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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 17, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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casey anthony walking free from a florida jail. and now the whole world wonders where is she? we'll hear about the scenes outside the jail. what can be next for this young woman. and breaking news this morning. a big arrest in the ongoing brit hacking scandal. one of the people closest to the head of newscorp taken in by police. and countdown to a deal. new reports that the president and congressional leaders may meet today to try to hammer out a debt ceiling agreement. will this go down to the wire? good morning, everyone. i'm richard lui in for alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." top of the hour four, after nearly three years behind bars casey anthony is a free woman this morning. the 25-year-old was released from jail in orlando just after midnight eastern time 12 days after she was acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. outside the jail hundreds
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gathering carrying signs and protests of support -- or support, rather, of anthony. inside, one nbc news photojournalist was in the processing room when casey was released. he describes what happened. take a listen. >> she was just tunnel vision to the door. and that's when i think i saw that, you know, that smile or relief, if you will, because she saw freedom and she saw the exit door and she saw the srt team and she's like, me, exit, good-bye. >> all right. and now to nbc's lilia luciana with the latest. hi, lilia. >> reporter: how are you, richard? we were all surprised to see casey anthony walk out that door. there are serious security threats against her online. her attorneys have expressed that she has received some directly. although the spokesperson at the jail never said that any threats were made toward the jail. in other words, she never got any letters that they should have been addressing. but it was surprising to just see her walk out. the spokesperson at the jail said she was not going to be
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given any type of special treatment. she was treated as any other inmate. of course this was a special release due to the public impact of the verdict and the people who were waiting outside protesting. >> what do we know about her demeanor? we're watching some of that video, that 15 seconds of her walking out the door. what did she appear like? what was her condition? >> reporter: only three people have been able to talk, richard, and those are the a.p. journalist, the still photographer for the "orlando sentinel," and of course our own tony zumbrado. we've spoken with him. as we just heard him talking about, there's not a great deal of expression in her face. she looked down, she looked up, she walked out. she said "thank you" to one of the srt sergeants. and that's the only word -- or the only two words that came out of her mouth. he said at some point that she might have been holding back a tear or two but not visibly crying. maybe a slight smirk but not a full grin or a full smile. right now casey anthony is anywhere, could be anywhere.
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we have no idea, no way of tracking her at this point. but i'm sure any type of celebration or celebratory expression came after she got into that car. >> no celebrations out there where you were at. you and i were talking a couple hours ago. there were protesters that were actually quite vocal at that hour. >> they were. they were screaming at her, calling her killer, baby killer. just direct expressions of hatred. people still i think in the most part, i could say, people are outside and at least the protesters think that she is guilty. but there was a handful of protesters in favor of casey anthony, saying just let her be, she's not guilty. >> all right. let's take a listen to some of what was said just this morning. >> i'm here for the baby. i'm here to protest her getting out. she should have spent the rest of her life in jail. >> she's had her trial. she's been found not guilty of any violent crimes against her daughter. she's done her time for the crime she did commit.
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and that's just the way it is. and people need to accept that. >> all right. so very busy morning out there in front of the jail. of course, as we see all that energy, both for and against her, there's concern about her safety. >> reporter: absolutely. there is, richard. and even her family, her parents, have had at least -- or more than a dozen death threats. i've gone online and read the blogs on media, also has been reported that some people are saying the first person to come out and kill casey anthony. there's obviously a lot of people who are deeply engaged and emotionally engaged in this story. we really hope that this goes about peacefully. and right now all we know is just all those online threats. no direct threats made to the jail. but her attorneys have said, and i think at some point some pictures came out, altered pictures, showing casey anthony's face with a bullet in her head or something along those lines. but she will need at least more
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than one bodyguard to safeguard her. if she's within orange county, it's still within the orange county sheriff's jurisdiction. if not, who knows in whose hands it is up to to keep her safe s&p. >> lilia luciano live in orlando on the departure of casey anthony, which happened just about ten hours ago. thank you. and it appears there will not be a family reunion for casey anthony, at least not right now. the website tmz saying casey has no plans to see her parents. the attorney for george and cindy anthony tells tmz that casey's lawyers have made it clear that casey will not have any contact with her parents. cindy tried visiting her daughter in jail last week, but casey refused to see her. for more on casey anthony's release this morning, let's bring in criminal defense attorney anne bremner. anne, as we have seen now, casey anthony is released at around 12:10 a.m. eastern time. what is next for her? >> that's a huge question, richard. it could be anything from going underground to going undercover to having plastic surgery to being unrecognizable.
