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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  July 17, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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violence erupts in a courtroom. tempers explode on a bus. teenage girls beat each other bloody. >> we want to see more of this. >> and customers attack a restaurant staff. when tension, anger and fear boil over -- it can turn to uncontrollable rage. >> let me go. >> stop. >> move!
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>> it's all "caught on camera." "fury." >> hello. i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." it's human nature to get angry, and sometimes emotions boil over. when they do, situations can spiral out of control. in this hour, you'll see people who lash out in frustration, despair and rage. >> oh, hell, yeah. >> it's a scene that would shock any parent. two middle school girls beating each other in front of dozens of their peers. and the whole bloody battle is caught on an iphone camera. >> we want to see more of this. >> one of the girls involved is 13-year-old sierra spencer.
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she has just switched middle schools in the small suburb of marysville, washington, after being bullied in her own school. at first, it feels like a good fit. >> it was perfectly fine. like i had no problems. i loved it. >> but sierra is bullied in this school, too. sierra's mother, kenice watson is frustrated the problems she thought she had fixed is continuing. >> there's three middle schools and how do they intermingle. and so eventually the issues she was having at the other middle school started kind of to carry over and affect her, the peer pressure. >> and along with the bullying comes the pressure to fight. >> it was name calling and then they want to fight. and i say no. then they think i'm a baby. you know, all those names, and it just like, they are always calling me and it makes me want to do it. it's just this new rage amongst girls is this girl fighting. and they feel like they have to
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prove something to fight. i just hate to see girls fighting, taking it to that level. >> on march 25th, 2011, sierra decides to do just that when she agrees to fight a female classmate in the woods after school. >> i had a group of people. she had a group of people. when i showed up there first and there was already a lot of people there, like double the amount of people that i had with me. i was just -- i don't know, shocked that there was really that many people that knew about it, and a lot of them were older people like high school. i was like, why are all these people here? >> wait. get closer. >> with dozens of kids egging them on, sierra and the other student begin to fight. sierra's friend captures the disturbing scene on her iphone. >> i was so into it that i wasn't thinking about all the people around me. >> despite taking visibly painful blows, the girls keep fighting. >> i didn't pay attention to how
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much i was bleeding and everything because i was sboe it. i wasn't paying attention to anything else. >> with cheers from the crowd, the fight goes on for almost 20 minutes. >> get on the ground again. >> it was off and on, but then she'd come back at me and so it would just keep going and going. >> finally, battered and bloody, the girls decide to end the fight. >> we finally both just said we were done. but i feel kind of stupid for keep going because i knew that i was hurt already and i didn't really care for some reason at the time. people were trying to take pictures of my face and everything. so i had a couple of my friends, and i just left. >> trying to hide the day's events, sierra gets cleaned up
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and heads to a friend's home. but when her mother picks her up, she is shocked by what she sees. >> i got in the car and, of course, i'm trying to hide my eye. she's like, look at me. i wouldn't look at her. i finally had to. she was freaking out. >> the one eye was just huge. being broken. i think it was this side. she had a black eye on this side but not nearly as severe and swollen as this side. >> she had broken blood vessels behind both eyes that are just now starting to heal, where they are all red. and then she had a really bad bloody nose. i thought she might have fractured her nose. it was all tender and sore. >> she takes sierra to the hospital the next morning. and to her relief, sierra's injuries look worse than they are. she doesn't have a concussion or any broken bones. and walks away from the incident with bruises. later that day, she decides to check her daughter's facebook page to see if there's any
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information on the fight. she's horrified by what she sees. because one of sierra's classmates has posted the video of the fight online. >> so it's just disturbing to witness. i was angry at her that she agreed to participate in such a thing. angry at the taunting and like the spectator, like it was a spectator sport. >> this is fun. >> yeah, that's what i'm talking about. >> frustrated that when sierra started bleeding and take something pretty bad blows and visibly had blood, that nobody stopped it? >> bloody nose. >> don't stop now. >> and it could have been the perfect hit to her temple or head and she could be dead right now or vice versa, putting herself in that position. >> after the fight, sierra enters counseling and starts a new school in her grandparents district. sierra is doing well there.
