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tv   Lockup Indiana  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> we have a sense of underlying fear. it's important to not ever forget that. >> in a world dictated by fear, some resort to violence. >> in lock up, i was always involved in excessive violence. >> when i was stack him, i was talking [ bleep ]. i said i feel horrible now, don't you?
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>> others become victims. >> ask a person about a physical rape, i am persecuted in a multitude of ways. >> while some can only wait for the inevitable. >> when youor death row, you don't deal in hope. you end up hanging yourself for going crazy. >> worry the personal cameras we left them, both inmates and feline companions have plenty more to say. >> you like being in here? i take that as a no.
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>> you are in prison, huh no choice. one person disrespected us and other people are going to disrespect us that's the world we are forced to live in. the world of predators. the world where the strong prey among the weak no matter how long he has been in prison or how many tattoos he had and reputation or fights they have been in, at one time or another, every inmate experiences fear. no one's fear like an inmate on his first day behind the walls. >> it's my first day here in the city. when i came in, i saw the wall
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of course. that was kind of intimidating. a lot of bad stuff happened during the robbery. the late was shot multiple times with a pellet gun. the lady turned out not so good. my mom passed two months before i came. before i got locked up. i didn't care. >> new arrivals are housed in g unit. a lockdown dormitory where they stay for a few days before they complete orientation and can be assigned to general population. in the meantime, they have
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little to do other than to think. >> i don't like to stress over things. i don't want it to tear me up because it's big. >> can you get mr. knight for me? he is 18-year-old and been in trouble with the law since he was 14. he ain't been out much since 14 years old >> how are you doing this morning? number is 191618
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the expected release date is 2:23-42 this shows you all the different services. you sign off on that. the notification of next of kin. god hopes that nothing bad happens to you. we need to know who to call. this is a big one. i don't mean any disrespect, but you are a young kid. people might try to take advantage of you. this is the sexual assault report. >> we had this too. >> okay. it gets more serious here. i already see there people there watching you. you get up and see him around here and we might have problems. nothing personal. you are young. you look younger than you are. people will tend to take advantage of you.
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we will try to keep you as safe as we can. most will be put on you. you have to take control. all right? >> yeah. >> i already about that in the county. the sexual assaults they call them predators and prey. he will probably be a prey. >> in prison, sexual predators themselves can become prey. there certain inmates who will not tolerate them. steven weaver is one of the inmates weaver's reputation for violence began before he came to prison. i was a member of a motorcycle gang. if you look at it on paper, you should never let this guy out
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>> it landed him a 60 year sentence for murder. in prison he attempted to kill again. it was his cellmate who he claimed was a child molester. he attacked him on christmas eve. >> when i was stabbing him, i said you feel kind of vulnerable now, don't you. he was like yeah. i said maybe that girl you raped might have felt this vulnerable. your is in my hands now. i stabbed him several times. shallow enough to not kill him. i was hoping. once again i was making a point >> weaver is due to be released in 2027.
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it was an anti-death threat to a judge at his original murder trial. >> this arrogant judge didn't believe in the death penalty and thought that was what i wanted. it was going to get me the opposite. he could have made a serious mistake. when i first got to prison, i had blood on my mind. i wanted to get my knife wet and i did. it's only by the grace of gods and goddesses that i was wondering what that judge would have thought if i got to prison and killed somebody else when he could have sentenced me to death like he should have. >> coming up -- >> this ain't ran professionally, man. [ bleep ]. >> the prison attempts to deal with a violent predator. >> when i first got sentenced, i started stabbing police.
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>> later, life on indiana's x row. >> the x is towards the end of the alphabet and towards the end of the line. they x people out and extinguish life. that's why they call it x row hey, dad, you think i could drive? i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪ [ son ] you realize, it's gotta run out sometime. [ male announcer ] jetta tdi clean diesel. the turbo that gets 42 miles per gallon. ♪
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as a sex offender, you asked the people for physical rape which i am, i am persecuted in a multitude of ways. sometimes physical and sometimes psychological. nobody is fond. nobody approves of the child molesters. they get the worst. >> most incarcerated sex
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offenders are marked men. >> when i was in high school, we had a child and i am considered a sex offender. i have to register as a sex offender. >> probably a few people that are naive, but for the most part i'm respected in here. someone who is a predatorial sex offender. >> any inmate -- >> this is a round house kick. you can use that for the leg. you can drive straight through the ribs like that. >> daniels is an expert.