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you know, to doing a $1 million television interview or more. but we do know she's got this appeal going on right now and that could take years on the lying convictions. and she's also got lawsuits against her. zanny the nanny, that lawsuit. the eck with you saech lawsuit. and the appeal about whether she's going to have to pay for investigative costs. because they were looking for her daughter when her daughter per her lawyer had drowned in a swimming pool 31 days before she reported her missing. there's a lot of legal things going on but there's also the whole open question of what she'll do with respect to her own personal future. >> anne, they evaded the chopper cams from various news organizations. it's unknown where she is right now. as she moves forward, when might we see her in court again based on all of the civil suits that you just brought up as well as the appeal? >> it looks like right now, richard, that she's got potentially a hearing or deposition in the fall in the
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zanny the nanny case. but with the appeal of the criminal convictions, that case takes quite a while and she won't ever have to appear during the appellate process. that's just her lawyers arguing legal issues in a court of appeals in florida. but with the equusearch case that's in its infancy but she'll have to have her deposition taken at some point. the big issue is she's got a fifth amendment right not to testify in any civil proceeding because she's appealed those lying convictions. and that may be the sole reason for the appeal, aside from not wanting to pay investigative costs. but she'll have to appear at some point and then take the fifth. >> which of these civil suits have the most teeth in them? >> well, you know, they're so different. i think the zanny the nanny case, that's somebody that suffered greatly from her lying. but then the equusearch brings out everything all over again about what really happened. keep in mind, the word "advocate" is advocat, french, you stand in the shoes of your client as a lawyer. we only heard from her lawyer
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about a swimming pool accident, about abuse. we don't really know about what happened from casey's words. so that whole search case could have a lot of issues with it that would bring to light what really happened from what she has to say. and finally, with respect to the investigative costs, those could be enormous. we've heard that this case cost millions to the state of florida. so if she's going to go out and give an interview, it may have to be multitudes of interviews to be able to cover the costs of all these cases. but some are financially much more daunting for her. but some factually are much more daunting for what she's going to have to reveal. >> anne, jose baez, the one that she gave the big embrace after the verdict came out. will he follow her through all of these cases? and how important is he to her future right now with all of this legal -- all of these legal considerations that need to be made? >> people -- he'll follow her all through the appeals. and because he's filed the appeal, he's her counsel of record. but he also may be involved in any kind of a deal with respect to an interview or television or movie because lawyers or agents
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can take percentages of these. they seem to have formed quite a bond and it seems to me they'll be together through thick and thin through all of this until the completion of all of her legal matters. and that really could take many years. >> all right. anne bremner, thank you so much for your time on this sunday. >> my pleasure. >> and for the latest on casey anthony you can log on to our website at for the very latest. to politics now. and new this morning, the white house budget director says he's glad lawmakers know how high the stakes are in the debt debate. >> what is encouraging is that the leaders in congress seem to all agree that we can't push to a default, that we need to have a path to make sure that the united states can keep its obligations and pay its bills in august. >> nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house. he also said a big deal can still be done here. >> reporter: yeah. depends on how you look at it. could be just around the corner. let's hope they have a gps because no one's quite sure where that deal is lurking,
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richard, at this point. we're sort of in a holding pattern. you heard jack lou on "meet the press" talking about how the president is still very much interested in the so-called grand bargain, the big deal that's been sort of put to the side for the time being. it might still have life in it. but now all this focus is on what can be done in terms of a compromise just to get that debt ceiling raised just to avoid the first financial default in american history and all of the catastrophic consequences that you're right, all the leaders now agree must be avoided. jack lou talking about what the president wants, talking about what's attainable. here's a little more from what he said this morning on "meet the press." >> he wants the largest deal possible. he wants to do the most we can to reduce the deficit. that would be the right thing to do for the american people. he made it clear he's willing to go into the areas that he's not in the past been going into. i think one can see a path on getting into well over a trillion on things we should be able to agree to. >> reporter: 1 trillion is not 4 trillion and 4 trillion is what
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they were talking about. i said they're in a holding pattern. the politics within each caucus, republican and democrat senate on the hill. conservatives are demanding a vote on a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. it's unlikely to get ratified. that's the path they're going to be taking, sort of letting off a lot of steam is one of the functions of congress that's often overlooked. jim demint, a very conservative tea party favorite from south carolina, a senator, here's what he had to say, what republicans are going to be doing this week. >> the only plan on the table that'll keep us from default and will keep us from falling to a negative rating is the cut, cap and balance plan. now, folks can say that it's outrageous to balance our budget. but over 70% of americans think we need to. >> the president has put on the table a reasonable list of alternatives that can bring us to $4 trillion in deficit reduction, and we don't have to wait for the states to ratify a constitutional amendment. let's get our job done now.
