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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 18, 2011 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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the growing fallout. england's phone-hacking scandal claims the top cop and rupert murdoch's chief executive. severe weather causes a stage to collapse at a music festival in canada new and the agony of defeat. japan stuns the u.s. in a riveting women's world cup final. good morning, i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with
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the domino effect. the casualties from england's newspaper phone-hacking scandal keep piling up as england's top-ranking police officer abruptly resigned and one of rupert murdoch's most trusted executives was arrested and questioned by police for 12 hours. nbc's stephanie gosk has details. >> reporter: london's police chief resigned under intense pressure after it emerged scotland yard hired a former news much the world editor as media consultant. the same year investigators decided not to pursue the phone hacking case. neil wallace was arrested last week in connection with the scandal. >> i have heard suggestions we must are suspected the alleged involvement of mr. wallace in phone hacking. let me say unequivocally, that i did not and had no reason to do so. >> reporter: even with the head of police preparing to step down, scotland yard continues to make arrests. today it was rebekah brooks,
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former head of rupert murdoch's newspaper arm in the uk who resigned herself on friday. it was just a week ago murdoch flew to london and stood by her side, all smiles. brooks had a rise at the krngs becoming editor of "news of the world" when she was only 32. neil sean worked for another murdoch paper "the sun" and now an nbc analyst. >> she rose to the top through sheer ambition, fantastic networking and an ability to do the job. >> reporter: in 2002 with brooks at the paper's helm that "news of the world" reports allegedly hacked the phone of murdered teenager, milly dowler. brooks denied any phone hacking and apologized. she has rubbed elbows with the rich and famous and the powerful. she has had close personal relationships with the three most recent prime ministers. as recently as last december,
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david cameron met twice with brooks in visits his office describes as social. cameron has come under fire for his connections to murdoch's news international. his former spokesperson, andy cowl so coulson was arrested last week. cameron says the relationship between media and politicians has become, in his words, cozy and comfortable. the head of the opposition says it's time for change. >> unless politics is willing to come clean about these relationships, unless it's willing to shine light, then the. public won't have confidence in the future. >> reporter: restoring confidence in news corp. may be equally difficult. something the company admitted in a second full-page ad in british papers this weekend, apologizing four our mistakes and fixing them are only first steps. it may take some time for us to rebuild trust. >> nbc's stephanie gosk reporting.
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rupert murdoch and his son james will face tough questioning in parliament tomorrow. rebekah brooks is expected to schedule as well but her spokesperson says her arrest may change that. to washington where the showdown over raising the nation's debt ceiling is fast approaching the august 2nd deadline with no resolution in sight. plenty of plans but no consensus. while some of those proposals are headed for a vote, the white house suggests the bear minimum is all that's possible. brian mooar joins us with more from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. the white house says it is confident congress will meet that august 2nd deadline but right now it's not clear how that will happen. today on capitol hill senator tom coburn unveils the biggest plan yet to break the stalemate. >> i wouldn't expect it to pass but i would expect people to look at it. >> reporter: he's taking aim on $9 trillion in government cuts. >> pick half of them. half of them.
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>> reporter: it's one of several competing republican efforts to beat the august 2nd deadline to raise uncle sam's credit limit. mitch mcconnell is crafting what looks like the leading contender, but critics say it may be too much of a compromise. >> mcconnell plan doesn't have 218 republican votes, no way. >> it says we the congress will not take responsibility or accountability for our own decisions. >> reporter: before moving forward, the tea party is getting a vote on a balanced budget amendment. >> so, the real deal to limit spending and get us in balance would be an amendment to our constitution. without that we're just going to talk to each other and run america into the ground. >> reporter: plenty of plans but right now no clear way forward. the balanced budget amendment is unlikely to pass but it could well clear the path to another plan that will. lynn? >> brian, thanks so much. here's your first look at some of the other news going on around america today. a bus trip headed to niagara falls ends in tragedy.
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when two people were killed and 35 more injured if a horrific accident. according to preliminary reports, a tire blowout caused the driver to lose control and crash into a group of trees on a wooded median. a reconstruction team is expected to confirm the cause of the accident. in the white house, the first family had their eyes glued to the tv, watching the women's world cup final between japan and the u.s. while the president, first lady and their two daughters look optimistic in this photo, they, like most americans, experienced the agony of defeat following america's crushing loss. of course, we'll have more on the game coming up in sports. and finally in california, a cluster of bees turned into a major buzz kill for fans. one particular player there at the giants/padres game. the swarm moved through the stadium forcing some fans to retreat from the stands. no injuries were reported.