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a lot of this stuff had anti-rape clinics. ironic i'm a sex offender. we teach clinics to women because it's on the ground i never raped anyone, but i am assuming a rape would happen on the ground with the predator on the top. in prison this looks bad, but if i take someone and i get them in this position like this, voom. right on top of him. >> there is always a sense of underlying fear. fear keeps you on a razor's edge. >> fear was an essential. he turned to bank robbery. >> i robbed close to 30 banks. there was $947,000 missing.
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i consider myself to be a professional at it. i go like that. it's two bags that appear. i jump up on the counter and i stand over him. he has to move the camera. they are facing down. they have 90 seconds of just my as and legs and you bark out orders. i don't want to hurt anybody. i'm not going to. they don't know that. we create peace by emanating violence. patrick swayze said that in the movie where he robbed all the banks. point break >> striking fear into others landed darren bailey into prison. he took things beyond the fear stage. >> oh, man. it was crewsome. bodies found and everything like that.
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for this area. it's not easy to walk through we are not having a typical conversation. we are going with something more personal. let's try to move on. i'm haunted by the past >> bailey didn't elaborate on the crimes that got him incarcerated. with the camera the producer wouldn't use, he revealed a violent past in prison as well >> i first got sentenced, i started stabbing police. i targeted them. okay, well, i did what i did. okay. i want to sentence me excessively. i have a pain so you have pain. now we are all in pain.
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>> until recently his time has been marked by violence and outbursts of anger. >> it's your unit. it ain't ran professionally. i am about to take four up. [ bleep ]. >> you are not going to go home anyway so why tolerate this. what you need to do is start raging and punishing people. it doesn't matter why. punish them. that's not the answer. one thing about being incarcerated is it comes down to the loss. a loss of people and a loss of family and friends. it's a big loss. you begin to realize that i don't want to give the system my mentality. i don't want to give the system my sanity. i don't want to give them integrity and loyalty. they are fighting for it every day. you are fighting for something. what i decided to do was i sought mental health. it didn't come to me. i went to them.
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i would like help. >> he has been on the idu disciplinary unit for i think 5 1/2 months now. he has been convicted here throughout that time. that told me he is. >> how are you doing? welcome. >> thank you. >> they got you up today, right? >> wednesday? >> bailey was recently transferred from idu to the residential treatment unit. he is the more religious and ongoing counseling. >> the other guys are like yeah. he did it. >> remember. we have to make sure you have the skills to not get suckered into snag is going to trigger your anger.
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i am excited for you. i think this will work good for you >> mr. bailey has done he is done fighting. been being disrupt we are particular about who we take in. the bottom line is there can be no violence i know that. i know that. >> austin knight leaves the security of the intake dorm behind. >> i'm a little nervous, but other than that, it's more exciting than anything.
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i have to be sure. how much time do i have. bob ross is a fantastic artist and not no 15 minute escalade.
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this is serious here. how much time do i have. >> some struggle with how to serve time. a problem steven robins mastered. >> art is my sanity and my salvation. that's what keeps this stable. this is all pain. this is not a critic. you have to let this dry. that's how i do it. you don't put build up on the paint. you have to control this. creativity. no problem robins also sees himself as a bit of a father figure to some of the new inilate oimates. as austin knight will soon discover. >> knight? >> yeah. >> ready to go? >> after completing the classification process it's time
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for knight's transfer to general population. >> got everything? >> i wanted to get out of that intake and get air now. i'm a little nervous, but other than that it's more excitement than anything. i'm glad to be out of this room all day. here you go right there >> get you hooked up with the property and the mattress and see if you can get stuff to clean there. >> finally, knight is left alone to begin his 70-year sentence at
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indiana state. >> i thought the room would be a little bit bigger. that's about all. >> it's not long before he makes a new friend. steven robins >> i'm steve, man. >> i'm austin. >> listen, austin. this is your first time here? >> uh-huh. >> you belong to a gang? >> no. >> i'm going to work with you. it's important that you don't get involved in anybody, no peer pressure or anything. don't get hooked up with drugs if you can't deal with it. >> no kind of drugs. >> i will work with you. >> how much time you got? >> 70 years. >> damn. what crime did you commit? >> robbery. >> home invasion? >> uh-huh. >> that's a dangerous thing. >> yep. >> there is a lot of opportunities you can do.