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she urges other parents to be more active in their children's lives and get to know their kids' friends. >> be very careful who you let your kids hang out with and just get -- there's so much negative out there. work on getting that positive impact on your child at home and hopefully they end up with that set of morales and will grow up and learn what's right and wrong instead of just being so influenced with everything around them. that's what i'm working on with sierra. >> at sierra's old school they've formed a group dedicated to ending bullying and violence on campus. >> i want other parents and other kids to take notice and stand up and say, it doesn't have to be like this. this is wrong. >> as for sierra, the regret she feels over the fight may be the toughest consequence she'll have to face. >> why did i even do it? like what was the reason
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exactly? and like the school was asking everybody else, like why did they fight? and there's no even answer. there was no reason for us to do it, so i feel pretty stupid because now there's all this just because of a stupid fight. coming up -- customers go wild at a manhattan restaurant. >> i don't know why it got to that point and somebody said something to somebody. but when that happens, these things escalate very quickly. >> watch out! >> when "caught on camera: fury" returns. ♪ ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ]
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unruly customers attack the wait staff at a mexican restaurant in new york city. as horrified patrons look on. >> the manager was trying to
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keep things subdued, but there's nothing he could do at that point because the guys who came back, they were ready to start throwing chairs. >> july 22nd, 2010, it's a busy head at blockheads restaurant. and filmmaker max noba is sitting at an outdoor table with one of his friends. >> my friend said that blockheads was a really delicious burrito spot. we went there. got a table and some margaritas and burritos. was a good time. >> while eating, max notices two men argue with the restaurant's manager and several waiters. >> they were raising their voices every once in a while so i could tell that tensions were raised. i could tell everything was about to escalate. i took out my phone and started recording. >> according to blockheads' co-owner, the argument starts because the two men are harassing a waitress when the waitress becomes upset, the manager steps in to defuse the situation. >> he found the two guests to be
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belligerent and using language that he felt was not appropriate for the restaurant. he asked them to leave. >> though the men followed the manager outside it becomes apparent they aren't too happy about being asked to leave. >> i don't know why it got to that point and somebody said something to somebody, but when that happens, these things escalate very quickly. >> the argument hits its boiling point when one of the customers lashes out and hits one of the waiters in the face. >> he was about to go right after the guy again but the manager was trying to keep things subdued. >> it doesn't work because the second customer joins in. punching the same waiter. >> there's nothing he can do to control it at this point. it's coming from every angle. >> and that's when the violence escalates. >> the guy in the gray shirt picked up one of the chairs someone had left and started throwing that. he was coming with the chair right towards me. so i'm sitting there in my table with the cell phone and my
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margarita and burrito here and here i am trying to protect myself and the burrito and my phone all at once. >> frightened customers back away from their tables as the fight moves into the street. >> at one point, the guy in the red shirt picked up the median on the sidewalk and heaved it so i yelled watch out because i thought that could actually hurt someone. >> defending themselves and the customers, the waiters fight back. >> i believe the initial goal was to get these guys out of the area and just go on with the day. i think there was a tipping point in the argument at which their goals may have been overcome by just the intensity of the moment. >> one waiter uses a chair and the manager stops another waiter from using a metal chain. >> all of the employees from the restaurant came outside and there was a lot of solidarity. they were a team and they clearly were not about to take any crap from these guys.
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>> several employees step in to break up the fight, and after a few more harsh words, the customers leave the scene. >> everyone seemed like they were pretty much okay at the end of it. i think that some of the customers were probably the most shaken. every table and chair had been overturned except for our table. so we were there in the midst of this pile of beans and cheese. >> police are called in, but because no one is hurt and there's no permanent damage to the restaurant, no charges are filed. >> i believe the police were called as a precautionary measure because at that point we couldn't have known whether somebody was coming back. but it wouldn't have interested me to see these kids get put in jail or get prosecuted. i wouldn't have seen any point in pursuing it. >> in the 25 years he's owned restaurants, he's never had an incident like this. >> that has never happened before, nor has it happened since. it's a real aberration for this place. we have a very, very friendly atmosphere. and i think people like the fact that they feel comfortable coming in here.