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well, now for a look at national weather let's turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins. he has your weather channel forecast, which i can sum up in one word. hot. >> yeah. i'm sick of saying that word. >> no kidding. this is bad. this is getting to a different level. >> yeah, dangerous. when we have heat waves like this and they last day after day after day, that's when usually we start getting deadly heat waves. that's probably the case this week. before i get to the heat wave, we had a tropical storm form off the florida coast. too close for comfort. thankfully this will be drifting away from florida and the southeast coast. it doesn't look like it will actually become a hurricane but down anyone in the bahamas is getting hit by gusty winds and rain and maybe bermuda in a couple days. here's the southeast coastline. all of these wavy spaghetti lines, there's our different weather computers telling wrus they think the storm is going to go. you can see the consensus definitely takes it away.
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the yellowish cone here, that's the actual forecast cone of uncertainty from national hurricane center so we feel surely this will not be effecting anyone in the southeast u.s. let's get back to the heat wave because this is the big story of the week. historic heat wave. last week we had a heat wave for a couple weeks but this one will last all week. we have excessive heat warning in st. louis from now until friday. that's unheard of to go that long. huge ridge of high pressure will expand and head to the eastern seaboard where it's going to get uncomfortable as we head to the end of the week into the upcoming weekend. the dangerous heat right now, if you're elderly, the children, you know, day after day, anyone without air conditioning, is going to be in the orangish color. we're used to the heat in the dallas area. it's been 10 0 degrees now 16 days in a row. but you only have heat at vizryes to your north. it's where the humidity is very high. heat indexes will be in the dangerous level from minneapolis, all of iowa, kansas
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city, omaha, st. louis. how hot will it be? kansas city around 9, same for you in st. louis. when you add in oppressive humidity, it's not your typical humidity. ipts much more humid than it should be for this time of year. notice today how hot we'll be on the east coast. new york, 93. d.c., 94. it's not quite as humid yet in the east. later on today, just a heads up to everyone in new england through the great lakes, this area of yellow is slight risk of orange. this area will get cooled off by strong afternoon storms. the biggest threat will be damaging winds. i don't think we'll see tornadoes, hail won't be a problem but gusty winds through the big cities. airport delays are possible. as far as monday's forecast goes, the heat we've talked about, also down along the gulf we'll have thunderstorms, too. we'll take a closer look at some selected cities. you'll be in awe how hot it's going to be at the end of the week. d.c. could be in the 100s three days in a row. he details coming up.
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look," i'm lynn berry. another blow to afghan president hamid karzai's inner circle after gunmen killed one of his close advisers as well as a member of parliament, taliban is claiming responsibility. it comes less than a week after the assassination of karzai's half brother. some terrifying moments in canada when a sudden and violent storm caused the main stage at an ottawa blues festival to completely collapse.
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look at that there. the performing band cheap trick managed to escape unharmed but at least five stage volunteers were hurt. one seriously. well, first it was mila kunis, then justin timberlake, now 90-year-old actress betty white has been invited to the marine corps ball. in a youtube ball ray lewis called the legendary "golden girl" funny, sweet and mature, the all-around perfect woman. where there's a good story, there's always betty white. it always works out that way. here's your "first look" at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12479 after gaining 42 points on friday. the s&p rose 7 points. nasdaq climbed 27. taking a look at overseas trading this morning n tokyo, the nikkei added 38 points. but in hong kong, the hang seng dropped 70. well, this week along with the future of america's economy, trade on wall street will
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largely depend on what gets accomplished at the negotiating table in washington. with the debt deadline fast approaching and ratings agencies already threatening to downgrade america's aaa rating, the jitters will intensify as long as time ticks by without an agreement. in fact, worries about those stalled negotiations, along with europe's debt problems, have already sent gold and the swiss franc to record high in asian trade. also in focus this week, earnings season resumes. after last week's solid beginning, major financials, goldman sachs, morgan stanley, bank of america and american express will report. also weighing in, tech heavies apple, microsoft and intel. stock to watch this week is news corp. this morning news corp.'s australian shares mrujed over 7% to a two-year low with the arrest of rupert murdoch's
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former newspaper chief in england and the resignation of that country's lead police officer. this week the united autoworkers begin contract negotiations with detroit's big three automakers, chrysler, ford and general motors. the first contract talks in four years and the first since gm and chrysler emerged from bankruptcy. housing highlights this week. economic data with june housing starts tuesday and existing home sales on wednesday. finally, lady gaga is no longer the queen of facebook. rihanna is now the social network's top ranking female celebrity with just above 40,800,000 likes. america's women fight bravely but go down in flames in the world cup final against japan. for one brief and shining moment, it all seemed like it was theirs. your "first look" at sports is straight ahead. on on a budget wh expedia. make it work.
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welcome back to "first look," i'm lynn berry. in sports, after a handful of heart-stopping comebacks the women's u.s. soccer team ran out of look. here's nbc's bill seward. hi, everybody. it was a heart breaking loss in germany felt coast to coast in the united states. u.s. women's soccer team had the world cup title within reach but could not close out japan.