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and you wasted that? how old are you in. >> 18. >> 18? you come out of high school and commit a crime? >> uh-huh? >> why? >> just wild. >> what you need? >> i can work in. >> you can't go to school -- that is the objective. kind of get a job. i'm good to go. when you come out, i can say we can chow and people abandon. >> they seem to be adjusting well to general population, he told our producer he no longer wanted us to follow the progress for fear the attention may single him out among new peers. >> coming up --
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>> msnbc now. here's what's happening. in just a short time, casey ant me in is expected to be a free woman. details of where she will be living are under tight wraps. she has been receiving death threats since ark quital. china is blasting president obama over a meeting with the dalai lama it. grossly damages the relationship between the two countries back to lock up # blap
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here is anever present emotion in prison. one resident at indian is state knows no fear. >> he just walks around. everybody shows the love. >> that's a cool cat. >> her name is precious. but joey couldn't get it to come to him calling it precious so he called it pink as. >> he seems to belong to everybody, but the real caretaker is joseph hill. >> she got the nickname and somebody got stabbed in the cell house and got lieutenants and captains on the ranges and got in and she decided she didn't want to go in. got a little aggravated and told her to get the punk as in the cell. she looked at me and went meow. she went in the cell. that's how she got her name.
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>> he is kind of a rebel. everybody else, you are supposed to be keeping the cat on a leash. you sit out here and they are bringing his fat butt out here and going down the street and hanging out. >> she is kind of known as the only person who can run around all damn night long without a charge. >> what's wrong? >> when you are walking through here at night, he will get an angle or two and loves to get to the moths and the butterflies. he goes all over the institution. >> hill never worries about her well being. >> nobody will do anything. somebody hurt her, i wouldn't have a chance to get to them. >> why. >> somebody else would. everybody loves this cat. if you don't like this cat, this
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cat don't like you, you got serious issues >> cats play a big part in aleve yasing fear and conflict in the one part of the prison that is so ominous. people don't like to mention its real name. death row. >> people say the x is towards the end of the alphabet, the end of the line. they x people out and extinguish life. that's why they call it x row >> it has proven to be a helpful program. we expanded it to include death row and we know that unit they had a very calming effect on the death row inmates they have something they can have a bond with because they are separated with and they have
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that looming date over their head. the bonding and the calmness has been significant. >> i'm not a cat person to begin with. i got me one. i liked the little fella. he's not bad. >> cleat us, a shelter cat who may otherwise be facing his own death sentence was adopted by benjamin condemned to die for the murder of a police officer. >> somebody when i'm feeling down, it seems like he can tell. he can climb all over. he slept in the bed the whole night with me some guys are worthy of keeping their lives and they gave him a death sentence
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everybody deserves a second chance. you like being here, cleat us? >> why not? you get fed every day and get to sleep in the bed with me. it's hard to explain. he's like a kid. he means a lot to me. parra are still appealing his sentence, the execution date could be years ago if at all. eric is nearly out of options. i could be executed in to six months. maybe sooner or later >> wrinkles was convicted of killing and shooting his estranged wife, her mother and
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sister in law. we met him on the episode at indiana state at 2006. >> i was into methamphetamine heavy at the time. one thing led to another. here i sit. >> at the time we met him, his appeals were nearly exhausted. >> when you are on death row, you don't deal in hope. you hang yourself or go crazy. so i don't do that. i keep a normal routine. i exercise and i read and write i watch television and i do other things. the same day after day. boredom. a schedule is what keeps you focused and motivated to keep going on. that's what you do.
