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tv   To Catch a Predator  MSNBC  July 17, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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you can come in. >> we're back at the beach house. tonight, it's a full house. >> i want you guys to meet each other. tennis boy, this is slave to mistresses, right? >> suspected predators online, targeting children for sex. and even he knows what happens next. >> we're both going to get arrested. >> what? >> who else came calling? a man meeting a boy who told him he's 14. wait till you hear what he wanted. >> what's up with the cameras? what's the police officer doing there? >> get on the ground now! >> a television technology teacher who learned something new about hidden cameras. >> how old are you? >> too old for this. >> and a man carrying a badge and packing his own arsenal, locked and loaded. >> there was probably an angel sitting on everybody's shoulder that night.
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>> chris hansen with "to catch a predator." we've had our share of scary visitors during your investigations, but no one quite like the man you're going to meet tonight. thanks for joining us. i'm stone phillips. we're back in florida, where over the course of our four-day investigation 21 suspected predators showed up at our house on the beach. some brought candy, some brought condoms. but one man brought something we didn't expect. a warning, some of what you are about to see and hear is explicit. here's chris hansen. >> who wouldn't want to visit flagler beach? the small idyllic spit of land on florida's east coast attracts thousands of visitors every year. >> get out. out. >> i'm not running. >> get on the ground. >> i'm not running. i'm not running. >> get over here. >> but some of the visitors you'll meet tonight aren't just coming for the sun, sand and surf.
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>> hands behind your back. >> as you'll soon see, some seem ready to make waves. some of them potentially dangerous. flagler beach, it seems, is a town ready to take on potential sex predators. officer kevin panata explains the kinds of complaints his department has been hearing. >> older gentlemen going to our beach. you know, not much of a crime staring at people. when they start making advances to the young generation in our city, it causes concern. >> having seen "dateline's" investigation, panata decided to conduct his own experiment. he set up his own decoy online in local chat rooms, posing as a 14-year-old girl named jenna. screen name flaglerbeauty14 female. >> within five, ten minutes the screen was cluttered with instant messages, you know, e-mails. it was just unbelievable. >> over just two days panata received messages from more than 100 people, mostly older men, and their intent was unmistakable.
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>> oral first. i love oral. >> want to meet up, baby? >> have you ever been [ bleep ]? >> touching your legs, your breasts slowly. >> i'd tear your little [ bleep ] up. >> i wish you was here to play with my [ bleep ]. >> having witnessed the problem firsthand, panata asked the police chief if he could invite "perverted justice" to flagler beach. >> and how did he respond? >> he was a little wary at first. he told me to do my research on it, contact other departments that actually used perverted justice. >> and what did you find? >> absolutely nothing but just overwhelming joy from other departments that have actually utilized their services. >> so chief roger free gave his consent. >> did you have any fears going in? >> yeah. if something went wrong of course it would be all over the place. >> any regrets? >> none whatsoever. >> "dateline" and perverted justice set up an investigation in this beachfront house. and it's going to get crowded. some men even coming two at a time. here comes a 25-year-old psychology student named safraz khan. weeks before he arrived at our house, khan, who uses the screen
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name tennis boy 213, took three years off his age and began speaking to a perverted justice decoy who told him she's a 13-year-old female. >> do we have a way to call that guy? >> "dateline" pays "perverted justice" to do what it normally does, set up profiles in chat rooms that appear to be from underage teens, in this case age 13 to 15 who are curious about sex. in his chat, khan asks the girl if she's a virgin and if she likes older guys. he writes -- >> i would make love to you for hours. >> then khan the student becomes the teacher. advising her on such matters as erections, masturbation, oral sex, sexual positions, and how sex for her may hurt at first because she's a virgin. but he clearly knows what he's doing is illegal. >> i'm kind of afraid to come see you because i could go to jail if i touched you. you're a minor. >> but later, he sends along a picture of his genitals and says he'll bring lots of condoms.
