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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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g apple. that is all for this evening, the rachel maddow show starts now. >> may i participate in your panel? >> i have never gone into a radio shack and left without the thing i needed. the people at radio shack were expected to help you. what other store do you go into and they have like tools. >> and that is the model of retail, when i was a kid, we would buy shoes. the shoe sales people knew thing about shoes. the model of a retail store, where the knowledge is embedded in a sales person but apple does that. >> they're setting it up like a school. radio shack, you walk in with your busting garage door opener and the guy is like sit down i'll take down to it.
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thank you for being with us for the next hour. it has now been just over three days a little more than 81 hours and there is still no clarity tonight on this story. we have some specific new information i want to convey to you right now. it started on friday afternoon. we started to hear that a young learn woman had been killed while she was held as a hostage by a terrorist group. kayla mueller was known to be being held she was believed to be the last american being held by isis. they had her for about a year and a half. before friday not much was gone her parents and family wanted
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her name out of the news. we had not heard much about her from them either. then on friday isis made this announcement online that kayla mule mueller had been killed. that cam as a surprise for a few different reasons. for one thing, as period and morbid as it is to say, isis has now killed so many of it's hostages that we have learned their basic routine for how they do things last summer when they wanted it to be known they had hostages hostages, they paraded them. they were made to appear in isis propaganda videos. they said we're going to kill them unless you do x, y, and z.
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and those american hostages were later executed by isis. last month they did the same thing with a pair of japanese hostages. they gave the japanese government a deadline. this is a grew some and barbaric stop but honestly it is a well worn tactic. they have done it a lot now. there was no public deadlines or anything. they just announced she was gone. they provided no evidence to prove it it beyond their own assertion. they released a few still images of a building in syria where they said kayla mueller died.
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not at their own hands, but as the result of a u.s. coalition lead bombing raid. so that is what they said and that is what we were able to report as of friday. to be clear, then and still today, they have not offered any further evidence that this american young woman has been killed. and the claims that she was killed by a jordanian air strike don't match with when she said they died. they say it was in the syrian city of roaqqa. jordan, today, says yeah they have launched more than 50 combat operations in syria since last week but they say they have launched none near raqqa. it remains a mistery whether
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this worker was killed like they say she was. they say they have reached out to isis to try to confirm that. they're seeking a private communication from isis to kayla mueller's family. this is remarkable reporting tonight from andrea mitchell. they're waiting for their captors to also their last appeal. a fate that the family refuses to believe. >> the family right now is in a very fragile state as you can imagine. they're worried. >> her parent's desperate plea to the terrorists. you told us you treated her as your guest. we ask you who are holding kayla to contact us privately, but they event. >> this time we ask you who are
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holding kayla to contact us privately. while kayla mueller's family and all of us await further word about her fate we're getting new details about the u.s. mission that was attempted to rescue her and the other hostages. this was a risky helicopter led rescue mission to try to find the four american hostages that they were holding at that time. that mission, that raid, was unsuccessful, but we're learning there was special clues they found on the ground there that indicated the hostages has recently been at that location. they reportedly found trands of hair they believe to be from
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kayla mueller. they found those strands of hair where they believed it to be held, but the hostages had been moved. details like that from that failed mission, those are now starting to leak. isis meanwhile is moving ahead with their propaganda campaign today. they released a strange 12 minute propaganda video with another hostage john cantley. they're using him as if he is an isis reporter. in this case to show that life under isis rule is great. how they don't fear the americans at all, just bizarre to hear this stuff being voiced
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under duress by john cantley. kyra simmons spoke after a jordanian pilot was burned alive. they told nbc that jordan has their sites set on the top leader of isis. the self proclaimed supreme leader. he does not appear often in public for obvious reasons. his movements are well guarded by isis but watch what the top commander of jordan's air force said today. >> jordan's pilots preparing for a mission this time still they say the isis leader himself is in their sites. >> we have assets always in the
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air looking for a target. >> in your view he is threatened. >> no doubt about it. >> so that was this morning, and then who nosed if these things are related. new reports surfaced that he had been wounded. seriously wounded in coalition air strikes in syria today. reports from reuters. they say they have no information to confirm that claim about whether or not he was hit today. of course there has been previous reports that he was wounded or killed. reports that turned out to be false. still though a girl can dream. here is a significant new wrinkle in this story.
