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tv   Lockup Colorado  MSNBC  July 16, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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what's the youngest person you sexually assaulted? >> 14. >> a sex offender gives way to his urges. >> he was found with 18 pictures of children from magazines and newspapers. >> a nightmarish assault on staff changes the prison overnight. >> probably the most horrifying scream i've every heard in my life. >> i knew his intention to rape
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me and kill me. >> and another inmate is restricted not only by prison policy, but by his mind. >> i always face my labels out, wash my hands a lot. i hate stepping on the cracks. i've been hoarding stuff since i was a kid. it's been said that a prison is like any other living organism. its survival depends on the ability to adapt to changing conditions. the limon correctional facility
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located on the flat, windswept landscape of eastern colorado is no exception. >> the dynamics of the population were changing. they were becoming more violent. we were having more gang incidents. so we had begun to compartmentalize the facility and restrict the offender movement in the facility. >> when travis took charge of limon in 2008, he became the youngest warden in colorado, and oversaw the implementation of several new policies at a prison plagued by violence. the restrictions on movement were among the toughest. inmates from the six different housing units could no longer freely move throughout the prison. virtually all of their interactions would now only be with those in their own units. >> we identified the need to start having better control of the facility and isolating the units and restricting their interaction with each other in the courtyard and recreation and dining hall. so we isolated to where only one unit can access those areas at a time. >> everybody's separated from everybody now.
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so when you separate dogs like that, then they bark. but if you got them all together, ain't nobody's going -- everybody knows their place and they don't get out of line. >> you've been watching "dog whisperer" too much. >> it's true. keep us all separated like that, people from across the yard bark at these people over here now because they know they can't get to them. that's not how a prison is supposed to be run. >> but the warden knows prior to the new policies violence was all too much of a way of life. >> within the last eight years, we've had a staff member that's been raped. we had a staff member murdered and we had pam kahanic who was seriously assaulted and the offender's intention was to rape and murder her. >> pam kahanic working here in 1988, the same year he married her husband, the prison's gate manager supervisor. >> we first met in 1994. and got married in may of 1998.
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pam works in the garment factory. every now and then we'll have a little lunch break together. >> but on december 12, 2007, bob had to attend a meeting about 100 miles from the prison. >> well, it was about 3:00. we were going to shut down at 3:30. so i had my paper work. i thought i'll run it over here real quick and get ready for the next day. >> as kahanic made her way through the nearly empty factory, an off-duty inmate shipping clerk appeared at the door. >> he was inmate that everybody trusted. which i know you shouldn't trust any of them. but you have to trust them to a certain point, because you're working with them every day. >> the inmate said he needed to get something from one of the sewing stations. >> this was the machine. i reached down and opened the
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drawer just like this and he was standing like right with where you are. then he came right behind me and grabbed my wrists with his right hand and he showed me the utility knife with his left-hand. >> we heard some screaming, which we thought was like a fan belt whining or -- on a car, you know how it's really shrieky and really loud. >> inmate gary stevens was working in another part of the factory. >> it was probably the most horrifying scream i've ever heard in my life. it's something that i will never, ever forget. >> then he started pulling me over to this closet. he grabbed my crotch. at that point i knew his intention to rape me, and kill me. at that point i didn't know what his original crime was. >> the inmate had been convicted of raping and killing a 71-year-old woman. >> as far as keeping him from pulling me in that closet, i think it might have been adrenaline. just like i'm not going to die today. >> i was pretty terrified.
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but i was also kind of at a loss of whether, should i go in there and help, should i not? >> at that point somehow either he got distracted from the inmates i saw up there, that i reached for my mike and screamed for help. >> my heart told me to help. but my mind told me to think of the repercussions because i've got to live here for the next 20 years. some inmates probably would have thought that i was interfering in something that was none of my business. >> but correctional staff responded immediately to kahanic's distress call. sergeant bill nelson was that day's shift leader and one of the first on the scene. >> now i can see that the inmate has a box cutter. pam is pleading with him not to hurt her. i try to open up a dialog of conversation, what's going on? let her go, we can work this out. he yells, get out or i'm going to kill her. >> i kept hearing him say, let her go, take me.