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he makes a date online to come to the girl's house when she says she'll be alone. now he's here. >> you can come in. hi. >> khan is walking into a house loaded with hidden cameras, a "dateline" crew and members of "perverted justice." >> how are you doing? >> he appears to suspect there's more here than meets the eye. >> you can come in and sit down if you want. >> now, that's all right. are you the one i talked to on the phone? >> on the phone? >> yeah. >> because he's wary, i decide to make an early appearance. >> you can come in here and sit down for a minute if you want. >> i need to talk to you for a minute. why don't you have a seat right there, please. what's going on? >> i'm sorry. >> you're sorry for what? >> that i did this. >> but remember, we told you it was going to get crowded. that's because our next visitor is very close by. >> he's going to be here in just a minute. so it's going to get interesting. >> meanwhile, i continue to have
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my conversation with tennis boy. >> what did you do exactly? >> i came to meet someone that was underage. >> and why did you do that? >> i don't know. >> it sure seemed like you knew what you wanted during this chat. >> and we're out of time because our next visitor is here. >> stay low, the next guy is right outside the house scoping, making the turn. >> the result, a "to catch a predator" first. our decoy invites him inside. >> why don't you come in over here and stand right over here at the bar. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> good. good. please, come here. i want you guys to meet each other. this is tennis boy 213, and tennis boy, this is slave to mistresses, right? >> yeah. >> what are you doing here? >> actually, it's pretty clear to us what he's doing here and who he is. it's all in his online chat. 26-year-old yazan asfour uses the screen name
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slave2mistresses. that gives you an idea what's on his mind. he's a former member of a jordanian basketball team and now a student and personal trainer. like the previous man, asfour chatted with a decoy who told him she was 13. but unlike khan, asfour mostly wanted the girl to do things to him. we can't get too detailed, but we can say he prefers to be treated like a dog and also a toilet. we'll have to leave it at that. he sends live video of himself naked and wearing a dog collar along with a link to a website that illustrates what he's talking about. so what's he have to say now that he's alongside another potential predator? just like two guys at the bar. >> what are you doing here tonight? >> nothing. >> nothing? >> yeah. >> it sure seems like you had a lot of plans in this chat. >> can i ask a question? >> sure. >> is my family going to have to know about this? >> why are you so concerned about your family knowing? >> because this is something that would destroy my life.
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>> well, you made the decision to come in here. but i'm going to get back with you in a minute because i have a couple questions for you. what were you planning on doing here tonight? did you bring your collar with you? >> no. >> no. what is all this slave talk in here? you're saying all this to a girl who said she was 13? >> 13? >> 13, yes. what is all this about? >> i don't want to have sex. >> well, that's not what you say here. is that you in those pictures? got a collar on there. you sent this, right? you sent this? >> i can't remember. >> you can't remember. that's you, though, right? >> yeah. >> so there's only one way these pictures could have gotten here, and that's by you sending them. and for you, you sent pictures too, didn't you? and what did that picture show? >> i was naked. >> you thought that was okay, to send a naked picture of yourself to a 13-year-old girl? >> no, it's not okay.
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>> why did you do it? >> it's a weakness of mine. >> do you do this all the time? >> no. >> khan tells me he brought condoms and knows what's going on. >> i've seen this program before. >> you've seen this program? >> yeah. >> all right. well, you know what you've walked into here. >> yeah. >> you're still trying to figure it out. so i'm going to tell you both what's going on. i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc." >> okay. >> and we're doing a story on adults who try to meet underage teens online for sex. >> asfour still appears confused but khan clearly knows what's coming. >> we're both going to get arrested, i think. >> what? >> i'm very sorry about this. i just want to make things right. i feel really bad about this. >> okay. i appreciate that. >> khan leaves. asfour follows shortly after. outside, the flagler beach police are waiting. >> on the ground. >> on the ground. on the ground. now.
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now. hands behind your back. >> back at the police station, the two men are questioned by investigators at the same time. asfour is worried about his reputation and still says he didn't do anything wrong. >> the situation will hurt me if it's on the tv. i'm not do any criminal in my life. even -- i not do any sex -- any sex with a woman. >> what if you had gotten over here and she had wanted to have sex with you? >> i would not accept. because many girls try to have sex with me. i swear i am virgin. i swear to god. my goal was to know her because she was nice with me. >> yes. your goal was to have her do the things that you typed in there -- >> yeah, maybe that's true after i know her, but not in the first meeting. >> down the hall it's a different story with the psychology major safraz khan. >> i just made a terrible mistake that could possibly affect me for the rest of my life. would that be a fair assumption?