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>> okay. dick durbin, he's against spending time on a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. the president says he's against it as well. the president as you know, richard, on friday wanted republicans to come back to him this weekend with another plan. that doesn't appear to be happening. we do not expect another meeting at this point today. richard? >> vic, give us a sense of the timeline as we now finish up week one, we're moving into week two. when we might actually see a deal that could get everybody signing off on it. are we going to see that this week? what's being heard? >> reporter: it really depends on whether this plan being put forward by the republican leader and the democratic leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, and harry reid, is going to be the fallback plan that would essentially allow the president to raise the debt ceiling and provide a list of cuts that are going to have to be considered by congress somewhere down the road. the problem is conservatives in the house aren't going for it, there aren't the votes for that right now, they're going to have to do these votes in the house and the senate later this week. perhaps it's going to be a lot clearer wednesday, thursday of this week. meanwhile, we've only got 16 days to go before the possible
7:13 am
default after august 2nd, richard. >> mike viqueira, thank you so much. at the white house. much of the midwest is sizzling like it's in a frying pan. forecasters blame scorching temperatures 15 degrees above normal. highs for this time of year, some even hitting triple digits in some states. the weather channel's alex wallace has the latest from a very warm atlanta himself. >> absolutely. they don't call it hotlanta for nothing. but you know, atlanta's actually not going to be too bad in the coming days. it's in the middle of the country, and you can see here behind me, all these areas shade inn ed in that brown, those are excessive heat advisories. minneapolis down to st. louis. wichita as well. already starting out this morning pretty warm. these are the actual current temperatures. dallas at 85. kansas city sitting right now at 83 degrees. but when you factor in the humidity, what it feels like -- it's certainly starting to jump up a little bit. kansas city feeling like it's almost 90. even warmer the feel like temperature there in minneapolis. feeling right now this early morning like it's 95 degrees.
7:14 am
so a scorching day expected across portions of the midwest. actual highs for our afternoon, joplin there, missouri getting up to 100 degrees. richard, you mentioned a lot of triple-digit heat. we're going to find that for sunday, monday, on into tuesday as well. the second day of the week all the way up into the northern plains. bismarck in north dakota reaching the upper 90s for the afternoon. so dangerous heat. and it's not just going to be a situation where we're dealing with it one day, two days. all the way through at least the end of the week we're dealing with this heat. so prolonged heat can be very, very dangerous, taking it easy and trying to stay cool. richard? >> they're going to have to rename it to warmlanta i guess the way things are today. thanks a lot, alex. have a good one. the release of casey anthony reminds us of some other big name acquitals. o.j. and robert blake that come to mind. but is there anything she can learn from those people as she sets out on a new life? that's coming up in just a few. we spend a lot of time on the feed
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it was touted as a traffic nightmare just waiting to happen. a construction project in southern california causing a logjam of apock liptic proportions on and near interstate 405. but despite fears of a massive backup, residents seem to have steered clear and been stayed the worst as of now. nbc's aditti roy is at the scene. it looks like much of the mulholland bridge is still there. >> reporter: yes, it still is here. but richard, they have made significant progress even in the last couple of hours you that last checked in with us. we can tell you that originally the plan is for them to knock down half of this bridge, and it appears that they have done so already. in fact, even the last couple of hours they removed a lot of the apparatus that was on the bridge, and it seems like there are ground crews there kind of just polishing things up. they are scheduled to reopen this ten-mile stretch of the 405 freeway at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and it looks like they are right
7:19 am
on track with that. just to keep you in the framework, it is a ten-mile stretch of the 405 that's been closed for 53 hours over the weekend. and richard, i know that you have spent time here in southern california. i grew up in this area. we know that the 405 is notorious for its traffic jams. and transportation officials say eventually there's going to be a carpool lane when this project is finished. and that carpool lane will help ease traffic congestion and reduce those travel times by as much as ten minutes. >> all right. that's the consolation for having to go through this weekend. aditi roy watching that for us. thank you, aditi. back to the debt crisis now and new pressure to find thaelsithaelt elusive plan that congress can agree on before the u.s. defaults on its bills. a.b. stoddard is associate editor and columnist with the "hill" newspaper. on friday congress gave the president 24 to 36 hours. nothing has happened so far in terms of a plan coming to the president. what does that say?