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>> pam is still pleading, please don't hurt me. she's crying. i go, hey, i'll trade with you. let her go. then you've got a sergeant. you can have me. >> he had the utility knife. i felt it scratch my cheek. >> he made a cutting motion with the blade from underneath her let ear to underneath her right ear. i saw the gaping wound open up, the blood fly, and he pushed her. what i did not realize is when he cut her the whole world exploded through the doors behind us. >> officers flooded the sewing factory and swarmed the inmate. within seconds, kahanic was rushed to safety and the inmate secured to a transport restraint chair was taken to a segregation cell. >> and a short time later i seen them bring pam out on a stretcher, on a gurney, and i could see blood running down her neck. and that was a --
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>> bob kahanic was driving home from his out-of-town meeting when he got the news. >> it was approximately 50 miles from limon, when i got a phone call from pam and she says, don't worry, it's me. they're flying me to denver. still gets to me. the "what if" is -- he missed her jugular by 1/8 of an inch. if he would have caught that jugular vein, within two minutes she would have been dead. >> kahanic's attacker, inmate alan thomas, was convicted of attempted second-degree murder. he received a 24-year sentence on top of the life sentence he was already serving and was transferred to another state prison. at the time of the attack, travis was the associate ward, but just months away from assuming the leadership of the prison.
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>> when you make a change in prison you want to be methodical about it and not make a drastic change to upset the staff and upset the offenders. but when this incident happened, we literally changed the operations overnight. coming up -- >> i feel sorry for the lady. it sucks, you know. but they've taken away everything from us because of that incident. >> an inmate strikes back. >> just took a few steps forward and threw his tray at officer norris like a baseball pitch. [ male announcer ] there's more than one of these abandoned racetracks in america today.
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the attempted murder of pam kahanic brought about sweeping new restrictions on inmates at the correctional facility in limon, colorado. and they've apparently paid off. >> the success of the changes we've seen has been very significant. we've seen a reduction of 46% of incidents of dangerous drugs and
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approximately a 30% drop in criminal cases that have been filed with the local district attorney. we've also seen approximately a 70% reduction in staff assaults this year compared to the same time frame last year. >> but the changes have angered many of the inmates. >> i feel sorry for the lady. that sucks, you know. but they've taken away everything from us because of that incident. we used to have privileges here. we used to be able to intermingle with other units. we used to go to the yard together. they've taken all that stuff away. what they're doing, it's going to become a boiling pot. you're just going to boil this [ bleep ] pot and eventually it's going to blow. it happens. this is prison. >> one of the most noticeable changes occurred in the dining hall. at most of the other prisons profiled on "lockup", inmates sit wherever they want. limon has placed strict controls on seating. >> we had offenders designating them for race or different gangs.
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so the department adopted a policy to have assigned seating to where the staff controlled the flow of the offender population in the dining hall. >> as the inmates come in, we're going to have them sit two rows at a time. once they fill up the two rows we're going to step back and give them an additional two rows to sit down. it's a little easier, because we can keep them all in front of us. before they would be behind us, coming in and out, back and forth. and it's just easier for us to keep an eye on them. >> you have to fill every seat. you can't tell somebody you ain't sitting there. if you won't sit at a table, then you have to throw your tray away. you can't eat it. you can't take nothing off the tray. and you have to leave the chow hall. which makes you hate a little more. now you're hungry and you're pissed off. >> such anger reached a boiling point the very next day when an inmate assaulted a dining hall officer. >> what you got, cap? >> basically, [ bleep ] standing back in the court by the serving
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line and they told him to go find a seat. he never said a word to anybody. just took a few steps forward and threw his tray at officer norris pretty much like a baseball pitch. >> do you think it was a planned assault? >> it didn't appear to be. it looked like it was pretty much spontaneous. from reports i've gotten from staff and everything, it didn't appear that there was anything provoking the inmate. it was just pretty much an unprovoked attack. >> while the dining hall seating restrictions might anger some inmates, they've proven especially challenging for adam drake. >> in the chow hall, i like to sit in this chair facing that way. so this would be southwest -- southeast facing northwest. nothing really in the northwest i got to look at. i just prefer to be sitting looking that way. >> drake's dining hall dilemma
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is not his only self-imposed restriction. >> i got a specific order i do a lot of things. basically, rituals or routines. i always face my labels out, wash my hands a bunch. i hate stepping on the cracks. i tie them in a knot where i can see the letters. i've been hoarding stuff since i was a kid. >> drake's perceived need to sit only facing northwest recently got him in trouble. >> he apparently was involved in an incident yesterday in the chow hall. he was taken to segregation, i believe, pending investigation. i have not received any incident reports relative to this charge. so i want to go down here and just talk to him briefly and find out what happened. so i came over as part of my investigation process to try to figure out what happened. give me your side of the story. >> um, okay. well, i didn't want to sit at any of the tables that were present. so i started to leave.
