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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  February 2, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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monday february 2nd and this is "now." >> you should get your kids vaccinated. >> the hot button issue of vaccines. >> president obama is urging parents to vaccinate their children. >> the science is pretty indisputable. we have looked at this again and again. >> this isn't a 50/50. >> we vaccinate ours. >> 2016 hopefuls say parents should have a choice in vaccinating their children. >> the science is overwhelming clear that vaccinating your children is a good thing. >> so many in california are keeping their kids from being vaccinated and are endangering other children. >> measles are preventable. there is every reason to get
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vaccinated. >> just when america thought it was done with diseases like measles, they're back and so is a raging public debate on vaccines. chris christie over in england today to build his foreign policy for a trade mission, governor chris christie was outside a life science company when he was asked if he thinks some vaccines are dangerous. >> we vaccinate ours so that's the best expression i can give you of my opinion. i think it is much more important what you think as a parent than as a public official. that's what we do but i understand parents need some choice as well. >> christie spokesman ruchshed out
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a statement. with a disease like measles, there is no question kids should be vaccinated. but an anti-vaccine activist provide add 2009 let---ed a letter. chris christie says he stands with them now. amid the controversy, a potential rival for the 2016 presidential nomination is weighing in. i'm not anti-vaccine at all, but most of them ought to be voluntary. for the record, 68% of the public and 86% of scientists disagree with senator paul. the conflict over balance and choice comes after the cdc warns of an outbreak. asked about the vaccine debate
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president obama was less nuanced in his response. >> the science is pretty indisputable. we have looked at this again and again. there is every reason to get vaccinated. there aren't reasons to not get vaccinated. >> are you telling parents to get their kids vaccinated? >> parents should get their kids vaccinated. >> joining me now are my guests. let me ask you first since you were actually with the governor when he weighed into this. was this a gaffe? >> well alex i think you can see from the statement that they put out and the speed with which they put that statement out they
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felt like this was something important enough to try to get out in front of. it is obvious they wanted to clarify his remarks. that says to me they felt like what happened when we spoke to him earlier in the day wasn't how they wanted him to let the record stand and reflect. >> as a medical professional and someone who has worked in administration dealing with the possibly of actual health outbreaks, what was your reaction to rand paul and the chris christies as they say this is a choice issue? >> we got in this mess with an outbreak of measles that should have been eliminated from this country because it is a voluntary choice of parents and parents are making the wrong choice. having large numbers of kids without vaccine is why we have outbreaks like this that is
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making kids sick sending them to the hospital. thankfully we haven't had a death yet, but you can die from measles and it would be disastrous to sacrifice children. we have had a long history in this country saying you have to get vaccinated for the common good. getting vaccinated protects you, but it also protects everyone else and we need it for that reason. let's identify. this isn't just hippies who are saying we don't want vaccines. these are right-wing politicsians who are saying we should leave this to individual choice. we really have to go back to the old way of thinking about it the traditional way of thinking about it which is it is the common good. everyone needs to share in this because everyone is going to be protected. voluntary parental choice doesn't work in the area of vaccines because children get sick or the public isn't
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protected. >> there's also the weirdness that this is chris christie saying this who was the man, you know, quarantined ebola nurse kaci hickox. >> agreed. what you saw here is someone who is running for president. let's just be honest. the pushback in some way was the vaccination laws in new jersey are very complicated. when he is in london on a trip to bolster his foreign policy credentials, it's a trade mission. he's going to get looked out through a 2016 presidential lens. what's that i don't really understand. he's trying to say personal responsibility, individual
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rights, which is very important to a segment of the republican right, without a doubt. but i just think you can't do these sorts of things if you want to be president. is it disqualifying? no, it is not disqualifying. >> i wonder as someone who is reporting on the governor and traveling with him how much do you think 2016 and the notion of personal responsibility of choice, of sort of slothing off the heavy hand of government was at the root of this? >> i think it plays a huge part in it and i think you saw of that come through potentially in that 2009 letter that you referenced. this is something that has bubbled up on the right among libertarian politicians. this is something that has sort
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of taken hold on both the far left and the far right. it is one of those unusual coalitions that together has helped helped put us where we are today. >> this isn't personal responsibility. this is personal irresponsibility. it is exposing your children to very deadly diseases and if the child gets sick everyone else has to pay through that health care. >> in terms of convincing people who think vaccines cause autism are not or are not good for their children, what argument works? after reading that the measles vaccine was not dangerous to their children, the most concerned parents in the study were less likely than before to say they would vaccinate their children. the more information, the more facts, the more reality you give
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parents about vaccines not being dangerous, the more likely they are to dig their heels in and say, i'm not vaccinating my children. >> there's a fair amount of data precisely to that effect. we discount data that doesn't agree with our preconceived notions. the paper was withdrawn. it is shown to be fraudulent. the author had a conflict of interest. once that idea gets out there, people are looking for an explanation of autism and grasp onto this thing. it is not a matter of data or science. parental choice is really uninformed choice. it is anti-informed. the more they get information, the more they don't behave that way. information doesn't get people to act in the right way. just providing information is rarely the right solution.