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>> welcome to the meditation center. >> an inmate with a violent past is hoping to find focus and motivation through meditation. >> now, this is a meditation called releasing of the mind. >> bailey was recently transferred from the prison's intensive detention unit to the residential treatment unit. the psychological staff believe he is an inmate determined to change his disruptive behavior. >> we all need to meditate. clear out the mind and the thoughts and the system. get all of that poison out of you and inhale fresh breath. >> once feared by staff and inmates alike, bailingy has shown signs that his temper is subsiding. >> he had a significant challenge. someone called him the b word which in prison is really one
8:38 pm
step shorter of getting ready to fight he managed to work that out all we can do is take it day by day. she not being a coward >> they called you the b word and it's time to suit up and knife up. >> taking me away from all of that. this is not the battlefield. i don't use this as a battlefield. i take the program and generate that energy towards something more positive. i can't believe how i'm doing internally and how great it is. >> hold on to that. that's where you want to be. >> exactly. >> that's life. we never know what's going to
8:39 pm
come our way >> coming up -- you the failure to my program? are you going to kick me out of the [ bleep ] program? >> you can keep in the program when you almost killed somebody. >> here ain't dead. >> the commitment to nonviolence comes to a shocking end. >> that's the most brutal assault that is seen here in two years. >> the inmates on x row get dreaded news.
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jamie dabble daniels took an involuntary hiatus from the martial arts he is on a fleeing violation. not being in his cell when he was supposed to be.
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>> it was good to come away for a couple of weeks and i was out there moving so fast. just settled me down and giving me an opportunity to think without a lot of chaos going on. hopefully when i go back out, i will be more in tuned mentally. >> in spite of his confinement, the expert will do his best to stay in shape physically as well. >> i take a wool blanket and some people put a book in there and it's not as forgiving as a regular punching bag. i came back here and fire off punches. about 50 or 60 jabs. do that each hand. that was a combination. stuff like that back and forth. just something to burn calories >> a far more serious offense occurred in the residential treatment unit. a brutal assault in the laundry room left one inmate near death. the attacker claimed he was
8:44 pm
committed to ending his violent ways. >> they are claiming the guy was paralyzed temporarily. i have something to do with that. >> what i know is that the sneaked attack of this guy came up behind him and hit him with the wringer. >> it was my work station, the laundry room, we were all in there. when i came out of the laundry room, the first thing was these guys in here laying down on the floor unconscious. the body is shaking. giving him paramedics up here this is the thanks i get? >> his head is extremely swollen and looked like a pumpkin. he had a puncture wound on his back and allegedly he stepped on his head while he was unconscious
8:45 pm
they said they have evidence to the contrary took me about a week to gather my thoughts before i could come back and see you. >> you are keeping me out of the program and threw me under the bus and don't bother with him anymore. he's a fail tower my program. you have been kicking me out of the program. >> the other guys? >> you almost killed a guy. >> he ain't dead for him to be. they was up there fighting and he didn't get castaway. >> you and i know you did it. >> you are not going to put words in my mouth. >> that's up to them. you are not going back to that. >> that's the thing that pisses
8:46 pm
me off. >> my reputation precedes me. [ bleep ] with me, i will bring that [ bleep ] down. i didn't do that. that's a major breakthrough for me >> you allegedly hit him over the head with the mop thing and nearly killed him. >> he ain't got no signs of a mop wringer hitting him in the head. >> you didn't see him after. he bit off more than he could chew. because he got served, my response for that? it don't work like that. some type of racist contation in there. it has to be. as soon as i get involved, that gets him out of here. you didn't give a second thought about it. you terminate me immediately. immediately. >> immediately. because i saw that duty when he came back to the hospital. you nearly killed him. >> i don't know how i nearly
8:47 pm
killed him. you keep saying i nearly killed him. who is saying i did? you really killed him. who is saying i killed him? who said i nearly killed him? >> i just did. >> it's like this. i don't even remember half of that happening. when i came back, i got knocked out too. he was the only one. i got knocked out and i was blacked out than knocked out. all i remember is coming back. what is going on? guys everywhere. i am coming to. like when you wake up. i'm starting to graduate and going to be the who put his light on top. i'm always going to shine. i have issues. >> you have been working so hard and weer track here. something so brutal happens here. it doesn't fit. >> i allowed a moment of
8:48 pm
relapse. how can anyone make a stable life transition without a form of relaxing. you want to relax. >> you slapped him in the head? even if you punched him in the face or kicked him. >> how about me being punched? >> this was completely different. >> this was extreme. it's like a blindside shot. how do you think i feel? in terms of me, it could be so selfish. how do you think i feel? being kicked off a program that was doing me more than i was worth myself. this was a program that is better than me. >> hopefully this is where i'm at. i'm at you will never on board with the program. this was really about you trying to get to this guy. that's where i'm at. >> i don't know this guy, man. >> hopefully as we keep talking, we will come more to the truth.