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>> that would be a very fair assumption actually. >> khan tells detective liz williams of the flagler beach police that he's been having sexual chats with underage girls since he was 20. >> how many of those girls did you send pictures to? >> probably all of them. >> all of them? >> i struggle with this, you know, internally. obviously, i've always known it's wrong. and i never realized just how big of a problem it is. >> later, both men were charged with three felonies, including attempting to commit a lewd act on a child and using a computer to send harmful material to a minor. if convicted, khan could face up to five years in prison. asfour, because he sent that live video of himself naked, has been charged with a second-degree felony and could be sentenced to up to 15 years in jail. and because both men are not u.s. citizens, if convicted they could be deported after serving their sentences. coming up, we head back to the beach. >> could you come up here for a
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today tastes so good. more and more of the men who we find chatting online seem to be aware of our "to catch a predator" investigations. in long beach, california we found this internet item warning that "dateline" was in town. so it's not surprising that some of the men who came to our house in long beach quickly realized what they had walked into. >> and you know what the show is called? >> "dateline." >> that pattern has continued during this most recent investigation in flagler beach, florida. >> come on in. it's freezing. hurry. >> this man suspects a set-up and won't come in the house. >> will you flash me? >> there it is. white suv. >> at first, this man won't even get out of his car and wants to take our male decoy for a ride. >> i don't want to get in the car. i don't really know you. i would rather just walk down there. you know? >> can i talk to you for a minute? >> on the ground now. on the ground.
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>> both of these men were arrested and charged with felonies, and both later pleaded not guilty. so because more and more men seemed wary, we came up with an alternate location. instead of at the house, the decoy would now suggest meeting right across the street at the beach, where we set up five remote-controlled hidden cameras covering the beach and the boardwalk. i would meet the men on the walkway after they approached the decoy. >> all right, that's our boy. >> here's daniel kelly, a 45-year-old businessman who drove three hours from clearwater on florida's west coast. >> hi. >> hi. >> how are you? >> you are in the middle of nowhere, huh? >> it's freezing. let me grab my stuff. >> online, kelly used the screen name jpeterdk2000 to chat with a decoy named amber who said she was 13. early in the chat kelly compliments the girl and makes small talk, but later in the chat kelly asks -- >> have you gone all the way with anyone?
9:17 pm
>> no. >> when you do, it will be special for sure. >> and when she says she's going to log off and take a shower -- >> i show you need someone there to wash your back for you, right? washing the back would lead to washing the back of your legs to the front of your legs to the front of your stomach and who knows where it would lead? >> then he talks about making out with the girl and about the nicknames he gives his penis. he clearly seems to know it's illegal to have sex with her. >> you realize that we could get into a lot of trouble if we did? at least i could. >> but kelly keeps talking and eventually writes -- >> i want you so bad. >> he agrees to meet at the beach. and now kelly, nicknamed d.j., is talking to our decoy down on the boardwalk. under the boardwalk flagler beach police officer kevin panata and his partner are stationed in a bunker ready for anything. >> how was the drive over here? >> good. >> good. >> you can just stay up there. i'm coming up. >> hey, d.j., could you come up
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here for a minute? >> what? >> could you come up here for a minute? how are you doing? >> all right. >> good. i just want to talk to you for a minute. hey, d.j., there's something i've got to tell you, though. i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc." and we're doing a story on adults who try to meet teens online. what's that? >> kelly makes a run for it with the police in hot pursuit. but he doesn't get far. >> what are you doing -- >> i'm trying to get my -- >> let go of the keys. >> they're my keys. >> let go of the keys! >> all right, all right. fine. >> stop resisting. >> i'm not resisting. >> kelly finally stops struggling and is brought back to the police station, read his rights and questioned by an investigator. >> my first question to you, sir, is why are you here? >> i was going to have dinner and maybe go to a movie with a young lady.
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>> kelly, who says his wife is away on a business trip, denies he was coming for sex. even when the investigator points out that police found condoms in his jacket pocket. >> they found three condoms in your pocket. >> i always carry condoms with me. >> you always carry three condoms in your pocket? >> well, actually, they've been there for quite a while -- >> i mean, i'm single. i'm not married. and i don't carry condoms around. >> okay. >> later, kelly pleaded not guilty to two felony counts. >> he's coming toward the house. >> meanwhile, there are still some visitors willing to meet at the undercover house. here's 28-year-old michael reyes, a construction worker who drove two hours to get here. >> you can come in. hi. >> online, reyes, who has a 2-year-old daughter, used the screen name daddyreyes062000 to chat with a decoy named kelly, who told him she was 14. at first reyes writes -- >> we might have to meet, but i will not do anything inappropriate with you.