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and i shoved a piece -- the ham in my mouth -- >> right. >> tried chewing that and putting my tray in. >> just grab something to eat and take off. that's what you were going to try to do. >> exactly. and then mr. phelps told me that now that i ate something, i had to sit down. i said, as far as my understanding of the rule is, that's not the way it's supposed to work. so i said, no, i don't. i started to leave anyways. and they said, you have to sit down. and i said, no. >> so they put you in handcuffs and came over from here. >> but the main reason i didn't sit at the table i was at is because i prefer to sit on the southeast chair facing northwest. and i've been doing it for a long time. and until like recently it hasn't really had a negative impact. >> okay. i didn't see that one coming. >> what i mostly get, you know that tingle you get up your
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spine when you pea, that would be like the extent of the problem i would feel from sitting in any other seat. but as of more recently, i'm starting to get more of a clenching in my stomach, feeling like it's getting tied in knots. >> as far as the hearings room goes, that's not going to -- >> i know. >> that's not going to get you an awful lot of play. i'll be honest, i'll shoot as straight as i can with you in the hearings room. one way or another, we'll get through it. phelps. what he tells me will have quite a bit of bearing on where we go with this. good luck on the northeast/southwest thing. >> drake will soon meet with a disciplinary hearing board for the write-up and could face a substantial disruption to his carefully planned prison routines. time in the hole and a loss of privileges. coming up -- >> this probably will push me over the edge. i want that on record. >> increased cell inspections bring bad news for a convicted sex offender.
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as part of a crackdown on violence, colorado's limon correctional facility implemented several new security policies. among other things, the prison stepped up the frequency of cell inspections. >> behaving today, huh? >> i always behave. >> i'm very strict. i'm very strict. and i'm very mean. they either like being in my unit because they feel safe and secure -- well, i'm glad you aren't naked either. or they really don't like being in my unit and they call me lots of really bad names. but i just really don't care. oh, ouch, that hurts. darn! >> i don't ever give her a hard time. because if you do, she can be a -- >> what? >> what's that word i'm looking for?
10:23 pm
>> nice person? >> let me look in my dictionary. >> okay. sometimes we find other people in cells that they don't belong. they don't necessarily know when you're coming in. so that's the element of surprise. he's not happy. >> while the element of surprise keeps some inmates on the straight and narrow, others just keep being surprised. among other violations, jerry wier has been found with photographs of young boys. >> they were taped in an envelope to the bottom side of my property box. and the taped had failed and they were laying there. and i knew they were, i just didn't care anymore. maybe i wanted them to get found. >> what is your sexual orientation and who are you attracted to? >> gay male. but the age of attraction ranges kind of all over the place. right now it's back into the adult phase of it. thank goodness.
10:24 pm
that's where i'm trying to keep it. >> where was it? >> it was into minors. adolescent males. >> what's the youngest person you've been sexually involved with? >> uh, 14. >> inspections of weir's cell have also turned up razor blades and a cup of urine which in prison is often used to assault others. now just out of ad seg, he has learned that he will not be allowed to move back in with his former cellie and he is not taking the news well. >> we were doing cell inspections and we found a suicide note and it stated that if he was not housed with mr. graham that he was going to commit suicide. >> this probably will push me over the edge. i want that on record. don't know when. can't say because -- over a simple thing like that. there's nothing more going on between us. they're acting like it's fatal attraction. >> well, anytime we give him news that he doesn't like, he cries a lot. he starts saying he's going to kill himself.
