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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBCW  January 13, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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still developing and we should reserve judgment. >> there's this, suggestions once again from the man leading the investigation that christie could be impeached over the matter. >> if it becomes known that the governor was involved and he knew about it and he knew about the coverup and he was approving the actions taken by his senior staff, that raises serious questions that the assembly ought to look at. the assembly has the ability to do articles of impeachment. we're way ahead of that, though. >> plus, a new twist in political headache for the governor this morning. according to new jersey congressman frank pallone, the inspector general of the housing and urban development department will audit the new jersey tourism campaign. it was paid for with funds for superstorm sandy relief. all said, will christie be stronger than this storm? joining us now, louis greenwall.
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good morning, assemblyman, thanks for being with us. what do you think of the inspector general, which i was just mentioning, the department of housing and urban development telling representative frank pallone they will audit the new jersey tourism marketing campaign paid for with funds from superstorm sandy relief. prominently featured governor kwk and his family during an collection year and they say it cost $2 million more than an ad campaign that would not have featured the governor. what's your thought? >> you know, unfortunately, when you see the surroundings around bridgegate, it certainly raises questions into other actions taken by the executive branch, and clearly, the superstorm sandy had dramatic impact on the residents of the state of new jersey. there's a lot of work left to be done there. families are still out of their home, businesses are still not up and running, and when we spend as much as we did on the advertising of jersey strong and the recovery, the real question
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is, where's the money going for the families and the businesses to recover? >> now, there in new jersey, you know, reports today, more subpoenas are going to be coming out for perhaps chris christie's aides, even chris christie himself. who do you want to see subpoenaed, and should the governor, i will mention, be one of those? >> well, we're in the process right now, i just had a speaking this morning with the speaker-elect, as well as our chairman who is leading this investigation and the committee charged through the legislature, we are in a unique time in new jersey where every two years we reorganize, so tomorrow, the new legislature that was just elected in november will be reorganized and come into play, so we are going to get through tomorrow and then begin under the new structure of this new legislature, new hearings and new subpoena power. >> would you like to see -- would you like to see the governor to be subpoenaed? >> i would like to see wherever the evidence takes us is where we're going to go, and i think
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right now this is a step process. and the governor himself has said that he is launching his own investigation within his executive branch. we need to take this a day at a time, not rush the judgment, not rush to a conclusion, but make sure that we go wherever the evidence takes us. >> okay. in addition to those two items, there's also this, the assemblyman, as you well know, leading the probe that this political crisis could lead to, christie actually being impeached given certain situations. do you agree with his approach here? >> well, again, we're going to take this wherever the evidence leads, and as i think i heard the chairman say, it is way too early to make such an allegation. the governor himself said he's had no involvement in this. there are no e-mails at this point that suggest that. but as we continue to process this information, gather more documents, if the evidence leads in a direction, then we will follow it. i will tell you the one thing we are confident of is bridget kelly did not order a shutdown of the bridge or study.
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someone else knew something, and who that person is, how high they go is really what we need to understand. what we have asked for, and i think what would be very helpful, is a clean copy of the e-mails that have been sent over without redaction, and i think the transparency is something that it would be very important to the people of new jersey and something that the governor has preached as a u.s. attorney and as a governor himself. that transparency, i think, would answer a lot of questions. >> now assemblyman, we just got word in response to that frank pallone discussion or that point he was making that he had heard from the inspector general of hud, and this is the response we have coming from chris christie's camp, "the stronger of the storm campaign was one part of an action plan approved by the obama administration and developed with the goal of effectively communicating that the jersey shore was open for business during the first summer after sandy. federal agency reviews are routine and standard operating
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procedure with federally allocated resources to ensure funds are distributed fairly. we are confident any review will show that the ads were a key part in helping new jersey get back on its feet after being struck by the worst storm in state history." what's your response to that? >> well, listen, i think that's the appropriate answer. i hope that's the answer that they would give. the facts will tell us if that, in fact, is the case. i can tell you that tourism is a $40 billion a year industry for the state of new jersey. that storm crippled the tourism industry and could have had dramatic impact on our economy. advertising that new jersey was up and running and ready for business is something that must and had to be done. the question is, was it spent wisely, was it spent appropriately, how were the vendors selected? who was selected, and why, and were the ads effective? >> new jersey assembly majority leader lou greenwall, thank you for your time there. >> thank you, sir, thanks for having me. >> you bet. on sunday, the mayor of ft.
