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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  July 18, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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let's be clear, not saying japan should have won but they could use good news these days. good morning, i'm peter al alexander in for willie geist. this is "way too early," glad you're up watching on msnbc, listening on sirius/xm radio. shoot me an e-mail, let us know why you're awake or you can do what amy wambach did all tournament long text the word awake to 622639. you gooz always drill it. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for monday, july 18th. a lot going on including a dangerous heat wave continues, blanketing the midwest. it's expected to reach the east coast this week. we'll have an update on that. also, if you happen to be in court on domestic violence charges, probably not good for your case to do like she did, attack the judge.
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yeah, just not a good call, we're told. we'll break down what's going on here later in the show. first, let's get right to the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. there is new fallout this morning from the phone-hacking and bribery scandal that has already brought down one of britain's largest newspapers. former news international ceo rebekah brooks, one of rupert murdoch's most trusted executives was just released on bail after reportedly facing 12 hours of questioning at a london police station. brooks had been heading the british arm of murdoch's news corp. media division when she stepped down last friday. a spokesperson says brooks turned herself in and she's cooperating with police, but continues to deny any wrongdoing. and then late last night london's police commissioner abruptly resigned, paul stephenson announced he was leaving his post amid allegations that his united, which was investigating this scandal, was corrupt and had close ties with the former executive editor of news
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international's now defunct "news of the world." nbc's stephanie gosk with the latest from london. >> reporter: london's police chief resigned under intense pressure after it emerged scotland yard hired a former "news of the world" editor as a media consultant in 2009. the same year investigators decided not to further pursue the phone-hacking case. the former editor, neil wallace, was arrested last week in connection with the scandal. >> i have heard suggestions we must have suspected the alleged involvement of mr. wallace in phone hacking. let me say unequivocally that i did not and had no reason to do so. >> reporter: even with the head of police preparing to step down, scotland yard continues to make arrests. rebekah brooks, former head of rupert murdoch's newspaper arm here in the uk who resigned herself on friday. it was just a week ago that murdoch flew to london and stood by her side, all smiles.
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brooks had a immediate otheric rise at the condition, becoming editor of "news of the world" when she was only 32. neil sean worked for another murdoch newspaper, "the sun". >> she rose to the top through sheer ambition, networking and an ability to do the job. >> reporter: in 2002 with brooks at the paper's helm that "news of the world" reporters allegedly hacked the phone of murdered teenager milly dowlor, a case that shocked and infuriated this country. brooks denies any knowledge of phone hacking and has apologized. for the last decade, the editor has rubbed elbows with the rich and famous and the powerful. she has had close personal relationships with the three most recent prime ministers. as recently as last december, david cameron met twice with brooks in visits his office describes as social. cameron has come under fire for his connections to murdoch's news international. his former spokesman andy
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coulson, also a former editor of "news of the world," was arrested last week. cameron himself admits the relationship between politicians and the media has become, in his words, cozy and comfortable. the head of the opposition says it's time for change. >> unless politics is willing to come clean about these relationships, unless it's willing to shine light on these relationships, then the public's not going to have confidence in the future. >> reporter: restoring confidence in news corp. may be equally difficult. something the company admitted in a second full-page ad in british papers this weekend. apologizing for our mistakes and fixing them are only first steps, it may take some time for us to rebuild trust. >> that was nbc's stephanie gosk reporting from london. uk leader the labor leader, ed milliband s calling for the breakup of rupert murdoch's media empire in england. he says he has too much power over british public life. tomorrow murdoch and his son, james, are expected to appear
