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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  February 4, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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ast night's train crash in valhalla new york. we'll bring you all the information that goes with it but first we start with jeb bush's new reform conservative agenda. there's something new out there? earlier today, jeb bush gave a speech in detroit where he previewed his economic plan if he was the boss. it's really his first major address since he announced the possibility of running for president. the theme of his speech was, quote, the rise the right to rise. okay. the right to rise, that was the theme of his speech. jeb promised a new vision with details yet to come. he wants to raise incomes by ensuring economic freedoms for americans. bush had some harsh words for the government. >> our nation has always valued such economic freedom because in economic freedom each citizen
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has the power to propel themselves forward and upward. this really isn't understood in washington d.c. you can see why. it is a company town. it's all they know. they have been recklessly degrading the value of work the incentive to work and the rewards of work. we have seen them cut the definition of a full-time job from 40 hours to 30 hours. >> government does not degrade the value and incentive to work. the safety net does not trap people. it's there for the worst case scenarios, and it's been there for decades. bush is wrong on all fronts. after bush's brother wrecked the economy, the government was responsible for the recovery. it's been six years since president obama signed the american recovery and reinvestment act into law. it's also known as the stimulus
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package. oh, yeah. i remember that. since early 2010 58 straight months of private sector job growth. what do you think republicans would be saying if that was on their watch? we're talking 11 million jobs have been created. where's the fault of the government? the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.6%. that's good news. now if jeb bush got his hands on the economy, we can only imagine what would happen to these numbers. bush wants to deregulate wall street and give power back to the big banks. bush is already talking less government oversight. >> if you want to close the opportunity cap, grow the economy. this is a principle that concentrates the mind. if a law subtracts from growth why are we discussing it?
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for what it's worth, i think the united states should settle for anything less than 4% of growth every year. at that rate the middle class can thrive again and in the coming months i intend to detail how we can get there. >> if i had an opportunity to sit down and visit with jeb bush i would ask him what government rule or regulation got in the way of 58 months of private sector job growth? could we have gotten 11 million jobs added had we not done the stimulus package? this is where it gets really tricky for bush and any other republican who wants to be president. the republicans have to sell they even know what the middle class is. jeb bush went on to say that he cares about opportunity for everyone. >> i know some in the media think conservatives don't care about the cities but they're wrong. we believe that every american in every community has the right to pursue happiness.
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they have the right to rise. let's go where our ideas will matter the most where the failures of liberal government policies are most obvious. let's deliver real conservative success. you know what will happen? we'll create a whole lot of new conservatives. >> i'm sure the people of detroit are just all over that. i'm sure they're really feeling good about more conservative utopia propaganda about what could really be done. they want to privatize everything. if jeb bush really cared about people in cities he would have supported the automobile loan program. here's what he told congressman chris van hallen back in 2012. >> we feel it was appropriate to take the actions president obama did to rescue the auto industry. did you support that effort?