7:20 am
>> well, i think we're in a shift from last week where this entire debate was taking place around these white house meetings and lots and lots of press conferences into a separate phase now where the republicans are not offering a new plan, they don't want to talk to the president anymore, and for a few days what you're going to see are these votes in the house and senate on these conservative republican plans to balance the budget with a balanced budget amendment and cap spending at 18% of gdp and other restrictions that they say would be part of any deal that would increase the debt ceiling that they could agree to. and there's many conservative republicans, as you know, who don't want to raise the debt limit at all. i think, though, behind the scenes you will still continue to have discussions between republican leaders and the administration. and administration officials are meeting with the house speaker on friday, as late as friday. so it will continue -- there will be continued private discussions on the hope of a bigger deal. but publicly many days are going
7:21 am
to pass without discussions of a real deal. >> all right. fewer discussions at the white house. you're saying the cut, cap and balance plan, that will be discussed and debated -- that's coming to the house this week i believe on tuesday. and just an overview of it, again, it would allow the debt ceiling to be raised so long as there are some short-term cuts in spending, long-term spending caps put in place over the coming years, and a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. that's all the parts, as you were describing there. the question of it's not likely that it will pass. what's the good that could come from this debate, this discussion on that bill? >> well, i think when you look at the raw numbers on the house side, richard, you're seeing the tea party-backed freshmen create a pretty hefty wall that the president and the house speaker and the senate minority leader cannot get around. they cannot raise the debt ceiling at this point because of this bloc of conservative republicans who refuse to do so. they wanted this vote. the speaker's going to give them this vote. if it goes down, and it likely
7:22 am
will because it requires 2/3 on the house side, 2/3 on the senate side, many democrats object to it because it would require a 2/3 majority to raise taxes, something that they feel is just too burdensome, and so since it's not likely to fail at least it was an offer by the leadership to go their way. and so the hope is as you get closer to default if that doesn't succeed that you will have some more unity among republicans in an effort to avert default. >> all right. which they have struggled to have at least within the last week certainly. a.b. stoddard, thank you. >> thank you. the internet and your memory. we examine a new study that raises some big questions about how one affects the other. it's not just the u.s., by the way. fans all over the world are responding to the u.s. women's world cup team. what's the appeal here? somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily.
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casey anthony free this
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morning after almost three years in jail. anthony was released soon after midnight eastern time. she had been acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee 12 days ago. and as of now her whereabouts are known by only a few. anthony's release is an emotional event for many people around the country who were just surprised and angered by the not guilty verdict. and what happens next in this ongoing drama is a big concern for millions who watched her trial. we may gain some perspective by taking a look back. nbc's jay gray joins me in the newsroom with that part of the story. good morning to you, jay. >> reporter: good morning to you, richard. yeah, as we saw throughout this trial and early this morning with her release, casey anthony has touched an emotional chord across the country. and as unique as this case may seem to be, there is actually a bit of history that may provide some insight into what comes next. as casey anthony walked out of the orange county jail, she followed in the footsteps of a group of high-profile defendants
7:27 am
whose freedom has captured the attention -- >> not guilty -- >> reporter: -- and emotions -- >> justice for caylee. justice for caylee. >> reporter: -- of the country. >> there are many people who identify with the victims or even with the witnesses. and they feel very strongly about it. and it really becomes very passionate to them. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: but what about those accused and acquitted once the focus shifts to the next courtroom drama? o.j. simpson is currently serving time in a nevada state prison, convicted of numerous felonies including kidnapping and armed robbery. michael jackson fought rumors and allegations until his death two years ago. two of the four los angeles police officers involved in the rodney king incident wound up spending time in federal correction camps. >> not guilty of the crime of first-degree murder of bonnie lee -- >> reporter: robert blake, acquitted in the murder of his wife, was ruled liable for her wrongful death in a civil suit. >> we find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: william kennedy smith, acquitted of criminal rape charges in 1991, is a doctor now. a civil sexual assault
7:28 am
allegation by a co-worker was dismissed in 2005. and after being found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity and now a mom, even lorena bobbitt cut a nerve with so many who followed her trial. >> it often makes feel a lot more cynical and skeptical about the system. >> no justice served today. >> reporter: part of an effect that often lasts long after the verdict. >> and now with the internet, now it really doesn't go away because now you just google it and you can put in "murder" or "famous trials" or "acquitals" and you get all the information as if it happened yesterday. >> or this morning. >> and i want her to be able to grieve and grow and somehow get her life back together. >> reporter: casey anthony, perhaps taking a step out of the spotlight for the first time in three years. but the emotion and passion from her trial, like the others before her, is not likely to fade for quite some time.