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for the public good and the common good we really have to i think, be more proactive as a government to protect them. we don't let parents do whatever they want to kids and we shouldn't let them expose their kids or risk exposing their kids to deadly diseases that are avoidable. >> to that end, there's the science and the medical side of this. the unlikely coalition between the hippies and the hard core far right libertarians, the fact rand paul weighed in on this is not a huge surprise. then you have other people in the potential 2016 field like rick perry who was trying to mandate hpv vaccinations for young women and young girls in texas. do you think this somehow becomes an issue on the 2016 campaign trail? >> in a first or second debate
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i can't remember when they exactly are. if the measles outbreak does not go away is it something that someone uses in a debate? sure. is it a voting issue? i don't think so. i don't think we should be surprised that rand paul came out and said look i don't think we should be telling parents what to do. he needs that libertarian part of the republican party with him. the only think remarkable about rand paul is he didn't attack chris christie. he's been punching in every possible direction. yeah i could see that happening. i understand politically what chris christie was thinking. the problem is this is not a flip of a coin. 51% of people think it is a good
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thing. 49% of people think it is a bad thing. that's not this issue. even if it was, the science is determinative here. as a leader or wanting to become leader, you have to say, look, i understand people have doubts but the science suggests those doubts aren't based on reality. does that mean everyone will immediately say, i'll go get my kid vaccinated? no. your job is to push to the correct direction. it's not what he did here. >> the rand paul is a good illustration of what you said. here is a physician, a man who has gone through medical school internship and training and a man who is a libertarian. his ideology is trumping his medical training i think, in this case. because doctors uniformly, except for one or two people on the fringes, vaccines are very
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important. they're a huge public health advance. they save money. we know these are one of the few interventions that are cost savings. i don't know a single doctor that's not for these vaccines and yet rand paul for his ideology reasons has trumped his scientific understanding. >> in the meantime, last year there were a record 644 measles cases in the united states, a disease we thought we had eradicated. there is a human cost to all of this pontificating. thank you all. after the break, these photos are not from north dakota or alaska. they are from new york city. specifically they are animals at the queens zoo that are under a fresh blanket of snow. there is more snow and ice hitting the northeast right now. plus super bummer.
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you know you want a prediction about the weather, you're asking the wrong phil. i'll give you a winter prediction. it's going on the cold it's going to be gray, and it's going to last you for the rest of your life. >> okay, maybe not the rest of your life. afterall i'm not a groundhog,
1:18 pm
man. but this morning punxsutawney phil saw his shadow. if today is any indication, expect heavy snow freezing rain, and lots of ice. nearly 70 million people are under a winter weather advisory this afternoon. boston which got 30 inches of snow in last week's blizzard, is set to get up to another 16 inches today. here in new york city freezing rain is expected to essentially turn the city into an ice rink overnight. we are live in chicago. what is it like over there? fifth biggest chicago snowstorm. i think that surprises a lot of
1:19 pm
us when you think about chicago. you think about insane winter weather. it must be pretty bad out there. >> reporter: it is. the sun is deceiving this afternoon. it is still brutally cold out here. lake michigan is not frozen solid, you can see the huge chunks of ice that are still floating in these bitterly cold waters. you can see people behind us have started to venture out, sort of the calm after the storm. many schools and businesses are closed because of this record-breaking snowfall. we got more than 19 inches just where i live in just 24 hours here in chicago. as you mentioned, it is the fifth heaviest snowfall we have had on chicago record. i was here back in 2011, so i can also say this is brutal out here. a lot of people are saying how beautiful it is but if you have to deal with it it is certainly a mess.
