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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  July 18, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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very good morning to you, i'm richard lui in chris jansing. a brutal heat wave is gripping the midsection today. millions of americans are sweltering in the unrelenting heat and humidity and there is no relief in sight. at least three-quarters of the nation will experience scorching temperatures in the 90s or even higher than that today. weather channel meteorologist eric fisher is in lake harriet, minneapolis, one of the cities especially hard hit by the heat. eric, it's good to see you, moving closer to water, you're going to need it. >> reporter: yeah, we were talking yesterday morning over at target field, they had to play in extreme heat. at the first pitch the heat index was 108 degrees. we'll likely top that today. i did check the temperature of this water and lake harriet right around 80 degrees. there are 12 beaches in greater minneapolis. a lot of folks might not think
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of minnesota as a beach-type place. take a look behind me and what we're looking at down the path, a lot of runners coming out. it was a lot busier earlier on in the morning, everybody was trying to get in a few laps. as you get toward midday and the afternoon, it becomes very dangerous. do not do anything strenuous and mess around in weather like this. today will be even hotter than yesterday with a high in the upper 90s to around 100. it will be the same story tomorrow and wednesday as well. certainly we're not alone here in the twin cities. look at the map. i mean from the rockies east, everyone is in sweltering summer weather. true, it is the hottest time of the year right now, but certainly it is going to be a dangerous go, especially down to our south. at least here in the twin cities, they are expecting relief. by friday we'll have highs dipping back into the 80s. it will be a different story in oklahoma, texas, over into the deep south where heat is going to remain. a big ridge of high pressure in control there and the drought will continue to worsen.
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it's not just the heat, it's also the storms. usually the big area of high pressure like you see on the map, you get storms to the north and east side of it. we'll see severe weather in the northeast and the coast guard still looking for two missing boaters out of chicago. they had gusts over 60 miles an hour in a storm and they overturned some of the boats in the water. back to you. >> heat still dangerous across the country in many places. casey anthony has been a free woman for almost 35 hours, but where did she go and who is helping her as she transitions back into society? kerry sanders has the latest details shortly on that. treasury secretary tim geithner speaking this morning that this morning specific items regarding the debt deal. one of the options that senators harry reid and mitch mcconnell or working on raising the debt ceiling in exchange for $1.5 trillion in cuts over ten years. this would also create a new congressional panel that would study ways to reduce the
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deficit, but some senators are thinking it's the wrong idea. >> i think the mcconnell plan is more of washington not taking responsibility. it's a great political plan. it takes the pressure off all the politicians, but allows us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that this country has to make. >> and we'll talk more about the debt deal with congressman adam schiff and ezra klein coming up in a few minutes. now we move to britain's prime minister david cameron. he has called for an emergency session of parliament to brief lawmakers into the expanding investigation into the news corporation's phone hacking scandal. overnight rebekah brooks was released from jail after being arrested. london's top cop has stepped down as well, feeling the heat over scotland yard's handling of the investigation. his assistant also resigned.