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it's a nonjudgmental atmosphere. >> after the fight, most of the food on the outdoor tables end ups on the ground, but nova says the meal isn't a total loss. >> everyone who was outside had their meals comped. and anyone who wanted to stay got some free margaritas. they definitely turned it around and turned it into a positive experience for those who had the misfortune of being caught in that whirlwind. i definitely felt they handled it really well. >> watch out! coming up -- a battle for a bus seat becomes a nightmare for commuters. >> there was screaming going on in the back. there was fighting that started and just kept coming down the aisle. people had to move out of the way. >> when "caught on camera: fury" returns.
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two women brawl over a seat on a san francisco municipal bus as dozens of stunned passengers look on.
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>> slamming on each other, kicking. it was like, oh, great. this is my commute. >> stop it. stop it. >> october 7th, 2009. san francisco, california. systems administrator jonathan perell is riding the bus to work. >> i get in just like any other day. find a seat. sit down. and the bus starts going. >> because it's a heavy commuting hour, the bus is extremely crowded. and when it pulls up to the next stop, there are hardly any seats left. >> a lady gets in and there's only one seat left open in the back. and she has got a couple of bags and she tries to sit down. and the lady that's there doesn't want to give up the free seat where she has her bags. >> the two unidentified women argue and eventually the woman who is standing is allowed to sit down.
5:21 pm
but not for long. >> the other lady starts yelling at her that she's too close and don't touch my bag and you don't think anything is going to happen, though, until one of the ladies gets up and starts yelling at the other lady. >> that's when perell takes out his camera and begins to record. >> when they get up, they start yelling. the arguments, it's -- the asian lady didn't speak english very well, so her rebuttal was, you're stupid. >> you are stupid. you are stupid. >> and the whole bus. there's like a moment of silence where you can almost hear everybody going -- and then they just start yelling at each other and there's f bombs dropped, and it just escalates and escalates and escalates. and everybody is just kind of
5:22 pm
sitting back watching. >> say it again. say it again. >> the lady throws a punch and people were yelling. there's a high school girl standing like two feet from me. and as the fight starts coming down, the girl is screaming because it's just rolling down. >> despite the screams, the women continue to pummel one another. >> it just doesn't stop. and the bus driver didn't stop. there was screaming going on in the back. there was fighting that started that just kept coming down the aisle that people had to move out of the way. people screaming. >> within 30 seconds, another passenger steps in. >> stop it. stop it. stop it. stop it. stop. >> get her back.
5:23 pm
stop it. >> there was one lady that kind of broke them up a little bit. but, you know, most people did not want to get in between two older ladies just going all at it. i mean there was serious blows. they were just slamming on each other. >> from beginning to end, the arguing and the fighting lasts about three minutes. things start to calm down as the two women are separated. and when the bus pulls up to a stop, one of the women gets off. >> it's just disappointing. you expect better from everyone in general. i had already seen some craziness three weeks before, so i'm like, great. again. i just want to go to work. >> three weeks earlier, perell says he's attacked on this same bus route while heading to work. >> i was sitting down, and suddenly from across the aisle,
5:24 pm
i get a punch right in my neck. it was just, oh, my god, what the hell. and i realized that the guy was just, you know, not there. he was either on something or had some mental issues. >> he reports the incident to the bus driver. but because perell decided not to file a formal report, nothing ever comes of it. perell is glad he records the video of the women fighting. he says it proves that dangerous events, like what happened to him three weeks earlier, can happen on the bus, which san franciscans also refer to as the muni. >> thanks to the fact i had done a video and was getting phone calls from the media about it and it was on tv and all over the place. suddenly muni had to deal with it. there were a number of other incidents that happened on muni buses. so it was kind of this perfect storm of a lot of violent events occurring on a muni bus and one
5:25 pm
that had a really good video to go along with it. >> a spokesperson for the san francisco municipal transportation agency says that with some 700,000 passengers a day, it's hard to ensure everyone will get along. >> it's just a difficult situation for everybody. it's unfortunate that the passengers had to go through that. unfortunate our operators had to go through that. what we can do is try to make sure this doesn't happen all the time. >> rose says the agency has several measures in place to protect passengers' safety on the bus. >> we try to deploy our police department and transit fair inspectors to be a presence on our system. and a lot of times we send out our plain clothes task force to be on the bus. we try not only to make it safe but to make it feel safe and to have a prevalence of authority on the bus goes a long way. >> while perell hasn't completely sworn off riding the bus, these days he's happier taking a different mode of transportation. >> i got myself an old 1976 vespa. and i scoot around the city now.