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before parliament for questioning. the prime minister of that country, david cameron, now says parliament may delay its summer break so he can brief lawmakers on the case. it only gets more interesting. rupert murdoch's empire includes some of the largest media companies here in the u.s. so, the question today for a lot of people, could this scandal spread across the atlantic? for more on the fallout and future of murdoch's u.s. properties we want to get a check of business with steve sedgwick in london. the first question is, what will happen to rupert murdoch's companies in the u.s.? is anyone else in jeopardy right now, including his son? >> reporter: there are real question marks about where the buck stops. many people thought rebekah brooks, a close confidente of rupert murdoch, would be safe but she's the latest member of his empire to fall on her sword. real questions about u.s. titles and whether they'll be tainted as well. those titles include the fox cable network, "the wall street
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journal," which has a strong editorial representation, and of course dow jones news who i worked for at one stage in my career. a lot of questions about those titles and what kind of governance news corp. will look like going forward. lots of question marks about the independence of the news corp. board and whether we'll see moves on that front as rupert murdoch is forced to relinquish some power. >> the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton in athens, greece, voicing strong support for that country, including their debt crisis. there is a meeting in brussels this thursday where they'll decide on a new bailout package. what do we expect to learn then? >> reporter: well, we expect to learn that somebody will finally get their own way. will it be the ecb that doesn't want a private sector haircut, so to speak, loss on bonds, private investors are worried about contagion effect or will the german view prevail which says, yes, the private sector must take their fair share of the losses in order for us to
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move forward on this? the german, the pay masters throughout europe, are very concerned that once again the buck will stop with them and they will end up paying disproportionately large amounts to bail out not only greece, portugal, ireland and italy. we haven't got a concrete view yet, main stream view, which will prevail. it's a tense time building up to that thursday meeting. >> steve sedgwick in london, thanks. efforts in washington, d.c. to make a deal on the deficit. both houses of congress now rolling out separate compromise plans in a bid to stave off a u.s. default. senate majority leader harry reid is joining with his republican counterpart, minority leader mitch mcconnell, to craft a solution trying to appeal to both parties. according to reports, though, the proposal would allow the debt ceiling to be raised three times over the next year for a total of $2.5 trillion in exchange some $1.5 trillion in
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spending cuts would be enacted. and the plan would also establish a congressional committee to identify new deficit cuts. but the proposal is already getting a luke warm response from mcconnell's fellow republicans, including marco rubio as well as former member of gang of six, tom coburn. >> the way the deal is currently structured right now, it gives the president the ability to raise the debt limit. the debt limit is not really the problem here. the problem is the debt. i don't believe this plan as it's been outlined to me is a credible solution to our debt problem. >> i think the mcconnell plan is more of washington not taking responsibility for -- it's a great political plan. it takes the pressure off all the politicians. but allows us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that this country has to make. >> you just heard from him, senator coburn is expected to unveil his own $9 trillion package. that should happen later today. the obama administration for its part, however, remains hopeful not only about a deal but the
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size of that deal. in an interview on "meet the press," white house budget director jack lou reiterated president obama's plan to cut the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade. >> the president made clear he wants the largest deal possible. he wants to do the most we can to reduce the deficit, the right thing to do for the american people. he made it clear he's willing to go into areas he's not in the past been comfortable going into and others will -- >> but he used that -- >> meanwhile, house republicans are throwing their support behind the cut cap and balance act, which would reportedly cut federal spending by $111 billion in the fiscal year 2012. it would cap spending at 18% of gdp by the year 2012 and require congress to pass a balanced budget amendment before raising the debt limit. on "meet the press" senate majority whip dirk durbin says the idea appear amendment would be needed, was in his words, just plain wrong.
