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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  February 9, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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gingrich, they are the very republicans who acted like democrats and when republicans act like democrats, they lose. >> for those of us who are strong conservatives, it's hard for us to go to work and to go to los angeles and raise money. i'll be honest with you, it's not easy, they're not there with open arms. >> and joining me now, real clear politics reporter, we had four years ago, we had mitt romney and cpac really ending h his quest for president. >> i think actually the contraception issue that we're talking about in washington right now is a good way for him to do it, he's been talking about that a little bit. i can assure you we'll be hearing a lot about that at cpac. >> don't you think that helps rick santorum more, it helps to put him exactly where he's most comfortable.
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>> it certainly does, but we'll see how rick santorum comes out of this weekend as sort of a folk hero for conservatives and even evangelical christians on this issue. how does mitt romney change the way he talks about it in terms of taking over rick santorum. you remember four years ago when mitt romney ended his bid at cpac. he hasn't been as popular with that crowd since, i'm sure he's going to come out with something big tomorrow when he speaks to the crowd tomorrow. >> i think it has been fascinating up to this point and it's only been a couple of days obviously since santorum won those three states, but for example, he brought out something he rarely talks about. let me play a little clip. >> in my church, we don't have a professional ministry and so people are asked to serve as the minister or the pastor of their congregation from time to time and i had that privilege for, i
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think, over ten years. >> and he goes on to talk about how he counciled families, the day before that, i know you heard him, he talked about how his dad worked as a plasterer in construction. obviously he's trying to humanize himself. he's trying to show people a different side. i don't know if it's working, what do you think? i think it may, but i think it's going to take a long time. some of his sons are out on the campaign trail talking about stories from mitt romney's adolescence, stories they have heard from their father. in the clip that you just played, mitt romney was talking in depth about his own church, his own faith, which is something he doesn't do a lot of us. he's tried to avoid it in the past. i think this issue now glives hm a chance to go into a little bit more depth and understand where he's coming from in his own religion. he's been hiding it from people
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in a way. so that people won't be so afraid of mormonism anymore and talk about what it means to him. >> the problem has always been for mitt romney is comfort level, is he going to be more comfortable talking about that? you saw that morning with rick santorum. he was circled by people praying for him. and obviously very powerful image imagery, especially for evangelicals if you just look at their styles in terms of talking about religious issues, living their faith very openly. that would seem to trigger rick santorum. >> absolutely in some of the primaries that rick santorum is trying to target that will come out in a republican primary, it does. in a general election, i don't think that's the case and i think mitt romney is trying to target -- he has a very tricky
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line to walk right now in trying to seal up the republican nomination and trying to be more open about faith, but yet also looking with an eye toward the general election and independence. >> and that brings us back to in renewed effort on socialism being in large part on the backlash from the obama administration's -- to rule it back, speaker john boehner, saying that the administration has drifted dangerously beyond its boundaries. >> this attack by the federal government on religious freedom in our country must not stand and will not stand. >> senator june shehan agrees that the catholic institutions should cover contraception. good morning. you and two other senators -- why the burk -- you're petition.
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tell me how much support you have so far. >> this decision is about the health of women and i have been disappointed that so much of the debate has ignored that. the fact is it's making sure that all women have the same access to contraceptive coverage, which is important as they think about their families and the decisions they want to make relative to having children, it's important as they think about their health, 14% of women use contraceptives, purely for medical reasons and that's what this decision has been about. and women understand that, we saw last week the backlash when the susan g. komen organization said they were going to stop provigd birth control. >> it's not fair for republicans who don't like this ruling. a bunch of democrats have come out and said there needs to be a compromise, you've got bob
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casey, dan larsen, senator joe manchin. we have been reading about today how the vice president had argued pretty strongly warning the white house about this and they say this is not about women's health, they say this is a first amendment issue, this is about forcing the catholic church or any organization to do something that's against the basic tennants of their faith. so are all these democrats wrong? >> i think it's important to point out that there is an exemption for churches. 335 champions. >> we're not talking about schools we are talking about hospitals. >> if you let me finish. that is an exemption, the states of california and new york have both upheld that kind of partial exemption and the question is are we going to allow an individual to practice their religious nate, we're going to allow all those women who work for universities and hospitals