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this u.s. led military campaign against isis has focused exclusively on syria and iraq. but today we learned that this war is apparently not contained to just syria and iraq. american military personnel launched about attack today in afghanistan. last month the washington post ran this story, meet the shadowy figure recruiting for the islamic state in afghanistan. he landed back in southern afghanistan, and he has been recruiting for isis. and that is weird, right? afghanistan is not even contiguous with those countries, but the "washington post" said that they were trying to make a go of it for isis in
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afghanistan. that report came out last month. today it is reported that guy, that commander was killed in afghanistan by an american drone. a one name guy who everyone said was key to isis's effort to get a foothold in a third country. he was the one guy everyone was willing to say he is the out post of isis in afghanistan. apparently they got him. it was the afghan government that announced that today, but local officials in the area said the actual hit that killed the operative came from a drone. the isis commander and a few others had just returned from a livestock market where they had gone to preach and encourage people to join isis and then he was shot down by a drone. it is known as the first military action taken against
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isis in afghanistan. more than 1,000 miles from the group's home territory in syria and iraq. so if you're keeping track at home the u.s. is at war in iraq syria, afghanistan as well. it is getting to be a big war, right? not to mention the special forces raids behind enemy lines. it is getting to be a big war, this thing we're not calling a war, and without any input from the u.s. government that gets to declare when where, and why. late last week we learned that congressional leaders were told by the white house to expect the white house to send over draft language for this war. for them to debate on and vote on authorizing this new war that we're uncomfortable calling a war. there is reporting that language could be heading to congress the day after tomorrow.
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obama to seek new authority for islamic state fight by wednesday we have not confirmed that it will be wednesday, but when it does happen, apparently that will mean that six months behind the news congress will start to debate in a real way, in a binding way, what we're doing against isis. how that mission should be confined constrained, and whether or not what we're doing for the last six months is working. joining us now is senator cane. >> what is your understanding about what is about to happen on this subject, and is it what you have been advocating for? >> i started to talk in june of
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2014 for congress to approve a mission against isil. we are in our seventh month of war, but i was hardened when the president and the state of the union said he would be seeking congressional authority. and i'm not sure of the day, but i think soon the white house will send a proposed mission state for this war, and in the foreign administration, we will question the proposal, the limitations in the proposal, and we will add our own revisions. and congress has not been doing what we're supposed to do so i'm glad that day is arriving because there is many questions we need to ask. >> in terms of the scope of those questions, and what you
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think your committee will be doing, it is clear they were putting the cart before the horse to debate a war that was already under way for six months is there a strategic plan for that. what we have been trying already. absolutely. you will see us doing that, and that question has many components. is there geographic limitations. should there be a sunset clause where the president would have to come back and seek a new authorization. is this just a mission against isil, or are the administrations with a associated forces allow us to take the fight beyond where congress intended. and then the most critical
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question is what does the white house say about the use of ground troops in this mission. we have waged a pretty significant air campaign to support troops from the region and the president has said that we're not going to be using american ground troops in this particular war, but we need to big into that i think you will see that as a significant difference. but there are some differences on important details. >> when i imagine what these hearings are going to be like and what this debate will be like, we know enough already to know that isis is not degraded or undermined to a degree -- we know there will be bad news to hear about. . i worry and wonder and anticipate that because of that
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the debate is going to steer toward a bigger response than we have already got. it will steer toward ground troops that we have not thrown hat this problem thus far. is that the inevitable course of this debate? >> it will certainly have people making that argument rachel. i'm skeptical about it. i introduced a resolution. but do i think a weariness about ground troops makes sense. king abdullah was here on the day that the jordanian pilot was burned. it was a very emotional meeting with him. he said look this is not america's fight. this is the region's fight against it's own terrorism. we need your help but you have a right to expect that we will stand up against this regional
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terrorism, and if we do you should stand up with us. we have directed 80% of the air strikes. these nations have a lot of weapons and i know because the u.s. sold them a lot of weapons. but other than jordan, can they're not really all in. and it poses a more direct threat to them immediately than it does the united states. we'll have a debate back and forth, but the point i'm making is this. the u.s. cannot police a region that does not want to police itself. we can help a region that will police itself but how seriously are the countries in the region taking this fight to isil. we will have to ask why and get good answers about it. >> thank you, senator tim kaine, and thank you for being so loud
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about this issue. you were loud when other people weren't, and i think you gave other people courage to speak up on this subject. >> i'm going to keep being loud rachel. >> well done. thank you. >> we have lots ahead tonight including total chaos in alabama today. also we have bears and owls and ducks. seriously.