7:29 am
>> and back live now. yeah, richard, as we talked about, there was emotion out there outside the jail this morning. it's something that's not likely to go away for quite some time, which is one reason perhaps that her attorneys want her to stay out of the spotlight. >> we will see. jay gray. everyone has been saying and reporting, want to know what she will do next. jay gray, thank you. it's a shocker. another arrest in the brit hacking scandal. this one comes as a surprise. what it all means. could james murdoch be in risk right now? and rise and shine. how kool and the gang is helping one well-known crew start the morning off. great song. ♪ ♪ let's celebrate ♪ celebrate good times ♪ come on we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda-process-verified programs for fresh all-natural chicken. [ joe ] we never have used steroids or hormones of any type, and always raised cage-free. we're trying to make a better chicken. and always raised cage-free. a lot of
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got some big news from florida this morning. casey anthony has been released from jail.
7:33 am
[ crowd shouting ] >> that was the scene just ten hours ago. a handful of protesters and even a few supporters cheering and jeering as anthony walked out of the orlando jail just after midnight eastern time. she got into an suv, as you saw there, with her attorney, jose baez. the vehicle then pulling into a covered parking garage and did not come back out. yes, right there live now criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor jay fahey. so it happened right after midnight. i think a lot of people expected that, right, jay? >> i think so too, yes. >> get her out as soon as possible. >> and quickly as possible. >> but in public. some were saying they night try to sneak her out. >> i think my understanding is they had people on the ground, if they could get her out publicly the normal way they wanted to do that if there was too much tension or they thought it was dangerous they were going to sneak her out. >> thought it might be dangerous, there were several scenarios according to our photojournalist, our nbc photojournalist who was actually
7:34 am
taking the video of her leaving that jail facility. those three scenarios indicated there's concerns about security. there's been discussion about a safehouse too. what's next? >> i think what's next is they're going to -- the lawyers are going to try to hide her someplace, put her someplace where she'll be isolated until they can make some sort of a deal, whether it's books, film, interviews, photos, whatever it is, and then figure out how to roll her out so that they can use her as basically a marketer. >> is that the right thing to do? she has civil cases out there, too many to really count or describe. she also has the appeal of those four misdemeanors. is doing a book, getting on tv, doing movies the right thing to do right now? >> well, i don't think it's the right thing to do right now, meaning right now within the next couple days. but what i think -- i think baez, his payday has come. he's going to slowly figure out who's the highest bidder and figure out how to market her the right way. she could be worth all kinds of money, again-w books, films telling her story. someone's already offered her a
7:35 am
million dollars to tell her story. with that said, you also have the lawsuits by the investigators. >> right. >> by equusearch. by zanny the nannies. the real zanny the nanny. you have the state of florida saying they're going to have after her for the cost of investigation. there's a prisoner right now who says he's the actual father of caylee. a lot of legal stuff is still going to be on in this case. >> of all of those that are going on right now, jay, what do you think are the ones that have the most sneeth i was talking about this last hour. but there are so many that are out there right now. >> i think the cost of investigation has a lot of teeth because they're going to try to take her deposition. i'm not saying she's going to have to testify in court but they're going to take her deposition. zanny the nanny can get her deposition. so they're all going to try to get video depositions of her. and then with those video depositions might also have some value. >> all right. she's your client. what do you tell her to do right now? >> what you i tell her to do is do nothing. i try to put her on a farm, put her someplace where she's just isolated, people don't know where she is, 20, 30, 40-acre farm and then slowly figure out
7:36 am