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have to abide by whoever faith is supported by the people who have started may not even be running those hospitals and universities anymore. so i think this is about individual freedom of religion and in fact what should be at stake here again is not politics, i appreciate everything's got the right to any whatever they want to think and there's nothing in this decision that requires women to use contraceptives, there's nothing in the decision is that requires the catholic church to give out contraceptives in any way or those universities or hospitals, what is at stake here is the ability of all women to have equal access to the same kind of medical coverage. >> do you think based on what you have heard, david axlerod
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certainly talked about this owed. do you think there's going to be some kind of compromise here, ginobili the strong feelings on both sides? >> i think exempting all of the churches was a compromise, recognizing that they have the conscience clause, so that they can abide by that. the president affirmed to us yesterday when we saw him when he is committed to access for all women to contraceptive coverage and making sure that they get that equal access. >> senator, jean shaheen thank you so much for coming on. >> we certainly have seen already with david axelrod some -- to rethink exactly how this gets implemented and they're getting into it with the candidates, let me play a little sound here. >> this is ironic that mitt romney is expressing, criticizing the president for
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pursuing a policy that's virtually identical to the one that was in place when he was governor of massachusetts. >> mr. carney needs to check his history and that is that provision was put in massachusetts before i was governor. and then when i was governor, i tried to have it removed in our health care plan. >> how concerned is the white house about how all this is playing out. i think the very fact that they're floating the idea of a compromise saying that one is in the offing. but they all try to play things off as -- respond to those, but obviously it compromises, probably going to happen if we're hearing from the white house that they may be thinking about it. >> and michele bachmann thinks this is really moving the dial. again, let me play a little bit of sound from her. >> i think you have to say, john, quite fairly, this is the first social election issue that we have had so far.
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that's what you saw in minnesota, that's what you saw in missouri and colorado. you saw social conservatives weigh in. >> rick santorum is in mississippi right now. we'll be surprised if one of the things he talks about isn't this. is this sort of one of those little cycles in this election or has it really changed the focus over time from the economy, which, frankly, the fact that the economy has been doing better t president's approval ratings have been doing better. got some better numbers today, may be what the republicans would like to see happen. >> maybe michele bachmann with a social issue is -- i talked to a republican yesterday who's responsible for the party on senate races. it's not just going to be about religious freedom. but it will be -- and something
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that's a referendum on the president and that is obama care, the national health care reform bill and how this issue has become such a big uproar because of that bill. >> 2 million current and former homeowners could get -- five major banks have worked out this reportedly $26 billion settlement. the first comprehensive plan by the way that would help homeowners whose houses are worth. president obama will also discuss this settlement. >> and the president also today will exempt ten states from the no child left behind law. by dropping that bush era policy, the states will get leeway on student preparation
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a key question this morning, what will the international community and the u.s. do about the ongoing violence in syria that has killed hundreds with president assaad's team trying to squash dissent. their reports bolstered by rebels and disturbing videos posted on the internet suggest that the city of homes is being devastated since the country's uprising began in march. peter welch of vermont who served on the subcommittees of homeland security, home defense
7:16 am
and foreign operations. thank you for being here. there's a report for britain's daily telegraph that says britain has started a preliminary review. >> obviously all options have to be on the table and just a brutal crackdown where the citizens of syria are being killed by mr. assaad, he's his father's son, his father did the same thing, and it's hard to see him relenting. but what we're lacking so far is the broad international support to make that effective. china and russia of course are significant impediments, and the third question, can we be involved in a limited way where we're not going to have boots on the ground. >> one of the suggestions made
7:17 am
by john mccain was to arm the rebels. >> senator mccain is also talking about the military option. in bottom line, can it be effective? you know, in syria, you know you have the regime of mr. assaad. he's brutal. he's cracking down on his. how go you go that without logistics. these are all the sober, cautionary questions that have to be asked before we use a military option. >> there are reports that the allies have been talking about delivering humanitarian aid and you mentioned the devastating humanitarian crisis, doctors without borders saying that this is a regime that's been withholding medicine what kind
7:18 am
