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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  February 3, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PST

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mind and the prayers of giselle on his side. will the giants ruin the childhoods of young patriots fans with another super bowl upset? good morning, i'm willie gei geist, this is "way too early" i'm glad you're up with us watching on msnbc, or listening live on siriusxm radio shoot me an email or tweet me. let me know what you're doing up this hour. >> we'll get responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for friday, february 3rd, a lot going on including the head of the susan g. komen foundation is not the reason the country's largest breast cancer organization
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pulled grants from planned parenthood. the story caught fire and we'll give you the latest. plus, michelle obama she of the arms the envy of women and dare i say some men has a push-up contest with ellen, show you how that went a little later in the show. >> first though, get to the news, live at 5:30 here at 30 rock, according to the washington post, growing signs israel is considering a military strike against iran's nuclear program, even as the u.s. presses for more time to let economic sanctions take hold. just this morning iran vowed it would not back down to international pressure on the program. american officials are concerned an israeli attack ka draw the united states in another conflict just as the pentagon works to bring the war in afghanistan to a close. although israel is still weighing options, a story by david ignatius in "the washington post "suggests the u i s. is preparing for the fallout from a strike.
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leon panetta believes the attack could come in april. he declined to comment on the post story. we'll bring in chief foreign correspondent richard engel, what can you tell news. >> >> reporter: there is a mood in israel something could be coming, i'm in tel aviv inside a home of an israeli family and they were just showing me their bomb shelter they have in their home, all israeli homes built in the last 20 years have to have a safe room with reinforced doors, reinforced concrete walls and ceilings and putting gas masks inside it just in case. there is a concern that once again we could be heading toward a military conflict in the middle east. i've spoken to u.s. officials what they have been telling me is fairly similar what ignatius is reporting that there is a concern, not certainty, but a high concern that israel might
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defy the sanctions aren't having enough impact and would carry out some sort of of military strike on the israeli nuclear program. all about timing. israel thinks that iran could have a nuclear weapon in about a year to a year-and-a-half. but they worry that if they wait too long, there is a point of no return. that after four months, five months, six months, that the program will be so advanced that strikes wouldn't be able to set it back. so when you're dealing with uncertainty, when you deal with such stakes, that is why the israelis are talking about this possibility but the even israelis are not totally convinced this is a good idea because of the possible repercussions and risks that it will unhaesh on tleash are sign >> what can you tell us about conversations about the israeli
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and u.s. governments? clearly the u.s. wants the economic sanctions to work. as you point out israel has more to lose right next door, right near iran. this is a more urgent situation for israel they are ready to go even if the united states is not. >> the u.s. has been telling israel as far as i know, and as far as u.s. officials have been telling me not to do this, let the sanctions play out a little bit longer, that there is still a window that the sanctions are different than previous kind of sanctions imposed on e ed od on. that a military strike would consolidate support for the regime. people would rally around the iranian flag much the way people get more patriotic in any country when there is an outside threat. the israelis are listening to that, but just yesterday, the defense minister here said we can't wait forever, that the window is closing, and you can't
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wait forever for sanctions to have an impact because sanctions sometimes take years, and israel doesn't believe they have years to wait. they think it's more a matter of months. >> richard engle reporting for us from tel aviv inside a home, stirring picture you paint of people getting their gas masks ready and preparing their shelters. thank you for reporting, we'll talk to you much more, thank you. we turn to 2012 politics where the republican presidential contenders in a final campaign push before tomorrow's nevada caucus, fresh off a strong finish in florida mitt romney is dominating the polls as everybody expected according to the las vegas review journal, he leads 45%, followed by newt gingrich at 25%. romney will win it. the campaign is hoping those numbers aren't hurt by the candidate's gaffe this week where his comment seemed to suggest a lack of concern for what he called the very poor.