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confusion and disarray in administration of the law, yes, and then some. after a judge overturned alabama's ban on same-sex marriage alabama supreme court chief justice said if alabama did that. if they followed federal law, and followed federal court orders on this matter it would create confusion and disarray in the law.
6:24 pm
last night, judge roy moore acted to prevent that. he corded them to not perform same-sex marriages despite the law saying they had to. thanks to him, chaos rains. pro bait judges grappled with conflicting rulings. they had to put together a county by county magp showing what marrying was happening in which county today. they decided to not issue any marriage licenses at all. marriage unavailable for anyone. that is not confusing at all. for those that did want to make their way, alabama's attorney general issued this helpful statement. i advice probate judging to talk
6:25 pm
to their attorneys. not confusing at all. it should be noted in the handful of green counties, there was a lot of happy gay couples getting hitched. the reason they were able to get hitched is the u.s. supreme court denied the request to stave that. they are anticipating there could be a big, national sweeping ruling in the next few months. today with this decision in alabama, a lot of people saw the supreme court's decision to not block same-sex marriages from going forward. some people saw that as a sign that maybe the supreme court
6:26 pm
will rule favorably toward marriage equality. one of the people that seemed to think that today was justice clarence thomas. joining me now is the author of the forth coming book "speak now: marriage equality on trial." clarence thomas said that alabama should have been granted their request to not implement marriage inequality today. in so doing he basically said yeah, everybody is about to get gay married everywhere. >> he said this could be taken as a sign right? >> so is there reason to look at
6:27 pm
what happened between alabama and the supreme court today as something other than about alabama. about something that might happen nationally? >> i think there definitely is. the big difference is that the supreme court had granted review. so this is different from all of the other earlier cases because they have now granted review and arguments will be held in april. so justice thomas has a point when he says this will be decided by june so just wait awhile. >> exactly, and that is different from before it took place. >> obviously there is a lot of historyical feelings there. what do you make of the legal chaos today with the chief justice of the supreme court,
6:28 pm
essentially directing lower court judges in the state to not follow federal law. making decisions, county by county based on whatever they felt was the right thing to do how do you explain that? >> i think it is extremely troubling. we saw it in california during the prop gate litigate. they kicked it and said the california district rules is the law of the case. there was squawking on the side about how only the parties in the court were bound. now that that squawking is someone like the justice of the supreme court, it has a resonance resonance. they're saying it is nine to
6:29 pm
disa disabaydis disobey by a federal court ruling as long as it doesn't conflict with his feeling. >> usually these things resolve when a federal court tells a state this is what you're allowed to do and not do today. but that chaos today, how does that get resolved? >> i think it will get resolved by the probate judges that refuse to issue the rulings. marriage for no one as opposed to marriage for everybody because they're trying to hedge themselves. i think this will be -- those lawsuits will percolate. one thing that we agree on at a minimum, this will be over in june 2014. >> well judge roy moore, he may
6:30 pm
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>> stay where you are my fine feathered friend, creep. last week we told you about owl attacks on joggers in oregon. specially in a park in the state capital of salem, oregon. first was ron jakes. he has been jogging extra hard to is that he can fit in his green bay packers suit. full disclosure, this is not what he was wearing when he was attacked by the owl. but the owl came down on him so hard it punctured his scalp. he thought he was having an aneurysm. now three more people have been attacked since the doctor. now the city of salem has these attack owl warning signs because
6:35 pm
of the ferociousness and number of attacks. we suggested this sign we also heard back from the doctor who was owl victim number one. he saw his report and look what he sent us. look. that is him on the right wearing a shirt with our attack owl warning sign printed on the front of it. dr. jakes will warn the people. the salem journal announced the ten finalists in their effort to name the aggressive out in their town. you can vote for thurston owl iii, hoodini, claws, or
6:36 pm
owlgetcha. tonight we also have live and in the fresh, our new favorite oregon bears. cj and chris. proud oregon bears playing a surprising roul in surprising role in national top tier politics. ♪ bring your vision for the future to life. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been helping families achieve life-long financial security with innovative tools and strategies. talk to a financial advisor to protect your family and plan today. pacific life. the power to help you succeed. pacific life proudly presents "humpback whales", a whale-sized movie for giant screen theaters. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment.