5:26 pm
i find that to be much safer. and every time i pass by the muni stops, i look and i go, oh. public transportation has its conveniences, but they really need to work on safety. coming up -- a defendant does not agree with a judge's decision. >> let me go! >> and a man tries to attack his sister's killer in court. >> i would never condone a person coming out of the audience toward a defendant, but i totally understood. completely. >> when "caught on camera: fury" returns. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice.
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i'm milissa rehberger. the national hurricane center says tropical storm bret has formed near the northern bahamas. its winds around 40 miles an
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hour. bret is the second tropical storm of the 2011 tropical hurricane season. former news of the world editor rebecca brooks is out on bail. on tuesday, she'll join her former bosses rupert and james murdoch before a panel investigating the phone hacking scandal. now back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. courtrooms are known for maintaining order. but sometimes the proceedings are disrupted in dramatic fashion. in our next two stories, a defendant angrily disagrees with a judge and a man erupts with outrage toward his sister's killer. >> let me go. no, let me -- let me -- let me go. >> a defendant goes wild in competency court. and the entire scene is caught on courtroom surveillance
5:31 pm
cameras. >> in all my years on the bench, i haven't had to use the panic button before. but i pressed it on that day. >> natasha williams. >> march 22nd, 2011. las vegas, nevada. judge jackie glass, a veteran in the 8th judicial district court, is presiding over a competency hearing for 36-year-old la tasha williams. >> she can't leave the courtroom. >> months earlier, williams was arrested for two counts of child endangerment and first-degree kidnapping when she allegedly dangled a neighbor's grandchildren over the balcony railing at this apartment complex. williams' attorney requests she be evaluated in competency court. >> and i do competency court for those people who are perhaps mentally incompetent to stand trial. under the law, you have to be able to understand and appreciate the nature of your charges and the legal process.
5:32 pm
meaning who the judge is, who the prosecutor is, what they do. basic legal principles. and you have to be able to aid and assist your lawyer in your defense. >> part of the process to determine competency is getting evaluated by mental health experts. >> we have two or three doctors, depending on whether the first two evaluations agree or disagree. and depending on what the outxhf those evaluations are, they are either sent back to the court they came from or they get sent to our forensic mental hospital up in reno. >> williams has already been evaluated by one doctor. but when she appears before judge glass, it becomes apparent she's missed her second evaluation. >> i am a little tired of this. we've been doing this, and i have told her, previously, if she doesn't go see dr. bradley and be evaluated by the next court date, she's going to be remanded to custody. >> she tried, though, judge. >> we have this happen very often where people at a custody don't get to the doctor.
5:33 pm
but i had warned her about don't miss another doctor's appointment because then i'll have to put you in custody in order to get the evaluation done. it's much easier to have it done when they are in the jail. >> williams tells judge glass she has scheduled another evaluation, but when the judge checks out her story, it turns out williams is lying. >> is she manded into custody? christina -- >> and i have an appointment -- other than bradley to do the evaluation. >> how long will it take? >> what do you think, two weeks? >> but williams doesn't seem to like where this conversation is going. >> now hold on a second. i'm not done talking. i got kid ooze. >> let me go. i got kids and responsibilities. >> come on. come on. >> let me go. >> and that's when this situation gets out of hand. >> let me go. let me go! >> i pressed the button. i've never pressed the button before. i was sitting there. i was calm. but i pressed the button because
5:34 pm
i was hoping we could get more marshals into the courtroom to assist. but by the time anybody showed up it was already over. >> let me go! >> officers subdue williams and pin her to the ground. but restraining her does little to stop her verbal assault. >> i had enough of you guys abusing me and throwing me in jail like i'm an animal. i got kids and responsibilities. i don't have time for this show. they are trying to accuse me of something -- >> calm down. >> i've had three evaluations. that should be enough to satisfy the court's arguments. >> sorry, bitch. >> and after about seven minutes, williams is escorted out of the courtroom. >> have i not shown up three times? yes or no? swear before god. >> compulsive liar. you want to break my arms?
