goes through the
4:39 pm
regular shakedown up front. and then they proceed back here where they'll give their i.d., we'll sign them in. they sit in a chair. there the dog will shake them down. >> your bag underneath your seat. take your hat off. >> we like to test the dogs to make sure they're not just looking for nothing. so i'll hide like a little marijuana on me. to make sure the dogs are actually working. as you saw there the dog sat. which means the dog is working. >> thank you. you're good now. >> after the dog shakes them down they proceed to a table where members of the squad will shake them down for contraband they're not allowed to bring into the facility. >> veteran staff members but some of the younger officers to the test. >> you going to make me take my hat off? >> this is what you missed. >> it's in my wife's pocket. that's what you're here for, to find it. >> while staff shakedowns are a routine procedure, today's will bring a startling revelation. [ whirring and beeping ]
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>> this ain't where it's at. i'm ready to go home. i've seen a lot of stuff. it is what you make it. you [ bleep ] up, you get what you got coming. >> maintaining order among maximum security inmates is a source of pride for correctional staff at indiana state prison. in order to maintain the highest level of security the staff must from time to time police themselves. >> over here. >> periodically we do a full staff shakedown of all the staff coming into the facility off and on all day. friday we decided to do one. we had a couple incidents occur
4:44 pm
with the shakedown. >> prison surveillance cameras capture an officer in the first phase of the inspection, facing the scrutiny of a drug-sniffing dog. >> when the dog comes by, he locks up and freezes. he doesn't want to move. he indicates strongly on her. there's something there that tells us we need to investigate this officer further, that she has something to tell us. the staff member will raise her arm to indicate the dog hit on that person there. we got her under watch. the custody supervisor, the shift supervisor, whoever is available at that time will immediately converge on that officer. >> the marked officer is a young rookie, michele ellis. >> the canine indicated she may have smoked marijuana the last hour, hour and a half, maybe the night before. she was nervous when she came up to talk to us. basically she said i wouldn't want to waste your time or my time right now. i won't pass a drug test.
4:45 pm
that's what she told us. and then she said at this time i'd like to go ahead an resign my position. so we took her resignation and escorted her off the facility grounds. we have a zero tolerance for being intoxicated on the job or being under the influence of any kind of narcotic or drug. she knew she wasn't supposed to be doing it. when you are dirty staff around, as we call it, or staff breaking the rules like that, it affects everybody on the job. >> following her resignation, officer ellis declined our request for an interview. michael hollon will have to find another source of income as well. he has just met with the prison's disciplinary hearing board for allegedly having conned an elderly man out of thousands of dollars. >> what's going on? >> found me guilty of fraud. telling somebody i was going to come home if they sent money.
4:46 pm
they sent money, i didn't come home. i feel really bad about not being in contact with my friend. he meant so much to me. and helped me to make it through the next day, just knowing somebody out there cared about me. now i have nobody. all my family has passed away. now i'm alone in the world. if they were to release me tomorrow, i have nowhere to go. >> in addition to giving hollon one year in the detention unit, prison officials would like to pursue additional criminal charges. but they might not get the help they need from the district attorney's office. >> at this point i'm going to call the daughter back. >> hello. >> this is doug ayers. i was calling you to bring you up to speed on the status of the investigation involving your father at this point. basically where we're at with it, internally i have charged offender hollon with a class "a" conduct report for violation of
4:47 pm
state, federal, local law. unfortunately with the prosecutor i think we're going to encounter snags on being able to prosecute. obviously your father's age, and his health and as far as having to travel to indiana -- >> yes. he's 84 and i don't want him leaving us with this as the last thing in his life that he remembers. >> the other fact is that hollon is doing a life sentence. it's really, from the prosecutor's point of view is what are we going to gain by being able to prosecute him? >> yes. >> we're not going to be able to recover the money. most of that has probably been spent. i still have a meeting scheduled with the prosecutor, hopefully one day next week and see if we can do something else. maybe not be able to prosecute him on a felony but some lesser charge. >> okay. >> as soon as i talk to the prosecutor, i'll be back in
4:48 pm
touch with you to let you know what his decision is. all right? >> okay. thank you very much. >> ronnie tye is dealing with a very different sort of legal matter. he has appealed the administration's denial of his prison wedding. and he's about to get the results from the assistant superintendent, dan mcbride. >> i saw your request for marriage application earlier this week. and i saw where it had been denied. there are some reasons a marriage can be denied. and one of them is the safety and security of the facility. or the department or the individuals involved. what was the reason for them to use safety and security of the facility? >> there was concern because you recently were found in possession of a cell phone. >> actually, i wasn't found in possession of a cell phone. i was found in possession of a cell phone charger. and i gave the cell phone to them after they shook me down and didn't find the cell phone. i brought the cell phone to them.