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no. okay. >> no he didn't support that. jeb didn't support the automobile loan program that saved the american automobile industry and look where it is today. moments later van hallen asked him if he supported the wall street bailout? >> did you support the rescue of wall street banks? >> i have never been asked that either. i was out of office. i think given the circumstances of the potential for a meltdown that would have been hard to recover, some support was appropriate. >> we were on the verge of total financial collapse and had we not stepped in that would be we you and me the taxpayers, who knows where we would have been. we were in uncharted territories. i do believe we did the right thing with wall street. it is the aftermath and the lack of accountability is where we
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got into trouble. we were on the verge of a total financial collapse. given that situation, look where we are now. had it not been for the government, that would be you and me, where would we be? the conservatives, they speak in circles. the middle class in this country is economic engine that will drive us to prosperity. the wage separation that's taking place in this country right now is something the republicans are going to have to address or they're not going to win the white house, unless they steal it. bush never supported a loan for detroit's automobile industry. but keep in mind when it comes to the fat cats on wall street he is all about it. he is all for it. those clips are from 2012 and they are just a glimpse at what a jeb bush presidency would look like or maybe back then when he was answering those questions, he really hadn't thought about
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it too much. that's the kind of stuff that comes back and haunts you. scott walker is already talking about losers. think about that. this is a guy who wants to be president of the united states and he is already picking and choosing -- in an interview, he is asked who would be the winners if you were president? he is identifying the losers if he were to become president. >> if you were to win the presidency who loses? who gets fired? who gets cut? >> i think the biggest loser in that case would be -- we took the power out of their hands. >> i think it is absolutely
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stunning that walker is admitting that there would be losers in the american economy if he becomes president. he calls them special interests. he's referring to unions. you know the folks that want a voice in the workplace, the folks that want health care, they want pension, they want to be able to negotiate for a better rate. he wants to take all of that away and those people would be the losers. that means under walker middle-class americans will become losers. he admitted it. people who want collective bargaining rights they would be losers if he's the president. this is exactly what republicans want. they want to see losers. i believe that. these are my thoughts. i believe that the republicans have a philosophy that there's going to be some folks that simply aren't going to make it there are going to be some folks who don't have the same opportunity, for the sake of profit we're going to be the
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man and we're going to squash some workers rights in this country because that's socialism. and they want to know why the middle class is upset in this country and they want to know why there is an income gap. to this day, walker is the perfect candidate for the republicans. the interview he gave speaks volumes off the cuff. there's someone who wants to be president that's willing to identify who's going to pay the price if he goes to the white house. that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question -- do you think jeb bush has any new ideas? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. you can follow me on twitter twitter @edshow and we got ed.
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congressman, have you ever been asked if you get elected who will be a loser in your district? >> no. that was a very creative question. i have not. most people ask how are you going to help, what are you going to do to make things better. even if someone asked you who the losers are going to be you should have a more comprehensive agenda to make sure everybody has some opportunity. >> what do you make of jeb bush's economic plan that he laid out today? >> it looked like a lot of general talking points, trying to make sure he can communicate to the conservative base he's not anything other than an extreme conservative. i think his record on voting rights, women's rights labor rights, these kind of things put him in the category of the scott walker. i found it very interesting he
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was taking pot shots and talking about economic free tomdoms and incentives to work. people may be down and out on their luck. maybe they are older opinion that's not who we were talking about. the reform was about making sure people did have economic freedom, they could move between jobs they could be entrepreneurs because they knew they weren't going to lose their jobs. >> a first impression is a lasting impression. there may be some people out there across america that are starting to investigate jeb bush who don't know a lot about florida politics that want to hear what he has to say. some things come back to haunt
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candidates. for instance mitt romney said he would have let detroit go bankrupt. he could just not live that down. said he liked to fire people. he couldn't live that down. jeb bush seems like he is trying to find a path to the middle class. on the heels of your meeting last week in philadelphia with the house democrats got together, do you think that democrats have a strong advantage over republicans when it comes to the middle class and especially since you have heard what could be one of their leading candidates trying to make that connection? >> i think we do. we have the inside track, but we have to hammer the message home. take scott walker. you want to talk about davis bacon for our construction folks, make sure they have a prevailing wage. with the republican house and a republican senate and scott walker or a jeb bush those kinds of things are going to get
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eliminated. you're going to have right to work law that could pass in congress and get signed by an extremely conservative president who is controlled by the coke brothers. you look at the democratic agenda. we know we need to deal with wages. they should sit down and help us. if you have affordable child care, which the president proposed to reduce the cost, universal care for -- community colleges preschool, this is going to put money in the pocket of average americans. >> good to have you with us tonight. appreciate your time. let me bring in brad woodhouse. good to have you with us. >> hey, ed. >> are we looking at george w. bush light here? >> i'm not sure it is george w.