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lee, new jersey, appeared on "meet the press." the democratic mayor was asked, does he believe christie's assertion he had no knowledge or involvement in the lane closures that affected ft. lee back in september. here's a sample of what mayor soak lich had to say. >> i always understood the governor ran a very, very tight ship. i'm a jersey guy, i don't appreciate the political jokes, i signed up to build little league fields and lower taxes. again, i'm taking him at his word, david, i really am. >> joining us now from trenton, new jersey, nbc's kelly o'donnell. i'm here at 30 rock, mark, a columnist for the "new jersey star ledger." kelly, can you give us what we know so far about the investigation into the use of sandy recovery aid. we were sharing a bit of response coming from the
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christie administration. >> well, richard, this is an example of something that was already raised as a question, as a concern. now it is kind of blowing up a bit, getting more attention because of the circumstances we're in right now with the governor getting all of this extra attention. so, by that i mean, i spoke to frank pallone's chief of staff today and he said that the congressman who represents the area at the shore has been raising the issue about how the money was spent since august, and he had pressed the hud investigators to take a look. was the money used properly, was there a less expensive alternative that did not feature the christie family in those tv ads? so this is sort of a step forward where they are doing an audit, they say, that is a fairly typical part of the process. it's getting looked at in a new, more critical way, because of the circumstances related to the bridge scandal. we will likely see that with other issues that may pop up, because now these sort of benefit of the doubt the christie administration may have
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been given is looked at in another way because of these new allegations, so it's an opportunity for democrats to say they have questions about this area or that area, and they are going to get attention for that now. richard? >> kelly, what are you hearing about the reports on subpoenas? they have until tomorrow. >> yes, basically, your guest was just explaining a new assembly comes into play, and as he described it, it appears they've made a decision not to try to rush subpoenas in today on the final day of their authority, but to move forward tomorrow. many of the members are the same, they are just beginnings a new term. i know it seems like a long time ago when election day was in november, but the new business of a new year is getting under way, so they are going to use that authority when they convene after tomorrow, so don't expect any subpoenas today. that's certainly the take that i got from that. i'll be at that news conference at 12:30 where they will lay out steps forward, so we'll have a better picture of what the
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investigation should look like from the state assembly point of view. richard? >> mark, give us what you heard so far at "star loedger," this investigation of an audit. anything you have heard? >> no. i think my whole take on this has been, you know, i have two sides to my brain. i can't believe he runs such a tight ship, i can't believe he did not know something about this, and on the other hand, he's a smart guy and i can't believe that if he did know something about it prior, that he wouldn't have put an end to it. we have to remember here, there's, you know, closing down that traffic lane, you know, is something -- a tragedy happened, a house burned down with three kids dead, you know, forget the presidency. you're going to go to prison, and i think the governor is a smart enough guy to understand that. >> talk about the state of the state, that's tomorrow. what do you think needs to be said by the governor? >> you know, the governor -- i've been with the governor in the disasters, during the storm, the seaside fire, he has this
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tremendous, i think, a certain trust he had with people when he's on the ground. people will gravitate toward him, they like him. i think he has to sort of reassure people that he's somehow on the side of the little guy, because this bridge closure has proven the exactly the opposite. his administration could care less about you being in traffic for two hours, emergency services not being able to get where they want to go and things like that. wanton disregard for regular people. >> thank you so much. nbc's kelly o'donnell, thank you, as well. this leads us to today's big question, do you think new jersey governor chris christie will survive the bridgegate scandal? weigh in at twitter. in the next hour, craig melvin speaks to assemblyman john wisniewski. he's a state lawmaker saying the governor could face impeachment if there's evidence of direct knowledge. state of emergency, more
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than 300,000 west virginians without clean water, but optimism a resolution is in sight. we have a live report after the break. plus, political hit list, a new book reveals aides from hillary clinton's 2008 presidential campaign keep a detailed list of democrats who they felt had betrayed the campaign. the response from one of those democrats targeted just ahead. [announcer] a healthy dog is a playful dog. give him the calorie-smart nutrition of beneful healthy weight. with wholesome rice,real chicken,soy,
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new samples show toxins fading in the water supply that some 300,000 west virginians depend on. however, the warning remains, don't drink, bathe, or cook with tap water following a chemical spill thursday. >> it's not fun trying to bathe the baby out of a dish pan. >> i have to turn a lot of people away because we can't make the food, so we can't offer
8:15 am
them anything. >> one bottle of water left, so i guess i have to come here like every day. >> at fault, a chemical used to process coal spilling into the elk river, contaminating the water supply for nine counties. exposure can cause headaches, eye and skin irritation, and difficulty breathing. ten people have been admitted to the hospital so far, 169 others have sought medical attention. nbc's luke russert is live in charleston for us following that story. luke, the new concern is it could be spreading to other states and there's also the issue of the groundwater and how they are going to clean this whole thing up. >> reporter: yeah, it's a real big mess, richard. i stand before you right now and 15% of the state does still does not have access to clean, safe tap water. there's a little bit of a concern about the fact the river of where this chemical spilled out, it flows into the ohio river through northeast kentucky and parts of ohio. officials there are going to monitor it.