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stephanie gosk is following the latest developments from london for us. >> reporter: richard, in the last 24 hours, there have been two high-level resignations from scotland yard and colluding the police chief himself, sir paul stevenson, he has resigned because he hired in 2009 a former editor of "news of the world." his deputy, john yates, has resigned after he was informed that he would be suspended while an investigation into scotland yard's investigation of the scandal was being conducted. john yates is being criticized for in 2009 not continuing to pursue an investigation into the phone hacking. all of this comes while their department continues to make arrests. on sunday they arrested rebekah brooks, i high-level trusted executive of rupert murdoch. her lawyer today said that this arrest took her by surprise, that she is not -- that she says she is not guilty of any
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criminal wrongdoing and that they held her for nine hours yesterday without presenting her with formal allegations or with actual evidence of any wrongdoing. richard. >> all right, thank you, stephanie. nbc's stephanie gosk with the latest on that. news corp published two full-page ads in the british press this weekend, including an apology from rupert murdoch. here's part of the second ad. saying, quote, apologizing for our mistakes and fixing them are only first steps. it may take some time for us to rebuild trust, end quote. let's bring in nbc news national investigative correspondent, michael isikoff. michael, good morning to you. how big of a threat is this in the news of news corp and this scandal? >> it's clearly becoming a bigger and bigger threat. what most people don't realize is that news corp is a huge u.s. media company that owns everything from 20th century fox to fox news channel and the wall street journal and the national
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geographic channel among others. it's a publicly traded company, which means it has obligations for full disclosure and to enforce u.s. laws. so we have multiple legal and public relations problems facing the company right now. of course the fbi is investigating whether there was any hacking in the u.s. but beyond that, there's probes into possible violations of the foreign corrupt practices act, which prohibits bribery, these payments to british police, scotland yard violate that? that's the question that the justice department is at least beginning to look at. and thirdly, you have shareholders' lawsuits. there's a big one filed by major pensions and municipal cities that own shares in news corp that have filed a lawsuit accusing the company of rampant nepotism, of excessive compensation and that has been
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amended to include these phone hacking allegations. so multiple fronts on which news corp is facing problems at this point. >> the other big question is what did rupert murdoch know and when did he know about this scandal. >> exactly. that's clearly going to be front and center tomorrow at this extraordinary hearing in the house of commons. both rupert murdoch and his son, james murdock, who is deputy chief operating officer of news corp worldwide, are going to be facing those questions. it was james murdock, the heir apparent, and murdock's son, who approved those out of court settlements, $1.6 million a couple of years ago to settle cases over the phone hacking. so the question is going to be what did he know about how far this went in the company and why did he approve those settleme s settlements. >> nbc news national investigative correspondent, michael isikoff with insight there. thanks a lot. team usa is headed home this morning, unfortunately.
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for a moment yesterday it seemed as if everyone was glued to the u.s. women's soccer final against japan, including the first family captured in this photo cheering on team usa. and while the loss was a tough one, certainly, team usa was gracious in defeat. >> this is obviously going to hurt for a while but i'm proud of our team. we never gave up and congratulations to the japan team. i think their country is very, very proud of them. >> christine lily knows a thing or two about soccer, shall we say, bringing the u.s. two women's world cup titles and you also brought two olympic gold medals. you're now in massachusetts joining us. this was no doubt tough for you. you and i spoke over the weekend as well. so many hopes you described to me. we saw a loss. what happened yesterday? what do you think ended up in the loss that we saw? >> you know, i don't think the u.s. lost, i think japan just won. it was a great soccer game from the start and the u.s. played probably their best game they
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have played. unfortunately, it didn't go their way. going to penalty kicks is no way to end a game. even when you win, it's still tou tough. >> have you spoken with any of the team members or anybody that was close and what have you heard? >> i haven't. i sent some e-mails out to some of the girls, a little sorry note to them but i'll let them have some time. if they want to contact me, they can. it's going to take some time to get over this. that's a tough loss to go into overtime and then penalty kicks. but i think the country is proud of them and i think they should be proud of what they have done. >> and it's going to be one of the great finals certainly, going all the way to the end. japan, as you focused on, they just did so well. the whole nation, some are saying, of japan really needed this win. >> it is amazing. it's one of those stories. and for japan, it's going to do so much for their country, more
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than just the game of soccer. and i think that's really what's so great about soccer and what it transcends. they have had such hardship the last four or five, six months and to see their team win a world championship is probably making their country really proud. >> echoing what you said, congratulations all, both to japan as well as team usa. kristine lilly, thank you. president obama will be meeting with some of the world's richest people today. we'll tell you what that's all about. and do senators reid and mcconnell have the right mix to fix the budget battle. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio. and i owe my great hair to head & shoulders. it gives me a healthy scalp and great looking hair. you making fun of me? no. you making fun of me? yes. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders. 7 benefits. 1 bottle.