8:49 pm
>> he told you? you get there from it? >> doesn't matter. >> you get found guilty and you will be back on idu. some day it will make sense to both of us. right now it doesn't fit all together. that's okay. take care of yourself you too. >> man. i didn't know it was going to get that heated, man. i almost went there. >> things are a little bit different with me now. when you are on it as a result of my excessive behavior if you want to call it. i don't know why. i am disciplining myself. i have my support. i have a lot of people in my corner, but because i am somewhat relaxed and they are kind of disappointed with me and
8:50 pm
have every right to right now. no one has given me during the course of my incarceration which is a simple chance >> coming up -- >> the atmosphere is thick back there. the stengz high. >> the news death row inmates dread the most. >> i am not making any type of long range plans of any type. anything [ tapping ] well, know this -- for a good deal on car insurance, progressive snapshot uses this to track my good driving habits. the better i drive, the more i save. it's crystal-clear savings and only progressive has it. nice. this has been a public savings announcement. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. it works great on wet or dry skin because it's seriously waterproof and ultra sweat-proof.
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in writing, i thought it would be easier on them. i have been giving certain things and trying to get well prepared and stuff will be all right.
8:54 pm
i'm not making long range plans >> at indiana state prison, they call it x row. here can be mo notinous as inmates spend much time working on appeals something is different >> how are you? >> i did my rounds on x row. wrinkles stopped me and said his last appeal, it was his last hope got denied as of yesterday. he has more thing to file which he said will take about 30 days and he should be getting a date after that. a date of execution. >> the atmosphere is thick back there. really high >> she is covering it up.
8:55 pm
he's doing okay right now you never know from minute to minute what kind of mood he was going to be in. he was getting ready to be executed and he was joking with me. now he's angry and upset. >> two concern here who are 13 and 7 and now they are about 27 and 22. i haven't seen them often in the intervening years. that's a hard thing for anybody to have to go to much less for them. also after so many years your friends and family tend to start to forget about you and bury you before you are dead. that's an easy thing for them or yourself to have to deal with >> this is my first execution i have had to deal with since i have been on the row. when you are not working on the row and you don't know these eem, it's not a big deal.
8:56 pm
when you get to know them, it's hard. it's hard to know i will come in one day and it will be all over with. >> wrinkles's last hope is a long shot. an appeal to the u.s. supreme court. at moments like this, other x row inmates are forced to think about their own mortality. benjamin richy is here for the murder of a police officer >> i have seen guys come by on the last walk to be execute and it affected me and nothing affected me like seeing someone you care about like a best friend walk by your cell and need to go be executed. what do you say to a guy like this? i didn't know what to say. you eat together every day and you work out. you work on the case.
8:57 pm
i have been here for 10 exclusioe executions and i don't want to see no more. >> it's just hard. regardless of what they have done. they are still human beings. it's just hard. >> one of the things that we are trying to get through the legislature here is a change in the law that says that the death row inmates have to be housed here at the prison. if they were housed somewhere else and the execution is here, it would be easy or staff because they wouldn't have the long 12, 15, 20 year relationships with the person and nowy that they are involved in taking their life. that's one of the things we are hopeful can be considered. maybe house them somewhere else rather than where they are executed. >> two day after receiving the news about his appeal, wrinkles spoke to the producer. >> what you your thoughts about all this? >> i first you are a little -- even though you expected it, a
8:58 pm
little bit of a surprise even though you expected it. other than that it is what it is. there is no explaining it >> what does it mean for you in your situation? >> die any day for filing and maybe a month or two after that. an execution date. it's like having cancer and knowing you only have so long to live. stuff like that. that's what i've done. i had that before. tying up loose ends >> you want to say anything to anybody? >> not at this time, no. >> nothing? >> no. >> though wrinkle his little to say during the interview, he did share his feelings on a personal camera prison officials allowed our producer to leave with him. he recorded this a week prior to getting the news about his appeal.
8:59 pm
>> i tried to reach out to some family members. i either hurt them personally or feel hurt by returning things with them. i am also not arrogant and bold enough so that just because i died, i'm not a drop of water in the ocean.


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