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every now and again i get to do a segment called "and now here is a thing." it is just a thing that happened that you should know about. without further adieu. here is a thing. >> you know we call you "the duck" in nerd land. >> the duck? >> in nerdland we say you have a very placid and even way of presenting, but you're just working for justice underneath, would you quack for us. >> i'm not sure i'm going to do that but i like the analogy. >> good. >> i like to think -- well i was born in new york city in the 50s
6:40 pm
and 60s, and for an african-american guy you had to be cool things don't bother you, so on the surface that's how i like to appear to be but those little duck feet are moving as fast as they can underneath, and things are going as fast as they can behind the scenes. i may have been cool in congressional hearings on the outside, i was pissed off a lot of the time too. it is trying to reign in those feelings and make sure on the outside i was cool. >> and that is a thing that happened. no i will not quake like a duck for you melissa harris-perry. admitting to getting po'd a lot of times. well done.
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debunction junction. today was day one of bob mcdonald's prison sentence. a judge later announced that governor mcdonald would be allowed to stay free on bond while he pursues his appeals to it didn't have to be day one in prison for him. it was also the day to learn the federal sentences recommendations for bob mcdonald's wife. today we got that news for mauren mcdonald about her recommended sentence. it was shocking. look. 18 years. 18 years.
6:44 pm
her husband governor bob mcdonald got two years. they're trying to locker up for 18 years? that was the news today. is that true? or is that false? false, actually. prosecutors are not searching for a sentence of 18 years. that was literally just a typo opinion i'm sure it was terrifying for mrs. mcdonald. that misinformation got repeated in politico salon, and ap. it was put around in the news faster than a politician in a ferrari. they don't want to seasons her to prison for 18 years, but they're asking for 18 months. it was literally a typo.
6:45 pm
she could be up for more time but the governor's punishment turned out to be a fraction of what he could have gotten and now the first lady looks to be on the same path to not much time in prison. that terrifyingty typo, one final gift. over the weekend, the website politico spent time poking fun at the current list of potential republican candidates for 2016. a line up of long shots crowds the republican field. it includes three politicians, george pataki who last won election when the flip phone was hot technology. is that true or is that false? is it true or false there are
6:46 pm
three of those guys in the field? false. while it is true those three guys have not won any election in over a decade, politico left out jeb bush. the last time jeb bush won an election was also a decade ago. and yet it is almost like they're not willing to hold that against jeb bush the way they hold it against the other guys on the long-shot list. a lot has changed since 2002 right now he is dealing with a very con tev rare political problem next to a couple adorable bears. they are coming up next. please stay with us.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
something about traveling to monday that makes america's would be presidents a little bonkers. mitt romney insulted the olympics. he forgot names, and he talked about things that were supposed to be secret. bobby jindal also was made fun of when he spouted a punbunch of nonsense about britain when he was in britain and they knew the
6:49 pm
difference. and chris christie tripped on his own tongue about whether kids should get their shots. he canceled his pressers. i don't know what it is but it's like quick sand for these guys. the next contender is wisconsin's governor scott walker. he will be in britain all week. maybe he will break the curse, but be on the lookout for how these things urgely go. so scott walker in the u.k. today. chris christie off to iowa. rand paul still talking about vaccines, but jeb bush is rolling out his online jeb bush for president operation. they made a big deal about
6:50 pm
hiring this guy as his new chief technology officer. shortly after making the announcement of that making the announce announcement, that guy's history started to disappear. new study confirms old belief. college art majors are sluts. or this one. most people don't know that halloween is german for night for girls with low self-esteem dress like sluts. or there are 12 girls that will never amount to anything other than being some girl that's left with tiger woods. so he seems nice. where did you find him? that's who jeb bush just hired to be his chief media officer. we don't know exactly what kind
6:51 pm
of website it is but we do know that it goes live tomorrow and will include the first chapter of his new e-book as well as information from his time as governor. we also know that the new jeb bush for president will not be at the web address jeb bush for not because he's shy about that at all. but because these gentlemen, this couple from oregon they are the proud owners of jeb bush for and they have been since 2008. c.j. phillips and charlie rainwater are self-described high-tech bears. they've been together for 20 years. they're both in tech and disagree with bush's record and remarks on gay rights. and thanks to them there is a handy place to talk about gay rights, which is jeb bush for