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well, some of the world's richest people are sitting down with president obama in just about fin minutes. warren buffett, bill gates are among the super wealthy in the state dining room today. they're talking to the president about what's called the giving pledge. the idea that really rich people
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should leave most of their money to charity. over $125 billion is already committed. speaking of money, the candidates are really starting to spend. president obama spent $40 million last quarter. a large part on fund-raising. mitt romney spent most of all the gop field at just under $6 million and newt gingrich spent $1.8 million but $450,000 of that was for corporate jets. elizabeth warren was passed over to head the new consumer protection agency. the president tried to side step controversy and instead nominated former ohio attorney general richard cordray. he's still expected to draw fire during his senate confirmation. he will be formally introduced at 1:00 this afternoon. still no deal on this monday, but things are looking up when it comes to debt ceiling negotiations, at least according to treasury secretary tim geithner. take a listen. >> people are moving closer together. you've seen the leadership of the republican party in the senate and the house
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definitively take default off the table. >> now, the president is still hoping for a very large deal, but a bipartisan plan created by senators reid and mcconnell is still gaining steam. it would raise the debt ceiling and cut $1.5 trillion in spending. i want to bring in democratic congressman from california adam schiff and msnbc policy analyst and columnist for "the washington post" ezra klein also here with us today. representative, i want to start with you. the mcconnell-reid plan gets something done certainly, but we're up against a hard deadline here. will you support that? >> well, if that's all that's on the table, i'll have to because defaulting on the debt is not an option. but i have to say it's a very poor outcome and i think a copout. we really ought to seize this opportunity to do something big to try to put the nation's finances on a long-term, solvent threshold. and i think we can do that. but the time is really getting away from us in a big hurry and
7:16 am
it looks like all we're going to be able to do is avoid catastrophe. but that is a very low bar. i think we should have done a lot more and i think we're going to have to do a lot more in the future. >> so representative schiff here, ezra, will support the reid-mcconnell plan. will you see other democrats go the same way? >> i expect you will. you hear in his comments exactly the asymmetry that is driving this debate. have you heard any republicans come on and say if that's what we get i will have to support it because we can't default. republicans have made the argument there's nothing we have to support and democrats have said default is such a tragic outcome that there are positions they'll have to go to they may not like so in the end you'll get a deal that tilts to the republicans' side. >> not a lot has happened over the weekend. >> this is the story of the debt ceiling. we keep talking about it and try to repackage old things into new packaging. reid-mcconnell is an amaljum of three previous plans on the
7:17 am
table. mcconnell was to continually have debt votes into the fall. then the biden negotiations which identified $1.5 trillion in spending cuts that democrats were somewhat okay with and will now be wrapped into the mcconnell plan. and a new fiscal commission that would tbe 12 negotiators reportd by the end of the year. what they do could not be filibustered or amended, would just have to get a direct vote on the senate and house floor. that's the way to get the big deal, the grand bargain into this. >> piecemeal, if you will. >> correct. >> i want to get your response here, representative, but first let's listen to comments regarding the president's leadership on this issue. >> you saw real leadership in action. i can't think of another president in my memory who would have devoted that much time and that much patience to trying to bring both sides together. >> well, you're seeing real leadership in the house now from john boehner and that's the only leadership you're seeing in washington right now. >> that happened over the
7:18 am
weekend. what's your thought here? >> well, you know, i think the president has really done what he can. he's gotten out on this early and tried to work on a big package, propose something bigger than the gop had on the table, but it's very hard when your negotiating partner says essentially my way or the highway. there's no revenue increase, no end to any corporate special tax breaks. that's a pretty difficult position he's had to confront all along. to the speaker's credit, he's got a problem with his conference. he can't move a large part of his conference. that's tough if he wants to hang on to his job but at a certain point you have to say we need to do what's right for the country. what's right is to have the president and the republican leadership out on the white house steps announcing a grand bargain that's in the best interests of this country. i think people all over america would applaud seeing our leadership, democratic and republican, on the white house steps announcing a grand bargain that goes well into the future