what the deals are. and again, baez is now still her attorney, but now he's the -- he's acting in my opinion as her agent. he's the one that's been talking to people that want to use her brand. such as it is. >> paparazzi are very resourceful. and in this case we don't know where she's at. the chopper cams were there. they went into cheney mason's office. and -- >> if people are disciplined, if baez is perhaps the only one that knows where she is, there are ways to even her isolated. i'm not saying it's going to be easy. but she can't have communication with anyone. if she stays isolated, they could keep her locked up at least away from everybody for a couple of weeks. >> on a virtual island i'm guessing what you say here. jay fahey, thank you so much. breaking news this morning in britain's hacking scandal in london the biggest arrest so far by british police. nbc's chapman bell is in london with the latest. chapman, might this -- they're talking about arrest number ten. might this lead then to even more arrests, maybe making it to james murdoch? >> well, richard, i think it's a
7:37 am
little too early to go that far. but earlier today rebekah brooks was arrested in connection with the "news of the world" investigation. brooks is of course the former editor of the paper. and until friday she was the chief executive of news international, which is a british wing of murdoch's newscorp. now, police initially announced just a few hours ago that a 43-year-old woman had been arrested, being questioned on suspicion of conspiring into thear september communications and suspicion of corruption who we learned related to rebekah broo brooks. those related to phone hacking and bribes. she voluntarily attended a police station to assist in the investigation in what was a prearranged appointment. it does not seem, however -- it does seem, rather, that the arrest came as a bit of a surprise to her. now, her arrest comes today when news international had given another full-page apology in british newspapers here, stating that they would fully cooperate
7:38 am
with the police and that there was nowhere to hide those who had done any misdoings. this comes just two days before rebekah brooks and rupert murdoch and his son james are due to give evidence to a committee in parliament here in britain. now, this will have implications since she's been arrested, how much she can cooperate in this giving evidence to this committee. but at this point she has not been charged. so it is significant, but we're waiting to see just where this leads. but it does seem like it's a big arrest in terms of gaining ground in this scandal. richard? >> chapman bell in london with the latest on that breaking news. thank you. there are some new signs today that texas governor rick perry could enter the 2012 presidential race. governor perry's family is reportedly encouraging him to run according to iowa governor terry bran stad. branstad also tells the associated press he expects perry to visit iowa within the
7:39 am
month. mitt romney will visit a nascar event in new hampshire today. and to mark the occasion the dnc has released this new attack ad. the nascar-themed spot attacking romney on jobs, saying massachusetts ranked 47th out of the 50 states on job creation when romney was governor. back now to the debt crisis. and new this morning, white house budget director jacob lew is speaking out against lawmakers who say it's no big deal if the u.s. misses the deadline on raising the debt ceiling. >> i can't explain what motivates people to say those things. i can tell you the facts are the facts. if we don't raise the debt ceiling, we won't be able to pay our bills in august. and that has dire consequences. >> i'm joined now live by nbc news political analyst and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. governor, thanks for your time this morning. we hear this back and forth about how real the government is facing a default on payments and the debt ceiling on august the 2nd not being raised that's what
7:40 am
would happen. what's your perspective? >> well, look, it's interesting to me that some republicans, not all, there are many republicans who recognize the consequences by not raising the debt ceiling, but many of them are saying it's not a problem. and yet they're not listening to the job creators. the republicans always talk about job creators, the job creators, the business people. well, the head of ge, general motors, people on wall street, jamie dimon, probably as influential a banker in the country, said it would be catastrophic for us not to do this. so i don't understand why they're not listening to the people who they rely on to get this economy going and to keep it going. i mean, it makes no sense. look, whatever we do, we have to raise the debt ceiling. but to key to me, richard, is we can pass a bill that has just one sentence in it saying we're raising the debt ceiling to x. and if we did that, or even if we had some minor cuts in there, let's say a trillion dollars of cuts, which isn't going to get us to where we need to go, we're missing a great opportunity
7:41 am