10:25 pm
he's basically trying to dictate where he's living. and we're not going to let him dictate how to run a unit, which he has tried since i've been here. mr. weir, i contacted mental health yesterday upon finding a note in your cell. >> yes, ma'am. >> we documented it, as far as the note, that you planned on committing suicide if you can't house with mr. graham -- >> that wasn't the reason, no. that was just another thing to stress me out over, is all that was. >> right. but i talked to mental health. i've talked to lieutenant piper. and we're not going to make that move. you're not going to be able to house with him. we're not going to keep jumping every time you want something done or threatening us. >> i haven't asked for anything. i've been up there 21 days and haven't asked for any of that. >> i've received 12 kites from you to house with graham. lieutenant higden has received five letters from you. requesting about inmate graham. >> there's no way there was 12. i sent you more like two or three. >> irregardless. basically, you've been trying to dictate everything since i've been here --
10:26 pm
>> ma'am, i'm not trying to. i've never been to seg here. i'm coming off eight years of antidepressants. i've received further bad news from the outside world. it's always something. it's been just a little tough for me. >> you're not unique. >> this is not something i'm used to doing here. >> weir has developed a reputation among the correction staff at limon. >> he's always around. always has something to say. something like that. not insulting, necessarily, but very victim-prone, i would definitely say. >> if i didn't know any better, which i may not, i would just swear this place is out to get me. >> i don't think so, mr. weir. i've got letters, six pages, front and back. you know, this is going on, this is going on. he's just -- uh -- he's a headache. but we've got to do our job. so every time he writes something, you know, i'll come down and speak with him about it.
10:27 pm
>> i'll do whatever i have to do to get you -- not to get you to help me, but to let you help myself get what i want to help myself. does that make sense? >> no. say that one more time. >> okay. whatever i need to do to help me -- now i guess it's a cause -- it really wasn't this big -- it's gotten to be a bigger deal than it ever was. >> to help me to help you to help me to help you -- >> right. exactly. >> why do you want to move in so with this guy? >> well, because it's probably the first person i've gotten along with that well in a long time. and, yes, there's some attraction there, absolutely. physical and more so intellectually. jason is extremely intelligent. it's really more of just the comfort zone. >> i seem to be the only one that can live with him. which, whatever. >> has he indicated to you about his feelings? >> no. no. >> he hasn't? >> no.
10:28 pm
uh, i'm -- he knows i don't get down like that. >> okay. okay. >> okay, go ahead. >> the letters need to stop concerning these moves. just ride this out. let me look into it. if we want to make that move i'll make that move, okay? all right? >> i appreciate that. you've always been honest with me, always been straight. i do sincerely appreciate that. more than i can say for a lot of people. >> i know. appreciate it. >> i'm not trying to be pesk. i've been losing my freaking gourd over this. >> i understand. i understand. >> i don't claim to be perfect. obviously, i have made mistakes or i wouldn't be sitting here in a correctional facility. if you notice, i left you alone for a while. >> i understand. i'll look into it. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> have a good one. >> okay. anyway. so that's where we leave off. coming up on "lockup: extended stay" -- >> i prefer to sit on the southeast corner of of the table facing northwest.
10:29 pm
>> why? >> i don't know. >> adam drake faces off with the disciplinary board. >> they said because i had to sit down and the ar does not say that. because i ate, i had to sit down. >> there's a certain standard of behavior that is expected. going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on
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i'm milissa rehberger. here's what's happening. despite being brutally attacked and having her throat cut by an inmate, pam kahanic only took the time she needed to heal before returning to work at the limon correctional facility's garment factory. >> she's a very courageous person. she wanted to come back to work right away. those were the first words out of her mouth to her husband, basically. >> pam sits up and yells at us "i'm going back to work. i'm not going to be quitting my room." this is when she was still laying on the bed being put back together. >> at first i was really edgy and if they come up behind me, the hair on the back of my neck would just like -- i would just get this panicky feeling. so at first i would kind of watch where i was standing. i still do.
10:34 pm
>> i felt kind of bad she had to go through that, but she's back out there. she's, you know, doing her job, getting her money. and we're still paying the price. this place is never going to be back to what it was. >> dennis stanton is one of the more vocal critics of the new restrictions on inmates that took effect following kahanic's attack. >> if you take and put a dog in a cage and you keep poking that dog with a stick, even though you're not technically hurting the dog, you sure are antagonizing it and you're pissing it off. and you keep doing it. then when you open the door and you let them out, they go crazy. they attack everything. >> but limon is a relatively small community where seemingly everyone eventually crosses paths. >> pam. this is mr. stanton. he's a new hire today. this is pam kahanic. she's going to get you going on the machine and start showing you.