7:19 am
that asks for a shared sacrifice, individual pieces of which none of us would like. but if our leadership came together and said it was the best for the country, i think the country would embrace it and that's really what i think we ought to see. i think the president has tried to do it but he frankly hasn't had a willing partner in the house of representatives. >> i do want to talk to that. if we don't see agreement here, we have this deadline up in front of us. ezra, really quickly to you as we finish this segment, what's the timeline? we're hearing it's going to be all the way up to this sunday, maybe monday, of more of the same before we actually get ink to paper. >> and we'll see if we get ink to paper then. remember, when we came to the shutdown, we signed the shutdown bill preventing the government shutdown six minutes after midnight so we were actually technically shutting down for six minutes. if we do that on the debt ceiling, and there's a really good chance we will. there's a good chance one of these bills could fail, much as t.a.r.p. did. there's a good chance negotiations could break down. if we get there and get to
7:20 am
midnight, the market may be a lot less friendly than the fed cal employees were. >> thank you both for your time on this subject today. by the time, ezra will guest host martin beshear today right here on msnbc. she's been a free woman for 35 hours, but where did casey anthony go when she was released from jail, and who is helping her? let us know what you think. send us a tweet on twitter. you can find us@jansingco. time for your business entrepreneur of the week. john and bill set out to streamline the bathroom remodeling business. they created bath simple, a bath in a box concept treating the whole bathroom as a single product. they put the bathtub, toilet, tiles and even the tiniest screws and nails all inside one box. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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casey anthony has completely vanished after her dramatic release from jail on sunday. only a few people -- nbc's kerry sanders is live in orlando. kerry, you know, there were tons of people out there when she was released over the weekend. how did she in the end here manage to actually disappear? >> reporter: well, you know
7:24 am
what, it's really amazing because she spent three years and one day inside the jail cell here and then she exited the jail on sunday morning just slightly after midnight, walked out, took her about 15 seconds. then she got into a waiting suv. they closed the road, she took off down the road. news helicopters were chasing her. but somewhere shall as they were speeding down the road in and amongst the buildings, poof, she disappeared. flanked by her attorney, casey anthony wearing a bright pink shirt, skinny jeans and sneakers, mouthed a simple "thank you" to one of the armed officers at the jail and in just 15 seconds, she was out the front door. amid protesters' cat calls, casey made her way to an awaiting suv, where she flashed a slim smile and then she and her crew sped off. some of those who gathered here
7:25 am
still angry at her acquittal gave chase on foot, while from above news helicopters followed the gray suburban. >> get out of the street. >> reporter: deputies had blocked off access, giving casey a secure route to escape the community's anger. >> she's not worth the time of day. after tonight, she's dead in my room. she's gone. >> it was crazy. a chaotic scene here -- >> reporter: the unusual high level of security, including mounted patrol, was put in place after casey's lawyer said she had received repeated death threats. the gray suburban escape vehicle, unlike that other fakous chase of the white bronco on california's 405 gave airborne cameramen the slip among the buildings in downtown orlando. it's believed casey went to her attorney's office, but for a while it appeared the suv had driven onto the tarmac at a city airport, where a private jet took off. faa records show the plane went to columbus, ohio.
7:26 am
but there's no passenger manifest to reveal if casey was on board. where did casey go? her attorneys won't say, her brother won't say, her parents won't say. >> we're out here for caylee. >> reporter: on sunday, people gathered here where caylee's remains were found, all with a shared sense of anguish. >> i just keep thinking about little caylee and how sad that her sweet, little life, she wasn't even 3 years old and this is what she had to go through. it just breaks my heart. i just wanted to honor this little girl's memory. >> reporter: so this morning casey anthony, acquitted on murder charges, is free. whereabouts unknown. richard. >> casey, were her parents invited for the release? >> reporter: as a matter of fact, casey's parents, cindy and george, were contacted and asked by the conventidefense team to a vehicle and set up a decoy.