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couple days later, romney is still on the defensive over that comment. >> i misspoke, i wish i wouldn't have said it that way, i made the same thought part of my speeches over the last year or two, which is i'm concerned about middle income americans, i want to help middle income americans, get people out of poverty in the middle income category but of course i'm concerned and worried about all americans, i want to make sure our safety net is appropriately able to care for our poor. i'm concerned about all citizens. now and then you misspeak you have to acknowledge it, it was something i did not intend to say in the way it was said, but i recognize that is part of the political process. >> newt gingrich is trying to turn romney's fumble into an opening with nevada voters. >> i really believe we should care about the very poor, unlike governor romney. but i believe we should care differently than barack obama. both governor romney and barack
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obama seem to believe a "safety net" is all the poor need. i don't believe that. what the poor need is a trampoline to spring up and quit being poor. so i'm for replacing the safety net with a trampoline. >> newt gingrich in the state of nevada, that is also where donald trump was yesterday. the real estate mogul will not consider his own white house bid if mitt romney becomes the republican nominee. >> it's my honor, real honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. i've gotten -- [ applause ] >> mitt is tough, he's smart, he's sharp, he's not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. so, governor romney, go out and get them, you can do it. >> the series premiere of "the
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apprentice" february 19th. trump has not always been positive aroute romney. he repeatly slammed him on job creation and debt ceiling. >> mitt romney is a basically small business guy. if you think about it. he was a hedge fund, he was a fund guy, he walked away with money from a very good company that he didn't create. he worked there. he didn't create. >> he did create companies. >> but look, he would buy companies, close companies, get rid of jobs, okay? i built a great company. the thing with romney i wasn't in love with the job he did in massachusetts. he was a one-term governor, didn't have high approval ratings. i don't like that. i like a guy running for president to be the most popular guy you can have. the romney-care ways not a good situation. romney has been missing in action, he hasn't done a damn thing. >> trump has come around endorsing him yesterday. in a sign how democrats feel
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about romney's latest endorsement the obama campaign tweeted a video of the trump endorsement with the text "in case you missed it" that came directly from the president of the united states and his campaign to his more than 12 million followers. apparently they hope the optics of two rich guys on a stage will speak for itself. two long time partners in the fight for women's health are at odds in a controversy that blown up everywhere from the pages of facebook to the halls of congress. 26 senators are urging the leading nation group to restore funding to planned parenthood, which was cut off this week. officials at susan g. komen foundation said politics had nothing to do with the decision. >> reporter: social media, a firestorm. >> i'm steaming over this. >> how dare they? >> that is just such disturbing
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and discouraging news. >> really awful, should be ashamed of themselves. >> thousands of angry posts. shame, shame, shame on you selling out. shredding any pink ribbons i've got. i will never donate again. komen ceo nancy brinker struggled to contain the damage. first on msnbc. >> it's not true. >> thousands. >> that is not true. >> an explosion of anger among your long time supporters. >> there is a tremendous amount, lisa, of emotion, whenever you're dealing with issues of vulnerable populations, whenever the idea of a change. >> a lot of folks see this as a craven, political decision. >> we're not a political organization, this is not based on a political decision. >> brinker says komen stopped new grants to planned parenthood because they are under investigation in congress and some states and because the money was passed on to other providers. didn't meet new grant criteria designed to measure and improve effectiveness. however sources nlable about the
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decision claim these are excuses, komen was trying to find a way to stop funding planned parenthood because of pressure from anti-abortion groups. they also say komen's top health official, molly williams, recently resigned in protest over the decision. brinker would not comment. >> your own organization said planned parenthood has done life saving work to help low income women. >> we think they've done some great work over a period of time we're not commenting on the past. we're commenting on the nature of the grants that have to be done in the future. brinker says other recipients also will lose funding under the new policies. abigail found a lump in her breast two years ago, got help through komen's funding of planned parenthood. today she is healthy. >> i would not have gotten the care without the funding from the komen fund, they covered all the costs of not only the biopsy but also the care going up to the biopsy. >> lisa meyers reporting for us
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there. the 24 hours after komen's announcement planned parenthood reported $650,000 in new contributions. michael bloomberg pledged to match $250,000 donations to the group. more to come. as the patriots and giants lock down in their hotels to get foe dusted for the game seen by a big chunk of the planet, the rest of the characters are growing less and less focused. jimmy fallon coaxes jerry rice in a woman's wig to reenact a scene from jerry maguire. the donald has thrown support behind mitt romney we thought we would look back at all mr. trump has given us. a rememberance and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back.
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trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, now it's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike randy. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. 5:46 in the morning. that is a live picture at 3:46 in the morning at coors field where the rockies play in denver, it's snowing out there. get a check on the weather from bill karins, what is going on? >> old man winter showed up in a big way in colorado. impressive storm, nine inches of snow in boulder.
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denver could end up with one to two feet of snow. by far the biggest storm in colorado one of the bigger ones around the country. mostly right now isolated to the urban corridor of i-25 from fort worth -- fort collins, it has been snowing hard, many kids and teachers will have a three-day weekend. we expect 6 to 12 through nebraska, but someone will end up with close to two feet of snow. also thunderstorms today, oklahoma and texas. rainy in the middle of the country on saturday. some of the rain in the southeast on sunday. obviously, super bowl is indoors, no problems. >> couple years we will be outside in new jersey. >> that will be fun. >> today, it should be pointed out by this giants fan, four year anniversary of the giants upset 17-14 super bowl win over the previously undefeated new england patriots.