6:52 pm
joining us now are the proud owners of that website. thank you for being here. i'm so happy to meet you. >> we're happy to be here. >> first of all i feel like i've made a big deal out of the fact that you guys are bears and call yourselves high-tech bears. i hope that hasn't bothered you at all. >> right back at you. >> not at all. >> sometime i'll tell you about the gardening bears. they said though lived where the gardens were so nice it was bear-sigh. you guys were living in texas when you decided to buy this website in the first place. >> we were living in austin which is an amazing city. and there was this weird convergence of the timing of the other bush getting out of office and president obama coming back in. or coming in. and texas passing some really pretty strict legislature that
6:53 pm
put us in a bind, right? and charlie and i were talking. and it's like wouldn't it be funny if we could use jeb bush's name to educate people about lgbt issues. and we bought the domain for $8. >> and have you been renewing it ever since? have you had the jeb bush folks try to buy it from you? or have they approached you at all? >> no, they haven't approached us. we haven't heard a word from them. every year it would come available. we were like do we want to keep it? yeah we need to do something about it. and we would procrastinate and not really do anything. >> i see that you've definitely started something already. it redirects to a page that's got discussions under way and explanation about why you bought it. do you have a bigger plan in mind? >> we'd really like to use it as a platform for letting people learn about this is what a real lgbt couple faces, right? what we're really like. so many times in our past we've
6:54 pm
heard people ask us questions, because they don't know. they don't know another gay couple. they don't realize that two guys who look like us big old bears, are a couple. this is a chance. this is what we want to use it for. >> since you guys have become known for owning this domain and this suddenly very very relevant domain have you had any notable reactions? what's happened since you guys have come out about this? >> we've had a lot of very nice very supportive comments. some really good stuff. unfortunately, some of the worst negative comments were on an oregonian here in oregon. >> on the newspaper website. >> on the newspaper website. one comment was we look like two frail refugees from a nursing home. >> wow. that's some imagination. i can't even squint and come up with that. anything but frail in every way. c.j. and charlie you guys have
6:55 pm
been such good sports about this. you're sort of genuine openness about what you're doing here and your feelings about it and everything have turned this into a story that i think you can keep it going as long as they can't pry this website away from you. i wish you guys the best of luck. >> well even if they do eventually get it, we have a backup site. >> what's that? >> c.j. and charlie for >> naturally. i recommend an owl for a mascot fellows. >> absolutely. swooping down. >> good luck to you both. >> thank you, ma'am. >> i love my job. gave me an excuse to call these guys. i love this. i'll be right back. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 60,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account.
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so,as my personal financial psychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. two big things are about to happen this week both of which are very very very rare in washington. one of them is that there's
6:59 pm
going to be a presidential veto woo-hoo. we've only had two vetoes the whole obama presidency. both on technical matters nobody remembers. but the keystone bill is expected to pass. once this does this on wednesday, that heads to president obama's desk for his signature, which it will not get. veto coming. the white house has said for a long, long time that the white house may or may not approve it. he will do a thing we have not been able to cover the whole time he's been president, veto on the way maybe this week. and almost as rare as a presidential veto is the blue moon of this congress actually making a new law. but that's about to happen too. iraq and afghanistan veterans moved something to do something
7:00 pm
substantive. the suicide prevention bill has passed congress. the president will hold a signing ceremony. he talks about how much he loves a sign ceremony. but he gets very little opportunity to do them because this congress passes nothing. but on thursday we will see the results of a nice rare exception to that rule. and rightfully they're going to make as big a deal out of it as possible. that does it for us tonight, and it's time for "the last word." the veto season has begun. >> it's exciting to have a new noun to talk about. well president obama is trying to stop vladimir putin and ukraine. and boston is praying for the snow to stop and no one can stop kanye. >> it's a hard problem with no easy answers, otherwise somebody else would have solved it and i would never even


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