7:27 am
they decided not to according to their attorney. cindy anthony was at home watching all of this on tv. she texted jose baez and said is my daughter on the plane. the response she got simply were two words, "she's safe." >> everybody is not saying a word. nbc's kerry sanders in orlando, thank you. and a reminder that thomas roberts will talk to one of casey anthony's -- and if only our federal government had the power of harry potter's money raising magic, the amazing details and much more straight ahead. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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welcome back to jansing & company. hot-blooded indeed. lots of hot blood all the way from the gulf coast clear up to the canadian border today. we're looking at the heat index forecast, taking you through this afternoon. a sweltering 110 is what it's
7:31 am
going to feel like in minneapolis. some good news for minneapolis. we are going to see the heat kick back just a little bit but the heat generator, h is for hot. that high pressure will make a move and follow the yellow as all areas above average. when you're at the hottest time of the year, above average is significant. as it continues to move east, so will the heat. philadelphia, d.c., new york will be topping out at 100 degrees or close to it at the end of the week. but minneapolis towards des moines will finally get a little bit of a break as we get into thursday, friday and into the weekend. but the heat will be a big story. also heating up, the tropics. there is a new tropical storm, his name is brett. gradual development possible off the coast of florida. we'll see it move off to the northeast, no threat to land, but rip currents possible. now back to you, richard. >> all right, maria, thank you. here's a look at other stories that people are talking about right now. investigators say a blown-out tire may have been the cause of a tour bus crash in western new york. they'll be interviewing the driver and passengers today.
7:32 am
two people were killed and 35 injured when the bus veered off the road and into the woods. the bus was headed from washington, d.c., to niagara falls. the band cheap trick was on stage when a severe thunderstorm caused what you see right there, the collapse of a main stage at a canadian music festival on sunday. that send thousands of concert goers running for cover. at least four people were injured, one seriously, when the scaffolding buckled and collapsed last night. wow. and millions of children around south africa are singing happy birthday to former president nelson mandela who is turning 93 today. more than 12 million students sang a special version of the song written for the antiapartheid leader before classes start. mandela will spend the day with his family in his home village. happy birthday. back to normal rush hour traffic for los angeles commuters. after a weekend shutdown of 405, carmageddon never came to be as people decided to heed warnings
7:33 am
and stay home. plus workers wrapped up bridge demolition nearly a full day ahead of schedule. are grandparents really safer drivers than mom and dad? a new poll shows kids are saf safer -- they might also just drive slower. >> will betty white be the bell of the ball? coming up as we go down to the wire in about 20. stick around for that. what a finale for the harry potter movie franchise. "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2" shattered box office records this weekend, raking in more than $168 million in u.s. ticket sales. cnbc's brian shactman is here with what's moving your money. what a weekend it was, my friend. >> unbelievable. they didn't take my money yet either. i guess batman and spider-man are the 120-pound weaklings and
7:34 am
harry is the monster. this second edition of the last book, the eighth movie, took in about a half a billion. $168 million domestically, over $300 million overseas and you get almost half a billion. now, this franchise with all the sales and everything else is about a $20 billion enterprise, just incredible when you think about the fact that there's no real fatigue in their eighth movie. the one thing i do want to point out and it doesn't make much of a difference, richard, is that with 3-d screenings they can charge a premium, ticket prices are higher. the star wars of the world never had a chance to do that but still an incredible number of dollars and it's surely going to approach a billion worldwide when all is said and done. >> producers definitely have to cash in more on that brand. you're watching the markets for us and they're off to a rough start this week. what are you seeing? >> it's funny, richard. we're talking -- as you see we're down about 140 on the dow jones industrial average. we have corporate earnings, ibm,