9:20 pm
>> but after kelly says she's a virgin, res writes -- >> you would have sex with me? >> yeah, if you wanted to. >> perverted justice decoys often deliberately pretend to be precocious young teens willing to have sex. but remember, under florida law a young teen cannot give consent. reyes sends a picture of his genitals and asks if he should bring condoms when he comes over. >> come here. >> before you do that, why don't you have a seat right over there, please? >> i'm just -- >> right on the stool. what's happening? >> nothing. just coming to visit with her. >> visit who? >> kelly. >> at first, like many of the men we've met, reyes tells me he didn't know how old the girl said she was. >> okay. let me give you a little hint. okay? we have the chat log. >> okay. >> so you can go ahead and start telling the truth now. okay? >> the first time was 14, and then i was under the assumption maybe it was 18. i didn't know -- >> she didn't say anything about 18 or 19.
9:21 pm
she said 14. >> okay. 14. >> but you talked about having sex with this 14-year-old girl. >> i asked her -- i asked her if she was a virgin. i asked her about her having sex with older guys. she kept saying cool, cool, cool, and this and that. >> yeah. but because a 14-year-old girl says it's okay doesn't make it okay. >> i understand that. i'm not here to -- >> but that's not what you indicated in your chat, michael. >> then reyes tells me he's read up on the problem of men soliciting underage kids out of concern for his own child. >> it gets to me because i have a daughter. >> you have a daughter. how old is your daughter? >> 2 years old. it gets to me. and i don't want to see something like this happen. >> do you ever watch any television shows about internet safety? >> yes. dr. phil, oprah, all of them. i've watched them. >> have you ever watched "dateline nbc"? >> yes, a bunch of times. >> the "to catch a predator" shows? >> yes. and i hate -- i ain't nothing -- i'm not like that. >> well, you know you're now in one of the "dateline" shows. i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc," and we're doing a story on
9:22 pm
adults who try to meet underage kids online. >> i just made a mistake, and i'm sorry. i was trying to see something for a friend, and it came back and bit me in the butt. >> okay. >> outside, flagler beach police are waiting. >> on the ground. come on out. >> i'm not running. >> on the ground. >> i'm not running. >> turn around, face the car. >> at the police station, reyes agrees to speak with an investigator. at first reyes sticks to his story and says he wasn't going to have sex when he came to the house. but later he admits -- >> if it would have happened, yes. >> you would have been agreeable to it -- >> yes. >> -- if it would have happened? >> yes. >> okay. >> as police look into reyes's record, they find out that his ex-wife and mother of his child has a restraining order against him. reyes is charged with three felonies, including transmitting harmful material to a minor and a misdemeanor charge of driving
9:23 pm
with a suspended license. he later pleaded not guilty. coming up, this 53-year-old is bringing candy. >> did you bring my m&ms?
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you ready, sara? let's go ahead and get on down there. he's coming. >> here comes 53-year-old james wiles, a retired truck driver from jacksonville. >> you can come on in. hi. >> hello. >> online wiles uses the screen hambubger to chat with a decoy named clair who told him she was 13. early on wiles tells the girl he's in love. and he quickly hopes the love affair will go to the next level. >> maybe if you want, we could have sex. or just go to the beach and enjoy each other's company. >> he goes on to say he wants to perform oral sex on her, and she
9:27 pm
replies it's okay -- >> as long as you're gentle. >> baby, i will be as gentle as a pussy cat. >> he says he wants clair to meet him in her underwear, pink to be exact. claire agrees and has her own request. >> is there any way i can get you to bring me some m&ms? >> hi. >> hello. >> how are you? >> fine. >> and here he is inside the undercover house, greeted by a 19-year-old actress hired by "dateline." >> i wasn't sure if you were coming. >> oh, yeah. i told you i'd be here. >> wiles keeps his online promise. >> did you bring my m&ms? did you bring the condoms, too? >> yeah. >> thank you. well, i'm going to go change. i'll be right back, okay? >> we've blurred his graphic body language, which seems to telegraph exactly what's on his mind. >> you seemed a little nervous driving around out there. >> yeah. >> what are you doing here today? >> i'm coming to see her. >> how old is the girl you came
9:28 pm
to see here today? >> she says she's 13. >> 13. >> right. i was jut visiting. that's all. i did not want to have sex with her. >> that's not what it says here. >> i know what it says there. >> we will be making love all the time i'm there. okay, cool. "with my tongue up your blank." >> i say that all the time. >> you say that all the time? >> right. >> james, do you ever watch television? >> very little i watch tv. >> i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc" and we're doing a story on adults who try to meet children online for sex. >> sir, please, i'm not in for sex. i'm just in it for a friendship. that's all. >> and to prove it wiles gives an excuse we haven't heard before. he says he isn't able to have intercourse. >> ain't a woman in this world that can get me a [ bleep ]. i'm past that stage now. sir, i'm telling you the truth. i am past that stage. >> well, you're free to go. >> i know you're going to have me arrested when i walk out the door. >> actually, it's the flagler beach police who are going to do the arresting. >> turn around.