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the two teams will square off sunday in indianapolis in a rematch of the big game. now you really shouldn't gamble unless you like heart pumping excitement and winning lots of money but if you must, there are strange ways to cash out on sunday as you look at a live picture of lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. here are some of this year's prop bets. time it takes kelly clarkson to sing the national anthem, over under, 1:34. both picks paying less than 1: 1. what color gatorade, water and yellow, 2:1 favorites. what color will madonna's hair be, blonde is the favorite, any other color 2 1/2 to one. will the announcers say "tebow"
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once during the first quarter? some sites are favoring no by a small margin. super bowl coverage begins at 2:00 on sunday on nbc. kick off is at 6:29 p.m., turn it in at 9:00 in the morning. jimmy fallon is doing his show getting ready for the game. he dipped in his suggestion box, to answer a fan's request to get two nfl stars to reenact a scene from jerry maguire, he recruited jerry rice, who is retired and tony gonzalez to show off their acting chops. >> look, tonight our little project, our company, had a very big night. a very, very big night. but it wasn't complete. wasn't nearly close to being the same vicinity as complete,
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because i couldn't share it with you. i love you. you complete me. i'm just --. >> shut up! just shut up. you had me at hello. [ applause ] >> jerry rice does a good renee zellweger. at the top of the hour on morning joe, mitt romney gets the blessing of the donald will that help the voters forget about the thing he said. we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch michelle obama to get in a push-up contest with ellen degeneres.
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that is a live picture of las vegas where it's 2:53 in the morning, where they will be voting tomorrow in the caucuses, where mitt romney is a heavy favorite to win. the economy is the central
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issue wherever you go in the country, no where is it more of a concern than in the state of nevada. you want to sound smart, tell your friends nevada's unemployment rate is 12.6%, that is the highest in the country. also, more homeowners are under water in nevada than any other state. in las vegas alone, 70% of people who own a home owe more than their home is worth. that is a staggering statistic. enough of the real news, gather around the water cooler to reflect upon the shining 24 carat impact donald trump had in our democracy over the past year. he announced yesterday from his hotel may he say there is no finer hotel west of the mississippi, that he supports mitt romney for president. by the way, few people have looked less comfortable in vegas than mitt romney did standing there listening to the donald. trump has tugged at our heart strings for months, tant a liezing us by threatening to get in the race himself. >> if i run, and if i win, this
2:55 am
country will be respected again. >> i never really looked at it seriously until this year. >> i've never taken it seriously like this. this is a very serious time in my life. the equal time provisions don't allow me to run until may when i'm a free agent. >> i will not be running for president as much acid ee like to. i would rather ensomebody and have that somebody beat barack obama. >> you may get in this after all? >> i hope i don't have to but i may, absolutely. >> he is playing the game, sort of leaking out word he's going with gingrich and goes with romney. what a snub of newt gingrich. >> there are reports he plans to endorse newt gingrich for the nomination. >> what will it be? there are reports the real is state mogul could endorse former house speaker newt gingrich or former massachusetts governor mitt romney. >> speculation donald trump would back former house speaker newt gingrich. >> the announcement you've all been waiting for, is coming up.
2:56 am
>> it's my honor, real honor, and privilege to endorse mitt romney. go out and get them. you can do it. >> he's not getting in for now. trump found his voice, though, when he questioned the president's country of origin relentlessly. >> at the has a birth certificate, he should release it. we don't know anything about this guy. all i want to do is see this guy's birth certificate. why doesn't he show the birth certificate? barack obama should give his birth certificate. >> let him show his records. governor of hawaii said he was there when he was born. our president has finally released a birth certificate. i heard he was a bad student. how does a bad student then go to columbia and harvard? >> all that in less than a year. donald trump, we know this is not the end. one more clip to show you the first lady of the united states, michelle obama visited ellen yesterday on her program.
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she is doing the "lets move" campaign to get young people outside working out physically fit. challenging ellen to a push-up contest. i think we all know how that went. the first lady finally wearing ellen down. ellen begging for mercy, first lady just keeps cranking them out. i don't think you want to get in a push up contest with the first lady of the united states. your tones, texts and email, "morning joe" is moments away.
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