5:35 pm
go right ahead. >> i think it's clear your client needs an evaluation. >> though the officer who bore the brunt of williams' fury sustains minor injuries, no one is seriously hurt during this scuffle. after her mental health evaluation, williams is ultimately found competent to stand trial. she pleads not guilty. and though williams' actions were improper judge glass wants people to know that she doesn't take personally anything that happened in court that day. >> i have things happen in my court with the folks in competency court on a regular basis. many of the people that come in front of me are not on medications, or severely mentally ill. i get cursed at, i get yelled at. i have people screaming at the top of their lungs. and i'd rather these people go off in my courtroom than in other courtrooms where they aren't used to handling this population.
5:36 pm
a startling scene in a georgia courtroom. >> but there's a twist to this attack. the victim, 33-year-old zadarias platt is on trial for the murder of his pregnant wife jilani. and the man attacking him is jilani's brother. >> i would never condone a person coming out of the audience toward a defendant, but i totally understood. completely. >> my sister was wonderful. she was wonderful. >> on october 3rd, 2009, 26-year-old jilani vanishes from her columbus, georgia, home. the aspiring pharmacist is 10 weeks pregnantz with her first child. based on a history dove mestic violence, her husband immediately becomes a suspect in her disappearance. when questioned by police, platt eventually leads them to the retention pond where he dumped her body. the cause of death is a gunshot
5:37 pm
to the head. >> he was charged with murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, fetacized, possession of a firearm. >> jilani's family takes the news of her death very hard, especially her brother gerald carter. >> her and gerald appeared to be really close. you could tell there was a lot of emotion there over his sister's death. >> as the murder trial begins, carter is anxious and angry. and when there's a break in courtroom proceedings, carter is so overcome with emotion, he attacks. deputies in the courtroom act fast. >> there's no doubt about it the other deputies had not intervened, an individual sitting at the table would have been hit in the back of the head with a chair and possibly suffered a lot of damage to his body. >> the deputies in the courtroom were incredible. they handled it very quickly. >> but carter is too distraught
5:38 pm
to calm down. >> get off. get off. >> i'll have to tase you. >> fixing to tase you, man if you don't calm down. >> i talked to him during the outburst when he was on the ground trying to get him to calm down. i'm trying to get him to relax if that was possible. but he was in so much pain. it was futile. but i did try. >> my sister was wonderful. she was wonderful. she was so good. she didn't deserve this. >> he kept fighting so other deputies came and finally got him subdued and held him down. >> the rest of jilani's family is visibly shaken by the scene. >> i'm here. i want you to calm down right now.
5:39 pm
>> they're already upset. when you add this traumatic event right in the middle of proceedings, i'm sure it was very difficult for all of them. >> everyone in the courtroom is emotional, except platt. he appears stone-faced. >> i was not there to see the defendant's reaction. but i was led to believe that he was pretty much without emotion for a situation to be that intense, it didn't really affect him like you would have thought it would. >> officers remove platt from the courtroom and take carter down to lockup in the sheriff's station. carter is eventually released and escorted home by police. >> they took him home, and i understood, this was his sister, so everybody understood the emotions involved. >> the outburst has a profound effect on the rest of the murder trial. >> you've got a sister, a brother, a family member. and you can relate to this. you -- it affects you.