9:29 pm
wiles is brought to the police station and agrees to speak to investigators. >> when you were talking to her online about masturbating at the time, was that real or pretend? >> just pretend, ma'am. >> so when you were coming here today to see claire, what were you guys going to do? >> just be friends. >> just sit and look at each other? >> just sit and talk and watch tv or whatever. play games. >> wiles is charged with two felony counts, including attempting to commit a lewd act upon a child. he later pleaded not guilty. >> yep, that's him. he's walking up. he's scoping the house out. >> and back at the house, the parade continues. >> hi. how are you? >> good, how are you? >> good. how's it going? >> this is 31-year-old david demers. >> you can sit down if you want. >> oh, thanks. >> demers teaches video technology at a trade college in orlando.
9:30 pm
using the screen name audavideo, he chats online with annie who tells him she's 14. and right from the start demers seems to know he's asking for trouble. >> well, having any type of romantic relationship with someone younger than 18 is walking on thin ice. >> the decoy tells him she had sex with her ex-boyfriend but didn't like it very much. then, like many of the men we meet, demers becomes a sex education teacher, explaining the benefits of sex in a swimming pool. >> and the sensation for you is like having sex on a cloud. >> then, a class in sexual positions 101. >> missionary is the first one. doggie style is the second one. >> and when the girl asks about group sex, he describes it in graphic detail. >> simply put, one guy has his [ bleep ] in her mouth. >> oh, geez. >> the other guy has his [ bleep ] in her [ bleep ]. or her [ bleep ]. >> oh, dang. >> i love teaching you. it's so fun.
9:31 pm
>> he sends her pictures of his penis and wants to know how it compared to her ex-boyfriend. >> did it look bigger than steven's? >> yeah. >> do you want it inside you? >> yeah. >> but just to cover his tracks, he suggests this. >> don't leave our conversations open when you leave the computer. >> oh. that's a good idea. >> just using my noodle. i'll use this noodle so you can use my other noodle. >> i thought you were the one over there. when i drove by -- >> now demers is in the undercover house and wants to give our decoy a hug. >> how's it going? >> good. you can sit down. >> you can give me a hug. >> no hugs tonight. >> okay. >> why don't you have a seat right over there, please. what are you up to? >> i don't know. i'm in a bad spot. >> why don't you describe that spot for me? >> alone. i'm not going to deny it. obviously, i'm here and whatever. so. >> is that appropriate to send to a girl who says she's 14? >> no, no. >> lounging around naked. >> i knew it was wrong. i knew it was wrong and i just kept -- i couldn't stop.
9:32 pm
i don't know why. >> what was your plan here tonight? do you think you would have had sex with this girl if she was willing? >> if it would have come to it. >> did you bring condoms? >> mm-hmm. >> what else did you bring? >> massage oil. >> massage oil. >> yeah. >> you know what's going on here? >> yes, i do. >> you know who i am? >> i don't know who you are. i have an idea. >> who do you think? >> i believe you're some sort of detective or police officer. >> well, i'm not. >> no? >> you'd be wrong there. i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc." we're doing a story on adults who try to meet young teens online for sex. >> i will deny nothing. it's all there, black and white. this is probably what i needed to straighten up, to scare the hell out of me. should have scared the hell out of me soon as she said she was 14. i should have just been like bye. and that's what i'm going to do from now on. >> okay. >> gentlemen, have a good night.