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frankfurt, germany, a scoreless half dominated by americans they break through in the second. alex morgan scored her second goal of the tourney. u.s. up 1-0. they were ten minutes away from winning it when disaster struck. sloppy play in the box. yama took advantage, ties it 1-1 and we go to extra time. another 30 minutes and another lead for the u.s. morgan connects with abby wambach. stars and stripes up 2-1. japan got the equalizer in final minutes off the corner. sawa with a perfect redirect past hope solo. the penalty kicks when the u.s. completely fell apart. missed an unheard of three straight shots. the win, got it, a reason to celebrate for a country that has been through so much this year. japan lifts the world cup trophy and the spirits of a nation with a thrilling come-from-behind win. to golf, darren clarke with
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a three-stroke lead to the final round and phil mickelson, eagle on 7. lefty pulled even. clarke with room for error on 18. two putt for the win at 42 years of age. the irishman finally wins his first major. taking the open by three strokes. and the shot of the day wasn't from the open. former colorado avalanche joe sakic on the million dollar 17th hole. he shoots. he scores. $500,000 for him and another 500 grand for charity. not a bad day on the links. that's your first look at sports. i'm bill seward. and now for another quick look at the weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. bill, good morning once again do i'm not going to be a popular guy this week. no weather person is. we'll be hiding in the ac along with everybody else. let's break down the new england forecast. showers and storms that have rolled down through vermont, heading for southern new hampshire, in the boston area i
2:22 am
think you'll get clipped by rain, portsmout, new hampshire. it's going to take too long for those showers and storms to get to new york and philly, that's why your temperatures are going to top out in the low to mid-90s today. very hot day. d.c. at 94. now, let's talk about washington, d.c. because by the end of this week it's going to get very, very dangerously hot. we are still kind of steamy the next three days. 94 is nothing to sneeze at. look at thursday and friday, and that 100-degree heat could last into next weekend so three, possibly four days in a row of 100-degree heat in the nation's capital. that's the same for all of the carolinas and much of virginia, too. look at st. louis. you're probably going to be 100 about four days in a row. there's no escaping this unless you're on the west coast, lynn. this is going to be something to see by the time it's all done. >> this is the week that you stick like your dress shirt in the freezer before you head out to work. >> good tip. thank you. i'll try that. >> there you go.
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that's your tip for the day. coming up, an iconic american director hits a personal milestone. plus, a record-shattering box office-busting winner of the weekend for the boy wizard and his pals. first look at entertainment straight ahead. here's a myth: you get nothing for driving safely. truth: at allstate, you get a check in the mail twice a year, every year you don't have an accident. the safe driving bonus check. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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welcome back to "first look," i'm lynn berry. friday night on "late night with jimmy fallon" he discussed his anoinss with airline travel. >> this isn't good. two delta planes collided at the airport in boston. the passengers were okay. except for having to bay delta's $50 collision fee.
2:27 am
sorry, he just can't collide and not pay. that's right. two delta planes collided at an airport in boston, or as air traffic controllers put it, glad i wasn't awake to see that one. that would have been scary. that would have been scary. finally, i heard lindsay lohan is mad she wasn't cast in the movie "black swan." although, there's still hope she might be cast in the sequel, grey goose. tonight jimmy welcomes mila kunis and musical guest why oak. well, it is time for your first look at entertainment news. this weekend in theaters the harry potter film franchise said good-bye to his fans and hello to the record books. that's an understatement.
2:28 am
"harry potter deathly hallows 2" beat the previous best opening of $58 million by 2008 "the dark knight" and second the record for best opening day with $92 million and best midnight show day buy with $43.5 million. overseas the film earned $307 million since opening wednesday. the best international debut ever, including record openings in england and australia. transformers: dark of the moon" slipped to second with $21 million. for now at least it remains the year's top domestic hit. finally, a fun fact for all you film fans. woody allen's "midnight in paris" raised its total for the weekend to $41.8 million. a personal revenue record for allen. >> that surprises me. >> it does?
2:29 am
>> yeah. >> i would have thought -- >> harry potter wiped out everything? >> barcelona, vicky -- i thought that would have been number one. >> i'm lynn berry. stay tuned "way too early" is coming up next. with the clock ticking down to the august debt ceiling deadline, congress is scrambling to come up with a solution that will satisfy members of both the house and the senate. the question this morning is, could washington politics really keep us from paying our bills? and the news corp. phone-hacking scandal hits a new boiling point in britain with the arrest of one of rupert murdoch's top executives. and the resignation also of england's top cop. the question this morning is, could this scandal lead to the breakup of murdoch's empire? and if you like me were watching all that soccer over the weekend, the question is, did any country deserve to win this more than japan? it's "way too early" for this.


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