7:35 am
mcdonald's and big banks this week. >> those are supposed to be good. >> companies are making a lot of money but americans aren't necessarily doing very well. the debate right now is how worried are we about europe versus the u.s. we, of course, have the august 2nd deadline but also there are some people saying that europe, they might need a t.a.r.p.-type situation to solve their entire problem. so there's a lot of nervousness in the markets all across the world and you're seeing that in stock prices today. >> the old proverbial profit-taking as well. thank you so much. a new look at the u.s. sex industry and a new study on the customers who keep business booming. some groups estimate as much as 80% of men have paid for sex. but for every john that's arrested, as many as 50 prostitutes are put behind bars. what these johns don't realize or maybe choose to ignore here is that many prostitutes are victims of human trafficking and viewed as sex slaves, regardless
7:36 am
of whether they're paid or not. joining me now live is lynn, a director of demand abolition, a group that fights modern day sex slavery in the united states. researchers in this new study had trouble finding people who hadn't paid for sex. they basically had to include men who had visited strip clubs and who used pornography monthly in the group of people who supposedly had never bought sex. in any case the numbers of johns out there are tremendous in this study. does that surprise you? >> it doesn't surprise me. actually you and i both know them. they're sitting in our church pews, they're sitting next to us in office cubicles and sitting with us at the dining room table. these are the men who are purchasing women and children for sex that are driving the commercial sex industry and sex trafficking markets. >> one of the estimates is that only 1% of research, according to this study, is actually focused on johns. how do we change the attitude of
7:37 am
moving it more towards, again, the johns buying sex? >> it's absolutely critical that we do look at the men who are purchasing sex, which is one of the reasons why we commissioned this research. there needs to be a greater understanding about the harm in prostitution and to understand why men aren't purchasing sex, and that was the good news coming out of this research, that not only do men not purchase but also the men told us themselves there are ways to deter them. one of those, you mentioned it, is working with law enforcement to arrest the men who are purchasing sex rather than revictimizing the women and girls by arresting them. >> that statistic of one john being arrested and 50 women in prostitution being arrested does look to say something about where law enforcement is focusing its resource or is able to. now, here's part of a psa that your group released -- not your group, but a group released against the sex industry. let's take a look at that. >> men, i'm talking to you.
7:38 am
as a man and as a father of two beautiful girls, i'm not buying it. neither should you. if you're one of these men buying these young girls, i'm telling you that real men don't buy children. they don't buy sex. >> ashton kutcher, demi moore also have their campaign out there. is this effective, again, having men talking to men who are potential johns? >> absolutely. we really need strong male champions and i commend men like jay ratliff and ashton kutcher for taking a lead on this. we say men have a problem but they are also the solution and we see they are stepping up and making a stand against prostitution saying what it is. >> i want to get your reaction from some of the solutions that are out there in reducing the demand that johns have on -- again, for prostitution. tell me what you think in two sentences if you can. first off, legalizing the sex industry. >> we see that legalizing the sex industry as a failed experiment.