9:33 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> but for demers it may not be such a good night. >> on the ground. get on the ground now. >> he later pleaded not guilty to three felony counts, including using a computer to expose himself to a minor. coming up, we head back to the beach. >> what's the police officer doing here? on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ you are my sunshine
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i'm lynn berry, and here is what is happening. the national hurricane center says tropical storm bret has formed near the northern bahamas. its winds are around 40 miles per hour. bret is the second tropical storm of the 2011 atlantic hurricane season. california's dreaded carmageddon is over. the 405 freeway is back open after roadwork was completed 16 hours ahead of schedule. and a 47-year-old southern california man is under arrest
9:37 pm
after threatening the life of democratic senator barbara boxer. now back to our program. >> this is 39-year-old juan lee who works in a printing shop. >> how are you? >> he politely leaves his shoes at the door. once inside, he clearly likes our interior design. >> wow, did you decorate this? >> no. >> oh, this is cool. >> yeah. >> looks like restaurant. >> lee, who's from orlando, used the screen name orloofun to chat with a decoy who told him she was 13. despite the language barrier, he makes it clear what's on his mind. >> i would touching you all over your body. would you let me? >> he sends her a picture of his genitals and later, referring to sex, he writes -- >> you can ride me. i just wear the condom. >> and now that he's in the undercover house, the decoy wants to know if he brought those condoms. >> did you bring anything?
9:38 pm
>> no, i didn't. >> you didn't? >> i didn't stop by any place. you want me to go get it? >> no, it's okay. >> yeah? >> what do you want to do? >> i don't know. >> hi, how are you? what are you doing here tonight? >> she invited me over to say hi. >> she invited you over to say hi? did you bring condoms with you? >> no, sir. >> but just a moment ago you offered to go get some? >> yes. >> so what does that say about your intent? >> maybe if she want. >> maybe if she wanted to, the two of you would have had sex? >> maybe. >> maybe? >> yes. >> you know that's against the law, right? >> yes, it is. >> even now lee remains polite. >> well, i'm chris hansen. >> i'm juan. >> juan, nice to see you. and i'm with "dateline nbc." and we're doing a story on adults who try to meet kids online for sex. >> i really apologize. >> i understand. okay, then. >> lee remembers his shoes and
9:39 pm
meets the flagler beach police outside. >> hands up. >> they take him back to the station, where he tells the investigators he sent pictures of his genitals and came to the house because he's missing something in his marriage. >> for a year now, since i married, i just don't have sex. i'm sorry to say that. i don't drink, i don't smoke, i don't party. i just go work. >> lee is charged with three felonies, including transmitting harmful materials to a minor. he later pleaded not guilty. >> okay. firstandgrand is coming for a boy. >> in the meantime, we're expecting another visitor. not here at the house but at the nearby beach. he's 32-year-old lance fine. fine works as a waiter at the hard rock cafe in orlando. online fine uses the screen name firstandgrand to speak to a
9:40 pm
decoy named scott, who told him he's a 14-year-old boy. early in the chat fine asks -- >> do you like older guys? >> yeah. i like people that are nice. >> the decoy reminds fine they've talked before in a gay men's chat room. during this chat, fine doesn't waste any time vividly detailing his sexual fantasies. >> i'd so love to get beaten up by you and be your toilet. >> well, i can't do that over the internet. >> fine says he'll bring alcohol and describes graphically how he wants the teen to have sex with him. but he also suspects that scott might not be a real teen. >> but this could be a trap and i could go to jail. >> nah. >> well, the thought did cross my mind, but damn, you're pretty. >> fine gives scott his cell phone number and asks him to call. the actor we hired makes the call. >> i can meet you at the beach across the street. >> fine agrees to meet the teen at the beach. so we deploy our 19-year-old male actor on the boardwalk across the street from our
9:41 pm
undercover house. soon, fine shows up, walks down the beach and starts walking toward the decoy. >> are you lance? hey, i'm derek. it's derek. are you lance? no? okay. >> but fine clearly suspects something and begins to head back towards his car. >> he's walking back towards the other pier. he's not answering my call. >> so i decide to head him off and try to speak with him. >> what's going on? >> just out riding around. >> hey, is that you right there? >> that is me. >> so then you would be the one who had this chat online, then? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> can i lick your blank? sure, if you want i'll lick it clean. and how old is the boy you came to see today? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> 14, male, flagler. >> must have been somebody on my computer. >> must have been somebody on your computer, huh? so somebody was on your computer who made plans to meet right down here, and magically you showed up?