8:16 am
they believe this chemical will be diluted because the river has more volume than the river behind me and the elk river. other states don't get too worried, it should be well below the limit for which it is lethal. as far as west virginia where i am right now, they hope to be able to get the water back on over the next day or two. that's the goal, and the way they'll do that is through zones. they'll say this zone is green, this zone is red. if your zone is green, you can use the water again. where i am now, downtown charleston, sort of the economic engine of the area. a lot of businesses have been without business and the ability to make profit over the last few days because the water has been shut down, so once this zone is green, it will be the first one, then they'll move out throughout the surrounding nine counties, but richard, this is day five now. local officials have done a good job in terms of distributing water, but a lot of folks desperately want to take a shower and have life go back to normal. >> it is the simple things many of us take for granted. when you have the tap water shut
8:17 am
off like that, west virginians working hard to work around that. luke russert, thank you so much, live for us in charleston with the latest there. coming up, constitutional challenges. the supreme court hears arguments on the legality of recent recess appointments by president obama and the founder of the former florida antiaging clinic bio genesis gives us details about alex rodriguez and his performance-enhancing drugs. plus, the french president's steamy affair that allegedly sent the first lady to the hospital. hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes! well, i found this new thing called... [ dennis' voice ] allstate quickfoto claim. [ normal voice ] it's an app. you understand that? just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get [dennis' voice] a quicker estimate, quicker payment, [normal voice] quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app
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members onboard safely touching down at the small county airport. they were bussed seven miles to the branson airport, where they were supposed to land. world leaders paid tribute today to former prime minister ariel sharon, who died saturday at the age of 85. he spent eight years in a coma after a stroke. vice president joe biden led the u.s. delegation in his first trip to israel since march 2010. biden set to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu during the visit. alex rodriguez's attorneys are expected to fight his 162-game suspension today and file an appeal in federal court. a-rod's accuser and key witness, anthony bosch, speaking out on "60 minutes" sunday, saying he personally injected the third baseman with steroids and said a-rod was obsessed with one thing. >> he wanted to achieve all his human performance or in this case, sports performance
8:22 am
objective. the most important one was the 800 home run club. >> the 800 home run club. >> which was only going to have one member. alex rodriguez. >> a-rod's lawyers released a statement rejecting tony bosch's claims saying alex will continue to fight. now to last night's golden globes awards. co-host tina fey and amy poehler dazzling the room again with their quick wit and zingers. "american hustle" snagging two awards, jennifer lawrence won acting awards and the film itself won best comedy. leonardo dee capp rio won for "wolf on wall street." "12 years a slave" was shut out
8:23 am
until best motion picture drama. "breaking bad" took home best drama and brian cranston won for best actor in a drama. robin wright took home best actress in a tv drama. "brooklyn 99" may have been the surprise of the night. it won best tv comedy and andy sandburg won best actress. amy poehler took a break from hosting to accept best actress. here are some of the highlights. >> and the golden globe goes to -- "breaking bad." >> and the golden globe goes to -- "american hustle." >> the golden globe award goes to -- "12 years a slave." >> and the golden globe goes to -- amy adams in "american hustle." >> leonardo dicaprio. >> kate blanchett.