because unfortunately washington only seems to work when their backs are up against the wall. so i think the president's right. this is the opportunity for a very large proposal that will in fact cure our deficit and our debt crisis for the next 20 years. and if we miss this opportunity because we won't compromise, shame on us. >> are the interlocutors in this debate missing an opportunity, governor, going back to what you said just a second ago, by framing this around jobs? >> well, sure, they're missing an opportunity. we ought to be doing something about jobs. we ought to have a massive program to repair this nation's crumbling infrastructure. it's the single best job program we could have. creates millions of well-paying jobs if we did it right. but nobody's talking really about jobs. everyone's politically posturing. and you know, there's a great -- i don't know if you're a rolling stones, mick jagger fan. but there's a great song, richard, you'll remember then saying you can't always get what you want. >> right. >> well, both sides should
7:42 am
understand that. democrats can't get -- we can't get out of this crisis without cutting entitlements and reforming entitlements and saving money on entitlements. and republicans have to understand we're never going to solve this problem correctly without raising revenue. and if we have goodwill and stop this political posturing, stop making this a run-up to the 2012 election, think about what's good for the country, we've got a shot. if we don't, we'll eventually probably pass something that will be a stopgap, that will kick the can down the road, and we'll have missed a great opportunity. >> we're going to have to play that song in, again, the capitol p.a. system. maybe something will get done. the house will vote, as you know, on a balanced budget amendment, part of the ccb. i want to play this bit of sound for you and get your reaction. >> the only reason this administration doesn't want a constitutional amendment is because they want to keep spending the american people's money. and the only reason congressional democrats would refuse to pass it is because they know the people of this country would rise up and
7:43 am
quickly ratify it. >> all right. so republicans saying there's a lot of support from voters across the country. but are democrats, do you think, here a little bit scared that this debate, how it might be received by states because they might like it? >> well, look, it's always easy to tell people what they want to hear. there's -- could bwe have a balanced budget amendment? well, sure, but then we'd need a capital budget. every state except one must produce a balanced budget. but that's an operating budget. we have a capital budget that allows us to borrow and go into debt and make those debt payments over time. so is there a possibility to consider it in a sensible light? sure. but let me just give you a hypothetical. it's not a hypothetical. it's real. president bush decides after 9/11 that we have to go to war in afghanistan and iraq. and that means we're going to have to spend billions of dollars that we hadn't accounted for.
7:44 am
if we had a balanced budget amendment, we wouldn't have been able to do that without raising taxes significantly. there's no way we could have cut spending quickly enough to be able to finance going to war. so there are some contingencies that make a balanced budget something that we should think twice about. you know, there's another great saying, be careful what you wish for. and we don't want to get ourselves in that hole. but if we had a federal capital budget, which would allow us to do our long-term investing offline, not on the operating budget, it might be something to be considered. but not now and not for politics. and it doesn't have anything to do with the short-term problem of getting ourselves out of the deficit. if we had a balanced budget amendment that passed in the next two years, we'd have to make massive cuts and huge tax increases to balance the budget in year three. there's no other way we could do it. >> governor, a quick one here before i have to let you go. the national governors association convening this weekend in salt lake city. and they were disgusted, according to what politico is
7:45 am
reporting, about what's happening in washington, d.c. as a former governor yourself, when you look at what's happening and balanced budget requirements in various states across the country, what's your view on what's happening in washington from a governor's seat? >> well, it's the refusal to compromise. just refusal to abandon their ideologies and do something that makes government work. every one of the governors that are in salt lake and myself when i was governor, we didn't always get what we wanted. my budget proposal, i don't think i ever got 100% of what i wanted when i was governor in my eight years. but i got a lot of things, and we made a lot of progress in pennsylvania because i was willing to compromise. i understood where the republicans in the legislature needed to be. i tried the best i could to accommodate them. and when we couldn't, we battled, but eventually we compromised. and that's what we've got to do in washington. and governors understand that. >> all right. thank you so much, governor ed rendell. we'll listen tie little bit of music for you a little bit later here on msnbc. >> thanks.