7:39 am
we can look at germany and the netherlands. the mayor of amsterdam shut down over half of the red light district last year because he said that where they legalized prostitution, demand exploded and they couldn't keep up to fill the supply. when germany legalized prostitution, trafficking increased by 70%. so it's a failed experiment. >> next quick response, educating johns. >> absolutely. there's strong evidence that when combined with arrests, you can reduce the likelihood of men buying again by 40% if they go through education about what it means -- that it's not a victimless crime, the effect on the community, on the women and children and on the buyers themselves. we need to educate our young men to prevent them from becoming buyers in the first place. >> the last one for you, some countries have published the names of johns in newspapers. >> while i think that can be a deterrent, again, i think what we need to look at is
7:40 am
transforming the society, transforming the way that the men are thinking about prostitution and that's going to take each and every one of us to make a difference and to end prostitution and sex trafficking in our lifetime. >> lina nealon, thank you for reaction to this study that is coming out on johns and the sex industry. appreciate it. you're with demand abolition. thank you again for your time today. >> thank you for your attention to this issue. >> you bet. now to california where police say it's a mystery unlike one they have ever seen. a 32-year-old woman found hanging dead in a multimillion dollar san diego mansion where a 6-year-old child fell to his death just days earlier. nbc's miguel almaguer is in coronado, california. miguel, can investigators even decide if this was a homicide or suicide? >> reporter: no, richard, they haven't been able to make that distinction yet which leads to so much of this mystery. now, this mansion is a state landmark. it's rich in history. but last week the estate was
7:41 am
surrounded by crime tape. today it may be better remembered for two deaths that happened here. as i mentioned, one still a mystery. when police arrived at this $12 million mansion outside of san diego, they say rebecca zahau's nude body lay lifeless in the courtyard. her hands were bound behind her back. detectives are unsure if her death was a suicide or a homicide. police say the man who called 911 said he found zahau dangling from a balcony. his brother is the victim's boyfriend. >> probably only a few percent of patients -- >> reporter: a well multimillionaire businessman who founded a pharmaceutical company in arizona. but the morning zahau's body was discovered, police say jonas wasn't home. >> there are numerous items of evidence. the scene was pretty suspicious. >> adding to the mystery, police say a tragic accident took place here just two days before
7:42 am
zahau's body was found. monday jonah's 6-year-old son max fell down a flight of stairs. this weekend, word came max had died. police say zahau may have been the woman who called 911. >> right now we don't see any connection between the two incidents. >> reporter: no connection and still no word on whether rebecca zahau committed suicide or was murdered in her boyfriend's mansion. and yet another twist in this case. a prominent san diego defense attorney was seen entering the mansion last week. he would not give any comment about who he was representing. the brothers have released no statement on the death of miss zahau. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. some positive news for people desperate for a job. we have the latest survey on companies that plan to hire. and we want to know what you think about the stories we are covering. you can find us at slash jansing co. we learn some new tricks of the trade...
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there are some new signs of hope for the job market despite last month's grim unemployment report. a survey by the national association for business economists find that 43% of companies will likely increase hiring in the next six months. that's the highest number in a year. none plan significant layoffs. okay, but here's the glass half empty. 49% do not expect any change in their company's hiring. if you're wondering how tough the job market is these days, look at this. nearly 17,000 people filled out applications for just 1800 job openings at a ford plant in louisville, kentucky, last week. using a lottery system, ford had to let applicants know whether they have been selected to be interviewed. >> i'm currently losing my house. my wife is working, so i've got a 2-year-old, i've got an 8-year-old. >> thank you, ford. i see light at the end of the
7:47 am
tunnel. hopefully some other opportunities will arise as well. >> those new jobs at the ford escape assembly plant pay about $15 an hour. we're following the money trail for 2012 and talking about yet another candidate who may be called to run. nbc's deputy political director mark murray is talking campaign cash with us. mark, good morning. first the big headline in "usa today" gop fund-raisers staying on the sidelines. what's happening here, a little shy? >> it's clear that they are staying on the sidelines and that's one of the reasons why current texas governor rick perry might be eyeing the contest. there is -- this race is more open than i've seen on any primary field probably since the democratic race in 2004 for the presidential nomination. not only is it wide open among voters and primary voters, but it's also open among big donors. but one thing worth noting, that while the current republican feel is trailing what john mccain was able to do in 2008, remember a lot of those donors came to him because he was the