10:35 pm
you want to walk this way? >> thanks to his good behavior, stanton has just been approved for a job in the garment factory, one of the highest paid inmate positions in the prison. >> first thing you have to know is the right side of the fabric. >> they've changed this place around a lot. do a lot of lockdown around here now. kind of get you out of the cell a little bit. feel a little bit more normal. >> where we work, we're in close contact with them all every day. they're around you. you just can't avoid that. >> not too straight. >> that's all right. >> it's a different story for jerry weir. >> the last time we saw jerry he just finished a term in segregation and was lobbying to move back in with his former cellie. five days later he was back in segregation. >> his class one write-up was for dealing dangerous drugs, which came from him passing off his medication to another offender. >> weir traded his medications for a magazine. >> apparently he's made a
10:36 pm
request to talk to the film crew. he likes to be a little bit dramatic. mostly just a ploy for attention, i believe. >> how was your night in deep seg? >> it was horrible. i couldn't sleep. it was very depressing. a lot of fear in there because i didn't know what to expect. and i've already got good-bye things -- i've already sent stuff to my attorney to be re-mailed on my behalf, you know, postmortem. seriously. that went out this morning. i kept myself around to make sure i get the receipt back from the slip so i can see that it went out, or at least hopefully went out. >> so you're telling me you're going to kill yourself? >> not, -- well, i'm going to wait and there's only so much abuse i'm going to take in there. my mother passed away a few years ago, and she was a loving, kind, dearest woman you could ever meet. she was a personal injury litigator, helped everyone she possibly could. she would have been a philanthropist had her budget allowed for it.
10:37 pm
i mean, to have guys in the next cell, you know, [ bleep ] on me again. that my mother must have been a whore and a piece of [ bleep ] and she sodomized me and -- listening to that three hours straight -- >> weir's latest transgression has gotten him 20 days in administrative segregation. >> what good would killing yourself do? >> because it will take me out of this misery. now there's another write-up coming i guess there was another picture for god's sake. >> when officers arrived to escort weir to ad seg they once again found magazine photos of young boys in his cell. >> i don't even know -- one, two, ten, i don't know. >> weir will soon face the disciplinary hearing board to answer for the photos. but first, the board has an appointment with adam drake due
10:38 pm
to a dining hall violation. >> i kind of prefer to sit on the southeast corner of a table facing northwest. >> why? >> i don't know. >> inmates who do not want to sit in an assigned seat may leave the dining hall, but must dispose of their meal. according to the officer's report, drake allegedly violated the rules by eating while he was putting his tray away. but he has come prepared to defend himself. >> i have ar number 300-55 offender movement. >> did you bring one? >> i brought my own copy of it. i had a copy from the library. >> okay. and what about it? >> it states that inmates should be permitted to exit the dining hall without retribution, and sending me to segregation is retributive. >> okay. do you have anything to state to this? >> yeah, i would. to argue that point, the verbal noncompliance and the confrontation with the shift commander is actually what
10:39 pm
resulted in this man being taken. i think had the incident not been escalated to the point that there was the disobeying of the lawful order and the disobeying of the verbal instruction given that this would have probably settled itself. however, this man chose to escalate. >> they said, because i ate, i had to sit down, and the ar does not state that, because i hate, i had to sit down. >> i'm going to let my evidence stand as presented. my argument being as a result of this man's action, staff were called away from their normal duties to deal with this incident. >> the case is continued until the next day for administrative reasons. but this time, drake presents the issue of not accepting an assigned seat. >> it's more of a obsessive-compulsive disorder rather than refusing to sit with people because of racial issues. i just prefer to sit on the southeast corner facing northwest. >> and i believe that.
10:40 pm
i'm just curious why hasn't this come up before? how long have you been at this facility? >> well, the thing is, when they started it, i've never really had issues about -- >> you've just been able to accommodate -- >> i've been able to secure that. any other time i refused to sit down and leave i never had an issue. they let me leave. this is the first time they stopped me. >> this is that big of a deal to you? to you, seriously? >> for where i sit? >> yes. >> it really is. hamburgers and french fries are my favorite meal. i've missed that twice because i couldn't get the seat i wanted. >> have you talked to anybody? >> i've got kites in the mental health. >> while drake's seating problems might result from a disorder, it won't save him today. >> you're charged with a class 2 role 16, advocating or creating facility disruptions. you pleaded not guilty, however i find you guilty. your behavior is the reason staff was called away from their regular duties meeting the definition to the charges advocating or creating facility disruptions.