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>> i've sat through a year and a half dealing with this whole deficit crisis with the gang of five, bipartisan efforts both, and i can tell you, the president has put on the table a reasonable list of alternatives that can bring us to $4 trillion in deficit reduction and we don't are to wait for the states to ratify a constitutional amendment. let's get our job done now. >> for its part the house is scheduled to vote on the cut cap and balance plan tomorrow. but even if it passes, which is unlikely, the proposal is widely expected to fail once it heads to the senate. general david petraeus officially handing over command of coalition forces in afghanistan. that happens today. general john allen is taking over for petraeus as he moves over to take over cia allen says he plans to maintain current campaign. nato forces are beginning an initial handover of military enforcement to afghan troops, specifically in a central
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province. there are currently more than 150,000 forces in afghanistan, including 100,000 american soldiers. it comes as taliban says it killed a key adviser to president hamid karzai as well as a member of parliament in kabul this weekend. this just one week after karzai's half brother was gunned down by a member of his own security team. the taliban also took responsibility for that assassination. nato also says an explosion killed three service members in eastern afghanistan. this morning. still ahead today on "way too early," if you still have a knot in your stomach from yesterday's world cup finals match between u.s. and japan, you're certainly not the only one. we'll show you the full heart-breaking highlights if you missed them ahead in sports. plus, what happens when you combine an outdoor blues con certified with 60-mile-an-hour winds? a stage collapse in ottawa. this was insane. it sent concert goers and the
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band running for their lives. it's all coming up with "way too early." about nine hours later mary jo's body was found in kennedy's car in the water off a bridge and the car pulled out of the water. about an hour after that, kennedy told the police chief he had been driving when the car went off the bridge.
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mission. shuttle will be landing on thursday right here on "way too early," set your alaterals. we'll show you thursday morning. let's get a check of your weather from nbc meteorologist bill karins. get a pretty good view of the weather up there. >> nice perspective, right? good morning, peter. this week is just going to be brutal for heat. i want to start first with tropical storm brett. a little surprise. late last night the hurricane center named this a tropical storm. winds are at 45 miles per hour. the reason it's of concern is it's near northern bahamas and close to the florida coastline but this one will be way from the southeast u.s. coast over the next two or three days. maybe some rip currents, waves every now and then. we're not going to be devastating effects. we're barely see any rainfall at all. let's get back to the big weather story. historic heat wave, started this week in the midwest. by the end of this week into next weekend it will be on the east coast. temperatures today, we're almost near 100 all the way up in montana. 100 right through the middle of the country. we're still in the 90s.
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much of the eastern half of the nation. the exception will be through new england today. anyone joining us from chicago, detroit, up through boston, hartford, province, new york, pittsburgh and buffalo, a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. peter, by the end of this week, we probably will see three days in a row of 100-degree heat, probably thursday, friday, saturday, washington, d.c. will be 100 each and every day. >> it's only getting worse. already feels pretty bad here, not to mention the rest of the country. >> just wait. >> thanks, bill. we appreciate it. we move on to sports right now. if you missed it, we begin with the thrilling women's world cup final between the u.s. and japan in frankfurt, germany. scoreless at halftime. let's go to the 68th minute. a greg pass by rapinoe to alex morgan. this great finish, breaking the tie. u.s. would go up 1-0. they had chances. they could have been well up more than that by then. a few minutes later, sloppy defense by americans trying to
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clear the ball. that in the net. ties the match. that's the 80th minute. so, they move on to extra time. the u.s. finally finds abby wambach. she used her head as she's done all world cup long. doesn't miss. 2- 1. things again promising for americans with time winding down. minutes remaining from the corner, japan trying to equalize it. sawa finds a way to tie it up. look at this again. it was a brilliant goal but a heart-breaker for america. first shot by shannon boxx is blocked. the second shot by usa, carli lloyd, in the stands, way over the goal. americans stunned. third shot, another save by japan. the americans had not missed a penalty kick. 2-0 in the shootout. japan seals it right there, bury
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the winning shot in the upper left corner and the japanese win the shootout 3-1. the women capturing their first ever world cup title. the americans were looking for their third. after the match u.s. star wambach reflect on the stinging loss. >> it's not what we wanted. we wanted a gold medal. we wanted to bring the cup home. seems like the japanese team had nerves of steel. their keeper makes a couple of good saves on our penalties. and that's the difference. i think. >> abby wambach, amazing throughout the course of the tournament. we turn to baseball. 23u tuned in to watch the red sox and rays playing on espn, chances are you didn't see the end of this one. a pitcher's duel, going eight strong innings striking out a combined 16 batters while giving up three hits. the game scoreless as they head into extra innings. tenth, a game-saving catch by red sox left fielder josh
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