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bush light. i think it is typical republican. i think it is more mitt romney like than anything else. it was standard talking points about economic freedom, which really means allowing more big tax breaks for wall street allowing more tax breaks to ship jobs overseas, allowing people to have these tax havens overseas and it means nothing for the middle class. there wasn't any prescription in his speech that is a prescription to help the middle class. >> there's no philosophy that's going to make an immediate change in wages being uplifted in this country. if they're not going to address the immediacy of it how are they going to connect with the largest voting block in the country? what would happen to regulations like dodd-frank if bush was
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president? they want to be hearing jobs are going to be created and there's going to be a chance at a better wage. all the things they are for right now is stagnant from the standpoint of pushing all of those programs down further, so what's new on the table with bush is my question. >> they're for the same things they have been for, ed. it is called trickle down economics. if you repeal obamacare, the insurance companies will do well and everyone will benefit. it doesn't stand to reason. it didn't work. we had two bush presidencies that ruined the economy. we had two democratic presidency presidencies that revived the economy. >> you mentioned the parallel to mitt romney. i guess we have to go right to
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the automobile loan program. romney said he would let detroit go bankrupt. jeb bush on record saying no he wouldn't have gone down that road. is that going to haunt it? >> i think it is going to haunt him. michigan is a swing state. ohio is a swing state. there are a lot of these rust belt states that are dependent on this auto rescue. he was in detroit today making an economics speech. he opposed the auto rescue program. gm announced record profits. they're helping all those auto workers whose jobs would have been lost if jeb bush got his way. >> florida is talking about restructuring the wages for their workers. how much more positive could that be? i want your quick response to governor scott walker identifying losers. he's telling wage earners in
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america you're in for a long haul if i'm ever president. that's historic. >> it is absolutely despicable. it is hard to explain. someone who is running for president wants to get everyone's vote and wants to try to attract every constituency they can. by saying unions will be losers in a walker presidency, he's saying workers will be losers. if he's saying workers will be losers he's saying wall street will be the winner. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of your screen. follow us on twitter @edshow. like us on facebook. we appreciate that. coming up a nuclear deal the united states is on the verge of an agreement with iran. question mark. this could be a make or break moment. story coming up. and later, format flip. we'll look at how social media
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major: here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium and phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in. welcome back to "the ed show." tense talks continue over the future of iraq's nuclear program but a breakthrough could be on the horizon. the united states and iran could be coming close to a compromise. two diplomats told the a.p. the deal would let iran keep much of the technology used to enrich uranium, but it would have reduce making their chemical
2:22 pm
weapons. the country could store a limited about of uranium gas used for enrichment. iraq would be required to ship out the majority of enriched uranium that they produce. this potential deal comes as a deadline nears for an agreement. the white house has been trying to keep iran at the table. congress hasn't been so patient. last week the senate banking committee voted to tighten sanctions on iran if an agreement is not reached by the end of june. the president said he would veto a sanctions bill if it landed on his desk. this deal could make it a reality, but how close are they? joining me tonight is steve clemons. steve, it's not very often -- in fact, it has been decades since we have come close to any kind of a deal with the iranians on
2:23 pm
anything. what's your reaction to two people close to the negotiation would tell "the associated press" you know what there's a compromise in sight here and the details of it as i just reported, your thoughts on it. >> as you and i have discussed in the past i felt there was a deal that we were getting close to. they made the assessment they thought the iranians were creditably trying to get that too. forget the republicans in congress. the french have been the most resistant in agreeing to any sort of centrefuge agreement of any part of what was leaked. we came back with a minimum
2:24 pm