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hillary's hit list, will she forgive and forget who turned their backs on her in 2008? turning up the heat, republicans ramping up their efforts to bash hillary. those are the topics for today's agenda panel. regina is a contributor to the grio. managing editor for and a msnbc contributor and professor at the university of texas. politico magazine out with a piece called "hillary's hit list." we've all read it. it details an excerpt from a claim that aides kept a running tally of all democrats in congress and whether they supported her or then-senator barack obama. here's one excerpt saying, "most clinton aides can still rattle
8:28 am
off the names of traitors and favors that had been done for them. the data project ensured the acts of the sinners and saints would never be forgotten." we'll start with you. surprising that such a list might exist here? >> no, not at all. i don't think this -- this doesn't surprise me in the least. this is a routine political exercise that any campaign that has due diligence would do. i think it's important that, you know, she's keeping tallies of, you know, who she can look to in 2016 to support her again, or, you know, perhaps flip to support her in the next presidential campaign. this is nothing new here. >> you're not surprised by the list? more about this list here, each democrat was ranked with a number. here are some of the names with the worst numbers. senators john kerry, jay rockefeller, bob casey, patrick leahy, you've also got congressman chris van hollen, baron hill, rob andrews. this is the lowest of the list
8:29 am
here. van hollen, in fact, just speaking to my colleague chris jansing about this very issue and said he was shocked at the report. he was the chairman of the democratic national campaign committee and wasn't involved in the primary, but let's listen to what he said. >> i'm a huge supporter of hillary clinton. i hope she will run for president, and i've indicated i would be a supporter of hillary clinton if she runs, but again, i'm trying to figure out this last one, chris, as i say, it's an unsolved mystery and maybe someone will pick up the phone and tell me. again, this assumes this is a true report. >> well, that unsolved mystery, the article, says there was, "a special circle of clinton hell reserved for people who endorsed obama or stayed on the fence after bill or hillary raised money for them or appointed them to a political post." if hillary does run again, will those on this list, will they try to turn it around and become
8:30 am
ones? >> you know, i think one thing that really surprised me in the article was this idea of punishment. i can't see any possibility or even any avenue in which hillary clinton would meat out punishment. worked closely every day with john kerry, who was running a senate foreign relations committee. i just don't see it. there's a race, people back candidates, somebody wins. in this case, extraordinarily so, she went in to serve that president, served successfully for four years as a beloved secretary of state. left with a wonderful reputation, and, you know, democrats will support whoever their candidate is. i just don't see this can i move up the ladder from seven to one. >> just an internal tactical list, perhaps, not that people are vying for higher numbers. >> says nothing about hillary whatsoever. >> okay. victoria, what's your thought here, would we not be talking about this if this was a man that was involved here? >> i absolutely agree. i mean, those of us who study
8:31 am
politics, we're not surprised that candidates have lists of those who are in favor and not in favor with them, but there's a gender element here. if a guy has a list of people he's not too keen on, no big deal, but if a woman does, then that is a big deal and it becomes juicy. you know, and this just conjures up memories of the gender element when hillary was running. she was seen as too tough during 2008, then too soft when she started crying in 2008. because she's a woman, running for political office, a very powerful political office, we just don't know how to deal with gender yet with her. >> let's talk about some other issues around hillary clinton. former defense secretary robert gates writing in his new book that clinton told president obama she opposed the troop surge in iraq for political reasons because she was running against him in iowa at that time, but gates seemed to temper his remarks just a little on the "today" show this morning. >> it was such an anomaly,
8:32 am
because in the whole time i served with secretary clinton, i never heard her as secretary of state discuss domestic politics in any way, shape, or form as influencing her recommendations to the president. >> all right, daphna, what was also said, she would make a good president. is he taking a couple steps here? >> is he a guy who gets on the list? >> maybe he had some forethought to this. i don't know. >> i think it's really -- it's excellent, i think, for hillary, in fact, that she would have the support of somebody like defense secretary gates, who served an extraordinary term as secretary of defense, both for a republican president and a democratic president, who watched what he said, was in the room with both hillary clinton and the president on the raid to get osama bin laden and watch that extraordinary event and talked so candidly about it. i think having his word as somebody who would be good for that office, somebody who has