4:49 pm
>> but you were found guilty of possession of a cell phone. >> i pleaded guilty. >> first of all, you understand that if this marriage is approved, it will be a non-contact marriage? >> yes. intended spouse will have to bare all costs associated with the marriage. what i will do is i will approve your request to be married. and your intended spouse will be informed by the marriage coordinator at the facility, who is chaplain rogers. >> i'm really excited about getting married and all. it's going to happen on the 23rd. like i said, she's a good girl. she's solid. she don't let things get in her way. she's there when you need her. through the good and through the bad. and, you know, i'm really excited about it. i'm ready. if you're watching this, i love
4:50 pm
you, baby. >> with the wedding one month away, the news is bittersweet for ronnie's fiancee, jodie warman. she was hoping noncontact basis. >> that means we can't touch each other. we're behind glass. i don't really want to talk about it, really. just hold on. >> so are we getting married? >> we'll work it out. >> you know what, though, we're on a non-contact wedding. that means we're going to get married like this, on the phone, right? >> i guess. >> how am i supposed to give you a ring? how you going to give me a ring? >> i have no clue. >> there's no kissing the bride? >> i don't know. might be through glass. don't cry.
4:51 pm
everything is going to be all right. why you crying? >> because this is driving me crazy. >> smile. i don't like to see you cry. you're stressing for no reason. ten months, it will be all over with. >> i love be. >> it's going to be okay. you have to be positive sometimes. coming up -- even a non-contact wedding comes with plenty of bridal jitters. >> i'm freaking out!
4:52 pm
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i'm on non-contact.
4:55 pm
so i'm getting ready to have a non-contact wedding. if i wouldn't have got hit for the phone i would have a contact wedding. but, you know, that's just the consequences i've got to pay. regardless i'm getting married to jodie. that's just the way it is. >> you excited? you nervous? how you think she is? >> i'm freaking out. i'm sitting on the toilet at indiana state prison, fully clothed, of course, but i'm just dripping. >> tell us about your bachelor party. >> wasn't too much of a bachelor party. >> do i look all right? >> you look great. >> does this shirt make me look like old or anything? >> how you feeling right now? >> pretty good. >> so proud of him. >> i love this guy.
4:56 pm
i'm really excited. do i like okay? do i have a bouquet? i'm freaking out! doesn't matter where you get ha? i'm freaking out! doesn't matter where you get do? i'm freaking out! doesn't matter where you get married. you sure i look okay? the honeymoon is going to be awesome, when he gets home. i'm freaking out. whoo! >> you hear people say well, it's just a piece of paper. no, it's more than that. it's a covenant. one that you enter in with god as witness. how long have you known rodney? >> ronnie? >> ronnie. >> i've known him for many years. a long time. >> would you say you really love this guy? >> yes. yes, i do. he's awesome. he is a really good guy.
4:57 pm
i'm aware of all the ups and downs, and i'm prepared to help him adapt back to society. i realize it's going to be some trouble for him. but for the record i took a psychology class. i can handle it. >> you can? >> with awesome instructors, yeah. i think i can handle it. >> the process as far as the wedding, when you're placed in the non-contact booth, you will need to put two phones, one in each hand, so you will be able to hear your intended spouse, as well as the minister, as they're going through the wedding vows, okay? >> yep. >> also you've requested to have your brother attend the wedding ceremony. that will not be permitted because he is in idu, or the detention area. okay? >> all right. i'm ready. let's do it. >> where do i go? how you doing? >> all right. you ready? >> yeah, are you ready?
4:58 pm
>> let's do it. >> are you nervous? this is the pastor. >> good to meet you, ronnie. >> you, too. >> you ready for the big day? >> let's do it. >> we are gathered together here in the presence of god to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony. ronnie, will you have this woman as thy wedded wife to live together after the holiest day of matrimony. will you love her, cherish her, honor her, and love her in sickness and in health forsaking all others so long as you both shall live? >> yes. >> and jodie, will you have this man to thy wedded husband, to live together in the holiest state of matrimony, will you love him, honor him, cher ish and comfort him in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for long as you both shall live?
4:59 pm
>> yes. >> do you have rings you wish to exchange? >> yes. somebody has to walk it over there. get proof of that. get that on camera. >> do you have your ring on? >> yes, i do. >> in the ordnance of the laws of god and the state of indiana, i pronounce them husband and wife. okay. you two can kiss the glass. that's about as best as you can do. >> nah, they don't wash that around here. >> okay. bye-bye. >> we're done. we're married. i love you so much.


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