1:20 pm
flights cancelled. it had a ripple effect across the winter battered northeast. as you mentioned punxsutawney phil did us no favors today. he saw his shadow. six more weeks of winter. not really thrilled about it but you have to do what you have to do. it is the windy city it's the middle east, that's what midwest, so you just have to bundle up and deal with it. >> stay warm. let me bring in another meteorologist. boston was pummelled in the snowstorm last week. it looks like the pummelling continues where you are. >> reporter: it has been a brutal day here in boston. massachusetts finally has an official groundhog. first prognostication calls for
1:21 pm
spring soon. 9.9 inches of fresh snow. that report was about two hours ago. more has fallen since. right across the harbor off to my east you have logan airport somewhere. the visibility has been cut down all day. the snow rate has eased up just a bit. officially, the airport has remained open today. hundreds of flights have been cancelled. they're starting to allow some flights to depart. still holding back traffic for inbound flights. plans are for the new england patriots to arrive back here in boston this evening. parade will still kick off tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. the mayor is concerned, even with the snowfall wrapping up by late tonight, it is going to be frigid. temperatures expected to drop into the single digits just as
1:22 pm
fans begin to line the parade route, even though the sun will be shining. winter storm warning in effect until 1:00 a.m. alex, back to you. >> that's going to be a real test for how hard core patriots fans are. thanks a lot for the update. moments ago, harry reid returned to the senator for the first time since he suffered an exercise injury at his home last month. today president obama announced some big plans for harry reid in congress. i'll tell you what they are coming up next. ing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards.... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing get used to getting more.
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get ready for the next epic fiscal showdown. today president obama unveiled his federal budget proposal for 2016, perhaps his boldest yet. the plan includes $5 billion in upgrades to the country's roads,
1:26 pm
bridges, transit, and freight. a new tax on overseas profits from corporations paid sick and maternity leave, and a major increase in funding for early childhood education. house speaker said it may be ground hog day, but the american people can't afford the same top down policies of the past. scott garrett added it is fitting that president obama released his budget on groundhog day because it is a painful repeat he has presented to congress in the past six years. is it ground hog day? if only the budget had been released on valentine's day instead. how cheat it is. that's the cover of the "new york post" today. we'll discuss coming up.
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super bowl xlix did not disappoint. in the middle of it a halftime spectacular featuring katy perry riding a lion and belting out hits surrounded by sharks and palm trees. ads designed to make fans call their dads and cry into their tobacco guacamole. >> i have gone into great deal about everything i knew. i have tried to be totally
1:31 pm
transparent and i've given everybody as much information as i have. >> we've just been focusing on our game. >> the controversy did not deflate ratings. last night's game hit an all-time high after what can best be described as a disastrous season. joining me now maggie gray and sam stein. so maggie i'm sure it did not tickle tom brady and bill belichick they had to deal with the subject of deflated footballs at their winning press conference today, but there has to be a conclusion to this investigation at some point? >> ted wells is attorney tasked with finding everything he can about deflategate. this story continues to live.
1:32 pm
it doesn't mean they are vindicated in any way. people are still asking a lot of questions because the patriots will never get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to rules and where that line is because they have crossed the line before in spygate. we have a record of them cheating and them having to pay a price for it. no one is going to put anything past the patriots. that's not to take too much away from them. this controversy is surrounding them but what they have been able to do -- patriot this has been onea historic match. >> to that great victory,
1:33 pm
there's going to be some punished meted out if they are guilty of deflating these footballs. that's kind of weird, right? here's this big nfl team who is going to be punished next time we hear from them. >> they are going to be punished if it has been proven they broke the rules. the win last night sort of diminishes any time of punishment they can receive. we know by fact they got caught that the footballs last night were not deflated. they still went out and they won. to the point a lot of this has to do with the patriots and the reputation they have i think there's a point there. i'm not saying every team deflates its footballs, but teams do try to take advantage of the rules here and there. the league is apparently now investigating the atlanta falcons for pumping artificial