of progress has been made in terms of the people getting aid. including aides workers who have been injured in pretty significant numbers. >> the hardest for any of us on the outside watching we know that people are suffering as a result of the brutal repression of that regime. you can't fix every problem'dly. -- we should continue to be involved, as secretary clinton is in diplomatic -- in china who if they got their act together and stood up for human rights could actually be somewhat influential in the syrian regime. we should continue working in the u.n., and we should continue frying to get international support to deliver humanitarian aid. the bottom line, assad, eventually must go, but does it
7:19 am
manner that we can march in there with an army in order to make that happen without significant consequences to us? i'm not sure we can. at least at this point. >> congressman, can i ask you to hold on? because i want to go live to washington. but this is attorney general eli eric holder announcing that a deal with bank, $25 billion settlement to help people with their mortgages, let's listen in. >> valuable expertise with those directly affected by the foreclosure crisis to this resolution. i want to recognize the reports of the justice department and our united states attorneys offices. the u.s. trust tees program which serves as the watch dog of all bankruptcy court operations was one of the first federal agencies to investigate mortgage servicer homeowners in financial distress. trustees reviewed more than
7:20 am
37,000 documents filed by major mortgage services in federal bankruptcy court and took discovery in more than 175 cases across the country. during a three-year investigation, her office issued multiple s&ps, reviewed over 2 million documents and interviewed numerous witnesses. they have worked tirelessly to help homeowners who were treated unfairly. and the expertise that these teams provided was essential in reaching this historic settlement. similar large scale reviews were also conducted by hud, fha and others. for instance we saw that far too aub, services pushed borrowers into foreclosure, even though
7:21 am
federal regulations required servicers to try other alternatives first. these nail yours of -- >> attorney general eric holder said that this $35 billion settlement and how many people were involved all across the country. congressman, let me go back to you, look, you know how desperate the housing crisis is, i expect vermont has fared a little bit better than some places across the country, is this historic? is this going to make a major dent in what has been a huge drag on this economy? >> it's going to help, and for reasons you just mentioned. generally we don't come out of a significant recession until housing and autos recover. a lot of folks who were actually paying their mortgages have their houses under water. and even though they're perfectly good credit scores, even though they have made every
7:22 am
single payment they're not able to reness a loan from 7 or 8% down to 2% or 3%. it would be a huge impact for those families and the economy. so this is a good thing, we have more to do, but this is overdue. we should be doing more of this. >>ry bring you the pentagon meantime is going to this does not mean they'll be in direct combat roles yesterday, women are, however, serving on the front lines as medics, military police and intelligence officers. >> who your business
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her three-day national tour another noon, her first stop, des moines, iowa. then ft. worth and then little rock, arkansas. my advise to people in those states, don't challenge her to a push-up contest. you're entered for a chance to hit the campaign trail for a day. the website reads, mitt has traveled thousands of miles on the road for the last six months visiting americans across the country and now have a chance to join him. donald trump says he might be interested in a cabinet position. >> it's certainly not something i'm looking for, but if i can do anything to help this country, we have to do something to help the country, we can't keep losing our jobs to other countries. >> and what cabinet position would you want? >> maybe a position where i negotiate against some of these countries because they're really taking our lunch. >> meantime, new jersey governor chris christie had a run in with
7:27 am
a big blue curtain at an event yesterday. oh! oh! you know, we try to keep these things interesting. and all these people back here, they're here early they think get the best seats. >> and somebody joked, now doubt earth wind and fire, dennis rucker, james taylor and you can check more of the list on our facebook page. february is black history month and on this day in 1995, bernard harris stepped off the shuttle discovery and became the first african-american to walk in space. before retiring from nasa, harris logged more than 400
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the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? after that two-day shutdown, the california elementary school at the center of a shocking sex abuse scandal is reopen this morning but with all new teachers. what are schools and teacher- >> reporter: what school officials are saying is they will have a counselor available in each of the school's 45 classro classrooms. the the parents of those students will be able to go in with them for a while and talk to school officials. the 120 replacement teachers have been given a fair amount of training to deal with what they know is going to be a difficult
7:32 am
and dynamic situation. i spoke to a number of students who are not going in with their parents to take a wait and see attitude, to see just how school officials respond to their concerns, that at some point the circumstances that led to the shocking allegation, an independent evaluation of teachers from this point forward, in this place, background checks et cetera. many of the 5,700 students going back in, scores staying out and waiting. >> meantime in washington state, new questions about the response to the -- 911 call logs show that it took eight minutes for a sheriff's deputy to be dispatched to the home when a social worker call. the dispatcher told the social worker, quote, we have to respond to emergency, life threatening situations first.