7:48 am
eventual republican nominee. once we get to the general election where it becomes a democratic versus republican ideological war, all sides will be in and be in heavily. >> might see more cash then. when we take a look at, again, president obama's numbers, looking very good. $35 million. a big number traced to 244 super wealthy bundlers. as you know, he's known for in his first campaign, for having a lot of small grassroots fund-raising numbers. so somewhat of a gdeparture her, what do you think? >> one thing when you look back at 2008, it was a 1-2 punch of big dollar donors and grassroots donors. probably with an even number of almost maxed out establishment democratic contributors versus that grassroots army. and once again, we are seeing that 1-2 punch. it is worth noting that grassroots army still is there. president obama raised more than $20 million in donations of less
7:49 am
than $200, which is actually about half of the haul that his campaign brought in. a lot of those big dollar donations are going to the dnc as part of that joint obama campaign dnc fund that the democratic national committee and the campaign has set up. >> let's circle back to the gop. rick perry saying, quote, i'm not ready to tell you that i'm ready to announce that i'm in, but i'm getting more and more comfortable every day that this is what i've been called to do. this is what america needs. end quote. is he in and is that calling really getting stronger here? >> richard, that sounds to me like somebody who is almost in. of course until they're in, we don't know for a fact. we all thought that mitch daniels and hailey barber were in and they decided not to run. but that quota long with the comment he gave that the announcement could come in the
7:50 am
next two or three weeks, that's leading all forecasters to think rick perry probably is going to run. we won't get a conclusive answer until he makes that announcement. >> mark murray, thank you and a good monday to you. soccer fans sent 7,000 tweets a second during the women's world cup final between the u.s. and japan. it was the most tweeted event in the website's history. today's tweet of the day comes from president obama who watched with his family as the u.s. women's soccer team lost the world cup. now, the president tweeted this. couldn't be prouder of the women of the u.s. women's national team after a hard-fought game. congratulations to japan, women's world cup champions.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
betty white's invite to beckham's baby pick, a scuba wedding, stay with us. the marine corps may have helped
7:54 am
a star-studded ball and now betty white is invited. >> i would like to take betty white. she's just funny. she's sweet. she's mature. she's the all-around perfect woman. i really think that we'd have a good time. >> but, sir -- no word yet from the 90-year-old newly named emmy nominee but both justin timberlake and mila kunis said they're going to the ball this morning on the "today" show. maybe j. lo will get invited. after six years jennifer lopez and marc anthony are over. this weekend he openly flirted with several women at his concert. pictures of little harper seven beckham are out. here she is with mom, victoria. then victoria posted this picture of harper with her dad. lots of people like this. but it's rihanna that has the most facebook likes. more than 40 million people gave
7:55 am
her the thumbs up. she beat out lady gaga. more celebrity babies and weddings to tell you about. ivanka trump tweeted about the birth of her baby girl and nick and vanessa got married in a small tropical wedding this weekend. you can see it in a tlc special on july 30th. this wedding takes the cake, though. a couple in mexico took their vows 16 feet under, under water, that is. guests included 200 divers. the couple met while the groom was a scuba instructor. >> what a loving down to the wire you had. it's all about babies, dating, love. >> yeah, and a lot of likes. >> thomas roberts coming up next hour, with a lot of stuff. you're not going to be talking about that. >> no, no, no, we'll save that for later. we'll start out with casey anthony. shies a free woman, released over the weekend. where is she? her defense attorney, cheney
7:56 am
manner in which, joins me. then the big question, is the gop presidential field widening. has texas governor rick perry decided to throw his hat into the ring which would net him some major gop cash? an eye-opening report in "newsweek" about men and the buying of sex. nearly 80% of men support the oldest profession in the world and why that number may be increasing. stick around, we'll get you in the loop. r enhancer. add a little...add a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio. ben and his family live on this block. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. re/max agents know their markets, and they care enough to get to know you, too. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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happening right now, rupert murdoch is in damage control mode as the phone hacking skangds ballo scandal balloons by the day. the clock is ticking on congress as well as the president to reach a deal on the raising debt ceiling or face what experts are calling economic armageddon. we'll talk about the prospects for a compromise. and where is casey anthony? her own parents say they don't even know. we'll ask one of her defense attorneys what's next after her release from


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