10:41 pm
sanctions imposed is 20 days punitive segregation. i'm going to give you credit for the three days you served and probate the remaining 17 until march the 11th. okay? >> how do you feel about the result? >> i disagree. i think i've put down substantial grounds for an appeal so that i think i may possibly win in that. coming up -- >> i'm just despondent. i'm just about to give up on everything. >> the crackdown at limon could be causing one inmate to crack up. >> i have one photograph of the young man that was taken from this man's segregation cell. please, be quiet for just a moment.
10:42 pm
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10:45 pm
jerry weir has been in and out of administrative segregation for a range of offenses, including possessing photos of young boys. a violation of his treatment plan as a sex offender. it recently happened again. >> when they packed me off for the last time i went to seg, in my envelopes were some additional pictures of minors. they were bringing them over to the segregation and they came across them. i'm just despondent. i'm just about to give up on everything. enough's enough. >> weir must now face the disciplinary hearing board yet again to explain why the photos were in his possession. >> class two, rule 33, misuse of clinical services. you can plead guilty, not guilty, or guilty with an explanation. what's your plea?
10:46 pm
>> guilty with explanation. >> this is the third such hearing that i myself have been involved with this offender relative to this behavior. obviously, you know, he is aware of what he can and cannot possess. >> weir's defense is that he did not realize that he still had these particular photos. he claims that he thought all of his photos of minors were confiscated the last time he got in trouble. >> i thought she got them last time, ma'am. i really did. granted, i should have gone and checked. i was out four days before i got rolled up again. i just -- i had other things going on. when i got back, what i did overnight for about four years -- you can ask graveyard, they kept coming by asking if i was all right -- i tore through every single piece of paper and envelope i had looking for anything that could cause me further problems. we're done with the pictures. we are done with the pictures. >> you understand why i'm a little bit skeptical of that?
10:47 pm
>> go look. >> no -- >> no, absolutely, ma'am. >> it's easy to get pictures if you want them bad enough. >> well, i haven't been going and checking out anything out in the library. i just canceled my one magazine subscription. i'm pissed off about it. it's finally pissed me off to the point where it's not worth it. >> do you have any else, lieutenant? >> at this time i'm going to ahead and submit the evidence. i have one photograph of a young man that was taken from this man's segregation cell. >> i would like to point out that -- i'm sorry. >> please, be quiet for just a moment. and numerous other pictures that this man did possess of young men, children, and the department is requesting the maximum sanctions available be imposed. i have nothing further. >> all i'm asking you, ma'am, is to help me pick up and move forward.
10:48 pm
i'm really trying to do some good things. i've cleaned myself up. i really, really -- i've started this new job, ma'am. please don't set me back. it's like -- a fresh start is what i'm trying to do here. >> where? you know why i'm so skeptical. you've been telling me the same thing every time you come to see me. you tell me the same thing. so how am i supposed to believe you this time? >> have somebody come search. i don't know what to tell you except this is -- >> i believed you two times before, i believed you. i gave you the benefit of the doubt. i'm a little bit skeptical now. i don't believe you. >> proof is in the pudding, i guess. >> well, you haven't proved it to me yet. you were charged with a class two, rule 33, misuse of clinical services. you pled guilty with an explanation. i did find you guilty. weir was found with 18 pictures of children from magazines and newspapers.
10:49 pm
these are a violation of his treatment plan. i am going to give you l.o.p. for 60 days. basically, you lose your tv, your telephone, your single cell. i don't know if they'll do that with you. but you normally use your single cell. you can order hygiene items from canteen, you can't order any goodies. you don't go to library. you don't go to visiting or rec. you can still work. but you are going to do your l.o.p. and i will see about not getting you an ad seg review right now. however, i am disappointed in you. >> i understand that. >> i really am. where? if you're found with anything else, i'm going to see if i can have any kind of influence with that process. do you understand? >> yes, absolutely. >> how did it go, jerry? >> not too well. journey needs to come to an end. i know that.