7:33 am
when is the last time you heard about an outbreak of measles? well, more than 200 people that were -- visited the super bowl village two days before the game, now there are two confirmed cases. but they're not concerned about a widespread outbreak. washington's governor is expected to sign a bill legalizing gay marriage. the measure passed just one day after a federal appeals court declared california's ban on gay marriage to be unconstitutional. >> and it is game on for super-pac fundraising now that the president has released the sounds, a move to counter what has been a republican juggernaut. they wanted extremely wealthy contributors who want to open their checkbooks wide. here's bill burton who heads priorities usa. >> i can report right now that we did not get any $50 million
7:34 am
checks overnight as gredemocrat really awakened to the fact that how the election is being decided, then they will be able to come to the table and be a part of the conversation and participate with us. >> i'm joined now by assistant managing editor at "time" magazine. and ben white. we won't know how much superpack has raised, but where is the money going to come from? who's the sheldone -- >> i think that the deep pockets could come from any number of places. we know the war chest is going to be huge, probably record. but to me, it's disturbing on both ends of the spectrum, the rise of the super-pac money is
7:35 am
this huge. >> it really did feel like the president was pushed to do this, the "new york times" reporting that potential donors met with supporters of the superpack, do you see the democrats getting fired up and really opening their checkbooks? i think they probably will eventually, i mean the problem for the obama campaign and this hands off relationship that it has with super-pac. i mean you had a couple of big checks. but a lot of folks said they weren't supporting this. the obama campaign basically made the decision that we cannot fight with two arms tied behind our back. we raised $4 million, we need to tell people on wall street, silicon valley, we need to get these brig checks.
7:36 am
>> there is this fascinating new study that richard louie has been looking at. including who's been pulling these purse strings on the republican side. >> we were looking at a new u.s. perk study. democrats have been outraged by four to one so far, so if republican interest groups were to raise, let's say, $400 million at that ratio, that could dwarf opponents by 300 million. in the leadup to 2010, up to eight million, that's money from nonprofits that do not need to disclose names of reporters. so far, though, only 6% of the pie is secret.
7:37 am
for profit businesses, gave 17%, some pushed by their ceos. unions stuck their toe in as well. the service employees for instance. part of the 9% begin. super-pacs are giving to friends. 56%, 17 people gave over $1 million and only two of those donations going to democratic interests. these big done for -- as you're talking about, he gave millions to help newt gingrich. he kept rick santorum's campaign alive. the problem, these oversized wallets, critics say, lead to oversized opinions. some big donors could be unleashed now that the president gave the nod to super pacs moneys. if you don't see the checks here u you 50u8 see the ads.
7:38 am
44% of them were paid for by interest groups so far. super-pacs becoming the kryptonite of the democracy. >> about 175,000. he's somebody who has said he's disappointed with what he's seen from the president. you mentioned wall street, there's also a suggestion wall street might hold back from the president because they're concerned about him putting more regulations, wanting there to be more accountability on wall street. how worried is the white house about this? >> it's a very, very tricky balance for obama to strike on this, he is trying to portray himself as the -- put that story line forward. on the other hand that has been a bias for him in the past so. it's very tricky and i think it's going to be a delicate issue for the democrats.
7:39 am
>> there's this big op-ed piece, saying how many billionaires does it take to buy an election, obviously newt gingrich doesn't have a problem with a $5 billion check, i think he would take a $25 billion check. is there a point at which you start to worry if you're the president, somebody who has spoken out about this kind of influence, is there a point where you say enough is enough in any individual or group? >> elections are rarely won or lost, it's just a fact of politics that it's not a decisive issue in voters minds. and you get outspend, raise the money and have the firepower to fight fire with fire. he's going to continue to decry the influence of money and politics and saying he would have decided citizens united. this is what we have got, this is the reality we're faced with
7:40 am
and he's going to tell every single millionaire he can possibly find to open their checkbook and write it. and he still may bash his checkbooks, he may send his dam pain manager to wall street to say look, we're not going to do this anymore, we're not going to say we don't like you, but they want the money and they're probably going to get at least some of it. >> it's so fascinating to me that the playing field four years ago, he rewrote the book on it and then citizens united rewrote the book again. >> we have some new encouraging numbers on the job market. first-game claims for unemployment have fallen to a nearly four-year low. they fell to $358,000 workers. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what's managing your money. what happened? >> it's 8,000 -- 8,700 or 3% of
7:41 am
its global workforce, it says it's all part of so-called tough decisions but it's really got no choice because it's trying to offset higher commodity costs and higher marketing costs here in north america. pepsi says it expects to save an additional $1.5 billion in cost cuttinga it previously noupd. it's obviously bad news for 28700 people they're talking about. >> and bad news if you're 18 to 34. when i was in college or just out of college, it never occurred to me that i would not be able to get a job, i could always waitress in summers or whatever. >> there's a new pew poll out there that says young adults, 18 to 24-year-olds are having the toughest time recovering from the recession.