1:34 pm
crowd noise into their stadiums. you're not supposed to do that. because the atlanta falcons stink, nobody cares as much. >> maggie the other thing that was notable about this super bowl not just the fact that it was an awesome super bowl and there was a lot of controversy surrounding it were the ads, which are now a subject of discussion and that they are really serious. is that a reflection of the times we live or advertisers saying we're going to be socially conscious and tap into this genuine heartfelt advertising? >> you'd have to be tone deaf if you don't realize how bad of a year it's been for the nfl pr
1:35 pm
wise. those two specifically. if you were an advertiser, you'd want to be conscious of that. >> you can't run those ads if you are not running one of those domestic violence ads. you don't want to be the company that runs your bikini-clad spokesperson right after that. >> the nfl still has a lot of work to do. in some ways, they have been very much humbled and they still have the bravado that they feel like not be toppled. they are putting it out there to fans they understand the seriousness of this and maybe advertisers took the leap. >> sam, just sort of philosophically, yahoo contends that is a heck of a lot easier to make you feel guilty
1:36 pm
nostalgic, or empathetic than it is to make you laugh. do you agree with that? >> i'm not dawn draper so maybe that's the case. you probably thought you were booking him, but that's not the case. i guess that's the case. it felt like the advertisers last night assumed as much. there was some weighty spots there. there was the nationwide spot. it really brought you down. whether that's a persuasive technique, i don't know. there were some pretty stupid ads as well like the doritos ad. some guy was on an airplane with a big bag of doritos thinking it is going to help him pick up a girl. what glue company spends $4 million on an ad? >> we need something. let's just go super bowl
1:37 pm
commercial. >> to the nationwide ad there's the reading of the landscape. the nfl has had a crazy year. did nationwide sort of overcorrect there? there were children watching the super bowl. i was watching with some children and they saw that and didn't understand what it meant to have a child die young, which led to a conversation that was hugely awkward. >> i was watching with someone who was pregnant and that was very awkward. i thought it was interesting they would play that commercial so early on in the super bowl. you could play that in the fourth quarter and third quarter and maybe some of those kids had gone to bed or lost interest in the game so you didn't have to have a conversation that you didn't want to have. where does that conversation get you? >> not exactly over nachos. to your point about the doritos
1:38 pm
ad where the guy is picking up the girl with the doritos on the plane, there was a victoria's secret ad -- the room quieted when that ad came on. generally speaking, there was not a lot of cleavage in the super bowl ad segments. i wonder if you think we're moving away from that or if this was a temporary stop on those kinds of ads given the year the nfl has had. >> why are you asking me this? there was that viagra fiat ad. that was interesting. >> are we moving away from those ads gaining traction with the audience that watches professional sports? >> fair enough. i don't know. i honestly don't know. i thought the fiat viagra ad was interesting.
1:39 pm
>> do you feel like i hood winked you into a highly awkward conversation about cleavage? >> i'm not a sports columnist. >> if you watch the nfl religiously week after week you get plenty of cleavage ads. i have seen many. >> this is just a temporary freeze. we're going to leave it there. our cleavage correspondent has to go back and do some important research. maggie gray thank you for your time. sam stein, thank you. coming up, can you guess which of these potential 2016 candidates is polling fwirs inging first in the state of iowa? it is probably not who you think. that is just ahead. to unlock the possibilities of tomorrow......"lift tab." behold the beauty of balance. crisp flakes of fiber-rich bran.
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if you're going to have some sausage, you have to kill some pigs. and folks, there are a lot of people in america who want the sausage. they just don't want to kill any pigs. we need to do some pig killing to get to the sausage. >> mike huckabee appears to have an obsession with pork products. now he's comparing marriage equality to bacon. i will explain coming up next. >> u.s. stocks closing sharply higher on encouraging news from the euro zone and stronger oil prices. dow fell more than 120 points. the market ending in the green. the dow up 196 points. the s&p gained 25 and the nasdaq climbing 41. that's it from cnbc.