threshold. the idea they would be able to keep 10,000 with these other add jurgegt operations with the uranium gas and shipping out the processed fuel is very surprising to me. i think it is going to be harder for the president to convince the world this was a good deal. >> the convincing that has to be done here -- and the scientists are going to have to speak up o on this -- is that iran would not have enough material to make a bomb. that's really what it comes down to. there's a serious trust, but verify situation here and there really is no line of creditability that we can point to that says that iran will uphold their end of the deal. >> right. >> that's the $64 point, isn't it? >> right. i think there's also a view around the world that iran has a right to peaceful uses of nuclear power, has a right to enrich for peaceful uses. what has to become part of this
2:25 pm
is you're going to have inspectors embedded in every part of that country. the trust and verify part of this is so fundamental, but i'm sure that the white house has thought that through. >> well nuclear power is somewhat archaic in some environmental communities. there's a lot of other ways to power your country and supply for your people as opposed to nuclear power, so that's another discussion. >> right. >> how do you think the international community is going to react to this? >> overwhelmingly, you're going to see a change in the way global gravity works. it changes everything. it changes relationships. new relationships and possibilities open up. it is the largest deal in international affairs we have seen in many decades. it is a very big deal if they get a deal because this would
2:26 pm
lead to perhaps other trust building opportunities down the road that could change what our expectation is of iran's behavior elsewhere in the world. >> well, the fear here is if you do this deal and you trust the iranians, you're never going to reverse it. i don't know. i wouldn't envision a scenario where once they are given the capability to keep some type of subterfuge that you would be able to get to negotiations later on and have them reduce its further. that's a tight rope. there's no doubt. i want to talk about a big international story and that's the conflict in ukraine. joe biden is set to have a discussion in brussels and munich, germany. he's going to be talking about options for security and financial aide i believe, to ukraine and further sanctions on russia. this comes as pro-russian forces
2:27 pm
set up their campaign in the region and of course there's a lot of activity there, a lot of bloodshed. what's the best course of action for the united states in this situation? i think a backdrop of all of this steve, is you have oil prices that are depressed. you have the russian economy that runs on oil, and this is one of the reasons why putin has annexed a certain portion of ukraine because of their coal reserves. there's a big dynamic playing out here and it is a whole new can of worms if we start arming these folks. where is this going to go? should we arm the ukrainian fighters? >> i worry about arming the ukrainian fighters only in the sense that could lead to an escalation and an arena of conflict we are not prepared for. that said i think we should give ukraine every other element of support.
2:28 pm
vladimir putin has his people in a terrible vice where the combination of sanctions and collapsing oil prices is making the russian economy implode. he's making his people pay a very high price for this misbehavior, but the broader is very important. as tragic as what we see unfolding in ukraine is there are lots of elements of power we can deploy beyond slipping into a military escalation. this is a global relationship. we need to come to a global deal with vladimir putin. we need to figure out what his incentives are to getting there. >> always great to have you with us. still to come, the extinction of righty talk radio when it comes to advertisers. rapid response panel weighs in. what's behind the downturn? a mysterious death could take a star athlete from the football
2:29 pm
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welcome back to "the ed show." we're following breaking news at this hour from the new york metro area. the national transportation safety board announced they will have more information about last night's deadly train crash. the train hit a mercedes suv at a railroad crossing during the height of rush hour. 16 6 people died, 12 others were severely injured. more on "the ed show." stay with us. i'm morgan brennan with your cnbc market wrap. a triple digit rally fades. a dow ends with a 6 point gain. the s&p 500 sinks 8 points and
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so scott walker is doing it and he is running away and these clowns on our side don't even understand it yet. stop and think. here is a guy who has won three elections in four years in a blue state. he has neutered the employees
2:37 pm
union and the teachers union. he has the support of the majority of the people of wisconsin. you would think at republican head headquarters they would be eager to find out how he's done it. >> sounds like an endorsements to me. rush limbaugh has ruled the air waves with his right wing chatter. companies don't want to attach their brand to a risky message whether it be political or vulgar. rush limbaugh pulled in huge numbers until attacking a georgetown lawsuit who testified about women's health a few years ago. >> limbaugh's mea culpa followed a paper apology over the weekend. today, aol joined the growing list of companies suspending advertising on the show.