7:42 am
49% said they took a job they didn't want. 20% delayed marriage as a result of this. 22% delayed having a baby. and 24%, nearly a quarter of them moved back in with their parents. but to end on a bright note, or a brighter note, chris, nearly 9 in 10 of those young adults say they have or earn enough money now or expect to in the future, so i expect optimism is still alive and well in the youth. >> and optimism is often underrated in situations like that. how about this as a form of economic recovery? nobody won last night's power ball drawing? you know how much the jackpot is? $310 million. the next drawing it will cost you $2 now is on saturday. [ coughs ]
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good morning, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. our next hour, the revenge of the conservatives. mitt romney is in desperate need of a reboot. home owners, five of the nation's biggest banks sign on to a -- and then the vicious beating of a gay man in atlanta, filmed bring a gang circulated on the web. brandon white joins me to talk about how he's taking his humiliation and heart ache to fight back and find the men that assaulted him. the battle for the republicans nomination looks to be turning more and more into a state by state contest for dell gots. maybe prolonging the battle until the convention in august. and for the candidates, that possibility now appears to be sinking in. >> there's no such sing as coronation in presidential
7:47 am
politics. it's meant to be a long process, and this is a testing approach and so far we're doing pretty well. >> i'm certainly in it all the way to the convention. at the rate we're going, you could have the first open convention since 1940 which would give you manager to cover that you would just love. i have no idea how this is going to evolve. >> joining us is former rnc chairman michael steel. you have santorum re-emerging big-time on tuesday. and then we have a couple of rough weeks, some gaps in there. newt gingrich, now frankly not being talked about very much, and you've got all these new delegate rules for republicans. are you gearing up for the long haul? >> i did from the very beginning over a year ago. when we wrote the rules. this is a vetting process, where you don't have this thing ending on the beginning of february, or
7:48 am
the end of february, but you have the opportunity for candidates like a newt gingrich or now it's santorum to test the waters, and they're doing it. and i think it's great for the process, the conservative base after the debacles of 2006 and 2008 have an opportunity to hone in and place this primary process. i think that's a very empowering -- >> "the washington post" outlined it. santorum's gaining in the midwest, interesting to see he's really going to go hard in michigan, which is mitt romney's home state where he was governor. romney himself seems to be doing best in the northeast. so what does this mean? when you look at this geographic divide, is this what you expected too? >> yeah, because one thing i
7:49 am
newsed to argue is that we used to understand as republicans that the northeast not the south, the northeast is not the west or the midwest. and so we have got to recognize that we are very diverse and very vast party with a lot of cross appeal and these candidate also find that initial niche to make that initial appeal to get them boosted, to give them the jets that they need to make the move to make the broader argument that they're going to need to make across the country in the fall. i think it's a reflection of the party as a whole. northeastern republicans have long been forgotten and ignored by the party and have been taken fo for granted that they won't support or elect us. we see we have the -- this gives these candidates a chance to hone their arguments. i think very healthy and very important.
7:50 am
>> obviously, the big question now is and you just heard it from newt beginning rip, a ton of people have written about this, you know, look, for a lonç time, there was this win knowing process that basically said even though everything said i'm not getting out, eventually the media stopped paying attention to them and they didn't have money. a couple of things have happened with these new rules. give me the odds on the broker convention. >> i said about a month ago it was 50/50 and i still stated that. probably now 50 to 48. i think that as this thing -- what does rick santorum do where his hat trick this past weekend. is he able to put boots on the ground, and he began to raise not just the big money with the
7:51 am
super pacs. >> it could not have come at a worst time for mitt romney. >> with all the conversation now focusing on the administration's --. >> michael, it's always good to see you, thank you. >> a study found that 94% of $1 bills carry germs, or as mitt romney put it, that's why i only use 50s and hundies. [ tom ] we invented the turbine business right here in schenectady. without the stuff that we make here, you wouldn't be able to walk in your house
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so what do you do when you're a new orleans hornet you
7:55 am
bring in will ferrell to do the starting lineup. >> at 45, he still lives with his mother, carlos boozer. and his favorite movie is "the notebook" derek rose. >> for the first time, kate middleton stepped out sans prince william who has six weeks of military duty in the falk land islands. it's the mystery of the icelandic sea creature. it appears to be the loch ness monster's cousin. but zoologists say it's just a clever hoax made from fishing nets and trash bags but it's gotten 50 million hits since it was posted earlier this week. thomas roberts is up next and i'll see you back here tomorrow.
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who's the true conservative, mitt romney prepares to venture into that lion's den of conservative activists known as cpac. and can rick santorum knock out newt gingrich? the bitter birth control battle heats up with some democrats breaking ranks with the president and republicans vowing to block the contraceptive mandate for faith-based employers. the five banks reach a multimillion dollar deal. how will it help 2 million homeowners hit by the housing crisis? we'll explain. and a brutal beating caught on videotape. an atlanta man says he was viciously attacked because he's gay. and ellen degeneres


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