9:42 pm
>> i'm not going to say anything. >> "i want to lay on my back with a pillow and let you sit on my chest with your knees over my forearms and punch me repeatedly." >> that's funny. >> that's funny, huh? what's your screen name, lance? >> i have a few. on my account. >> is one of them firstandgrand? >> yes. that is the primary one. >> okay. >> i don't know what you want me to say here. >> well, i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc." and we're doing a story on adults who try to meet kids online for sex. >> i've never done anything like that. >> you've never done anything. you didn't do this here today? >> no. >> you didn't have this chat? >> no, sir. >> then the potential predator's phone begins to buzz. it's the decoy calling to verify that it's the same person he spoke with earlier. >> did you want to answer your phone? >> why, was it ringing? >> yeah. >> i'll just turn it off until we're done talking. >> you know who just called you? >> it could have been my mother for all i know.
9:43 pm
>> i can tell you exactly what it was. it was my crew called you because they had the cell phone number that you gave the boy in the chat. >> what's the police officer doing here? >> that is a good question. >> get on the ground now! >> get on the ground, sir. >> there you go. >> you have the right to remain silent. >> after he's read his rights, fine decides not to speak without a lawyer present. >> i would like to wait for an attorney, please. >> okay. >> police find a bottle of crown royal and marijuana in his car. he's charged with three felonies, including possession of a controlled substance and attempting a lewd act upon a minor. fine later pleaded not guilty. the hard rock cafe told us fine no longer works there. coming up, you'll meet one of our more unusual visitors, and he's armed to the teeth.
9:44 pm
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9:47 pm
there it is. white suv. >> we're about to wrap up our investigation for the day. >> can i talk to you for a minute? >> on the ground now. on the ground. >> at the flagler beach police station, the latest suspect is being questioned. >> can you tell me what happened tonight? >> stupid. >> being stupid? >> yeah. >> since you're a pretty big fellow, what you'll want to do is put your butt in first. >> then taken off to jail for the night. >> if you are serious -- >> back at the undercover house,
9:48 pm
"perverted justice" decoys are chatting online with some men who say they might come for a visit. >> we also picked up a fast mover somewhere in central florida. we also have a guy who says he's somewhere between daytona and st. augustine that's talking about coming. >> but they don't call and aren't showing up. so we decide to shut down for the night. unbeknownst to us, however, there is a man heading to our house. all the way from the northern border of florida, 350 miles away. we'll find out in a couple of hours that he's got more in his car than directions. he's 41-year-old todd spikes. using the screen name lovestoeatyourpeach, he chatted regularly online for almost a month with a decoy who told him she's 13. >> you're only 13? damn, you're a little hottie. >> hi, and thanks. >> spikes' chat is extremely graphic, difficult to quote on television. he sends along pictures of himself masturbating. when the decoy tells spikes she
9:49 pm
lives with her mother, spikes says he could become the mother's boyfriend, come to live at their house and have sex with both of them. >> i'm sure we would have time alone. >> eww, but then you would have my mom's germs on you. >> i'd wash off before. >> spikes also tells the girl he wants to watch her perform oral sex on another man. the decoy is curious -- >> where are you going to find him? >> probably the mall. or maybe on here. but the mall is a sure place. >> just walk up to someone? >> sure. >> wow. what if they get mad or something? >> they won't. they'd jump at the chance to [ bleep ] you. you will see. >> spikes also tells the girl what he's done for a living. >> i used to be a cop. was a cop for 15 years. >> but he tells her he quit being a cop to work in a family business. spikes seems well aware that what he's talking about is illegal. when the decoy writes -- >> you better not tell anyone.
9:50 pm
>> he responds -- >> i won't, sweetie. i can't. i would go to prison, and that's like a death sentence. inmates hate cops. they try to kill them in prison.
9:51 pm
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i didn't do anything. come on, i didn't do anything. i did not do anything yet. >> get on the ground. >> down! >> let go of the keys. >> no, they're my keys. >> let go of the keys! >> all right, all right. >> 21 arrests in our flagler beach investigation. detective liz williams thinks using decoys may have prevented real crimes from taking place. >> it gave me a great amount of satisfaction to make 21 arrests and not have a child in front of me who is devastated and broken truly beyond repair. >> police chief roger free. >> what message do you think this investigation sends out, both in your community and across the country? >> we are willing to do anything legally possible to keep our children safe in our community. we may be small, but we will use all of our resources to keep them out of our area and protect our children. >> to learn how to protect your
9:59 pm
children from internet predators, log on to our website. the address is that's all for now. i'm stone phillips. for ann curry and all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching.


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