5:40 pm
it just made my game plan which was prove the case. i just had to do it. >> but carter doesn't see the trial. he's banned from the courtroom. >> we have breaking news. the verdict just came out that the jury has found zadarias platt guilty on all charges. >> platt is convicted of murder. fetacide and aggravated assault. judge peters gives him two consecutive life sentences. judge peters makes another decision as well. he does not press assault charges against carter. >> anybody can relate to somebody that had a member of your family that they had actually executed and also a baby, then you can understand his emotions. and judges, we may be tough, act tough, but we have compassion, too. >> my sister was wonderful. she was wonderful. she was so good. she didn't deserve this. >> coming up, a reporter on
5:41 pm
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i don't have to [ bleep ]. this is public. >> a local news reporter and his camerawoman are attacked while filming a sidewalk memorial. >> what you going to do? what you going to do? >> and the whole frenetic scene is caught on camera. >> i have encountered angry and violent people. but this exploded quickly. >> february 20th, 2011, sacramento, california. news reporter john lobertini and
5:45 pm
his camerawoman rebecca little are gearing up to cover a murder investigation for ktxl tv. early that morning, 27-year-old chester jackson was shot and killed outside a local ihop restaurant. hours later, his family and friends have gathered near the scene to hold an impromptu memorial. john and rebecca are on their way to the restaurant to report on the story. >> it turns out one of our assignment editors had some relationships with people who knew chester jackson. so i called her and said what's going on? what's the emotional temperature out there? what can i expect? and she says, well, i've talked to some of the people out there. they know you're coming. they're willing to talk to you. they have a picture of him. and i said who do i talk to? she says anybody. >> rebecca and john arrive at the scene and walk toward the memorial, but they are warned by other news crews that the mood of the crowd of mourners is
5:46 pm
tense. >> someone had mentioned that it was quite dangerous over there. but we didn't really think that because we had somebody who had told us we were able to speak with these people. somebody from our station who knew the victim told us they knew we were coming. >> undeterred by the warnings, john and rebecca continue toward the memorial, which is caught on camera by other news crews. >> we walked very closely, very quietly and gingerly down the sidewalk and i discussed with her going in to go in with the camera rolling. you know, that makes for good television moments, and we walked up and we were probably 7 to 10 feet away and there were a group of women huddled there, and they were hugging and rebecca was rolling. >> my focus was to get the pictures of the vigil. if they didn't want to talk, when they didn't want to talk. so john asked if they wanted to talk. they didn't want to, but before they even asked us to leave, they told us to leave. >> and almost instantly, things take a turn for the worst.
5:47 pm
>> just lost a family member today so back off. >> the woman starts yelling at us telling us that, you know, what were we doing standing there, and this is a private memorial. and you aren't supposed to be here. i said, look. we're not here to make this any worse. but you do realize this is a public sidewalk, and we have every right to be here and we were told that you guys were expecting us. and at that point, she starts to get really angry. >> i don't have to [ bleep ]. this is public, you're right. and i'm here and i'm talking [ bleep ]. it's public. you in here -- >> i am talking to these women and i'm trying to calm them down. and the guy in the purple fleece breaks through them and goes straight for the camera. >> instinctively, john puts himself between the man and rebecca. >> i think it's probably an unspoken rule. you don't let somebody touch the
5:48 pm
camera. it's the photographer is too vulnerable. they are one-armed, blind on this side. and i'm responsible for the crew. >> but while john tries to fend off the man, several women begin to swarm around rebecca. >> she's holding the camera in the air. she's a tall woman trying to protect the company property. but rebecca has two on her and two other women circle back around and they grab her by the hair and pull her down. >> i'm 6'4". she spluft been 5'4". but it didn't matter because i didn't see her. after i'm pulled to the ground, john tries to protect me and get them away from me and then some lady decides that she wants to kick me in the face. >> as the crowd swells in numbers, one woman charges through and kicks rebecca in her left temple. >> and at that point, i was shocked. i didn't know what was going on.