1:44 pm
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i don't shut people out of my circle or out of my life because they have a different point of view. i don't drink alcohol, but a lot of my friends do. i don't use profanity, but a lot of people do. >> he compared homosexuality to hor derves. >> it's not my place to say, i'm just going to evolve. it's like asking somebody who is jewish to start serving bacon wrapped shrimp in their deli. >> carnegie deli offers a shrimp salad sandwich to which you can
1:48 pm
add bacon to the side. according to a new poll huckabee is in third place among iowa caucus voters right behind scott walker and rand paul. back with me now are sam stein and chris and ana marie cox. here's a big question to my mind. do you think the evangelical right is still a voting block that will come out in force in the 2016 elections? >> if i knew that for sure i would be hiring myself as a consultant in iowa. >> do you think they are a reliable voting block? >> i'm pretty sure they are. that same iowa poll that has huckabee, rand and walker in there the highest priority listed is terrorism and after that the economy. none of those top three speak to
1:49 pm
that, except for scott walker. you are seeing a split there. iowa often does belong to the conservative evangelical base. it would be new for it to not go that way. >> there's a lot of talk about if iowa matters. regardless of whether you want to win iowa or not, ones visits to iowa are a bell weather on how much these potential candidates can talk to the conservative base? >> it is a different kind of conservative that you get in new hampshire. a lot of people conflate iowa and south carolina. there's more of a country club business conservative that
1:50 pm
exists in south carolina. 57% of iowa caucus goers in 2012 identified themselves as born again christians. it's not been a friendly place in the last few elections for the establishment candidates. huckabee wins by 18 points in 2008. it winds up rick santorum wins this last time around. if you are the frontrunner, it's hard to justify skipping states. the last person who did it successfully, sort of, was mccain in 2000. if you're jeb bush can you walk way from it? >> right. >> because that is a part of your constituency. social conservatives are a pillar of the republican party
1:51 pm
still. >> i think people don't know scott walker's background on this stuff. he gave a speech that a lot of folks liked in iowa last week. i was unaware that scott walker has the grounding and sort of evangelical christianity that he does. scott would say god has told me i'm chosen to cut taxes and stop killing babies even in casual conversation. is scott walker more of a contender in so far as he's the governor who took on unions and he's an evangelical christian? >> scott walker is the guy who took on unions and the guy who is a fiscal hawk and not so much this socially conservative fire brand or this evangelical fire
1:52 pm
brand. i'm genuinely lyly curious to see what extent he feels he has to emphasize the latter in debtriment to everyone sizing the former. you have to get the real die-hards to show up and get out there and organize for you. as chris noted, if you're the frontrunner here you can't just go about casually sort of dismissing that coalition, because they exist elsewhere in the republican party. mitt romney learned that the hard way in 2012. >> ana marie, when we talk about walker, he's also created one of the most polarized states in the
1:53 pm
country. wisconsin is the state in the country with the sharpest partisan divides. >> i think that's a really good point to make. i would be careful using the words fire brand and scott walker in the same sentence. he is more of a smoldering stick. his last speech in iowa was one of his best speeches but that's on a scott walker scale. if he tries real hard he might as charismatic as mitt romney. >> he is top stuff, ana marie. >> you're so mean. you're so mean. >> a smoldering stick that might be as interesting, if he tries really hard as mitt romney. continue. >> he is very polarizing. there's this thing that the republican base really loves about him, which was he beat back a recall.
1:54 pm
i have always struggled how you spend that for a general election. how do you get past people wanting to recall him as being a bad thing? >> right. >> i think his appeal is overestimated beyond pretty hard core base. his personality is what gives him the appearance of being somewhat moderate or reasonable because he talks like a good midwestern. he is more polarizing than what we have covered. the people who do not like him, really, really do not like him. >> two former governors, george pataki saying this morning on "morning joe" he is considering a run for president in 2016. has anyone seen that coming and has anyone taken that seriously? >> look there's going to be 20
1:55 pm
peoplish in the field. maybe he is one of them. maybe jim gilmore who ran one time before is one of them but i just don't see it. i don't know how else to put a nicer bow on that one. you have to raise money. george pataki last won a race in 1998. jeb bush only won a race four years after that but he has a name and fundraising. people now run for president not to win, but they run to sort of promote themselves in a cause or a voice. i think that's what a lot of these people are doing. >> he's running for a cabinet position basely.ically.
1:56 pm
>> awesome to see you guys. thank you for your time. coming up, which international mover and shaker is currently on trial for aggravated pimping? i'll tell you next. oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable with walk-in medical care, no appointments needed and most insurance accepted. minuteclinic. another innovation from cvs health. because health is everything.
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right now, over 20,000 trains are running reliably. we call that predictable. thrillingly predictable. aggravated pimping, that's what the former head of the imf is on trial for today in paris. he is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid four years ago. dsk admits he went to some of these parties but says he did not know the women were prostitutes. defenders say sex parties reflect a long tradition of
2:00 pm
libertinage, also known as loose morals. according to a poll released yesterday, 79% of people in france said he would be a better president than the current president francois hollande. that's it for "now." good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show," live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. >> wisconsin governor scott walker is at the top of the list. >> it's part of the exploratory process here. >> how do you stand out in that enormous field of gop hopefuls? >> that's what this has been all about in wisconsin. >> i wouldn't


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