8:33 am
watched presidents very closely in that office can only help her. i think it actually adds more to the silliness of the original endorsement list. >> back to the book, rnc chair reince priebus saying gates's book proves hillary clinton is, well, more about politics is what he's saying and not authentic. is this what is to be expected coming from republicans against hillary clinton should she run and the idea, the point made of benghazi? >> well, i think that, you know, this is old news. i think hillary clinton, the view that hillary clinton does things only for political motives, that is old news, an attack on her from the '90s. i think she's one of the most vetted candidates we've ever seen, because she was first lady, then a candidate for president, and potentially running in 2016. i think reince priebus is trying to do everything he can to get the news cycle off chris christie and until we learn hillary clinton shut down a bridge to claire mccaskill's
8:34 am
house, i don't think this is a story. >> quickly. >> i think reince priebus knows chris christie is going to be sidelined and he knows that hillary clinton can even get some moderate republicans, so he has her in his sight and he's going after hillary. >> victorthank you all three. what a great group we have on a monday. good to see all of you. we want to plug don't forget to head to to check out the new women of 2014 series. i'd like to bring in matt cartwright of pennsylvania now. good to see you, congressman. let's start off with this. i'd like to get your take on the story surrounding hillary clinton. are you surprised the clintons kept a kind of score card, if you will, from '08? >> first of all, i don't know that she has. i've heard reports on it. if you assume that they are true, i agree with the prior speakers, it's not a big deal. i guess it's part of what goes on in politics. speaking for myself, richard, i
8:35 am
haven't been in politics that long, i'm only a congressman for one year now and i was never in politics before that. i can tell you, i don't have an enemies list. first time i heard that term, i think, was richard nixon, and they gave him a bad time over that, as i recall. >> you have a friends list, instead, representative? that's what you're doing? >> and i send them e-mails all the time. >> there you go. going back to bob gates's book we were talking about where he's alleging some of clinton's positions were all political here, just for political objectives. are you worried that this might be used against hillary clinton in 2016, should she run? >> probably anything and everything will be used against her. there's so much money that goes into these presidential elections, it's hard to imagine they won't use, you know, everything but the kitchen sink against hillary clinton, if she runs. i have to say, though, richard, this is almost three years from now we're talking about.
8:36 am
you know, people talking about benghazi, people talking about ways to take a piece out of hillary clinton, gosh, this is so long from now. you kind of want to say to these people, man, you got to get a hobby. this is a long time from now, this next presidential election. >> well, representative, on that subject of benghazi, i'd like for you to listen to a little bit of what some republicans are saying. >> only if barack obama and hillary clinton would give us 111 seconds of that, would we find out things we want to find out about obamacare, benghazi. >> he was in campaign mode at the time, during campaign mode, you miss a lot of things. we see that with benghazi. >> i think it is a very big difference in how this administration has handled things, irs, benghazi, whether it's you can keep your health insurance if you want it. >> they are making comments about chris christie and the counterpoint they are using is benghazi. do they have a valid point, from what you heard there?
8:37 am
>> well, they keep intoning the name benghazi. i would say that a good chunk of the people that are hearing that don't know where it is, but it's sort of one of those mantras that you hear over and over. the point is, it doesn't mean anything. i'm on the oversight and government reform panel in congress, and i was honored to be asked to conduct some of the questioning on behalf of the democrats of both admiral mullen and ambassador pickering. we went through -- they went through the facts and the circumstances of benghazi with a fine-toothed comb to make sure this kind of tragedy doesn't happen again. we lost four fine americans in that from our state department. we want to make sure it doesn't happen again, and i can tell you, both of these gentlemen really carefully analyzed the situation. there wasn't a thing about secretary clinton in any of
8:38 am
that. if there had been, they were not about to protect her. remember, these are gentlemen that spent their entire careers serving this nation through republican and democratic administrations. they are not about to lay themselves out to protect one political candidate or another. >> pennsylvania congressman matt cartwright, thank you so much for your time today. we're following breaking news this hour. right now, the supreme court just a short time ago, the justices rejected arizona's bid to ban most abortions after 20 weeks. the associated press reports the justices declined to reconsider a lower court ruling that arizona's law violates a woman's right to end a pregnancy before a fetus is viable. still ahead, a new report on the minimum wage and poverty and how women are being affected. and the millionaire republican who proposes a minimum wage hike to $12 an hour. what's behind his unusual stance? still ahead. i'm nathan and i quit smoking with chantix. when my son was born, i remember, you know,