5:49 pm
so my initial reaction was to cover my face. >> i take the woman and push her back into the crowd and several of those people fell back. and at that point, the guy in the purple fleece has taken a shot at me and i'm still again trying to keep them off of her. and i turn around and i can still see her on the ground, and i yell at her, rebecca, get up. and at the point, whatever was going on with her, she snapped out of it. she popped up off the ground and i can tell that she's out in the street now and she's got the camera on her shoulder and everything is okay. >> at that point, the crowd leaves rebecca alone, but they continue to target john who starts to back away slowly. >> i'm just trying to keep a distance from them as i backpedal down the sidewalk. towards the end, there's a young guy, kind of buff, in my face. and i'm just trying to explain to him that i have a job to do. i wasn't there to make this
5:50 pm
worse. if anything, you know, my presence there was good for their friend in this case because frequently that's how crimes are solved. >> while some at the emotionally charged scene lash out, others try to defuse the situation. >> you're dealing with a mourning family right now pangets few women try to explain the crowd's reaction to rebecca because it turns out she knows some of them. rebecca went to high school with the murder victim chester jackson. >> do you understand that? >> a few of the people on channel 10's video, at the end of the video who are trying to calm me down, becky, becky, becky, you don't understand. you don't understand. somebody was just murdered. you have to have respect for the family. no, you don't understand. i was just trying to do my job. >> stunned by the day's events, john and rebecca leave the scene. and though they have a few bumps and bruises, john is glad no one
5:51 pm
is seriously injured. >> i think we got out of a very difficult situation without getting ourselves hurt or anybody else hurt. >> after the incident, john says he receives an outpouring of support from the public. but he says there are also some critics. >> does it bother me that there are people who think that we shouldn't have been there and that we didn't handle ourselves well? yeah. it does bother me, but, you know, i've gone through this career of mine trying to do things with integrity. i think that's the reason i've been a success is because people see the way that i do my job every day. >> the sacramento county district attorney decides not to file any charges against anybody in the crowd. and on february 24th, 2011, two suspects are arrested and charged with chester jackson's murder. they have not yet entered pleas. coming up -- a combative
5:52 pm
patron gets neutralized by a bouncer. >> i think he decided, i'm going to strike first before this person strikes at me. i'm going to hold him until i get help. >> when "caught on camera: fury" returns. ♪ we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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a combative patron gets tackled by a bouncer outside a san francisco bar. and it's all caught on camera. >> july 4th, 2009, it's the weekend of san francisco's annual fullmore jazz harry's bar with a few of his friends. >> harry's bar has always been the center of activity, just naturally. on this particular day it was a
5:56 pm
little warm inside the bar. the place was just raging. music is pulsating. i came out because i just wanted to cool off. >> while standing outside, zenny notices a man harassing the bar's bouncer. >> he kept saying, are you the bouncer is ignoring progre bouncer ignored him, the man became more agitated. i said to him, hey, just leave it alone. he's not worth worrying about. he says oh, you want a piece of me. i thought uh-oh. this guy is really nuts. so i got out my camera, leaned on a parking meter there and just waited. let it rip. >> according to zenny, the man had an harassing people inside harry's bar and had gotten kicked out. when the man continues to approach the door and make threatening gestures, the bouncer issues a warning. >> back up. back up. >> the bouncer says, i want you to step beyond here.
5:57 pm
in other words, that area out there is public property. this is private property. do not come within it. >> but when the man doesn't move, the stoic bouncer springs into action. he put the gentleman in a choke hold. now the other guy, his partner for some inexplicable reason grabs his legs and brought him down to make sure he was on the ground and stabilized, although i think that's why he ended up hitting his head on the pavement. >> the man tries to resist but the bouncer is able to maintain his chokehold. >> i think he just took what i would describe as a nuclear first strike decision. he decided i'm going to strike first before this person strikes at me. i'm going to hold him until i get help. >> but with the man clearly restrained, a concerned bystander begins to question the use of that chokehold. >> there was a fellow in green who came around from inside the
5:58 pm
bar. >> that is not right. >> and he points at him. you can't do that. you are hurting him. you have to stop because he didn't see what happened prior to the incident when he arrived and he didn't know the patron was causing problems reportedly inside. >> he is not even resisting. >> mind your own business, man. >> the tension escalates as several men confront the bystander. >> you have no idea what happened, bro. >> do you think that somebody was going to be injured? >> yes. i just didn't know when it was going to happen. >> are you going to kill him? >> no. >> i'm not choking him. >> the infuriated bystander continues to yell, but the bouncer never loosens his grip on the patron. >> are you done? are you done? >> i realize he's really trying
5:59 pm
to hold him. he's not trying to hurt him. to his credit, he didn't lose it. he had a single minded purpose, which was to hold the gentleman in place until help arrived. >> and he stuck to it. >> almost 13 minutes after the incident begins, jazz festival security arrive and take away the unruly patron. >> and according to authorities, no charges are filed against either party when police arrive on the scene. because he's intoxicated, the patron is taken to the hospital and eventually cleared for release. >> stay down. >> it's difficult to avoid getting angry altogether, but it might be best to try to calm down before things get out of hand. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera."


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