10:50 pm
eight years of this is enough. coming up -- >> we going to find anything in here we shouldn't find? >> not anything that i know of. >> weir gets another chance to come clean. ♪ ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪ didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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all right, guys. we'll go to shake down units two and one, starting with two. >> the correctional staff at limon conducts surprise cell shakedowns for weapons and other contraband on a regular basis. today, one of the cells on the inspection list is jerry weir's. >> we going to find anything in here we shouldn't find? >> i'm going to say, not that i know of. >> okay. we'll find it if it's here. go ahead and get dressed. >> am i coming back or am i leaving? >> you're coming back. >> well, i don't know, man. the way things been going
10:54 pm
lately, dude, i'm just -- you know. >> i'm hearing you're doing most of it to yourself. >> well, that's true, too. you know, i can't argue with that. one thing is done with something else comes along. >> well, right now you're a heat wave. quit doing stuff you're not supposed to be doing and you won't get caught at it. >> that's a good point. good point. this is just the routine. this is just part of it. this has been past due, actually. this is just what they do. >> inmate weir is a child sex offender. he's not allowed to have pictures of children. he's been wrote up numerous times for that and he just don't seem to catch on. >> who knows what they'll find. i don't even care anymore. i really don't. >> he's just another inmate to us. we're not here to punish. we're here to see that he follows his treatment plan and tries to get better so if he
10:55 pm
ever does reach the streets again, at least he can be a functional member of society. >> the other day you were saying that you searched everything, though, so shouldn't you -- >> well, so-so. you know -- >> you might have missed something? >> i might have. like i said, i really just don't care anymore. >> last time he had stuff hidden in envelopes. just like that. look at that. m. >> he can't be helped. >> i can't seem to do anything. when things start going well they throw something at you that brings you back down. it's just kind of defeating. no light at the end of the tunnel, basically. >> what was it, a week ago he got in trouble for the same thing. when we come in he's crying
10:56 pm
because he got in trouble. we help him out. how do you help somebody like this? >> but he sits here and want to talk about he can't take anymore because the world's coming down on him and he wants to off himself because -- you know, it's everybody's fault but his. but he wants to look at that. he wants to commit crimes like that so, you know what? >> can't help somebody that don't want to help themselves. >> come on in. >> yes, sir. >> you know you're in trouble again. >> oh, of course. i'm always in trouble. >> why do you have all this stuff? you know you just got wrote up for it. you know you're not supposed to have it. >> because i just don't care anymore. i just don't care. i just stopped caring. really, i can't get into the program. there's no chance of getting out. it's just like, why bother? >> well, we're going to continue
10:57 pm
caring. and we're going to continue writing you up every time and you're going to continue going to the hole. >> yeah, i understand that. >> don't look for sympathy. >> i'm not. >> square yourself away. check yourself. knock this off. and then maybe you can get into a program. >> makes sense. >> we're not going to quit coming in here and checking you down. so you better quit. yeah, he's not never going to catch on. hey, guys. guess who we just shook down? >> weir? >> you want to look at that envelope? >> i don't. >> would you like to look at that envelope? >> yes, please. >> that's just the tip of the iceberg.
10:58 pm
>> i just had a hearing on him yesterday. >> yeah, he didn't catch on. >> you know, you can't even really say that you're surprised. >> no. >> you can't even -- it's not even disappointment. you can't be disappointed, you know, if you're not expecting, like, a higher level of behavior. i don't know. there are days that -- days that this job is not a lot of fun. today is one of those days. pretty much based on this one incident. >> but disappointment is the last thing adam drake is feeling. he's elated over a new development in the dining hall. the prison has loosened the assigned seating policy, which used to require inmates to sit in the first available seat. >> they opened three rows until every table has at least one person sitting in it. they won't back up. so basically if the table i'm
10:59 pm
going to doesn't have the seat i want to sit in, then i just look for the one that's open. if none of them are open, then i just go to the next row. >> so in terms of your needing to sit in a specific spot, what has that done for you now? >> i can get that spot no matter what now. >> it's reduced confrontation amongst staff and offenders. due to the fact that offenders have more of an option for the assigned seating. we're still in compliance with the policy. however, it allows them an option to fill three rows at one time. therefore it's not forcing them to sit with an individual that they absolutely refuse to. >> actually, i prefer to sit at the second table on this row, but we were the last pod called, so i'll just sit anywhere next to the rail, but i've got to face this way. >> he has issues. >> yeah.


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