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the reality of the jobs report, debate over minimum wage, fight for income inequality all got put in new perspective as one critical report is released. i'm talking about the shriver report. a look at the lives of american women that found one in three live on or over the brink of poverty. 30 million children depend on those children. >> they've got to start putting women in that discussion. they've got to start talking about how women have these dual roles. really, i call them three roles, breadwinners, caretakers, and care givers. women are strapped between their children and parents and two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women. 70% of them don't have one sick day. >> there's more, for women of color, it's even bleaker. shriver saying this could all be
8:43 am
a call to action. joining me now, adviser for lgbt policy and racial injustice at the center for american progress. her own research was included in that report. danielle, thanks for joining us. the numbers here, wow. more than 40 million women living as shriver was describing there as one missed paycheck, one sick child, one broken down car away from financial disaster. that's the way she put it. and the poverty rate, it is double the national average for women. how did we get here? >> we got here through a series of unfortunate events and unfortunate policy, actually, that relates to women not being paid equally at work. if you happen to be a woman of color and in my case, you happen to be a lesbian, bisexual, or transgender woman, that number
8:44 am
falls well below 77 cents, so you see that we are up against an uphill battle. >> more on that. when you just look at black women alone, they make just 64 cents for every dollar a white man makes. latino women, just 55 cents. their pay for equal work nearly cut in half there. look at these numbers, yet the census bureau protecting by 2 5 2045, the majority of women will be women of color. from your research, what is the one thing that can reverse those numbers? >> we have to have policies that allow for women to get equal pay for equal work. that's the reality of the situation that we're facing. is the fact that, a black woman working the same job as a white man is going to be paid less than half of what he's being paid to do the same job and that should just not be the case in our country. we should have equal pay for equal work, regardless of your
8:45 am
sexual orientation, gender identity, and your gender. >> and on that note here, danielle, some of your own research here included in the shriver report looked at how black women and lgbt women are impacted today and this is personal for you. >> this is very personal for me, because i remember when i came out to my parents over a decade ago and they were absolutely terrified and they were terrified about the life that i could possibly have in front of me, because they knew the discrimination that as a black woman i was already going to face and then now as a lesbian woman going to face. it's really important that we create environments where women, all women, are able to achieve the kind of life that they want. achieve the american dream, and have economic security, which is what the shriver report is talking about. >> danielle, your work in this, very important. thank you so much, danielle, for joining us. be sure to watch tonight when maria shriver and chris hayes host a special "all in" hour
8:46 am
called "the 50-year war." that's tonight at 8:00 eastern here on msnbc. the shock of learning her man has been having an affair, too much apparently for the de facto first lady of france. time now for the poly side bar. valerie trierweiler, long-time companion of french president francois hollande is hospitalized after suffering emotional shock. she's been ordered to rest after learning from tabloid reports that president hollande is having an affair. when michelle obama gets dressed up, her fashion choices always make headline news, perhaps it's no news that her gown is headed to the smithsonian. it will be displayed for a year, starting tomorrow. early voting in the race to replace disgraced san diego mayor bob filner, who left office this summer amid sexual harassment allegations. poll shows kevin faulkner has a
8:47 am
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8:50 am
developing now, the supreme court has just developing now the supreme court just finished hearing argumen arguments, let's go straight to pete williams in there listening live to that. >> reporter: i would say this is a defeat for the obama administration, richard. there are two ways to look at it, the immediate way, a fight between president obama and senate republicans over his decision to nominate three members of the national labor relations board two years ago during the recess of the senate used the recess appointment power. the constitution says any president -- they've all done it, have the power to appoint, fill vacancies that arise during the recession. and there are several constitutional questions, putting the politics aside.