2:38 pm
aol's statement echoing what some of the others said that mr. limbaugh's comments are not in line with our values. >> then there was a snowball effect. media matters built an advertising boycott campaign around the radio talker. the landscape today has evolved from that to a higher mountain to climb. advertisers cannot ignore the discourse. "the wall street journal" reports that advertisers don't want to risk being twitter bombed. radio stations have to consider what the fallout will be when deciding to take a new show. social media has taken talk radio into a new era of accountability. joining me now the executive vice president at media matters
2:39 pm
and a talk radio and media consultant. great to have you with us tonight. are stations worried, are advertisers worried, about being twitter bombed? you live by the sword, you die by the sword. social media is good but it can be a big enemy. what's happening here? >> the song video killed the radio star, it was social media. the station has glenn beck rush limbaugh, mark levin, an executive asked me what is the next generation of talk radio. the other sound byte is the owner claims there are five people behind all of this.
2:40 pm
i think verifying the size of the boiler room misses the point. social media is so big in scope that it's given one person let alone an organized boycott effort a great big megaphone. it hasn't stopped in the couple of years since the floop faux pas. >> it can definitely injure your image. when you started this media matters campaign to boycott right wing talkers, did you think it would have such a sweeping effect throughout the entire category? >> yes, i did in large part because the business model of rush limbaugh is the business model of right talk.
2:41 pm
what was so outrageous there is just another day for rush limbaugh. i think that's why he and his other conservative talkers didn't think it was a big deal initially because as far as they were concerned there was nothing unusual here. >> yeah. there's millions of dollars out there on network radio. where's this money going if it is not going to these talkers? >> the timing for this was awful because along came digital immediatemedia media. ask any radio station manager and he'll tell you that the digital guys are calling on the car dealers. some of these digital guys are two guys in the garage dot com. money is moving from the car dealers radio budget to the digital budget. some of these advertisers are making
2:42 pm
making making mistakes. >> when you look at what media matters has done and the impact they have i mean the right wing talkers can say i'm still on the air and i'm still making a living everything is good. the fact of the matter is there is a list as long as your arm of people that used to advertise on network radio that are not doing it because they don't want to be associated with it. where is this going? can that be rehabilitated? >> i don't think it can be because the business model itself is a failed model. there are statements from over 1800 advertisers who have been proactive who have said don't put my ads on rush limbaugh or any kind of programming like rush limbaugh. what media matters does is take their own words, transcribe them, and put them on the internet. we're just simply pulling back the veil. there are thousands of them out
2:43 pm
there in the stop rush movement that take their own words and send them to the advertisers that they have relationships with. it allows consumers to talk to advertisers. the reason i don't think it is able to be rehabilitated is that's their model. >> what's going to cure this is a return to local programming. this political shout fest is like the 1980s light beer commercials. all you hear day after day is tastes great. what the smart stations are doing is reinvesting in the local programming that isn't tainted and isn't in the demographic bull's-eye. young people just don't want to listen to this anymore. >> the digital folks are in the right place at the right time.
2:44 pm
that's what it sounds like. great to have both of you with us tonight. up next pete carroll explains just what happened. tom brady shares his mvp prize. and a linebacker on the colts is in big trouble. stay with us. ♪ there's confidence. then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts mean your
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2:49 pm
air tonight on "nightly news" with brian williams. dequan jackson was a huge pick up for the indianapolis colts. he has run into some trouble off the field. according to reports, jackson was arrested in washington, d.c. on tuesday night. he allegedly punched a pizza delivery boy in the face and the back of the head after fighting over a parking spot. little bit better news. finally, tom brady won a 2015 chevy colorado pickup truck for being the game's mvp. he's planning to give the truck to the patriot's defensive back malcolm butler. butler became the patriots unlikely hero when he made the super bowl winning interception. we have a lot more coming up in "the ed show."