7:46 am
>> have a good one. >> you too. ♪ ♪ >> it's not the rolling stones, as ed rendell suggested. the crew, though, of the space shuttle "atlantis" up and ready to start their day's work. the four-member crew got up to the song "celebration." that brings back some memories for you, doesn't it? kool and the gang. the crew has been busy fixing and hauling equipment aboard the international space station. so as the sweltering temperatures sweeping the country intensify, dangers of heat exhaustion are growing by the minute. we'll tell you what activities to avoid in the heat. and "harry potter" fans are still arriving in droves to theaters. you can't stop these folks. but just how successful has the film been at the box office? did it beat expectations? ñññ
7:47 am
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7:50 am
hot weather now blanketing the country proved to be a huge obstacle during a weekend marathon in wisconsin. organizers of a 10k run in milwaukee stopped the event saturday after at least ten runners were overcome by the extreme heat. the weather channel's eric fisher is monitoring temperatures in minneapolis. what are you seeing there, my friend? >> reporter: man, it is just a swampy morning here. it's amazing how tropical a place so far north can get. those dew points, it's a measure of the humidity in the air that we track so much during the summertime, well up into the 70s in some locations it will be into the 80s. i mean, that is obscene. you very rarely will ever see moisture that high, and that makes it very difficult for our bodies to cool. you can probably tell by the sweat all over me, not evaporating. that will be the case for everyone. evaporation is how you keep cool. popular spot this afternoon probably going to be out here in center field. that is the shadiest part of the ballpark here at target field.
7:51 am
we're expecting what could be the hottest game ever played here. granted, it's only been open for a year and a half. but even still it is going to be a long stretch. you move out toward left center and then eventually along the third base line, i think if you're watching on tv you're probably going to see a lot of empty seats there. people avoiding the sun. and that's probably a very good idea. stay under the concourse and enjoy some of the free water they're making available. we talked to kevin smith, public relations with the minnesota twins, earlier on. and he said they allow people to bring their own water, drinks into the ballpark and they can even bring their own food, slices of fruit. never heard of such a thing. usually you go to the ballpark and it's $20 for a beer. but you can actually prepare when before you come on out. people need to be safe. we've already seen a dozen deaths this week due to the heat. what's coming forward for the next week is going to be just as dangerous. and a big reason here, the fact that it's not just a day or two of summertime weather, it's a week of intense heat and that becomes very taxing on all of our bodies. back to you. >> either way, enjoy the game. eric fisher, thank you, in
7:52 am
minneapolis. with the big game now just hours away, talking about sports, soccermania has officially set in. a live report from germany. no animal by-products. no meat and bone meal. when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪
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the final "harry potter" film is breaking even more records. this morning attracting huge audiences and scoring box office gold. let's get the details now from kim serafin, senior editor with "in touch weekly." all right. so we have the numbers early on. the film broke records on friday. $92 million. >> right. >> today's sunday. what's the latest data? not that there's going to be any surprises. >> yeah. $163 million now breaking the three-day weekend record, which was previously set by "dark knight." so it's breaking a lot of records. as you mentioned, the one-day total. broke a record for "twilight" new moon. it also broke the midnight screening record for "twilight: eclipse," making 43 million just in midnight screenings as people around the country were seen lined up outside of theaters to go into these midnight screenings to be one of the first people to see the final "harry potter" film. so this is really -- i mean, it's epic. sort of like the epic battle in this final movie between good and evil.
7:56 am
it's just -- it's unbelievable the kind of money this film is making. >> going out strong. sometimes these sequels get more and more boring. let's move to another movie that was trying to challenge harry potter. very difficult to do. the big bad bear. actually, winnie the pooh. everybody loves winnie the pooh. >> yeah. exactly. if harry potter is casting a spell, i guess winnie the pool is sweet like honey is what people are saying. i mean, here you have two totally different films. winnie the pooh of course for children, young children, under 8 years old. very much like comic -- like a coloring book, really, compared to harry potter, the 3-d epic. 3-d effects. everything is crazy about harry potter. winnie the pooh really simple but just lovable. and i think for a lot of people, parents, grandparents, very nostalgic to see winnie the pooh and all of their favorite characters. >> hang on. i like winnie the pooh. i'm not a grandparent. >> or a parent. i said parent. >> oh, okay. >> anyone who grew up with winnie the pooh. and just again, he really hasn't changed from that 1926 storybook that we remember. >> i still like it, kim.
7:57 am
you're still fantastic. kim serafin, senior editor with "in touch weekly." two great films to watch. >> definitely. could all those hours spent surfing the internet actually be chipping away at your brainpower? well, we've got some shocking new data. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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