8:51 am
the first one that may be very hard for the administration to get pass the, what's a recess of the senate? that's easy, they are out of town, no way to do any business and scattered to the fill wins and couldn't possibly fill a vacancy so the pow president has the power then. and stepping back from this a little bit, what the opponents of president obama's appointment say seem to say is don't look at the recess appointment power as a way to get around the fact that presidents have to have senate confirmation. things have changed. there was a time when the congress was only in session for less than half a year. if the secretary of the war had a heart attack and died in august, the president had the power to put somebody else in that job until the congress came back. but times have changed and court now seems to be of the view you can't use this recess
8:52 am
appointment power just because you're mad that the senate won't confirm your nomination. for whatever reason it seems the obama administration is on the losing end of this one. >> pete williams have the very latest. thank you so much at the supreme court. he's a republican and millionaire who's run for the u.s. senate and pushed a stop bilingual education in california and wants to increase the minimum wage to $12 an hour in his state. chairman of the higher wages alliance joins us now. thanks for being with us. let's start with this here, ron, why does raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour make sense? >> it makes sense from a lot of different points. there are tens of millions of americans too poor to survive based on their own wages, therefore they receive hundreds of billions of dollars in government social welfare benefits every year. if they were paid enough by their employer to survive, the
8:53 am
taxpayer wouldn't have to make up the difference and the taxpayers would save, 50, $60 billion a year. >> ron, you know the criticism, you're an entrepreneur and the criticism of raising the minimum wage is that reduces the hours, that will be the result for a lot of small businesses. and number two, the number of employees that businesses hire will go down. what do you see to those? >> there will be little of that in terms of jobs lost or hours going down. we're talking about service sector workers in the nontradeable competition. all competing businesses would have to go up simultaneously, they'd all raise prices to make up the difference. the price rise involved would be small, .7% one time. >> you're a republican and your stance not commonly one you share with other republicans, but you do share a view with democratic supporters. what kind of blowback have you
8:54 am
received politically? >> a lot of republicans haven't really explored the issue. they haven't considered the tax savings that would occur if the minimum wage were raised. and when i've discussed the issue with many of them privately, including some prominent republicans, prominent free market people, they are much more open to the idea than most people would expect. >> what do you think of the idea of using other more targeted methods of addressing this problem that you're talking about and that is those who may be living at the poverty level or mining off a minimum wage job, something like the tax credit, would that be a better idea here? >> i don't think so. it's essentially a government welfare program. it's the taxpayers paying the workers of a business because the business doesn't want to pay them themselves. i believe in the free market and i believe businesses should stand on their own two feet and pay their own workers so that society doesn't have to make up
8:55 am
the difference. >> so, you know that there is going to be a higher minimum wage that will be addressed by the governor of california, that's also something the president would like to see. you're asking for yet another one and just from political expediency, do you believe it's even possible? >> i really think so. for example, in california the cost of living is about 30% above the national average. and i commend the governor and state legislature for raising the minimum wage and passing legislation a few months ago to raise it to $10 an hour by 2016. but $10 an hour for minimum wage workers in california would be less than the minimum wage workers in mississippi and alabama are earning today in real terms. i think california can do better than mississippi and alabama in making sure its minimum wage workers have a decent life. >> ron unz, thank you so much. that wraps up things for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow
8:56 am
at 11:00 a.m. eastern. craig melvin picking things up. good to see you. >> good to see you too. coming up next, chris christie finding himself in the eye of a new storm, this time involving hurricane sandy relief money and how it was spent. plus, more fallout from that bridge scandal as well. new subpoenas are expected today. i'll talk to the new jersey assemblyman leading that bridge investigation also coming up. playing defense, robert gates explaining his tough critique of the obama administration in a one on one interview with matt lauer, plus a-rod, golden globes and pot. it's a busy hour straight ahead. stay with us. e physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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[ woman #3 ] to travel the world without leaving home. [ male announcer ] whatever the reason. whatever the dish. make it delicious with swanson. is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan? i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. good monday to you. i'm craig melvin. here's what's happening right now. are the waves of hurricane sandy once again crashing on governor christie? federal officials are now asking new questions about how the new jersey governor used relief
9:00 am
funds. this as a fresh round of subpoenas are expected as early as today in the bridge scandal. also, open gate -- >> i don't vilify anybody and i make clear that i have a lot of respect for both president bush and president obama. >> talking about that intriguing new memoir, the former defense secretary plays offense with matt lauer. >> all of the big moments and really odd ones too from the golden globes, tina fey and amy poehler went for a hit squel of their own. >> we're hosting the golden globes for the second time. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> because this is hollywood and if something kind of works, they'll just keep doing it until everybody hates it. >> we'll get to all of those stories in just a moment. we start here as details continue to emerge about the george washington bridge scandal involving members of chris christie's senior staff. another potential scandal has now surfed


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