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welcome back to "the ed show." today was national signing day. it's been called the super bowl of recruiting. three star linebacker brian bell may not be the top recruit but there's a lot of folks watching to see where he ends up. until recently, bell expected to join florida state university on
2:54 pm
a football scholarship. he committed to the seminols a year ago in february 2014. today, the scholarship offer was withdrew. now the classmate of kendrick johnson wants to see bell in court. in january of 2013 17-year-old kendrick johnson was found dead inside a rolled-up mat in his georgia high school gym. at the time the sheriff's department ruled the death a freak accident. they said the teenager got trapped after falling into the upright mat trying to retrieve a shoe. the georgia bureau of investigations cited asphyxiation as the cause of death. kendrick johnson's family wasn't satisfied and sent his remains to orlando for a second independent autopsy. the private pathologyist hired by the family determined that he died from blunt-force trauma to
2:55 pm
the neck and his death was nonaccidental in nature. last month johnson's family filed a wrongful death suit in the state of florida. the johnsons allege brian bell his brother and three other students were responsible for their son's death. it's important to note that bell and the others were never charged with the crime or listed as suspects. the johnson family claims that's part of a conspiracy to cover up their son's death. the suit also clues members of the lowndes police department the georgia department of investigation along with bell's brother and father who is an fbi agent. the bell's family attorney denies all allegations made in the complaint. joining me tonight is national sports columnist terrance moore. good to have you with us tonight. this is sad all all fronts across the board but it's
2:56 pm
interesting that florida state, which has its own controversies to deal with they've made a decision not to sign bell. bell was never charged with a crime or listed as a suspect. is this move all about avoiding bad press? what do you make of it? >> well i would pat florida on the back for this. this all goes back to winston's knucklehead moves to basically have no choice. even before the winston couldn't verse sees contrary to popular belief, this has been an outlaw program going back to bowden who would get away with a lot of things and he was always involved and before a bowl game when everybody thought he was going to be suspended because of
2:57 pm
the knucklehead stuff that he was doing, he said we forgot warsaw rules when it comes to this guy. as a result, this is what we see all the time with florida state. they are doing this because they have to do it not because of some kind of social consciousness. >> well, we need to point out that winston was never charged with anything. >> well that's true. but look at all of the stuff that he was involved with it tells you that this program was out of control. >> okay. there was a big social media campaign to persuade florida state to with draw the scholarship to bell. apparently it worked. do you see that method being used in the future? >> let's hope so. and let's put this in perspective, ed. i live in atlanta. i've been in atlanta for 30 years. i'll tell you, is this 2015 or 1815? and one of the things i've seen through the years here, not in all of georgia but in a lot of places of georgia, when you talk about the new south, it means
2:58 pm
you and i can drink out of the same water fountain and this is a high school football state. this takes place in lowndes county. it's been one of the top football programs forever in the state and it's not a coincidence that we're talking about a lot of football players involved here. that makes this more of a hideous scandal than even we see on the surface. >> yeah. well is it unusual for a school to have a commitment from a player and then a you're later say we're not interested you? what about all of that? >> well the first question it is highly unusual. this is almost never done. now, someone is going to pick them up. the university of georgia has had more arrests per year than
2:59 pm
any other program in college football and when they kicked their defensive leanman off the team because he was choking his girlfriend this summer who picks him up alabama? you have nick saying i just believe in giving guys a second chance. if they can play yes. this is all about whether they can play. and remember, the s.e.c. is the next best conference next to the nfl. they go by the al davis line just win, baby. >> yeah. well, do you think florida state is turning a page here? >> no. no. not one bit. and remember going back to the winston situation, you have jumbo fisher the head coach who continuously supported him saying that oh this guy -- he's been picked on so on and so forth, and had something to do with the fact that they were trying to get florida state into that final four for the college playoffs. >> yeah. >> went stoninston could not play. he was just another guy out
3:00 pm
there. >> all right. terence moore, sports columnist, thank you for joining us tonight. it's an exciting time for high school players to know where they are going to go next year. congratulations to all of them who got that done. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed and thanks to you for tuning in. i'm live tonight in chicago. tonight's lead if you thought republicans had a serious alternative over president obama's agenda think again. today, one of the top contenders former governor jeb bush went to detroit and gave what was supposed to be a major speech on the economy. but instead we heard the same old talking points attacking the safety net and slamming the president


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